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Formerly Editor^ of ' Chemical Abstracts ' ' 






Copyright, 1917, by 

307-317 West Twenty-fifth Street, New York 





As the title is meant to imply, this book is not solely a dictionary of 
chemical terms. It includes words from related fields of science and, 
what is perhaps a novelty in a technical dictionary, a general vocabulary 
(see the INTRODUCTION). More attention has also been paid to abbre- 
viations, prefixes and suffixes than in the average work of its kind. For 
historical reasons a number of old terms are defined; where these might 
be confused with modern meanings they are distinguished by the label 
"Old Chem." or hi some other way. It should be remembered, too, that 
some terms which have been replaced in chemistry are still in use in phar- 
macy or industry. 

If some of the chemical industries do not seem to be represented in 
due proportion, this must be ascribed to the fact that glossaries of them 
are not available and that war conditions have made it extremely difficult 
to secure German books. It is hoped that these departments may be added 
to in a later edition. 

The INTRODUCTION is intended especially for students and classes in 
chemical German, but the sections on nomenclature should be of general 

The author is indebted to many friends, most of them assistant editors 
of "Chemical Abstracts," for information in then* respective fields and 
for the loan of books. He is specially indebted to Prof. William T. Hall, 
of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and to Prof. C. W. Foulk, 
of Ohio State University, who have read the proofs and whose suggestions 
have been of great value. 

Dictionary authorities chiefly consulted: General: Muret-Sanders, 
Encyclopadisches Worterbuch; Flugel-Schmidt-Tanger, Worterbuch; 
Duden, Orthographisches Worterbuch. Technical: Eger, Technologisches 
Worterbuch; Harras, ditto; Lang-Meyers, German-English Medical Dic- 
tionary; and various special vocabularies. Text-books, journals and 
dealers' catalogs have also been examined for words. 

The publishers have offered every facility for improving the dictionary 
and the author invites correspondence as to errors and omissions. 

XENIA, OHIO, January, 1917. 


With Their Roman Equivalents 



Co O o 



6 b o 5 



$) PP 



Oq Qq 



fflt Rr 



2 f * S s 



2t Tt 



Uu Uu 


ttii Ufl 



JBtt Vv 



28 to W w 



X J Xx 



8!) Yy 


t M m 

88 ^z 



ft ss 

















neuter noun. 












participial adjective. 






Biology, Biological. 








Calico Printing. 










past participle. 


























feminine noun. 

















Thermochem. Thermochemiatry. 


masculine noun. 


auxiliary verb. 




intransitive verb. 




reflexive verb (with sich). 




transitive verb. 






To the advanced worker in chemistry a knowledge of German is almost 
indispensable, since a very large proportion of chemical literature is pub- 
lished in that language. Even if he has had a good general course in 
German (which is too often not the case), he must become familiar with 
an immense special vocabulary which no dictionary can give completely. 
It is hoped, therefore, that the following hints as to the use of this dictionary 
will be found helpful. 

General Words. A general vocabulary which is superior to many 
pocket dictionaries has been included, for two reasons: first, to save the 
user the trouble of looking up the more common German words in a separate 
dictionary; and secondly, because many general words have a, technical, 
or at least a customary, chemical meaning. In a general work this meaning 
is often either absent or buried among other senses. In this dictionary 
the special chemical meaning is put first or indicated in some way, the aim 
being in all cases to give the user immediately the meaning he is most 
likely to be seeking. 

Self-evident Words. Words which are common to English and German 
(even with a slight variation in spelling), and which are therefore so readily 
recognized that they are not likely to be looked up, are omitted from 
the vocabulary, unless there is a special reason for inserting them. 

Spelling. Owing to recent official German spelling reform, many va-_ 
riant spellings appear in the current literature. In this book both old and 
new forms are freely given, or what seems to be the prevailing chemical 
usage is followed, tho in doubtful cases the official form is preferred. Those 
who wish to know the correct official spellings should consult, Duden's 
'* Orthographisches Worterbuch " (inexpensive) or some similar book. 
For ordinary purposes it will suffice to know the following changes, which 
are not all invariable, but which apply to many words: 

C (hard) becomes k, as in Kohasion. 

c (with sound of ts) becomes z, as in Zylinder. 
. fff and similar triplets lose one member, as Schiffahrt for Schifffahrt. 

! becomes ie in the verb ending -ieren (formerly -iren). 

ph becomes f, as in Efeu (formerly Epheu). 

th becomes t, as in Ton (formerly Thon)., 

ti becomes zi in certain cases, as in Reagenzien. 



Umlauts are represented by two dots (never by e), as & Instead of 
Ae. In this dictionary the only effect of an umlaut on the vocabulary 
order is to make the word follow a word of the game spelling without the 
umlaut. Thus fallen immediately follows fallen and is not placed under 
fae-. Similarly Ather is found under At-, not under Aet-. 

In the vocabulary s is used to represent both { and 8, and ss for 
(and sometimes for SZ when the word is spelled in capitals; thus STRASZE 
would be found as Strasse). 

Noun Endings. Since the case endings of nouns are occasionally 
puzzling, a re'sume' of the ways in which German nouns may form nominative 
plurals from nominative singulars may be of assistance (note especially 7) : 

1. No change, as Kasten from Kasten. 

2. Umlaut, as Vogel from Vogel. 

3. Ending -e, as Jahre from Jahr. 

4. Umlaut and -e, Baume from Baum. 

5. Ending -er and umlaut if possible, Manner from Mann, Kinder 
from Kind. 

6. Ending -n, -en, or -nen, Blumen from Blume, Doktoren from Doktor, 
Wirtinnen from Wirtin. 

7. Plurals from Latin and Greek neuters: Studien from Studium, 
Materialien from Material, Dramen from Drama. 

The other cases are either the same as the corresponding nominative 
or formed from it, as follows: genitive singular, -en, -ens, -es, -n, -ns, or -s; 
dative and accusative singular and dative plural, -n or -en. 

Irregular Verbs. The preterite, past participle, and present third 
singular (indicative) of simple verbs are given in all cases where the student 
might miss finding the meaning. In the case of compound verbs, if the 
irregular parts are not given one can easily find them by going back to 
the simple form; thus, if verschob is not found, schob is looked for and found 
to be the preterite of schieben, whence verschob is the preterite of verschieben. 
Again, if zerrissen were not found, the form gerissen would be looked up, 
because it is the corresponding part of the simple verb; it is the past 
participle of reissen, and accordingly zerrissen is from zerreissen. Regu- 
larly formed " strong " past participles like gebacken are not systematically 
entered because they merely prefix ge- to the infinitive. Participles used as 
adjectives are " run in " after the verbs from which they are derived. 
For the inflection of verbs, adjectives, etc., a grammar must be consulted. 

Adverbs. Since in German nearly any adjective may be used ad- 
verbially without change of form, the user of the dictionary is ordinarily 
left to form these adverbial meanings for himself. 

Prefixes and Suffixes. Combining forms are given plentifully in the 
vocabulary in the hope that the reader may often be able to determine the 


meaning of words that are not found in the dictionary. He is earnestly 
urged to make use of them, especially the suffixes, which are likely to be 
overlooked. Some of those denned are: -ahnlich, -artig, -bar, -de, -el, 
-en, -er, -erlei, -era, -fach, -fait, -faltig, -formig, -haft, -haltig, -heit, -icht, 
-ieren, -ig, -in, -isch, -keit, -lich, -ling, -los, -massig, -nis, -6s, -sam, -schaft, 
-ung, -ur, -warts, -weise. 

Abbreviations. Many abbreviations found in German chemical liter- 
ature but not in English are entered in the vocabulary in their proper 
places, as if the letters composing them spelled a word. 

Inorganic Nomenclature. Compounds may be named in German 
merely by compounding the names of the elements; as, Jodkalium (potas- 
sium iodide), Siliziumfluorwasserstoff (hydrogen silicofluoride, fluosilicic 
acid). Words formed from the names of two elements are usually to be 
translated by giving the -ide ending to the first part (Jodkalium, potassium 

Compounds are also named in a manner more like the English method; 
as, Strontiumchlorid (strontium chloride), Kaliumsulfid (potassium sulfide). 
To indicate a lower compound the ending -ur is used where -ous or sub- 
would occur in English; as, Kupferchlortir (cuprous chloride), Silber- 
chlorur (silver, subchloride). In corresponding names -id and -ur are 
contrasted like -ic and -ous in English; thus, Kupferchlorid, in addition 
to its general sense of " copper chloride," is used particularly to designate 
cupric chloride. Another way of distinguishing between two compounds 
of the same elements is by the use of Latin combining forms; as, Cupro- 
chlorid, cuprous chloride; Cuprichlorid, cupric chloride; or by the use of 
di-, tri-, etc., as in English. For the old prefixes zweifach, dreifach, etc., 
see the Vocabulary. 

Higher and lower oxides are distinguished as -oxyd and -oxydul (Eiserv- 
oxyd, ferric oxide; Eisenoxydul, ferrous oxide) or by Latin forms (Ferri- 
oxyd, ferric oxide; Ferrooxyd, ferrous oxide). 

Names of acids in German are formed very simply by attaching the 
word Saure to some other word; as, Salzsdure (literally " salt acid "), 
hydrochloric acid; Osmiumsdure, osmic acid. These names are translated 
into English by attaching the ending -ic acid to a suitable combining 
form; as, Zinnsdure (literally " tin acid "), stannic acid, from stannum, 
Latin for tin. Hydracids are designated in German by the ending -was- 
serstoffsdure; as, Bromwasserstoffsdure, hydrobromic acid. The German 
equivalent of -ous in naming acids is -ig; as, schweflige Saure, or, less com- 
monly, Schwefligsdure, sulfurous acid. Similarly, unter- corresponds to 
hypo- and uber- to per- (unterchlorige Saure, hypochlorous acid; Uber- 
mangansdure, permanganic acid). Any acid name may form an adjective 
ending in -saner; as, saltpetersaure Losung, nitric acid solution; mangan- 


saurer Blei, manganate of lead; mangansaures Salz, salt of manganic acid, 
manganate. Latin names for salts are also used; as, Manganat, manganate; 
and these occur in combination; as, Bleimanganat, lead manganate; 
Chromisulfat, chromic sulfate. 

Words ending in -it in German, as, for instance, the names of a great 
many minerals, should always be translated with the ending -He; as, 
Kainit, kainite (not kainit). If it seems best to retain the original spelling 
of a trade name it should be placed in quotation marks to show that it has 
not been translated; as, Permutit, permutite or " permutit." 

Organic Nomenclature. There has been much carelessne'ss in trans- 
lating German organic names, and as a result many uncouth forms are 
seen in English articles. The following rules represent the usage of the 
American Chemical Society as embodied in the " Directions to Abstrac- 
tors," and this harmonizes weU with the best usage in Great Britain: 

(1) Translate oxy- by hydroxy- when it designates hydroxyl, as is 
commonly the case. When oxy- designates the ketonic group it is prefer- 
ably translated keto-. 

(2) Translate names of compounds the chief function of which is 
alcoholic (or phenolic) so that the name ends in -ol; as, glycerol, resorcinol, 
mannitol, pinacol (not pinacone). 

(3) When the German ending -ol does not indicate hydroxyl it should 
be translated -ole (as, anisole, indole), or in the case of a few hydrocarbons 
-ene (as, Benzol, benzene; Toluol, toluene; Styrol, styrene). 

(4) The ending -in should be translated -ine in the case of basic sub- 
stances and -in elsewhere; as, aniline, glycine, palmitin, albumin. (But 
for names of alcohols see (2)). 

(5) The form amido- should be so translated only when it is in com- 
bination with an acid group. Usually it is to be translated amino-; as, 
Amidopropionsaure, aminopropionic acid; Amidophenol, aminophenol. 
The same holds for imido-, anilido-, etc. 

(6) In such combining forms as bromo-, cyano-, chloro-, nitro-, the 
connective o is to be used invariably (with the exception of a few well- 
established words such as acetamide, cyanamide); as, Chlorbenzol, chloro- 
benzene; Chloressigsdure, chloroacetic acid. This usage is by no means 
universal, but those who can not reconcile themselves to such spellings as 
" bromoacetic " should at least avoid the German forms bromphenol, acet- 
phenetidine, benzhydrol, etc., and use the connecting o before consonants. 

(7) The German ending -an should be translated -ane if it is the name of 
a hydrocarbon (or parent heterocyclic compound) which is fully saturated; 
otherwise, -an. Examples: methane, menthane, tolan, furan, pentosan. 

(8) Most German simple names of organic acids are correctly trans- 
lated by substituting -ic acid for -saure. Most of the exceptions are old- 


established names such as Milchsaure (lactic acid) and Valeriansaure 
(valeric acid). When the name ends in -insdufe the translator may sub- 
stitute -ic acid for this unless another acid already bears the resulting name; 
thus Akridinsdure is often called acridic acid instead of the longer acridinic 
acid, but Mekoninsdure should be translated meconinic acid because Mekon- 
sdure has preempted the translation meconic acid. Such exceptions are 
given in the dictionary as far as possible, but in doubtful cases the longer 
form " -inic acid " would be the safer. 

Names ending in -carbonsdure are translated -carboxylic add, not 
-carbonic acid. 

The student should be warned against confusing chemical endings 
and case endings; for example, -en may be equivalent to the English -ene 
or only a plural sign; Terpenen means not terpenene but terpenes; Ketorie 
means not ketone but ketones; Terpene, not terpene but terpenes. 

How to Handle Difficulties. If the word sought is not in the vocabu- 
lary, or if its meaning is not clear, the experienced dictionary user still has 
many resources. He is often able to " puzzle out " an obscure word, and 
the student should practise the art, using the context to guide him. A few 
possibilities are suggested: 

1. The word may be a variant spelling. See Spelling, above, and 
look up other possible forms. 

2. It may be an inflected form of a word given in the dictionary. See 
Noun Endings and Irregular Verbs, above. A thoro knowledge of German 
grammar is of course the best assistance here. 

3. The word may be a verb with a separated prefix, such as ab, an, 
or zu. Look for this in the part of the sentence that follows, and hunt the 
meaning under the compound verb, or, if necessary, deduce what meaning 
you can from the meanings of the prefix and the simple verb. For example, 
in the sentence es fdngt an zu sieden, the meaning of fdngt an is found 
under anfangen. Such compound verbs are very numerous, and if not 
found in the vocabulary their meanings can often be guessed, for the 
prefixes are in reality merely adverbs attached to the verb. 

4. The word may be formed from some word which is in the vocabulary 
by the addition of one or more prefixes or suffixes (see the paragraph on 
these, above). A number of these combining forms are common in chemical 
writings, as ent-, -frei, -los, -widrig, and their meanings should be familiar. 
So also verbal nouns are freely formed from verbs by capitalizing the 
infinitive or by substituting -ung for -en, as Schmelzen or Schmelzung from 
schmelzen, and these cannot all be given. 

5. The word may be a compound of two or more words. The capacity 
of German to form such compounds is much greater than that of English, 
and while a large number are found in this dictionary they are only a 


small part of those in the literature. Many words drop letters in combining. 
The general meaning of many such combining forms is given in the vocabu- 
lary. Occasionally the beginner may make a wrong division of a compound 
word, and he should bear this in mind; for instance, Gastrolle is from Gast 
and Rolle, not from Gas and Trolle. See also the rule for dropping one 
member of a triplet letter (under Spelling, above). In deciphering the 
meaning of compound words the student who is able will frequently find 
it helpful to think of the Latin or Greek equivalents; thus, tlberfuhrung 
means trans-ference; Konigswasser means aqua regia; Lichtmesser, 

Persistent practice is the great essential to acquiring a foreign language 
vocabulary and sensing its word order and idioms. At the outset the 
chemical student will find it very helpful to read in German elementary 
chemical text-books with the subject matter of which he is familiar. This 
will serve the double purpose of review and German practice. 


a., abbrev. (asymmetrisch) asymmetric (al). 

A., abbrev. Alkohol; Annalen der Chemie. 

X., abbrev. (Ather) ether. 

Aal, m. eel. 

a. a. O., abbrev. (an anderen Orten) elsewhere; 

(an angeftihrten, or angegebenen, Orte) in 

the place cited. 
Aar, m. eagle. 
Aas, n. fleshings, scrapings (from hides) ; carrion, 

carcass; groats, 
aasen, v.t. flesh (hides). 

Aasschmiere, /. (Leather) flesh-side dubbing. 
Aasseite, /. (Leather) flesh side. 
ab, adv. off, away, down. ab und zu/ to and 


abandern, v.t. modify, change, alter. 
Abandoning, /. modification; alteration. 
abarbeiten, v.t. work off; rough-work; tire out. 
Abart, /. variety. 
abarten, v.i. vary; degenerate. 
abatmen, abatmen, v.t. glow (a cupel) ; anneal. 
abatzen, v.t. eat away, corrode, destroy by 


Abb., abbrev. (Abbildung) cut, illustration. 
Abbau, TO. decomposition, disintegration, 

analysis (as opposed to synthesis), degrada- 
tion; demolishing; (Mining) working. 
abbeizen, v.t. remove with corrosives; dip, 


abbersten, v.i. burst off, crack off, fly off. 
abberufen, v.t. call away, recall. 
abbestellen, v.t. revoke, countermand, 
abbiegen, v.t. bend off, bend aside, snap off; 

(Grammar) inflect. 
Abbild, n. copy, image, likeness. 
abbilden, v.t. portray, copy, model; describe, 

Abbildung, /. illustration, cut; representation, 

portrait, copy. 
Abbildungsvermogen, n. resolving power (of a 

abbimsen, v.t. rub with pumice; (Leather) friz, 

fluff, buff. 
abbinden, v.t. unbind, untie, loosen; tie off; 

castrate; frame. v.i. (of cement, etc.) 

harden, set. 

Abbindezeit, /. setting time (of cement, etc.). 

Abbitte, /. apology; deprecation. 

abbitten, v.t. apologize for; beg. abbittend, 

p.a. deprecatory. 

abblasen, v.t. blow away, blow off, blow, 
abblassen, v.i. fade, lose color, grow pale. 
abblattern, v.r. & i. scale off, exfoliate; shed 

the leaves. v.t. strip of leaves. 
Abblatterung, /. exfoliation; stripping of leaves. 
Abblatterungsmittel, n. exfoliative. 
abblauen, v.t. blue (fabrics). v.i. lose blue 

abbleichen, v.t. bleach, bleach out. v.i. fade; 

finish bleaching, 
abblenden, v.t. screen off. 
abblicken, v.i. (Assaying) brighten, give the 

" blick." 

abblitzen, v.i. miss fire; cease lightening. 
abbliihen, v.i. cease blooming; fade, wither. 
A b brand, m. burnt or roasted ore; waste (in 

forging, etc.) ; loss by burning. 
abbrauchen, v.t. use up, wear out. 
abbrauen, v.t. brew (thoroly). v.i. finish 


abbraunen, v.i. lose brown color, 
abbraunen, v.t. brown, dye brown (thoroly). 

v.i. lose brown color. 
abbrechen, v.t. break off, break up, interrupt, 

discontinue, remove; deduct. v.i. break off, 

leave off. 

abbreiten, v.t. stretch out, flatten, 
abbrennen, v.i. burn off, away, or down; de- 
flagrate; miss fire. v.t. burn off, away or 

down; deflagrate; fire off; temper; dip, pickle; 

cauterize; sear, singe; (Ceram.) finish firing. 
Abbrennglocke, /. deflagrating jar. 
Abbrennloffel, m. deflagrating spoon. 
abbringen, v.t. bring off, get off, turn off; 

dissuade; lead astray. 
Abbruch, TO. breaking off; fragment; damage; 


abbriichig, a. crumbly, friable, brittle; de- 

abbriihen, v.t. scald, seethe, parboil, 
abbuffen, v.t. buff. 
Abdachung, /. slope, declivity; unroofing. 



Abdampf-. evaporating. 

Abdampfapparat, m. evaporating apparatus. 

abdampfen, v.t. & i. evaporate; volatilize 

(solids); boil down. 
Abdampfen, n. evaporation. 
abdampfen, v.t. evaporate; volatilize; steam; 

quench (charcoal). 

Abdampfgefass, n. evaporating vessel. 
Abdampf kapelle, /. evaporating capsule. 
Abdampfkessel, m. evaporating kettle or pan. 
Abdampf kolben, m. evaporating flask. 
Abdampfriickstand, m. residue on evaporation. 
Abdampfschale, /. evaporating dish or basin. 
Abdampfung, /. evaporation. 
Abdampfungsgefass, n. evaporating vessel. 
Abdampfungskessel, m. evaporating kettle or 


Abdampfungspfanne, /. evaporating pan. 
Abdampfungsriickstand, m. residue on evap- 

abdanken, v.t. dismiss, retire. v.i. resign, 

abdarren, v.t. (Brewing) dry, kiln-dry, cure; 

(Metal.) liquate. 
Abdarrtemperatur, /. (Brewing) finishing tem- 


abdecken, v.t. uncover, unroof; skin, flay. 
abdestillieren, v.t. distil off, distil. 
abdorren, v.t. dry up, dry thoroly. 
Abdraht, m. turnings. 
abdrehen, v.t. turn off (gas, etc.); turn (on a 

lathe) ; twist off. 
Abdrehmaschine, /. lathe; (Ceram.) finishing 


Abdrehspane, m. pi. turnings. 
Abdrehspindel, /. (Ceram.) finishing machine. 
abdringen, v.t. extort (from). 
Abdruck, TO. copy, impression, print; cast; 

printing, copying; counterpart. 
abdruckcn, v.t. print; stamp; copy (by pres- 


abdriicken, v.t. press off; force out; fire (a gun). 
abdunkeln, v.t. darken, sadden (colors). v.i. 

grow darker. 

abdunsten, v.i. evaporate. 
Abdunsten, n. evaporation. 
abdunsten, v.t. evaporate. 
Abdunstung, Abdiinstung, /. evaporation. 
abeichen, v.t. gage, adjust (measures). 
Abelpriifer, TO. Abel tester. 
Abend, TO. evening, night. 
Abendbrot, Abendessen, n. supper. 
Abendland, n. western country, West, Occident. 
abendlandisch, a. western, occidental. 
Abendmahl, n. supper; evening time. 
abends, adv. in the evening. 
abendwarts, adv. westward. 
Abenteuer, n. adventure. 
aber, conj, but, however. 


Aberglaube, TO. superstition. 

aberkennen, v.t. dispossess. v.i. pass sentence. 

abermals, adv. again. 

aberwitzig, a. crazy, foolish. 

abfachen, v.t. classify; partition. 

abfahren, v.i. depart, leave. v.t. carry off, 
cart off. 

Abfahrt, /. departure; emigration. 

Abfall, m. falling off; decrease, deterioration, 
decline, loss; slope, declivity; desertion; con- 
trast; (also pi. Abfalle) waste, refuse, by- 
product, chips, parings, cuttings, tailings, etc. 

Abfalleimer, m. waste bucket, waste pail. 

Abfalleisen, n. scrap iron. 

abfalien, v.i. fall off; diminish, decrease; decay; 
lose flesh; slope; deviate; desert; be rebuffed; 
contrast badly. abfallend, p.a. deciduous. 

abfallig, a. falling off, sloping, etc. (see abfalien) ; 

Abfalllauge, /. spent lye. 

Abfallmarke, /. (Dyeing) off shade. 

Abfallprodukt, n. by-product. 

Abf alls toff, m. waste material, specif., sewage. 

Abfallware, /. rejected ware, culls. 

Abfallwasser, n. waste water, sewage. 

abfarben, v.t. dye (thoroly). v.i. lose color, 
crock; (Min.) give a colored streak; (Paper) 
rub off. 

abfasern, v.i. & r. lose fibers, fuzz. 

abfassen, v.t. write, word, compose, draw up; 
catch, seize; bend (iron). 

Abfasser, TO. writer. 

Abfeilicht, n. filings. 

abfertigen, v.t. send off, despatch. 

abfetten, v.t. take fat or grease from. 

abfiltrieren, v.t. filter off. 

abfinden, v.t. pay off, satisfy. 

Abflachung, /. beveling, bevel; (of a curve) 
rounding off. 

abflammen, v.t. singe, gas; grease, tallow 

abflauen, v.t. wash, scour (ore). 

abfleckecht, a. fast to rubbing, not spotting. 

abflecken, v.i. stain, make stains. 

abfleischen, v.t. flesh (hides). 

abfiiessen, v.i. flow away, off or down, dis- 
charge, drain. 

Abfluss, TO. flowing off, discharge; outlet; drain 
pipe; effluent; waste water. 

Abflusshahn, TO. discharge cock. 

Abflusskiihler, m. a condenser which leads the 
condensate away, efflux condenser (con- 
trasted with Riickflusskuhler). 

Abflussrohr, n. discharge tube, waste pipe. 

Abflusswasser, n. waste water. 

abformen, v.t. form, shape, mold; copy, imitate. 

abfressen, v.t. eat away or up; corrode; con- 

Abfrischen, n. (Brewing) changing steep water. 

Abfuhr, /. removal; transport, carriage. 


Abfahrdiinger, m. night soil. 

abfiihren, v.t. lead off, carry away; send 

(goods) ; draw (wire) ; exhaust (steam) ; 

(Med.) evacuate, purge. abfuhrend, p.a. 

(Med.) purgative, aperient, efferent, excretory. 

abfiihrendes Brausepulver, Seidlitz powder. 
Abfiihrgang, m. (Physiol.) efferent duct. 
Abfuhrmittel, n. purgative, aperient. 
Abfiihrpille, /. cathartic pill, purgative pill. 
Abf iihrsalz, n. aperient salt. 
Abf iihrung, /. leading off, etc. (see abfiihren) . 
Abfuhrungsrohr, n. discharge tube or pipe. 
Abfullapparat, TO. emptying apparatus, etc. 

(see abfiillen); (Brewing) racker. 
Abfullbiitte, /. (Brewing) racking square. 
abfiillen, v.L empty, draw off (wine, etc.), 

rack, decant; take off, skim off (scum or 


Abfiillschlauch, TO. (Brewing) racking gut. 
Abfiillvorrichtung, /. emptying contrivance or 


Abfurchung, /. division, segmentation. 
abfiittern, abfuttern, v.t. case, line; feed. 
Abgabe, /. delivery; giving off, escape (of 

gases, etc.); tax, duty: (Com.) draft. 
Abgang, m. waste, loss; -decrease, decline; going 

off, leaving; escape (of gases, etc.); mis- 
carriage; sale, market. 

abgangig, a. waste; wanting; salable; decrepit. 
Abgangsrohr, n. waste pipe. 
Abgas, n. waste gas. 
abgautschen, v.t. (Paper) couch, 
abgeben, v.t. give up or off, part with; deliver; 

yield. v.r. occupy oneself, 
abgcbrochen, p.p. of abbrechen. 
abgebanden, p.p. of abbinden. 
abgedroschen, p.a. trite, hackneyed. 
abgefeimt, p.a. crafty. 
abgegriffen, p.a. worn, worn-out. 
abgehen, v.i. pass off, come off, go away, pass 


abgelebt, p.a. decrepit. 
abgelegen, p.a. remote, retired. 
abgemessen, p.a. see abmessen. 
abgeneigt, p.a. disinclined. 
Abgeordnete, TO. deputy, delegate. 
abgeplattet, p.a. see abplatten. 
abgerben, v.t. tan (thoroly). 
abgerundet, p.a. see abrunden. 
Abgesandte, m. envoy, delegate. 
Abgeschaumtes, n. skimmings. 
abgeschieden, p.a. see abscheiden. 
abgeschliffen, p.p. of abschleifen. 
abgeschmackt, p.a. insipid, absurd. 
abgeschwefelt, p.a. desulfurized, etc. (see 

abschwef eln) . 

abgesehen, p.a. see absehen. 
abgespannt, p.a. see abspannen. 
abgestanden, p.a. See abstehen. 
abgestumpft, p.a. see abstumpfen. 


abgetan, p.p. of abtun. 

abgewinnen, v.t. win, win away. 

abgewohnen, v.t. wean, break of a habit. 

abgezogeh, p.p. of abziehen. 

abgiessen, v.t. pour off, decant; (Founding) cast. 

Abglanz, m. reflection. 

abgliitten, v.t. polish, polish off. 

abgleichen, v.t. make equal, equalize; level; 

justify (coins); balance (accounts). 
abgliihen, v.t. heat thoroly, make red hot, 

anneal; mull (wine). v.r. cease glowing, 

cool gradually. 

abgrenzbar, a. definable, limitable. 
abgrenzen, v.t. mark off; bound; define. 
Abgrenzung, /. demarcation. 
Abgrund, m. abyss, precipice. 
Abguss, TO. pouring off, decanting; casting, cast. 
abhaaren, v.t. remove hair from, depilate, 

abhalten, v.t. keep off or back, endure; hold 

(a meeting). 
Abhaltung, /. hindrance, impediment; holding, 


abhanden, adv. missing, lost. 
Abhandlung, /. treatise, paper, dissertation, 

discourse; transaction. 
Abhang, TO. slope, declivity. 
abhangen, v.i. depend; slope; hang down, 
abhangen, v.t. take off or down, disconnect, 
abhangig, a. dependent; sloping. 
Abhangigkeit, /. dependence; slope, 
abharen, v.t. unhair. 

abharten, v.t. harden; temper (iron or steel). 
abharzen, v.t. take resin from. 
abhauten, v.t. skin; abrade; (Founding) free of 


abheben, v.t. lift off, take off; skim off. 
abhebern, v.t. siphon off. 
abhelfen, v.t. help, remedy, correct. 
abhellen, v.t. clarify, clear; fine (wine). v.r. 

become clear. 

abhetzen, v.t. overwork, harass. 
abhold, a. unfavorable, averse, 
abholen, v.t. fetch off, call for. 
Abhub, TO. useless remains; scum; useless ore. 
Abietinsaure, /. abietic acid. 
Abirrung, /. deviation, aberration. 
abkalken, v.t. unlime. 
abkalten, v.t. cool, cool down, 
abkanten, v.t. bevel, take off the edges of. 
abkarten, v.t. prearrange, plot. 
abkehren, v.t. turn away or aside, avert, 

divert; sweep, brush (off). 
abkeltern, v.t. press (wine). 
abklappen, v.t. swing aside or out; let down 

(a folding table). 
abklaren, v.t. clarify, clear, defecate, fine; 

(according to method) filter, decant, elutri- 
ate, etc.; decolor (sugar); brighten (a color); 

strip off, boil off (a dye). v. r. clear, clear up 


Abklarflasche, /. decanting bottle (or flask). 

Abklartopf, m. decanting jar. 

Abklarung,/. clarification, etc. (see abklaren). 

ahknallen, v.i. go off, explode. v. t. fire off. 

abkneifen, v.t. pinch off, nip off. 

abknicken, v.t. bend (sharply); crack or snap 


abknistern, v.t. decrepitate. 
Abknisterung, /. decrepitation. 
abkochecht, a. fast to boiling. 
abkochen, v.t. boil, decoct; boil off. 
Abkochung, /. decoction. 
abkommen, v.i. get off; be spared; grow out of 


Abkommen, n. agreement; disuse. 
Abkommling, m. derivative; descendant. 
abkratzen, v.t. scrape off, scrape, 
abkrucken, v.t. rake off. 
Abkiihlapparat, m. cooler, refrigerate*. 
abkuhlen, v.t. & i. cool, cool down, chill, re- 
frigerate; anneal. 
Abkuhlfass, n. cooler, cooling vat; (Glass) 

annealing oven. 

Abkiihlgefass, n. cooling vessel. 
Abkiihlung, /. cooling, refrigeration; annealing. 
Abkiihlungsmittel, n. refrigerant. 
Abkunft, /. descent; breed, stock, 
abkiirzen, v.t. shorten, abbreviate; truncate. 
Abkiirzung, /. abbreviation. 
abladen, v.t. unload, 
ablagern, v.t. & i. deposit; store; age, mellow, 

mature. v.r. deposit, settle, subside. 
Ablagerung, /. deposit; deposition; storage. 
Ablass, m. draining, discharge; cessation; dis- 
count; drain, 
ablassen, v.t. let off, draw off, decant, drain; 

anneal (steel). v.i. leave off, cease; (of 

colors) fade or come off. 
Ablasshahn, m. delivery cock, discharge cock, 

drain cock. 
Ablauf, m. running off, outlet, drain; sink; 

slope; expiration (of time); result, event. 
ablaufen, v.i. run off or down; expire. 
Ablaufhahn, m. = Ablasshahn. 
Ablauf 61, n. expressed oil; run oil. 
Ablaufrohr, n., -rohre, /. outlet tube, waste 

Ablauftrichter, m. draining funnel (inverted 

funnel with tubulated rim for carrying off 

condensed vapors). 
Ablauge, /. spent lye, spent liquor, waste 

liquor; washing out. 

ablaugen, v.t. wash out lye from; steep in lye. 
ablautern, v.t. clarify, purify, refine, fine; 

strain; draw off; wash (ore). 
Ablauterung,/. clarification, etc. (see ablautern). 
Ableben, n. death. 

ablegen, v.t. lay aside or off; unwind, unroll. 
Ableger, m. (of plants) layer, slip, scion. 
ablehnen, v.t. turn aside; refuse, decline. 


ableiten, v.t. derive; turn aside, draw off, let 
escape. v.r. be derived from. 

Ableitung, /. drainage; derivation; deduction; 
channel; turning aside. 

Ableitungsmittel, n. revulsive; derivative. 

Ableitungsrohre, /. delivery tube, delivery pipe; 
drain conduit. 

ablenken, v.t. turn off, deflect; diffract. r.i. 
turn aside, deviate. 

Ablenkung, /. deflection; diffraction; diversion; 

ablesen, v.t. read off; pluck off, pick, gather. 

Ablesung, /. reading (off), observation; gather- 
ing, harvest, crop. 

ablichten, v.t. (Dyeing) reduce, shade, strip. 

abliefern, v.t. deliver. 

ablohnen, v.t. pay off. 

abloschbar, a. slakable Clime); temperable. 

abloschen, v.t. quench; slake (lime); temper 
(iron or steel). 

ablosen, v.t. loosen; detach; amputate; relieve. 
v.r. come loose, come off. ablosend, p.a. 
(Med.) resolvent. 

abliiften, v.t. expose to the air, air. 

abmachen, v.t. loosen, detach; settle. 

abmagern, v.t. lose flesh. 

abmahnen, v.t. dissuade, warn. 

abmaischen, v.t. & i. finish mashing. 

Abmaischtemperatur, /. final temperature (of 

abmatten, v.t. fatigue, exhaust; deaden (gold). 

abmessbar, a. measurable, mensurable. 

abmessen, v.t. measure off. abgemessen, p.a. 
measured, precise. 

abmindern, v.t. lessen, diminish. 

Abnahme, /. decrease, decline; taking off or 
away; sale. 

abnarben, v.t. buff; scrape. 

abnehmen, v.t. take off, take away, remove; 
infer. v.t. decrease, decline, diminish. 

Abnehmer, m. buyer, purchaser. 

Abneigung, /. deviation, slope; disinclination. 

abnorm, a. abnormal, anomalous. 

abnutzen, v.t. use up, wear out. 

Abnutzung, /. wear, wasting. 

abolen, v.t. oil off; remove oil from. 

Abonnement, n. subscription. 

Abonnent, m. subscriber. 

abonnieren, v.t. subscribe. 

abpassen, v.t. measure, fit, adjust. 

abplatten, v.t. flatten. abgeplattet, p.a. flat- 
tened, oblate. 

abprallen, v.t. rebound, be reflected. 

Abprallung, /. rebound, resiliency, reverber- 
ation; (Optics) reflection. 

abpressen, v.t. press or squeeze off; separate 
by pressing; express. 

Abputz, m. plaster, plastering. 

abputzen, v.t. plaster; clean off, trim, dress; 
cut off. 


abquetschen, v.t. squeeze off, squeeze out. 
bquicken, v.t. purify (ore) with mercury; 

separate (gold or silver) from amalgam, 
abrahmen. v.t. take the cream from, skim. 
Abrahmer, m. skimmer, 
abraten, v.t. dissuade, warn, 
abrauchen, v.t. & i. evaporate (with fuming), 
abrauchern, v.t. fumigate thoroly. 
Abrauchschale, /. evaporating vessel. 
Abraum, m. rubbish, trash, rubble, 
abraumen, v.t. take away, clear away; clear (of 


Abraumen, n. (Brewing) clearing the kiln. 
Abraumsalze, abraum salts (saline de- 
posits overlying the rock salt at Stassf urt and 


abrechnen, v.t. deduct; reckon off. v.i. settle. 
Abrechnung, /. deduction, discount; settlement; 


Abrede, /. agreement; denial. 
abreiben, v.t. rub off, scrape, scour, rub smooth, 

abrade; grind (colors). 
Abreibung, /. rubbing off or down; abrasion; 


abreisen, v.i. depart. 
abreissen, v.t. tear off, pull off; pull down; 

draw. v.i. break. 

Abrichtelauge, /. (Soap) weak caustic liquor. 
abrichten, v.t. fit, adjust, true; train. 
Abriss, m. outline, sketch, design. 
abrollen, v.t. roll off, unroll, unfold. 
abroschen, v.t. air (paper), 
abrosten. v.t. roast thoroly. 
Abrdstung, /. thoro roasting, 
abroten, v.t. dye red, color red. v.i. lose red 

abrunden, v.t. round off, round, finish off. 

abgerundet, p.a. rounded off; (of glass edges) 

fire-polished; round (numbers). 
abrussecht, a. fast to rubbing, not crocking, 
abrussen, r.i. (of colored goods) rub off, crock. 
abriisten, v.i. disarm, 
absagen, v.t. countermand, renounce. 
absattigen, v.t. saturate, neutralize. 
Absatz, m. deposit, sediment; pause; para- 
graph; sale; heel (of a shoe). 
absatzig, a. interrupted; (of wool) inferior, 


absauern, v.t. acidify, sour. 
absaugen, v.t suck off; (Dyeing) hydro-extract. 
Absauger, m. (Paper) suction box; (Dyeing) 


Absaugflasche, /. suction flask, filtering flask. 
abschaben, v.t. scrape off; clean; scrape, abrade. 
Abschabsel, n. scrapings, shavings. 
abschaffen, v.t. do away with, abolish, 
abschalen, v.t. shell, peel, pare. v.r. peel off, 

scale off, come off. 

abschatzen, v.t. estimate, value, appraise. 
Abechaum, m. scum, dross. 


abschaumen, v.t. skim off, skim. 

Abschaumer, m. skimming apparatus. 

abscheidbar, a. separable. 

abscheiden, v.t. separate, part, disengage, 
eliminate; refine (metals); secrete. v.r. 
separate, be precipitated, be deposited; be 
separated. v.i. depart. abgeschieden, p.a. 
departed, deceased. 

Abscheidung, /. separation, elimination; de- 
posit; secretion; departure. 

Abscheidungsmittel, n. means of separation; 

Abscheidungsprodukt, n. secretion. 

Abscheu, m. horror; loathing. 

abscheuern, v.t. scour, rub off, cleanse. 

Abscheuerung, /. scouring; attrition. 

abscheulich, a. horrible, detestable. 

abschichten, v.t. separate into layers. 

Abschied, m. parting, departure; dismissal, 

abschiefern, v.i. flake or scale off; exfoliate. 

abschiessen, v.t. shoot off. v.i. shoot off or 
down; (of colors) fade, lose color. 

abschirmen, v.t. screen off. 

abschlacken, v.t. remove slag from. 

Abschlag, m. fragments, chips, etc.; rebound; 
outlet; reduction; instalment. 

abschlagen, v.t. beat or knock off or back; take 
to pieces; refuse; turn off; drain; (Founding) 
stop (molten metal); (Pharm.) sieve. v.i. 
abate; fall (in price). 

abschlammen, v.t. wash, elutriate (ore). 

abschleifen, v.t. grind off, grind, rub off; 
polish; sharpen. 

Abschleifung, /. grinding off, attrition; polish- 
ing; sharpening. 

abschleudern, v.t. centrifuge; hydro-extract 
(yarn, etc.); separate in a centrifugal; fling 

abschliessen, v.t. occlude; close, shut off; 
seclude; conclude. abschliessend, p.a. con- 
clusive, final, positive. 

Abschliessung, /., Abschluss, m. occlusion, etc. 
(see abschliessen). 

abschmelzen, v.t. & i. melt off, melt, separate 
by melting. 

Abschmelzung, /. melting off, etc. (see ab- 
schmelzen); (Metal.) liquation. . 

abschmutzen, v.i. rub off, soil. 

Abschneideapparat, m. (Ceram.) wire cutter. 

abschneiden, v.t. cut off, cut away, cut; 
(Math.) truncate. v.i. be cut off, end. 

Abschnitt, m. cutting, chip; segment; portion, 

Abschnitzel, n. shred, chip, paring. 

abschopfen, v.t. skim off, skim; ladle out. 

abschrauben, v.t. screw off, unscrew. 

abschrecken, vd. chill, cool; quench (metals, 
etc.); render (water) lukewarm; deter, 
frighten off. 


abschreiben, v.t, write off, copy; revoke. 

abschreiten, v.t. step off; pace off. 

Abschrift, /. copy; duplicate. 

abschuppen, v.i. scale off, flake off. 

abschiissig, a. steep. 

abschiitten, v.t. pour off, run off. 

abschwachen, v.t. & r. weaken; diminish, de- 
crease, reduce; soften; mellow (leather). 

Abschwachung, /. weakening, etc. (see absch- 

abschwarzen, v.t. blacken. v.i. lose black color, 
come off black. 

abschwefeln, v.t. free of sulfur, desulfurize; coke 
(coal) ; less commonly, impregnate with sulfur. 

Abschwefelung, /. desulfurization. 

Abschweifung, /. deviation; digression. 

abschwemmen, v.t. wash, rinse; wash away. 

abschwenken, v.t. wash off, rinse; wash away. 

abschwingen, v.t. centrifuge, hydro-extract; 
fan, winnow. 

abschwirren, v.t. whiz, centrifuge. 

abschwitzen, v.t. depilate (leather). 

abschworen, v.t. abjure. 

Abscisse, /. abscissa. 

absehbar, a. perceivable, observable. 

absehen, v.t. see, perceive; aim at. v.i. (with 
von) disregard, let alone. abgesehen, p.a. 
(with von) not mentioning, apart from. 

Abseide, /. floss silk. 

abseifen, v.t. clean with soap; wash out the 
soap from. 

abseigern, v.t. separate by fusion; (Metal.) 

Abseihbier, n. drawings; residue beer in chip 

abseihen, v.t. filter, filter off, strain, decant, 

Abseihung, /. filtration, etc. (see abseihen). 

abseits, adv. aside, apart. 

absengen, v.t. singe off, singe. 

absetzen, v.t. deposit; put down or off; in- 
terrupt; put in type; depose. v.r. settle, sub- 
side, deposit. 

Absetzung, /. deposition, etc. (see absetzen); 

Absicht, /. intention, purpose, view. 

absichtlich, a. intentional. 

absieden, v.t. decoct, extract by boiling, boil. 

Absinth, TO. wormwood; absinth. 

Absitzbiitte, /. (Brewing) settling tub. 

absitzen, v.i. deposit, settle; dismount. 

absol., abbrev. (absolut) absolute. 

absondern, v.t. separate, detach, isolate; in- 
sulate; abstract; (Physiol.) secrete, excrete. 
absondernd, p.a. (Physiol.) secretory, 
secreting, excreting. 

Absonderung,/. separation, etc. (see absondern) ; 
(Geol.) jointing. 

Absonderungsfliissigkeit, /. secretory fluid, 



i Absonderungsstoff, TO. secreted material. 

Absonderungsvorgang, m. process of secretion. 7 

absorbierbar, a. absorbable. 

absorbieren, v.t. absorb. absorbierend, p.a.' 
absorbent. absorbierendes Mittel, absor- 

absorptionsfahig, a. absorptive, absorbent. 

Absorptionsfahigkeit, /. capability of absorbing, 
absorptive power. 

Absorptionsfarbe, /. absorption color. 

Absorptionsflasche, /. absorption bottle, ab- ; 
sorption flask. 

Absorptionsgefass, n. absorption vessel. 

Absorptionskraft, /. absorptive power. 
j Absorptionsmittel, n. absorbent. 
! Absorptionsrohr, n., -rohre, /. absorption tube. 

Absorptionsschlange, /. absorption coil. 
! Absorptionsstreifen, TO. absorption band. 

Absorptionsturm, TO. absorption tower. 

Absorptionsverbindung, /. absorption com- 

Absorptionsvermogen, n. absorptive power. 

abspalten, v.t. & i. split off, cleave off, separate. ' 

Abspaltung, /. splitting off, cleavage, separa- 

abspannen, v.t. relieve from tension, release .(a 
spring, etc.); relax; cut off (steam). abges- 
pannt, p.a. released, etc.; unstrung, unnerved. 

Abspannung, /. release (from tension); relaxa-' 
tion; lassitude. 

abspenstig, a. alienated, unfaithful. 

absperren, v.t. shut off, cut off, confine, stop. 

Absperrfliissigkeit, /. confining liquid, sealing 

Absperrhahn, TO. stopcock. 

Absperrventil, n. cutoff valve, stop valve, check 

abspielen, v.t. play. v.r. take place. 

abspitzen, v.t. sharpen to a point, point. 

absplittern, v.t., i. & r. splinter off. 

absprechen, v.t. deny; discuss; arrange. v.i. 
pass judgment. absprechend, p.a. peremp- 
tory, positive. 

absprengen, v.t. break, spring or burst off; drive 
off; blast. 

Absprenger, TO. (for glass tubes) cutter. 

abspringen, v.i. leap or fly off; burst off, crack 
off; rebound; (of wood) warp, start; (of 
iron) be red-short. abspringend, p.a. in con- 
trast; desultory. 

Absprung, TO. leaping off or rebounding; con- 
trast; fragment; (Physics) reflection. 

abspiilen, v.t. wash off, wash, cleanse, rinse; 
wash away. 

Abspulung, /. washing off, etc. (see abspiilen). 

abstammen, v.i. descend, come; be derived. 

Abstammung, /. origin, descent, derivation. 

Abstand, TO. distance, interval, difference; de- 
sisting, renouncement. Abstand nehmen, 
desist (from). 


abstattcn, v.t. render, give. 

abstaubecht, a. not crocking. 

abstauben, v.t. dust off, dust. P.I. (of colors) 

abstechen, v.t. tap, draw, run off; drain; etch 

(a picture) ; butcher. 

Abstecher, m. (Metal.) tapper; excursion. 
abstecken, v.t. mark out. 
abstehen, v.i. grow stale, decay, decompose; 

stand off; desist. abgestanden, p.a. stale, 

flat, dead. 

absteigen, v.i. descend. 
abstellen, v.t. turn off, shut off, stop; put off, 

put away; annul. 
absterben, v.i. die, fade, wither, decay; (of 

lime), air-slack; (Sugar) change from trans- 
parent to opaque crystalline mass. 
abstergieren, v.t. cleanse. 
Abstich, m. tapping, drawing; running; tapped 

metal; contrast. 
Abstichloch, n. tap hole. 

abstimmen, v.i. vote; be discordant, disagree. 
abstossen, v.t. repel; push off, rub off, scrape 

off. abstossend, p.a. repelling, repulsive. 
Abstossung, /. repulsion; pushing off. 
Abstrahl, m. reflected ray. 
abstrahlen, v.t. reflect. v.i. be reflected. 
Abstrahlung, /. reflection. 
Abstrebekraft, /. centrifugal force, 
abstreichen, v.t. wipe or scrape off; skim; 

strike out; deduct. 
Abstreichmesser, n. (Calico) doctor (literally, 

scraping-off knife). 
abstreifen, v.t. strip off, skin, 
abstreiten, v.t. dispute, contest. 
Abstrich, m. skim, scum, dross, specif., litharge; 


Abstrichblei, n. lead skim, crude litharge. 
abstromen, v.i. flow away, flow off. 
abstufen, v.t. gradate; graduate. v.r. grade, 

grade off. 

Abstufung, /. gradation; graduation. 
abstumpfen, v.t. neutralize, saturate (acids); 

truncate; blunt, dull, deaden. abgestumpft, 

p.a. neutralized, etc.; blunt, dull. 
Abstumpfung, /. neutralization, etc. (see 


Abstumpfungsflache,/. (Cryst.) truncating face. 
Absud, TO. decoction, extract; (Dyeing) specif., 

iron or chrome mordant, 
absiissen, v.t. sweeten, purify by washing, 

edulcorate; wash out, wash (a precipitate). 
Absiisskessel, m. edulcorating vessel. 
Absiissspindel, /. (Sugar) sweet-water spindle 

(or hydrometer). 

Absussung, /. sweetening, etc. (see abstissen). 
Absiisswasser, n. (Sugar) sweet water. 
Absynt, TO. = Absinth. 
Abszisse, /. abscissa. 
Abt, TO. abbot. 


abteilen, v.t. separate, divide, divide off; gra- 
duate; classify. 

Abteilung,/. division; graduation; part, section, 
class, lot. 

abthun, v.t. = abtun. 

abtonen, v.t. tone down, shade off. 

abtragen, v.t. carry off, clear off; wear out. 

abtranken, v.t. (Leather) fill up with tan liquor^ 

Abtreibemittel, n. expulsive agent; abortifaci- 

abtreiben, v.t. drive off, expel; separate (by dis- 
tillation); refine (by cupellation) , cupel; 
(Med.) abort. abtreibend, p.a. (Med.) abor- 

abtrennbar, a. separable. 

abtrennen, v.t. separate; dissever. 

abtreten, v.i. retire; yield; alight. 

abtrocknen, v.t. dry, wipe dry, wipe off. 

Abtropfbrett, n. draining board or shelf. 

abtropfen, v.i. drop (off), drip, drain, dry 

Abtropfer, m. drainer, drip board, etc. 

Abtropfgefass, n. drainer. 

Abtropfgestell, n. draining stand, dropping 

Abtropfpfanne, /. drain pan, drainer. 

Abtropfplatte, /. draining plate. 

Abtropfschale, /. draining dish or basin, drainer 
(with perforated bottom). 

abtriinnig, a. faithless, rebellious. 

abtun, v.t. put or take off; settle. 

abwagen, v.t. weigh off, weigh, weigh out; 
level; ponder. 

abwarmen, v.t. heat, warm. 

abwarten, v.t. wait for, wait on. 

ab warts, adv. downward, down; off, away. 

abwaschen, v.t. wash off, wash out, rinse, 

Abwasser, n. waste water, waste liquor; specif., 

abwassern, v.t. wash ; free from water, drain, dry. 

Abwasserrohr, n. waste pipe, drain pipe. 

abwechseln, v.t. & i. alternate, vary. ab- 
wechselnd, p.a. alternating, alternate; in- 
termittent; variable. 

Abwechselung, /. change, variation, alterna- 

Abweg, TO. by-way; wrong way. 

abwehren, v.t. ward off, prevent. 

Abwehrmittel, n. prophylactic. 

abweichen, v.t. & i. soak, soak off, soften (by 
steeping), macerate. 

abweichen, v.i. deviate, diverge, depart, vary. 
abweichend, p.a. deviating, divergent, ir- 

Abweichung, /. deviation; variation; declina- 
tion (of the needle); anomaly. 

abweisen, v.t. send away; refuse. 

abweissen, v.t. whiten. v.i. lose whiteness. 

abwelken, vd. wilt, wither, dry; (Leather) 


abwenden, v.t. turn off, avert. 

abwerfen, v.t. throw off or out; run off (slag); 

reject; (Cow.) yield. 
Abwerfofen, m. refining furnace. 
Abwerf pf anne, /. refining pan ; ( Tinning) list pot. 
abwesend, a. absent. 
Abwesenheit, /. absence, 
abwickeln, v.t. wind off, unwind; wind up; 

(Math.) rectify. 
abwischen, v.t. wipe off, wipe. 
Abwurf, m. throwing off; something thrown off, 

offal; coarse plaster, roughcast. 
abzahlen, v.t. pay, pay off. 
abzahlen, v.t. count, count off. 
abzapfen, v.t. draw off, tap. 
abzehren, v.i. t r. & t. waste (away). 
Abzeichen, n. mark, sign, label; (pi.} insignia. 
Abziehbild, n. transfer picture or design, de- 


Abziehblase, /. retort, alembic. 
abziehen, v.t. draw off, take away, remove; 

rack (liquids); distil, rectify; tap; skim; skin; 

subtract; abstract; transfer (designs); (Dye- 
ing) strip, boil off (color); (Leather) strip, 

clear. P.I. depart, leave, (of gases) escape. 

abgezogene Wasser, distilled liquor. 
Abziehhalle, /. (Brewing) racking room. 
Abziehkolben, m. retort, alembic. 
Abziehmittel, n. (Dyeing) stripping agent. 
Abzug, m. hood (for noxious gases); scum, 

dross; outlet, drainage, drain; drawing off; 

deduction; proof sheet. 
Abzugsgas, n. chimney gas, flue gas. 
Abzugskanal, m. sewer, drain. 
Abzugsraum, m. hood. 
Abzugsrohr, n., -rohre, /. waste pipe, drain 

tube, drain pipe. k 

Abzugsschrank, m. hood. 
Abzugsvorrichtung, /. constant-level apparatus 

(for water baths). 
abzweigen, v.t. turn off, detach. v.r. branch 


Abzweigung, /. branching, branch. 
Ac-. For words beginning Ac- see also Ak- 

and Az-. 
Accise, /. excise. 
Acenaphten, n. acenaphthene. 
Acenaphtylen, n. acenaphthylene. 
Acetessigather, m. acetoacetic ester. 
Acetessigester, m. acetoacetic ester. 
Acetessigsaure, /. acetoacetic acid. 
Acetindruck, m. acetin printing. 
Acetonsaure, /. acetonic (a-hydroxyisobutyric) 

Acetylenbindung, /. acetylene linkage, triple 


acetylieren, v.t. acetylate. 
Acetylsaure, /. acetic acid. 
Acetylzahl, /. acetyl number. 
Achat, m. agate. 



achathaltig, a. containing agate, agatiferous. 

Achatmorser, m. agate mortar. 

Achatporzellan, n. agate ware. 

achromatisch, a. achromatic. 

Achse, /. axis; axle, shaft. 

Achscl,/. shoulder; (Physiol.) axilla. 

Achsel-. shoulder, axillary. 

Achscn-. axis, axial, axle. 

Achsendrehung, /. rotation. 

Achsenverhaltnis, n. axial ratio. 

Achsenwinkel, m. axial angle. 

achsig, achsial, a. axial. 

acht, a. eight. 

Acht, /. attention, care. 

achtbar, a. respectable, honorable. 

achtbasisch, a. octabasic. 

achte, a. eighth. 

Achteck, n. octagon. 

achteckig, a. octagonal, eight-angled. 

Achtel, n. eighth. 

Achtel-. (in old names) octo-, octa-; as, Achtel. 

kohleneisen, octoferric carbide, and Achtel- 

schwefeleisen, octoferric sulfide. 
achten, v.t. regard, respect, esteem. 
achten, v.t. outlaw. 
Achtflach, n. octahedron, 
achtflachig, a. octahedral, 
achtgliedrig, a. eight-membered. 
Achtung,/. attention, notice; esteem, respect. 
achtungsvoll, adv. respectfully. 
achtwertig, a. octavalent. 
achtzehn, a. eighteen, 
achtzig, a. eighty. 
achzen, v.i. groan. 
Aciditat, /. acidity. 
Acker, m. field, land; acre. 
Ackerbau, m. agriculture, farming. 
Ackerbauchemie, /. agricultural chemistry. 
Ackerbauwissenschaft,/. science of agriculture. 
Ackerboden, m. arable soil, surface soil. 
Ackerdoppen, /. pi. valonia. 
Ackerei, /. tillage. 

Ackererde, Ackerkrume, /. (arable) soil. 
Ackerkamille, /. wild camomile (Matricaria). 
Ackerminze, /. corn mint (Mentha arvensis). 
ackern, v.t. till, cultivate. 
acyclisch, acyklisch, a. acyclic, 
acylieren, v.t. acylate. 
addieren, v.t. add. 

additionsfahig, a. capable of addition. 
Additionsfahigkeit, /. additive power. 
Additionsreaktion,/. addition reaction, additive 


Address-. See Adress-. 
Adel, m. nobility. 
adelig, a. noble. 
adeln, v.t. ennoble; dignify. 
Ader, /. vein (in various senses). 
Aderhaut, /. choroid. 
Aderhautchen, n. chorion. 


aderig, aderig, a. veiny, veined, streaked; 
venous, vascular. 

Aderlass, m. venesection. 

adern, adern, v.t. vein; grain, marble. 

Aderwasser, n. serum. 

adharieren, r.i. adhere. 

Adhasion, /. adhesion. 

Adhasionskraf t , /. adhesive power; force of ad- 

adhasiv, a. adhesive. 

adiabatisch, a. adiabatic. 

Adiowansamen, m. pi. ajowan (fruit of Pty- 
chotis coptica). 

adipid, a. fat, fatty. 

adipidieren, v.t. grease. 

Adipinsaure, /. adipic acid. 

Adipocire, n. adipocere. 

adipos, a. adipose. 

adjustieren, v.t. adjust, regulate. 

Adler, m. eagle. 

Adlerstein, m. eaglestone, aetites. 

Adlervitriol, m. Salzburg vitriol (mixed cupric 
and ferrous sulfate). 

adlig, a. noble. 

adoucieren, v.t. sweeten; wash, edulcorate; 
temper, anneal; decarbonize (iron). 

Adouciergefass, n. annealing pot; edulcorating 



Adoucierofen, m. tempering furnace, annealing 


Adressant, m. writer; sender. 
Adressat, m. person addressed; consignee. 
Adressbuch, n. directory. 
Adresse, /. address, direction. 
adressieren, v.t. address; forward. 
adrig, a. aderig. 

Adsorbens, m. adsorbing substance, adsorbent. 
adsorbieren, v.t. adsorb. 
Adsorptionswarme, /. heat of adsorption. 
adstringierend, a. astringent. adstringierendes 

Mittel, astringent. 
Adular, m. adularia. 
Advokat, m. lawyer. 
Ae., abbrev. (Ather) ether. 
Ae-. For words beginning Ae- see also A-. 
aerobisch, aerobiontisch, a. aerobic, 
Aerogengas, n. aerogene gas. 
aeroslatisch, a. aerostatic. 
Affe, m. ape, monkey, 
affen, v.t. ape, mock. 
Affenbrotbaum, m. baobab tree. 
Affination, /. refining (esp. of gold by treating 

with sulfuric acid). 
affinier'en, v.t. refine. 
Affinitat, /. affinity. 
Affinitatseinheit, /. unit of affinity. 
Affinitatslehre, /. doctrine of affinity. 
Affinitatsrest, m. affinity residue, residual 

Afflnitatsrichtung, /. direction of affinity. 

Affinlvalenz, /. atomicity, valence. 

After-, pseudo-, false, secondary, neo-, after-, 

back-, hind-; anal, rectal. 
Afterkristall, m. pseudomorph. 
Afterschdrl, m. azinite. 
Aftersilber, n. silver containing dross. 
A. G., abbrev. (Atomgewicht) atomic weight; 

(Aktiengesellschaf t) joint-stock company. 
Agens, n. agent. 
Agentur, /. agency, 
agglutinieren, v.t. & i. agglutinate. 
Aggregatzustand, m. state of aggregation. 
Agio, n. premium, agio. 
Agitakel, n. stirrer. 
Agrikultur, /. agriculture. 
Agrikulturchemie, /. agricultural chemistry. 
Agtstein, m. amber. 
Ahlbeere, /. black currant. 
Ahle, /. awl, punch; black cherry 
Ahn, m. grandfather; ancestor, 
ahnden, v.t. punish. 
Ahne, /. awn, chaff; grandmother, 
ahneln, v.i. & r. resemble. 
ahnen, v.t. anticipate; surmise. 
ahnlich, a. similar; analogous, resembling, like, 
-ahnlich, similar to, resembling, -like, -oid. 
Ahnlichkeit,/. similarity, resemblance, likeness. 
Ahnung, /. presentiment, anticipation. 
Ahorn, m. maple. 
Ahornsaft, m. maple sap. 
Ahornsaure, /. aceric acid. 
Ahornzucker, m. maple sugar. 
Ahre, /. ear, spike. 
Ahrenfriichte, grains, cereals. 
Aichamt, aichen, v.L, etc. See Eichamt, 

eichen, etc. 
ajustieren, v.t. adjust. 
Ajustiertisch, m. adjusting table. 
Akajou, m. acajou (either cashew or mahogany 


Akaroidharz n. acaroid resin. 
Akazie, /. acacia. 

Akaziengummi, n. acacia gum, gum arabic. 
Akazin, n. gum arabic. 
Akkordarbeit, /. piece work, job work. 
Akkumulator, m. accumulator, storage battery, 
akkumulieren, v.t. accumulate. 
Akonitinsaure, aconitic acid. 
Akonitknollen, aconite root, aconite. 
Akridingelb, n. acridine yellow. 
Akridinsaure, /. acridic acid, acridinic acid. 
Akrylsaure, /. acrylic acid. 
Akt, m. act, action, deed. 
Akte, /. act, deed, document. 
Aktenpapier, n. deed paper, record paper. 
Akt.-Ges., abbrev. of Aktiengesellschaft. 
Aktie, /. share. 

Aktiengesellschaft, /. joint-stock company, 
aktinisch, a. actinic. 
Aktinismus, m. actinism. 


Aktionar, m. shareholder, stockholder. 

aktiv, a. active. 

Aktiva, Aktiven, assets. 

aktivieren, v.t. activate. 

Aktivierungszahl, /. activation number. 

Aktivitat, /. activity. 

aktuell, a. actual; present; important. 

Akustik, /. acoustics. 

akustisch, a. acoustic. 

Alant, m. elecampane. 

Alantkampher, m. helenin. 

Alantwurzel, /, (Pharm.) inula, elecampane. 

alarmieren, v.t. alarm. 

Alaun, m. alum. 

alaunartig, a. alumish, aluminous. 

Alaunbeize, /. (Dyeing) aluminous mordant; 
(Leather) aluming. 

Alaunbriihe, /. (Leather) alum steep. 

alaunen, v.t. alum. 

Alaunerde, /. alumina. 

alaunerdehaltig, a. aluminiferous. 

Alaunfels, TO. alunite. 

Alaunfestigkeit, /. (Paper) alum resistance. 

alaungar, a. dressed with alum, tawed. 

Alaungerberei, /. tawing; tawery. 

alaunhaltig, a. containing alum, aluminous, 

alaunieren, v.t. alum. 

alaunig, a. aluminous. 

Alaunkies, m. aluminous pyrites. 

Alaunkuchen, m. alum cake. 

Alaunlauge, /. alum liquor. 

Alaunleder, n. alum leather. 

Alaunmehl, n. powdered alum, precipitated 

alaunsauer, a. aluminate of. alaunsaures 
Salz, aluminate. 

Alaunschiefer, m. alum slate, alum shale. 

Alaunsiederei, /. alum works. 

Alaunstein, Alaunspat, TO. alum stone, alunite. 

Alaun wurzel, /. alum root. 

albern, a. silly, foolish. 

Albuminstoff, m. albuminous substance, protein. 

Alchimie, Alchemic, /. alchemy. 

alchimistisch, a. alchemistic(al). 

Alembrothsalz, n. alembroth, salt of alembroth 
(2NH 4 Cl.HgCl2.H 2 0). 

Alfa, /. esparto. 

AIgarot(t)pulver, n. powder of algaroth, alga- 
rot, algaroth (SbOCl). 

Alge, /. alga, seaweed. 

algebraisch, a. algebraic. 

alicyclisch, a. alicyclic. 

aliphatisch, a. aliphatic. 

Alizarinblau, n. alizarin blue. 

Alk., abbrev. (Alkohol) alcohol. 

alkal., abbrev. (alkalisch) alkaline. 

Alkaliblau, n. alkali blue. 

alkaliecht, a. fast to alkali. 

Alkalien, alkalies. 



alkaliloslich, a. soluble in alkali, alkali-soluble. 

Alkalilosung, /. solution of alkali, alkaline 

alkalimetrisch, a. alkalimetric. 

alkalinisch, a. alkaline. 

Alkalinitat, /. alkalinity. 

Alkalisalz, n. alkali salt. 

alkalisch, a. alkaline. alkalische Erdmetalle. 
alkaline-earth metals. alkalische Luft, al- 
kaline air (Priestley's name for ammonia) . 

alkalisieren, v.t. render alkaline, alkalize. 

Alkalitat, /. alkalinity. 

Alkalizitat, /. alkalinity. 

Alkannarot, n. alkanna red, anchusin. 

Alkogel, n. alcogel. 

alkoh., abbrev. (alkoholisch) alcoholic. 

Alkoholauszug, TO. alcoholic extract. 

alkoholfrei, a. alcohol-free, non-alcoholic. 

Alkoholgarung, /. alcoholic fermentation. 

Alkoholgehalt, TO. alcohol content. 

alkoholhaltig, a. containing alcohol, alcoholic. 

alkoholisch, a. alcoholic. 

alkoholisieren, v.t. alcoholize. 

Alkoholmesser, TO. alcoholometer. 

alkoholreich, a. containing much alcohol. 

Alkoholsaure, /. alcohol acid. 

Alkosol, n. alcosol. 

Alkoven, m. alcove, recess. 

alkylieren, v.t. introduce alkyl into, alkylate. 

Alkylierung, /. alkylation. 

all, a. all, whole, every. 

allantoisch, a. allantoic. 

Allantosaure, Allantoissaure, /. allantoic acid 

allda, adv. there. 

Allee, /. avenue, alley. 

allein, a. alone, single. adv. only, merely. 
conj. but, still. 

Alleinhandel,. TO. monopoly. 

alleinig, a. sole, unique. 

alleinstehend, p. a. isolated, insulated; un- 

allenfalls, adv. perhaps; at best. 

allenthalben, adv. everywhere. 

allerdings, adv. by all means. 

allerlei, a. all kinds of. 

allerwarts, adv. everywhere. 

alles, n. all, everything. 

allgemach, adv. gradually, by degrees. 

allgemein, a. general; common; epidemic. 

alljahrlich, a. yearly, annual. 

allmahlich, a. gradual. adv. gradually, by 

Alloisomerie, /. alloisomerism. 

Allomerismus, m. allomerism. 

allomorph, a. allomorphic. 

Allonge, /. adapter. 

allotrop, a. allotropic. 

Allotropie, /. allotropy, allotropism. , . 

allotropisch, a, allotropic, 


AHoxurbasen, alloxuric bases (purine 

Alloxurkorper, alloxuric substances (pur- 
ine substances). 

Allozimmtsaure, /. allocinnamic acid. 

allseitig, a. universal ; versatile. 

alltaglich, a. daily; commonplace. 

Allylsenfol, n. allyl mustard oil. 

allzu, adv. too much, altogether too. 

Aim, /. mountain pasture. 

Almeroder Tiegel. Hessian crucible. 

Almosen, n. alms, charity. 

Aloe, /. aloes. 

Aloetinsaure, Aloesaure, /. aloetic acid. 

Alpranken, bittersweet (Solarium dulcamara"). 

Alquifoux, n. alquifou, potter's lead. 

Alraun, m., Alraune, Alrune, /. mandrake. 

Alraunwurzel, /. (Pharm.) mandragora. 

als, conj. as, like; than, except; when; as if. 

aLsbald, adv. at once. 

alsdann, adv. then. 

also, adv. & conj. accordingly, so, thus. 

alt, a. old, aged, ancient. 

altbacken, p.a. stale. 

Alteisen, n. old iron, scrap iron. 

Alter, n. age, old age. . 

Alterantia, alteratives. 

altern, v.i. age, grow old; decline. v.t. age. 

alternieren, P.I. alternate. alternierend, p.a. 
alternating, alternate. 

Alters-, old-age, senile; age, of age. 

Altertum, n. antiquity. 

Altertumskunde, /. archeology. 

Alterung, /. aging. 

Altgesell, m. foreman. 

AUgummi, n. old rubber. 

Althee, /. marsh mallow (Althsea officinalis); 
(Pharm.) althaea. 

Altheewurzel, /. (Pharm.) althaea. 

altklug, a. precocious. 

Altmalz, n. stored malt. 

Altschadenwasser, n. (Pharm.) yellow mercurial 

Aluchiharz, n. acouchi resin, aluchi resin. 

Aluminiumfluorwasserstoffsaure, /. fluoalumi- 
nic acid. 

Aluminiumsalz, n. aluminium salt. 

amalgamieren, v.t. amalgamate. 

Amalgamierung, /. amalgamation. 

Amber, m. amber; (grauer) ambergris. 

Am boss, m,. anvil. 

Ambra, m., f. & n. amber. gelber Ambra, 
yellow or ordinary amber. grauer Ambra, 
ambergris. fliissiger Ambra, liquidambar. 

Ambrabaum, m. amber tree. 

Ambrafett, n. ambrein. 

Ambraholz, n. yellow sandalwood. 

Ambraol, n. oil of amber. 

ambulant, a. moving about, traveling, ambulant. 

Ameise, /. ant. 



Ameisen-. formic. 

Ameisenather, m. formic ether (ethyl formate). 

Ameisengeist, m. (Pharm.) spirit of ants (a 

mixture of formic acid, alcohol and water). 
ameisensauer, a. of or combined with formic 

acid, formate of. 
Ameisensaure, /. formic acid. 
Ameisenspiritus, m.-= Ameisengeist. 
amerikanisch, a. American. 
Ametall, n. nonmetal. 
Amiant, m. amianthus (silky asbestos). 
Amidgruppe, /. amido (or amino) group, 


amidieren, v.t. amidate, convert into an amide. 
Amidierung, /. amidation. 
Amido-. amino-, amido- (should be translated 

amido- only when the compound is of amide 1 

nature, otherwise amino-). 
Amidobenzol, n. aminobenzene. 
Amidoessigsaure, /. aminoacetic acid. 
Amidokohlensaure, /. amidocarbonic acid> 

(carbamic acid). 
Amidosaure, /. amino acid. 
Amidoschwefelsaure, /. amidosulfuric acid' 

(sulfamic acid, NH 2 SO 3 H). 
Amidosulfosaure, /. amidosulfuric (sulfamic) - 

acid; aminosulfonic acid. 
Amidsaure, /. amide acid, amic acid, 
-amidsaure, /. -amic acid. 
Aminosaure, /. amino acid. 
Aminsaure, /. amino acid; amic acid, 
-aminsaure, /. -amic acid. 
Amme, /. (wet) nurse. 
Ammon-. (in combination) ammonium; as, 

Ammonchlorid, ammonium chloride. 
Ammoniak, n. ammonia (in old names of salts 

equivalent to ammonium, as salzsaures 

Ammoniak, ammonium chloride) ; ammoniac. 
Ammoniakalaun, m. ammonia alum. 
ammoniakalisch, a. ammoniacal. 
Ammoniakbestimmung, /. determination of am- 
Ammoniakfliissigkeit, /. ammonia water, 

aqueous ammonia; (Tech.) ammoniacal 


Ammoniakgas, n. ammonia gas. 
Ammoniakgummi, m. gum ammoniac, ammon- 
ammoniakhaltig, a. containing ammonia, 


Ammoniakpflanze, /. ammoniac plant. 
Ammoniakpflaster, n. ammoniac plaster. 
Ammoniakrest, m. ammonia residue (amidogen, 

NH 2 ). 

Ammoniaksalz, n. ammonium salt. 
j Ammoniak verbindung, /. ammonia compound; 

ammonium compound. 
Ammoniakwasser, n. ammoniacal liquor. 
Ammoniakweinstein, m. ammonium potassium 


Ammonium bromatum 



Ammonium bromatum. (Pharm.) ammonium 

Ammonium chloratum. (Pharm.) ammonium 

Ammonium jodatnm. (Pharm.) ammonium 

Ammonlumsalz, n. ammonium salt. 

Ammoniumsulfhydrat, n. ammonium hydro- 

Ammoniumsulfocyanid, n. ammonium thio- 

Ammoniumverbindung, /. ammonium com- 

Ammonkarbonit, n. ammoncarbonite (trade 
name of an explosive). 

Ammonsalpeter, m. ammonium nitrate. 

Ammonsulfat, n. ammonium sulfate. 

Amniosfl iissigkeit, /. amniotic fluid. 

Amniossaure, /. amniotic acid (allantoin). 

amorph, amorphisch, a. amorphous. 

Ampfer, m. sorrel, dock (Rumex). 

amphoter, a. amphoteric. 

ampuHenformig, a. ampulliform. 

amputieren, v.t. amputate. 

Amsel, /. ousel, blackbird. 

Amt, n. office, post, employment, business; 
board, court, council. 

amtlich, a. official. 

Amtmann, m. magistrate. 

Amtsbericht, m, official report. 

AmtHblatt, n. official gazette. 

Amylolyse, /. amylolysis. 

Amy loxydhydrat, n. amyl alcohol. 

an, prep, at, by, along, against, to; in, on; near 
to, about; in respect to, by way of. adr. on, 
onward, along, up. 

an-, (with verbs), at, toward, on, commence to, 
continue to. 

-an. (Org. Chem.), in the names of saturated 
hydrocarbons and heterocyclic parent com- 
pounds, -ane; in other cases, -an; as, Me than, 
methane; Menthan, menthane; Pyran, 
pyran; Urethan, urethan. 

An., abbrev. (Anmerkung) note, remark. 

analog, a. analogous. 

Analogon, n. analog. 

Analysator, m. (Optics) analyzer. 

Analyse, /. analysis. 

Analysen-. analytical. 

Analysenformel, /. analysis formula, empirical 

Analysentrichter, m. analytical funnel. 

Analysenwage, /. analytical balance. 

analysieren, v.t. analyze. 

Analytiker, m. analyst. 

analytisch, a. analytical, analytic. 

Ananas, /. pineapple. 

Ananasather, m., Ananasessenz, /. pineapple 
essence (ethyl butyrate). 

anarbeiten, v.t. join, attach. 

anasthetisch, a. anesthetic. 

Anatas, m. anatase. 

anatomisch, a. anatomical. 

anatzen, v.t. cauterize; begin to etch. 

Anatzung, /. cauterization. 

anbacken, v.t. bake on, fix by firing; bake 


anbahnen, v.t. pave the way for. 
anbauen, v.t. grow, cultivate; add. 
anbei, adv. herewith. 
anbeizen, v.t. mordant, 
anbelangen, v.t. relate to. 
anberaumen, v.t. appoint, 
anbeten, v.t. adore. 
Anbetracht, m. consideration. 
anbinden, v.t. tie, bind, 
anblasen, v.t. blow in (a blast furnace) ; seal on 

(with the blast). 

anblauen, v.t. blue, tinge with blue. 
Anblick, m. sight, aspect, view. 
anblicken, v.t. look at. 
anbluten, v.t. (of colors) bleed, run. 
anbohren, v.t. bore, tap. 
anbrennen, v.t. set fire to, light; scorch. r.t. 

catch fire, begin to burn, 
anbringen, v.t. place; dispose of, sell; lodge (a 

Anbruch, m. decay; opening (of a mine); first 

ore; daybreak, dawn, 
anbriichig, a. decaying, putrescent, spoiled, 

rotten, moldy. 
anbriihen, v.t. scald, infuse, steep (in hot 


Anchusasaure, /. anchusic acid (anchusin). 
Andacht, /. devotion; devotions. 
Andaol, n. anda oil. 

andauernd, p. a. lasting, continual, steady. 
Andenken, m. remembrance, memory. 
ander, a. other, another, else. 
anderbar, a. alterable. 
andern, v.t. alter, change, 
andernfalls, adv. else, otherwise, 
anders, adv. otherwise, differently. wenn 

anders, if indeed, provided, 
anderseits, adv. on the other hand, on the other 


anderthalb, a. sesqui-; one and a half. 
anderthalbfach, a. sesqui-. 
Anderung, /. change, alteration, variation, 
anderwarts, adv. elsewhere. 
anderweitig, a. & adv. in another place or way, 

otherwise, further. 

andeuten, v.t. indicate, signify; intimate, hint. 
Andeutung, /. indication, etc. (see andeuten). 
andichten, v.t. charge falsely. 
Andorn, m. horehound. 
Andornkraut, n. (ordinary) horehound. 
Andrang, m. rush, crowd, congestion; urgency, 
andrehen, v.t. twist on, screw on. 
andrucken, v.t. press on, press close. 




andunkeln, v.i. darken. 

aneignen, v.t. assimilate; appropriate, acquire. 

ancinander, adv. together. 

aneinanderftigen, c.t. join. 

anekeln, v.t. disgust. 

anerbieten, v.t. offer, proffer. 

anerkennbar, a. recognizable. 

anerkennen, v.t. recognize; acknowledge; ap- 

Anerkennung, /. recognizing, recognition, etc. 
(see anerkennen). 

anfachen, p.*. fan, kindle. 

anfahren, vd. carry near, bring up; attack, 
snub. v.i. approach, arrive. 

Anfall, m. attack; fit; stay, prop. 

anfallen, v.i. (of dyes) go on; fall on, fall. 

Anfang, m. beginning; origin. 

anfangen, v.t. & t. begin, commence. 

Anfanger, m. beginner. 

anfangs, adv. at first, originally. 

Anfangs-. initial, beginning, first, primary. 

Anfangsbuchstabe, m. initial, capital (letter). 

Anfangsglied, n. initial member, first member 
(of a series). 

Anfangsphase, /. initial phase. 

A nfangswert, m. initial value. 

Anfangszustand, m. initial state or condition. 

anfarben, v.t. color, dye, paint, tinge; start 

anfassen, v.t. seize, handle; undertake. v.r. 

anfaulen, v.i. begin to rot. anfaulend, p. a. 
, putrescent. angefault, p.a. rotten, decayed. 

anfechten, v.t. combat, attack; trouble, con- 

anfertigen, v.t. make ready, make, manu- 

Anfertjgung, /. making, manufacture; com- 

anfetten, v.t. grease. 

anfeuchtcn, v.t. moisten, damp, wet. 

Anfcuchter, m. moistener; (Brewing) sparger. 

anfeuern, v.t. light, fire; prime; inflame, excite. 

Anfeuerung, /. priming. 

anfirnissen, v.t. varnish (over). 

anflehen, v.t. implore, supplicate. 

anfliegen, r.i. effloresce; grow spontaneously; 
(of dyes) rush on; fly on; fly; occur. ange- 
flogen, p.a. incrusted. 

Anflug, m. incrustation, coating, efflorescence; 
tinge, tint, slight admixture; smattering; 
flying (against), flight; onset; young wood; 

Anflusa, m. alluvium; onflow, afflux. 

anfordern, v.t. demand, require. 

Anforderung, /. demand, requirement, claim. 

anfragen, r.i. inquire. 

anfressen. v.t. corrode; erode; eat at. 

anfrischen, v.t. freshen, refresh, revive; reduce 
(metals); varnish (painting*). 

anfiihlen, v.t. feel, touch, handle. 

Anfuhlen, n. feel, touch. 

anfuhren, v.t. lead; adduce; quote; impose on. 

Anfiihrungszeichen, n.pL quotation marks. 

anfiillen, v.t. fill, fill up, cram. 

Angabe, /. statement; specification, estimate; 

information; instruction; plan. Angaben, 

pi. data, 
angeben, v.t. state, declare, tell; specify; accuse; 

indicate; devise. 
angeblich, a. stated; alleged; pretended; 

nominal. , 

angeboren, p.a. inborn, innate, congenital. 
Angebot, n. offer, bid. 
angeflogen, p.a. see anfliegen. 
angefressen, p.p. of anfressen. 
angegriffen, p.p. of angreifen. 
Angehaufe, n. conglomerate; heap, aggregate, 
angehen, P.I. begin (to grow, burn, decay, etc.) ; 

go on, (of dyes) be absorbed; be feasible; be 

passable. v.t. approach; concern, 
angehorig, a. belonging, related. 
Angehorigen, pi. relatives, relations. 
Angel, /. hinge; hook; pivot; axis. 
angelegen, p.a. see anliegen. 
Angelegenheit, /. concern, affair. 
angelegentlich, a. earnest, urgent. 
Angelikasaure, /. angelic acid, 
angemessen, p.a. suitable, 
angenahert, p.a. see anniihern. 
angenehm, a. pleasant, agreeable, 
angenommen, p.a. see annehmen. 
angepasst, p.a. see anpassen. 
Anger, m. grass plot, pasture. 
angeschmolzen, p.p. of anschmelzen. 
angeschwemmt, p.a. alluvial. 
angesehen, p.a. see ansehen. 
angesessen, p.a. resident. 
Angesicht, n. face, countenance; look, 
angesichts, adp. in face of. 
angestammt, a. hereditary; inborn. 
Angestellte, m. employee; appointee; official, 
angewandt, p.a. see anwenden. 
angewohnen, v.t. accustom, 
angezogen, p.a. see anziehen. 
angiessen, v.t. pour on; water; (Founding) cast 

on; (Ceramics) color by a coat of clay. 
angliedern, v.t. join on, link on. 
Angliederung, /. union, coalition, 
angliihen, v.t. heat to glowing, glow; mull 

(wine). v.r. begin to glow. 
angreifbar, a. capable of being attacked or 

angreifen, v.t. attack, act on, affect; corrode 

(metals); lay hold of; fatigue; undertake. 
angrenzen, v.t. border on, adjoin. angrenzend, 

p.a. adjacent, adjoining. 
Angriff, m. attack; handling; undertaking. 
Angst, /. anxiety, fright, agony, 
angstigen, v.t. alarm, frighten, worry. 




anhaften, v.i. adhere, be attached (to). 
anhaftend, p.a. adhering; adhesive; inherent. 

An halt, TO. support; stop, pause. 

anhalten, v.t. stop, stay, halt. v.i. stop; hold 
on, persist; solicit. anhaltend, p.a. con- 
tinuous, persistent, lasting. 

Anhaltpunkt, Anhaltspunkt, TO. stopping point, 
station; (Mech.) fulcrum. 

Anhang, TO. addition, appendix, supplement; 
following, party; (Anal.) appendix. 

anhangen, v.i. adhere, hang on. 

anhangen, v.t. attach, affix, append, add; 
(Mack.) throw in, connect. 

Anhanger, m. follower, adherent; appendage. 

anhangig, a. adhering; appended, annexed; 

anhanglich, a. attached; faithful. 

Anhangsel, n. appendage; amulet. 

Anhauch, TO. tinge; breathing on. 

anhauchen, v.t. breathe upon; tinge. 

anhaufen, v.t. aggregate; accumulate. v.r. 

Anhaufung, /. aggregation; accumulation; ag- 

anheften, v.t. fasten to, attach. 

anheimstellen, v.t. commit, submit. 

anheischig, a. bound, pledged. 

anher, adv. hither. bis anher, hitherto. 

Anhohe, /. elevation, hill; rising ground. 

anhoren, v.t. listen to, hear. v.r. sound. 

anhydrisch, a. anhydrous. 

Anhydrosaure,/. anhydro acid (an acid, such as 
pyrosulf uric, which is formed from apolybasic 
acid by elimination of water). 

Anilinblau, n. aniline blue. 

Anilinfarbe, /. aniline color. 

Anilinfarbstoff, TO. aniline dye. 

Anilingelb, n. aniline yellow. 

Anilinol, n. aniline oil. 

Anilinrot, n. aniline red. 
> Anilinschwarz, n. aniline black. 
'animalisch, a. animal. 

animalisieren, v.t. animalize. 

Anis, TO. anise; aniseed. 

Anisaldehyd, m. & n. anisic aldehyde. 

Anisgeist, m. (Pharm.) spirit of anise. 

Anisol, n. aniseed oil, anise oil. 

anisotrop, a. anisotropic. 

Anissame, Anissamen, TO. aniseed, (Pharm.) 
'. anise. 

Anissaure, /. anisic acid. 

Anker, TO* anchor; (of a magnet) keeper, 

ankitten, v.t. fasten with cement, cement. 

anklagen, v.t. accuse. 

Anklang, TO. concord, accord; sympathy. 

ankleben, v.t. stick on, glue on, paste on, ag- 
glutinate, attach. v.i. stick, adhere. 
anklebend, p.a. adhesive, agglutinative. 

ankleiden, v.t. & r, dress. 

ankniipfen, v.t. fasten (by tying), join; enter 
upon, engage in. 

ankochen, v.t. bring to the boil, begin to boil. 

ankohlen, v.t. char partially. 

ankommen, v.i. arrive; approach; succeed; be 
important; depend; (Brewing) start fer- 

Ankommling, TO. newcomer, novice. 

ankiindigen, ankiinden, v.t. announce, publish. 

Ankunft, /. arrival. 

Anlage, /. establishment, plant, works; at- 
tached paper; investment; bent, talent; tax; 
(pi.) park.. 

anlagern, v.t. add (on), take up; accumulate. 

anlangen, v.i. arrive. v.t. concern. anlangend, 
prep, concerning, as for. 

Anlass, TO. occasion, motive; occurrence; letting 
in; starting. 

anlassen, v.t. temper, anneal (glass or metals) ; 
let in, turn on, start (going). 

Anlasser, TO. (Brewing) starting box, starter. 

Anlassfarbe, /. (Steel) temper color. 

Anlassofen, TO. tempering furnace, annealing 

Anlasswirkung, /. tempering effect, annealing 

Anlauf, TO. onset, run, attack; swelling (of 
waters); slope, ascent; concourse, crowd; 
(Mach.) catch, tappet. 

anlaufen, v.i. become coated (with oxide, 
moisture, mold, etc.), tarnish, become dull 
or dim; (of dyed goods) recolor; swell, in- 
tumesce; increase; amount; run; crowd. 

Anlauffarbe, /. (Metal) tempering color. 

anlegen, v.t. lay or put on, apply, fix; invest; 
found; lay out; plan. 

Anlehen, TO., Anleihe, /. loan. 

anleiten, v.t. lead, guide, conduct; instruct. 

Anleitung, /. leading, conducting; instruction; 
(of books) introduction, guide, key. 

anliegen, v.i. be adjacent, lie near; fit; concern; 
entreat.^ angelegen, p.a. interesting; im- 

anloten, v.t. solder, solder on; cause to adhere. 

Anm., abbrev. (Anmerkung) note, remark. 

anmachen, v.t. slack (lime) ; mix, temper, dilute, 
adulterate; fasten on, attach; light (a fire). 

anmassen, '#.. assume, usurp. 

anmelden, v.t. announce, advertise. 

anmengen, v.t. mix, blend, temper, dilute. 

Anmerkung, /. note, remark, comment. 

Anmut, /. grace, charm. 

Ann., abbrev. Annalen der Chemie. 

annahern, v.t. & r. approach, approximate, 
bring or draw near. annahernd, p.a. ap- 
proximate; approaching. angenahert, p.a. 

Annahme, /. assumption, hypothesis j accep- 
tance. .:=-.- 

annassen, v.t. moisten a little, dampen. - 




annehmen, v.t. assume, suppose; take, accept; 
take, take up (colors). angenommen, p.a. 

Annehmung,/. assumption, etc. (see annehmen). 

annektieren, v.t. annex. 

annetzen, v.t. moisten, dampen. 

annieten, v.t. rivet, rivet on. 

Annonce, /. advertisement. 

annoncieren, v.t. advertise, announce. 

Anodendichte, /. anode density, anodic density. 

anolen, v.t. oil, coat with oil. 

anomal, anomalisch, a. anomalous. 

anordnen, v.t. arrange, regulate, order. 

Anordnung, /. arrangement, disposition, regula- 

anorganisch, a. inorganic. 

anormal, a. abnormal. 

anoxydieren, v.t. oxidize. 

anpassen, v.t. adapt, adjust, fit, suit. 
anpassend, p.a. suitable, fit. angepasst, 
p.a. adapted, adjusted, suited, appropriate. 

Anprall, m. impact; contusion. 

anpr alien, v.i. strike, impinge (forcibly). 

anpudern, v.t. powder. 

anputzen, v.t. dress up, adorn, decorate. 

anquicken, v.t. amalgamate. 

Anrat, m. advice, counsel. 

anrauchen, v.t. smoke. 

anriiuchern, v.t. fumigate; perfume. 

anrechnen. v.t. charge; ascribe; count. 

Anrecht, n. claim, title. 

anreden, v.t. speak to, address. 

anregen, v.t. set going, incite, stimulate; in- 
terest; suggest, mention. anregend, p.a. 
exciting, interesting. 

anreiben, v.t. rub, rub on. 

anreichern, v.t. enrich, strengthen, concen- 

Anreichlech, m. enriched matt. 

anreihen, v.t. arrange in, or attach to, a series. 

anreizen, v.t. stimulate; instigate. 

anrichten, v.t. prepare, dress; perform, pro- 
duce; serve; mix (colors). 

Anrichter, m. assay er; (ore) dresser. 

anrosten, v.i. begin to rust; become fixed by 

anruchig, a. disreputable. 

anruhren, v.t. touch, handle; stir; mix, temper; 
touch on, refer to. 

ans, abbrev. an das. 

ansagen, v.t. announce, state. 

ansammeln, v.t. collect, gather, accumulate, 
amass; (Physics) focus. 

Ansammlung, /. collection, etc. (see ansam- 
meln); heap, mass; throng. 

Ansatz, m. deposit, sediment; attachment, 
added piece, lug, shoulder, etc.; appendage; 
preparing, mixture; ingredients; rate; item; j 
onset; tendency; (Dyeing) standard. 

Ansatzbad, n. (Dyeing) first bath, initial bath. | 

Ansatzpunkt, m. point of attachment or inser- 

Ansatzrohr, n, attached tube, insert tabe. 

Ansatzstiick, n. attached piece or part, attach- 

ansauern, v.t. acidify, acidulate; sour; (Baking) 
add yeast to. ; 

Ansaugehub, m. suction stroke. ; ;' 

ansaugen, v.t. & i. suck, suck in. ,-:': 

Ansaugrohr, n. suction tube. 

anschaffen, v.t. provide, supply; purchase. 

anschauen, v.t. look at, view, consider. 

anschaulich, a. clear, plain. 

Anschauung, /. mode of viewing, view, idea; 
observation; perception; intuition. 

Anschauungsweise, /. point of view, stand- 

Anschein, m. appearance; likelihood. 

anschichten, v.t. pile in layers, stratify. 

anschicken, v.r. prepare. 

Anschieber, m. lengthening piece; (Brewing) 
workman; (Baking) kissing crust. 

anschiessen, v.i. shoot into crystals, crystal- 
lize; shoot; rush; be adjacent. 

Anschiessgefass, n. crystallizing vessel, crystal- 

Anschlag, m. stroke; impact; posting up, 
placard; estimate; plan, attempt. 

anschlagen, v.t. strike at; fasten, affix; aim; 

anschlagig, a. ingenious. 

anschlammen, v.t. suspend; elutriate, wash; 
deposit (mud, etc.); make into a paste; 
smear with mud or slime. 

anschleifen, v.t. grind, polish. 

anschliessen, v.t. fasten (on), attach, annex, 

Anschluss, m. joining; junction, connection; 
enclosure, something annexed. 

anschmelzen, v.t. melt or fuse on (to), join by 
fusion. v.i. begin to melt; adhere by fusion. 

anschmiegen, v.t. cause to cling (to), press (to). 
v.r. cling (to). 

anschmieren, v.t. smear; adulterate; cheat. 

anschmutzen, v.t. soil. 

anschrauben, v.t. screw on. 

Anschuldigung, /. accusation. 

anschiiren, v.t. stir up, stir, keep going (fire). 

Anschuss, m. crystallization; crop (of crystals); 
shooting; rush. 

anschiitten, v.t. pour on, discharge on. 

anschwangern, v.t. saturate, impregnate. 

Anschwanzapparat, m. sprinkler, sparger. 

anschwanzen, v.t. sprinkle, sparge. 

anschwarzen, v.t. blacken; slander. 

anschwefeln, v.t. treat or fumigate with sulfur. 

anschweissen, v.t. weld on, weld together. 

anschwellen, v.i. swell, swell out. 

anschwoden, v.t. paint (the flesh side of hides) 
with lime. 




ansehen, v.t. look at, see, regard; esteem. 
angesehen, p.a. important, prominent. 

Ansehen, n. appearance; standing, reputation. 

ansehnlich, a. conspicuous, important. 

ansetzen, r.r. crystallize; effloresce; be de- 
posited. v.t. set on, apply, attach; prepare, 
mix; charge (a furnace); establish. v.i. 
make a start, try. 

Ansicht, /. view; inspection; opinion. 

ansichtig, a. cognizant. 

ansieden, v.t. boil, boil on; scorify; blanch; 
mordant (by boiling). Ansieden und Ah- 
dunkein, stuffing and saddening. 

Ansiedeprobe, /. scorification assay. 

Ansiedescherben, m. scorifier. 

ansinnen, v.t. expect, require; attribute. 

anspannen, v.t. strain, stretch, bend; hitch. 

anspielen, P.I. hint, allude; begin to play. 

ansprechen, v.t. address; claim; ask; please. 

ansprengen, v.t. blow up, blast; sprinkle; urge 

Anspruch, m. claim; demand. 

Anstalt, /. institution, establishment; prepara- 
tion, arrangement. 

Anstand, m. delay; hesitation; behavior; pro- 

anstatt, prep, instead of. 

anstauben, v.t. dust, powder. 

anstechen, v.t. pierce, tap, open. 

anstecken, v.t. stick on, fasten; infect; light (a 
fire). ansteckend, p.a. contagious, infec- 

ansteigen, v.i. rise, ascend. 

Anstellbottich, m. (Brewing) starting tub. 

anstellen, v.t. institute, make; install, set 
going, start; prepare; pitch (wort); appoint, 
employ; plan. v.r. behave; pretend. 

Ansteller, m. employer. 

anstellig, a. skilful, handy. 

Anstelltemperatur, /. (Brewing) pitching tem- 

Anstellung, /. instituting, etc. (see anstellen); 
situation, employment. 

Anstieg, m. rise, ascent. 

anstiften, v.t. contrive, cause. 

anstocken, v.i. become moldy. 

Anstoss, m. collision; impulse, impetus; of- 
fense; butt joint. 

anstossen, v.t. crush, prepare by crushing; 
strike against, impinge upon; offend. v.i. 
strike, impinge; be adjacent; stumble; 
stammer; offend. anstossend, p. a. adja- 
cent, contiguous. 

anstossig, a. offensive, shocking. 

Anstrebekraft, /. centripetal force. 

anstreben, v.i. strive toward; oppose. v.t. 
strive for. 

Anstreiche, /. paint, color. 

anstreichen, v.t. paint, coat, color, varnish; 
mark; underscore. 

anstrengen, v.t. stretch, strain. 

Anstrich, m. paint, painting, coat; varnish; 
dye; tint, color; appearance. 

ansuchen, v.t. apply, request. 

anstissen, p.l. wash, edulcorate; sweeten slightly. 

anteigen, v.t. stir into a paste, make a paste of. 

Anteil, Antheil, m. constituent; portion, share; 
interest, sympathy. 

Anthrachinolin, n. anthraquinoline. 

Anthrachinon, n. anthraquinone. 

Anthrazen, n. anthracene. 

Anthrazit, n. anthracite. 

anthrazitartig, a. anthracitic. 

Antichlor, n. antichlore, antichlor, antichlorine. 

Antikatalysator, m. anticatalyzer. 

antikatalytisch, a. anticatalytic. 

Antikorper, m. antisubstance, antibody (cf. 

Antimon, n. antimony. 

antimonartig, a. like antimony; antimonial. 

Antimonblei, n. (Metal.') lead containing anti- 

Antimonblende, /. kermesite. 

Antimonblute, /. antimony bloom, valentinite. 

Antimonbuttcr, /. butter of antimony. 

Antimonchlorid, n. antimony chloride, specif., 
antimony pentachloride. 

Antimonchlorur, n. antimony trichloride. 

Antimonglanz, m. antimony glance, antimonite. 

Antimonhalogen, n. antimony halide. 

antimonhaltig, a. containing antimony; anti- 

antimonig, a. antimonious. antimonige Saure, 
antimonious acid. 

antimonigsauer, a. of or combined with anti- 
monious acid, antimonite of. 

Antimonigsaureanhydrid, n. antimony trioxide. 

antimonisch, a. antimonial, antimonic. 

Antimonium, n. antimony. 

Antimon kupferglanz, m. antimonial copper 
glance (bournonite or chalcostibite). 

Antimonnickelglanz, m. ullmannite. 

Antimonoxychloriir, n. antimony oxychloride 

Antimonoxyd, n. antimony oxide, specif., anti- 
mony trioxide. 

Antimonsaffran, m. antimonial saffron, crocus 
of antimony. 

Antimonsalz, n. antimony salt, specif., a double 
compound of antimony trifluoride and am- 
monium sulfate. 

antimonsauer, a. of or combined with anti- 
monic acid, antimonate of. 

Antimonsaure, /. antimonic acid. 

Antimonsilber, n. antimonial silver, dyscrasite. 

Antimonsilberblende, /. pyrargyrite. 

Antimonspiegel, m. antimony mirror. 

Antimonsulfid, n. antimony sulfide, specif., anti- 
mony pentasulfide. 

Antimonsulfur, n. antimony trisulfide. 




Antimonverbindung, /. antimony compound. 
Antimonwasserstoff, m. antimony hydride, 


Antimonzinnober, m. kermes mineral. 
antiphlogistisch, a. antiphlogistic. 
antipodisch, a. antipodal, opposite. 
antiquarisch, a. (of books) second-hand. 
Antisepticum, Antiseptikum, n. antiseptic. 
antiseptisch, a. antiseptic. 
Antiweinsaure, /. antitartaric acid. 
Antlitz, n. countenance, face. 
Antonskraut, n. willow herb (Ckamsenerion 

angustifolium) . 
Antrag, m. proposal, motion, 
antragen, v.t. lay on, apply; propose, offer. 
antreffen, v.t. hit upon, meet with. 
antreiben, v.t. drive on, drive against, drive in; 

hoop (casks); impel, incite. 
antreten, v.t. enter upon, set out upon; accost. 
Antrieb, m. impulse, impulsion; (motive) 

power; motive. 

Antritt, m. beginning, entrance, first step. 
Antrittsvorlesung, /. inaugural lecture. 
antrocknen, v.i. dry on; begin to dry. 
antun, v.t. put on; do to; do violence to. 
Antwort, /. answer, reply. 
antworten, v.t. & i. answer, reply. 
anvertrauen, v.t. trust, confide, 
anverwandt, p.a. related. 
Anwachs, m. increase, swelling. 
An wait, m. attorney; deputy. 
An wandlung, /. fit, attack, 
anwarmen, v.t. warm, heat (moderately); dry 

(by heating) . v.i. warm, begin to heat. 
Anwartschaft, /. expectancy, 
anwassern, v.t. moisten slightly, 
anweichen, v.t. sOak (or steep) slightly. 
anweisen, v.t. point out, show; assign; direct; 


anweissen, v.t. whitewash, whiten. 
Anweisung, /. direction, instruction; money 

order, check, draft; assignment. 
anwendbar, a. usable, applicable, practicable, 

an wenden, v.t. apply, employ, use. angewandt, 

p.a. applied, practical. 

Anwendung, /. application, employment, use. 
Anwendungsweise, /. mode of application. 
anwesend, a. present. 
anwidern, v.t. disgust, offend. 
Anwuchs, m. growth, increase. 
Anwurf, m. plastering; deposit. 
Anzahl, /. number. 
anzahlen, v.t. pay on account. 
anzapfen, v.t. tap. 
Anzeichen, n. sign, indication, symptom, 


Anzeige, /. information; indication; (of an in- 
strument) reading; notice, report, circular, 

advertisement, despatch. 

anzeigen, v.t. inform, announce, advertise; in- 

Anzeiger, m. indicator; (Math.) exponent; in- 
former, advertiser. 

anzetteln, v.t. plot; (Weaving) warp. 

anziehen, v.t. draw, pull, attract; absorb; draw 
tight, stretch; raise, grow; put on (clothes); 
quote. v.i. take effect, hold well; harden, 
set; attract moisture; approach. anziehend, 
p.o. attractive; astringent. angezogen, p.a. 
(of malt) slack. 

AnzieJhung, /. attraction, etc. (see anziehen); 
adhesion; (Physiol.) adduction. 

Anziehungskraft, /. attractive power, attrac- 
tion; adhesive power. 

Anzucht, /. raising, cultivation. 

Anzug, m. approach; dressing; clothing, dress; 

anziiglich, a. offensive, cutting. 

anziinden, v.t. ignite, kindle, light. 

Aorte, /. aorta. 

Aorten-. aortic. 

Aouaraol, n. African palm oil. 

Apfel, m. apple. 

Apfelather, Xpfelather, m. malic ether (ethyl 
malate); essence of apple (genuine or ar- 

Apfelmost, m. (new) cider. 

Apfelmus, m. apple sauce. 

Apfelsalbe, /. pomatum. 

apfelsauer, apfelsauer, a. of or combined with 
malic acid, malate of. 

Apfelsaure, Apfelsaure, /. malic acid. 

Apfelsine, /. (sweet) orange. 

Apfelsinenschalenol, n. orange-peel oil, essence 
of orange. 

Apfelwein, Apfelwein, m. cider. 

aphlogistisch, a. aphlogistic. 

aplanatisch, a. aplanatic. 

Apochinen, n. apoquinene. 

Apochinin, n. apoquinine. 

Apokamphersaure, /. apocamphoric acid. 

Apotheke, /. drugstore, chemist's shop, apothe- 
cary's shop. 

Apotheker, m. pharmacist, druggist, (in Eng- 
land) pharmaceutical chemist, apothecary. 

Apothekerbuch, n. dispensatory, pharmacopeia. 

Apothekergewicht, n. apothecary's weight. 

Apothekerkunst, /. apothecary's art, pharmacy 

Apothekerordnung, /. dispensatory. 

Apothekerverein, m. pharmaceutical society, or- 
ganization of druggists. 

Apothekerwage,/. druggist's scales, apothecary's 

Apothekerwaren, /. pi. drugs. 
Apothekerwarenhandler, m. druggist. 
Apothekerwesen, n. pharmaceutical matters. 
Apothekerwissenschaft, /. pharmacology. 
App., abbrev. of Apparat. 
Apparat, m. apparatus. 




Apparatur, /. apparatus (collectively), equip- 

appellieren, v.i. appeal. 

appetitlich, a. appetizing, delicious. 

applizieren, v.t. apply. 

Applizierung, /. application. 

appretieren, v.t. dress, finish (cloth). 

Appretur, /. finishing, dressing; finish, dressing, 

appreturecht, a. unaffected by finishing. 

Appreturmittel, n. finishing agent, dressing ma- 
terial, dressing. 

approbieren, v.t. approve. 

Aprikose, /. apricot. 

Aquator, m. equator. 

Aquavit, m. aqua vitae, whisky; pi. spirits. 

aqui-. equi-. 

Uquimolekular, a. equimolecular. 

Aquipartition, /. equipartition. 

Xquivalent, n. equivalent. 

Aquivalentgewicht, n. equivalent weight, com- 
bining weight. 

Aquivalenz, /. equivalence. 

Arabingummi, n. gum arable. 

Arabinsaure, /. arabic acid, arabin. 

arabisch, a. Arabic, Arabian. arabisches 
Gummi, gum arabic. 

Arachinsaure, /. arachic (or arachidic) acid. 

Araometer, n. hydrometer, areometer. 

araometrisch, a. hydrometric, areometric. 

Arbeit, /. work, labor; working; fermentation; 
task; workmanship. 

arbeiten, v.i. work; ferment. v.t. work, per- 
form, make. 

Arbeiter, m. worker, laborer, workman. 

Arbeitgeber, m. employer. 

Arbeitnehmer, m. workman. 

Arbeits-, working, work, of work or labor. 

arbeitsam, a. industrious, laborious. 

Arbeitsanderung, /. change in work. 

Arbeitseinheit, /. unit of work. 

Arbeitseinstellung, /. strike. 

arbeitsfahig, a. capable of work; able-bodied. 

Arbeitsfahigkeit /.capacity for performing work. 

Arbeitsflache, /. bearing surface; working sur- 

Arbeitshub, m. working stroke. 

Arbeitskammer, /. laboratory; work room. 

Arbeitsleistung, /. performance of work. 

Arbeitslohn, m. wages, pay. 

arbeitslos, a. & adv. without work. 

Arbeitsraum, m. laboratory; work room. 

arbeitsscheu, a. averse to work, lazy. 

Arbeitstisch, m. work table. 

Arbeitsvermogen, n. (Physics) energy. 

Arbeitsverrichtung, /. performance of work. 

Arbeitsweise, /. method of working; workman- 

Arbitrium, n. arbitrament. 
Ar che, /. ark, chest. 

Archiv, n. record office; pi. records, archives. 

Areal, n. area. 

Arekanuss, /. areca nut. 

arg, a. bad; strong, severe, enormous. 

Arg, n. harm, mischief. 

Anger, m. anger; spite. 

argerlich, a. angry; vexatious. 

Arglist, /. cunning, deceit. 

arglos, a. harmless; unsuspecting. 

Argwohn, n. suspicion. 

arktisch, a. arctic. 

arm, a. poor. 

Arm, m. arm (in various senses); branch; cross- 
bar (of a balance). 

Armband, m. bracelet. 

Armbinde, m. sling. 

Armblei, n. refined lead (from which the silver 
has been removed). 

Armee, /. army. 

Arm el, m. sleeve. 

armlich, a. poor. 

armselig, a. poor, wretched. 

Armut, /. poverty. 

Arnikabluten, arnica flowers, (Pharm.) 

Arnikawurzel, /. arnica rhizome, arnica root. 

Atom, n. aroma. 

aromatisch, a. aromatic. 

aromatisieren, r.t. aromatize. 

Aron, m. arum. 

Arrak, m. arrack. 

Arrestant, m. prisoner. 

arretieren, v.t. arrest. 

arrodieren, v.t. erode. 

Arrowmehl, n. arrowroot flour, (Pharm.) arrow- 
root, maranta. 

Arsen, n. arsenic. 

Arsenblende, /. arsenic blend (gelbe, orpiment; 
rote, realgar). 

Arsenbliite, /. arsenic bloom, arsenite (AszOs) . 

Arsenchlorid, n. arsenic chloride. 

Arsendampf, m. arsenic vapor, arsenical vapor. 

Arseneisen, n. arsenical iron (lollingite). 

Arseneisensinter, m. pitticite. 

Arsenfleck, m. arsenic spot or stain. 

arsenfrei, a. free from arsenic, arsenic-free. 

Arsenglas, n. = Arsenikglas. 

Arsenhalogen, n. arsenic halide. 

arsenhaltig, a. arsenical, containing arsenic^ 

arsenig, a. arsenious. arsenige Saure, arsenious 

arsenigsauer, a. of or combined with arsenious 
acid, arsenite of. 

Arsenigsaure, /. arsenious acid. 

Arsenik, m. arsenic. gelber Arsenik, orpiment. 
roter Arsenik, realgar. weisser Arsenik, 
white arsenic, arsenic trioxide. 

Arsenikalfahlerz, n. tennantite. 

Arsenikalien, arsenicals, arsenical com- 
pounds or preparations. 


arsenikalisch, a. arsenical. 

Arsenikalkies, m. leucopyrite. 

Arsenikblei, w. lead arsenide. 

Arsenikblumen,, Arsenikbliite, /. = 


Arsenikeisen, n. =Arseneisen. 
Arsenikglas, n. arsenic glass, vitreous arsenic 

trioxide; (gelbes) orpiment; (rotes) realgar. 
arsenikhaltig, a. = arsenhaltig. 
Arsenikjodiir, n. =Arsenjodur. 
Arsenikkies, m. arsenical pyrites, arsenopyrite. 
Arsenikkobalt, Arsenikkobaltkies, TO. skut- 

Arseniknickel, -nickelkies, w. =Arsennickel, 

Arsenikol (atzendes). caustic oil of arsenic 


Arsenikprobe, /. arsenic test. 
Arseniksalz, n. salt of arsenic, arsenate or 


arseniksauer, a. =arsensauer. 
Arseniksaure, /. arsenic acid. unvoll- 

kommende Arseniksaure, /. arsenious acid. 
Arseniksilber, n. arsenical silver. 
Arseniksinter, m. scorodite. 
Arsenikspiegel, TO. arsenic ruirror. 
Arsenikvitriol, TO. arsenic sulfate. 
Arsenjodid, n. arsenic iodide, specif., arsenic 


Arsenjodiir, n. arsenic diiodide (Asl?). 
Arsenkies, TO. = Arsenikkies. 
Arsenkobalt, m. skutterudite. 
Arsenlegierung, /. arsenic alloy. 
Arsenmetall, w. metallic arsenide. 
Arsennickel, TO. nickel arsenide; (Min.) nic- 


Arsennickelkies, TO. niccolite. 
Arsenoxyd, n. arsenic oxide, specif., arsenic 


Arsenrohr, n., -rohre, /. arsenic tube. 
Arsenrubin, m. realgar. 
arsensauer, a. of or combined with arsenic 

acid, arsenate of. 
Arsensaure, /. arsenic acid. 
Arsensilber, n. arsenical silver. 
Arsenspiegel, TO. arsenic mirror. 
Arsensulfid, n. (any) sulfide of arsenic. 
Arsenverbindung, /. arsenic compound. 
Arsenwasserstoff, m. arsenic hydride, ar- 

seniuretted hydrogen (specif., arsine, AsHs). 
Arsinigsaure, /. arsinic acid. 
Arsinsaure, /. arsonic acid. 
Art, /. kind, sort, species, variety; manner; race, 

breed; pi. manners; (Biol.) species. (Used 

as a suffix to give a generic meaning; as, 

Pecharten, pitches, i.e., kinds of pitch). 
arten, v.i. be of a (certain) kind, be like; 

thrive. v.t. form, modify. geartet, p.a. dis- 
posed, -natured. 
arteriell, o. arterial. 



Arterien-, arterial. 

artificiell, a. artificial. 

artig, a. good, polite, agreeable. 

-artig. A suffix attached to nouns and adjec- 
tives to form adjectives, and signifying " of 
the kind or nature of, resembling, like"; as, 
schwefelartig, like sulfur, sulfurous. 

Artikcl, TO. article; goods, material; entry, 
item; (Calico) style. 

Arznei, Arzenei, /. medicine; pi. drugs. 

Arznei-, medicinal, medical, medicated. 

Arzneibereiter, TO. pharmacist. 

Arzneibereitung, /. preparing of medicine, 

Arzneibuch, n. dispensatory, pharmacopeia. 

Arzneiessig, TO. medicated vinegar. 

Arzneiform, /. medicinal form. 

Arzneiformel, /. medical formula. 

Arzneigeruch, TO. medicinal smell. 

Arzneigeschmack, m. medicinal taste. 

Arzneigewicht, n. officinal weight. 

Arzneihandel, w. drug trade. 

Arzneihandler, TO. druggist. 

Arzneikorper, TO. medicinal substance. 

arzneikraftig, a. medicinal, curative, ther- 

Arzneikraut, n. medicinal plant, medicinal 

Arzneilehre, /. pharmacology. 

arzneilich, a. medicinal, medical. 

Arzneimass, n. officinal measure. 

Arzneimischung, /. medicinal mixture. 

Arzneimittel, n. medicine, remedy. 

Arzneimittelkunde, /. pharmacology. 

Arzneimitteltrager, m. (Phdrm.) menstruum; 

Arzneipflanze, /. medicinal plant. 

Arzneiseife, /. medicinal soap. 

Arzneisirup, m. medicated sirup. 

Arzneistoff, w. medicinal substance. 

Arzneiverordnung, - verschreibung, /. (medical) 

Arzneiware, /. drug. 

Arzneiwarenkunde, /. pharmacology. 

Arzneiwesen, n. pharmaceutical affairs. 

Arznei wissenschaf t, /. pharmacology; medical 

Arzt, TO. physician, doctor. 

Xrzteverein, w. medical society. 

arztlich, a. medical. 

Asand, Asant, TO. stinkender, asafetida.^ 
wohlriechender, gum benzoin. 

Asbest, TO. asbestos. 

asbestartig, a. asbestoid, asbestiform, amian- 

Asbestfaser, /. asbestos fiber. 

Asbestpapier, n. asbestos paper. 

Asbestpappe, /. asbestos board. 

Asbestschale, /. asbestos dish. 

Asbestschnur, /. asbestos twine. 




Asbestwolle, /. asbestos wool. 

Aschblau, n. zaffer. 

Aschblei, n. native bismuth. 

Asche, /. ash, ashes. 

Xschel, Aschel, m. (Metal.') sullage. 

aschen, v.t. ash. 

Aschenbad, n. ash bath. 

Aschenbestandteil, m. ash constituent. 

Aschendiinger, m. cinereal manure, cinereal. 

Aschenermittelung, /. determination of ash. 

Aschenfall, /. ash-pit; ash-pan. 

aschenfleckig, a. (Metal.) specked with 


Aschengehalt, m. ash content. 
Aschenlauge, /. lye from ashes. 
Aschenofen, m. calcining oven. 
Aschensalz, n. potash. 
Aschentrecker, Aschenzieher, m. tourmaline 

(old name). 
Ascher, m. (Leather) tanner's pit, lime pit; 

(Soap) ash cistern (also, ashes); (Masonry) 

slaked lime; (Ceram.) tin ashes. 
Xscherbriihe, Xscherfliissigkeit, /. (Leather) 

lime liquor. 

Ascherkalk, m. (Leather) lime. 
aschern, v.i, ash; (Leather) lime. 
Xscherofen, m. (Ceram.') frit kiln. 
Aschraum, m. ash-box, ash-pit. 
Asparaginsaure, /. aspartic acid. 
Aspe, /. aspen (tree). 
Asphaltbeton, m. asphalt (ic) concrete. 
asphalthaltig, a. containing asphalt, asphaltic, 

asphaltieren, v.t. asphalt. 
asphaltisch, a. asphaltic. 

Asphaltkitt, m. asphalt cement, asphalt mastic. 
Asphaltpflaster, n. asphalt pavement, 
aspirieren, v.i. aspire. v. t. aspirate, 
ass, pret. of essen. 
Assekuranz, /. insurance. 
assekurieren, v.t. insure. 
assimilieren, v.t. assimilate. 
associieren, v.t. associate, 
assortieren, v.t. assort, sort. 
assouplieren, v.t. render pliable. 
Ast, m. bough, branch; knot (in wood). 
Astronom, TO. astronomer. 
astronomisch, a. astronomical. 
Asyl, n. asylum. 

asymmetrisch, a. asymmetric, asymmetrical. 
-at. (in names of salts, etc.) -ate. 
A tern, TO. breath, breathing, respiration; 


A tern-, of breathing, respiratory. 
atembar, a. respirable. 

At.-Gew., abbrev. (Atomgewicht) atomic weight. 
ath., abbrev. (atherisch) ethereal. 
Xthal, n. ethal (cetyl alcohol). 
Xthan, n. ethane; pi. paraffins, hydrocarbons of 

the ethane series. 

Xthansaure, /. ethanic acid (acetic acid) . 
Xther, TO. ether (in older names frequently 

equivalent to ester). 
Xtherart, /. kind of ether; pi. ethers. 
atherartig, a. ethereal. 

Atherbildung, /. ether formation, etherification. 
atherisch, a. ethereal; essential, volatile (oils). 
atherisieren, v.t. etherize. 
Atherprober, TO. ether tester. 
Xthersaure, /. ether acid (compound which is 

both an ether and an acid). 
Atherschwefelsaure, /. alkylsulfuric acid, 

specif., ethylsulfuric acid. 
Atherschwingung, /. vibration of the ether, 

ethereal vibration. 
Xtherweingeist, TO. (Pharm.) spirit of ether 

(solution of ether in alcohol). 
Xthin, n. ethine (acetylene). 
athmen, v. =atmen. 
Athoxy-. ethoxy-. 
Alhoxyl, n. ethoxyl. 
Xthyl, n. ethyl. 
Athylen, n. ethylene. 
Athylenbindung, /. ethylene linkage, double 


Athylgruppe, /. ethyl group. 
Xthyliden, n. ethylidene. 
Xthylwasserstoff, TO. ethyl hydride (ethane). 
Atlas, m. satin; atlas. 

Atlaserz, n., Atlaskies, TO. fibrous malachite. 
Atlasholz, n. satinwood. 

Atlasspat, m. satin spar (fibrous calcium car- 
bonate) . 

Atlasvitriol, TO. white vitriol (zinc sulfate). 
Atm., abbrev. (Atmosphare) atmosphere (s). 
atmen, v.i. breathe, respire. v.t. breathe. 
Atmosphare, /. atmosphere. 
Atmospharendruck, m. atmospheric pressure. 
atmospharisch, a. atmospheric. 
Atmung, /. breathing, respiration. 
Atmungs-. of breathing, respiratory. 
Atmungsnahrungsmittel, n. respiratory food, 
atomartig, a. atomic; atom-like. 
Atombegriff, TO. conception of the atom. 
Atombindungsvermogen, n., atombindende 

Kraft, atomic combining power, valence. 
Atomgewicht, n. atomic weight. 
Atomgewichtstabelle,/. table of atomic weights. 
Atomgruppe, /. group of atoms, atomic group. 
Atomgruppierung, /. atomic grouping. 
atomhaltig, a. atomic. 
Atomhypothese, /. atomic hypothesis. 
Atomigkeit, /. atomicity. 
atomisch, a. atomic. 
atomistisch, a. atomistic, atomic. 
Atomizitat, /. atomicity. 

Atomlehre, /. doctrine of atoms, atomic theory. 
Atommodell, n. atomic model. 
Atomrefraktion, /. atomic refraction. - 
Atomtheorie, /. atomic theory. 




Atomverband, m., Atomverbindung, /. union of 

atoms, atomic union. 
Atomverkettung, /. linking of atoms, atomic 


Atom verschiebung, /. atomic displacement. 
\ Atomvolum, Atomvolumen, n. atomic 


Atomwarme, /. atomic heat. 
Atramentstein. m. inkstone, native copperas. 
Atropasaure, /. atropic acid, 
attenuieren, v.t. attenuate. 
Attest, n. certificate. 
Xtz-. caustic, corrosive; (Calico) discharging, 


Xtzalkali, n. caustic alkali. 
Xtzammoniak, n. caustic ammonia (ammonium 

hydroxide), ammonia water. 
Xtzartikel, m. (Calico) discharge style. , 

atzbar, a. corrodible; (Calico) dischargeable. 
Xtzbaryt, m. caustic baryta (barium hydroxide) . 
Atzbeizdruck, n. discharge printing. 
Xtzbeize, /. chemical discharge, discharge 


Xtzdruck, n. discharge printing. 
Xtze, /. corrosion; etching; cauterization; aqua 

fortis; (Calico) discharge. 
atzen, v.t. corrode; etch; cauterize; (Calico) 

discharge. atzend, p.a. caustic, corrosive. 

atzend machen, render caustic, causticize. 
Xtzfarbe, /. (Calico) discharge paste. 
Atzfigur, /. etching figure. 
Xtzgift, n. caustic poison. 
At/kali, n. caustic potash. 
, Xtzkalilauge, /. caustic potash lye, caustic 

potash solution. 

Atzkalk, m. caustic lime (gebrannter, quick- 
lime; geloschter, slaked lime). 
Atzkraft, /. causticity. 
Xtzlack, TO. discharge lake. 
Xtzlauge, caustic lye, caustic liquor. 
Xtzmittel,n. corrosive, caustic; (Calico) chemical 


Atznatron, n. caustic soda. 
Xtznatronlauge, /. caustic soda lye, caustic 

soda solution. 

Xtzpapp, TO. (Calico) resist. 
Atzpulver, n. caustic powder. 
Atzsilber, n. lunar caustic (silver nitrate) . 
Xtzstein, m. lapis causticus, (fused) caustic 

Xtzsublimat, n. corrosive sublimate (mercuric 


Xtzung, /. corrosion; etching; cauterization. 
Xtzwasser, n. caustic water, etching liquid, 


Xtzweiss, n. (Calico) white discharge. 
Xtzwirkung, /. corrosive action; (Calico) action 

of the discharge. 
a. u. a., abbrev. (auch unter andern) also among 


auch, adv. & eon/, also, too; indeed, even. 
auch nicht, neither. 

Aue, /. islet; meadow. 

Auerbrenner, TO. Welsbach burner. 

Auerhahn, TO. capercaillie, mountain cock. 

Auerlicht, n. Welsbach light. 

auf, prep, on, upon, in, at; into, to. adv. & 
prefix, up, upward, open. auf dass, in order 
that. auf einmal, at once. 

aufarbeiten, v.t. work up; finish (a task). 

aufatmen, v.i. breathe hard, breathe again. 

aufatzen, v.t. corrode or etch upon, etch; 
(Med.) open with caustic. 

Aufbau, m. building up, synthesis; building, 
erection; display. 

aufbauen, v.t. build up, synthesize; erect. 

aufbaumen, v.i. show (metallic) luster. v.t. 
beam, wind up. 

aufbereiten, v.t. prepare, dress (ores). 

aufbersten, v.i. burst, crack. 

aufbewahren, v.t. keep, store, preserve. 

Aufbewahrung, /. keeping, storage, preserva- 

aufbieten, v.t. call out, summon; exert; abuse. 

aufbinden, v.t. tie up, fasten; untie, loosen. 

aufblahen, v.t. & v.i. swell, swell up, bulge out. 

aufblasen, v.t. blow up, inflate. 

auf blattern, v.i. (Min. & Med.) exfoliate. 

Aufblick, TO. (Assaying) fulguration, blick; look 

aufblicken, v.i. (Assaying) brighten, give the 
" blick "; look up. 

aufblitzen, v.i. flash, flash up. 

aufbliihen, v.i. blossom, unfold; form a flower- 
like mass (before the blowpipe). 

uuf brauchen, v.t. use up, consume. 

aufbrausen, v.i. effervesce; ferment; fly into a 
passion, roar. aufbrausend, p.a. efferves- 
cent; fermenting. 

aufbrechen, v.t. break up, break open. v.i. 
open, break, burst. 

aufbrennen, v.t. burn up, consume; refine 
(metals); brand; burn on; treat by burning, 
specif., sulfur (wine). 

auf hringen, v.t. brihg up, raise; capture; ex- 

aufdampfen, v.i. evaporate; smoke. 

aufdecken, v.t. uncover, disclose. 

aufdocken, v.t. wind up, roll up; bundle, shock. 

aufdrangen, v.r. obtrude oneself. 

aufdrehen, v.t. screw open, untwist; turn up; 
(Ceram.) throw. 

aufdringen, v.t. press upon, obtrude upon. 

Aufdringlichkeit, /. obtrusiveness, importunity. 

Aufdruck, TO. printing. 

aufdrucken, v.t. impress, imprint, stamp. 

aufdunsten, v.i. evaporate. 

aufdiinsten, v.t. evaporate. 

aufeinander, adv. one upon (or after) another, 

Aufeinanderfolge, /. succession, series. 




aufeinanderfolgend, p.a. consecutive. 

Aufenthalt, TO. stay, stop; abode, residence. 

auffahren, v.i. rise up, drive up, fly up, start 

auffallen, v.i. astonish, startle. auffallend, 
p.a. striking, remarkable. 

auffallig, a. = auffallend. 

auffalten, v.t. unfold, open; fold up, fold. 

A u flange-, collecting. 

Auffangegefass, n. collecting vessel, receiver. 

auffangen, v.t. collect; intercept; catch. 

auffarben, v.t. dye anew, redye. 

Auffarber, TO. job dyer. 

auffasern, v.t. separate into fibers, unravel. 

auffassen, v.t. conceive, perceive, comprehend; 
catch up. 

Auffassung, /. conception; perception; compre- 

aufflackern, v.i. flare up. 

aufflammen, r.?. flame up, blaze, deflagrate. 

auffliegen, v.i. blow up, explode; fly up, rise. 

auffliessen, v.i. flow on, run on. 

auffordern, v.t. summon; challenge. 

auffressen, v.t. corrode; eat up. 

auffrischen, v.t. freshen (up), revive, renew; 
(Brewing) change (steep water), refresh 

auffiihren, v.t. erect, raise; perform; charge (in 
an account), enter, note. 

auffullen, v.t. fill up. 

Aufgabe, /. task, problem; giving up; delivery; 

Aufgang, TO. rising, going up, ascent; dis- 

aufgaren, v.i. effervesce. 

aufgeben, v.t. give up, give, deliver; charge (a 
furnace, or the like) ; propose. 

anfgeblaht, p.p. of aufblahen. 

Aufgebot, n. summons; levy; bans. 

aufgebracht, p.p. of aufbringen. 

aufgedunsen, p.a. swollen. 

aufgehen, v.i. go up, rise, swell; appear; open, 
come open; unfold; be spent or consumed; be 
merged; (of dyes) go on, be absorbed; (of 
plants) come up, shoot; (Arith.) leave no 

Aufgeld, n. premium. 

aufgelegt, p.a. see auflegen. 

aufgeschliffen, p.p. of aufschleifen. 

aufgeschlossen, p.p. of aufschliessen. 

aufgesogen, p.p. of aufsaugen. 

aufgeweckt, p.a* lively, clever. 

aufgiessen, v.t. infuse; pour upon. 

Aufguss, TO. infusion. 

Aufgussapparat, TO. sparger. 

Aufgussgefass, n. infusion vessel, digester. 

Aufgusstierchen, Infusoria. 

Aufgussverfahren, n. infusion process or 

aufhacken, v.t. cut up, stir up. 

aufhalten, v.t. hold up, support; stop, detain, 
obstruct. v.r. stop, stay; find fault. 

aufhangen, v.t. hang up, hang, suspend. 

Aufhanger, TO. hanger, rack. 

aufheben, v.t. lift up, raise; lay up, preserve; 
break up, abolish; annul; seize; (of colors) 
compensate, be complimentary to; reduce (a 
fraction) to lowest terms. 

aufheitern, v.t. & r. clear up, brighten up. 

aufhellen, v.t. & r. clear up, clarify, brighten, 
make lighter (in color). 

aufhoren, v.i. stop, cease, end; desist. 

aufklappen, v.t. open (something leaved, as a 

aufklarcn, v.t. clear up; explain; enlighten. 
v.r. clear up, clear. 

aufkochen, v.t. & i. boil up, boil; boil again. 

aufkommen, v.i. advance; come into use; come 
up, get up. 

aufkratzen, v.t. scratch up, scratch; rake, stir 
(a fire) ; dress, nap (fabrics) ; card (wool) . 

aufkrausen, v.i. (Brewing) form a head, esp. 
curly head. 

aufkiihlen, v.t. (Brewing) aerate. 

aufkiindigen, v.t. give notice or warning of; 

Auflage, /. edition, impression (of a book); 
duty, tax; (Mech.) rest, support. 

Auflauf, TO. swelling; puff; mob, crowd. 

auflaufen, v.i. run up, come up, rise, swell. 
v.t. feed, supply (to a furnace, etc.); beam, 
wind up. 

aufleben, v.i. revive. 

auflegen, v.t. lay on or up; impose; print, 
publish. aufgelegt, p.a. disposed, inclined. 

auflehnen, v.r. lean (upon); rebel (against). 

auflesen, v.t. pick up, gather. 

aufleuchten, v.i. light up, shine. 

auflockern, v.t. loosen up, loosen; relax. 

auflosbar, a. soluble. 

Auflosbarkeit, /. solubility. 

auflosen, v.t. dissolve; loosen, untie, undo; re- 
solve, decompose, dissipate; solve. v.r. dis- 
solve; deliquesce. auflosen d, p.a. solvent, 

Aufloser, TO. dissolver, etc. (see auflosen) ; 
(Paper, etc.) mixer. 

aufloslich, a. soluble. 

Aufloslichkeit, /. solubility. 

Auflosung, /. solution; unloosening, undoing; 
resolution, decomposition, dissolution, analy- 
sis (as opposed to synthesis); (of malt) mel- 
lowness, friability. 

aufiosungsfahig, a. capable of solution, soluble. 

Auflosungsgefass, n. dissolving vessel, dissolver. 

Auflosungsgrenze, /. (Micros.) limit of resolu- 

Aufiosungsmittel, n. solvent. 

Auflosungspfanne, /. (Sugar) blow-up pan, 




Auflosungsvermogen, n. solvent power; (of a 

microscope) resolving power. 
Auflosungswarme, /. heat of solution. 
aufloten, v.L solder on; unsolder. 
aufmachen, v.t. open, undo; put up; make up. 

v.r. prepare; get up, rise. 
Aufmaischen, n. second mashing. 
aufmerksam, a. attentive, observing. 
Aufmerksamkeit, /. attention, attentiveness. 
aufmischen, v.t. mix up. 
Aufnahme, /. taking up; absorbing; dissolving; 

admission; reception; fashion; survey ."sketch; 

taking (of photographs); (photographic) pic- 
ture, photograph. 

aufnahmefahig, a\ absorbable; absorptive. 
Aufnahmckolben, m. absorption flask. 
aufnehmen, v.t. take up; absorb; dissolve; 

admit, receive; draw, survey; take (a photo- 
graph); borrow. 
aufnotigen, v.t. force upon, 
aufpassen, v.t. fit on. v.i. be watching. 
aufputzen, v.t. trim up, clean up, decorate. 
aufquellen, v.i. swell, swell up; well up. v.t. 

cause to swell, swell. 
aufraffen, v.t. rake up, collect. 
nufraumen, v.t. clear up, clear away, clear, 

open. aufgeraumt, p.a. in good spirits. 
aufrecht, a. & adv. upright, erect. 
Aufrechthaltung, /. maintenance. 
aufregen, v.t. excite, stimulate, irritate; agitate, 

rouse, alarm. aufregend, p.a. irritant, 

stimulant; alarming. 

Aufregungsmittel, n. irritant; stimulant. 
aufrichten, v.t. set up, raise, erect; comfort. 
aufrichtig, a. sincere, genuine. 
Aufriss, TO. elevation; sketch, design. 
aufrollen, v.t. roll up; unroll. 
aufrucken, v.t. & i. move up, advance. 
Aufruf, TO. call, summons. 
aufriihren, v.t. stir, stir up. 
Aufriihrer, TO. stirrer; agitator, rebel. 
aufsagen, v.t. recite; revoke; give warning, 
aufsammeln, v.t. collect; gather. 
aufsassig, a. refractory, hostile. 
Aufsatz, m. something set on; attachment; head, 

headpiece; neck; top; dome; set (of china 1 *; 

essay, treatise, paper; (Dyeing) topping; 

(Calico) cover print. 
Aufsatzfarbe, /. (Dyeing) topping color, 
aufsaugen, v.t. suck up, absorb. aufsaugend, 

p.a. absorbent. 
Aufsauger, TO. absorber. 
Aufsaugung, /. absorption; suction, 
aufschaumen, v.i. foam up, froth, 
aufschichtcn, v.t. pile, arrange in layers, 


Aufschichtung, /. stratification. 
aufschieben, v.t. put off; push open. 
Aufschlag, TO. impact; increase (in price or tax) ; 

cuff, facing; warp; bound (of a ball). 

Aufschlagebuch, n. reference book. 

aufschlagen, v.t. strike up or open; open, un- 
fold; unbung (casks); handle (hides); setup, 
erect; raise. v.r. spring up; strike; rise (in 

aufschlammen, v.t. suspend, make into a paste, 
reduce to slime. 

aufschleifen, v.t. grind on; engrave on. 

aufschlemmen, v. = aufschlammen. 

aufschliessbar, a. capable of being decomposed. 

aufschliessen, v.t. decompose, convert into 
non-refractory form (as silicates by fusion 
with alkali carbonates); hydrolyze (starch); 
unlock, open; disclose, explain. 

Aufschliessung, /., Aufschluss, m. decomposi- 
tion, etc. (see aufschliessen). 

aufschmelzen, v.t. melt on, fuse on; melt open 
or apart. 

aufschneiden, v.t. cut open, dissect. v.i. brag. 

Aufschnitt, TO. cutting open; cut, incision; 
sliced meat. 

aufschrauben, v.t. unscrew; screw on, screw up. 

aufschrecken, v.t. startle. 

Aufschrei, TO. scream, shriek. 

aufschreiben, v.t. write down, record. 

Aufschrift, /. label, inscription; address. 

Aufschub, TO. putting off, delay. 

aufschiitten, v.t. put on; lay up, store up. 

aufschweissen, v.t. weld on or together. 

aufschwellen, v.i. swell up, tumefy. 

aufschwemmen, v.t. deposit (silt, etc.); float or 
wash upon; bloat. 

Aufsehen, n. looking up; sensation. 

Aufseher, TO. overseer, inspector, superin- 

aufsetzbar, a. capable of being put on (set up, 
or drawn up), attachable. 

aufsetzen, v.t. set up, put up, erect; put on; 
draw up (writings); (Dyeing) top; (Calico) 
cover-print. v.i. sit up; mount. 

Aufsicht, /. inspection; superintendence, super- 
vision, control. 

aufsieden, v.t. boil again; boil out. v.i. boil up. 

Aufsieden, n. boiling up, ebullition. 

aufspalten, v.t. split (up), cleave. v.i. split, 

Aufspaltung, /. splitting up, cleavage (of 

aufspannen, v.t. stretch, spread; unfold, spread 

aufspeichern, v.t. lay up, store. 

aufsperren, v.t. open wide. 

aufsprengcn, v.t. blow up, blast; force open. 

aufspringen, v.i. crack, split; spring up, 

aufspritzen, v.t. & i. squirt up. 

aufsprudeln, v.i. boil up, bubble up, effervesce. 

aufspunden, aufspunden, v.t. unbung. 

Aufstand, TO. revolt, insurrection. 

aufstapeln, v.t. pile, stack, store. 

aufstechen, v.t. pick or pierce open, lance; stir up. 




aufstehen, v.i. stand up, rise; stand open. 
aufsteigen, v.i. rise, ascend; swell; boil; spit. 
aufstellen, v.t. set up, erect; advance, adduce. 
aufstobern, v.t. ferret out, discover, 
aufstossen, v.i. ferment anew; become acid 

(wine); chance (upon). v.t. push up, push 

aufstreichen, v.t. spread on, brush on; stain 


aufstreuen, v.t. sprinkle, strew. 
Aufstrich, m. spreading or brushing on, coat, 

stain; up stroke; auction. 
aufsuchen, v.t. seek out, search for. 
auftauchen, v.i. emerge, spring up. 
auftauen, v.i. thaw, melt. 
Auftrag, m. putting on, coating, coat (of color) ; 

order; commission, charge. 
auftragen, v.t. lay on, apply; charge (a furnace); 

order; serve up; (Geom.) protract, 
auftreffen, v.i. strike (against). 
auftreiben, v.t. sublime; blow, blow up (glass) ; 

drive up; beat out; procure. 
auftrennen, v.t. sever, rip up, rip open, 
auftreten, v.i. enter, appear, come forth; step: 


Auftreten, n. entrance, appearance; behavior. 
Auftrieb, m. buoyancy. 

Auftritt, m. entrance, appearance; step; scene. 
auftrocknen,v.<. dry up, dry. v.i. dry up, dry on. 
auftun, v.t. open, disclose. v.r. become visible, 
aufwallen, v.i. bubble up, bubble, boil up, boil. 
Aufwallung, /. bubbling, ebullition, efferves- 

Aufwand, TO. expenditure; expense; display, 
aufwarmen, v.t. warm up, warm (again). 
aufwarten, v.t. wait on, pay respects to. 
Aufwarter, TO. waiter, attendant. 
aufwarts, adv. upward, 
aufwaschen, v.t. wash, cleanse, scour, 
aufweichen, v.t. moisten, wet, soak; soften; 

temper (colors). v.i. soak; soften. auf- 

weichend, p.a. emollient. 
aufweisen, v.t. show, produce, 
aufwenden, v.t. employ, devote, spend. 
aufwerfen, v.t. throw up, turn up; dig (a ditch); 

fling open. 

aufwickeln, v.t. wind up, wrap up; unwind, un- 

aufwiegen, v.t. counterbalance; outweigh. 
aufzahlen, v.t. count up, count; pay down. 
aufzehren, v.t. absorb; eat up, consume. 
Aufzehrung, /. absorption; consumption. 
aufziehen, v.t. draw up, raise up; wind up; open; 

loosen; raise, cultivate; rouse, agitate (yeast) ; 

educate; mount. v.i. appear; (of dyes) go on, 

be absorbed. 

Aufziehkriicke, /. (Brewing) rouser. 
Aufzug, m. elevator, crane, hoist; drawing up; 

parade; act (of a play). 
Augapfel, TO. eyeball, apple of the eye. 

Auge, n. eye; bubble (in liquids, bread, etc.); 

luster (on fabrics); (Bot.) bud, eye. 
Augenachat, TO. (Min.) cat's-eye. 
Augenblick, m. moment, instant. 
augenblicklich, a. instantaneous; momentary, 


Augenbraue, /. eyebrow. 
Augenfeld, n. field of vision. 
Augenfliissigkeit,/. (glasartige) vitreous humor; 

(wasserartige) aqueous humor. 
Augenhohle, /. eye-socket, orbit. 
Augenhohlen-. orbital. 
Augenkammerwasser, n. aqueous humor. 
Augenlicht, n. eyesight. 
Augenlid, n. eyelid. 

Augenlinse, /. crystalline lens; eye lens, eye- 

Augenmarmor, TO. eye-spotted marble. 
Augenmerk, n. object in view, aim. 
Augenpinsel, m. eye brush (a small, soft, 

camel's-hair brush). 

Augenpunkt, TO. point of sight, visual point. 
Augenring, m. iris. 

Augenschein, m. appearance; inspection. 
augenscheinlich, a. apparent, evident. 
Augenschwarz, n. retinal pigment. 
Augenstein, TO. white vitriol, zinc sulfate; a 

variety of chalcedony; lacrimal calculus. 
Augenstern, TO. pupil (of the eye). 
Augentauschung, /. optical illusion. 
Augentrost, TO. eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) 
Augenwimper, /. eyelash. 
Augenwurzel, /. dandelion; wood anemone; 

mountain parsley. 
augitartig, augitisch, a. augitic. 
Auri-. auric, auri-. 
Aurichlorid, n. auric chloride. 
Auripigment, n. orpiment. 
Auri verbindung, /. auric compound. 
Auro-. aurous, auro-. 
Aurochlorid, n. aurous chloride. 
Aurochlorwasserstoffsaure, /. chloraurous acid, 


Aurokaliumcyanid, n. potassium aurocyanide. 
Auroverbindung, /. aurous compound, 
aus, prep, out of, from, away from. adv. & 

prefix, out, forth; over, done; in front. 
ausarbeiten, v.t. work out, prepare, finish off, 

finish, perfect, elaborate, 
ausarten, v.i. degenerate. 
ausathern, v.t. extract with ether. 
ausatmen, v.t. breathe out, exhale. 
Ausatmungsluft, /. exhaled air. 
ausatzen, v.t. cauterize; destroy by caustics; 

discharge (colors). 

ausbauchen, v.t. & i. bulge, swell, hollow out. 
ausbcdingen, v.t. stipulate, reserve. 
ausbessern, v.t. mend, repair. 
ausbeulen, v.t. swell out, round out. 
Ausbeute,/. yield; crop; output; gain, profit. 


ausbeuten, v.t. make the best of, turn to ac- 
count; exploit; (Agric.) cultivate; (Mining) 
work, win. 

ausbiegen, v.t. & i. turn out, bend out. 

ausbilden, v.t. & i. form; develop, improve, 

Ausbildung, /. formation, etc. (see ausbilden). 

ausbitten, v.t. request, insist upon, invite. 

Ausblasedampf, m. exhaust steam. 

Ausblasehahn, m. blow-off cock; drain cock. 

ausblasen, v.t. blow out; blow off, stop (a blast 
furnace) , exhaust (steam) . ausgeblasen, 
p.a. blown out, etc.; exhaust (steam). 

ausbleichen, v.t. bleach out. v.i. fade. 

Ausbleichung, /. fading; bleaching out, bleach- 

ausbleien, v.t. line with lead. 

ausbliihen, v.i. effloresce; cease blooming. 

Ausbluhung, /. efflorescence. 

ausbohren, v.t. bore out, drill. 

ausbrechen, v.t. break out, take out; quarry 
(stone); work (a lode); cut off, prune; vomit. 
v.i. break out, break off; occur. 

ausbreiten, v.t. & r. spread out, spread, extend; 
diffuse; floor (grain, etc.). 

ausbrennen, v.t. burn out; cleanse by burning; 
bake (bricks); (Med.) cauterize. v.i. burn 

ausbringen, v.t. yield, produce; bring out, take 

Ausbruch, m. wine of the first press; outburst, 
outbreak, explosion, eruption. 

ausbriihen, v.t. scald, parboil. 

ausdampfen, v.i. evaporate; cease steaming. 

ausdampfen, v.t. steam, clean with steam; 
evaporate; smoke out. 

Ausdauer, /. endurance, continuance, persever- 

ausdecken, v.t. cleanse, wash. 

ausdehnbar, a. expansible; extensible, ductile. 

Ausdehnbarkeit, /. expansibility; extensibility. 

ausdehnen, v.t., r. & i. expand; stretch, extend, 
distend, dilate; spread (gold). 

ausdehnsam, a. = ausdehnbar. 

Ausdehnsamkeit, /. = Ausdehnbarkeit. 

Ausdehnung, /. expansion; spread, extent: ex- 
tension, dilatation, distention; (Math.) dimen- 

Ausdehnungsvermogen, n. expansibility; ex- 
tensibility; dilatability. 

ausdenken, v.t. think out, devise, conceive. 

ausdeuten, v.t. interpret. 

Ausdruck, m. expression. 

ausdrucken, v.t. finish printing; print in full; 
use up in printing. 

ausdrucken, v.t. express; press out, squeeze 

ausdriicklich, a. express, explicit; intentional. 

ausdruckslos, a. expressionless. 

ausdunnen, v.t. thin out, thin. 



Ausdunst, m. evaporation, exhalation. 

ausdiinsten, ausdunsten, v.i. evaporate; trans- 
pire; perspire. v.t. exhale. 

Ausdiinstung, /. evaporation; exhalation; tran- 
spiration; perspiration. 

Ausdiinstungsmesser, m. atmometer. 

auseinander, adv. apart, asunder, separately. 

auseinanderfahren, v.i. diverge, go apart; 
break up. 

auseinanderfalten, v.t. unfold, open out. 

auseinandergehen, v.i. fall apart, break up; 

auseinanderreissen, v.t. tear apart, disrupt. 

auseinandersetzen, v.t. explain, set forth; put 
or set apart. 

auserkoren, p.a. chosen, selected. 

auserlesen, p.a. select; exquisite. 

ausersehen, v.t. mark out, choose. 

ausfahren, v.i. drive out; go out; break out. 
v.t. export. 

Ausfall, m. precipitation, precipitate; falling 
out or off; deficiency, deficit; result; sortie, 

ausfallen, v.i. precipitate, deposit; fall or come 
out; result; be omitted. 

ausfallen, v.t. precipitate. 

Ausfallung, /. precipitation. 

Ausfallwinkel, m. angle of reflection. 

ausfarben, v.t. finish dyeing, dye (completely); 
extract the color from. 

Ausfarbvorrichtung, /. color extractor. 

ausfertigen, v.t. make out, draw up, make 
ready, despatch. 

ausfetten, v.t. deprive of fat or grease, scour 

ausfeuern, v.t. burn out (casks) ; warm (a room). 

ausfindig machen. find out. 

ausfleischen, v.t. flesh (hides). 

ausfliessen, v.i. flow or issue out; discharge; 

ausflocken, v.i. separate in flakes or flocks. 

Ausflucht, /. evasion; subterfuge. 

Ausflug, TO. flight; excursion. 

Ausfluss, m.. outflow, efflux; effluent; discharge; 
emanation; secretion; outlet, mouth. 

Ausflussrohre, /. outflow tube or pipe, discharge 

ausfolgen, v.t. deliver up. 

ausformen, v.t. shape out, perfect; form; 
develop, improve. 

ausforschen, v.t. search out, investigate. 

ausfragen, v.t. question, examine. 

ausfrasen, v.t. countersink; bead (a border). 

ausfrieren, v.t. freeze out; concentrate by freez- 
ing; freeze thoroly. v.i. freeze up; deterio- 
rate thru freezing; cease freezing. 

Ausfuhr, /. export, exportation. 

ausfuhrbar. a. practicable, feasible; exportable. 

ausfiihren, v.t. carry out, perform; erect; clean, 
purge; export; lead out. 




ausfiihrlich, a. full, complete, detailed. 
Ausfiihrung, /. carrying out, performance, ex- 
ecution; erection; excretion; model, pattern. 
Ausfiihrungsmittel, n. purgative. 
ausfullen, v.t. fill, fill up, fill out; empty. 
Ausf ullmasse, Ausfullungsmasse, /. filling (for 


ausfuttern, v.t. line. 
ausfuttern, v.t. line; feed, fatten. 
Ausf iitterung, /. lining. 
Ausgabe, /. expense, expenditure; edition; 

issue; distribution. 
ausgahren, v.i. =ausgaren. 
Ausgang, m. starting out, going out, departure; 
outlet, egress; ending, end; result; exporta- 

Ausgangs-. starting, initial; outlet; export. 
Ausgangsmaterial, n. initial material, starting 

material, raw material. 
Ausgangsprodukt, n. starting product, raw 


Ausgangspunkt, m. starting point. 
Ausgangsrohre, /. Outlet pipe, waste pipe, 

eduction pipe. 
Ausgangsstoff, TO. initial substance or material, 

starting material. 

ausgaren, v.i. ferment sufficiently; cease fer- 
menting; rise (from fermentation). v.t. 
throw off (by fermentation); weld (steel). 
ausgeben, v.t. yield, produce; give out; spend; 
edit; publish; issue. v.i. (of slaking lime) 

ausgeblasen, p.a. (see ausblasen). 
ausgehen, v.i. go out; proceed, emanate; come 
off or out, fade; fail; (Baking) ferment; 
(Mining) crop out. ausgehend, p.a. out- 
going; export. 

ausgekocht, p.a. see auskochen. 
ausgelassen, p.a. see auslassen. 
ausgemacht, p.a. see ausmachen. 
ausgenommen, prep, except. 
ausgepragt, p.a. marked, decided, 
ausgerben, v.t. tan fully; weld (steel). 
ausgesprochen, p.a. see aussprechen. 
ausgesucht, p.a. see aussuchen. 
ausgewachsen, p.a. see auswachsen. 
ausgewogen, p.p. of auswagen. 
ausgezeichnet, p.a. see auszeichnen. 
ausgezogen, p.p. of ausziehen. 
ausgiebig, a. productive, fertile, abundant. 
Ausgiebigkeit, /. productiveness, fertility, 

abundance; (of a dye) yield, strength. 
ausgiessen, v.t. pour out, run out; fill up by 

pouring; put out (fire). 
Ausgicssung, /. effusion; pouring out, etc. (see 

Ausgleich, TO. =Ausgleichung. 

ausgleichen, v.t. equalize, adjust; compensate; 
balance; level; settle. ausgleichende Farbe, 
compensation or complementary color. 

Ausgleichung, /. equalization, etc. (see aus- 

ausgleiten, v.i. slip; glide out. 
ausgliihen, v.t. glow (thoroly), ignite; anneal. 

v.i. cease glowing. 

Ausgliiher, m. annealer; (Minting) blancher. 
ausgraben, v.t. dig out, dig, excavate, exhume; 

Ausguss, TO. lip; spout; outlet, drain, sink; 

pouring out, delivery; effusion. 
Ausgusspfanne, /. mold (for mgots). 
Ausgussrdhre, /. drain tube or pipe, waste pipe. 
Ausgusswasser, n. waste water. 
aushalten, v.t. endure, stand; (Mining) pick 

out, sort. v.i. hold out, last. 
aushandigen, v.t. hand over. 
Aushang, TO. placard, poster. 
Aushangebogen, TO. proof sheet. 
Aushangeschild, n. sign-board, sign. 
ausharren, v.i. persevere. 
ausharzen, v.i. exude resinous matter; (Leather) 

ausheben, v.t. draw out, lift out, select; levy; 


aushecken, v.t. hatch. 
aushohlen, v.t. hollow out, excavate, 
aushulsen, v.t. husk, shell, peel. 
auskeimen, v.i. germinate; cease germinating. 
auskitten, v.t. fill with cement, cement. 
auskleiden, v.t. line (as an oven) ; undress. 
auskochen, v.t. boil out, boil, decoct; extract 
by boiling; clean by boiling, scour, buck. 
ausgekocht, p.a. extracted, etc.; spent 
(hops). auskochender Sprengschuss, blown- 
out shot. 

Auskocher, TO. boiler; bucking keir. 
auskommen, v.i. come out, get out; manage, 

get on. 
auskornen, v.t. free from grains; thresh (grain); 

gin (cotton). 

auskratzen, v.t. scratch out, scrape out, rake out. 
auskristallisieren, v.t. & i. crystallize out, 


auskriicken, v.t. rake out. 
auskrystallisieren. = auskristallisieren. 
auskiihlen, v.i. cool thoroly. 
Auskunft, /. information; resource. 
Auskunftsmittel, n. expedient, resort. 
auslachen, v.t. laugh at, deride. 
Auslage, /. outlay, expense; display; show 

Ausland, n. foreign country. im Ausland, ins 

Ausiand, abroad. 
auslandisch, a. foreign; exotic, 
auslassen, v.t. let out, emit, discharge; exhaust 
(steam); melt, render; leave out. v.r. ex- 
press oneself. ausgelassen, p.a. let out, etc.; 
extravagant, wanton. 

Auslassrohre, /. outlet tube or pipe, discharge 


Auslassventil, n. escape valve, delivery valve. 

Auslauf, m. outlet, mouth; running out; leak- 

auslaufen, v.i. run out, discharge; leak out, 
leak; blot; (of colors) run, bleed; project; 
put to sea. 

Auslaufspitze, /. discharge tip (as of a buret). 

auslaugen, v.t. leach out, leach, lixiviate, ex- 
tract; wash out, wash; steep or wash in lye, 

ausleeren, vJ. empty out, empty, evacuate, 

auslegen, v.t. lay out; exhibit; inlay, veneer; 

Auslese, /. selection; choice wine. 

auslesen, v.t. pick out, select, sort; read thru. 

Auslieferung, /. delivery, giving up. 

ausloschen, v.t. extinguish; blot out. 

auslosen, v.t. dissolve out; release; liberate; 

Auslosung, /. dissolving out, etc. (see aus- 
losen); release (of a balance). 

ausliiften, v.t. ventilate, air. 

ausmachen, v.t. take out, put out; shell; gut; 
end, settle; find out; matter, amount to; 
constitute. ausmachend, p.a. constituent, 
essential. ausgemacht, p.a. certain; thoro. 

ausmalen, v.t. paint, color; describe. 

ausmergeln, v.t. exhaust. 

ausmessen, v.t. measure out, gage. 

ausmitteln, v.t. ascertain. 

Ausmii ndung, /. orifice, outlet. 

Ausnahme, /. exception. 

ausnahmelos, ausnahmslos, a. without ex- 

ausnahmsweise, adv. exceptionally. 

ausnehmen, v.t. take out, draw; except, exclude; 
choose. v.r. look, appear. ausnehmend, 
p.a. exceptional, uncommon, exceeding. 

ausnehmend, adv. exceedingly. 

ausnutzen, v.t. use up, exhaust, work out; util- 
ize, make the most of, turn to profit. 

Ausnutzung, /. using up, etc. (see ausnutzen) ; 

ausolen, v.t. oil. 

auspichen, v.t. pitch. 

auspinseln, v.t. paint or apply with a brush. 

auspressen, v.t. press out, press, express. 

ausproben, ausprobieren, v.t. try, try out, test 

Auspuff, m. (Mack.) exhaust, escape. 

Auspuffhub, TO. exhaust stroke. 

Auspuffventil, n. exhaust valve. 

auspumpen, v.t. pump out, exhaust. 

ausputzen, v.t. clean out, clean, polish; dress 

ausquetschen, v.t. squeeze out, crush out, wring 

ausradieren, v.t. erase. 

ausrauchern, v.t. fumigate; smoke, smoke out. 

7 Ausschlageisen 

ausraumen, v.t. clear out, clean out, remove. 

ausrechnen, v.t. calculate, compute. 

Ausrede, /. evasion, excuse; utterance. 

ausreden, v.t. utter; dissuade. v.i. finish speak- 
ing. v.r. excuse oneself. 

ausreiben, v.t. rub out, scrape, scour, cleanse. 

ausreichen, v.i. suffice. v.t. seize. 

ausreinigen, v.t. clean out, clean thoroly, purge. 

ausreissen, v.t. pull out, tear out. v.i. run 

ausrenken, v.t. sprain; dislocate. 

ausrichten, v.t. straighten; give; perform, do; 
(Mining) discover, explore. 

ausringen, v.t. wring out, squeeze out. 

ausrbtten, v.t. root up, exterminate. 

ausriicken, v.t. disengage, ungear. v.i. march 

Ausriicker, m. disengaging gear. 

ausrufen, v.t. & i. cry out, call out. 

Ausrufung, /. Crying out, exclamation; pro- 

ausriisten, fit out, equip, supply; finish (cloth). 

Ausriistung, /. equipment, outfit. 

aussagen, v.t. express, assert, affirm, state. 

aussaigern, v.t. =ausseigern. 

aussalzbar, a. capable of being salted out. 

aussalzen, v.t. salt out, separate by addition of 
salt; (Soap) grain. 

Aussatz, TO. display (of wares); leprosy; scurf. 

aussauern, v.t. deprive of acid, deacidify. 

aussaugen, v.t. suck out, suck dry, drain, ex- 

ausschalten, v.t. cut out, switch out, take out. 

Ausschalter, TO. (Elec.) cut-out, circuit breaker. 

Ausschank, m. retailing (of liquor); public 

ausscharfen, v.t. neutralize, deaden, dull 

ausscheiden, v.t. separate; set free, liberate, 
eliminate, precipitate, extract; secrete, ex- 
crete; sort. 

Ausscheidung, /. separation, etc. (see aus- 

Ausscheidungsmittel, n. separating agent; pre- 

ausschenken, v.t. pour out; sell (liquors) by 

ausschiessen, v.t. cast out, reject; discharge; 
shoot out. v.i. shoot up. 

ausschirren, v.t. ungear; unharness. 

ausschlacken, v.t. clear of dross. 

Ausschlag, TO. throwing out, removal; throw 
(of the pointer of a balance or a galva- 
nometer); exudation, scum, efflorescence; 
sprout, shoot; breaking out, eruption; lining, 
trimming; turning of the scale, result; 
(Brewing) run of wort from the kettle. 

Ausschlagbiitte, /. (Brewing) underback. 

Ausschlageisen, n. punch; piercer; tool for 
pounding ore. 


ausschlagen, v.t. knock, throw, or punch out, 
remove; express (oils, etc.); turn out (wort) 
from the kettle; flatten, planish; line, cover; 
stretch; refuse. v.i. break out; effloresce; 
(of a balance beam) turn; bud; strike out; 
turn out, prove; (Leather) spew. 

ausschlaggebend, a. decisive. 

Ausschlagwiirze, /. finished wort. 

ausschlammen, v.t. wash out, cleanse (from 

ausschleifen, v.t. grind, whet; (Soap) grain. 

ausschleudern, v.t. expel by centrifugal force, 
centrifuge, spin out; hydro-extract (yarns, 

ausschliessen, v.t. .shut out, exclude; except. 

ausschliesslich, a. exclusive; exceptional. 

Ausschluss, m. exclusion; exception. 

ausschmelzen, v.t. melt out, render; (of metals) 
liquate; melt, fuse; purify by melting. v.i. 
melt out; cease melting. 

ausschmieren, v.t. smear; copy, plagiarize. 

ausschneiden, v.t. cut out, excise; prune; retail. 

Ausschnitt, TO. cutting out, cut; notch; sector; 

ausschopfen, v.t. scoop out, ladle out; drain. 

ausschreibcn, v.t. write out, write in full; copy; 
summon; appoint, impose. 

Ausschreitung, /. excess. 

Ausschuss, m. refuse, waste; culls; select; com- 

ausschiitteln, v.t. shake out, shake, agitate. 

ausschwefeln, v.t. fumigate with sulfur. 

ausschweifend, p.a. excessive; dissolute. 

ausschweissen, v.t. weld out, cleanse (iron) by 
welding; bleed. 

ausschwemmen, v.t. wash out, flush; rinse. 

ausschwenken, v.t. whirl, centrifuge, hydro- 

Ausschwenkmaschine, /. centrifugal, hydro-ex- 

ausschwirren, v.t. whiz, hydro-extract. 

ausschwitzen, v.t. & i. exude; sweat. 

aussehen, v.i. look, appear; look out. 

Aussehen, n. appearance. 

ausseigern, v.t. liquate, separate by liquation. 

Ausseigerung, /. liquation, eliquation. 

aussen, adv. out, outside, outward; abroad. 

aussenden, v.t. emit, send out. 

Aussenflache, /. outer surface. 

Aussenleitung, /. (Brewing & Elec.) outer cir- 

Aussenwelt, /. external world. 

ausser, prep, out of; except; beside. conj. ex- 
cept, unless. 

ausser, a. outer, outward, exterior, external. 

ausser dem, adv. besides, moreover. 

Aussere, n. exterior, outside; external appear- 

aussergewohnlich, a. extraordinary, unusual. 

ausserhalb, adv. & prep, outside, beyond. 



aussern, v.t. utter, express, manifest, 
ausserordentlich, a. extraordinary, unusual. 

adv. exceedingly, unusually, 
ausser st, a. utmost, extreme; outmost. adv. 

extremely, utterly. 

Ausserung, /. manifestation, expression, ut- 
aussetzen, v.t. set out, put out, expose; suspend, 

put off; line, face; censure. v.i. crop out; 

stop, pause. 

Aussicht, /. outlook, view, prospect, 
aussichtsreich, a. promising, 
aussickern, v.i. trickle (or ooze) out, percolate; 

cease trickling. 

aussieden, v.t. boil out, boil; blanch (silver). 
aussinnen, v.t. contrive, invent. 
aussoggen, v.t. & i. = soggen. 
aussohnen, v.t. reconcile; expiate, 
aussondern, v.t. separate; secrete, excrete; sort; 

ausspannen, v.t. stretch, spread; tenter; slacken; 

unharness; carry off. 
Aussprache, /. pronunciation. 
aussprechen, v.t. pronounce; express, declare; 

speak out. ausgesprochen, p.a. pronounced, 

aussprengen, v.t. blast; sprinkle (water); noise 

ausspringen, v.i. spring out, spring off, fly off, 

crack; project. ausspringend, p.a. salient, 
ausspritzen, v.t. spurt out, squirt out; wash by 

squirting; inject. 

Ausspruch, TO. utterance, saying; decision. 
Aussprungswinkel, TO. angle of reflection. 
ausspiilen, v.t. wash out, wash, rinse out, rinse; 


Ausstand, TO. strike; (pi.) arrears, 
ausstatten, v.t. furnish, supply; get up, fit out; 

Ausstattung,/. fitting, equipment, outfit ; get-up ; 


ausstauben, v.t. dust, winnow, 
ausstechen, v.t. dig out, cut out, pierce; en- 
ausstehen, v.t. stand, endure. v.i. stand out; 

be owing; strike. 
ausstellen, v.t. put out; lay out, exhibit; draw 

up; censure. 
Ausstellung, /. putting out; exhibition, show; 

display; censure. 
Ausstellungsglas, n. display glass, specimen 

jar (or tube). 

Ausstich, m. choicest wine, 
ausstopfen, v.t. stuff. 
Ausstoss, TO. expulsion, etc. (see ausstossen); 

retailing (of liquors) ; (Brewing) output, 
ausstossen, v.t. throw out, thrust out; expel, 

eject, eliminate, discharge, emit; flesh (hides); 

utter. v.i. burst forth; froth out; (of liquids) 

work out. 




Ausstossladung, /. bursting charge. 

Ausstosssystem, n. (Brewing) cleansing system. 

Ausstossung, /. expulsion, etc. (see ausstossen) . 

ausstrahlen, v.t. & i. radiate, emit or be emitted. 

Ausstrahlung, /. radiation. 

ausstrecken, v.t. stretch, spread. 

Ausstrich, m. stream tin (granular cassiterite) ; 
blotting out. 

ausstromen, v.i. emanate, escape, stream out, 
flow out. 

Ausstromung, /. emanation, effusion, escape, 
efflux, effluence, flow. 

Ausstrdmungsrohc, n. delivery pipe or tube. 

aussuchen, v.t. search out, select, choose, sort. 
ausgesucht, p.a. picked, exquisite. 

aussiissen, v.t. wash (a precipitate), edulcorate; 
sweeten; (Brewing) sparge. 

Aussiissglas, n. wash bottle (for washing pre- 

Aussiisspumpe, /. leaching pump. 

Aussiissrohr, n., -rohre, /. washing tube. 

Aussiissvorrichtung, /. wash bottle (for pre- 
cipitates) ; sparger. 

austarieren, v.t. tare. 

Austausch, TO. exchange, interchange; barter. 

austauschbar, a. exchangeable, interchange- 

austauschen, v.t. exchange, interchange; barter. 

austeeren, v.t. tar. 

austeilen, v.t. distribute. 

Auster, /. oyster. 

Austrag, m. decision, issue. 

austrage.i, v.t. deliver; distribute; carry out; 
decide; report. v.i. amount; cease bearing. 

austreiben, v.t. expel, drive out, drive off; 
separate, set free; eject. 

austreten, v.i. step out, go out, leave, retire; 
(Optics) emerge; (Med.) protrude, extravasate. 

Austria, m. stepping out, etc. (see austreten); 
effusion (of blood); emergence (of rays); 
landing, balcony, antechamber. 

austrocknen, v.t. & i. dry up, dry, desiccate; 
drain; season (wood). 

Austrockner, m. desiccator. 

austropfeln, austropfen, v.t. drop out, drip out; 
cease dropping or dripping. 

ausiiben, v.t. exert; practise, carry on; execute. 

auswachsen, v.i. grow out; germinate, sprout; 
grow up; grow together. ausgewachsen, 
pta. grown out, etc.; full-grown. 

auswagen, v.t. weigh out; calibrate by weighing. 

Auswahl, /. choice, selection. 

auswahlen, v.t. choose, select. 

auswalzen, v.t. roll out. 

auswandern, v.i. emigrate. 

auswarmen, v.t. (Metal.) anneal. 

Auswarmofen, TO. annealing furnace. 

auswarts, adv. outward, without, abroad. 

auswaschen, v.t. wash out, wash, rinse; scour 

Auswaschfiasche, /. wash bottle. 

auswassern, v.t. soak; water. v.i. be soaked. 

auswechselbar, a. exchangeable. 

auswechseln, v.t. exchange. 

ausweichen, v.i. turn out, turn aside; shirk. 
v.t. soften out, detach by soaking; soak; 
evade. ausweichend, p.a. evasive, elusive. 

ausweiden, v.t. eviscerate, draw. 

ausweisen, v.t. prove; turn out, expel; banish. 

auswendig, a. outer, exterior. adv. by heart. 

auswerfen, v.t. throw out, eject, discharge; 

Auswertung, /. valuation, value. 

auswettern, v.t. weather. 

auswinden, v.t. wring out, wrench out; unscrew. 

auswintern, v.t. weather; keep thru the winter. 

auswirken, v.t. work out; take out (salt from the 
pans); knead (dough); procure. 

aus witter n, v.i. effloresce; weather; (of timber) 
season. v.t. weather, season; get scent of. 

Auswitterung, /. efflorescence; weathering; 
seasoning (of timber). 

Auswuchs, TO. outgrowth, excrescence; germina- 

Auswurf, TO. throwing out, discharge; expectora- 
tion; excretion; refuse, trash. 

Auswurfstoffe, excretions, excrement. 

auszacken, v.t. indent, notch, jag. 

Auszehrung, /. consumption. 

auszeichnen, v.t. mark out, distinguish. 
ausgezeichnet, p.a. excellent, distinguished. 

Auszeichnung, /. distinction; label, mark. 

ausziehbar, a. capable of being extracted, etc. 
(see ausziehen). 

ausziehen, v.t. extract; exhaust (drugs, etc.); 
draw out, draw, pull out; fade (colors); 
abstract; pull off, undress; /stretch, extend. 
v.r. stretch, extend. v.i. move. ausgezo- 
gen, p.a. extracted, etc.; (of a line) solid (not 
broken or dotted). 

Ausziehtisch, m. extension table. 

Ausziehung, /. extraction; undressing. 

Auszug, TO. extract; essence, tincture, infusion, 
decoction (according to circumstances); re- 
moval, exodus; drawer; abstract; bill, note; 
(Milling) superfine flour. 

Auszugmehl, n. superfine flour. 

autogen, a. autogenic, autogenous. 

Autokatalysator, m. autocatalyzer. 

Autokatalyse, /. autocatalysis. 

autokatalytisch, a. autocatalytic. 

Autoklav, TO. autoclave. 

Autolyse, /. autolysis. 

automatisch, a. automatic. 

Autor, TO. author. 

Autoracemisierung, /. autoracemization. 

Autorenregister, n. author index. 

autorisieren, v.t. authorize. 

Autoritat, /. authority. 

autoxydable, a. autoxidizable. 


Avivage, /. reviving, etc. (see avivieren). 
avivierecht, o. unaffected by brightening. 
avivieren, v.t. revive, restore; (Dyeing) brighten, 

clear (also tone, top); scroop (silk). 
a.W., abbrev. (aussere Weite) outside diameter. 
axialsymmetrisch, a. axisymmetric(al). 
Axt, /. ax; hatchet. 

AZ., abbrev. (Acetylzahl) acetyl number. 
Aze-. See also Ace-. 
Azelainsaure, /. azelaic acid. 
Azetat, n. acetate. 



Azeton, n. acetone. 
Azetylen, n. acetylene. 
Azobenzol. n. azobenzene. 
azocyclisch, a. azocyclic. 
Azofarbe, /. azo dye, azo color. 
Azofarbstoff, m. azo dye. 
Azokorper, m. azo compound. 
Azot, n. nitrogen. 
Azoverbindung, /. azo compound, 
azurblau, azurn, a. azure. 
Azurstein, m. lapis lazuli. 

B., abbrev. Berichte der deutschen chemischen 

Gesellschaft; (Bildung) formation. 
Bach, m. brook, stream. 
Bachstelze, /. wagtail. 
Bacillen-. of or pertaining to bacilli. 
Back-, baking; coking; dried. 
Backapfel, m. dried apple. 
Backe, /., Backen, m. cheek. 
Backen-. cheek, buccal. 
backen, v.t. bake; (in a pan) fry; dry (fruits); 

roast (ores) ; burn (tile, etc.). v.i. bake; cake, 

coke (of coal) ; stick (of pottery in the kiln). 
Backenbart, m. whiskers. 
Backenzahn, m. molar tooth. 
Backer, m. baker. 
Backerei, /. baking. 
Backer ei, /. bakery; baker's trade. 
backfahig, a. capable of baking; capable of 

Backfahigkeit, /. capacity for baking (or for 


Backfisch, TO. fried fish; school girl. 
Backkohle, /. caking coal, coking coal. 
Backobst, n. dried fruit. 
Backofen, TO. baking oven, oven. 
Backpfanne, /. baking pan, frying pan. 
Backpulver, n. baking powder. 
Backstein, TO. (burnt) brick. 
Backsteinofen, m. brick kiln. 
backt, pr. 3 sing, of backen. 
Backwerk, n. pastry. 
Backzahn, TO. molar tooth. 
Bad, n. bath; (Tech.) dip, steep; watering 


baden, v.t. bathe. 
Bader, m. bath proprietor; barber, 
badisch, a. of Baden. 

Badspannung, /. bath tension, cell voltage. 
Bagger, TO. dredger, excavator. 
baggern, v.t. dredge. 
bahen, v.t. foment; toast (bread). 
Bahn, /. way, road, track; trajectory; orbit; 

railway; breadth (of cloth). 
bahnbrechend, p.a. pioneer, epoch-making. 
bahnen, v.t. beat, smooth, clear (a way). 
Bahnhof, TO. station. 
Bahnsteig, TO. platform. 
Bahnzug, TO. railway train. 
Bahre, /. barrow, stretcher; bier. 

Bahrtuch, n. pall. 

Bai, /. bay. 

Baisalz, n. bay salt, sea salt. 

Bajonett, n. bayonet. 

Bakterie, /. bacterium; (pi.) bacteria. 

Bakteriengift, n. bactericide. 

Bakterienkunde, -lehre, /. bacteriology. 

bakterientotend, p.a. bactericidal. 

bakteriologisch, a. bacteriological. 

Bakteriolyse, /. bacteriolysis. 

Balancier, TO. beam. 

balancieren, v.t. & i. balance. 

bald, adv. soon, presently; almost. conj. bald 

. . . bald, now . . . then; so bald als, as soon as. 
Baldachin, m. canopy, 
baldig, a. quick, early. 
Baldrian, TO. valerian. 
Baldrianol, n. valerian oil. 
Baldriansaure, /. valeric acid. 
Baldrianwurzel, /. valerian root, valerian. 
Balg, TO. skin; bellows; husk, pod, shell; (Med.) 

cyst; follicle; urchin. 
balgen, v.r. wrestle, scuffle. 
Balken, m. beam; girder; (Anat.) corpus 

Ball, m. ball; globe; (Soda) ball soda, black 


ballen, v.t. & i. form into balls, conglomerate. 
Ballen, TO. bale? pack, bundle; ball. 
Ballon, TO. carboy; balloon flask (spherical 

flask with short neck) ; balloon. 
Ballonentleerer, TO. carboy emptier. 
Ballonfilter, n. filtering flask (of porous porce- 

Ballongas, n. balloon gas. 
Ballonkipper, TO. carboy tilter or inclinator. 
ballotieren, v.i. ballot. 
Balsam, TO. balsam, balm. 
Balsamapfel, TO. balsam apple, balm apple 

(Momordica) . 
Balsambaum, TO. balsam tree (any of various 

balsameaceous trees), 
balsam erzeugend, a. balsamiferous. 
Balsamflasche, /. balsam bottle. 
Balsamharz, n. balsamic resin. 
Balsamholz, n. xylobalsamum, balm-of-Gilead 


balsamieren, v.t. embalm; perfume. 
balsamisch, a. balsamic, balmy. 





Balsampappel, /. balsam poplar, tacamahac. 
Balsam tanne, /. balsam fir (Abies .balsamea); 

spruce (esp. Norway spruce, Picea dbies). 
Bambus, m. bamboo. 
Bambusrohr, n. bamboo. 
Bambuszucker, m. bamboo sugar, tabasheer. 
Banane, /. banana. 
Bancazinn, n, Banca tin. 
band, pret. of binden. 
Band, n. volume; binding; band; ribbon, tape, 

strap, belt, hoop; hinge; bond, tie, liga- 

Bandachat, m. banded agate, ribbon agate. 
bandahnlich, a. ribbonlike, striped, streaked; 


Bande, /. edge, border; band, gang. 
Bandeisen, n. hoop iron, band iron. 
bandigen, v.t. tame, break. 
Bandmass, n. tape measure. 
Bandwurm, m. tapeworm. 
bang, bange, a. timid, anxious. 
Baniane, m. banyan, banyan tree. 
Bank, /. bench; bank; bed, layer, stratum. 

Banken, bank. 
Bankanweisung, /. check, bank note. 
Bankbruch, m. bankruptcy. 
bankerott, a. bankrupt. 
Bankett, n. banquet. 
bankrott, a. bankrupt. 
Bankulnuss, /. candlenut. 
Bann, m. ban; jurisdiction; spell, 
bannen, v.t. banish; confine; enchant. 
bar, o. bare; pure, sheer; cash; destitute (of). 
-bar. An adjective suffix usually attached 

to verb roots and equivalent to -able, 

ible; as, haltbar, stable (keepable), durable, 


Bar, m. bear; debt; (Meek.) ram. 
Barbar, TO. barbarian. 
barbeissig, a. gruff. 
Barbier, m. barber, 
barbieren, v.t. shave; cheat. 
Barchent, TO. fustian. 
Barenklau, /. bear's-breech (Acanthus mollis or, 

incorrectly, the cow parsnip, Heracleum 

Barentraube, /. bearberry (Arctostaphylos 


Barenwurzel, /. saxifrage. 
barg, pret. of bergen. 
Barin, /. she-bear. 
Barke, /. shallow vat, back, beck; bark, 

Barlapp, m., Barlappkraut, n. lycopodium, club 


Barlappsamen, m. lycopodium (powder). 
Barme, /. yeast, barm, 
barm her zig, a. merciful. 
Barmherzigkeit, /. mercy, pity. 
Barnstein, TO. brick. 

Barockperlen, baroque pearls. 
Barometersaule, /. barometric column. 
Barometerstand, m. height of the barometer, 

barometric height. 
Barre, /. bar; ingot. 
Barsch, TO. perch (fish). 
barsch, a. harsh, gruff. 
Barschaf t, /. cash ; property, 
barst, pret. of bersten. 
Bart, TO. beard; ward (of a key) ; bur. 
bartig, a. bearded. 
bartlos, a. beardless. 
Bartseife, /. shaving soap. 
Barwurzel, /. saxifrage. 
Baryt, TO. baryta (BaO or Ba(OH) 2 ); (Min.) 

barite (BaSOi). 
barytartig, o. barytic. 
Baryterde, /. barium oxide, baryta. 
Barytflussspat, TO. fluorite containing barium. 
Barytgelb, n. barium yellow (BaCrOi). 
barythaltig, a. containing barium. 
Barythydrat, n. barium hydroxide. 
Barytlauge, /. barium hydroxide solution. 
Barytwasser, n. baryta water. 
Barytweiss, n. permanent white, blanc fixe 


Baryum, n. barium. 
Baryumhyperoxyd, n. barium peroxide, barium 


Baryumplatincyaniir, n. barium platinocyanide. 
Barzahlung, /. cash payment. 
Basaltfelsen, TO. basaltic rock. 
basaltieren, v.i. convert (slag) into a material 

resembling basalt. 
Base, /. base; basis; aunt; cousin. 
Baseler Grim, Basle green, Paris green. 
Basenbildner, TO. base former, basifier. 
Basicitat, /. basicity. 
basieren, v.t. base. v.i. be based. 
Basilien, Basilienkraut, Basilikum, n. (sweet) 


Basis,/, base; basis. 
basisch, a. basic. 
Basizitat, /. basicity. 
Basler Blau. Basel blue. 
Bassin, n. tank, cistern, reservoir; basin; 


Bastern, TO. raw sugar. 

Basterzucker, m. bastard sugar, raw sugar. 
Bastfaser, /. bast fiber. 
Bastpapier, n. manila paper. 
Bastseide, /. raw silk. 
bat, pret. of bitten. 
batavisch, a. Batavian. 
Batist, m. cambric; batiste. 
batschen, v.t. ret (flax. etc.). 
Batzen, TO. large soft lump; large amount. 
Bau, TO. structure; construction; building; make; 

Bauart,/. style (of building). 




Bauch, m. belly, abdomen; stomach; swelling 
out, bulge; bulb (of a retort). 

Bauchdecken, epigastric, abdominal. 

Bauche, bauchen, etc. = Beuche, beuchen, etc. 

Bauchfell, n. peritoneum. 

Bauchf ussier, m. gastropod. 

bauchig, a. bellied, convex. 

Bauchspeichel, m. pancreatic juice. 

Bauchspeicheldriise, /. pancreas. 

Bauchweh, n, colic, abdominal pain. 

bauen, v.t. build, construct; cultivate. 

Bauer, m. builder; farmer, peasant; jack; pawn; 

Bauerde, /. soil. 

Bauergut, n. farm. 

Bauerhof, m. farm; country house. 

Bauernsand, m. molding sand. 

Bauerstand, m. peasantry. 

baufahig, a. arable. 

baufallig, a. out of repair; decaying. 

Bauholz, n. timber. 

Baukunst, /. architecture, (art of) building or 

Baum, m. tree; (Mech.) beam, bar, arbor. 

Baumachat, m. dendritic agate. 

baumahnlich, baumartig, a. arborescont, tree- 

Baumaterial, n. building material. 

Baumeister, m. architect, builder. 

baumeln, v.i. dangle. 

baumformig, a. dendritic, arborescent. 

Baumgarten, m. orchard; nursery. 

Baumol, n. olive oil. 

Baumolseife, /. olive oil soap, Venetian soap. 

Baumortel, m. building mortar, common mortar. 

Baumrinde, /. bark, rind. 

Baumschlag, TO. foliage. 

Baumschule, /. nursery. 

Baumschwamm, m. agaric. 

Baumsenf, TO. candytuft. 

Baumstamm, TO. tree trunk. 

baumstark, a. robust. 

Baumstein, m. (Min.) dendrite. 

Baumwachs, n. grafting wax. 

Baumwolle, /. cotton. 

baumwollen, a. cotton. 

Baumwollenabfall, m. cotton waste. 

Baumwollenblau, n. cotton blue. 

Baumwollensamen, m. cottonseed. 

Baumwollfarbstoff, TO. cotton dye. 

Baumwollsamen, TO. cottonseed. 

Baumwollsamenol, n. cottonseed oil. 

Baumwollwurzelrinde, /. cotton root bark. 

Bauriss, TO. building plan. 

Bausand, TO. building sand, mortar sand. 

Bausch, TO. pad, compress; bundle; lump. 

bauschen, v.i. swell out, bag, bulge. -v.t. puff 
up; refine (tin). 

Bauschung, /. swelling, etc. (see bauschen); 
crease (in fabrics). 

Baustein, m. building stone; brick. 

Bauzwecke, building purposes. 

Baybeerenbaum, m. bebeeru, greenheart tree. 

bayerisch, a. Bavarian. 

Bayern, n. Bavaria. 

Bayol, n. oil of bay. 

bayrisch, a. Bavarian. 

Bayrischblau, n. Bavarian blue. 

Bazille, /., Bazillus, m. bacillus. 

Bd., abbrev. (Band) volume. 

be-. A verbal prefix which, when prefixed to 
verbs, usually denotes completeness or 
thoroness; as, bedenken, consider. With 
nouns it signifies " to provide with," as 
bekalken, to lime; with adjectives, " to 
make ," as bereichern, enrich. 

beabsichtigen, v.t. intend, have in view. 

beachten, v.t. consider; notice, observe. 

Beamte, TO. official. 

beanspruchen, v.t. require; claim. 

beanstanden, v.t. object to. 

beantragen, v.t. propose. 

beantworten, v.t. answer, reply to. 

bearbeiten, v.t. work; make, dress, till, etc.; edit. 

beaufsichtigen, v.t. superintend, inspect, 

beauftragen, v.t. charge; authorize. 

beben, v.i. quake, tremble; (Physics) vibrate. 

beblattert, a. having leaves, leafy. 

Becher, TO. cup; goblet, bowl; (Hot.) calyx. 

Becherchen, n. little cup. 

Becherglas, n. beaker. 

Becherglaskolben, TO. Erlenmeyer flask. 

Bechermensur, /. measuring cup. 

Becherwerk, n. bucket conveyor. 

Becken, n. basin; vessel; (Anat.) pelvis; cymbal. 

Beckmann'sche Umlagerung. Beckmann re- 

Becquerelstrahlen, Becquerel rays. 

Bedacht, TO. consideration; care. 

bedanken, v.r. thank; decline. 

Bedarf, TO. need, demand. 

bedauern, v.t. regret; pity. 

bedecken, v.t. cover; (Sugar) bottom, clay. 

bedenken, v.t. consider, heed, care for. v.r. 
bethink oneself; hesitate. 

Bedenken, n. consideration; hesitation; scruple. 

bedenklich, a. doubtful, risky; serious. 

bedeuten, v.t. mean, signify; point out, state. 
bedeutend, p.a. considerable, important. 

bedeutsam, a. significant; imposing. 

bedienen, v.t. serve, attend. v.r. help oneself, 
make use. 

Bediente, TO. servant. 

Bedienung, /. service, attendance; attention; 

bedingen, v.t. stipulate; limit, restrict. 
bedingt, p.a. conditioned, limited, condi- 
tional; hypothetical. 

Bedingung, /. condition, stipulation; limitation, 




Bedrangnis, /. affliction, distress. 

bedrucken, v.t. print. 

Bedruckung, /. printing, impression. 

Bedriickung, /. oppression. 

bedurfen, v.i. be in need, be short (of something). 

Bediirfnis, n. want, requirement, necessity. 

bedurftig, a. needy, indigent. 

beehren, v.t. honor, favor. v.r. have the honor. 

beeidigen, v.t. declare on oath, swear. 

beeifern, v.r. strive, endeavor. 

becilen, v.r. hasten, hurry. 

beeinflussen, v.t. influence. 

beeintrachtigen, v.t. injure, encroach upon. 
beeintrachtigend, p.a. injurious, detrimental. 

beengen, v.t. narrow, cramp. 

beerben, v.t. be heir to. 

beerdigen, v.t. bury. 

Beere, /. berry. 

Beeresche, /. service tree (Sorbus domestica). 

Beergelb, n. buckthorn yellow. 

Beerschwamm, m. framboesia, yaws. 

Beet, n. (garden) bed. 

befahigen, D.I. enable, qualify. 

befahl, pret. of befehlen. 

befangen, p.a. embarrassed; prejudiced. 

befassen, v.t. handle. v.r. engage, be engaged, 
meddle (in or with). 

Befehl, m. command, order, precept. 

befehlen, v.t. command, order; commend, en- 
trust. befehlend, p.a. imperative. 

befestigen, oJ. fasten, fix, attach; establish; 

Befestigungsmittel, n. fixing agent. 

befeuchten, v.t. moisten, dampen, wet, water. 

befiehlt, pr. 3 sing, of befehlen. 

befinden, v.t. find, think. v.r. be, feel. 

Befinden, n. condition, state; opinion,* 

befindlich, a. existing, situated. 

beflecken, v.t. spot, stain, soil, blot, blur. 

befleissen, befleissigen, v.r. apply oneself (to). 
beflissen, p.a. studious, intent. 

befliss, pret. of befleissen. 

beflissen, p.p. of befleissen. 

befohle, pret. subj. of befehlen. 

befohlen, p.p. of befehlen^ 

befordern, v.t. forward, promote, aid. 

Beforderungsmittel, n. aid, promoter, means of 
forwarding; (Med.) adjuvant. 

befrachten, v.t. load. 

befreien, v.t. set free, liberate; free; rescue, re- 
lieve, clear. 

befremden, v.t. surprise. 

befremdlich, a. strange, surprising. 

befriedigen, v.t. satisfy, please. befriedigend, 
p.a. satisfactory. 

befruchten, v.t. fertilize, fecundate. 

begaben, v.t. endow. 

begann, pret. of beginnen. 

begeben, v.r. go; happen; give up. 

begegnen, v.i. meet; happen; behave. 

begehen, v.t. celebrate; commit; walk through. 

Begehr, n. desire, demand. 

begeistern, v.t. inspire, animate. v.r. enthuse. 

begichten, v.t. charge (a furnace). 

Begier, Begierde, /. desire, lust. 

begierig, a. desirous, eager. 

begiessen, v.t. wet, moisten; water, irrigate. 

Beginn, m. beginning. 

beginnen, v.t. & i. begin. 

begipsen, v.t. plaster. 

beglaubigen, v.t. certify; testify. 

begleiten, v.t. accompany, attend. 

Begleiterscheinung, /. attendant phenomenon. 

Begleitfarbe, /. (Calico) fitting color. 

Begleitkorper, m. accompanying substance (or 

beglucken, v.t. bless, favor. 

begnadigen, v.t. pardon, favor. 

begnugen, v.t. be content. 

begonne, pret. subj. of beginnen. 

begonnen, p.p. of beginnen. 

begraben, v.t. bury; conceal. 

Begrabnis, n. burial; tomb. 

begreifen, v.t. conceive, understand; include, 
comprise; imply. 

begrenzen, v.t. bound, limit, terminate; define. 

Begrenzung, /. limit, boundary. 

Begriff, m. conception, idea. 

begriinden, v.t. establish; base; prove. 

Begrundung, /. establishment; foundation. 

begriissen, v.t. salute, greet. 

begiinstigen, v.t. favor; promote. 

Beguss, m., Begussmasse, /. (Ceram.) slip, en- 

begutachten, v.t. pass judgment on. 

begiitert, a. wealthy. 

begutigen, v.t. appease. 

behaart, a. hairy. 

behaftet, a. affected, afflicted. 

behagen, v.t. please. 

Behagen, n. pleasure, comfort. 

behaglich, a. agreeable, comfortable. 

behalten, v.t. keep, retain; (Math.) carry. 

Behalter, m. container, receiver, receptacle, tank, 
reservoir, etc.; conservatory. 

Behaltnis, n. container, case, box, bin, etc. 

behandeln, v.t. treat; handle, manipulate, work. 

Behandlung, /. treatment, etc. (see behandeln) . 

Behandlungsmittel, m. agent, reagent. 

beharren, v.i. continue, persist, persevere. 

beharrlich, a. persistent, constant; persevering; 

Beharrung, /. continuance, permanence, persist- 
ence, perseverance; obstinacy. 

Beharrungsvermogen, n. (Physics) inertia. 

Beharrungszustand, m. permanence; persist- 
ence; resistance (of a machine). 

behaupten, v.t. maintain, assert. 

Behauptung, /. assertion, proposition; main- 




Behausung, /. lodging, abode. 

Behelf, TO. shift, device. 

behelligen, v.t. molest, annoy. 

behend, a. nimble, clever. 

Behennuss, /. ben nut. 

Behenol, n. oil of ben. 

Behensaure, /. behenic acid. 

beherbergen, v.t. harbor, shelter. 

beherrschen, v.t. rule, control, command. 

beherzigen, v.t. take to heart, consider. 

beherzt, p.a. courageous. 

behilflich, a. helpful. 

Behorde, /. authority, magistrate. 

behordlich, a. official. 

Behuf, TO. purpose, object; behalf. 

behufs, prep, in behalf of, in order to. 

behiiten, v.t. guard. 

behutsam, a. cautious, careful. 

bei, prep, at, near, by; on, in, about. 

beibehatten, v.t. retain, continue. 

Beiblatt, n. supplement, supplementary sheet. 

beibringen, v.t. administer; produce; impart; 


Beibringungsmittel, n. vehicle (for drugs). 
beichten, v.t. confess. 
beide, a. both; either, 
beiderseits, adv. on both sides, mutually. 
beidlebig, a. amphibious. 
Beifall, TO. approval, applause. 
beifallig, a. approving, favorable. 
beifolgend, p.a. enclosed, 
beifiigen, v.t. add, annex. 
Beifuss, m. artemisia. 
Beigeschmack, TO. aftertaste, tang, flavor. 
Beihilfe, /. help, assistance. 
Beil, n. hatchet; (grosses) ax. 
Beilage, /. addition, supplement, appendix; 


beilaufig, a. incidental. 
beilegen, v.t. add, inclose; settle; attribute, 
beimengen, v.t. admix. 
Beimengung, /. admixture; impurity. 
beimessen, v.t. attribute. v.r. assume. 
beimischen, v.t. admix, mix with. 
Beimischung, /. admixture, mixture; infusion. 
Bein, n. bone; leg. 

beinah, beinahe, adv. almost, nearly. 
Beiname, TO. surname; nickname 
Beinasche, /. bone ash. 
Beinkleider, pi. trousers, breeches. 
Beinmehl, n. bone meal. 
Beinschwarz, n. bone black. 
Beinwurz, /. comfrey (Symphytum officinale). 
beiordnen, v.t. adjoin, coordinate, 
beipflichten, v.t. assent, agree. 
beisammen, adv. together. 
Beisatz, TO. addition, admixture. 
Beischmack, TO. = Beigeschmack. 
Beisein, n. presence. 
beiseite, adv. aside, apart. 

beisetzen, v.t. bury, inter. 

Beispiel, n. example. 

beispiellos, a. unexampled, unparalleled. 

beispielsweise, adv. for example. 

beispringen, v.i. assist. 

Beissbeere, /. Cayenne pepper. 

beissen, v.t. bite. v.i. bite, smart, burn. 
beissend, p.a. biting, sharp, pungent, acrid. 

Beissprobe, /. (Brewing) biting test. 

Beistand, m. assistance; supporter. 

beistehen, v.t. stand by, assist. 

beisteuern, v.t. contribute. 

beistimmen, v.i. agree, concur. 

beitragen, v.t. & i. contribute. 

beitreiben, v.t. collect; drive in. 

beitreten, v.t. accede, join. 

beiwohnen, v.i. be present; cohabit. 

Beiwort, n. adjective; epithet. 

Beizartikel, TO. (Calico) mordant style. 

Beizbad, n. (Dyeing) mordant bath. 

Beizbutte, /. (Leather) drench pit. 

Beize, /. 'corrosive, corrosion; (Dyeing) mor- 
dant; (Med.) caustic, cauterization; (Leather) 
bate, drench; (Metal.) pickle; etching; 

beizen, v.t. corrode; mordant; cauterize; bate, 
drench (hides); etch; pickle; blanch (metals); 
stain; sauce (tobacco). beizend, p.a. cor- 
roding, etc.; corrosive, caustic. 

Beizendruck, TO. mordant printing. 

beizenfarben, v.t. dye on a mordant. 

Beizenfarbstoff, TO. mordant dyestuff. 

Beizfarbe, /. mordant color. 

Beizfliissigkeit, /. corrosive liquid, caustic 
liquor; mordant liquor; (Leather) bate, 

Bei zk raft, /. corrosive or caustic power; mor- 
dant strength. 

Beizmittel, n. corrosive; mordant. 

Beizung, /. corroding, etc. (see beizen). 

bejahen, v.t. affirm. 

hejahrt, a. aged. 

bejammern, v.t. bewail. 

beklommen, a. oppressed, anxious. 

bekalken, v.t. lime. 

bekampfen, v.t. combat, oppose. 

bekannt, p.a. see bekennen. 

bekanntlich, adv. as is known; notoriously. 

bekennen, v.t. confess, acknowledge. bekannt, 
p.a. known; noted, famous; acquainted (with). 

beklagen, v.t. deplore; pity. v.r. complain. 

beklecken, bekleckern, beklecksen, v.t. blur, 
blotch, blot, daub. 

bekleiden, v.t. cover, coat, line, face, box; 
clothe; invest; occupy. 

Bekleidung, /. casing, lining, jacket, coating, 
clothing, etc. (see bekleiden). 

bekommen, v.t. get, receive. v.i. agree (with). 

bekostigen, v.t. board. 

bekraftigen, v.t. confirm, assert. 




bekranzen, v.t. wreathe, festoon. 

bekritteln, v.t. censure. 

bekrusten, v.t. incrust, crust. 

bekummern, v.t. afflict, trouble. 

Belag, m. = Beleg. 

belagern, v.t. besiege. 

Belang, m. importance; amount. 

belangen, v.t. concern; bring action against. 

belasten, v.t. load, weight, burden; charge. 

belastigen, v.t. trouble, bother. 

Belastung, /. load, burden; burdening; debit; 
(Med.) taint. 

belaufen, r.r. amount. 

belauschen, v.t, overhear, spy upon. 

beleben, v.t. revive, quicken, enliven, resusci- 
tate; brighten, freshen (colors). 

beledern, v.t. cover with leather, leather. 

Beleg, m. covering, coating, lining; floor; proof; 

belegen, v.t. cover, line, face, overlay, coat; 
prove; illustrate. 

Belegung, /. covering, coating. N. 

belehren, v.t. instruct, advise. 

beleibt, a. stout. 

beleidigen, v.t. offend, insult. 

beleimen, v.t. glue, cover with glue. 

belesen, a. well read. 

beleuchten, v.t. light, illuminate; examine. 

Beleuchtung, /. lighting, illumination; elucida- 
tion; examination. 

Beleuchtungsmittel, n. illuminant. 

belichten, v.t. expose (to light). 

Belichtung, /. exposure (to light). 

Belichtungskarte, /. (Dyeing) exposure card. 

belieben, v.t. like, choose. v.i. be pleasing. 
beliebt, p.a. popular, favorite. 

Belieben, n. inclination, pleasure. 

beliebig, a. optional, any, whatever. 

beliebt, p.a. see belieben. 

bellen, v.t. bark; clamor. 

belohnen, v.t. reward. 

beliigen, v.t. lie to. 

belustigen, v.t. amuse, divert. 

bemachligen, v.r. take possession. 

bemalen, v.t. paint, color. 

bemanteln, v.t. cover; color, varnish; palliate. 

bemerken, v.t. note, remark. 

bemerkenswert, a. worthy of note, remarkable. 

Bemerkung, /. observation, remark, note. 

bemessen, v.t. proportion, measure. p.a. mea- 
sured, exact; symmetrical. 

bemittelt, a. well-to-do. 

bemodert, p.a. moldy. 

bemoost, p.a. mossy. 

bemuhen, v.t. & r. trouble. 

bemustern, v.t. sample; match; (Dyeing) dye to 
pattern, imitate; ornament, figure. 

benachbart, p.a. neighboring, adjacent, vicinal. 

benachrichtigen, v.t. inform. 

benachteUigen, v.t. prejudice, hurt. 

benebelt, p.a. tipsy. 

benehmen, v.t. take away, remove. v.r. be- 

Benehmen, n. behavior, conduct. 
beneiden, v.t. envy, 
benennen, v.t. name, call. 
Benennung, /. nomenclature; name, naming, 

title, denomination, 
benetzen, v.t. wet, moisten, sprinkle. 
Bengel, m. club; clapper; boor, chap. 
Benol, n. oil of ben. 
Bensaure, /. benic acid (behenic acid). 
benutzen, v.t. use, employ. 
Benzin, n. benzine. 
Benzochinon, n. benzoquinone. 
Benzoe, n. & f. benzoin (gum). 
Benzoeather, m. benzoic ether (ethyl benzoate). 
Benzoebaum, m. benzoin tree (Styrax benzoin). 
Benzoeblumen, flowers of benzoin. 
Benzoeharz, n. benzoin (the resin). 
Benzoelorbeer, m. spicebush (Benzoin benzoin). 
benzoesauer, a. of benzoic acid, benzoate of. 
Benzoesaure, /. benzoic acid, 
benzoesaurehaltig, a. containing benzoic acid. 
Benzoeschmalz, n. benzoinated lard, benzoat- 

ed lard. 

benzoiniert, p.a. benzoinated, benzoated. 
Benzol, n. benzene (CeHe); benzol (commercial 

benzene) . 

Benzolbindung, /. benzene linkage. 
Benzolderivat, n. benzene derivative. 
benzolisch, a. benzene. 
Benzolkern, m. benzene nucleus. 
Benzolkohlenwasserstoffe, benzene hydro- ' 

Benzolsulfosaure, /. benzenesulfonic acid, 

phenylsulfonic acid. 
benzoylieren, v.t. benzoylate, introduce ben- 

zoyl into. 
Benzoylwasserstoff, m. benzoyl hydride (ben- 


beobachten, v.t. observe. 
Beobachter, m. observer. 
Beobachtung, /. observation; observance. 
Beobachtungsfehler, m. error of observation. 
Beobachtungsrohr, n., -rohre, /. observation 

tube (as for a polariscope or spectroscope). 
beolen, v.t. oil. 
bepacken, v.t. load. 

bequem, a. convenient; comfortable; lazy, 
bequemen, v.r. conform, comply. 
ber., abbrev. (berechnet) calculated. 
Ber., abbrev. (Bericht, Berichte) report (s); 

specif., Berichte der deutschen chemischen 


Berapp, m. rough plaster, brown coat, 
beraten, v.t. advise; consult, 
beratschlagen, v.r. consult, deliberate. 
berauben, v.t. rob, deprive. 
berauchern, v.t. fumigate. 


berauschen, v.t. intoxicate. berauschende 

Getranke, intoxicating liquors. 
Berauschungsmittel, n. intoxicant. 
Berberitze, /. barberry, berberis. 
berechenbar, a. calculable; appreciable. 
berechnen, v.t. calculate, compute; charge. 
Berechnungsweise, /. mode or method of cal- 

berechtigen, v.t. entitle, authorize, qualify. 
Berechtigung, /. authorization, right. 
bereden, v.t. persuade; talk over; defame. 
Beredsamkeit, /. eloquence. 
Bereich, TO. reach, range; domain, district. 
bereichern, v.t. enrich. 
bereit, a. ready, prepared. 
bereiten, v.t. prepare, make ready, make, 
bereits, adv. already. 
Bereitung, /. preparation; manufacture. 
bereuen, v.t. repent, regret. 
Berg, m. mountain; (Mining) rubbish, waste; 

(Paper) breasting (of a rag engine). 
Berg-, mountain; rock; mineral; native. (See 

the following entries.) 
bergab, adv. down hill. 
Bergader, /. lode, vein. 
Bergalaun, m. rock alum. 
bergan, adv. up hill. 
Bergarbeit, /. mining. 
Bergart, /. gang, matrix, vein stuff. 
Bergasche, /. an inferior kind of mineral blue. 
Bergbalsam, m. petroleum. 
Bergbau, TO. mining. 
Bergblau, n. mineral blue (blue basic carbonate 

of copper). 
Bergbraun, n. umber. 
Bergbutter, /. (Min.) impure iron alum, iron 

sulfate or zinc sulfate. 
bergen, v.t. save, shelter, conceal. geborgen, 

p.a. safe; well off. 
Bergerz, n. raw ore. 
bergfein, a. (Min.) native. 
Bergfett, n. mountain tallow, ozocerite. 
Bergflachs, TO. mountain flax, amianthus. 
Bergfleisch, n. mountain flesh (a variety of 


Bergfluss, TO. colored quartz. 
Berggang, TO. vein, lode. 
Berggelb, n. mountain yellow, yellow ocher. 
Bergglas, n. rock crystal (transparent quartz). 
Bergglimmer, TO. margarite. 
Berggold, n. gold found in primitive rocks. 
Berggriin, n. mineral green, green verditer 

(green basic copper carbonate). 
Bergguhr, TO. mountain milk, agaric mineral 

(earthy calcium carbonate). 
Berggut, n. minerals. 
Berghaar, n. amianthus. 
Bergharz, n. mineral pitch, asphalt. 
Bergholz, TO. rock wood (ligniform asbestos), 
her gig, o. mountainous; hilly. 



Bergkalk, m. (Geol.) mountain limestone. 

Bergkiesel, m. rock flint, chert; felsite. 

Bergkohle, /. (mineral) coal. 

Bergkork, m. mountain cork (a light form of 

Bergkristall, Bergkrystall, TO. rock crystal 
(transparent quartz). 

Bergknpfer, n. native copper. 

Berglasur, /. azurite. 

Bergleder, n. mountain leather (a form of as- 

Bergmann, m. miner. 

Bergmehl, n. mountain flour (or meal), 

Bergmelisse, /. calamint. 

Bergmilch, m. mountain milk, agaric mineral 
(earthy calcium carbonate). 

Bergminze, Bergmunze, /. lit., mountain mint 
applied to several menthaceous plants, as 
catnip or catmint, calamint, field basil, etc. 

Bergnaphta, /. mineral .naphtha, petroleum. 

Bergol, n. petroleum. 

Bergpapier, n. mountain paper (a form of 

Bergpech, n. mineral pitch, asphalt. 

Bergrot, n. realgar; Indian red. 

Bergsalz, n. rock salt. 

Bergschule, /. school of mines. 

Bergschwaden, TO. fire damp; choke damp. 

Bergschwefel, m. native sulfur. 

Bergseife, /. mountain soap (kind of clay); 
rock butter (impure iron or zinc sulfate). 

Bergtaig, m. mountain tallow, ozocerite; rock 
butter (impure iron or zinc sulfate). 

Bergtee, TO. mountain tea, wintergreen. 

Bergteegeist, TO. spirit of wintergreen, spirit 
of gaultheria. 

Bergteeol, n. oil of wintergreen. 

Bergteer, TO. mineral tar, maltha. 

Bergtorf, TO. mountain peat. 

Bergwachs, n. mineral wax, ozocerite. 

Bergwerk, n. mine. 

Bergwetter, n. (Mining) damp. 

Bergwolle, /. mineral wool (asbestos). 

Bergzinnerz, n. mine tin (cassiterite). 

Bergzinnober, TO. native cinnabar. 

Bergzunder, TO. mountain tinder (asbestos). 

Bericht, TO. report; notice, information. 

berichtigen, v.t. adjust, correct; settle (an ac- 

berieseln, v.t. cause to flow or trickle over; 
water, irrigate. 

Berieselungskuhler, TO. (Brewing) Baudelot 

beritten, a. mounted. 

Berl. Ber., abbrev. (Berliner Berichte) Berichte 
der deutschen chemischen Gesellschaft. 

Berlinerblau, n. Berlin blue, Prussian blue. 

Berlinerblausaure, f. hydrocyanic acid. 

Berlinerrot, n. Berlin red (a red lake color). 




Bernstein, m. amber. schwarzer Bernstein, 


Bernstein-, amber; succinic, succinyl, succino-. 
Bernsteinalaun, m. aluminous amber. 
Bernsteinlack, m. amber varnish. 
Bernsteinol, n. oil of amber, oleum succini. 
bernsteinsauer, a. of succinic acid, succinate 


Bernsteinsaure, /. succinic acid, 
bersten, v.t. burst, explode, crack. 
Bertram, m. pellitory (Anacyclus pyrethrum 

and similar plants). 
Bertram (s)wurzel, Bertram wurz, /. pellitory, 

pyrethrum (root of Anacyclus pyrethrum). 
beriichtigt, p.a. notorious. 
beriicken, v.t. trick; charm, 
beriicksichtigen, v.t. bear in mind, regard, con- 

Beriicksichtigung, /. regard, consideration. 
Beruf, TO. calling, occupation, profession. 
berufen, v.t. call, appoint. v.r. appeal. 
Berufkraut, n. any of various plants, specif. 

(Pharm.) fleabane (Erigerori). 
beruhen, v.i. rest, depend, 
beruhigen, v.t. quiet, reassure. beruhigend, 

p.a. quieting, sedative. 
Beruhigungsmittel, n. sedative; anodyne, 
beriihmt, p.a. famous, celebrated, 
beriihren, v.t. touch. 
Beruhrung, /. contact; touching. 
Beruhrungsebene, /. tangential plane. 
Beriihrungselektrizitat, /. contact electricity. 
Beriihrungsflache, /. surface of contact. 
Beriihrungslinie, /. tangent. 
Beruhrungsstelle, /. place of contact; mark 

(made by touching something). 
Beryll, TO. beryl. 
Beryllerde, /. beryllia (BeO). 
Berylliumsalz, n. beryllium salt. 
besagen, v.t. mean, signify, 
besanftigen, v.t. appease, soothe. 
Besatz, TO. border, edging, trimming; (Metal.) 


Besatzung, /. garrison, crew. 
beschadigen, v.t. damage, 
beschaffen, v.t. procure; supply; make, execute. 

p.a. constituted, conditioned. 
Beschaffenheit, /. nature; state, condition; 

quality; disposition. 

beschaftigen, v.t. occupy, busy, employ. 
Beschaftigung, /. occupation, business. 
Beschamung, /. shame, confusion, 
beschaulich, a. contemplative. 
Bescheid, TO. decision, answer; information. 
bescheiden, v.t. assign; inform; order; summon. 

v.r. be content. 

bescheiden, a. modest, unassuming. 
bescheinigen, v.t. certify. 
beschenken, v.t. present. 
bescheren, v.t. give, bestow. 

beschicken, v.t. load, charge; feed; prepare; 
manage, attend to. 

Beschickung, /. loading, charging; load, charge; 
management; (Minting) alloy. 

beschimpfen, v.t. disgrace; insult. 

beschirmen, v.t. shelter, cover; protect. 

Beschlag, TO. coating of some kind, as efflor- 
escence, moisture on glass, tarnish on metals, 
clay to protect from heat, etc. ; fitting, mount- 
ing, hooping, etc.; shoeing, shoe (of a horse); 

beschlagen, v.i. become coated, as with mois- 
ture, oxide, or mold; effloresce; tarnish; give 
an incrustation (before the blowpipe). v.t. 
cover, mount or fit (with iron, metal, leather, 
etc.); lute; shoe (a horse). p.a. versed, 

beschlcunigen, v.t. accelerate; hasten. 

Beschleuniger, m. accelerator. 

Beschleunigung, /. acceleration; despatch. 

beschliessen, v.t. finish, close; determine, resolve. 

Beschliesser, TO. housekeeper, steward. 

Beschluss, TO. conclusion; determination; lock- 
ing up, bond. 

beschmieren, v.t. smear. 

beschmutzen, v.t. soil, stain. 

beschneiden, v.t. cut, trim, pare, dress; cut off, 

beschneit, p.a. snow-covered. 

Beschonigung, /. gloss, varnish; palliation. 

beschranken, v.t. limit, confine. beschrankt, 
p.a. limited, narrow. 

beschreiben, v.t. describe; write on. 

beschuldigen, v.t. accuse. 

Beschussprobe, /. shooting test. 

beschiitzen, v.t. protect. 

Beschwerde, /. trouble, annoyance; complaint; 

beschweren, v.t. load; weight; burden, annoy. 
v.r. complain. 

beschwerlich, a. burdensome, troublesome. 

Beschwerungsmittel, n. loading material, 
weighting agent, filler. 

beschwichtigen, v.t. allay, appease, soothe. 

beschworen, v.t. swear to; conjure; exorcise. 

beseelen, v.t. animate, inspirit. 

besehen, v.t. look at; inspect, examine. 

beseitigen, v.t. do away with, remove. 

Besen, TO. broom. 

Besenginster, TO., Besenkraut, n. broom 
(Cytisus scoparius) ; (Pharm.) scoparius. 

Besenstiel, TO. broomstick. 

besessen, p.p. of besitzen. 

besetzen, v.t. set, trim, border, stock, fit; 
charge (a furnace or the like); occupy; fill (a 
position); engage. 

besichtigen, v.t. inspect, view; survey. 

besiegen, v.t. defeat, conquer. 

besinnen, v.r. consider; recollect. besonnen, 
p.a. considerate; discreet. 




Besinnung,/. consideration; recollection; con- 

besinnungslos, a. unconscious. 

Besitz, m. possession; property. 

besitzen, v.t. possess, occupy, hold. 

Besitzung, /. = Besitz. 

besonder, a. particular, special, specific; 
separate; singular, odd. 

Besonderheit, /. peculiarity, individuality; par- 

besonder s, adv. especially; separately; sin- 

besonnen, p.a. see besinnen. 

besorgen, v.t. care for, see to; fear. besorgt, 
p.a. anxious; careful. 

besponnen, p.a. covered. 

besprechen, v.t. discuss; arrange; conjure. 

besprengen, v.t. sprinkle. 

bespritzen, v.t. sprinkle, spatter. 

Bessemerbirne, /. Bessemer converter. 

bessemern, v.t. bessemerize. 

besser, a. & adv. better. 

bessern, v.t. better; correct. v.r. grow better. 

Best., abbrev. (Bestimmung) determination. 

Bestand, TO. duration, stability; amount, stock. 

bestandig, a. stable; constant, durable, per- 
manent; fast (colors); steady, steadfast. 

Bestandigkeit, /. stability, etc. (see bestandig). 

Bestandteil, m. constituent; ingredient. 

bestarken, v.t. confirm. 

bestatigen, v.t. confirm, ratify. v.r. hold true. 

bestatten, v.t. bury, inter. 

bestauben, v.t. dust, powder, cover with dust. 

beste, a. best. 

bestechen, v.t. stitch; bribe; charm. 

Besteck, n. case, set (of instruments); cover 
(at table). 

bestehen, v.i. consist; exist; persist, insist. 
v.r. resiit; encounter; pass. bestehen aus, 
consist of. 

Bestehen, n. composition; existence; persis- 

bestehlen, v.t. rob. 

bestellen, v.t. order, appoint, engage; deliver; 
arrange; till, plant. 

Besteller, TO. (GOTO.) orderer. 

Bestellung, /. ordering, etc. (see bestellen); 
(Com.) order, commission. 

bestenfalls, adv. at best. 

Bestie, /. beast, brute. 

bestimmen, v.t. determine; fix, design, allot, 
define. bestimmt, p.a. determined, definite, 
fixed, appointed, certain. 

Bestimmtheit, /. definiteiiess; determination; 

Bestimmung, /. determination: appointment; 
provision: destiny. 

bestrafen, v.t. punish. 

bestrahlen, v.t. throw rays upon; irradiate, il- 

bestreben, v.r. strive, endeavor. 

Bestrebung, /. striving, effort, endeavor. 

bestreichen, v.t. coat, smear, spread; brush, 

bestreiten, v.t. dispute r defray. 

bestreuen, v.t. strew, sprinkle, powder. 

bestricken, v.t. ensnare. 

bestiirzt, p.a. amazed, dismayed. 

Besuch, TO. visit; company; 

besuchen, v.t. visit, resort to, attend 

besudeln, v.t. soil, defile. 

betagt, p.a. aged; due. 

betalgen, v.t. tallow. 

betatigen, v.t. prove, manifest. 

betauben, v.t. deafen, stun, stupefy. 

Betaubungsmittel, n. narcotic. 

Bete, /. beet, beetroot. 

beteeren, v.t. tar. 

beteiligen, v.t. give a share to, concern. v.r. 
participate. beteiligt, p.a. concerned, in- 

Betelnuss, /. betel nut. 

beten, v.i. pray. 

beteuern, v.t. protest, swear to. 

betiteln, v.t. entitle, name. 

Beton, TO. concrete (made with cement), beton. 

betonen, v.t. accent, emphasize. 

betonieren, v.t. concrete, cover or lay with, or 
form of, concrete. 

betr., abbrev. (betreffend) concerning. 

Betracht, TO. consideration, regard, account. 

betrachten, v.t. consider; regard; view, examine. 

betrachtlich, a. considerable, important. 

Betrachtung, /. consideration, reflection; in- 

Betrag, TO. amount, sum. 

betragen, v.t. amount to. v.r. behave. 

Betragen, n. behavior, conduct. 

betrauern, v.t. lament. 

betreffen, v.t. concern; befall; catch. betref- 
fend, p.a. concerning, concerned. betroffen, 
p.a. disconcerted, dazed. 

betreiben, v.t. carry on, conduct, pursue. 

betreten, v.t. tread upon, enter upon. p.a. 
beaten; confused. 

Betrieb, TO. work, operation, management; 

betriebsam, a. active, industrious. 

Betriebsanlage, /. plant, works. 

Betriebschemiker, m. industrial chemist, works 

Betriebskontrolle, /. control of (technical) 

Betriebskosten, operating expenses. 

Betriebsleiter, TO. manager. 

Betriebszeit, /. working hours; shift; working 
'season, campaign. 

betroffen, p.a. see betreffen. 

betriiben, v.t. & r. grieve. 

Betrug, TO. fraud, deceit. 

betrunken 4 

betranken, p.a. intoxicated. 

Belt, n. bed. 

Bettel, trash; begging. 

betteln, v.t. beg. 

betten, v.t. imbed, embed, bed; put to bed. 

Bettler, m. beggar. 

Bettstelle, /. bedstead. 

Betttuch, n. sheet. 

Bettung, /. bedding, bed. 

Bettwanze, /. bedbug. 

betupfen, betiipfen, v.t. dab, dip, tip; spot. 

Beuche, /. bucking, bowking; bucking lye. 

beuchen, v.t. buck (steep or boil in lye or suds). 

Beuchfass, n. bucking tub. 

Beuchkessel, m. bucking keir. 

Beuchlauge, /. bucking lye. 

Beuchwasser, n. buck. 

Beuge, /. bend, bow. 

beugen, v.t. bend; deflect; diffract (light); in- 
flect (words); bow, humble. 

beugsam, a. =biegsam. 

Bengung, /. bending, etc. (see beugen) ; flexure, 

Beule, /. bump, swelling; boil. 

beunruhigen, v.t. disquiet, trouble. 

beurkunden, v.t. authenticate. 

beurteilen, v.t. judge, estimate, criticize. 

Beurteilung, /. judging, judgment; valuation, 
estimation; estimate; criticism. 

Beute, /. booty, spoil, prize. 

Bentel, TO. bag; pouch; purse; (Med.) sac, cyst. 

Beutelfflter, n. bag filter. 

beuteln, v.t. bolt, sift. v.r. bag. 

Beutelsieb, n. bolting sieve, bolter. 

Beuteltuch, n. bolting cloth. 

Beutelzeug, n. bolting apparatus; bolting cloth. 

Bevolkerung, /. population. 

bevollmachtigen, v.t. empower, authorize. 

bevor, conj. before. 

bevorstehen, v.i. approach, impend. 

bevorzugen, v.t. prefer, favor. 

bewaffnen, v.t. arm; aid. 

bewahren, v.t. keep, preserve, protect. 

bewahren, v.t. verify, approve. v.r. prove true. 

Bewahrungsmittel, n. preservative; prophylac- 

bewaltigen, v.t. overcome, master. 

bewandert, a. versed, skilled. 

Bewandtnis, /. case, state. 

bewassern, v.t. water, moisten, sprinkle, irri- 

bewegbar, a. movable, mobile. 

bewegen, v.t. & i. move; induce. bewegende 
Kraft, motive power. 

Beweger, TO. motor; mover. 

beweglich, a. movable, moving; versatile. 

Beweglichkeit, /. mobility. 

Bewegung, /. motion; movement, moving; stir, 

Bewegungskraft, /. motive force, motive power. 

I Biberschwanz 

Bewegungslehre, /. mechanics; kinematics; 


Bewegungsmaschine, /. motor. 
Bewegungszustand, TO. state of motion. 
Beweis, m. proof, evidence; argument. 
beweisen, v.t. prove, dempnstrate; show. v.r. 


Beweisfiihrung, /. demonstration; reasoning. 
bewenden, v.i. rest, drop. 
Bewerber, TO. candidate, applicant, aspirant. 
bewerfen, v.t. plaster; pelt. 
bewerkstelligen, v.t. accomplish, perform, effect, 
bewickeln, v.t. wrap round, envelop. 
bewilligen, v.t. grant, permit, 
bewirken, v.t. effect, cause, exert. 
bewirten, v.t. entertain, treat. 
bewirtschaften, v.t. manage, run. 
bewog, pret. of bewegen. 
bewogen, p.p. of bewegen. 
bewohnen, v.t. inhabit, occupy, 
bewundern, v.t. admire. 
Bewurf, m. plastering, plaster. 
bewusst, a. conscious, aware; known. 
bewusstlos, a. unconscious; senseless. 
Bewusstsein, n. consciousness; knowledge. 
bez., abbrev. (beziehungsweise) respectively, or. 
bezahlen, v.t. pay. 
Bezahlung, /. payment, settlement. 
bezahmen, v.t. tame, restrain. 
bezeichnen, v.t. mark, label; indicate; signify. 

bezeichnend, p.a. characteristic. 
Bezeichnung, /. marking, notation; mark, sign, 

symbol; note. 
Bezeichnungsweise, /. manner (or method) of 


bezeugen, v.t. testify, certify. 
beziehen, v.t. draw (money) ; order, buy (goods) ; 

enter; refer; cover. v.r. refer; be overcast. . 
Beziehung, /. relation; reference, respect. 
beziehungsweise, adv. respectively, or. 
beziffern, v.t. mark with figures or ciphers. 

v.r. amount. 

Bezirk, TO. circuit, district. 
Bezoarwurzel, /. (Pharm.) contrayerva. 
Bezug, TO. relation, reference; drawing. 
beziiglich, a. & prep, relative, with reference 

(to), respecting. 
Bezugnahme, /. reference. 
Bezugsquelle, /. source of supply. 
Bezugswert, TO. relative value. 
bezw., abbrev. (beziehungsweise) respectively, 


bezwecken, v.t. aim at, intend; peg. 
bezwingen, v.t. subdue; restrain. 
Bibel, /. Bible. 
Biber, TO. beaver. 
Bibergeil, n. castor, castoreum. 
Biber nell, Bibernelle, /. burnet saxifrage (Pim- 

pinella saxifraga). 
Biberschwanz, TO. flat roofing tile. 




Bibliothek, /. library. 

bicyclisch, a. bicyclic. 

bieder, a, upright, honest, true. 

biegbar, a. capable of being bent. 

Biege, /. bend, bow. 

biegen, v.L bend; curve; diffract, refract (light); 
inflect (words). v.r. bend, (of wood) warp. 
v.i. bend. 

Biegerohr, n., Biegerohre, /. (glass) tube for 

biegsam, a. flexible, pliant; ductile. 

Biegsamkeit, /. flexibility; ductility. - 

Biegung, /. bending, etc. (see biegen); bend; 

Biene, /. bee. 

Bienenharz, n. bee glue, propolis. 

Bienenwachs, n. beeswax. 

Bier, n. beer; (englisches) ale. 

Bierblume, /. head (froth) of beer. 

Bieressig, TO. malt vinegar, beer vinegar. 

Biergrand, TO. (Brewing) underbade. 

Bierhefe, /. yeast. 

Bierkessel, TO. (Brewing) boiling copper, boiler. 

Bierpech, n. brewer's pitch. 

Bierprober, TO. beer tester, specif., beer hydrome- 
ter. , 

Bierschone, /. fining for beer. 

Biersieder, TO. (Brewing) kettleman. 

Bierstein, TO. hard deposit from wort, beer scale. 

Bieruntersuchung, /. examination of beer, beer 

Bierwage, /. beer gage. 

Bierwiirze, /. beer wort, wort. 

Biestmilch, /. colostrum. 

bieten, v.t. offer; bid; show. 

Bilanz, /. balance. 

Bild, n. image; figure; picture; diagram; idea, 

bilden, v.t. form; shape, fashion; educate, culti- 
vate, civilize. bildend, p.a. forming, etc.; 
component, constituent; formative; plastic 

Bilderachat, m. figured agate. 

Bildhauer, TO. sculptor. 

Bildhauerkitt, Bildhauerleim, TO. badigeon. 

Bildhauermarmor, TO. statuary marble. 

bildlich, a. figurative; typical. 

bildlos, a. amorphous. 

Bildmarmor, TO. figured marble. 

Bikinis, n. image, picture, likeness. 

bildsam, a. plastic; flexible, ductile. 

Bildsamkeit, /. plasticity; flexibility. 

bildschon, a. most beautiful. 

Bildstecher, TO. engraver. 

Bildstein, TO. figure stone, agalmatolite. 

Bildung, /. formation; shape; structure; or- 
ganization; education, culture. 

Bildungsenergie, /. energy of formation. 

Bildungsgleichung, /. equation of formation; 
structural equation. 

Bildungswarme, /. heat of formation. 

Bildungsweise, /. mode of formation. 

Bildwerk. n. sculpture, carving. 

Billard, n. billiards; billiard-table. 

Billet, n. ticket; note. 

billig, a. cheap; equitable. 

billigen, v.'. approve of. 

Bilsen-. henbane. 

Bilsenkraut, n. henbane, hyoscyamus. 

bimsen, v.t. rub with pumice stone, pumice. 

Bimsstein, Bimstein, m. pumice stone, 

bimssteinartig, a. pumiceous. 

bin, pr. 1 sing, of sein. 

biniir, a. binary. 

Binde, /. band; bandage; ligature; necktie. 

Bindegewebe, /. connective tissue. 

Bindeglied, n. connecting member or link. 

Bindehaut, /. conjunctiva. 

Bindekraft, /. combining power; binding power 
(of cements). 

Bindemittel, n. binding agent or material; 
cement, agglutinant, medium. 

binden, v.t. bind; fix, combine, unite; tie, tie up; 
constrain. v.i. bind; combine; harden, set 
(of cement, etc.). gebunden, p.a. bound, 
combined, etc. gebundene Warme, latent 

Bindestrich, m. hyphen. 

Bindeton, m. ball clay. 

Binde vermogen, n. binding power; (of clays) 

Bindezeit, /. (Cement) setting time. 

Bindfaden, TO. string, packthread. 

Bindung, /. binding, etc. (see binden, v.l. & 
v.i.); combination, union, linkage; bond. 

bindungsisomer, a. showing isomerism due to 
different modes of union of the atoms (some- 
times merely to different positions of a double 

Bindungsmittel, n. = Bindemittel. 

Bindungswarme, /. heat of combination. 

Bindungsweise, /. mode of union. 

binnen, prep, within. 

Binnen-. internal, inner, inside, inland. 

Binnendruck, TO. internal pressure. 

Binnenhandel, TO. domestic trade. 

Binnensteuer, /. internal revenue. 

Binse, /. rush. 

Biochemie, /. biochemistry. 

biochemisch, a. biochemical. 

Biolog, TO. biologist. 

biologisch, a. biological. 

birgt, pr. 8 sing, of bergen. 

Birke, /. birch. 

birken, a. birch, birchen. 

Birkenrindenol, n. oil of betula, oil of sweet 

Birne, /. pear; pear-shaped object, specif., 
(Metal.) converter; (Elec.) bulb. 



birnformig, birnenformig, a. pear-shaped, 


Birnmost, m. pear juice, (new) perry. 
Birnol, n. pear oil. 
Birnwein, m. perry. 
birst, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of bersten. 
bis, prep, till, until, up to. conj. till, until. 
Bisam, m. musk. 
bisamartig, a. musky. 
Bischof, m. bishop. 
bisher, adv. hitherto, as yet. 
bias, pret. of beissen. 
Biss, m. bite; sting. 
bisschen, n. bit, little bit. 
Bissen, m. morsel, bit; (Med.) bolus. 
Bistum, n. episcopate. 
bisweilen, adv. sometimes, occasionally. 
Bitte, /. request, prayer. 
bitten, v.t. ask, beg, invite. 
Bittererde, /. magnesia. 
Bitterkalk, Bitterkalkspat, TO. dolomite. 
Bitterklee, TO. buck bean (Menyanthes). 
Bitterkleesalz, n. oxalic acid. 
bitterlos, a. free from bitterness. 
Bittermandel, /. bitter almond. 
Bittermandelgeist, m. spirit (or essence) of 

bitter almond. 
Bittermandelol, n. oil of bitter almond, benzal- 

dehyde; (kiinstliches) nitrobenzene. 
Bittermittel, n. bitter. 

Bittersalz, n. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). 
Bittersaure, /. picric acid. 
Bitterspat, m. magnesite; sometimes, 


Bitterstein, m. nephrite; saussurite. 
Bitterstoff, TO. bitter principle. 
Bittersiiss, n. bittersweet. 
Bitterwasser, n. bitter water (containing Epsom 

salt); (Pharm.) bitter-almond water. 
Bitterwurzel, /. gentian root. 
bituminos, a. bituminous. 
blahen, v.t. inflate, swell; cause flatulence. 
Blahsucht, /. flatulence. 
Blahungsmittel, n. carminative. 
blahungstreibend, p.a. carminative. 
blaken, v.i. smoke. 
blamieren, v.t. expose to ridicule. 
blanchieren, v.t. blanch, whiten. 
Blanchissure, /. light spot (due to imperfect 

blank, a. bright, clear, clean, polished; naked, 

bare; white, blank. 
blankkochen, v.t. (Sugar) boil down without 


blankputzen, v.t. polish, scour. 
Blanktran, m. clear, light yellow cod oil. 
Bias-, blast. 

Blasapparat, m. blast apparatus. 
Blasbalg, m. bellows. 
Blaschen, n. small bubble, bleb; vesicle. 


!f /. bubble, bleb; blister, vesicle; bladder; 
bladder-shaped vessel, as the body of a still. 

Blase-, blowing, blast. 

Blasebalg, TO. bellows. 

Blaselampe, /. blast lamp. 

blasen, v.t. blow; (Metal.) smelt in a blast 
furnace; inject (steam). 

Blasengarung, /. bubbling (or bubble) fermen- 

Blasengriin, n. sap green. 

Blasenpflaster, n. (Pharm.) cantharides cerate. 

Blasensaure, /. uric acid. 

Blasenstein, m. urinary calculus. 

Blasentang, TO. bladder wrack (Fucus vcsi- 

blasenziehend, p.a. blistering, vesicatory. 

Blaseofen, TO. blowing furnace; blast furnace. 

Blaserei,/. (glass) blowing; glass-blowing shop. 

Blaserohr, n. blowpipe, blast pipe; nozzle (of 

Blasetisch, TO. blast-lamp table. 

blasig, a. blistery, blistered, vesicular. 
blasiger Kupferstein, pimple metal. 

Blaslampe, /. blast lamp. 

blass, a. pale. 

blassgelb, a. pale yellow. 

blast, pr. 3 sing, of blasen. 

Blastisch, m. = Blasetisch. 

Blatt, n. leaf; lamina, lamella, plate, flake; sheet 
(of paper); blade; journal, newspaper. 

Blattchen, n. lamina, lamella; small leaf, leaf- 
let; slip (of paper). 

blattchenartig, a. lamelliform, laminiform. 

Blattchenpulver, n. leaf powder. 

Blatteisen, n. sheet iron. 

Blatter,/, blister, pimple; pi. smallpox. 

Blatter, pi. of Blatt. 

Blattererz, n. foliated tellurium (nagyagite). 

blatterig, a. leafy, foliated, laminated. 

Blatterkies, TO. lamellar pyrites. 

Blatterkohle, /. foliated coal, slate coal. 

blattern, v.r. flake, exfoliate. 

Blatterstein, m. variolite. 

Blattertellur, n. foliated tellurium (nagyagite). 

Blatterton, m. foliated clay. 

Blatterzeolith, TO. foliated zeolite (heulandite) . 

Blattfederchen, n. =Blattkeim. 

Blattgelb, n. xanthophyll. 

Blattgold, n. leaf gold, gold leaf, gold foil. 

Blattgrun, n. leaf green, chlorophyl. 

Blattkeim, TO. plumule, (of malt, etc.) acrospire. 

Blattkupfer, n. sheet copper. 

Blattlack, m. shellac. 

Blattmetall, n. sheet metal; leaf metal. 

blattrig, a. = blatterig. 

Blattsilber, n. silver leaf. 

Blattzinn, n. tin foil. 

blau, a. blue. blaue Erde, blue earth, specif., 
earthy vivianite. 

Blau, n., Blaue, /. blue; blueness. 




Blaudampfen, n. (Ceram.) blue-smoking. 
Blaueisenerde, /. earthy vivianite. 
Blaueisenspat, n., Blaueisenstein, m. vivianite; 

(faseriger) crocidolite. 
blaueln, v.t. blue; beetle. 
blauen, blauen, v.t. blue, dye blue. v.i. turn 


Blauerei, /. indigo dye-house. 
Blaufarbe, /. blue color; smalt. 
Blaufarbenglas, n. smalt. 
Blaufarber, m. dyer in blue. 
Blaugas, n. Blau gas (named from its inventor). 
Blauholz, n. logwood. 
Blauholzspane, logwood chips. 
Blaukohl, m. red cabbage. 
Blaukiipe, /. blue vat, specif., indigo vat. 
blaulich, a. bluish. 
Blaumiihle, /. smalt mill. 
Blauofen, m. flowing furnace. 
Blaupause, /. blue-print tracing. 
Blauprobe, /. blue test. 
Blausalz, n. potassium ferrocyanide. 
Blausand, m. coarsest smalt, 
blausauer, a. of or combined with hydrocyanic 

acid, cyanide of. gelbes blausaures Kali, 

potassium ferrocyanide.-r-rotes blausaures 

Kali, potassium ferricyanide. 
Blausaure, /. hydrocyanic acid. 
Blauschorl, m. cyanite. 
Blauspat, m. lazulite. 
Blaustein, m. bluestone, blue vitriol; lazulite; 

(Metal.) blue metal, blue matt. 
Blaustich, m. bluish tinge or tint. 
Blaustift, m. blue pencil. 
Blaustoff, m. cyanogen. 
Blech,n. plate, sheet, sheet metal; foil. weisses 

Blech, tin plate. schwarzes Blech, black 

iron plate. 

Blechbuchse, /. tin can. 
blechen, blechern, a. tin (plate). 
Blechflasche, /. narrow-necked tin vessel. 
Blechgefass, n. tin (plate) vessel. 
Blechhafen, TO., Blechkanne, /. tin can. 
Blechkasten, m. tin box or case. 
Blechtrichter, m. tin funnel. 
Blechware, /. tinware. 
Blei, n. lead. 

Bleiantimonerz, n. zinkenite. 
Bleiasche, /. lead dross; lead ash; the gray film 

of oxide on lead exposed to air. 
Bleiarbeit, /. lead smelting; plumbing. 
Bleibaum, m. lead tree, arbor saturni. 
bleiben, v.i. remain, stay, last. bleibend, p.a. 

permanent, lasting, durable, stable, (of 

colors) fast; persistent. bleibende Harte, 

permanent hardness 
Bleibliite, /. mimetite. 
bleich, a. pale, white. 
Bleichanstalt, /. bleachery. 
Bleichbad, n. bleaching liquor. 

Bleiche, /. bleaching; bleachery; paleness, 

bleichen, v.t. bleach; whiten; blanch. v.i. lose 

color, fade; turn white or pale. 
Bleicher, m. bleacher. 
Bleicherde, /. fuller's earth. 
Bleicherei, /. bleaching. 
Bleichfass, n. bleaching vat. 
Bleichfleck, m. bleaching stain. 
Bleichfliissigkeit, /. bleaching liquor. 
Bleichgut, n. batch of cloth for bleaching. 
Bleichhollander, TO. (Paper) poaching engine, 

Bleichhiilfsmittel, n. something used to assist 

bleaching, bleaching assistant. 
Bleichkalk, m. chloride of lime (bleaching 


Bleichkasten, TO. bleaching vat. 
Bleichlauge, /. bleaching lye (or liquor). 
Bleichmittel, n. bleaching agent, decolorant. 
Bleichprozess, m. bleaching process. 
Bleichpulver, n. bleaching powder. 
Bleichsalz, n. bleaching salt (chloride of lime, 

sodium hypochlorite, etc.). 
Bleichsoda, n. bleaching soda. 
Bleich vorbereitungsmittel, n. preliminary 

bleaching assistant. 
Bleich wasser, n. bleaching liquor; chlorine 


Bleichwirkung, /. bleaching action or effect. 
Bleichzweck, TO. bleaching purpose (s). 
Bleierde, /. earthy cerussite. 
bleiern, a. lead, leaden; dull, heavy. 
Bleierz, n. lead ore. 
Bleiessig, m. vinegar of lead (aqueous solution 

of lead acetate). 
Bleiextrakt, TO. = Bleiessig. 
Bleifahlerz, n. bournonite. 
bleifarben, bleifarbig, a. lead-colored. 
Bleifeder, /. lead pencil. 
Bleiflasche, /. lead bottle. 
Bleifolie, /. lead foil. 
bleifrei, a. free from lead. 
Bleigelb, n. massicot; lead chromate. 
Bleigiesser, m. plumber. 
Bleiglanz, TO. lead glance, galena. 
Bleiglas, n. lead glass; (Min.) anglesite. 
Bleiglasur, /. lead glaze. 
Bleiglatte, /. litharge. 

Bleiglimmer, TO. cerussite in micaceous form. 
bleihaltig, containing lead, plumbiferous. 
Bleihornerz, n., Bleihornspat, TO. phosgenite. 
Bleikammer, /. lead chamber. 
Bleikonig, m. lead regulus. 
Bleilasur, /. linarite. 
Bleilegierung, /. lead alloy. 
Bleilot, n. lead solder; plummet. 
Bleiloter, TO. lead burner. 
Bleiniere, /. bindheimite. 
Bleiocher, TO. lead ocher. 


Bleioxyd, n. lead oxide, specif., PbO. rotes 

Bleioxyd, minium. 
Bleiperoxyd, n. lead dioxide, PbOjz. 
Bleipflaster, n. lead plaster. 
Bleipflastersalbe, /. (Pharm.) diachylon oint- 

Bleirohr, n., Bleirdhre, /. lead tube or pipe. 
Bleirdstprozess, TO. lead roasting. 
Bleirot, n. red lead, minium. 
Bleisalbe,/. (Pharm.) cerate of lead subacetate. 
Bleisalpeter, TO. lead nitrate. 
Bleisalz, n. lead salt. 
Bleisammler, TO. lead accumulator, lead storage 


Bleisaure, /. plumbic acid. 
Bleischale, /. lead dish. 
Bleispat, n. cerussite; (roter) crocoisite. 
Bleispiegel, TO. specular galena. 
Bleistein, TO. lead matt. 
Bleistift, TO. lead pencil. 
Bleiverhuttung, /. lead smelting. 
Bleivitriol, TO. lead vitriol, lead sulfate, (Min.) 


Bleivitriolspat, TO. anglesite. 
Bleiwasser, n. lead water, Goulard water. 
Bleiweiss, n. white lead. 
Bleiweisssalbe, /. lead carbonate ointment. 
Bleizucker, TO. sugar of lead, lead acetate. 
Bleizuckersalbe, /. lead acetate ointment. 
Blende, /. blend, glance (specif., zinc blend, 

ZnS); blind, screen, diaphragm, stop; 


blenden, v.t. blind, dazzle. 
bleueln, v.t. beat, beetle; blue. 
Blick, TO. look, view, glance; flash; (Metal.) 

brightening (of molten silver), fulguration, 

" blick." 
blicken, v.i. glance, look; shine; (Metal.) 

brighten, lighten, give the " blick." 
Blickgold, n. refined gold still containing 


Blicksilber, n. refined silver. 
blieb, pret. of bleiben. 
blies, pret. of blasen. 
blind, a. blind; dull, tarnished; false. 
Blinddarm, TO. caecum. 
Blindheit, /. blindness. 
blindlings, adv. blindly, rashly. 
blinken, blinkern, v.i. gleam, sparkle. 
blinzeln, v.i. blink, wink. 
Blitz, TO. lightning; flash. 
Blitzlicht, n. flash-light. 
Blitzpulver, n. lycopodium. 
Blitzrohre, /. fulgurite. 
Block, TO. block; pig; ingot. 
Blockblei, n. pig lead. 
Blockhahn, m. stopcock. 
Blockmuhle, /. block mill. 
blode, a. dim-sighted; imbecile; bashful. 
Blodsinn, TO. imbecility, insanity; nonsense. 

t v Blutwolle 

bloss, a. bare, naked, nude; mere, sole. adv. 
merely, only; barely; nakedly. 

Blosse, /. bareness; unhaired hide, pelt. 

blosslegen, v.t. lay bare, strip. 

bliihen, v.i. bloom, blossom; flourish. 

Blume, /. flower; bloom, aroma, bouquet. 

bliimen, v.t. flower, figure. 

Blumenblatt, n. petal. 

Blumengartner, m. florist. 

Blumenkohl, TO. cauliflower. 

Blumenseite, /. (Leather) hair side. 

Blumenstaub, m. pollen. 

Blumentee, TO. imperial tea. 

Blumentopf, TO. flower pot. 

blumig, a. bloomy, flowery. 

Blut, n. blood. 

Blutader, /. vein. 

blutarm, a. bloodless, anemic; very poor. 

Blutbahn, /. bloodvessel. 

Blutblume, /. arnica; bloodflower (Hseman- 

Blutdruck, TO. blood pressure. 

Bliite, /. blossom, flower, bloom. 

Blutegel, TO. leech. 

bluten, v.i. bleed; suffer; (of colors) bleed, 

Blutenblatt, n. petal. 

Bliitenhiillenblatt, n. sepal. 

Bliitenstaub, m. pollen. 

Blutfarbe,/. blood color; blood pigment. 

Blutfarbstoff, TO. coloring matter of the blood, 
blood pigment. . 

Blutfaserstoff, TO. fibrin. 

Blutfleck, Blutflecken, TO. blood stain. 

Blutfliissigkeit, /. blood plasma. 

Blutgefass, n. bloodvessel. 

blutgierig, a. bloodthirsty. 

Blutholz, n. logwood. 

blutig, Of bloody. 

Blutkohle, /. blood charcoal. 

Blutkorperchen, n. blood corpuscle. 

Blutkraul, n. any of various blood-red or blood- 
stanching plants. 

Blutlauf, TO. circulation of the blood. 

Blutlaugensalz, n. potassium ferrocyanide 
(often with adj. gelbes). rotes Blutlaugen- 
salz, potassium ferricyanide. v 

blutleer, a. anemic, bloodless. 

blutlos, a. bloodless. 

blutrot, a. blood-red. 

Blutruhr, /. dysentery. 

Blutschlag, TO. apoplexy. 

Blutseuche, /. anthrax. 

Blutstein, TO. bloodstone, hematite. 

blutstillend, p.a. blood-stanching, hemastatic, 

Blutsucht, /. hemophilia. 

Blutuntersuchung, /. examination of blood. 

Blutwasser, n. blood serum. 

Blutwolle, /. dead wool. 




Blutwurz, Blutwurzel, /. any of various plants 
of red sap or supposed blood-stanching prop- 
erties, specif., bloodroot (either Sanguinaria 
canadensis or Potentilla tormentilla) . 

Bock, TO. he-goat, buck; (Brewing) bock beer; 
(Tech.) trestle, jack, horse; blunder. 

Bockasche, /. coal ashes. 

Bockholz, n. guaiacum wood, lignum-vitae. 

bockig, bockig, a. resistant, refractory. 

Bockleder, n. goat leather, kid. 

Bocknuss, /. souari nut (fruit of Caryocar) . 

Bocksaure, /. hircic acid (now known to be a 
mixture) . 

Bockseife, /. mountain soap (kind of clay). 

Bockshorn, n. fenugreek. 

Boden, m. soil; earth, ground, land; bottom; 
base; floor; loft, garret. 

Bodenanalyse, /. soil analysis. 

Bodenart, /. (kind or variety of) soil. 

Bodenblatt, n. flat bottom. 

Bodenhals, m. neck or tubulation at the 

Bodenhefe, /. grounds, dregs, lees. 

Bodenkolloid, n. soil colloid. 

Bodenkorper, m. a substance at the bottom of 
a liquid, solid phase; soil substance. 

Bodennahrstoff, TO. soil nutrient. 

Bodensatz, m. deposit, sediment, dregs, bot- 
toms, foot; (Salt) bitterings'. 

Bodenteig, m. underdough. 

Bodenuntersuchung, /. soil investigation, ex- 
amination of soil. 

Bodenventil, n. bottom valve. 

bog, pret. of biegen. 

Bogen, TO. bow, arc, bend, curve, arch; (Elec.) 
arc; sheet (of paper). 

Bogenflamme, /. arc flame. 

Bogenlampe, /. arc lamp. 

Bogenlicht, n. arc light. 

Bogenstiick, n. curved piece; (Brewing) return 

Bohle, /. plank. 

bohmisch, a. Bohemian. 

Bohne, /. bean. 

bohnen, v.t. wax. 

Bohnenkraut, n. summer savory (Satureia 
hortensis) . 

Bohnerz, Bohnenerz, n. pea ore (oolitic limonite) . 

Bohnwachs, n. polishing wax. 

bohren, v.t. bore, drill. 

Bohrer, m. borer, perforator, gimlet, auger. 

Bohrgut, n. material obtained by boring. 

Bohrloch, n. borehole, drill hole. 

Bohrmehl, n. borings, bore dust. 

Bohrstock, m. boring stock, borer. 

Bohrung, /. boring, bore. 

Boje, /. buoy. 

Bol, TO. = Bolus. 

BoUe, /. bulb. 

Bollwerk, n. bulwark. 

Bologneser, a. Bolognese, Bologna. Bolo- 

gneser Flasche, Bologna flask. 
Bolus, m. bole. roter Bolus, reddle. weisser 

Bolus, kaolin. 

Bolzen, TO. bolt; peg, pin; prop. 
Bolzenmutter, /. nut (to a bolt). 
Bolzenscheibe, /. washer (for a bolt). 
Bombe, /. bomb, shell. 
Bombenrohr, n. bomb tube. 
Bomse, /. (Cdram.) support. 
Bonitierung, /. valuation, appraisement. 
Boot, n. boat. 
Bor, n. boron. 

Bor-. boric, boron, boro-, etc. 
Borat, n. borate. 

Borathan, n. borethane, boroethane. 
Boraxhonig, TO. borax honey. 
Boraxkalk, TO. calcium borate. 
Boraxperle, /. borax bead, 
boraxsauer, a. =borsauer. 
Boraxsaure, /. boric acid. 
Boraxspat, TO. boracite. 
Boraxweinstein, m. boryl potassium tartrate, 

(Pharm.) tartarus boratus. 
Borazit, n. boracite. 
Bcrbutan, n. borobutane. 
Borchlorid, n. boron chloride. 
Bord, m. border, edge, rim; (ship) board. 
Boretsch, TO. borage. 
Borfluorwasserstoffsaure, /., Borfluorwasser- 

stofiT, w., fluoboric acid, hydrofluoboric acid 

HBF 4 . 

Borg, TO. borrowing, credit, 
borgen, v.t. borrow; (less often) lend. 
Borium, n. boron. 
Borke, /. bark; crust, scab. 
Born, TO. spring, well; (Salt) salt pit. 
Borokalzit, n. borocalcite. 
Borsalbe, /. (Pharm.) boric acid ointment. 
borsauer, a. of or combined with boric acid, 

borate of. 

Borsaure, /. boric acid. 
Borsaureweinstein, TO. = Boraxweinstein. 
Borse, /. purse; Exchange. 
Borst, TO. burst, crack, fissure. 
Borste, /. bristle. 
borste, pret. subj. of bersten. 
Borstickstoff, TO. boron nitride. 
borstig, a. cracked; bristly; surly. 
Borte, /. border, edging; lace. 
Borwasserstoff, TO. boron hydride. 
Borwolframsaure, /. borotungstic acid, 
bosartig, a. malignant, wicked. 
Boschung, /. slope, sloping, 
bose, a. bad, evil; harmful, noxious; sore, 

aching. hoses Wesen, "epilepsy. boses 

Wetter, choke damp, 
boshaft, a. malicious, malignant. 
Bosheit, /. malice, malignity, anger. 
Bossirwachs, n. molding wax. 




hot, pret. of bieten. 

Botanik, /. botany. 

Botaniker, TO. botanist. 

botanisch, a. botanical. 

Bote, TO. messenger. 

Botschaft, /. message; embassy; pi. tidings. 

Bottcher, m. cooper. 

Bottich, TO. vat, tub, tun, tank, back, vessel. 

Bottichkiihler, TO. (Brewing) attemperator. 

Bouteille, /. bottle. 

brach, pret. of brechen. 

brach, a. fallow. 

brachte, pret. of bringen. 

Brack, TO. refuse. 

brackig, a. brackish. 

Brambeere, /. blackberry. 

Bramme, /. slab (of iron), bloom. 

Brand, TO. burning; fire; charge (of a kiln or 
oven); blight, smut; gangrene, slough; brand. 

Branderz, . inflammable ore (as bituminous 
shale, or as idrialite). 

brandfest, a. fireproof. 

Brandfleck, Brandflecken, TO. burn. 

Brandgold, n. refined gold. 

Brandharz, n. empyreumatic resin. 

brandig, a. burnt; blasted; gangrenous. 

brandmarken, v.l. brand. 

Brandole, oils obtained by destructive dis- 

Brandprobe, /. fire test, fire assay. 

Brandriss, TO. fire crack. 

Brandsatz, TO., Brandzeug, n. Valenciennes (in- 
cendiary composition). 

Brandschiefer, TO. bituminous shale. 

Brandsilber, n. refined silver. 

Brandstein, m. brick. 

Brandstiftung, /. incendiarism, arson. 

Brandung, /. surf, breaker. 

Brandziegel, TO. firebrick. 

Branke, /. =Brenke. 

brannte, pret. of brennen. 

Branntwein, TO. spirits (brandy, whisky, etc.). 

Branntweinblase, /. still (for spirits). 

Branntweinbrenner, TO. distiller. 

Brannt weinbrennerei, /. distillation (of spirits) ; 

Branntweinhefe, /. alcohol ferment (Saccharo- 
myces cerevisii). 

Branntweinmixtur, /. (Pharm.) mixture of 
brandy, brandy mixture. 

Branntweinprober, TO. alcoholometer. 

Branntweinwage, /. alcoholometer. 

branstig, a. of a burnt smell or taste. 

Brasil, Brasilien, n. Brazil. 

Brasilinsaure, /. brasilinic acid. 

Brasilsaure, /. brasilic acid. 

Brassinsaure, /. brassic acid. 

brat, pr. 3 sing, of braten. 

braten, v.t. roast; grill, broil, fry; burn, 

Braten, m. roast (meat). 
Bratenfett, n. drippings. 
Bratfrischarbeit, /. roasting and refining. 
Brau, Brail, TO. brew, quantity brewed at one 

time; malt liquor. 

Braubursch, m. brewery journeyman. 
Brauch, TO. custom, usage. 
brauchbar, a. useful, serviceable. 
brauchen, v.t. use; want, need. 
Braue, /. (eye) brow. 
brauen, v.t. & i. brew. 
Brauer, TO. brewer. 
Brauerei, /. brewing; brewery. 
Brauerlack, TO. brewer's varnish. 
Brauhaus, Brauhaus, n. brewery. 
Braukessel, TO. (Brewing) kettle, copper. 
Braumeister, TO. master brewer. 
braun, a. brown; bay (horse); dark (person). 

brauner Glaskopf, limonite. 
Braunbleierz, n. pyromorphite. 
Braune, /. quinsy; angina; brownness. 
Brauneisenstein, TO., Brauneisenerz, n. brown 

iron ore, limonite. 
Braunelle, /. =Brunelle. 
braunen, v.t. brown, dye brown; bronze. 
Braunerz, n. limonite. 
Braunheil, n. =Brunelle. 
Braunholz, n. logwood. 
Braunkalk, m. dolomite. 
Braunkohle, /. brown coal, lignite. 
Braunkrausen, (Brewing) fuzzy heads. 
Braunrot, n. colcothar; Indian red. 
Braunschliff, TO. (Paper) steamed mechanical 


Braunschweig, n. Brunswick. 
Braunspane, TO. pi. logwood shavings. 
Braunspat, TO. dolomite. 
Braunstein, TO. pyrolusite (MnOz). roter 

Braunstein, rhodochrosite. schwarzer 

Braunstein, hausmannite. 
Braunsteinrahm, Braunsteinschaum, TO. bog 

manganese, wad. 

Brauntran, m. (Leather) blubber, thick cod oil. 
Braupfanne, /. = Braukessel. 
Brause, /. effervescence; sprinkler, rose, sprink- 
ling can. 

Brausebad, n. shower bath. 
Brauselithiumcitrat, n. (Pharm.) effervescent 

lithium citrate. 

Brausemischung, /. effervescing mixture. 
brausen, v.i. effervesce, froth; roar; buzz. 
Brausepulver, n. effervescing powder. 
Brausewein, TO. sparkling wine. 
Braut, /. bride, betrothed. 
Brautigam, TO. bridgroom. 
Brauwasser, n. (Brewing) liquor. 
Brauwesen, n. brewing business. 
brav, a. brave, gallant, good. 
Brecharznei, /. emetic. 
Brechbacken, crusher jaws. 




brechbar, a. refrangible; breakable, brittle. 

Brechbohne, /. kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) . 

Brecheisen, n. crowbar. 

brechen, v.t. break; refract; mine, quarry; crush, 
pulverize; vomit; pluck; fold; blend (colors) ; 
boil off (silk). v.i. break; crease, crinkle; 
(of dye baths) change, decompose. gebro- 
chen, p.a. broken, etc.; fractional; crooked, 
bent; worn out; ruined. 

brechenerregend, a. emetic. 

Brechhaufen, TO. (Brewing) broken piece. 

Brechkorner, castor beans. 

Brechmittel, n. emetic. 

Brechnuss, /. nux vomica. 

Brechstange, /. crowbar, pinch bar. 

Brechung, /. breaking, etc. (see brechen); 
(Physics) refraction. 

Brechungsebene, /. (Optics) plane of refrac- 

Brechungsexponent, m. refractive index. 

Brechungsverhaltnis, n. refractive index. 

Brechungsvermogen, n. refractive power. 

Brechungswinkel, m. angle of refraction. 

Brechwalzwerk, n. crushing rolls (or rollers). 

Brechwein, TO. (Pharm.) wine of antimony, anti- 
monial wine. 

Brechweinstein, TO. tartar emetic. 

Brechwerk, n. crusher. 

Brechwurzel, /. ipecacuanha, ipecac. 

Brei, TO. (something of porridgelike consis- 
tency) pulp, mash, paste; magma; porridge, 
pap; (Ceram.) slip. 

breiartig, breiig, a. pulpy, pappy, pasty. 

breit, a. broad, wide; flat. 

Breite, /. breadth, width; latitude. 

breiten, v.t. spread, extend, flatten. 

Breitleder, n. sole leather. 

Breiumschlag, TO. poultice, cataplasm. 

Bremer, a. Bremen. 

Bremse, /. brake; gadfly. 

Brenkas, n. fine East-Indian tin. 

Brenke, /. (Brewing) yeast tub. 

Brennapparat, m. distilling apparatus, still; 
branding machine. 

Brennarbeit, /. fire assaying. 

brennbar, a. combustible, burnable. brenn- 
bare Luft, hydrogen (old name). 

Brennbarkeit, /. combustibility. 

Brennblase, /. alembic, still. 

Brenncylinder, TO. (Pharm.) moxa. 

brennen, v.t. burn; calcine, roast; distil; fire, 
bake; anneal; char; scald; cauterize; brand; 
curl (hair). v.i. burn; smart. brennend, 
p. a. burning; caustic; pungent; ardent. 
gebrannt, p.a. burnt, calcined, etc. ge- 
brannte Erde, terra cotta. gebrannte 
Magnesia, magnesia usta (MgO). gebrann- 
te Wasser, distilled liquor. 

Brenner, TO. burner; distiller; brickmaker; lime 

Brennerei, /. distillery. 

Brennessel,/. (stinging) nettle ( UrtictQ. 

Brenngas, n. combustible gas, fuel gas. 

Brennglas, n. burning glass. 

Brennhelm, m. still head. 

Brennholz, n. firewood. 

Brennkapsel, /. sagger. 

Brennkolben, m. distilling flask, alembic. 

Brennmaterial, n. combustible material, fuel. 

Brennofen, m. burning oven, baking oven, 

kiln, furnace, roasting furnace, calcining 

furnace, etc. 
Brennol, n. burning oil. 
Brennpunkt, TO. focal point, focus. 
Brennschwindung, /. (Ceram.) shrinkage in 


Brennsilber, n. amalgam for silvering. 
Brennstahl, TO. blister steel. 
Brennstoff, TO. fuel, combustible; (Old Chem.) 


Brennstunde, /. lamp hour. 
Brennweite, /. focal distance, focal length. 
Brennwert, TO. fuel value, calorific value. 
Brennziegel, TO. firebrick; fuel briquet. 
Brennzylinder, TO. =Brenncylinder. 
Brenz, n. empyreuma, combustible. 
Brenz-. pyro-. 

Brenzapfelsaure, /. maleic acid. 
Brenzcain, n. (Pharm.) pyrocain. 
Brenzcatechin, n. pyrocatechol, pyrocatechin. 
Brenzessigather, Brenzessiggeist, TO. acetone. 
Brenzgallussaure, /. pyrogallic acid. 
Brenzharz, n. =Brandharz. 
brenzlich, brenzlig, a. empyreumatic, tarry. 

brenzlige Sauren, pyro acids. 
Brenzol, n. empyreumatic oil. 
Brenzsaure, /. pyro acid. 
Brenzschleimsaure, /. pyromucic acid. 
Brenzterebinsaure, /. pyroterebic acid. 
Brenztraubenalkohol, TO. pyroracemic alcohol. 
Brenztraubensaure, /. pyroracemic acid. 
Brenzweinsaure, /. pyrotartaric acid. 
Brett, n. board, plank; shelf; office, 
brettern, a. of boards, boarded. 
Brettmiihle, /. sawmill. 
Brezel, /. cracknel. 
bricht, pr. 8 sing, of brechen. 
Brief, m. letter; paper, packet. 
Briefchen, n. note. 
Briefgeld, n. postage. 

brieflich, a. written. adv. by letter, in writing. 
Briefmarke, /. postage stamp. 
Briefpapier, n. writing paper. 
Briefschaften, writings, papers. 
Briefstempel, TO. postmark. 
Brieftisch, m. desk. 
Briefumschlag, TO. envelope, wrapper. 
Briefwechsel, TO. correspondence. 
briet, pret. of braten. 
Brikett, n. briquet, briquette. 




Brillantgelb, n. brilliant yellow. 

Brillantgriin, n. brilliant green. 

Brille, /. spectacles, eyeglasses. 

Brillenglas, n. spectacle glass. 

bringen, v.t. bring; carry, take, put. 

Brisanz, /. shattering power. 

Brise, /. breeze. 

brockelig, a. brittle, friable, fragile. 

brockeln, v.t. crumble. 

brocken, v.t. crumble, break up. 

Brocken, m. lump, fragment; crumb. 

Brockenglas, n. broken glass, cullet. 

brocklig, a. = brockelig. 

Brod, n. =Brot. 

brodeln, v.i. bubble. 

Brodem, m. vapor, steam; (Mining) foul air. 

Brokat, m. brocade. 

Brom, n. bromine. 

Brom-. of or combined with bromine; bromo- 

(as Brombenzoesdure, bromobenzoic acid); 

bromide of (as Brombarium, barium bromide). 
Bromammonium, n. ammonium bromide. 
Bromantimon, n. antimony bromide. 
Bromarsen, n. arsenic bromide. 
Bromather, m. ethyl bromide. 
Bromathyl, n. ethyl bromide. 
Bromathylen, n. ethylene bromide. 
Brombeere, /. blackberry. 
Bromcyan, n. cyanogen bromide, bromocyano- 


Bromeiscn, n. iron bromide. 
Bromflasche, /. bromine bottle. 
Bromfluor, n. bromine fluoride. 
Bromgoldkalium, n. potassium auribromide, 

potassium bromaurate. 

Bromhydrat, n. hydrobromide; bromine hy- 
Bromid, n. bromide (especially an -ic bromide, 

as contrasted with Bromur). 
bormieren, v.t. brominate. 
Bromierung, /. bromination. 
Bromkalium, n. potassium bromide. 
Bromkalzium, n. calcium bromide. 
Bromkampher, m. bromocamphor, (Pharm.) 

monobromated camphor. 
Bromkupfer, n. copper bromide. 
Bromlauge, /. bromine lye (solution of sodium 

hypobromite and bromide made by passing 

bromine into sodium hydroxide solution). 
BromlHhium, n. lithium bromide. 
Brommagnesium, n. magnesium bromide. 
Brommetall, n. metallic bromide. 
Bromnatrium, n. sodium bromide. 
Bromphosphor, m. phosphorus bromide. 
Bromradium, n. radium bromide. 
bromsauer, a. of or combined with bromic acid, 

bromate of. 

Bromsaure, /. bromic acid. 
Bromschwefel, m. sulfur bromide. 
Bromsilber, n. silver bromide. 

Bromsilizium, . silicon bromide. 
Bromspat, n. bromyrite (AgBr). 
Bromiibertrager, m. bromine carrier. 
Bromur, n. (-ous) bromide. (Used for a metal 

in its lower valence, as Eisenbromiir, ferrous 


Bromwasser, n. bromine water. 
Bromwasscrstoff, m. hydrogen bromide; hydro- 

bromic acid. 
bromwasserstoffsauer, a. of or combined with 

hydrobromic acid, (usually) hydrobromide of. 
Bromwasserstoffsaure, /. hydrobromic acid. 
Bromwismut, m. & n. bismuth bromide. 
Bromzahl, /. bromine number. 
Bromzink, n. zinc bromide. 
Bromzinn, n. tin bromide. 
Bronce, /. bronze. 
Bronzefarbe, /. bronze color, 
bronzieren, v.t. bronze. 
Brosam, Brosame, /. crumb, scrap. 
Broschen, n. sweetbread. 
broschieren, v.t. stitch, sew, work; bind in 

paper cover. 
Broschure, /. stitched (but unbound) book; 

Brot, n. bread; loaf. 
Brotbacken, n. bread baking. 
Brotchen, n. roll. 

Brotgeschmack, n. (Brewing) steam taste. 
Brotherr, m. employer. 
Brotkorn, n. breadstuff. 
brotlos, a. unemployed, unprofitable. 
Brotmasse, /. breadstuff. 
Brotrafflnade, /. loaf sugar. 
Brotzucker, m. loaf sugar. 
Brown'sche Bewegung, Brownian movement. 
Bruch, m. fracture; fraction; break, breaking, 

breach, crack, cleft; fold, crease, wrinkle, 

crimp; quarry; fragments, scrap; rupture, 

(Med.) hernia. 
Bruchblei, n. scrap lead. 
Bruchdehnung, /. breaking tension; stretch (of 


Brucheisen, n. scrap iron. 
bruchfest, a. resisting breakage. 
Bruchflache, /. surface of fracturp. 
Bruchgewicht, n. fractional weight. 
Bruchglas, n. broken glass, cullet. 
Bruchgramm, n. fraction of a gram. 
briichig, a. brittle, short; friable; fragile; full of 

cracks; (GeoZ.) clastic, fragmental. briichig 

werden (of fabrics) tender. 
Bruchmetall, n. broken metal, scrap metal. 
Bruchstein, m. quarry stone. 
Bruchstiick, n. fragment, shred. 
Bruchteil, m. fraction. 
Briicke, /. bridge. 

Briickensauerstoff, TO. bridging oxygen, con- 
necting oxygen. 
Bruckenwage, /. platform balance. 




Bruder, ra. brother; friar. 

Bruhe, /. soupy liquid, liquor; broth, soup; 
gravy, sauce; (Dyeing) liquor, bath; (Leather) 
juice, liquor, drench, ooze; (Tobacco) sauce. 

briihen, v.t. scald, treat with hot water; scour. 

briihheiss, a. scalding hot. 

Briihmesser, m. (Leather) barkometer. 

briillen, v.i. roar, bellow, howl. 

brummen, v.i. hum, buzz, low, growl; grumble. 

Bru nolle. /. self-heal (Prunella vulgaris). 

brunieren, br tinier en, v.t. burnish, polish; 
brown. v.i. turn brown. 

Briinierstein, TO. burnishing stone; bloodstone. 

Brunnen, TO. well, spring; fountain; (mineral) 

Brunnenflasche, /. mineral-water bottle; siphon 

Brunnenkresse, /. watercress. 

Brunnensalz, n. well salt, brine salt. 

briinstig, a. ardent; fervent; in heat. 

Brust, /. breast, chest; brisket. 

Brust-. of the chest; thoracic; pectoral. 

Brustangst, /. angina pectoris. 

Brustbeere, /. jujube, zizyphus. 

Brustdriise, /. mammary gland. 

briisten, v.r. plume Oneself. 

Brustfell, n. pleura. 

Brustfellentziindung, /. pleurisy. 

Brustfieber, n. bronchitis. 

Brustgang, TO. thoracic duct. 

Brustkasten, Brustkorb, m. thorax. 

Brustkrampf, TO. asthma. 

Brustpulver, n. pectoral powder, specif., com- 
pound licorice powder. 

brustreinigend, p.a. expectorant. 

Briistung, /. parapet, breast wall. 

Brut, /. brood, hatch; brooding, hatching. 

briiten, v.i. brood, hatch, incubate. 

Brutkasten, Brutofen, Brutschrank, TO. incu- 

brutto, a. & adv. gross. 

Bruttoformel, /. a formula indicating merely the 
number of atoms of each kind, and not their 
mode of union, an empirical molecular 
formula (e.g.. CaH.s). 

Bruttogewicht, n. gross weight. 

Bube, TO. boy; knave. 

Bubonenpest, /. bubonic plague. 

Bucco-. buchu. 

Buccoblatter, (Pharm.) buchu. 

Buch, n. book; quire. 

Buchdrucker, TO. printer. 

Buchdruckerei, /. printing establishment, press; 

Buchdruckerschwarze, /. printer's ink. 

Buche, /. beech. 

Buchecker, /. beechnut. 

Buchel, /. beechnut. 

buchen, b lichen, a. beechen, of beech. 

Buchenholz, n. beech wood. 

Buchenrinde, /. beech bark. 

Buchfuhren, n. bookkeeping. 

Buchgold, n. leaf gold. 

Buchhalter, m. bookkeeper, accountant. 

Buchhandler, TO. bookseller; publisher. 

Buchnuss, /. beechnut. 

Buchsbaum, TO. box-tree. 

Buchse, Biichse, /. box, chest, case, can, pot; 

rifle; (Mach.) bush, box, socket. 
Biichsenfleisch, n. canned meat, tinned meat, 
biichsenformig, a. box-shaped. 
Buchsengemuse, n. canned vegetables. 
Biichsenmacher, TO. gunsmith. 
Buchsenmetall, Biichsenmetall, n. bush metal, 

bearing metal. 

Biichsenmiihle, /. barrel mill. 
Biichsenpulver, n. rifle powder. 
Biichsenschuss, m. gunshot. 
Buchstabe, TO. letter; character; type. 
Buchstabenrechnung, /. algebra. 
buchstabieren, v.t. spell. 
buchstablich, a. literal. 
Bucht, /. bay, inlet; sinus. 
Buchweizen, TO. buckwheat. 
Buckel, TO. hump; knob; knot. 
bttcken, v.r. stoop. 
Buckling, TO. red herring, bloater. 
Bucko-, Bucku-. buchu. 
Bude, /. booth, stall, shop. 
Buff el, TO. buffalo. 

Bug, TO. bend, bow; bow (of a boat). 
Biigel, TO. bow (any curved piece of metal, 

wood, or the like); hoop; guard, frame; 

handle (of a pail, etc.). 
biigelecht, a. fast to ironing. 
Bugeleisen, n. flatiron. 
biigeln, v.t. iron. 

Biihne,/. platform, scaffold; stage, theater. 
buk, pret. of backen. 
biiken, v.t. = beuchen. 
Bukko-, Bukku-. buchu. 
bummeln, v.i. loaf, stroll about. 
Bund, n. bundle, bunch. 
Bund, TO. band, tie; alliance. 
Biindel, n. bundle, bunch; parcel, packet. 
Bundesrat, TO. federal council. 
Bundestag, m. federal diet, 
biindig, a. flush; valid; concise. 
Biindnis, n. alliance. 
Bundstahl, TO. fagot steel. 
Bunsenbrenner, m. Bunsen burner. 
bunt, a. variegated, many-colored, motley; 

mottled, speckled; colored; gay, fancy, 


Buntdruck, TO. color printing; color print. 
buntfarben, v.t. stain. 
buntfarbig, a. variegated. 

Buntkupfererz, n., Buntkupferkies, m. bornite. 
Buntpapier, n. stained paper; marbled paper. 
Biirde, /. burden, load, charge. 


Bureau, n. office; bureau. 

Biirettenbiirste, /. burette brush. 

Biirettengestell, n. burette stand. 

Biirettenhalter, m. burette holder. 

Biirettenklemme, /. burette clamp. 

Biirettenschwimmer, m. burette float. 

Burg, /. castle, stronghold. 

biirge, pret. subj. of bergen. 

btirgen, v.i. give bail; vouch. 

Burger, m. citizen; townsman; civilian. 

Biirgerkrieg, m. civil war. 

biirgerlich, a. civil; common; civilian. 

Biirgermeister, m. mayor, burgomaster. 

Biirgerstand, m. citizenry; middle class. 

Biirgersteig, m. sidewalk. 

Biirgschaft, /. security, bail. 

Burgunder, m. Burgundy (wine). 

Burgunderharz, n. Burgundy pitch. 

Bursche, m. fellow; lad; servant; student. 

Biirste, /. brush. 

Busch, m. bush; copse; tuft. 

Biischel, m. tuft, bunch, cluster; (Elec.) brush. 

buschelformig, a. tuft-like, clustered. 

Busen, m. bosom, breast; bay. 

Busse, /. penance, fine, penalty. 

biissen, v.t. atone for, make good. 

bussfertig, a. penitent, repentant. 

10 bzw. 

Biiste, /. bust. 

Butan, n. butane. 

Butte, Biitte, /. tub, vat, back, tank, chest. 

Biittel, m. beadle; bailiff. 
| biittengefarbt, p.a. unbleached (paper). 

Buttenpapier, n. vat paper, handmade paper. 
i Butter-, butter; butyric, butyryl, butyro-. 

butterahnlich, butterartig, a. buttery, buty- 

Butterbaum, m. shea tree. 

Butterblume, /. buttercup. 

Butterfass, n. churn. 

Butterfett, n. butter fat; butyrin. 

Buttergarung, /. butyric fermentation. 

butterig, a. buttery. 

Buttermilch, /. buttermilk. 

buttern, v.t. churn; butter. v.i. yield butter. 

Butternuss, /. butternut. 

Butterpriifer, m. butter tester. 

buttersauer, a. of or combined with butyric 
acid, butyrate of. 

Buttersaure, /. butyric acid. 

Buttersaureather, m. ethyl butyrate; pi. 
butyric esters. 

bzgl., abbrev. (beztiglich) respecting. 

Bzl., abbrev. (Benzol) benzene. 

bzw., abbrev. (beziehungsweise) respectively, or. 

C., dbbrev. of Chemisches Zentralblatt. 

ca., abbrev. (circa, zirka) about. 

Cachou, n. catechu. 

cachoutieren, v.t. dye with catechu or cutch. 

Cadmium-, see Kadmium-. 

Caincasaure, /. cahincic acid. 

Caincawurzel, /. cahinca (root). 

Caincin, n. cahincin. 

Cajeputgeist, m. spirit of cajuput. 

calcinieren, v.i. calcine. 

Calciumhydriir, n. calcium hydride (CaHa). 

Calciumjodid, n. calcium iodide. 

Calisayarinde, /. calisaya bark. 

calorimetrisch, a. calorimetric. 

camentieren. = cementieren. 

Campane, /. bell jar. 

Campecheholz, n. logwood. 

Camphansaure, /. camphanic acid. 

Camphor, TO. camphor. (For compounds see 
Kampher-) . 

canadisch, a. Canadian. 

Cantharinsaure, /. cantharidic acid. 

Cantharsaure, /. cantharic acid. 

Caoutschuk, m. caoutchouc. 

Capelle, etc. = Kapelle, etc. 

capillar, etc. = kapillar, etc. 

Capriblau, n. Capri blue. 

Caprinsaure, /. capric acid. 

Capronsaure, /. caproic acid. 

Caprylsaure, /. caprylic acid. 

Capsel, etc. = Kapsel, etc. 

carbaminsauer, a. of or combined with car- 
bamic acid, carbamate of. 

Carbaminsaure, /. carbamic acid. 

Carbanilsaure, /. carbanilic acid. 

Carbidkohle, /. carbide carbon. 

carbocyclisch, a. carbocyclic. 

Carbol-. carbolic, carbolized, carbolated. 

Carbolkalk, n. carbolated lime. 

Carbolsalbe, /. (Pharm.) ointment of phenol. 

Carbolsaure, /. carbolic acid. 

carbolschwefelsauer, a. (Pharm.) of or com- 
bined with sulf ocarbolic acid,sulfocarbolate of . 

Carbolschwefelsaure, /. (Pharm.) sulf ocarbolic 
acid,sulphophenic acid (p-phenolsulf onic acid) . 

Carbolseife, /. carbolic soap. 

Carbolsulfosaure,/. = Carbolschwefelsaure. 

Carbolwasser, n. aqueous solution of phenol. 

< 'arbonat, n. carbonate. 

Carbonation, n. carbonate ion. 

carbonieren, v.t. carbonate. 

Carbonisation, /. carbonization; carbonation. 

carbonisieren, v.t. carbonize; carbonate. 

Carbonisierfliissigkeit, /. carbonizing liquor. 

Carbonsaure, /. carboxylic acid (a general term) . 

-carbonsaure, /. -carboxylic acid. 

Carbonj Lsauerstoff, m. carbonyl oxygen. 

carbozyklisch, a. carbocyclic. 

Carburateur, m. carburetor. 

carburieren, v.t. carburet, carburize. 

Carmin, etc. = Karmin, etc. 

Carnaubasaure, /. carnaubic acid. 

Carreau, n. check, square. 

Casium, n. cesium. 

Casiumalaun, m. cesium alum. 

Casiumverbindung, /. cesium compound. 

Cassawastarke, /. tapioca. 

Cassienrinde, /. cassia bark. 

Castillianer Seife, castile soap. 

Catech-. See Katech-. 

Cathartinsaure, /. cathartic acid. 

Cautel, /. precaution. 

Cautschuk, TO. = Kautschuk. 

cbcm., abbrev. cubic centimeter, cc. 

Ceder, /. cedar. 

Cedratol, n. citron ofl. 

Cedrool, n. citron oil. 

Cement, cementieren, etc. = Zement, zemen- 

tieren, etc. 

censieren, v.t. criticize. 
Censur, /. censorship; report. 
Cent-. See Zent-. 
Cer, n. cerium. 
Cerat, n. cerate. 
Cerealien, pi. cereals. 
Ceri-. eerie. 

Cerioxyd, n. eerie oxide. 
Cero-. cerous. 

Cerotinsaure, /. cerotic acid. 
Ceroverbindung, /. cerous compound. 
Chagrin, m. shagreen. 
Chamaleon, n. chameleon; chameleon mineral 

(potassium manganate). 
Chamaleonlosung, /. potassium permanganate 


Chamotte, etc. = Schamotte, etc. 
Champagner, m. champagne. 
changierend, a. changeable, shot (fabrics). 





Chappeseide, /. spun silk. 

charakterisieren, v.t. characterize. 

chargieren, v.t. charge. 

Charpie, /. lint. 

Chaussee, /. highway. 

Chef, m. chief, head, principal. 

Chemie, /. chemistry. 

Chemikalien, chemicals. 

Chemiker, m. chemist. 

Chemikerstelle, /. position of chemist. 

chemisch, a. chemical. adv. chemically. 

Chemischblau, n. chemic blue (indigo extract). 

Chemischgelb, n. patent yellow, Cassel yellow 

(lead oxy chloride). 
Chemischgriin, n. sap green. 
Chemischrot, n. Venetian red. 
chemischrein, a. chemically pure. 
Chemismus, m. chemism. 
chen. little, small, -kin, -let. 
Chesterkase, m. Cheshire cheese. 
Chiffer, Chiffre, /. cipher. 
chilenisch, a. Chilean. 
Chin-, quin- (as in Chinin, Chinidin, etc.). 
China, /. cinchona, Peruvian bark. 
Chinaalkaloid, n. cinchona alkaloid. 
Chinabasen, cinchona bases, quinine bases. 
Chinaeisenwein, m. (Pharm.) bitter wine of iron. 
Chinagerbsaure, /. quinotannic acid. 
Chinaldin, n. quinaldine. 
Chinarinde, /. cinchona bark, Peruvian bark. 
Chinarot, n. cinchona red. 
chinasauer, a. of or combined with quinic acid, 

quinate of. 

Chinasaure, /. quinic acid. 
Chinasilber, n. China silver (a plated alloy). 
Chinatinktur, /. tincture of cinchona. 
Chinawein, m. quinine wine. 
Chinazolin, n. quinazoline. 
Chindolin, n. quindoline. 
Chinen, n. quinene. 
chinesisch, a. Chinese. 
Chinesischgriin, n. Chinese green, lokao. 
Chinesischrot, n. Chinese red (basic lead 


Chinetum, n. quinetum. 
Chinhydron, n. quinhydrone. 
Chinicin, n. quinicine. 
Chinid, n. quinide. 
Chinidin, n. quinidine. 
chinieren, v.t. weave or print chine, cloud. 
Chinin, n. quinine. 
Chinineisen, Chinineisencitrat, n. citrate of 

iron and quinine. 
Chininsaure, /. quininic acid. 
Chininwein, m. quinine wine. 
Chinit, n. quinite. 
Chinizarin, n. quinizarin. 
Chinoidin, n. quinoidine. 
Chinoi, n. quinol. 
Chinolin, n. quinoline. 

Chinolingelb, n. quinoline yellow. 

Chinolinrot, n. quinoline red. 

Chi noli nsaure, /. quinolinic acid. 

Chinon, n. quinone. 

Chinopyridin, n. quinopyridine. 

Chinotropin, n. quinotropin. 

Chinovabitter, n. quinova bitter (quinovin). 

Chinovin, n. quinovin. 

Chinovose, /. quinovose. 

Chinoxalin, n. quinoxaline. 

Chinoyl, n. quinoyl. 

Chinuclidin, n. quinuclidine. 

Chiretta, /. chirata. 

Chirurg, TO. surgeon. 

Chirurgie, /. surgery. 

Chlf., abbreo. of Chloroform. 

Chlor, n. chlorine. 

Chlor-. of or combined with chlorine, chloro- 

(as Chlorbenzoesaure, chlorobenzoic acid). 

chloride of (as Chlorzink, zinc chloride). 
Chloraluminium, n. aluminium chloride. 
Chlorammonium, n. ammonium chloride. 
Chloramyl, n. amyl chloride. 
Chlorarsenik, n. chloride of arsenic. 
Chlorarseniklosung, /. (Pharm.) solution of ar- 

senious acid, hydrochloric solution of arsenic. 
Chlorat, n. chlorate. 

Chlorathyl, n. ethyl chloride, chloroethane. 
Chlorathyliden, n. ethylidene chloride. 
Chloration, /. chlorination; chlorate ion. 
Chlorbarium, Chlorbaryum, n. barium chloride. 
Chlorbenzol, n. chlorobenzene. 
Chlorbenzyl, n. benzyl chloride. 
Chlorblei, n. lead chloride. 
Chlorbleiche, /. chlorine bleaching. 
Chlorbleispat, m. phosgenite. 
Chlorbrom, n. bromine chloride. 
Chlorbromsilber, n. embolite. 
Chlorcalcium, n. calcium chloride. 
Chlorcalciumrohr, n., -rohre,/. calcium chloride 

Chlorchrom, n. chromium chloride, specif., 

chromic chloride. 

Chlorchromsaure, /. chlorochromic acid. 
Chlorcyan, n. cyanogen chloride, 
chlorecht, a. fast to chlorine. 
Chloreisen, n. iron chloride, specif., ferric 

chloren, v.t. chlore, chlorinate; (Bleaching) 


Chlorentwickler, m. chlorine generator. 
Chlorentwicklung, /. evolution or generation of 


Chloressigsaure, /. chloroacetic acid. 
Chlorgas, n. chlorine gas. 
Chlorgold, n. gold chloride, specif., auric 


Chlorgoldnatrium, n. sodium chloraurate, 
chlorhaltig, a. containing chlorine. 
Chlorhydrat, n. hydrochloride; chlorine hydrate. 


Chlorid, n. chloride (esp. an -ic chloride, as 

contracted with Chloriir). 

chlorieren, v.t. chlorinate; -.(Bleaching) chemick. 
Chlorierer, m. chlorinator. 
Chlorierung, /. chlorination. 
rhlorig, o. chlorous. chlorige Saure, chlorous 

chlorigsauer, a. of or combined with chlorous 

acid, chlorite of. 
Chlorigsaure, /. chlorous acid. 
Chlorion, n. chlorine ion. 
Chlorit, n. chlorite. 
Chloritspat, m. spathic chlorite, foliated 

Chlorjod, n. iodine chloride, specif., iodine 

Chlorkali, n. chloride of potash (potassium 

hypochlorite); potassium chloride. 
Chlorkalilosung, /. (Pharm.) solution of chlor- 
inated potassa, Javelle water. 
Chlorkalium, n. potassium chloride. 
Chlorkalk, m. chloride of lime, bleaching powder. 
Chlorkalkbad, n. (Bleaching) chemic vat. 
Chlorkalkfliissigkeit, Chlorkalklosung, /. 

(Pharm.) solution of chlorinated lime (bleach- 
ing powder solution). 
Chlorkalkkufe, /. chemic vat. 
Chlorknallgas, n. chlorine detonating gas (an 

explosive mixture of chlorine and hydrogen). 
Chlorkohlenoxyd, n. carbonyl chloride. 
Chlorkohlenoxydather, m. ethyl chlorocar- 


Chlorkohlensaure, /. chlorocarbonic acid. 
Chlorkohlenstoff, m. carbon chloride, carbon 

tetrachloride (sometimes with the adj. 


Chlorkupfer, n. copper chloride. 
Chlormagnesium, n. magnesium chloride. 
Chlormangan, n. manganese chloride. 
Chlormesser, m. chlorometer. 
Chlormetall, n. metallic chloride. 
Chlormetalloid, n. chloride of a metalloid. 
Chlormethyl, n. methyl chloride. 
Chlornatrium, n. sodium chloride. 
Chlornatron, n. chloride of soda (sodium 

Chlornatronlosung, /. (Pharm.) solution of 

chlorinated soda, Labarraque's solution. 
Chlorobenzil. n. dichlorobenzil, CeEUCOCCU- 

Chlorobenzol, n. benzal chloride. 
Chlorpikrin, n. chloropicrin. 
Chlorplatin, n. platinic chloride. 
Chlorquecksilber, . mercury chloride (either 

chlorsauer, a. of or combined with chloric acid, 

chlorate of. 

Chlorsaure, /. chloric acid. 
Chlorsaureanhydrid, n. chloric anhydride. 
Chlorsilber, n. silver chloride. 

3 Chromi- 

Chlorsilicinm, n. silicon tetrachloride. 

Chlorsoda, /. = Chlornatron. 

Chlorstickstoff, m. nitrogen chloride. 

Chlorstrom, m. stream of chlorine. 

Chlorstrontium, n. strontium chloride. 

Chlortoluol, n. chlorotoluene. 

Chloriibertrager, m. chlorine carrier. 

Chloriir, n. (-ous) chloride, (formerly) proto- 
chloride. (Used of a metal in its lower valence, 
as Eisenchlorur, ferrous chloride.) 

Chlorverbindung, /. chlorine compound. 

Chlorwasser, n. chlorine water. 

Chlorwasserstoff, m. hydrogen chloride; hydro- 
chloric acid. 

Chlorwasserstoffather. m. ethyl chloride. 

chlorwasserstoffsauer, a. of or combined with 
hydrochloric acid, chloride (or hydrochloride) 

Chlorwasserstoffsaure, /. hydrochloric acid. 

Chlorwismut, n. bismuth (tri) chloride. 

Chlorzink, n. zinc chloride. 

Chlorzinn, n. tin chloride. 

Chlorzyan, n. cyanogen chloride. 

Chokolade, /. chocolate. 

Cholalsaure,/. cholalic acid (cholic acid). 

Choleinsaure, /. choleic acid, choleinic acid. 

Cholin, n. choline. 

Cholsaure, /. cholic acid. 

Chor, m. chorus; choir. 

Chorde, /. chord. 

Christdorn, m. holly. 

Christophskraut, n., Christophswurz, /. bane- 
berry (Actsea). 

Christpalmo'I, n. castor oil. 

Chront, n. chromium; chrome. 

Chromalaun, m. chrome alum. 

Chromat, n. chromate. saures Chromat, di- 

Chrombeize, /. chrome mordant. 

Chromblei, n., Chrombleispat, m. crocoite. 

Chromchlorid, n. chromic chloride. 

Chromchloriir, n. chromous chloride. 

chromecht, a. (Dyeing) fast to chrome (potas- 
sium dichromate). 

Chromeisen, n. chromite, chromic iron. 

Chromeisenstein, m. chromite, chrome iron ore. 

Chromfluorid, n. chromic fluoride. 

chromgar, a. chrome-tanned. 

Chromgelatine, /. chrome gelatin, bichromated 

Chromgelb, n. chrome yellow (lead chromate); 
Cologne yellow (lead chromate and sulfate). 

Chromgerberei, Chromgerbung, /. chrome 

Chromglimmer, m. chrome mica. 

chromhaltig, a. containing chromium, chromif- 

Chromhydroxyd, n. chromic hydroxide. 

Chromhydroxydul, n. chromous hydroxide. 

Chromi-. chromic. 




Chromichlorid, n. chromic chloride. 

Chromierartikel, m. (Calico) chrome style. 

chromieren, v.t. chrome. 

Chromihydroxyd, n. chromic hydroxide. 

Chromisalz, n. chromic salt. 

Chromisulfat, n. chromic sulfate. 

Chromiv erbindung, /. chromic compound. 

Chromkali, n. potassium dichromate. 

Chromkarbid, n. chromium carbide. 

Chromleder, n. chrome leather. 

Chromnatron, n. sodium chromate. 

Chromo-. chromous. 

Chromochlorid, n. chromous chloride. 

Chromohydroxyd, n. chromous hydroxide. 

Chromoion, n. chromous ion. 

chromophor, a. chromophoric, chromophore, 

Chromoverbindung, /. chromous compound. 

Chromoxychlorid, n. chromium oxychloride 
(chromyl chloride). 

Chromoxyd, w. chromic oxide. 

Chromoxydhydrat, n. chromic hydroxide. 

Chromoxydnatron, n. sodium chromite. 

Chromoxydsalz, n. chromic salt. 

Chromoxydul, n. chromous oxide. 

Chromoxydul-. chromous. 

Chromoxydulverbindung, /. chromous com- 

Chromrot, n. chrome red. 

Chromsalpetersaure, /. chromonitric acid. 

Chromsalz, n. chromium salt; chromate. 

chromsauer, a. of or combined with chromic 
acid, chromate of. chromsaures Kali, potas- 
sium chromate. doppelt (rotes, saures) 
chromsaures Kali, potassium dichromate. 

Chromsaure, /. chromic acid. 

Chromsaureanhydrid, n. chromic anhydride. 

Chromsauresalz, n. salt of chromic acid, chro- 

Chromschwefelsaure, /. chromosulfuric acid. 

Chromstahl, m. chrome steel, chromium 

Chromsulf iir, n. chromium sulfide. 

Chromverbindung, /. chromium compound. 

Chylus, TO. chyle. 

Cibarot, n. ciba red. 

Cibebe, /. = Zibebe. 

Cichorie, /. chicory. 

circa, cirka, adv. about. 

cirkulieren, v.i. circulate. 

Cisstellung, /. cis position. 

Citat, n. citation, quotation. 

citieren, v.t. quote, cite; summon. 

Citrat, Citrone, etc. = Zitrat, Zitrone, etc. 

civil, a. civil; moderate. 

claircieren, v.t. clarify, specif. (Sugar) clay.. 

coag-. see koag-. 

Coaks, m. & coke. 

Cocawein, m. (Pharm.) wine of coca. 

Coccinsanre, /. coccinic acid. 

Cochenille, /. cochineal. 

Cochenillesaure, /. cochenillic acid. 

Cocos, etc. See Kokos, etc. 

Codol, n. codliver oil. 

cohobieren, v.t. cohobate. 

Colatur, /. filtrate. 

Colestin, m. celestite. 

colieren, etc. = kolieren, etc. 

Collodium, etc. See Kollodium, etc. 

Colombowiirzel, /. calumba root. 

Colonne, /. column. 

colorimetrisch, a. colorimetric. 

combinieren, v.t. combine. 

Commis, m. clerk. 

comprintieren, v.t. compress. 

Comptoir, n. office, counting house. 

cone-. See konz-. 

Condens-. See Kondens-. 

conditionieren, v.t. condition. 

conglobieren, v.t. heap up. 

Congogelb, n. Congo yellow. 

Congorot, n. Congo red. 

Coniin, n. conine, coniine. 

Conserv-. See Konserv-. 

constatieren, v.t. ascertain, verify. 

Conto, n. account. 

Conus, m. cone. 

Copaivaol, n. oil of copaiba. 

Corozonuss, /. ivory nut. 

corr., abbrev. (corrigiert) corrected. 

corrigieren, v.t. correct. 

corrodieren, v.t. & i. corrode. 

Corulein, n. cerulein. 

Coruleum, n. ceruleum. 

Cotorinde, /. coto bark. 

Cotta, /. = Deul. 

Cottonol, n. cottonseed oU. 

Couleur, /. color; caramel, burnt sugar; dark, 

coarse smalt; (pi.) fancy goods, colored 


Courant, n. currency. 
Couvert, n. envelope; cover. 
Cremor Tartar!, cream of tartar. 
Cristall, etc. = Kristall, etc. 
Crotonsaure, /. crotonic acid. 
Crystall- = Kristall-. 
Cuiteseide, /. boiled-off silk. 
Cumalinsaure, /. coumalic (or cumalic) acid. 
Cumar-. coumar- (or cumar-). 
Cumarinsaure, /. coumarinic (or cumarinic) 


Cumarsaure, /. coumaric (or cumaric) acid. 
Cuminsaure, f. cumic acid, cuminic acid. 
Ciunol, n. cumene. 
Cupri-. cupric. 

Cupricarbonat, n. cupric carbonate. 
Cuprichlorid, n. cupric chloride. 
Cuprioxyd, n. cupric oxide. 
Cuprisalz, n. cupric salt. 
Cuprisulfat, n. cupric sulfate. 


Cupriverbindung, /. cupric compound. 

Cupro-. cuprous. 

Cuprochlorid, n. cuprous chloride. 

Cupromangan, n. cupromanganese. 

Cuprooxyd, n. cuprous oxide. 

Cuproverbindung, /. cuprous compound. 

Curcuma, etc. See Kurkuma, etc. 

curs-. See kurs-. 

Cuvette, /. bulb. 

Cyan, n. cyanogen. 

Cyan-, of or combined with cyanogen, cyano- 

(as Cyanpropionsaure, cyanopropionic acid), 

cyanide of (as Cyanammonium, ammonium 


Cyanalkali, n. alkali cyanide. 
Cyanalkyl, n. alkyl cyanide. 
Cyanamidcalcium, n. calcium cyanamide. 
Cyanamidnatrium, n. sodium cyanamide. 
Cyanammonium, n. ammonium cyanide. 
Cyanat, n. cyanate. 
Cyanathyl, n. ethyl cyanide. 
Cyanbaryum, n. barium cyanide. 
Cyanbenzol, n. cyanobenzene. 
Cyanbromid, n. cyanogen bromide. 
Cyancalcium, n, calcium cyanide. 
Cyanchlorid, n. cyanogen chloride. 
Cyandoppelsalz, n. double cyanide. 
Cyaneisen, n. iron cyanide. 
Cyaneisenkalium, n. potassium ferrocyanide. 
Cyangold, n. gold cyanide. 
Cyangoldkalium, n. potassium auri- or aurocy- 




Cyanid, n. cyanide (esp. an -ic cyanide as con- 
trasted with Cyaniir). 

Cyankalium, n. potassium cyanide. 

Cyankobalt, m. cobalt cyanide. 

Cyankupfer, n. copper cyanide. 

Cyanmetall, n. metallic cyanide. 

Cyanmethyl, n. methyl cyanide. 

Cyannatrium, n. sodium cyanide. 

Cyanplatin, n. platinum cyanide. 

Cyanquecksilber, n. mercury cyanide. 

cyansauer, a. of or combined with cyanic acid, 
cyanate of. 

Cyansaure, /. cyanic acid. 

Cyansilber, n. silver cyanide. 

Cyantoluol, n. cyanotoluene. 

Cyaniir, n. (-ous) cyanide. Cf. Cyanid. 

.Cyanur-. cyanuric; cyanuryl. 

Cyanursaure, /. cyanuric acid. 

Cyanverbindung, /. cyanogen compound. 

Cyanwasserstoff, m. hydrogen cyanide; hydro- 
cyanic acid. 

cyanwasserstoffsauer, a. of or combined with 
hydrocyanic acid, cyanide of. 

Cyanwasserstoffsaure, /. hydrocyanic acid. 

Cyanzink, n. zinc cyanide. 

cyclish, a. cyclic. 

cylindern, etc. See zylindern, etc. 

Cyper-. cypress; Cyprus, Cyprian; copper. 

Cypern, n, Cyprus. 

Cypervitriol, m. (Old Chem.) blue vitriol. 

Cypressennuss, /. cypress cone. 

Cystinuriker, m. one who has cystinuria. 

d., abbrev. (der, die, das) the, of the, etc. 

D., abbrev. (Dichte) density, specific gravity. 

da, adv. there; present; then. conj. when, as, 
while, since. 

dabei, adv. thereby, there, near, besides. 

Dach, n. roof; dome (of a boiler) ; house. 

Dachbau, m. roofing. 

Dachblech, n. sheet metal for roofing. 

Dachboden, m. loft. 

Dachel, Dachel, TO. (Metal.) lump, bloom. 

Dachkammer, /. attic, garret. 

Dachkohle, /. upper coal. 

Dachpappe,/. composition roofing, roofing paper. 

Dachpfanne, /. pantile. 

Dachs, m. badger; dachshund. 

Dachschiefcr, m. roofing slate. 

Dachsel, TO. adze. 

Dachstein, m. tile, slate; bituminous shale; 
(Mining) roof rock. 

dachte, pret. of denken. 

Dachung, /. roofing. 

Dachwurz, /. common houseleek. 

Dachziegel, TO. (roofing) tile. 

Dachziegelei, /. tilery, tile kiln. 

dafiir, adv. therefor, for it; instead of it. 

dagegen, adv. against it; in comparison; in re- 
turn. conj. on the other hand; whereas. 

daheitn, adv. at home. 

daher, adv. hence, thence, therefore. 

dahin, adv. thither, there, thereto; away, over, 
gone; along. 

dahinstehen, v.i. remain uncertain. 

dahinter, adv. behind it. 

damals, adv. at that time, then. 

damasc-. see damasz-. 

Damast, m. damask. 

Damaststahl, m. damask steel, Damascus steel. 

damaszener, a. Damascene, Damascus, damask. 

damaszieren, v.t. damascene, damask. 

Damaszierung, /. damascening. 

Dame,/, lady; queen (at cards) ; king (checkers). 

Damenbrett, n. checkerboard. 

Damcnspiel, n. checkers, draughts. 

damit, adv. therewith, with, by it. conj. in 
order that. 

damlich, a. stupid, silly. 

Damm, TO. dam, dike, bank; (Med.) perineum. 

dammen, v.t. dam, dam up, stop up; curb. 

Dammerde,/. mold,humus; (Founding) pit sand. 

dammern, v.i. grow dusky; dawn. 

Dammerung, /. twilight, dusk; dawn. 

Dampf, TO. vapor; steam; fume, smoke. 
direkter Dampf, live steam. indirekter 
Dampf, exhaust steam. stickender Dampf, 
choke damp. 

Dampfartikel, TO. (Calico) steam style. 

Dampf bad, n. steam bath; vapor bath. 

Dampf blase, /. bubble of vapor or steam; still 
heated by steam. 

Dampfchlor, n. steam chemicking. 

Dampfdarre, /. steam kiln. 

dampfdicht, a. steam-tight, vapor-tight. 

Dampf dichte, /. vapor density. 

Dampf druck, TO. vapor pressure; steam pres- 
sure; steam printing. 

Dampfdruckmesser, m. manometer; steam 

dampfecht, a. fast to steaming. 

dampfen, v.i. give off vapor or steam, steam; 
evaporate; fume, smoke. 

dampfen, v.t. damp, smother; put out (fire); 
subdue (color or sound); treat with steam, 
steam, stew. 

Dampfentwickler, m. steam generator. 

Dampfer, TO. steamer. 

Dampf er, TO. damper; steamer, steam cooker. 

dampfformig, a. in the form of vapor or steam, 

Dampfgummi, n. dextrin. 

Dampf heizung, /. steam heating. 

Dampfholzschliff, m. steamed mechanical wood 

Dampf hiille, /. steam jacket; vaporous envelope. 

Dampf kanal, TO. steam pipe; steam port. 

Dampfkessel, m. steam boiler. 

Dampfkesselblech, n. boiler plate. 

Dampfkolben, m. steam piston. 

Dampfmantel, TO. steam jacket. 

Dampfmaschine, /. steam engine. 

Dampfmesser, TO. manometer; steam gage. 

Dampfrohr, n., -rohre, f. steam pipe. 

Dampfschlange, /. steam coil. 

Dampfschwarz, n. (Dyeing) steam black. 

Dampfspannung, /. vapor tension; steam ten- 

Dampfstrahl, m. steam jet. 

Dampftopf, m. (steam) digester, autoclave; 
steam sterilizer. 





Dampftrichter, m. steam funnel. 

Dampfturbine, /. steam turbine. 

Dampfiiberhitzer, TO. steam superheater. 

Dampfung, /. damping, etc. (see dampfen). 

Dam pf wager., m. steam car; locomotive. 

Dampfwarme, /. heat of vaporization; vaporiz- 
ing temperature. 

Dampfwassertopf, TO. steam trap. 

Dampfweg, m. =Dampfkanal. 

danach, adv. after that, thereupon, for it, ac- 

daneben, adv. near it, beside it, besides. 

Dank, m. thanks; reward. 

dankbar, a~ thankful; acceptable. 

danken, v.L thank. 

dann, adv. then. 

daran, adv. thereon, thereat, about it, of it 
in it. 

darangeben, v.t. give up. 

darauf, adv. thereupon, thereon, afterward. 

Darauflassen, n. (Brewing) doubling. 

daraus, adv. therefrom, thence, out of that, 
of it. 

darben, v.i. starve. 

darbieten, v.t. present, offer. 

darein, adv. therein, thereinto, in there. 

darf, pr. 1 & 3 sing, of dttrfen. 

darin, adv. therein, in it. 

darlegen, v.t. exhibit, show, display; explain; 
lay down. 

Darm, TO. gut, intestine. blinder Darm, 
caecum. dicker Darm, colon. diinner 
Darm, small intestine. gerader Darm, 
rectum. langer Darm, ileum. leerer Darm, 

Darmbein, n. ilium. 

Darmfaule, /. dysentery. 

Darmgas, n. intestinal gas. 

Darmgicht, /. ileus. 

Darmhaut, /. intestinal coat. 

Darminhalt, m. intestinal contents. 

Darmkanal, n. intestinal canal. 

Darmkot, TO. feces. 

Darmnetz, n. omentum. 

Darmruhr, /. dysentery. 

Darmsaft, m. intestinal juice. 

Darmsaite, /. catgut. 

Darmstein, TO. enterolith. 

Darmstiel, m. vitelline duct. 

Darmtiere, metazoa. 

Darm wand, /. intestinal wall. 

Darrarbeit, /. (Metal.) liquation. 

Darrboden, TO. drying floor, kiln floor. 

Darrbrett, n. drying board. 

Darre, /. drying, kiln-drying; drying room or 
kiln; (Brewing) malt kiln; (Metal.) liquation 

darreichen, v.t. offer; administer (drugs). 

darren, v.t. dry, kiln-dry; kiln; (Metal.) liquate; 
(Metal.) torrefy. 

Dan-fax, TO. (Brewing) kilnman. 

Darrflache, /. drying surface, kiln surface. 

Darrkammer, /. drying room. 

Darrkupfer, n. liquated copper. 

Darrmalz, n. kiln-dried malt, cured malt. 

Darrofen, TO. drying kiln, drying oven; (Metal.) 
liquation hearth. 

Darrreife, /. (Brewing) kiln fitness. 

Darrschrank, m. drying cabinet, drying oven. 

Darrstaub, m. malt dust. 

Darst., abbrev. (Darstellung) preparation. 

darstellen, v.t. prepare; produce, make, manu- 
facture; exhibit, display; describe. 

Darstellung, /. preparation ;? production, ^manu- 
facture; exhibition, display ; descriptionlre'pre- 
sentation; (Math.) construction. 

Darstellungsweise, /. method of preparation; 
manner of representation, style. 

dartun, v.t. prove; verify. 

dariiber, adv. over it, over there, about it, mo^re, 

darum, adv. around it, about it, therefore. 

darunter, adv. thereunder, under it, among 
them, by it. 

Dasein, n. presence; being, existence. 

dass, conj. that. 

Dattel, /. date. 

Dattelbaum, TO. date tree, date palm. 

Dattelpflaume, /. persimmon, date plum. 

Datum, n. date. 

Daube, /. stave. 

Dauer, /. duration; durability, permanence. 

Dauer-. permanent, continuous, lasting, per- 

Dauerbier, n, lager beer. 

Dauerentladung, /. continuous discharge. 

Dauergewachs, n. perennial plant, perennial. 

dauerhaft, a. durable, lasting, permanent; fast 
(colors); tough (leather). 

Dauerhaf tigkeit, /. durability, permanence. 

Dauermagnet, m. permanent magnet. 

Dauermilch, /. sterilized milk. 

dauern, v.t. last, continue, endure, keep. 

Dauerpraparat, n. permanent preparation. 

Dauerspore, /. resting spore. 

Daunt, Daumen, TO. thumb; inch; (Mech.) part 
resembling a thumb, as a cam. 

Daumenrad, n. cam wheel. 

Daumling, TO. little thumb; (Mech.) cam, knob, 
or the like. 

davon, adv. thereof, therefrom, thereby, away. 

davontragen, v.t. carry away, obtain. 

davor, adv. before it, for k, from it. 

dazu, adv. thereto, therefor. noch dazu, more- 

dazumal. adv. then. 

DD., abbrev. (Dampfdichte) vapor density. 

D.D., abbrev. (Dichten) densities. 

DE., abbrev. (Dielektrizitatskonstante) dielec- 
tric constant. 




-de. A suffix attached to verbal roots to form 
nouns which denote the result of the action or 
the thing done; as, Zierde, ornament, from 
zieren, adorn. 

decarbonisieren, v.t, decarbonize, decarburize. 

Deckblatt, n. wrapper (of a cigar) ; (Bot.) bract. 

Decke, /. cover, covering (of various kinds); 
integument, coat; roof; ceiling; blanket; 
(Sugar) cleansing, purging (also, fine liquor). 

Deckel, m. cover, lid. 

Deckelabfall, m. carding waste. 

deckeln, v.t. provide with a cover or lid. 
gedeckelt, p.a. with cover (s), covered. 

decken, v.t. cover; top (paper); cleanse, wash, 
purge. v.i. (of colors) cover. 

De-ken, n. covering; cle?nsing, washing; 
(Paints) covering power, opacity. 

Deckenstrich, m. (Leather) daub. 

Decker, TO. coverer; (Tobacco) wrapper. 

deckfahig, a. of good covering power, opaque. 

Deckfahigkeit, /. covering power, opacity. 

Deckfarbe, /. body color, opaque color. 

Deckfirnis, m. covering varnish, protecting 

Deckglas, n. cover glass, glass cover. 

Deckglaschen, n. (Micros.) cover glass. 

Deckklare, /., Deckklarsel, n. (Sugar) fine 
liquor (clairce) for cleansing the crystals. 

Deckkraft, /. covering power, body (of pig- 
ments and dyes). 

Deckmittel, n. covering material. 

Deckpapp, m., Deckpappe, /. resist, resist paste. 

Decksel, n. = Deckklare. 

Decksirup, m. (Sugar) liquored sirup (obtained 
by cleansing the crystals with fine liquor). 

Deckstopfen, n. stopper with projecting rim. 

Deckung, /. covering, cover; remittance; se- 
curity; (Geom.) congruence. 

Deckziegel, m. cover tile; coping brick. 

decrepitieren, v.i. decrepitate. 

Decreusage, /. (Silk) determination of gum. 

Decylsaure, /. decylic acid (decoic acid). 

defekt, a. defective. 

defibriniert, a. defibrinated. 

defmieren, v.l. define. definiert, p.a. definite. 

deflagrieren, v.t. deflagrate. 

deformieren, v.t. deform. 

degallieren, v.t. degall. 

Degen, m. sword. 

degommieren, v.t. degum. 

degorgieren, v.t. = ausschlammen. 

degraissieren, degrassieren, v.t. =entfetten. 

degummieren, v.t. degum, ungum, strip (silk). 

dehnbar, a. capable of being stretched, exten- 
sible, (of metals) malleable, ductile; expan- 
sible, (of gases) elastic; dilatable. 

Dehnbarkeit,/. extensibility, etc. (see dehnbar). 

dehnen, v.t. extend, stretch; expand, dilate, 

Dehnung,/. extension; tension; dilation. 

Deich, m. dike. 

Deichsel,/. pole, shaft, tongue (of a vehicle). 

Deil, TO. =Deul. 

dein, pron. thy, thine, your, yours. 

deinige, pron. thine, yours. 

dekadisch, a. decadic. dekadische Logarith- 
men, common logarithms. 

dekantieren, v.t. decant. 

Dekantierglas, n. decanting glass, glass decant- 
ing jar. 

Dekantiertopf, TO. (earthenware) decanting jar. 

Dekantierzy Under, TO. decanting cylinder. 

dekarbonisieren, v.t. decarbonize, decarburize. 

dekatieren, v.t. hot-press, steam (cloth). 

dekaustizieren, v.t. decausticize. 

deklinieren, v.t. decline, deviate. 

Dekokt, n. decoction. 

dekorieren, v.t. decorate. 

dekrepitieren, v.i. decrepitate. 

Dekrolin, n. decrolin. 

Delphin, m. dolphin. 

Delphintran, m. dolphin oil. 

Demant, TO. diamond; adamant. 

Demantblende, /. eulytite. 

Demantspat, m. adamantine spar (corundum). 

dementsprechend, adv. correspondingly, ac- 

demgemass, adv. accordingly. 

demnach, adv. accordingly. 

demnachst, adv. soon after, shortly. 

Demut, /. humility. 

demiitig, a. humble, meek. 

denaturieren, denaturisieren, v.t. denature, 

Dendrachat, Dendritenachat, m. dendritic agate. 

denitrieren, v.t. denitrate. 

Denitrierung, /. denitration. 

denitrifizieren, v.t. denitrify. 

Denkart, /. way of thinking, disposition. 

denkbar, a. thinkable, conceivable. 

denken, v.t. & i. think. 

Denkmal, n. monument; memorial. 

Denkmiinze, /. commemorative medal. 

denkwiirdig, a. memorable, notable. 

denn, conj. for, because, then. 

dennoch, conj. yet, however. 

Depesche, /. despatch. 

deplacieren, v.t. displace. 

Depolarisator, TO. depolarizer. 

deprimieren, v.t. depress. 

der, die, das, article, the. pron. this, that, he, 
that, who, which. 

derart, adv. in such a way, so much. 

derartig, a. such. 

derb, a. solid, compact, dense, firm, strong; 
hardy, stout; rough, rude; (Min.) massive. 

Derbgehalt, TO. solid contents, cubical contents. 

Derbheit,/. solidity, etc. (see derb). 

dergestalt, adv. such, so. 

dergleichen, a. such, the like. 




Derivat, n. derivative. 

derjenige, pron. that one, he. 

dermassen, adv. so much, so. 

dermatisch, a. cutaneous. 

derselbe, a. the same. 

derzeitig, a. of the time being, present. 

des-. dis-, de-; as, Destillat, distillate, desoxy- 

dieren, deoxidize. 

Desagregation,/. disaggregation, disintegration. 
desfalls, adv. in that case. 
desgleichen, adv. likewise; ditto. 
deshalb, adv. therefore. 
Desinfektion, /. disinfectibn. 
Desinfektionsmittel, n. disinfectant. 
desinfizieren, v.t. disinfect. 
Desinfizierung, /. disinfection. 
Desintegrator, m. disintegrator. 
desintegrieren, v.t. disintegrate. 
Desmotropie, /. desmotropism. desmotropy. 
Desodorationsmittel, n. deodorizer. 
desodorieren, v.t. deodorize. 
Desoxydation, /. deoxidation. 
Desoxydationsmittel, n. deoxidizing agent. 
desoxydieren, v.t. deoxidize. 
dessenungeachtet, adv. nevertheless. 
Dessin, TO. & n. design, pattern. 
Dest., abbrev. (Destination) distillation. 
Destillat, n. distillate. 
Destination, /. distillation. 
Destillationsgefass, n. distilling vessel. 
Destillationsrohr, n. distillation tube, distilling 


Destillierapparat, TO. distilling apparatus, still. 
destillierbar, a. distillable. 
Destillierblase, /. distilling vessel, retort, body 

of a stm. 

destillieren, v.t. distil. 
Destilliergefass, n. distilling vessel. 
Destillierkolben, TO. distilling flask; retort. 
Destilliertopf, m. distilling pot. 
Destillierung, /. distillation. 
desto, adv., desto-. so much, so much the. je 

. . . desto . . . , the . . . the . . . 
destomehr, a. & adv. so much the more, the 


deswegen, adv. for that reason, therefore. 
Detacheur, TO. (Dyeing) spot cleaner. 
deuchte, pret. of dttnken. 
Deul, TO. bloom, lump, cake (of metal). 
deuten, v.i. point. v.t. explain. 
deutlich, a. clear, distinct, plain, evident. 
deutsch, a. German. deutsche Folie, German 

foil (made from an alloy of tin). deutsches 

Geschirr, (Paper) stampers. 
Deutung, /. interpretation, explanation. 
Devise, /. motto, device. 
devonisch, a. Devonian. 
Dewarsches Gefass. Dewar vessel. 
Dextronsaure, /. dextronic (d-gluconic) acid. 
Dezigramm, n. decigram. 

dgl., abbrev. (dergleichen) the like. 

d.h., abbrev. (das heisst) that is, i.e. 

d.i., abbrev. (das ist) that is, i.e. 

Diachylonsalbe, /. diachylon ointment. 

Dialysator, m. dialyzer. 

Dialyse, /. dialysis. 

dialysieren, v.t. dialyze. 

dialysisch, a. dialytic. 

Diamant, TO. diamond. 

diamantartig, a. diamondlike, adamantine. 

Diamantglanz, m. adamantine luster. 

Diamantmorser, TO. diamond mortar (small steel 

Diamantschwarz, n. diamond black. 

Diamantspat, m. adamantine spar (corundum). 

Diamido-. diamino-, diamido-. See Amido-. 

Diamidobenzol, n. diaminobenzene. 

Diamidotoluol, n. diaminotoluene. 

Diaminschwarz, n. diamine black. 

Dianenbaum, TO. arbor Dianae (silver tree). 

diaphan, a. diaphanous. 

Diaphragma, n. diaphragm. 

diastatisch, a. diastatic. 

Diat, /. diet. 

Diath-. dieth-. 

Diazobenzol, n. diazobenzene. 

Diazoessigsaure, /. diazoacetic acid. 

diazotieren, v.t. diazotize. 

Diazotierung, /. diazotizing, diazotization. 

Diazoverbindung, /. diazo compound. 

dibenzoyliert, p.a. having two benzoyl groups 
added, dibenzoyl-. 

Dibrombenzol, n. dibromobenzene. 

Dicarbonsaure, /. dicarboxylic acid. 

Dichinol, n. diquinol. 

Dichinolin, n. diquinoline. 

Dichinoyl, n. dichinoyl. 

Dichlormethan, n. dichloromethane. 

dichromsauer, a. of or combined with dichromic 
acid, dichromate of. 

Dichromsaure, /. dichromic acid. 

dicht, a. tight; dense; firm, compact, thick, 

dichtbrennen, v.t. (Ceram.) vitrify. 

Dichte, /. density; tightness, thickness, firm- 
ness; (of paper) bulking quality. 

Dichtemesser, TO. instrument for measuring 
density, densimeter; specif., hydrometer. 

dichten, v.t. make tight, lute, pack, calk; con- 
dense, compact; compose (poetry). 

Dichter, TO. poet. 

Dichtheit, /. tightness, itnperviousness; density, 

Dichtigkeit, /. = Dichte. 

Dichtung, /. making tight; luting; packing, 
stuffing; poetry. 

Dichtungsstoff, TO. luting, calking, or packing 

dick, o. thick; big, bulky, fat, swollen, 

Dickauszug, TO. inspissated extract. 




Dickdarm, m. large intestine, colon. 

Dicke, /. thickness, etc. (see dick); consistency 
(of a liquid) ; mother, dregs. 

Dickenmesser, m. thickness gage. 

Dickfarbe, /. thick color, body color. 

dickfliissig, a. thickly liquid, viscous, viscid. 

dicklich, a. thickish, somewhat thick. 

Dickmaische, /. (Brewing) thick mash, decoc- 

Dickmilch, /. curdled milk, curds. 

Dickol, n. thick oil, heavy oil; specif., a vis- 
cous product formed by the exposure of oil of 
turpentine to the air. 

Dickpfanne, /. concentration pan. 

Dicksaft, m. (Sugar) thick juice, sirup. 

dickschalig, a. thick-shelled; (of grain) husky. 

dickwandig, a. thick-walled. 

Dicyan, n. dicyanogen, cyanogen gas. 

Didym, n. didymium. 

Dieb, m. thief. 

Diebstahl, m. theft, larceny. 

Diele, /. board, plank. 

Dielektrikum, n. dielectric. 

dielektrisch, a. dielectric. 

Dielektrizitatskonstante, /. dielectric constant. 

dienen, v.L serve. 

Diener, m. servant. 

dienlich, a. serviceable, expedient, fit. 

Dienst, m. service; duty, employment. 

Dienstag, m. Tuesday. 

dienstbereit, a. ready for service. 

Dienstherr, TO. employer, master. 

dienstlos, a. out of employment. 

Dienstlohn, TO. wages. 

diesbeziiglich, a. concerning this. 

dieser, diese, dieses, pron. this, this one, the 

diesmal, adv. this time, now. 

Dietrich, TO. skeleton key, picklock. 

differenzieren, differentiieren, v.t. differentiate. 

diffundieren, v.L diffuse. 

diffusionsfahig, a. diffusible. 

Diffusionsprodukt, n. diflfusate. 

Diffusionsverfahren, n. diffusion process. 

Diffusionsvermogen, n. diffusibility. 

Digallussaure, /. digallic acid. 

digerieren, v.t. digest. 

Digestivsalz, n. digestive salt (potassium 

Digestorium, n. hood. 

Diharnstoff, TO. diurea (urazine). 

diheteroatomig, a. diheteratomic. 

dihydratisch, a. dihydric. 

Dijod-. diiodo-. 

Dikabrot, n. dika bread. 

Dikarb-. See Dicarb-. 

DUettant, m. amateur. 

Di lie, /. socket, nozzle. 

Dillol, n. oil of diU, dill oil. 

dimensionieren, v,t. dimension. 

dimer, a. dimeric. 

dimethyliert, p.a. .dimethylated, dimethyl-. 

dimorph, dimorphisch, a. dimorphous. 

Dimorphic, /. dimorphism. 

Dina-. Dinas. 

Dinapht-, Dinaphto-. dinaphtho-. 

Dinaphtyl, n. dinaphthyl. 

Dinaphtylen-. dinaphthylene-. 

Dinaphtylin, n. dinaphthyline. 

Dinaston, TO. Dinas clay. 

Dinasziegel, TO. = Dinaziegel. . 

Dinaton, TO. Dinas clay. 

Dinaziegel, TO. Dinas brick, silica brick. 

Ding, n. thing; being. 

dingen, v.t. hire. v.L bargain. 

Dinicotinsaure, /. dinicotinic acid. 

dinitriert, p.a. having two nitro groups intro- 
duced, dinitro-. 

Dinkel, TO. spelt, German wheat. 

Dinte, /. (more commonly, Tinte) ink. 

Diorsellinsaure, /. diorsellinic acid. 

Dioxy-. dioxy-; dihydroxy-. (See note under 

Dioxybenzol, n. dihydroxybenzene. 

Dioxychinolin, n. dihydroxyquinoline. 

Dioxychinon, n. dihydroxyquinone. 

Dioxyd, n. dioxide. 

Dioxynaphtalin, n. dihydroxynaphthalene. 

Dioxytoluol, n. dihydroxytoluene. 

Diphensaure, /. diphenic acid. 

Diphenylarsenchloriir, rt. diphenylarsenious 

Diphenylborchlorid, n. diphenylboron chloride. 

Diphosphorsaure, /. diphosphoric (pyrophos- 
phoric) acid. 

Diphtal-. diphthal-. 

dipol, a. dipolar. 

Dirhodan-. dithiocyano-. 

Dirigent, TO. director, manager, head. 

dirigieren, v.t. direct, manage, rule. 

Dime, /. girl, lass. 

Disaure, /. diacid (pyro acid). 

Disazofarbstoff, TO. disazo dye. 

Dischwefelsaure, /. disulfuric acid, pyrosulfuric 

diskontinuierlich, a. discontinuous. 

Diskontinuitat, /. discontinuity. 

diskutieren, v.t. discuss. 

dispensieren, v.t. dispense; exempt, excuse. 

dispers, a. dispersed, disperse. 

Dispersionsmittel, n. dispersion medium. 

Dispersionsvcrmogen, n. dispersive power. 

Disponent, TO. manager, agent, accountant. 

disponieren, v.t. dispose. 

Diss., abbrev. of Dissertation. 

dissociierbar, a. dissociable. 

dissociieren, v.t. & i. dissociate. 

Dissoziationsgrad, TO. degree of dissociation. 

Dissoziationsspannung, /. dissociation tension. 

Dissoziatibnsvermogen, n. dissociating "power. 

Dissoziatioriswarme ' < 

Dissoziationswarme, /. heat of dissociation. 

Dissoziationszustand, m. dissociated condition. 

dissoziierbar, a. dissociable. 

dissoziieren, v.t. & i. dissociate. 

Distel, /. thistle. 

distillieren, v.t. distil. 

Disulfaminsaure, /. disulfamic acid. 

Disulfosaure, /. disulfonic acid. 

Ditarinde, /. dita bark. 

Dithiokohlensaure, /. (either) dithiocarbonic 
acid; specif., dithiolcarbonic acid (HSCOSH). 

dithionig, a. hyposulfurous. 

dithionigsauer, a. = unterschwefligsauer. 

Dithionsaure, /. dithionic acid. 

Dithiophosphorsaure, /. dithiophosphoric acid. 

Diiiberjodsaure, /. diperiodic acid. 

divergierend, p.a. diverging, divergent. 

dividieren, v.t. divide. 

Diwolframsaure, /. ditungstic acid. 

Dizimmtsaure, /. dicinnamic acid. 

Dizyan, n. = Dicyan. 

d.J., abbrev. (dieses Jahres) of this year. 

d.M., abbrev. (dieses Monats) of this month, 

doch, conj. yet, however, surely, indeed. 

Docht, m. wick. 

Docke, /. bundle, skein; plug; baluster; man- 
drel; doll; dock. 

docken, v.t. wind (yarn, etc.). 

Dodekaeder, n. dodecahedron. 

Dogge,/. bulldog; mastiff. 

Dohle, /. jackdaw; sewer. 

Dolch, m. dagger, poniard. 

Dolde, /. umbel, (of hops) cone, strobile. 

doldenblumig, doldenblutig, a. umbelliferous. 

Dolmetsch, m. interpreter. 

Dom,"w. dome, cupola, cover; cathedral. 

Doma, n. (Cryst.) dome. 

Donner, m. thunder. 

Donnerkeil, m. thunderbolt, belemnite. 

Donnerstrahl, m. lightning flash. 

Doppelbier, n. double beer. 

Doppelbild, n. double 'mage. 

Doppelbindung, /. double bond, double union. 

Doppelboden, m. double bottom, false bottom; 

Doppelbrechung, /. double refraction. 

doppelchromsauer, a. bichromate (dichromate) 

doppelfarbig, a. dichroic, dichromatic. 

Doppelfarbigkeit, /. dichroism. 

Doppelganger, m. double. 

Doppelgestaltung, /. dimorphism. 

Doppeljodquecksilber, n. biniodide of mercury 
(mercuric iodide). 

doppelkohlensauer, a. bicarbonate of. 

doppellaufig, a. double-barreled. 

doppellebig, a. amphibious. 

Doppelsalz, n. double salt. 

doppelschv, efelsauer, a. bisulfate of. 

L Drahtgewieht 

doppelschwefligsauer, a. bisulfite of. 

doppelseitig, a. bilateral. 

doppelsihnig, a. ambiguous. 

Doppelspat, m. Iceland spar. 

doppelstark, a. double-strength. 

Doppelstiick, n. duplicate. 

doppelt, a. double, duplex, twofold; (in old 

names of compounds) bi-. adv. doubly, 


doppeltborsauer, a. biborate of. 
Doppeltchlorzinn, . stannic chloride. 
doppeltchromsauer, a. bichromate (dichromate) 


doppelthochrund, a. convexo-convex. 
doppelthohl, a. concavo-concave. 
doppeltkohlensauer, a. bicarbonate of. 
doppeltsch wefeisauer, a. bisulfate (acid sulfate) 

doppeltschwefligsauer, a. bisulfite (acid sulfite) 

doppeltweinsauer, a. bitartrate (acid tartrate) 


Doppelung, /. doubling. 
doppelwandig, a. double-walled. 
doppelwirkend, p.a. double-acting; amphichroic, 


Doppelzersetzung, /. double decomposition, 
doppelziingig, a. double-dealing. 
Dorf, n. village. 
Dorn, m. thorn; spine; (Mach.) pin, spike, 

tongue, bolt, etc.; (Metal.) slag (of copper). 
Dornerschlacke, /. (Metal.) bulldog, 
dornig, a. thorny, spiny. 
Dornstein, m. thornstone (incrustation of 

gypsum on walls). 
dorren, v.i. dry; wither. 
dorren, v.t. dry; cure by drying; scorch. 
Dorschlebertran, m. codliver oil. 
dort, adv. there; yonder. 
Dose, /. box; snuff box. 
Dosenbarometer, n. aneroid barometer. 
dosieren, v.t. determine; (Pharm.) dose. 
Dosierung,/. determination; dosing; dose. 
Dosis, /. dose. 
Dossierung, /. slope. 
Dost, Dosten, m. origanum, origan. 
Dotter, m. egg yolk, vitellus. 
doublieren, v.t. double, concentrate. 
Drache, Drachen, m. dragon. 
Drachenblut, n. dragon's blood, 
dragieren, v.t. coat (pills or the like). 
Draht, m. wire; (Spinning) twist, thread; grain 

(of wood). 

Drahtdreieck, n. wire triangle. 
drahten, drahtern, a. of wire; wiry. 
Drahtfaser, /. (Paper) wire mold. 
Drahtgaze, /. wire gauze. 
Drahtgeflecht, ; wire netting. 
Drahtgewebe, n. wire cloth, wire gauze. 
Drahtgewicht, n, wire weight, (often) rider. .. 

Drahtmaske C 

Drahtmaske, /. wire mask. 

Drahtnetz, n. wire gauze, wire net. 

Drahtseil, n. wire cable, wire rope, wire cord. 

Drahtsieb, n. wire sieve, wire screen, wire cloth. 

Drahtzange, /. pliers, nippers. 

Drahtziehen, n. wiredrawing. 

Drahtzug, m. wiredrawing; wire mill. 

drainieren, v.L drain. 

drall, a. tight; buxom. 

Drall, m. twist, rifling. 

drang, pret. of dringen. 

Drang, m. throng, pressure, impulse, craving. 

drangen, v.L & i. press, crowd, urge; drive 


drasch, pret. of dreschen. 
Drass, m. dregs (of oil). 
draussen, adv. without, out, abroad. 
drechseln, v.t. turn, (on a lathe) ; elaborate. 
Dreck, m. dirt, dung, filth. 
Dreh-. rotatory, rotary, revolving, turning, 

Drehachse,/. axis of rotation (or of revolution); 

knife edge (of a balance); pin. 
Drehbank, /. lathe, 
drehbar, a. capable of being turned or twisted, 

turning, rotary, rotatory. 
Drehbewegung, /. rotatory motion. 
drehen, v.t. turn, rotate; twist; roll. v.r. turn, 

rotate, revolve. drehend, p. a. turning, etc.; 

Dreher, m. turner, rotator; (Mech.) crank, 

handle (for turning), etc. 
Drehkalzinierofen, TO. revolving roaster. 
Drehkraft, /. torsional force. 
Drehkrankheit, /. staggers. 
Drehkreuz, n. turnstile; (Brewing) sparger. 
Drehmoment, n. moment of rotation. 
Drehofen, m. revolving furnace. 
Drehpunkt, m. center of motion, turning point, 


Drehrichtung, /. direction of rotation. 
Drehscheibe, /. potter's wheel; lapidary's 

wheel; turntable. 
Drehspane, turnings. 
Drehspannung, /. torsional strain. 
Drehspiegelung, /. (Cryst.) combined rotation 

and reflection. 

Drehspindel, /. revolving spindle, live spindle. 
Drehstrom, m. (Elec.) rotary current, multi- 
phase current. 
Drehung, /. rotation, turn, turning, torsion, 

revolution, twisting. 

Drehungsachse, /. axis of rotation (or of revolu- 
tion), turning axis. 
Drehungsgrad, TO. degree of rotation. 
Drehungskraft, /. rotatory power. 
Drehungsvermogen, n. rotatory power. 
Drehungswinkel, TO. angle of rotation. 
Drehwage, /. torsion balance. 
Drehzylinder, m. revolving cylinder. 

5 Drilling 

drei, a. three. 

dreiacnsig, a. triaxial. 

dreiatomig, a. triatomic. 

dreibasisch, a. tribasic. 

Dreiblatt, n. trefoil. 

dreiblatterig, a. three-leaved. 

Dreibrenner, TO. triple burner. 

Dreibund, TO. triple alliance. 

dreidimensional, a. tridimensional. 

Dreieck, n. triangle. 

dreieckig, a. triangular, three-cornered. 

Dreieckslehre, /. trigonometry. 

dreierlei, a. of three kinds, of three sorts. 

dreifach, a. triple, threefold, treble, tri-. 
dreifach Chlorantimon, antimony trichloride; 
dreifach Chlorjod, iodine trichloride; drei- 
fach Schwefelarsen, arsenic trisulfide. 

dreiflachig, a. three-faced. 

dreiflammig, a. three-flame, triple (burner). 

Dreifuss, TO. tripod. 

dreifiissig, a. three-footed, tripedal. 

dreigliedrig, a. three-membered; (Math.) tri- 

dreihalsig, a. three-necked. 

Dreiheit, /. triad. 

dreikantig, a. three-cornered, triangular. 

Dreikorper, Dreikorperapparat, m. triple-effect 

Dreileitersystem, n. (Elec.) three-wire 

dreiphasig, a. three-phase, triphase. 

dreisaurig, a. triacid. 

dreischenkelig, a. three-legged. 

dreiseitig, a. three-sided, trilateral, triangular. 

dreissig, a. thirty. 

dreissigste, a. thirtieth. 

dreist, a. bold, confident. 

Dreisteinwurzel, /. feverroot (Triosteum). 

dreistellig, a. three-place. 

dreiteilig, a. three-part, tripartite. 

drei-und-einachsig, a. (Cryst.) monotrimetric 
(hexagonal) . 

dreiwandig, a. three-walled, triple-walled. 

Dreiweghahn, TO. three-way cock. 

Dreiwegstiick, n. three-way piece, three-way 

Dreiwegverbindung, /. three-way connection. 

dreiwertig, a. trivalent. 

dreiwinkelig, a. triangular. 

Dreizack, TO. trident. 

dreizahlig, a. threefold, triple, ternary. 

dreizehn, a. thirteen. 

Drell, w. ticking. 

dreschen, v.t. thrash, thresh. 

dressieren, v.t. train, break. 

drgl., abbrev. (dergleichen) the like. 

Drillbohrer, TO. drill. 

drillen, v.t. drill; turn. 

Drillich, TO. ticking, tick. 

Drilling, TO. triplet; (Mach.) lantern. - 




Drillingsalz, n. triple salt. 

drin, adv. therein. 

dringen, v.i. press, rush, penetrate. dringend, 
p.a. pressing, urgent. gedrungen, p.a. com- 
pact; compelled; thickset. 

dringlich, a. pressing, urgent. 

drischt, pr. 3 sing, of dreschen. 

dritt, a. third. 

Drittel, n. third. 

drittelsauer, a. tribasic. 

drnben, adv. up there, above. 

Droge, /. drug. 

Drogenhandler, m. druggist. 

Drogenkunde, /. pharmacology. 

Drogeriegeschaft, n. drug business, drug 

' Drogett, Droget, TO. drugget. 

Drogist, w. druggist. 

Drogue, Droguett, etc. See Droge, Drogett. 

drohen. v.i. threaten, menace. 

drohnen, v.i. rumble, boom. 

drollig, a. droll, comical. 

drosch, pret. of dreschen. 

Drossel, /. thrush (bird) ; throttle. 

Drosselader, /. jugular vein. 

Drosselbein, n. collar-bone. 

Drosselventil, n. throttle vUve. 

D.R.P., abbrev. (deutsches Reichs-Patent) im- 
perial German patent. 

driiben, adv. over there, yonder. 

ririiber, adv. = daruber. 

Druck, m. pressure; compression; oppression; 
impression, print, printing. 

Druckapparat, m. pressure apparatus. 

Druckbuchstabe, m. type. 

drucken, v.L print; stamp. 

drucken, v.L press; squeeze; oppress. 

Druckentwickelung,/. development of pressure. 

Drucker, TO. printer. 

Dr ticker, TO. trigger; handle. 

Druckerei, /. printing; printing establishment; 
(Calico) print works. 

Druckerschwarze, /. printer's ink. 

Druckfarbe, /. printing color. 

Druckfehler, TO. misprint, typographical error. 

Druckfestigkeit, /. resistance to pressure or 
compression, elasticity of compression. 

Druckfilter, n. pressure filter. 

Druckfirniss, TO. printer's varnish. 

Druckflasche, /. pressure bottle. 

Druckhohe, /. (Meek.) head. 

Druckkolben, TO. pressure flask; (Mach.) piston. 

Drucklegung, /. publishing. 

Druckleitung, /. high-pressure piping. 

Drurkluft, /. compressed air. 

Druckluftpumpe, /. pump for compressing air. 

Druckmesser, m. pressure gage, manometer. 

Druckmessung, /. pressure measurement. 

Druckpapier, n. printing paper. 

Druckplatte, /. printing plate, engraving. 

Druckprobe, /. compression test; pressure test; 

(of barley) squeezing test; (printer's) proof. 
Druckregler, TO. pressure regulator. 
Druckrohr, TO., -rohre, /. pressure tube, force 


Druckschlauch, TO. pressure tubing. 
Druck schr if t, /. publication; type. 
Druckseite, /. page. 
Druckspannung, /. compression strain, crushing 


Drucksteigerung, /. rise of pressure. 
Druckstempel, m. piston. 
Druckventil, n. pressure valve, discharge 

Druckverminderung, /. diminution or decrease 

of pressure. 
Druckwalze, /. pressing (or pressure) roller 

(or roll, cylinder). 
Druckwelle, /. pressure wave. 
Druckzeug, n. printing cloth. 
Druckzunahme, /. increase of pressure. 
drum, drunter. = darum, darunter. 
Druschen, n. smalt gland, glandule. 
Druse,/, druse. pi. Drusen, dregs, lees; husks; 

Druse, /. gland. 

Drusenasche, /. calcined (wine) lees. 
Drusenbranntwein, TO. spirits distilled from 

fermented lees. 

drusenformig, a. drusy, drused. 
Driisenkrankheit, /. gland disease; scrofula. 
Drtisenkropf, TO. goiter. 
Drusenol, TO. grape-seed oil. 
Drusenschwarz, n. Frankfort black (from wine 


drusig, drusicht, a. drusy, drused. 
drusig, drusicht, a. glandlike; glandular. 
dsgl., abbrev. (desgleichen) likewise, ditto, 
du, pron. thou, you. 
dualistisch, a dualist ic. 
ducken, v.t. humble. r.r. duck; give in. 

v.i. submit. 

Ducker, TO. siphon; one that ducks. 
Duckstein, TO. calcareous tufa. 
duff, a. dull. 
Duft, TO. odor; fragrance, perfume; vapor, 


duften, v.i. be fragrant; sweat. v.t. perfume. 
duftig, a. fragrant, odorous; vaporous, misty. 
Duktilitat, /. ductility. 
dulden, v.t. bear, endure, suffer. 
dumm, o. stupid, dull, silly. 
dumpf, a. damp, musty; hollow; dull; close. 
Dung, TO. manure, fertilizer; dung. 
Diingegips, TO. gypsum for manuring. 
Diingemittel, n. manure, fertilizer. 
diingen, v.t. manure. 
I) linger, TO. manure, fertilizer; dung. 
Oiingerfabrik, /. fertilizer factory. 
Dungersalz, n. = Dungesalz. 


Diingerwert, TO. manurial value. 

Diingesalz, n. saline manure, dung salt. 

Diingjauche, /. liquid manure. 

Diingpulver, n. powdered manure, poudrette. 

Dungsalz, n. saline manure. 

Diingung, /. manuring, fertilizing. 

dunkel, a. dark; dim, obscure. 

Dunkel, n. dark, darkness, obscurity. 

Dunkel, TO. conceit. 

dunkelblau, a. dark blue. 

dunkelfarbig, a. dark-colored. 

dunkelgriin, a. dark green. 

Dunkelheit, /. darkness; obscurity. 

Dunkelkammer, /. dark room; camera obscura. 

dunkeln, v.t. & i. darken; deepen, sadden 

Dunkelrotgiildigerz, -giltigerz, n. dark red silver 

ore (pyrargyrite). 
diinken, v.i. seem, appear, 
diinn, a. thin; dilute, rare, slender. 
Diinnbier, n. small beer. 
Diinndarm, TO. small intestine. 
Dunne, /. thinness. 
diinnfliissig, a. thinly liquid; watery. 
Diinnheit, /. thinness, diluteness, rarity, slen- 


Diinnsaft, TO. (Sugar) thin juice. 
diinnschlagen, v.t. beat out, beat thin. 
Diinnstein, TO. (Metal.) thin matt; (Jewelry) 

table stone. 

diinnwalzen, v.t. roll out, roll thin. 
diinnwandig, a. thin-walled. 
Dunst, TO. vapor; steam, fume,' damp; fine 


Dunstabzug, TO. hood (for fumes). 
Dunstabzugsrohr, n. vent pipe. 
diinsten, v.i. steam, vapor, smoke. v.t. stew. 
Dunstfang, TO. hood. 

Dunsthiille, /. vaporous envelope, atmosphere. 
Dunstkreis, m. atmosphere. 
Dunstloch, n. vent. 

dutch, prep, thru; by, owing to. adv. thru. 
durcharbeiten, v.t. work thru, work; knead 

(dough) elaborate; (Dyeing) pole. 
durchatzen, v.t. eat thru, corrode, 
durchaus, adv. thruout, completely, by all 


durchbacken, v.t. bake thoroly. 
durchbeissen, v.t. bite thru, eat thru. 
durchbeizen, v.t. corrode, 
durchbeutein, v.t. bolt (flour). 
durchbiegen, v.r. sag. 
Durchbiegung, /. sagging; deflection, 
durchbohren, v.t. perforate; bore thru, punch; 


Durchbohrung, /. perforation; boring thru. 
durchbrechen, v.t. break, break thru, open, cut, 

pierce, punch, perforate. v.i. break thru, 

break out; appear; break. durchbrochen, 

p.a. pierced, perforated, open r work. 

4 durchleuchten 

Durchbruch, TO. breaking out or thru; escape 
(of gas) ; irruption, eruption; opening, aper- 
ture, breach, crevasse; (Brewing) collapse (of 
the head). 

durchdringbar, a. permeable, penetrable. 

durchdringen, v.t. & i. penetrate; permeate, 

durchdringlich, a. permeable, pervious. 

Durchdringung, /. penetration. 

durchdriicken, v.t. = durchpressen. 

durcheinander, adv. confusedly. 

Durchfahrt, /. thorofare, passage, gateway. 

Durchfall, TO. diarrhea. 

durchfallen, v.i. fall thru; (of light) be trans- 
mitted; (of beer) clear; (of beer head) fall 

durchfarbbar, a. penetrable with color. 

durchfarben, v.t. dye thoroly; stain thruout. 

durchfeuchten, v.t. soak. 

durchfressen, v.t. eat thru, corrode. 

durchfrieten, v.t. freeze thru, chill. 

durchfuhrbar, a. practicable, feasible. 

durchfuhren, v.t. lead thru, convey thru; carry 
thru, execute, accomplish, conduct; (Tin- 
plate) dip, wash. 

Durchf iihrung, /. leading thru, etc. (see durch- 

Durchgang, TO. passage: transit. 

durchgangig, a. penetrable, permeable; thoro; 
general, usual. 

durchgeben, v.t. filter, strain. 

durchgehen, v.i. go thru; run away; (of light) 
be transmitted. v.t. go thru, examine. 
durchgohend, p.a. piercing, pervading; pass- 
ing thru; transmitted (light). 

durchgehends, adv. thruout; generally. 

durchgerben, v.t. tan thoroly. 

Dutchgerbungszahl, /. degree of tanning, tan- 
ning number. 

Durchgeseihtes, n. filtrate. 

durchgiessen, v.t. pour thru, filter, strain. 

durchgliihen, v.t. heat redhot. 

Durchguss, TO. filter, strainer; pouring thru, 
filtration; gutter; sink. 

durchheizen, v.t. heat thoroly. 

durchkochen, v.t. boil thoroly. 

durchkommen, v.i. come thru, get along, recover. 

durchkreuzen, v.t. cross, traverse, intersect. 

Durchlass, TO. filter, sieve; passage, opening. 

durchlassen, v.t. filter, strain; transmit (light, 
etc.); let thru; let pass. 

durchlassig, a. permeable, pervious, penetrable. 

Durchlassigkeit, /. permeability, perviousness; 

Durchlassung, /. filtering, etc. (see lassen) ; (of 
light, etc.) transmission. 

Durchlauf, TO. sieve, colander; running thru. 

durchlaufen, v.i. filter; run thru. 
durchleiten, v.t. pass thru, conduct. 
durchleuchten, v.t. illuminate. 




Durchleuchtung, /. illumination, 
durchlochern, v.t. perforate; pierce, punch, 
durchluften, v.t. ventilate, air. 
durchluftungsfahig, a. capable of ventilation or 


durchmachen, v.t. go thru, experience. 
durchmessen, v.t. pass thru, traverse, measure. 
Durchmesser, m. diameter, 
durchnassen, v.t. wet thoroly, soak, steep. 
durchnehmen, v.t. go over, criticize, 
durchnetzen, v.t. = durchnassen. 
durchpressen, v.t. & i. press thru, force thru, 

squeeze thru; strain, filter. 
durchrauchern, v.t. fumigate; smoke thoroly. 
durchreiben, v.t. rub thru, strain; chafe, gall. 
durchreissen, v.t. & i. tear asunder, break. 
durchriihren, v.t. stir thoroly. 
durchsattigen, v.t. saturate. 
durchsaugen, v.t. suck thru, force thru by 

durchsauren, v.t. acidify; make sour; leaven 

durchscheinen, v.i. shine thru. durchschein- 

end, p.a. translucent; transparent. 
Durchschlag, m. filter, strainer; punch, piercer; 


Durchschlagboden, m. perforated bottom. 
durchschlagen, v.t. filter, strain; sieve; punch, 

perforate; beat thru. v.i. get thru, pene- 
trate; (of paper) blot; act. 
durchschneiden, v.t. intersect, cross; cut thru; 

cut across. 
Durchschnitt, m. cut, section; intersection; 

average, mean. 
durchschnittlich, a. average. adv. on an 


Durchschnittsprobe, /. average sample. 
Durchschnittswert, m. average value. 
Durchschnittszahl, m. mean. 
Durchschuss, TO. woof, weft; interleaf; (Print- 
ing) lead. 

durchschutteln, v.t. shake thoroly, agitate, 
durchseihen, v.t. strain, filter, percolate. 
Durchseiher, m. strainer, filter, percolator. 
durchsetzen, v.t. permeate, infiltrate; (Min.) 

intermingle; (Mining) sieve, sift; intersect; 

carry thru. 
Durchsicht, /. view, inspection, revision. 

durchsichtig, a. transparent; clear. 

Durchsichtigkeit, /. transparency; clearness. 

durchsickern, v.i. & r. trickle thru, percolate. 
v.t. strain, filter. 

durchsieben, v.t. sift, sieve, screen, bolt. 

durchsintern, v.i. trickle thru, percolate. 

durchstechen, v.t. pierce, stab, cut; (Metal.) 

durchstossen. v.t. push thru, punch. 

durchstrahlen, v.i. radiate thru, shine thru. 
v.t. penetrate with rays, irradiate. 

durchstreichen, v.t. run thru, go thru; sift, 
screen; cross out. durchstreichende Linie, 

durchstromen, v.t. stream thru, flow thru. 

durchtranken, v.t. saturate, impregnate, infil- 

durchtreiben, v.t. drive or force thru; specif., 
distil. durchtrieben, p.a. cunning; clever. 

durchwachsen, v.t. & i. grow thru. v.r. inter- 
penetrate, intermingle. 

durchwassern, v.t. soak, drench. 

durchweg, adv. thruout. 

dutch wer fen, v.t. sift, screen, bolt; traject. 

durchwiihlen, v<t. rake up, ransack. 

Durchwurf, TO. sieve, screen, riddle. 

durchzeichnen, v.t. trace. 

durchziehen, v.t. draw thru; intermix. 

Durchziehglas, n. (Micros.) slide. 

Durchzug, m. passage; circulation; girder. 

diirfen, v.i. be permitted; need; dare; be 

durfte, pret. of diirfen. 

diirftig, a. scanty, poor; needy. 

Durochinon, n. duroquinone. 

diirr, a. dry, arid; dried, withered, dead; bar- 
ren, sterile; lean; plain. 

Diirre, /. dryness, etc. (see diirr). 

Durst, m. thirst. 

dursten, diirsten, v.i. be thirsty. 

durstig, a. thirsty; eager. 

Diise, /. nozzle, twyer (or tuyere), blastpipe. 

duster, a. dark, dusky; gloomy, sad. 

Diite, Dute, /. = Ttite. 

Dutzend, n. dozen. 

Dynamik, /. dynamics. 

dynamisch, a. dynamic. 

dystektisch, a. dystectic. 


E., abbrev. (Erstarrungspunkt) freezing point. 

Ebbe, /. ebb, ebb tide. 

eben, a. even; plane; level, flat, smooth.- 
adv. evenly; exactly; even, just. 

Ebenbaum, m. ebony tree. 

Ebenbild, n. image, likeness. 

ebenda, adv. at that same place. 

Ebene, /. plane; plain. 

ebenen, v.t. level, flatten, smooth. 

ebenfalls, adv. likewise, also, equally. 

Ebenholz, n. ebony. 

ebenieren, v.t. ebonize. 

Ebenmass, n. symmetry; harmony. 

ebenso, adv. just so, just as. 

Eber, m. boar. 

Eberesche, /. mountain ash, service tree. 

Eberwurz, /. carline thistle (Carlina). 

Ebne, n. plane; plain. 

ebnen, v.t. = ebenen. 

ebullieren, v.i. boil up; break out. 

Echappe-Ol, n. recovered oil. 

echt, a. genuine, true, real; pure, unadulter- 
ated; (of colors) fast; ingrain. 

Echtgelb, n. fast yellow, aniline yellow. 

Echtheit, /. genuineness, etc. (see echt). 

Echtheitsgrad, m. (Dyeing) degree of fastness. 

Eck, n. angle; summit (of a crystal). 

Ecke, /. corner, angle; edge (plane angle); 
summit (of a crystal) ; quoin. 

Eckeisen, n. angle iron; (Metal.) angular iron. 

Ecker, /. acorn; beechnut. 

Eckerdoppe, /. acorn cup. 

Eckholz, n. squared timber. 

eckig, a. angular, cornered, angled; awkward. 

edel, a. noble (as applied to metals, resisting 
oxidation, as gold and the platinum metals 
and, to a lesser extent, silver and some others; 
as applied to gases, inert, as argon) ; precious 
(stones, etc.); (Mining) rich; vital (organs, 

Edelerz, n. rich ore, ore containing precious 

Edelgalmei, m. smithsonite. 

Edelgas, n. noble gas, inert gas (any gas of the 
argon group). 

Edelhirsch, m. stag. 

Edelleute, pi. nobility, gentry. 

Edelmetall, n. noble metal (see edel) 

edelmutig, o, noble, generous. 

Edelstahl, m. refined steel; specif., any of cer- 
tain superior alloy steels. 

Edelstein, m. precious stone, gem, jewel. 

Edeltanne, /. silver fir (esp. Abies picea). 

Edelwild, n. deer. 

edieren, v.t. edit; publish. 

edulkorieren, v.t. edulcorate, wash. 

Efeu, m. ivy. 

efferveszieren, v.i. effervesce. 

effioreszieren, v.i. effloresce. 

Eg., abbrev. (Eisessig) glacial acetic acid. 

egal, a. equal; even (colors). 

egalisieren, v.t. equalize; level, flatten. v.i. 
(Dyeing) dye evenly. 

Egalisierer,?/;. equalizer; (Dyeing) leveling agent. 

Egalitat, /. equality, evenness. 

Egel, m. leech. 

Egge, /. harrow; selvage. 

eggen, v.t. harrow. 

Egoutteur, m. (Paper) dandy-roll. 

Egreniermaschine, /. (cotton) gin. 

ehe, eon/, before, ere. 

Ehe, /. matrimony, marriage. 

ehedem, adv. formerly. 

ehelich, a. matrimonial, conjugal. 

ehemals, adv. formerly. 

Ehemann, m. married man, husband. 

Ehepaar, n. married couple. 

eher, adv. sooner, rather. 

ehern, a. brazen, of brass, of bronze. 

Ehescheidung, /. divorce. 

eheste, a. soonest, next. 

ehrbar, a. honorable; reputable; modest. 

Ehrbegierde, /. ambition. 

Ehre, /. honor; character; reputation. 

ehren, v.t. honor; esteem. 

ehrenhaft, a. honorable. 

Ehrenmitglied, n. honorary member. 

Ehrenpunkt, m, point of honor. 

Ehrenrettung, /. vindication; apology. 

ehrenriihrig, a. defamatory, libellous. 

Ehrenstelle, /. honor, preferment. 

ehrenvoll, a. honorable, creditable. 

ehrenwert, a. honorable, respectable. 

ehrerbietig, a. respectful. 

Ehrgefiihl, n. sense of honor. 

Ehrgeiz, m. ambition. 

ehrlich, a. honest, fair, honorable, decent. 

ehrwiirdig, a. venerable, reverend. 





Ei, n. egg; ovum. 

Eibe, /. yew. 

Eibisch, m. marshmallow. 

Eichamt, n. gaging office. 

Eichapfel, m. oak gall, gall nut. 

Eichbaum, m. oak tree. 

Eiche, /. oak; gage, standard. 

Eichel, /. acorn; glans penis. 

Eicheldoppe, /. acorn cup. 

eichelformig, a. acorn-shaped, glandiform. 

Eichelzucker, m. acorn sugar, quercite. 

eichen, a. oak, oaken. 

eichen, v.L gage, measure, standardize, cali- 
brate; test, stamp or adjust (weights or 
measures) . 

Eichen, n. little egg; ovule. 

Eichengerbsaure, /., Eichengerbstoff, m. quer- 
citannic acid, oak tannin. 

Eichenholz, n. oak wood, oak. 

Eichenrinde, /. oak bark. 

Eichenrindengerbsaure, /. quercitannic acid. 

Eichenrot, n. oak red. 

Eichensamen, m. acorn. 

Eicher, m. gager. 

eichfahig, a. capable of adjustment. 

Eichholz, n. oak wood, oak. 

Eichmass, n. gage, standard measure. 

Eichmeister, TO. gager, adjuster. 

Eichnagel, m. gage mark. 

Eichschein, TO. certificate (that an instrument 
has been standardized). 

Eichung, /. gaging, etc. (see eichen, v.t.). 

Eid, TO. oath. 

Eidam, TO. son-in-law. 

Eidbruch, TO. perjury. 

Eidechse, /. lizard. 

Eiderdaunen, eiderdown. 

Eidgenoss, m. confederate, ally. 

eidlich, a. sworn, on oath. 

Eidotter, TO. egg yolk. 

Eidotterfett, TO. lecithin. 

Eier, eggs. 

Eieralbumin, n. egg albumin, ovalbumin. 

Eierdotter, TO. yolk of eggs. 

Eierdriise, /. corpus luteum. 

Eierol, n. egg-yolk oil. 

Eierpulver, n. egg powder, custard powder. 

Eierschale, /. egg shell. 

Eierstock, TO. ovary. 

Eierweiss, n. white of eggs. 

Eifer, TO. zeal, eagerness, passion. 

eifern, v.L be zealous, be jealous, declaim. 

Eifersucht, /. jealousy; rivalry; envy. 

eiftirmig, a. egg-shaped, oval, ovoid. 

eifrig, a. zealous, earnest, ardent. 

Eigelb, n. egg yolk. 

eigen, a. own, individual, self-; proper, specific, 
special; odd; exact. 

Eigenart, /. peculiarity, individuality. 

eigenartig, a. peculiar, singular; original. 

Eigenartigkeit, /. peculiarity. 
Eigenbewegung, /. proper motion, individual 


Eigendrehung, /. proper rotation. 
Eigengewicht, n. specific gravity; its own 

weight; dead weight; proper weight, 
eigenhandig, a. with one's own hand, 
eigenmachtig, a. arbitrary; despotic. 
Eigenname, TO. proper name, 
eigenniitzig, a. selfish. 
eigens, adv. expressly. 
Eigenschaft, /. property; quality. 
Eigenschaftswort, n. adjective; epithet. . 
Eigensinn, TO. wilfulness, stubbornness. 
eigentlich, a. proper, true, real, intrinsic. 

adv. properly, really. 
Eigentum, n. property. 
eigentumlich, a. characteristic; peculiar; 


Eigentiimlichkeit, /. characteristic; peculiarity. 
Eigenwarme, /. specific heat; body heat, 
eignen, v.t. suit, qualify; appropriate. v.r. be 

qualified, be suited, be adapted. geeignet, 

p.a. suited, adapted, suitable, fit, proper. 
Eile, /. haste; speed. 
eilen, v.L hasten, hurry. 
eilfertig, a. hasty. 

Eilgut, n. goods shipped on post trains. 
eilig, a. hasty, speedy. 
Eilzug, m. express train, fast train. 
Eimer, m. bucket, pail. 
ein, a. a, an; one. 
ein, adv. in, within, into. 
einachsig, a. uniaxial. 
einander, adv. one another, each other. 
einarmig, a. one-armed. 

einaschern, v.t. incinerate, calcine; burn to ashes. 
einatmen, v.t. inhale. 
einatomig, a. monatomic. 
Einbadschwarz, n. (Dyeing) one-dip black. 
Einbadverfahren, n. single-bath process, 
einbalsamieren, v.t. embalm. 
Einband, m. binding; cover, 
einbasisch, einbasig, a. monobasic. 
einbehalten, v.t. keep back, retain, 
einbeizen, v.t. etch in. 
einbetten, v.t. imbed, 
einbiegen, v.t. bend in, turn down, deflect. 

v.r. sag. 

Einbiegung, /. curvature, inflection. 
einbilden, v.r. imagine, think; pride oneself. 

eingebildet, p.a. imaginary; conceited. 
Einbildung, /. imagination, fancy. 
einbinden, v.t. bind, bind in, fasten. 
einblasen, v.t. blow in, blow into, inject (gas), 


Einblasen, n. blowing in, injection, insufflation. 
Einblick, TO. insight. 
einbrechen, v.L break into, burglarize; break; 

begin. v.t. break in. 




einbrennen, v.t. burn in; anneal (colors); cau- 
terize; brand; sulfur, match (casks). 

einbringen, v.t. bring in, get in, yield; insert. 

Einbruch, TO. breaking in; breaking down; 

einbriihen, v.t. steep in boiling water, scald. 

einbiirgern, v.t. adopt; naturalize. 

Einbusse, /. loss, damage. 

einbiissen, v.t. lose. 

Eindampfapparat, m. evaporating apparatus. 

eindampfen, v.i. become thickened by evapora- 
tion, boil down. 

eindampfen, eindampfen, v.t. evaporate, con- 
centrate by evaporation, boil down, inspis- 
sate; steam; smoke. 

Eindampfen, n., Eindampfung, Eindampfung, 
/. evaporation, etc. (see eindampfen). 

eindecken, v.t. cover. 

Eindeckung, /. covering; roofing. 

eindicken, v.t. thicken, inspissate. 

eindimensional, a. unidimensional. 

eindorren, v.i. shrink in drying; dry up. 

eindrangen, v.t. force in, intrude. 

eindringen, v.t. press in, penetrate, infiltrate. 

eindringlich, a. impressive, forcible. 

Eindruck, TO. impression. 

eindrucken, v.t. (Calico) block in, ground in. 

eindriicken, v.t. imprint, impress, stamp; crush 
in; flatten; press, compress. 

einen, v.t. & r. unite. 

einengen, v.t. concentrate; compress, confine, 
narrow, contract. 

einer, pron. one. 

Einer, m. unit, digit. 

einerlei, a. of one kind, the same. 

einfach, a. simple; single; elementary; primary 
(colors) ; plain. einfacher Korper, simple or 
elementary substance, element. 

einfach-. (in old names of compounds) proto- 
(mono-; -ous). einfach-Bromjod, iodine 
monobromide. einfach - Chlorjod, iodine 
monochloride. einfach-Chlorschwefel, pro- 
tochloride of sulfur (sulfur monochloride). 
einfach-Chlorzinn, protochloride of tin (stan- 
nous chloride). einfach-Schwefeleisen, pro- 
tosulfide of iron (ferrous sulfide). einfach- 
Schwefelmetall, protosulfide (monosulfide; 
-ous sulfide). einfach-Schwefelzinn, proto- 
sulfide of tin (stannous sulfide). 

elnfachkohlensaucr, a. neutral carbonate of. 

einfachwirkend, p.a. single-acting.. 

einfadeln, v.t. thread; contrive. 

einfahren, v.t. carry in, get in, break in, break. 

Einfahrt, /. entrance. 

Einfall, TO. falling in, fall, decay; inroad; idea; 
(Physics) incidence. 

einfallen, v.i. fall upon, fall in, interrupt, occur; 
(Mining) dip. einfallend, p.a. (Optics) inci- 

Einfallslot, n. perpendicular, ordinate. 

Einfallswinkel, TO. angle of incidence. 

Einfalt, /. simplicity, simpleness. 

einfarben, v.t. color or dye well; dye in the 

einfarbig, a. of one color, monochromatic. 

einfassen, v.t. enclose, fill, case, barrel; bind, 
trim, set. 

einfetten, v.t. grease, oil. 

einfinden, v.r. appear. 

einflammig, a. single-flame. 

einflechten, v.t. weave in, interweave. 

einflossen, v.t. instil, infuse. 

Einfluss, TO. influence; influx. 

Kinflussrohr, n. inlet pipe, influx pipe (or tube). 

einformen, v.t. (Ceram.) mold on a jigger. 

einformig, a. uniform; monotonous. 

einfressen, v.t. corrode; devour. 

einfrieren, v.i. freeze, congeal, freeze up. 

einfiigen, v.t. insert; fit in; rabbet. 

Einfuhr, /. importation, import; bringing in; 

einfiihren, v.t. introduce; import; inaugurate. 

Einfuhrung, /. introduction; importation; in- 

einfiillen, v.t. fill, fill in, fill up, pour in. 

Eingabe,/. presentation; petition. 

Eingang, TO. entrance; importation; introduc- 
tion; mouth; receipt. 

eingangig, a. (Mach.) single-thread. 

eingeben, v.t. give, administer. 

eingebildet, p.a. see einbilden. 

eingebrannt, p.p. of einbrennen. 

eingedenk, a. mindful. 

eingehen, v.i. go in, come in, enter, arrive; 
cease; agree; (of fabrics) shrink. einge- 
hen d, p.a. going in, etc.; exhaustive; (Geom.) 

eingemacht, p.p. of einmachen. 

Eingemachtes, n. preserves, conserves. 

eingenommen, p.a. See einnehmen. 

eingesalzen, p.a. See einsalzen. 

eingeschichtet, p.p. of einschichten. 

eingeschliffen, p.p. of einschleifen. 

eingeschmolzen, p.p. of einschmelzen. 

eingesprengt, p.p. of einsprengen. 

eingestehen, v.i. confess, admit. 

Eingeweide, n. entrails, viscera. 

eingiessen, v.t. pour in; infuse. 

Eingiessung,/. pouring in; infusion; transfusion. 

eingraben, v.t. engrave; dig in. 

eingreifen, v.i. catch, lock, interlock; infringe. 
eingreifend, p.a. radical. 

Eingreifen, n., Eingriff, TO. intervention, inter- 
ference; (Mach.) gearing, gear. 

Einguss, TO. pouring in; infusion; mold. 

Einhalt, TO. check, restraint, interruption. 

einhalten, v.t. keep in, take in, stop, keep. 
v.i. cease. 

einhandigen, v.t. hand over, deliver. 

einhauen, v.t. cut in, cut open, cut up. 



einheimisch, a. domestic; native; indigenous; 


einheimsen, v.t. garner; bring home. 
Einheit, /. unit; unity. 
einheitlich, a. unitary; uniform, homogeneous; 


Einheitsmasse, /. unit mass. 
einhellig, a. unanimous, united. 
einher, adv. along. 

einholen, v.t. overtake; obtain; haul in. 
einhiillen, v.t. imbed; enwrap, envelop, 
einig, a. united. 
einigen, v.t. unite. 
einiger, pron. some; several. 
einigermassen, adv. in some degree. 
Einigkeit, /. unity, union, harmony, 
einjahrig, a. of one year, annual, 
einkalken, einkalken, v.t. treat in lime, soak in 

lime water. 

Einkauf, m. buying, purchase. 
einkellern, v.t. store (in a cellar), cellar, lay in. 
einkerben, v.t. notch, indent. 
Einkerbung, /. notching, notch, indentation. 
einkernig, a. uninuclear, mononuclear. 
einklammern, v.t. enclose in brackets or paren- 
theses: cramp. 

Einklang, m. harmony, unison. 
einkochen, v.t. boil down, evaporate. v.i. 

thicken by boiling. 

Einkommen, n. income; revenue; profit. 
Einkiinfte, income, revenue, 
einladen, v.t. load in; invite. 
Einlage, /. something laid or put in; enclosure; 

investment; filler (of a cigar). 
einlagern, v.t. infiltrate, deposit; store. 
Einlass, m. inlet; letting in, admission, 
einlassen, v.t. let in, admit; insert. 
einlaufecht, a. unshrinkable, 
cinlaufcn, v.i. enter; arrive; shrink, contract. 
einlaugen, v.t. soak in lye, buck, 
einlegen, v.t. put, place, lay (in); soak, steep; 

pickle; preserve, put up (fruits, etc.) ; imbed; 

insert; inlay. 
einleiten, v.t. introduce; (of gases) conduct, pass 

or convey in, inject; preface; initiate, start. 
Einleitung, /. introduction, etc. (see einleiten) ; 

preface; preparation. 
Einleitungsrohr, n. inlet tube, tube by which 

gases are introduced. 
einleuchten, v.i. be clear, 
einloten, v.t. solder in. 

einmachen, v.t. preserve, conserve, pickle; tem- 
per (lime); knead (dough); wrap up. 
einmaischen, v.t. (Brewing) dough in. 
Einmaischtemperatur, /. (Brewing) doughing-in 

temperature, initial temperature (of the 

einmal, adv. once; ever. auf eintnal, suddenly; 

nicht einmal, not even. 
einmalig, a. single; solitary. 


einmischen, v.t. mix in, intermix, blend. v.r. 

einmiinden, v.i. empty, discharge; inosculate. 

einmiitig, a. of one mind, united. 

Einnahme, /. taking in, receipt, receipts, 

einnehmen, v.t. take in, take, receive; occupy; 
captivate; overcome. eingenommen, p. a. 
prejudiced; infatuated; dizzy. 

Einode, /. desert, wild. 

einolen, v.t. oil. 

einpacken, r.t. pack, pack up; imbed. 

einphasig, a. one-phase, single-phase, mono- 
phase, uniphase. 

einpokeln, v.t. pickle, corn. 

einpolig, a. unipolar. 

einpragen, v.t. impress, imprint. 

einpressen, v.i. press, compress; force in. 

einprozentig, a. one per cent. 

einpudern, v.t. powder. 

einpumpen, v.t. pump in. 

einquellen, v.t. steep, soak. 

einrahmen, v.t. frame. 

einrauchern, v.t. fumigate; smoke. 

Einraucherung, /. fumigation. 

einraumen, v.t. stow away; furnish; yield, 

Einrede, /. objection, protest. 

einreden, v.t. talk into. v.i. interrupt; 

einreiben, v.i. rub in, smear. 

Einreibung, /. rubbing in, smearing; liniment, 

einreichen, v.t. hand in, present. 

einreihig, a. single-series. 

einreissen, v.t. rend; demolish. v.i. tear; 

einrennen, v.t. melt down; run down. 

Einrennen, n. melting down, first smelting. 

einrichten, v.t. arrange, set right, adjust, organ- 
ize, establish. 

Einrichtung, /. arrangement; contrivance; es- 
tablishment; furniture; setting (of bones). 

Einriss, m. rent, fissure. 

einrosten, v.i. rust in, be covered with rust. 

einrucken, v.t. (Mach.) engage, cause to engage, 
throw in. 

cinriihren, v.t. mix by stirring, stir up; beat 

eins, a. one. 

einsalben, v.t. grease; anoint; embalm. 

einsalzen, v.t. salt, salt down, corn, brine. 
eingesalzen, p.a. salted, corned, salt. 

einsam, a. alone, solitary, retired. 

Einsatz, m. putting in, insertion; something 
put in, as a tray, a nest (of boxes or the like) 
or a charge (in a furnace). 

Einsatzgewichte, weights in nests, nest of 

Einsatzhartung, /, casehardening. 




Einsatzkessel, set of kettles. 
Einsatzstahl, m. casehardened steel. 
Einsatztur, /. charging door, 
einsauern, v.t. acidify, sour; vinegar, pickle; 


Einsauge-. absorbent; lymphatic. 
Einsaugem ttel, n. absorbent. 
einsaugen, v.t. absorb; suck up, suck in. 

v.r. be absorbed, soak in. einsaugend, p.a. 

absorbent, absorptive. 
Einsaugung, /. absorption; suction. 
einsaurig, a. monacid. 
einschalten, v.t. put in, insert, introduce; 

switch in. 

einscharfen, v.t. enjoin, imp ess. 
einschenken, v.t. pour in, pour out (into some- 
einschichten, v.t. imbed; stratify, arrange in 

layers; interstratify; pack, 
einschichtig, a. of one layer, single. 
einschieben, v.t. shove in, put in, insert. 
einschlafern, v.t. make drowsy, narcotize; lull. 

einschlafernd, p.a. soporific, narcotic, 
einschlaffen, v.i. fall asleep. 
Einschlag, m. wrapper, envelope; plait, fold; 

woof; sulfur match (for casks); striking in; 

einschlagen, v.t. strike in, break, punch; wrap 

up, cover; follow, adopt; dip (sheet metal); 

sulfur (wine). v.i. sink in; strike; succeed; 

shake hands. 

einschlagig, a. belonging, pertinent, appropriate, 
einschlcifen, v.t. grind in; engrave, 
einschliessen, v.t. include, enclose, surround, 

lock in. 

einschliesslich, adv. inclusive, inclusively, 
einschlucken, v.t. absorb; gulp down. 
einschliipfen, v.i. soak in; slip in. 
Einschluss, m. inclusion, including; enclosure. 
Einschlussrohr, n. sealed tube. 
Einschlussthermometer, n. & m. thermometer 

with enclosed scale. 
einschmalzen, v.t. grease, oil. 
einschmelzen, v.t. & i. melt down; melt in, 

fuse in. 

Einschmelzflasche, /. bottle closed by fusion. 
Einschmelzglas, n. fusible glass (for sealing in 

platinum points, etc.). 

Einschmelzrohr, n. sealing tube (in which sub- 
stances are enclosed by sealing). 
einschmieren, v.t. smear, grease, lubricate. 
Einschnitt, m. incision, cut, notch, excavation. 
einschniiren, v.t. constrict; bind up, lace up. 
Einschniirung, /. constriction; binding up. 
einschranken, v.t. confine, limit, restrain. 
einschreiben, v.t. inscribe, note, register. 
einschrumpfen, v.i. shrink, shrivel. 
einschiitten, v.t. pour in, put in. 
einschwefeln, v.t. sulfur, sulfurize. 
cinsehen, v.t. look into, understand, perceive. 

Einsehen, n. insight, judgment. 

einseifen, v.t. soap. 

einseitig, a. one-sided, unilateral; partial. 
j einsetzen, v.t. set in, put in, insert; plant; pre- 
serve (fruits); establish; install. 

Einsetzen, n. setting in, etc. (see einsetzen); 
(Metal.) casehardening. 

Einsetzer, TO. combustion boat. 

Einsetzgewichte, nest of weights. 

Einsetzthiir, /. charging door. 

Einsicht, /. examination ; insight, intelligence. 

einsichtig, a. intelligent, judicious. 

einsickern, v.i. infiltrate, soak in. 

Einsiedler, m. hermit. 

einspeicheln, v.t. salivate. P.I. be salivated. 

einspielen, v.i. balance. 

Einsprache, /. objection, exception. 

einsprengen, v.t. sprinkle; intersperse, dissemi- 
nate; interstratify; burst open. 

einspringen, v.i. spring in; (of fabrics) shrink; 
(of an angle) reenter. 

einspritzen, v.t. squirt in, inject, syringe. 

Einspritzer, m. injector; syringe. 

Einspritzhahn, m. injection cock. 

Einspritzung, /. injection. 

Einspruch, m. objection, exception. 

einst, adv. once; some time. 

einstampfen, v.t. ram down, compress. 

einstauben, v.t. dust, powder. 

einstechen, v.t. stick in, pierce. 

einstehen, v.i. answer, guarantee. 

einst ell bar, a. adjustable. 

einstellen, v.t. put in, set in; standardize (a 
solution); stop, suspend; adjust, regulate; 
put up, lay up; engage (help); (Optics) 
focus. v.r. appear; (of a magnet) set. 
einstellen auf, standardize against. 

Einsteller, TO. regulator, thermostat (see also 

Einstellung, /. putting in, standardization, 
etc. (see einstellen); standard (of a solu- 

Einstich, TO. puncture. 

einstimmen, v.i. chime in, agree, accord. 

einstimmig, adv. unanimously. 

einstossen, v.t. thrust in, ram in; break in. 

einstreichen, v.t. nick, slit (e.g. with a file); 
rub; take in. 

einstreuen, v.t. strew, sprinkle. 

einstromen, v.i. stream in, flow in. 

Einstromventil, n. inlet valve. 

einsturzen, v.i. fall in, collapse. v.t. demolish." 

einstweilen, adv. meanwhile, for a time. 

einsumpfen, v.t. wet, soak. 

eintagig, a. of a day's duration, one day's. 

eintauchen, v.t. dip, plunge, immerse; steep. 
v.i. dip in, sink in. 

Eintausch, TO. exchange, bartering. 

einteigen, v.t. impaste, make into paste or 
dough; (Brewing) dough in. 



einteilen, v.t. divide; distribute; separate. 
in Grade einteilen, graduate. 

einteilig, a. one-part, single. 

Einteilung, /. division; graduation; separation; 
classification; distribution. 

eintonig, a. monotonous. 

Eintracht, /. harmony; unity. 

Eintrag, TO. entry; woof; damage, prejudice. 

eintragen, v.t. carry in; ir.troduce; enter, 
record; yield. 

eintraglich, a. profitable. 

eintranken, v.t. soak, steep, impregnate. 

eintraufeln, v.t. drop in, instil. 

eintreffen, v.i. arrive; happen. 

eintreiben, v.L drive in; rub in; collect. 

eintreten, v.i. enter; set in, commence; occur. 

eintrichtern, v.t. pour in with a funnel. 

Eintritt, m. entrance, entry; admission; ap- 
pearance; commencement; (Optics) inci- 

eintrocknen, v.i. dry, dry up; shrink in drying. 

eintropfen, eintropfeln, v.t. drop in; instil. 

ein-und-einachsig, a. (Cryst.) orthorhombic. 

einverleiben, v.t. incorporate, embody. 

Einvernehmung, /. understanding. 

einverstanden, p.a. agreed. 

Einw., abbrev. (Einwirkung) action, influence. 

Einwageloffel, m. weighing-in spoon. 

einwagen, v.t. weigh in, weigh and put in. 

einwalken, v.t. full close; force (oil, etc.) by 
fulling. v.i. shrink by fulling. 

Einwand, TO. objection, exception. 

einwandern, v.i. immigrate. 

einwandfrei, a. unobjectionable, unexception- 

einwarts, adv. inward. 

einwaschen, v.t. wash. 

einwasserig, a. (Dyeing) one-bath. 

einwassern, v.t. lay in water, steep, soak. 

einweben, v.t. inweave. v.r. shrink. 

einweibig, a. monogamous. 

einweichen, v.t. steep, soak, macerate, digest, 
infuse; ret (flax). 

Einweichung, /. steeping, etc. (see einweichen). 

einwenden, v.t. object, oppose. 

einwerfen, v.t. throw in. 

einwertig, a. univalent. 

einwickeln, v.t. wrap up, wrap in, inclose. 

Einwieg-. See Einwag-. 

einwilligen, v.i. consent, approve. 

einwirken, v.i. act; exert influence. v.t. work 
in, weave in. 

Einwirkung, /. action; influence. 

Einwirkungsprodukt, n. resultant product. 

Einwohner, m. inhabitant. 

Einwurf, TO. objection; reply; slot. 

Einzahlung, /. payment, instalment; share. 

Einzel-. single, individual. 

Einzelblech, n. single tinplate. 

Einzelfall, m. particular case, individual case. 


Einzelheit, /. detail, particular; singleness. 

einzeln, a. single, separate, individual. 

Einzelverkauf, m. retail, retailing. 

Einzelvorgang, m. single or separate process or 

einziehen, v.t. draw in, pull in; absorb; re- 
duce, lessen; collect; confiscate. v.i. soak 
in, infiltrate; enter. v.r. shrink, contract; 

Einziehungsmittel, n. absorbent. 

einzig, a. only, single, unique. 

einzuckern, v.t. sugar; preserve (with sugar). 

Einzug, m. entry, entrance. 

eirund, a. oval. 

Eis, n. ice. 

Eisabkuhlung, /. cooling or refrigeration with ice. 

eisahnlich, a. icelike, resembling ice. 

eisartig, a. icelike, icy. 

Eisen, n. iron; iron instrument or utensil; 

Eisenabfalle, scrap iron. 

Eisenalaun, m. iron alum (ferric potassium sul- 

Eisenantimonerz, n., Eisenantimonglanz, m. 

eisenarm, a. poor in iron. 

Eisenarsenik, n. iron arsenide, specif., (Mm.) 
lollingite or leuocopyrite. 

eisenartig, a. ironlike, ferruginous, chalybeate. 

Eisenasbest, m. fibrous silica formed in iron 

Eisenbahn, /. railroad, railway. 

Eisenbeize, /. iron mordant, iron liquor. 

Eisenbeton, TO. ferro-cbncrete, reinforced con- 

Eisenblau, n. Eisenblauspat, TO. = Blaueisen- 

Eisenblauerde, /. earthy vivianite. 

eisenblausauer, a. of or combined with ferro- 
cyanic acid, ferrocyanide of. 

Eisenblausaure, /. ferrocyanic acid. 

Eisenblech, n. sheet iron, iron plate. 

Eisenblende, /. pitchblende. 

Eisenblock, /. ingot, bloom or block of iron. 

Eisenblumen, iron flowers (ferric chloride). 

Eisenblute, /. flos ferri (coralloid form of ara- 

Eisenbromid, n. iron bromide, specif., ferric 

Eisenbromiir, n. ferrous bromide. 

Eisenbromurbromid, n. ferrosoferric bromide. 

Eisenbriihe, /. iron mordant. 

Eisenchinawein, TO. iron and quinine wine. 

Eisenchlorid, n. iron chloride, specif., ferric 

Eisenchloriir, n. ferrous chloride. 

Eisenchlorurchlorid, n. ferrosoferric chloride. 

Eisenchlorwasserstoff, TO. ferrichloric acid. 

Eisenchrom, n. (Min.) chromic iron, chromite. 

Eisenchrysolith, TO. hyalosiderite; fayalite. 




Eisencyanfarbe, /. iron-cyanogen pigment. 

Eisencyanid, n. iron cyanide, specif., ferric cyan- 
ide; ferrocyanide. 

Eisencyankalium, n. potassium ferrocyanide. 

Eisencyaniir, n. ferrous cyanide. 

Eisencyaniirzinkoxyd, n. zinc ferrocyanide. 

Eisencyanverbindung, /. iron-cyanogen com- 
pound, ferro- or ferricyanogen compound. 

Eisendraht, m. iron wire. 

Eisenerde, /. ferruginous earth, iron earth; 
(Ceram.) kind of hard stoneware. blaue 
Eisenerde, earthy vivianite. 

Eisenerz, n. iron ore. 

Eisenfarbe, /. iron color, iron gray. 

Eisenfeilicht, n., Eisenfeile, /., Eisenfeilspane, iron filings. 

eisenfrei, a. free from iron. 

Eisengang, m. iron lode, iron-ore vein. 

Eisengans, /. iron pig. 

Eisengestell, n. iron stand, iron frame. 

Eisengewinnung, /. iron production. 

Eisengiesserei, /. iron foundry; iron founding. 

Eisengilbe, /. yellow ocher. 

Eisenglanz, TO. iron glance, specular iron (form 
of hematite). 

Eisenglimmer, m. micaceous iron ore (form of 

Eisenglimmerschiefer, m. itabirite. 

Eisengranat, TO. iron garnet (almandite) . 

eisengrau, a. iron-gray. 

Eisengraupen, granular bog iron ore. 

Eisengrund, m. iron liquor. 

Eisenguss, TO. iron casting; cast iron. 

eisenhaltig, a. containing iron, ferriferous, fer- 
ruginous, chalybeate. 

Eisenhart, Eisenhardt, TO. ferriferous gold sand. 

Eisenholz, n. ironwood. 

Eisenhut, m., Eisenhiitchen, n. aconite, monks- 

Eisenhiitte, /. ironworks, iron mill; forge. 

Eisenhiittenkunde, /. metallurgy of iron. 

Eisenhydroxyd, n. ferric hydroxide. 

Eisenhydroxydul, n. ferrous hydroxide. 

Eisenjodid, n. iron iodide, specif., ferric iodide. 

Eisenjodur, n. ferrous iodide. 

Eisenjodiirjodid, n. ferrosoferric iodide. 

Eisenkalium, n. potassium ferrate. 

Eisenkaliumalaun, TO. iron potassium alum, 
ferric potassium sulfate. 

Eisenkarburet, n. iron carbide. 

Eisenkies, m, iron pyrites, pyrite. hexagon- 
aler Eisenkies, pyrrhotite. rhombischer 
Eisenkies, marcasite. 

Eisenkiesel, TO. ferruginous flint. 

Eisenkobalterz, n., Eisenkobaltkies, TO., cobal- 
tite or smaltite rich in iron. 

Eisenkohlenoxyd, n. iron carboxide. 

Eisenkohlenstoff, TO. iron carbide. 

Eisenkraut, n. vervain. 

Eisenlebererz, n. hepatic iron ore. 

Eisenmangan, n. ferromanganese. 

Eisenmanganerz, n. manganiferous iron ore, 
ferriferous manganese ore. 

Eisenmann, TO. a scaly form of hematite. 

Eisenmennige, /. red ocher. 

Eisenmohr, TO. sethiops martialis (FesC^ as a 
black powder); earthy magnetite. 

Eisenmulm, TO. earthy iron ore. 

Eisenniere, /. eaglestone. 

Eisenol, n. (Pharm.) oleum martis. 

Eisenoxyd, n. iron oxide, specif., ferric oxide. 
salpetersaures Eisenoxyd, ferric nitrate (and 
so for other salts). 

Eisenoxydhydrat, n. ferric hydroxide. 

Eisenoxydoxydul, n. ferrosoferric oxide. 

Eisenoxydsalz, n. ferric salt. 

Eisenoxydul, n. ferrous oxide. salpetersaures 
Eisenoxydul, ferrous nitrate (and so for other 

Eisenoxydulhydrat, n. ferrous hydroxide. 

Eisenoxyduloxyd, n. ferrosoferric oxide, mag- 
netic iron oxide (FesC^). 

Eisenoxydulsalz, n. ferrous salt. 

Eisenoxydulverbindung, /. ferrous compound. 

Eisenoxydverbindung, /. ferric compound. 

Eisenpastille, /. (Pharm.) reduced iron lozenge. 

Eisenpecherz, n. limonite; pitticite; triplite. 

Eisenquarz, TO. ferriferous quartz. 

Eisenrahm, TO. a porous form of hematite. 

Eisenresin, Eisenresinit, TO. (Min.) humboldt- 

Eisenrhodanid, n. ferric thiocyanate (or sulfo- 

Eisenrhodaniir, n. ferrous thiocyanate (or sul- 

Eisenrot, n. colcothar. 

Eisensalmiak, TO. (Pharm.) ammoniated iron. 

eisensauer, a. of or combined with ferric acid, 
ferrate of. 

Eisensauerling, TO. chalybeate water (mineral 
water containing iron saljts.) 

Eisensaure, /. ferric acid. 

Eisenschaum, TO. (Metal.) kish; (Min.) = Eisen- 

Eisenschorl, TO. gob iron ore. 

eisenschussig, a. ferriferous, ferruginous. 

Eisenschwamm, TO. iron sponge, spongy iron. 

Eisenschwarz, n. iron black (precipitated anti- 
mony); graphite; lampblack; (Dyeing) cop- 
peras black. 

Eisenschwarze, /. graphite; earthy magnetite; 
(Dyeing) iron liquor; (Leather) currier's ink. 

Eisenseleniir, n. ferrous selenide. 

Eisensilberglanz, TO. sternbergite. 

Eisensilicium, n. iron silicide. 

Eisensinter, TO. dross of iron, iron scale; pitti- 

Eisenspane, iron turnings or borings. 

Eisenspat, m. siderite. 

Eisenspiegel, m. specular iron (hematite). 




Eisenstein, m. ironstone, iron ore. spatiger 
Eisenstein, spathic iron ore, siderite. 

Eisensteinmark, n. lithomarge containing iron. 

Eisensublimat, n. iron sublimate (ferric chlo- 

Eisensulfid, n. iron sulfide, specif., ferric sulfide. 

Eisensulfiir, n. ferrous sulfide. 

Eisensumpferz, n. bog iron ore. 

Eisentitan, n. (Mtn.) ilmenite. 

Eisenton, m. clay ironstone. 

Eisentongranat, m. almandite. 

Eisenuntersuchung, /. examination of iron, iron 

Eisenvitriol, m. iron vitriol (hydrous ferrous 
sulfate). roter Eisenvitriol, red vitriol, bot- 

Eisenwasser, n. chalybeate water. 

Eisenwein, m. (Pharm.) iron wine. 

Eisenweinstein,TO. (Pharm.) iron and potassium 
tartrate, tartarated iron. 

Eisenzinkblende, /. marmatite. 

Eisenzinkspat, TO. ferruginous calamine. 

Eisenzinnerz, n. ferriferous cassiterite. 

Eisenzucker, m. (Pharm.) ferric saccharate. 

Eisenzyan-. = Eisencyan-. 

eisern, a. of iron, iron. 

Eisessig, m. glacial acetic acid. 

Eisglas, n. frosted glass. 

eisig, a. icy, icelike. 

Eiskraut, n. ice plant (Mesembryanthemum 

Eispunkt, m. freezing point. 

Eisschrank, m. ice box, refrigerator. 

Eisspat, m. glassy feldspar, sanidine (or rhyac- 

Eisstein, m. cryolite. 

Eistrichter, TO. ice funnel. 

Eiszacken, Eiszapfen, TO. icicle. 

Eiszeit, /. glacial period. 

eitel, a. pure; idle; vain. 

Eitelkeit, /. vanity. 

Eiter, m. pus. 

eiterahnlich, eiterartig, a. purulent. 

eiterbefordernd, a. suppurative. 

eitererzeugend, p.a. suppurative, pyogenic. 

Eitergang, m. fistula. 

eiterig, eitericht, a. purulent. 

eitern, v.i. suppurate. 

Eiterstoff, m. purulent matter. 

Eiterung, /. suppuration. 

eiterziehend, p.a. suppurative, pyogenic. 

Eiweiss, n. albumin; albumen, white of egg; 

Eiweiss-. albuminous, albuminoid. 

ciweissahnlich, a. albuminoid. 

eiweissarm, a. poor in albumin or in protein. 

Eiweissart, /. variety of albumin; variety of 

eiweissartig, a. albuminous; albuminoid; glairy. 

Eiweissbedarf, m. albumin requirement. 

Eiweissdriise, /. salivary gland. 

eiweissfb'rmig, a. albuminous. 

eiweisshaltig, a. containing albumin (or albu- 
men), albuminous; containing protein. 

Eiweissharnen, n. albuminuria. 

Eiweisskorper, m. albuminous substance, pro- 

Eiweissleim, m. gluten protein. 

Eiweissnahrung, /. albuminous food. 

Eiweisspapier, n. albuminized paper. 

eiweissreich, a. rich in albumin (or in protein). 

eiweissspaltend, p.a. proteolytic. 

Eiweissspaltung, /. cleavage of albumin; pro- 
tein cleavage, proteolysis. 

Eiweissstoff, m. albuminous substance, protein. 

Eiweissverbindung, /. albuminous compound, 
protein; albuminate. 

Eizelle, /. ovum. 

Ekabor, n. ekaboron. 

Ekasilizium, n. ekasilicon. 

Ekel, m. nausea; disgust. 

ekelhaft, a. disgusting, offensive. 

-el. A suffix attached to verb roots to denote 
the instrument of an action, -er; as, Hebel, 
lever, from heben, lift. 

Elaidinsaure, /. elaidic acid. 

Elainsaure, /. oleic acid. 

Elaio-. eleo-, elaeo-, elaio-. 

Elasticitat, /. elasticity. 

elastisch, a. elastic. 

Elefantenlaus, /. cashew nut. 

Elefantennuss, /. ivory nut. 

Elektawolle, /. first-class wool. 

Elektric-. See Elektriz-. 

Elektriker, m. electrician. 

elektrisch, a. electric. 

elektrisierbar, a. electrifiable. 

elektrisieren, v.L electrify. 

Elektrizitat, /. electricity. 

Elektrizitatswage, /. electrometer. 

Elektrizitatszeiger, m. electroscope. 

Elektrochemie, /. electrochemistry. 

elektrochemisch, a. electrochemical. 

Elektrolyse, /. electrolysis. 

elektrolysieren, v.t. electrolyze. 

Elektrolyt, TO. electrolyte. 

Elektrolyteisen, n. electrolytic iron. 

elektrolytisch, a. electrolytic. 

Elektrolytsilber, n. electrolytic silver. 

elektrometrisch, a. electrometric. 

elektromotorisch, a. electromotive. 

Elektrophor, TO. electrophorus. 

Elektrosynthese, /. electrosynthesis. 

Elektrotechniker, TO. electrotechnician, electri- 

elementar, a. elementary. 

Elementaranalyse, /. elementary analysis. 

Elementenmessung, /. stoichiometry. 

Elemiharz, n. elemi, gum elemi. 

Elemiol, n. elemi oil. 




Elen, m. & n. elk. 

Elend, n. misery, distress, penury. 

elend, a. miserable, pitiful, ill. 

Elephanten-. See Elefanten-. 

elf, a. eleven. 

Elfenbein, n. ivory. gebranntes Elfenbein, 
burnt ivory, ivory black. kiinstliches El- 
fenbein, artificial ivory, celluloid. 

Elfenbeinnuss, /. ivory nut. 

Elfenbeinsubstanz, /. dentine. 

elfte, a. eleventh. 

eliminieren, v.t. eliminate. 

EUagengerbsaure, /. ellagic acid. 

Ellagsaure, Ellagensaure, /. ellagic acid. 

Ellbogen, m. elbow. 

Elle, /. ell, yard; ulna. 

Ellenbogen, m. elbow. 

Ellenwaren, dry goods, draper's goods. 

Elsebeere, /. service berry. 

Elster, /. magpie. 

elterlich, a. parental. 

Eltern, pi. parents. 

elutrieren, v.t. elutriate, wash. 

Email, n. enamel. 

EmailXarbe, /. enamel color. 

Emailglas, n. enamel glass, fusible glass. 

Emaille, /. enamel. 

emaillieren, v.t. enamel. 

Emissionsvermogen, n. emissive power. 

EMK., abbrev. (elektromotorische Kraft) elec- 
tromotive force, E.M.F. 

empfahl, pret. of empfehlen. 

Empfang, m. receipt. 

empfangen, v.t. receive; accept. v.i. conceive. 

empfanglich, a. receptive, susceptible. 

Empfangnis, n. conception. 

Empfangs-. receiving. 

empfehlen, v.t. recommend. 

empfehlenswcrt, a. to be recommended, advis- 
able; eligible. 

empfiehlt, pr. 3 sing, of empfehlen. 

empfinden, v.t. feel, experience. 

empfindlich, a. sensitive; susceptible; sensible; 
irritable; severe. 

Empfindlichkeit, /. sensitiveness, etc. (see emp- 

Empfindung, /. sensation, feeling; sentiment. 

empfohle, pret. subj. of empfehlen. 

empfohlen, p.p. of empfehlen. 

empirisch, a. empiric (al). 

empor, adv. up, upward, on high. 

emporbliihen, v.i. grow, rise, prosper. 

emporen, v.t. stir up, excite; shock. 

emporkommen, v.i. rise, emerge, mount, ascend; 

emsig, a. diligent, industrious. 

emulgieren, v.t. emulsify. 

Emulgiemng, /. emulsification. 

emulsionieren, v.t. emulsify, emulsionize. 

Emulsionierung, /. emulsification. 

-en. (1) Case ending of certain nouns. (2) A 
suffix used like the English -en to form ad- 
jectives of material; as silbern, of silver, 
eichen, oaken. (3) In Org. Chem., the equiva- 
lent of the English -ene; as, Pro-pen, propene. 

Enantiotropie, /. enantiotropy, -tropism. 

End-, final, terminal. 

Endausbeute, /. final yield. 

Enddruck, m. final pressure. 

Ende, /. end; limit, termination, purpose. 

Endecke,/., Endeck, n. terminal angle, summit. 

enden, v.t. & r. end, terminate. 

Endflache, /. terminal face, end face. 

Endglied, n. terminal member, end member. 

endgiiltig, a. final, conclusive. 

endigen, v.t. & r. end, terminate. 

Endlaugen, foots. 

endlich, a. finite; final; late. adv. finally; 
after all. 

endlos, a. endless; infinite. 

Endnuance, /. final shade. 

endosmotisch, a. endosmotic. 

endothermisch, a. endothermic. 

Endprodukt, n. final product, end product. 

Endpunkt, m. end point, final point; terminus. 

Endsilbe, /. final syllable, termination. 

endstandig, a. standing at the end, end, ter- 

Endzustand, TO. final state or condition. 

Energie, /. energy. 

Energieabnahme, /. decrease in energy. 

Energieanderung, /. energy change. 

Energieaufwand, TO. expenditure of energy. 

Energiegleichung, /. energy equation. 

Energieinhalt, TO. energy content. 

Energieverlust, TO. loss of energy. 

Energiezufuhr, /. addition of energy. 

energisch, a. energetic. 

eng, enge, a. narrow; close, tight. 

Enge, /. narrowness; closeness, tightness. 

Engel, TO. angel. 

Engelrot, n. colcothar. 

Engelwurz, -wurzel, /. (Pharm.) angelica. 

Enghalsflasche, /. narrow-necked bottle. 

englisch, a. English. englische Erde, rotten 
stone. englisches Gewiirz, pimenta, all- 
spice. englisches Pulver, powder of Alga- 
roth (SbOCl). englisches Rot, English red, 
colcothar. englisches Salz, Epsom salt. 

Englischgelb. patent yellow (lead oxychloride) . 

Englischrot, n. colcothar. 

Englischsalz, n. Epsom salt. 

englochig, a. with small holes, fine-pored. 

engmaschig, a. close-meshed, fine-meshed. 

Engobe, TO. engobe, slip. 

engobieren, v.t. (Ceram.) coat with engobe, 

Enkel, TO. ankle; grandchild, grandson. 

Enlevage, /. (Dyeing) discharge. 

enorm, a. enormous. 




cnt-. A verbal prefix having the following 
principal meanings: (1) With nouns, deprive 
of, de-, dis-, di-, un-; as, entschwefeln, desul- 
furize. (2) With verbs, away, out, dis-, de-, 
un-, in-, ex-, e-; as, entdecken, discover, ent- 
wickeln, evolve. (3) With verbs, begin to, 
start; as entflammen, inflame, entschlafen, 
fall asleep. 

entalkoholisieren, v.t. dealcoholize. 

entajmidieren, v.t. deprive of amidogen, deamin- 
ize, deamidize. 

entarten, v.i. degenerate, deteriorate. 

entbasten, v.t. degum (silk). 

entbehren, v.t. be without, lack; do without, 
dispense with. 

entbehrlich, a. dispensable, unnecessary. 

entbinden, v.t. disengage, set free, liberate, re- 
lease; evolve (gases); (Med.) deliver. 

Entbindung, /. disengagement, setting free, re- 
lease; evolution (of ga^es); (Med.) delivery. 

Entbindungsflasche, /. generating flask (or 

Entbindungsrohr, n. delivery tube. 

entbittern, v.t. deprive of bitterness. 

entbleien, v.t. deprive of lead. 

entblossen, v.t. uncover, strip; deprive. 

Entchlorun^, /. dechlorination. 

entdecken, v.t. discover; disclose. 

Ent decker, TO. discoverer; detecter. 

Entdeckung, /. discovery; disclosure. 

entdenaturieren, v.t. free from denaturants. 

Ente, /. duck; canard. 

entehren, v.t. dishonor. 

enteisenen, v.t. deprive of iron. 

Enteisenung, /. removal of iron. 

Enterich, m. drake. 

entfallen, v.i. drop, slip, fall. 

entfalten, v.t. unfold, display; evolve, develop. 

entfarben, v.t. decolorize, bleach; make pale. 
v.r. fade; grow pale. 

Entfarbung, /. decolorization, decoloration, 
bleaching; growing pale; paleness. 

Entfarbungsmittel, n. decolorizing agent, de- 

entfasern, v.t. free of fibers, string (beans). 

entfernen, v.t. remove. v.r. withdraw, 

Entfernung, /. removal; distance; retirement; 

entfetten, v.t. remove fat, oil or grease from, 
ungrease, degrease, unoil, scour. 

Entfettung, /. removal of fat, etc. (see ent- 

Entfettungsmittel, n. scouring agent, degreasing 

entfil/en, v.t. unfelt. 

entflammbar, a. inflammable. 

Entflammbarkeit, /. inflammability. 

entflammen, v.t. inflame, kindle. v.r. (of kero- 
sene, etc.) flash. 

Entflammungspunkt, m. flashing point, flash 

Entflammungstemperatur, /. kindling tempera- 
ture; (of kerosene, etc.) flash point. 

entfleischen, v.t. strip of flesh, flesh. 

entfliessen, v.i. flow; emanate. 

entfremden, v.t. estrange; abandon; conceal. 

entfiihren, v.t. carry off. 

entfuseln, v.t. remove fusel oil from, rectify. 

entgasen, v.t. extract gas from (as from coal by 

entgegen, prep, against; opposite; toward. 
adv. counter, oppositely. 

entgegengehen, v.i. go to meet, encounter, face. 

entgegengesetzt, p.a. opposite; opposed, con- 
trary, inverse, reverse. 

entgegnen, v.t. reply. 

entgehen, v.i. escape, avoid. 

entgeisten, v.t. deprive of spirit or alcohol, 

entgelten, v.t. pay for. 

entgerbern, v.t. wash (wool). 

entgiften, v.t. deprive of poison. 

entglasen, v.t. devitrify. 

Entglasung, /. devitrification. 

entgolden, v.t. extract the gold from. 

entgrannen, v.t. awn, hummel (barley). 

entgummieren, v.t. degum. 

enthaaren, v.t. unhair, depilate. 

Enthaarungsmittel, n. depilatory. 

enthalten, v.t. contain; include. v.r. abstain. 

enthaltsam, a. abstemious, temperate. 

entharten, v.t. soften; (Metal.) anneal. 

entharzen, v.t. deprive of resin. 

enthauten, v.t. skin, flay. 

entheben, v.t. exonerate, exempt; dismiss. 

enthiillen, v.t. unfold, unveil, disclose. 

enthiilsen, v.t. husk, hull, shell, peel, etc. 

enthydratisieren, v.t. dehydrate. 

entkalken, entkalken, v.t. decalcify, delime, 
free from lime. 

Entkalkungsmittel, n. deliming agent. 

entkeimen, v.t. degerminate. v.i. germinate, 

entkieseln, v.t. desilicify. 

entkleiden, v.t. undress, strip. 

entkohlen, v.t. decarbonize, decarburize. 

Entkohlung, /. decarbonization, decarburiza- 

entkornen, v.t. = auskornen. 

entkraften, v.t. exhaust; debilitate, weaken. 

entkupfern, v.t. free from copper. 

entladen, v.t. discharge; unload. v.r. explode, 
go off. 

Entladung, /. discharge; exoneration. 

entlang, adv. along. 

entlassen, v.t. dismiss, discharge. 

entleeren, v.t. empty, discharge. 

Entleerung, /. emptying, discharging, discharge, 

entlegen, a. distant, remote, 




entlehnen, v.t. borrow, take, derive. 

entleimen, v.t. degum. 

entleuchten, v.t. deprive of light, render non- 
luminous. v.i. shine, radiate. 

entliiften, v.t. deprive of air, deaerate. 

entmagnetisieren, v.t. demagnetize. 

entmenscht, p.a. inhuman, cruel. 

entmethylieren, v.t. demethylate. 

Entmischung, /. disintegration, separation into 
component parts. 

entmutigen, v.t. discourage. 

Entnahme, /. taking, etc. (see entnehmen) 

entnassen, v.t. deprive of moisture, dry. 

entnebeln, v.t. dissipate (mist or fog). 

entnehmen, v.t. take; draw, get, borrow. 

entolen, v.t. remove oil from. 

entphosphoren, v.t. dephosphorize. 

Entphosphorung, /. dephosphorization. 

entpressen, v.t. press out, squeeze out; extort. 

entrahmen, v.t. remove the cream from, skim. 

entrichten, v.t. pay (debts). 

entrinden, v.t. decorticate, bark. 

Entropie, /. entropy. 

entrosten, v./. free from rust, clean the rust from. 

entrusten, v.t. provoke, make angry. 

entsagen, v.t. renounce, give up. 

Entsatz, m. relief, rescue. 

entsauern, v.t. free from acid, deacidify; de- 

entschadigen, v.t. indemnify. 

entschalen, v.t. shell, peel; (Silk) scour, degum. 

entscheiden, v.t. decide. entscheidend, p.a. 
decisive; final. entschieden, p.a. decided, 

Entscheidung, /. decision; crisis. 

entschlagen, v.r. divest oneself, forget. 

entschlichten, v.t. free from size, undress (linen). 

entschliessen, v.r. resolve, decide. 

Entschluss, m. resolution. 

entschuldigen, v.t. excuse. 

entschwefeln, v.t. desulfurize. 

Entschwefelung, /. desulfurization. 

entschweissen, v.t. scour (wool). 

entschwinden, v.i. disappear, vanish. 

entseifen, v.t. free from soap, rinse. 

entsetzen, v.t. displace, remove; relieve. 
v.r. be horrified. 

entsilbern, v.t. desilver, desilverize. 

Entsilberung, /. desilvering, desilverizing. 

entsinnen, v.r. remember. 

entspannen, v.t. = abspannen. 

entsprechen, v.i. correspond; answer. ent- 
sprechend, p.a. corresponding; suitable. 

entspringen, v.i. spring, arise; escape. 

entstauben, v.t. dust (off). 

entstehen, v.i. arise, originate; be formed; 
result. eben entstehend, nascent; incipient. 

Entstehung, /. origin, genesis, nascence. 

Entstehungsart, Entstehungsweise, /. mode of 

Entstehungszustand, m. nascent state. 

entstellen, v.t. disfigure, distort. 

entstromen, v.i. flow, stream, issue, escape 

enttauschen, v.t. undeceive, disappoint. 

Entw., abbrev. (Entwickelung) evolution, de- 

entwachsen, v.i. outgrow. 

entwassern, v.t. free from water, dehydrate; 
concentrate, rectify, (Old Chem.) dephleg- 
mate; drain. entwassert, p.a. freed from 
water, dehydrated, anhydrous; concentrated, 
rectified; drained. 

Entwasserungsmittel, n. dehydrating agent. 

entweder, con/, either. 

entweichen, v.i. escape; leak. 

Entweichungsventil, n. escape valve, delivery 

entwenden, v.t. steal, embezzle. 

entwerfen, v.t. trace out, design, plan. 

entwerten, v.t. depreciate; cancel (stamps). 

entwickeln, v.t. develop; evolve; disengage, 
generate (gases); unfold, display. ent- 
wickelnd, p.a. developing, etc.; nascent. 

Entwickelung, /. developing, development; 
evolution; disengagement, generating (of 
gases); unfolding, explanation. 

Entwickelungsgefass, n. generating vessel, 

generator (for gases). 

Entwickelungsmittel, n. developer. 

Entwickelungsrohre, /. delivery tube. 

Entwickler, m. generator (for gases) ; (Photog. 
& Dyeing) developer; evolver, etc. (see ent- 

Ent wicklung, /. = Entwickelung. 

entwirren, v.t. unravel, disentangle. 

entwohnen, v.t. disaccustom, wean. 

Entwurf, m. sketch, outline, plan. 

entziehen, v.t. abstract; extract; take away, 
withdraw, deprive. 

Entziehung, /. abstraction; extraction; with- 
drawing; deprivation. 

entziffern, v.t. decipher. 

entziicken, v.t. ravish, charm. 

entzuckern, v.t. extract sugar from, deprive of 

entziindbar, a. inflammable. 

entziinden, v.t. ignite, kindle, inflame. v.r. 
take fire, ignite. 

entziindlich, a. inflammable. 

Entzundlichkeit, /. inflammability. 

Entziindung, /. ignition, inflammation. 

Entziindungsprcbe, /. ignition test. 

Entziindungspunkt, m. kindling point; (of kero- 
sene, etc.) burning point. 

entzwei, adv. in two, asunder. 

entzweit, p.a. at variance. 

Enzian, m. gentian. 

Enzianwurzel, /. gentian root. 

enzymatisch, a. enzymatic, enzymic. 


Epheu, w. ivy. 

Epihydrinsaure, /. epihydrinic acid. 

Epithelzelle, /. epithelial cell. 

Eppich, TO. celery. 

Equisetsaure, /. equisetic (aconitic) acid. 

er, pron. he, it. 

er-. A verbal prefix which, prefixed to verbs, 
signifies " out, forth," denoting either the 
perfecting of an action, as erfinden, find out, 
invent, or the commencement of an action 
or state, as erscheinen, shine forth, appear. 
With adjectives it signifies " make " or " be- 
come "; as, erganzen, make whole, complete, 
erkalten, become cold, cool. 

-er. (1) A plural ending of some nouns; as, 
Manner, men. (2) A suffix denoting agent, 
instrument, or some one in close relation; 
-er, -or, -ist; as Er finder, inventor, Heber, 
siphon (lifter), Physiker, physicist. (3) A 
suffix forming adjectives from names of cities; 
as, Pariser, Parisian, Paris. 

Erachten, n. opinion, judgment. 

erbarmen, v.r. pity, have mercy. 

erbarmlich, a. pitiable, wretched. 

erbauen, v.t. build, construct. 

Erbe, m. heir. n. inheritance. 

erbeben, v.L shake, tremble. 

erben, v.t. inherit. 

erbieten, v.r. offer. 

Erbinet de, /. erbia, erbium oxide. 

erbitten, v.t. request; persuade. 

erbittern, v.t. exasperate. 

erblasen, v.t. (Metal.) subject to, or obtain by, 
the blast. 

erblassen, v.i. fade; pale; die. 

Erblasser, TO. testator. 

erblich, a. hereditary. 

erblicken, v.t. behold, see. 

erbosen, v.t. make angry. 

erbotig, a. willing, ready. 

erbrechen, v.t. break open. v.r. vomit. 

Erbschaft, /. inheritance. 

Erbse, /. pea. 

Erbsenbaum, m. Siberian acacia. 

Erbsenerz, n. pea ore (form of limonite). 

erbsenformig, a. peatike, pisiform. 

erbsengross, a. of the size of a pea. 

Erbsenstein, m. peastone, pisolite (a granular 
limestone) . 

Erdachse, /. axis of the earth. 

Erdalkali, n. alkaline earth. 

Erdalkalimetall, n. alkaline-earth metal. 

Erdalkalisalze, salts of the alkaline-earth 

crdalkalisch, a. alkaline-earth. 

Erdapfel, m. potato; cyclamen; mandrake; 

erdartig, a. earthy. 

Erdasphalt, m. earthy asphalt. 

Erdball, TO. terrestrial globe. 



Erdbeben, n. earthquake. 

Erdbeere, /. strawberry. 

Erdbeschreibung, /. geography. 

Erdbirne, /. Jerusalem artichoke. 

Erdboden, m. ground, soil. 

Erdborer, TO. soil borer. 

Erdbrot, n. sow bread (Cyclamen europscum) . 

Erde, /. earth; soil; ground. 

Erdeichel, /. earthnut (peanut, Arochis hypo- 

gsea, or heath pea, Lathyrus tuber osus). 
Erdenge, /. isthmus. 
erdenken, v.t. devise, invent, 
erdenklich, a. conceivable. 
Erdfarbe, /. earthy color, mineral color, 
erdfarbig, a. earth-colored. 
Erdflachs, m. amianthus. 
Erdforscher, TO. geologist. 
Erdgang, TO. vein; tunnel, gallery. 
Erdgas, n. natural gas. 
Erdgelb, n. yellow ocher. 
Erdgeschmack, TO. earthy taste, flavor of the 


Erdgeschoss, n. ground floor. 
Erdglas, n. selenite. 

Erdgrun, n. = Berggrun; = grime Erde. 
Erdgurtel, TO. zone. 
Erdharz, n. asphalt; fossil resin. gelbes ErcU 

harz, amber. 

erdharzig, a. asphaltic, bituminous, 
erdichten, v.t. invent, fabricate.- 
erdig, a. earthy, terrestrial. erdiges Wasser, 

natural water containing calcium salts. 
Erdinnere, n. interior of the earth. 
Erdkobalt, TO. earthy cobalt, asbolite. griiner 

Erdkobalt, nickel ocher (annabergite) ; roter 

Erdkobalt, cobalt crust (earthy erythrite); 

roter strahliger Erdkobalt, cobalt bloom 


Erdkohle, /. earthy coal, lignitic earth. 
Erdkorper, TO. terrestrial body. 
Erdkruste, /. earth's crust. 
Erdkugel, /. terrestrial globe. 
Erdkunde, /. geography; geology; geognosy. 
Erdmandel, /. chufa (Cyperus esculentus), chufa 


Erdmehl, n. =Kieselgur. 
Erdmesskunst, /. geodesy. 
Erdmetall, n. earth metal. alkalisches Erd- 

metall, alkaline-earth metal. 
Erdnuss, /. earthnut, ground nut (most com- 
monly the peanut, Arachis hypogsea). 
Erdoberflache, /. earth's surface. 
Erdol, n. petroleum. 
erdolchen, v.t. stab. 
Erdpech, n. mineral pitch, asphalt. 
erdpechhaltig, a. containing asphalt, asphaltic. 
Erdprobe, /. soil sample; soil test. 
Erdrauch, TO. fumitory (Fumaria). 
Erdreich, n. ground, earth, land. 
Erdrinde, /. earth's crust. 




erdrosseln, v.t. throttle, strangle. 

erdriicken, v.t. stifle, smother; repress. 

Erdsalz, n. rock salt; saline efflorescence on 

Erdscheibe, /. =Erdbrot. 

Erdschicht, /. layer of earth, stratum. 

Erdschlacke, /. earthy slag. 

Erdscholle, /. clod. 

Erdschwamm, TO. mushroom. 

Erdschwefel, n. Erdschwefelsamen, m. lycopo- 

Erdseife, /. mountain soap (species of clay). 

Erdstein, m. eaglestone, aetites. 

Erdstrom, m. earth current. 

Erdtalg, TO. mineral tallow, hatchettite (or ozo- 

Erdtalk, TO. earthy talc. 

Erdteer, TO. mineral tar, maltha, pissasphalt. 

Erdteil, TO. part of the world; continent. 

erdulden, v.t. suffer, endure. 

Erdwachs, n. mineral wax, earth wax (ozocerite) 

Erdwarme, /. heat of the earth. 

-erei. A suffix forming nouns of action, place, 
condition, etc., -ing, -ery; as, Bdckerei, bak- 
ery, baker's trade, Stickerei, embroidery. 

ereifern, v.r. grow angry. 

ereignen, v.r. happen, occur. 

Ereignis, n. event, occurrence. 

ereilen, v.t. overtake. 

Eremakausie,/. eremacausis (slow combustion). 

erfahren, v.t. learn; hear; experience; undergo. 
p. a. experienced; expert. 

Erfahrung, /. experience; knowledge, practice. 

erfahrungsmassig, erfahrungsgemass, a. ac- 
cording to experience, empirical; usual. 

erfassen, v.t. seize, grasp. 

erfinden, v.t. invent, devise; find out. 

Erfinder, m. inventor; designer; author. 

erfindsam, a. inventive, ingenious. 

Erfindung, /. invention; discovery; device. 

Erfolg, TO. result; success. 

erfolgen, v.i. follow, result. 

erforderlich, a. requisite; necessary. 

erfordern, v.t. require, demand. 

erforschen, v.t. investigate; explore; discover. 

Erforscher, TO. investigator; explorer; discov- 

Erf orschung, /. investigation, research; explora- 
tion; discovery. 

erfragen, v.t. ascertain, inquire. 

crfreuen, v.t. delight, rejoice. v.r. be glad; be 

erfreulich, a. delightful, gratifying. 

erfrieren, v.i. freeze. 

erfrischen, v.t. refrigerate; freshen, refresh. 
erfrischendes Mittel, refrigerant. 

Erfrischung, /. refrigeration; refreshing^ re- 

erfroren, p.p. of erfrieren. 

erfiillen, v.t. impregnate; fill, fill up; fulfil. 

erganzen, v.t. supply, complete, make up, re- 
store, replenish. erganzend, p.a. comple- 
mentary, supplementary. 

Erganzung, /. completion, restoration; supple- 
ment; complement; supply, supplying; 

Erganzungband, TO. supplementary volume, 

Erganzungsfarbe, /. complementary color. 

ergeben, v.t. yield; show. v.r. result, appear; 
submit; devote oneself. p.a. devoted; obe- 
dient; resigned. 

Ergebnis, n. result; product; yield. 

ergehen, v.i. be issued; happen; fare. 

ergiebig, a. productive, plentiful, rich. 

ergiessen, v.t. & i. pour forth, discharge. 

ergliihen, v.i. begin to glow, glow. 

ergreifen, v.t. seize, grasp; resort to; take up; 
affect, strike. 

ergriinden, v.t. investigate, sound, fathom. 

Erguss, TO. effusion, discharge, overflow. 

Ergussgestein, n. effusive rock. 

erh., abbrev. (erhitzt) heated. 

Erh., abbrev. (Erhitzung) heating. 

erhaben, a. raised, relief; convex (lens); high; 
sublime, grand, illustrious. erhabene Arbeit, 
relief, rilievo. 

Erhabenheit, /. elevation; convexity; promi- 
nence; grandeur, eminence. 

erhaltbar, a. preservable; obtainable. 

erhalten, v.t. keep, preserve, maintain, support; 
receive, obtain, acquire. v.r. keep; remain 

Erhaltung, /. conservation; preservation; 
maintenance; support. 

Erhaltungsmittel, n. preservative; antiseptic. 

erharten, v.i. harden, set. 

Erhartung, /. hardening; declaration. 

erheben, v.t. raise. v.r. rise. 

erheblich, a. important, considerable. 

Erhebung, /. raising; elevation; rising; col- 

erheischen, v.t. demand, require. 

erheitern, v.t. brighten; cheer. v.r. clear up; 
cheer up. 

erhellen, v.t. light up, illuminate; brighten, 
lighten (colors); (Photog.) expose. v.i. be- 
come clear, appear. 

Erhellung, /. illumination; (Photog.) ex- 

erhitzen, v.t. heat. v.r. grow hot; become 
angry. erhitzend, p.a. heating; stimulating. 

Erhitzung, /. heating; growing hot. 

erhohen, v.t. raise, erect, elevate; heighten, 
advance, increase. 

Erhohung, /. raising, etc. (see erhohen). 

erholen, v.r. breathe, come to, recover, amuse 

Er hoi ung, /. recovery; recreation, relaxation. 

erhoren, v.t. hear; grant. 




erinnern, v.t. remind; state; admonish. v.r. 

Erinnerung, /. memory, recollection; admoni- 

erkalten, v.t. cool, grow cold. 

erkalten, v.t. cool, chill. v.r. catch cold. 

Erkaltung, /. cooling. 

Erkaltung, /. cold, catarrh. 

erkennen, v.t. detect, recognize, distinguish, 
know; acknowledge; (Med.) diagnose. 
v.i. decide, pass sentence. 

erkenntlich, a. grateful. 

Erkenntnis, /. perception; knowledge; decision. 

Erkennung, /. detection, recognition. 

Erkennungszeichen, n. characteristic, distinc- 
tive mark. 

Erker, m. projection; balcony. 

erklarbar, a. explainable, explicable. 

erklaren, v.t. explain, illustrate; declare, an- 
nounce. v.r. explain; grow clear. 

erklarlich, a. evident, obvicus. 

Erklarung, /. explanation, illustration; declara- 

Erklarungsversuch, m. explanatory experiment; 
attempted explanation. 

erkranken, v.i. fall ill, sicken. 

Erkrankung, /. illness, falling sick. 

erkundigen, v.r. inquire. 

Erkundigung, /. inquiry. 

erlahmen, v.i. become lame; droop. 

erlangen, o.t. reach, obtain, attain. 

Erlanger Leder. glove kid. 

Erlass, m. order, decree, edict; reduction, al- 
lowance, remission. 

erlassen, v.t. issue, proclaim; remit, exempt, 
let off. 

erlauben, v.t. allow, permit. 

erlaucht, a. illustrious, noble. 

erlautern, v.t. explain, illustrate. 

Erie, /. alder. 

erleben, v.t. experience, pass thru. 

erledigen, v.t. dispose of, settle, arrange; vacate. 

erlegen, v.t. lay down, pay; kill. 

-erlei. An adjective ending denoting " kinds "; 
as, zweierlei, of two kinds. 

erleichtern, v.t. make lighter or easier, facilitate. 

erleiden, v.t. suffer. 

Erlenbaum, m. alder (tree). 

Erlenholz, n. alder wood. 

erlesen, v.t. choose, select. 

erleuchten, v.t. illuminate, light. 

erliegen, v.i. sink, succumb. 

erlogen, p.a. fabricated, false. 

Erlos, m. proceeds. 

erloschen, v.i. go out, be extinguished; expire, 
become extinct; be effaced. 

erlosen, v.t. redeem, save; realize (money). 

ermachtigen, v.t. empower, authorize. 

ermahnen, v.t. exhort, remind. 

Ermangelung, /. default, want. 

ermannen, v.r. rouse oneself. 

ermassigen, v.t. moderate, reduce. 

ermatten, v.t. & i. tire. 

ermessen, v.t. judge; conceive. 

ermitteln, v.t. ascertain, find out. 

Ermittelung, /. ascertaining, ascertainment, 
finding out; (Analysis) determination. 

ermuden, v.t. tire, fatigue, exhaust. 

Ermiidung, /. fatigue; tiring. 

ermuntern, v.t. rouse, encourage, urge. 

-ern. A suffix forming adjectives of material; 
as, eisern, of iron. 

ernahren, v.t. nourish, feed; support. ernah- 
rend, p.a. nourishing, nutritive. 

Ernahrung,/. nutrition; alimentation; support. 

Ernahrungsgeschaft, n. nutrition. 

Ernahrungskanal, m. alimentary canal. 

Ernahrungskunde, /. dietetics. 

Ernahrungsstoff, n., Ernahrungssubstanz, /. 
alimentary substance, food substance. 

Ernahrungswert, m. nutritive value. 

ernennen, v.t. nominate, appoint. 

erneuen, erneuern, v.t. renew; refresh (colors); 
regenerate (steam); repair. 

erniedrigen, v.t. lower; humble. 

Erniedrigung, /. lowering, depression; humilia- 

ernst, a. serious, earnest; severe. 

Ernst, m. earnest, earnestness, seriousness; 

Ernte, /. harvest; crop; gathering. 

Erntemaschine, /. harvester. 

ernten, v.t. harvest, reap, gather. 

erobern, v.t. conquer, win. 

erodieren, v.t. erode. 

eroffnen, v.t. open; discover, disclose; start. 
croffnend, p.a. opening, disclosing; (Med.) 

erortern, v.t. discuss; debate. 

Erorterung, /. discussion; debate. 

erproben, v.t. test, try. 

erquicken, v.t. refresh, revive. 

erraten, v.t. guess, solve. 

erregbar, a. excitable, irritable, sensitive. 

erregen, v.t. stir up, excite, stimulate, irritate. 

Erreger, m. exciter, etc. (see erregen). 

Erregersalz, n. exciting salt (as ammonium 
chloride in the LeclanchS cell). 

Erregung, /. stirring up, etc. (see erregen). 

Erregungsfliissigkeit, /. exciting fluid (in a vol- 
taic cell). 

erreichbar, a. attainable. 

erreichen, v.t. reach, attain, get. 

erretten, v.t. save, rescue. 

errichten, v.t. erect; establish. 

erroten, v.i. redden, blush. 

Errungenschaft, /. acquisition, achievement, 

Ersatz, m. substitution, replacement; substi- 
tute; equivalent; 'compensation. 




Ersatz-, equivalent; substitute; duplicate, extra, 

Ersatzdeckel, m. extra cover, spare cover. 

Ersatzfahigkeit, /. capability of replacement; 

Ersatzgewicht, n. equivalent weight, equivalent. 

Ersatzmenge, /. equivalent amount, equivalent. 

Ersatzmittel, n. substitute, surrogate. 

Ersatzteil, m. extra part, spare part. 

ersaufen, v.t. drown; flood. 

erschaffen, v.t. create. 

erschallen, v.i. sound, resound. 

erscheinen, v.i. appear; be clear. 

Erscheinung, /. phenomenon; appearance; 

Erscheinungsform, /. phase; manifestation. 

erschiessen, v.t. shoot (to death). 

erschlaffen, v.t. & i. relax, slacken. 

erschleichen, v.t. get fraudulently. 

erschliessen, v.t. & r. open, disclose. 

erschopfen, v.t. exhaust. 

Erschopfung, /. exhaustion. 

erschrecken, v.t. frighten, startle. v.i. & r. be 

erschrocken, p.p. of erschrecken. 

erschiittern, v.t. shake; thrill. v.i. tremble. 
erschiitternd, p.a. concussive; thrilling. 

Erschiitterung, /. concussion; percussion; shak- 
ing; shock; commotion. 

erschweren, v.t. weight (silk, etc.); reduce 
(dyes) ; make heavy (or difficult) ; aggravate. 

erschwingen, v.t. afford. 

ersehen, v.t. see, learn, find. 

ersetzbar, a. replaceable, etc. (see ersetzen). 

ersetzen, v.t. replace, substitute, displace; com- 
pensate; recover. 

Ersetzung, /. replacement, substitution, etc. 
(see ersetzen). 

ersichtlich, a. visible, evident. 

ersinnen, v.t. devise, conceive. 

ersparen, v.t. spare, save. 

Ersparnis, /. saving (s), economy. 

erst, adv. first; only; yet. 

erstarren, v.i. solidify, congeal, freeze; harden, 
set; coagulate; become stiff or torpid. 

Erstarrung, /. solidification, congelation, etc. 
(see erstarren). 

Erstarrungspunkt, m. freezing point; solidifica- 
tion point; coagulation point. 

Erstarrungswarme, /. heat evolved on solidifi- 
cation, heat of fusion. 

erstatten, v.t. render, return, repay. 

Erstaunen, n. astonishment. 

erste, a. first, prime, head. 

erstehen, v.t. buy, buy at auction. 

ersticken, v.t. suffocate, choke; suppress. 

Erstmilch, /. colostrum. 

erstrecken, v.r. extend, amount. 

ersuchen, v.t. request, beseech. 

ertappen, v.t. catch. 

erteilen, v.t. give, bestow, grant. 

ertonen, v.i. sound, resound. 

Ertrag, m. yield; produce; proceeds, profit. 

ectragen, v.t. bear, endure. 

ertranken, v.t. drown. 

ertrinken, v.i. drown. 

erubrigen, v.i. remain (to say). v.t. save, spare. 

Erucasaure, /. erucic acid. 

erw., abbrev. (erwarmt) warmed. 

erwachen, v.i. wake, awake. 

erwachsen, p.a. grown, adult. 

erwagen, v.t. consider, weigh. 

erwahnen, v.t. mention. 

erwarmen, v.t. warm, heat. 

Erwarmungskraft, /. heating power, caloric 

erwarten, v.t. expect, await. 

erwecken, v.t. waken; rouse, animate. 

erwehren, v.r. keep off, restrain. 

erweichen, v.t. soften; soak; mellow. er- 
weichend, p.a. softening; emollient, demul- 

Erweichung, /. softening; mollification. 

Erweichungsmittel, n. emollient, demulcent. 

Erweis, m. proof, demonstration. 

erweisen, v.t. prove; show. v.r. prove, be 

erweitern, v.t. widen, expand, extend, enlarge, 
distend, dilate. v.r. expand, grow large, 

Erweiterung, /. widening, etc. (see erweitern). 

erwerben, v.t. acquire; earn, gain. 

erwidern, v.t. return; reply. 

erwiinscht, p.a. wished for, desired; agreeable. 

Erz, n. ore; metal, esp. bronze. 

Erz-. ore, metalliferous; bronze; arch-, chief, 
foremost, high; (with adjs.) extremely. 

Erzabfalle, tailings. 

Erzader, /. ore vein, metalliferous vein. 

erzahlen, v.t. tell, relate, report. 

Erzarbeiter, m. worker in bronze, metal worker. 

Erzaufbereitung, /. ore dressing. 

Erzbischof, m. archbishop. 

Erzbrechmaschine, /. ore crusher. 

erzdumm, a. extremely stupid. 

Erzeisen, n. mine iron (obtained from ore with- 
out addition of fluxes). 

erzeugen, v.t. produce; generate (gases) ; beget. 

Erzeuger, m. producer, generator. 

Erzeugnis, /. production; product; produce. 

Erzeugung, /. production, etc. (see erzeugen). 

Erzfarbe, /. bronze color. 

erzfuhrend, p.a. ore-bearing. 

Erzgiesserei, /. bronze foundry, brass foundry. 

Erzgrube, /. mine, pit. 

erzhaltig, a. containing ore, ore-bearing. 

Erzherzog, m. archduke. 

Erzhiitte, /. smelting house. 

erziehen, v.t. educate; bring up, rear. 

Erzieher, m. educator; tutor. 




Erzieherin, /. governess, tutoress. 

erzielen, v.t. obtain, attain; produce, raise.) 

Erzkies, TO. metalliferous pyrites. 

Erzkunde, /. metallurgy. 

Erzlager, n. bed of ore, ore deposit. 

Erzmetalle, ore metals, heavy metals. 

Erzmutter, /. matrix. 

Erzniere, /. kidney-shaped ore. 

Erzprobe,/. ore assay, ore assaying; ore sample. 

erzreich, a. rich in ore. 

Erzstahl, TO. ore steel, mine steel. Cf. Erzeisen. 

erziirnen, v.t. anger, provoke. v.r. grow angry; 

erzwingen, v.t. force; enforce; extort; com- 

es, pron. it. es giebt, there is, there are. 

Esche, /. ash, ash tree. 

Eschel, m. zaffer; (Founding) black spot. 

Esdragon, m. tarragon. 

Esel, TO. ass, donkey; (wooden) horse; (Brew- 
ing) scooper. 

Eselei, /. asininity, stupidity. 

eselhaft, a. asinine, 

Esparsette, /. sainfoin. 

Espe, /. aspen. 

essbar, a. edible. 

Esse, /. forge; hearth; chimney, stack. 

Esseisen, n. (Metal.) tuydre, twyer. 

essen, v.t. eat. 

Essen, n. eating; meal; food; dish. 

Essenklappe, /. damper. 

Essenz, /. essence. 

Essig, TO. vinegar. 

Essig-. vinegar; acetic, aceto-. 

Essigaal, m., Essigalchen, n. vinegar eel ( Vibrio 

essigartig, a. acetous, acetic; vinegar-like. 

Essigather, TO. acetic ether (ethyl acetate). 

Essigbildung, /. acetification. 

Essigessenz, /. vinegar essence (concentrated 
solution of acetic acid). 

Essigester, TO. acetic ester (ethyl acetate). 

Essigfabrik, /. vinegar factory. 

Essiggarung, /. acetic fermentation. 

Essiggeist, TO. acetone. 

Essiggut, n. alcoholic liquid for quick vinegar 

Essighonig, m. oxymel. 
Essigmesser, m. acetometer. 
Essigmutter, /. mother (of vinegar). 
Essignaphta, /. ethyl acetate. 
Essigpilz, TO. vinegar plant, mother. 
Essigpriifer, Essigprober, TO. vinegar tester, 


Essigrose, /. French rose, red rose. 
Essigsalz, n. acetate. 
essigsauer, a. of or combined with acetic acid, 

acetate of; acetic, acetous; sour like vinegar. 
Essigsaure, /. acetic acid. 
EssigsaureanhydriJ, n. acetic anhydride. 

Essigsaureather, m. acetic ether (ethyl acetate) 

Essigsaureathylester, TO. ethyl acetate. 

Essigsauregarung, /. acetic fermentation. 

Essigsauremesser, m. acetometer. 

Essigsauresalz, n. salt of acetic acid, acetate. 

Essigschaum, m. flower of vinegar. 

Essigsirup, TO. oxymel. 

Essigsprit, TO. triple vinegar. 

Essigstander, TO. vinegar tun, graduator (in the 
quick vinegar process). 

Essigstube, /. vinegar room (warm room for the 
quick vinegar process). 

Essigzucker, TO. (Pharm.) oxysaccharum. 

Esslust, /. appetite. 

Esssaal, TO. dining-room. 

Esswaren, provisions, eatables. 

Ester, w. ester; specif., ethyl ester. 

Esterbildung, /. ester formation, esterification. 

esterifizieren, v.t. esterify. 

Esterzahl, /. ester number. 

Estragon, TO. tarragon. 

Estragonol, n. tarragon oil. 

Estrich, TO. plaster floor; layer of mortar. 

Estrichgips, TO. Keene's cement, estrich gypsum, 
flooring plaster (a form of anhydrous calcium 
sulf ate which sets with water, but more slowly 
than plaster of Paris). 

Estrichstein, TO. a kind of paving brick. 

Estrifikation, /. esterification. 

estrifizieren, v.t. esterify. 

Etablissement, n. establishment. 

Etikette, /., Etikett, n. etiquette; label, tag. 

etliche, a. some, several, a few. 

Etui, n. case, box. 

etwa, adv. perhaps; about. 

etwaig, a. likely to be, contingent. 

etwas, pron. some, something, somewhat. 

euch, pron. you, to you, yourselves. 

Euchlor, n. euchlorine. 

euer, pron. of you, your, yours. 

Eugensaure, /. eugenic acid (eugenol). 

Eule, /. owl. 

eurige, pron. yours. 

europaisch, a. European. 

eustasisch, a. Eustachian. 

Eutektikum, n. (pi. Eutektika) eutectic. 

eutektisch, a. eutectic. 

Euter, n. udder. 

evakuieren, v.t. evacuate, empty, exhaust. 

Evakuierungskessel, TO. vacuum boiler, vacuum 

evaporieren, v.t. & i. evaporate. 

eventuell, a. eventual. 

Everninsaure, /. everninic acid. 

Evernsaure, /. evernic acid. 

evolvieren, v.t. evolve. 

evomieren, v.t. vomit. 

ewig, a. eternal, perpetual. adv. ever, un- 

Ewigkeit, f. eternity; perpetuity. 



Examen, n. examination. 

Excenter, m. eccentric. 

Excentricitat, /. eccentricity. 

excentrisch, a. eccentric. 

Exemplar, n. specimen; sample; copy. 

existenzfahig, a. capable of existence. 

existieren, v.i. exist. 

exosmotisch, a. exosmotic. 

exotherm, exothermisch, a. exothermic. 

expedieren, v.t. despatch, forward. 

Expedition, /. expedition; office. 

Experimentator, m. experimenter; experimen- 

experimentieren, v.i. experiment. 

explodierbar, a. explosive. 

explodieren, vA. explode. explodierend, p.a. 
exploding, explosive. 

explosibel, a. explosive. 

explosionsartig, a. explosive. 

Explosionsdruck, TO. explosion pressure. 

explosionsfahig, a. explosive. 

Explosionsfahigkeit, /. explosiveness, explosi- 


explosionsicher, a. explosion-proof. 

Explosionsstoss, m. explosive impact, explosion 

Explosionsvorgang, m. explosive process. 

Ex plosions warm e, /. heat of explosion. 

Explosions welle, /. explosion wave. 

Explosivstoff, TO. explosive substance, explosive. 

Explosivstoffchemie, /. chemistry of explosives. 

Exsiccator, TO. exsiccator, desiccator. 

Exsudat, n. exudate, exudation. 

extrahieren, v.t. extract. 

Extrahierung, /. extraction, extracting. 

Extraktbriihe, /. extract liquor. 

Extrakteur, TO. extractor. 

Extraktionsfliissigkeit, /. extraction liquid, 
liquid extract. 

Extraktionshiilse, /. extraction shell or 

Extraktivstoff, TO. extractive substance or mat- 
ter, extractive. 

Extraktwolle, /. extract wool, extracted wool. 

Exzent-. See Excent-. 

EZ., abbrev, (Esterzahl) ester number. 

f., abbrev. (fest) solid; (fein) fine. 

F., abbrev. (Fusionspunkt) melting point, m.p., 
m.; Fahrenheit. 

Fabel, /. fable; fiction. 

fabelhaft, a. fabulous. 

Fabellehre, /. mythology. 

Fabrik, /. factory, works, mill, plant, establish- 

Fabrikant, m. manufacturer, maker. 

Fabrikarbeit, /. factory labor; manufactured 

Fabrikat, n. manufacture, make; textile fabric. 

Fabrikation, /. manufacturing, manufacture, 

fabrikatorisch, a. manufacturing, factory, in- 

Fabrikatur, /. manufacture, make. 

Fabrikbetrieb, m. factory management or prac- 

Fabrikgold, n. (strong) gold leaf. 

fabrikmassig, a. & adv. by factory methods, on 
a factory scale, industrial (ly) ; by machinery. 

Fabrikbl, n. oil for manufacturing purposes, 
specif., an inferior grade of olive oil. 

Fabrikpreis, m. factory price. 

Fabrik ware, /. manufactured article; factory 

Fabrikwesen, n. manufacturing industry; fac- 
tory system. 

Fabrikzeichen, n. manufacturer's mark, trade- 

fabrizieren, v.t. make, manufacture. 

Faces, -pi. feces. 

facettiert, p.a. faceted. 

-fach. -fold; as hundertfach, hundred-fold. 

Fach, n. branch, department, line, profession, 
subject; division, compartment, cell; shelf. 

Fach-. professional, technical, expert. 

fachartig, o. cellular. 

Fachausdruck, m. technical term or expression. 

Fachbildung, /. professional education, techni- 
cal education. 

facheln, v.t. fan. 

Facher, m. fan; flapper. 

Facherbrenner, m. fantail burner. 

facherformig, a. fan-shaped. 

Fachergerste, /. bearded barley. 

facherig, a. divided into compartments; locular. 

Fachgenosse, m. professional colleague. 

Fachliteratur, /. technical (or trade) literature. 
Fachmann, m. professional man, specialist, 


fachmannisch, a. professional, expert, 
fachmassig, a. professional. 
Fachordnung, /. classification. 
Fachschule, /. technical school, special school. 
Fachsprache, /. technical language, professional 


Fachwerk, n. framework, bay-work. 
Fachwissenschaft, /. special branch of science, 

Fachzeitschrift, /. special periodical, trade 


Facit, n. sum, result, answer. 
Fackel, /. torch. 
Fackelbaum, m. marsh elder. 
Fackelfohre, /. Scotch pine (Pinus syhestris). 
Fackelglanz, m. (of wine) perfect clearness. 
Fackelkohle, /. cannel coal. 
Fackelpalme, /. sago palm. 
Facon, /. fashion; cut, style. 
faconnieren, v.t. figure; fashion. 
Fadchen, n. small thread, filament. 
fade, a. insipid, flat, stale. 
Fadeii, m. thread; filament, fiber; (of wood) 

grain; twine; fathom; (Sugar) string. 
fadenahnlich, a. threadlike, filamentous. 
Fadenglas, n. spun glass; filigree glass. 
Fade n hoi/,; n. cordwood. 
Fadenkreuz, Fadennetz, n. cross hairs. 
Fadenlange, /. (Dyeing) length of fiber. 
Fadennudeln, vermicelli. 
fadenziehend, p.a. ropy, 
fadig, a. thready, filaceous. 
Fahamblatter, faham leaves (Angraecum 


fahig, a. capable; apt. 
-fiihig. capable of, -able, -ible. 
Fahigkeit, /. capability, ability, capacity. 
fahl, a. fallow (pale, pale yellow); fawn (light 

yellowish brown); dun (grayish brown); 

earth-colored; ashy; sallow; faded. 
Fahlerz, n. tetrahedrite, fahlerz. 
Fahlstein, m. pale gray slate. 
Fahne, /. flag, "policeman" (for precipitates); 

flag, standard; (of a dish) marli. 
fahrbar, a. passable; transportable, movable. 
Fahre, /. ferry; ferryboat. 


fahren 84 

fahren, v.i. go, travel, ride, drive. 

Fahrgeld, n. fare; freight. 

Fahrkarte, /. ticket. 

fahrlassig, a. negligent, careless. 

Fahrplan, m. time table. 

Fahrrad, n. bicycle. 

Fahrstuhl, w. elevator, hoist, wheel chair, 

Fahrt, /. passage, journey, trip, drive. 

Fahrte, /. trail, track. 

Fahrweg, TO. carriage road. 

Fahrzeug, n. vehicle; vessel. 

fakal, a. fecal. 

Fakalien, feces. 

Fakalstoff, m. fecal substance. 

faktisch, a. real, actual, de facto. 

Faktor, TO. factor; manager, agent. 

Faktur, /. invoice. 

Fakulenz, /. feculence, sediment, dregs. 

falb, a. pale yellow, pale, fallow. , 

Falke, TO. falcon; hawk. 

Fall, m. fall, descent; case; event; yield. 

fallbar, a. precipitable; fit to fell. 

Fallbarkeit, /. precipitability. 

Fallbottich, TO. precipitating vat. 

Falle, /. trap; bolt. 

fallen, v.i. separate, be deposited; fall, drop; 

(Mining) dip. fallen in (etwas) verge on; 

Fallen, n. separating, etc. (see fallen); yield, 


fallen, v.t. precipitate; drop; -fell; pass (judg- 

Fallhammer, TO. drop hammer. 
Fallhohe, /. height of fall. 
fallieren, v.i. fail, 
fallig, a. due, payable. 
Fallkessel, TO. precipitating vessel. 
Fallmittel, n. precipitant. 
Fallrohr, n. down pipe, waste pipe. 
falls, conj. in case. 
Fallschirm, TO. parachute. 
Fallsucht, /. epilepsy. 
Falltur, /. trapdoor. 
Fallung, /. precipitation, precipitating, etc. 

(see fallen). 

Fallungsmittel, n. precipitant. 
Fallungswert, TO. precipitation value. 
Fallwerk, n. stamp; pile driver. 
Fallwinkel, TO. angle of inclination. 
falsch, a. false, counterfeit, pseudo-; artificial; 

adulterated; wrong; deceitful. 
falschblau, a. navy blue. 
falschen, v.t. falsify, adulterate, sophisticate, 

counterfeit; forge. 
Falscher, m. adulterater; adulterant; falsifier, 

Falschung, /. falsification, etc. (see falschen) ; 


Falschungsmittel, n. adulterant. 
-fait. = -faltig. 


Falte, /. fold, plait, crease; wrinkle. 

fallen, v.t. fold, plait; wrinkle. 

Faltenfilter, n. plaited filter, folded filter. 

faltenlos, a. without folds (or wrinkles), crease- 
less, smooth. 

Faltenwerfen, n. creasing, puckering, crimping. 

Falter, TO. folder, creaser; butterfly; third 
stomach of ruminants. 

faltig, a. having folds, plaits or creases; wrin- 
kled; puckered. 

-faltig, -faltig. -fold, -pie; as, vierfaltig, four- 
fold, quadruple. 

Faltung,/. folding, plaiting, plication, wrinkling. 

Faltungspunkt, TO. plait point, point cf plica- 
tion or folding. 

Falz, TO. fold; groove, flute, notch. 

falzen, v.t. fold; groove, flute, rabbet; (Leather) 

Falzziegel, TO. interlocking tile. 

Familie, /. family. 

fand, pret. of finden. 

Fang, TO. catch, capture; trap; stab; fang; 

fangen, v.t. catch; capture, secure; soften 

Fanger, TO. catcher, trap. 

Fangstoff, TO. (Paper) stuff from the save-all. 

Farbbad, n. dye bath. 

farbbar, a. colorable, stainable. 

Farbbarkeit, /. colorability. 

Farbbecher, m. dye beaker (for dyeing tests). 

Farbbier, n. dark beer for coloring. 

Farbbriihe, /. dye liquor. 

Farbe, /. color; dye; pigment; hue, tint; 
(Leather) weak ooze, also a container for it. 

Farbe, /. dyeing. 

Farbeartikel, TO. (CoZico) dyed style. 

Farbebad, n. dye bath. 

Farbebriihe, / dyeing liquor. 

Farbefass, n. dye beck, dye tub. 

Farbefliissigkeit, /. dyeing liquid; staining 

Farbeholz, n. dye wood. 

Farbekufe, /. dyeing vat, dye vat. 

Farbelack, TO. lac dye. 

Farbemittel, n. coloring agent, pigment, dye. 

farben, v.t. color, dye, stain. in der Wolle 
farben, dye in grain. 

Farbenabstreichmesser, n. (Dyeing) knife for 
removing excess dye, color doctor. 

Farbenbild, n. colored image; colored spectrum. 

farbenblind, a. color-blind. 

Farbenbogen, TO. iris. 

Farbenbrechung, /. refraction of colors; color 

Farbenbriihe, /. dyeing liquor. 

Farbenchemie, /. color chemistry. 

Farbendistel, /. safflower (Carthamus tinctorius). 

Farbendruck, TO. color printing; color print. 

Farbenerde, /. colored earth. 




farbenerzeugend, p.a. color-producing, chromo- 


Farbenerzeuger, m. chromogen. 
Farbenerzeugung, /. production of colors. 
Farbenfabrik, /. color factory, dye factory. 
Farbengebung, /. coloring, coloration. 
Farbenglanz, TO. brilliancy of color. 
Farbenglas, n. colored glass, stained glass. 
Farbenkorper, m. coloring body; coloring mat- 

Farbenkorperchen, n. pigment granule. 
Farbenlack, m. lake. 

Farbenlehre, /. science of color, chromatics. 
Farbenleiter, TO. color scale. 
farbenlos, a. = farblos. 
Farbenmalz, n. = Farbmalz. 
Farbenmass, n. colorimeter. 
Farbenmesser, TO. chromatometer; colorimeter; 

color knife. 
Farbenmessung, /. measurement of colors, 

chromatometry, colorimetry. 
Farbenprobe, /. color test; dye test, dye trial. 
Farbenrand, m. iris. 
Farbenreiben, n. color grinding. 
Farbenreiber, m. color grinder. 
Farbenschmelzofen, TO. enameling furnace. 
Farbenskala, /. color scale, color chart. 
Farbenspektrum, n. colored spectrum, color 

Farbenspiel, n., Farbenspielung, /. play of 


Farbensteindruck, TO. chromolithography. 
Farbenstoff, m, =Farbestoff. 
Farbenstrahl, TO. colored ray. 
Farbenstufe, /. color graduation, shade, tint. 
Farbenstufenmesser, TO. tintometer. 
Farbenton, m. color tone, hue. 
Farbenumschlag, TO. color change. 
Farbenveranderung, /. discoloration. 
Farbenwaren, = Farbwaren. 
Farbenwechsel, TO. play of colors, change of 


Farbenzerstreuung, /. (Optics) chromatism. 
Farbeprozess, TO. dyeing process, dyeing; color- 
ing process. 
Farber, TO. dyer. 
Farberbaum, TO. Venetian sumac (Colinus coti- 

Farberdistel, /. safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) ; 

sawwort (Serr alula tinctorid). 
Farberei, /. dyeing; dye house, dye works. 
Farbereiche, /. dyer's oak, quercitron. 
Farberflechte, /. archil, dyer's moss. 
Farberginster, TO. dyer's broom (Genista tinc- 

Farberkreuzdorn, TO. dyer's buckthorn, specif., 

Rhamnus infectoria. 
Farberlack, TO. lac dye. 
Farbermaulbeerbaum, m. dyer's mulberry 

(Mortis tinctorid). 

Farbermeister, TO. head dyer, foreman dyer. 

Farberochsenzunge, /. dyer's alkanet (Alkanna 

Farberrinde, /. quercitron bark. 

Farberrote, /. madder. 

Farberwurzel, /. madder. 

Farbesieb, n. color strainer, color sieve. 

Farbestoff, m. coloring matter, pigment, dye- 
stuff, dye. 

Farbetrog, TO. staining trough or box. 

Farbevermogen, n. coloring power, tinctorial 
power, dyeing value. 

Farbewaren, = Farbwaren. 

Farbeweise, /. method of dyeing, dye process. 

Farbewurzel, /. = Farberwurzel. 

farbfertig, a. ready for dyeing (or coloring). 

Farbflotte, /. dye liquor, dye bath. 

Far bge halt, m. content of dye or color. 

Farbglas, n. color glass, colored glass, stained 

Farbgut, n. goods to be dyed. 

Farbholz, n. dyewood. 

farbig, a. colored; stained. 

Farbkochapparat, TO. color boiler, color kettle. 

Farbkorper, m. coloring substance, coloring 

Farbkraft, /. coloring power, tinctorial power. 

farbkraftig, a. of strong tinctorial or coloring 
power, (Dyeing) productive. 

FarbkUche, /. color shop, color house. 

Farblack, /. color lake, lake. 

farblos, a. colorless; achromatic. 

Farblosigkeit, /. colorlessness; achromatism. 

Farblosung, /. (Micros.) staining solution. 

Farbmalz, n. coloring malt, amber malt (dark- 
ened by roasting). 

Farbmaterial, n. coloring material; dyeing ma- 
terial, dye, dyestuff. 

farbmessend, p.a. colorimetric. 

Farbmischer, m. color mixer. 

Farbsaure, /. color acid. 

Farbstift, TO. colored pencil. 

Farbstoff, TO. dyestuff, dye; coloring matter; 

farbstofferzeugend, p.a. chromogenic. 

Farbstofflosung, /. dye solution, staining solu- 

Farbstufe, /. color gradation, tint, shade. 

Farbtiefe, /. depth of color. 

Farbton, TO. color tone, tint. 

Farbtrog, TO. color vat, color bucket. 

Farbung, /. dyeing, coloring, coloration, stain- 
ing, pigmentation; hue, tinge; dye. 

farbungsfahig, a. capable of being dyed, col- 
ored, or stained. 

Farbungsvermogen,n. tinctorial power, coloring 

Farbwandel, TO. color change. 

Farbwaren, coloring or dyeing materials, 
dyes, pigments, paints. 




Farbwechsel, TO. color change, play of colors. 

Farbwerk, n. dye factory, dye works. 

Farbwert, TO. color value. 

Farin, Farinzucker, TO. brown sugar, muscovado. 

Farn, TO., Farnkraut, n. fern. 

Farnwurzel, /. (Pharm.) aspidium. 

Farren, m. Farrenkraut, n. fern. 

Fasan, m. pheasant. 

Fasel, /. kidney bean. 

faseln, v.r. unravel. v.i. drivel. 

Faser, /. fiber; filament; thread; string; 

(Brewing) pulp. 
Faser-. fibrous, fibro-. 
faserahnlich, a. fibroid. 
Faseralaun, TO. halotrichite. 
faserartig, a. fibery, fibrous, filamentar. 
Faserchen, n. little fiber, fibril, filament. 
faserformig, a. fibrous, filiform. 
Fasergehalt, TO. fiber content; (Paper) fiber 


Fasergewebe, n. fibrous tissue; fibrous texture. 
Fasergips, TO. fibrous gypsum. 
Faserhaut, /. (Anat.) fibrous membrane. 
faserig, a. fibrous, fibery, filamentous, stringy. 
Faserkalk, TO. fibrous calcite or aragonite. - 
Faserkiesel, m. fibrolite. 
faserlos, a. fiberless. 
fasern, v.r. & i. feaze, fuzz; (Paper) assume a 

mottled appearance due to different absorp- 

tiveness of the fibers. 
Faserstoff, m. fibrin; fibrous material. vege- 

tabilischer Faserstoff, vegetable fibrin (glu- 
ten; cellulose). 

faserstoffartig, faserstoffig, a. fibrinous. 
Faserung, /. fibrillation. 
Faserzeolith, TO. natrolite. 
fasrig, a. = faserig. 

Pass, n. cask, barrel; keg; vat, tank, tub, tun. 
Fassband, n. hoop. 
Fassbier, n. draft beer. 
Fassbinder, TO. cooper. 
Fasschen, n. small barrel, keg. 
fassen, v.t. seize, grasp, take; put, mount, set; 

hold, contain, include; comprehend; cask, 

tun (wine, etc.). v.i. take, hold well. v.r. 

compose oneself; express oneself. gefasst, 

p.a. seized, etc.; composed, calm; prepared. 
Fassgarungssystem, n. (Brewing) cleansing 


Fassgelager, n. (Brewing) cask deppsit, bottoms. 
Fasshahn, TO. spigot, faucet, cock, 
fasslich, a. comprehensible. 
Fasspech, n. cooper's pitch; pitch in casks. 
TO. tallow in casks. 
/. seizing, etc. (see fassen); frame; 

wording; composure. 
Fassungsraum, TO., Fassungsvermogen, n., 


Fasswaren, goods in casks or barrels. 
Fasszwickel, TO. (Brewing) try cock. 

fast, adv. almost, nearly. 

fasten, P.I. fast. 

faul, a. rotten, putrid, bad, decaying; lazy, 
slow; (Metal.) short, brittle. fauler Heinz, 
(Old Chem.) athanor. 

Faulbaum, TO. alder buckthorn (Rhamnus 
frangula); bird cherry (Prunus padus). 

Faulbruch, TO. shortness, brittleness. 

faulbruchig, a. short, brittle. 

Faulbutte, Faulbutte, /. fermenting trough, rot- 
ting vat. 

Faule, /. rottenness; dry rot; blight; (Mining) 
rotten lode. 

faulen, v.i. rot, putrefy; (Tech.) ferment. 
faulend, p.a. rotting, putrescent, septic. 

Faulenzer, TO. idler; (Brewing) Y connection. 

faulig, a. rotten, putrid, putrefactive, putrescent. 

Faulnis, /. putrefaction, putridness, rottenness, 
rot, sepsis. 

Faulnisalkaloid, n. ptomaine. 

Faulnisbakterien, putrefactive bacteria. 

Faulnisbase, /. ptomaine. 

faulnisbefdrdernd, -bewirkend, -erregend, p.a. 
septic; putrefactive. 

faulnisfahig, a. putrefiable, putrescible. 

Faulnisgift, n. septic poison. 

faulnishemmend, -hindernd, p.a. antiseptic. 

faulnisunfahig, a. unputrefiable, imputrescible. 

faulniswidrig, a. antiseptic. 

Faum, m. foam, froth. 

Faust, /. fist; grasp. 

fechten, v.i. fight; fence. 

Feder, /. feather; plume; pen; (Meek.) spring. 

federahnlich, a. featherlike. 

Federalaun, TO. feather alum (halotrichite, 
alunogen or epsomite); amianthus. 

federartig, a. feathery, plumaceous. 

Federbarometer, m. aneroid barometer. 

Federbart, TO. vane or web of a feather. 

Feder busch, m. plume; tuft, crest. 

Federchen, n. little feather, pen, or spring; 
(Bot.) plumule. 

Federerz, n. feather ore (form of jamesonite). 

Federfahne, /. feather flag, trimmed feather 
for removing precipitates ; = Federbart. 

federformig, a. feathered, feathery. 

Federgips, TO. fibrous gypsum. 

federhart, a. springy, elastic. 

Federharz, n. rubber, caoutchouc; elaterite. 

federicht, a. feathered, feathery. 

federig, a. feathery, plumose. 

Federkiel, TO. quill. 

Federkraft, /. elasticity. 

federkraftig, a. elastic, springy. 

federn, v.i. be elastic; lose feathers. 

Federsalz, n. feather salt (any of various fi- 
brous or plumose mineral varieties). 

Federstahl, TO. spring steel. 

Federvieh, n. poultry. 

Federwage, /. spring balance. 




Federweiss, n. amianthus; French chalk; fi- 
brous gypsum. 
Fee, /. fairy. 

Fege, /. sieve, screen, riddle, 
fegen, v.t. sweep; clean; winnow. 
Fegesand, m. scouring sand. 
Fegeschober, TO. (Salt) scum pen. 
Fegsel, n. sweepings. 
Fehl-. false, wrong, bad, vain, mis-, mal-. 
fehlbar, a. fallible. 
Fehlbetrag, TO. deficit, 
fehlen, v.i. fail; err; be missing, lack. 
Fehl or, TO. error; mistake, fault, defect. 
fehlerfrei, a. faultless, sound, clear. 
Fehlcrgrenze, /. limit of error. 
fehlerhaft, a. faulty, defective. 
Fehlgeburt, /. miscarriage. 
fehlgehen, v.i. go wrong. 
Fehlgriff, TO. mistake, blunder. 
Fehlguss, TO. (Founding) vaste. 
Fehlingsche Losung. Fehling('s) solution. 
Fehlkochung, /. defective boiling. 
Fehlschluss, TO. false inference. 
Feier, /. holiday, festival, celebration; rest. 
feierlich, a. festive; solemn. 
feiern, v.t. celebrate, observe. v.L rest from 

work, strike, be idle. 
Feierstunde, /. leisure hour. 
Feiertag, TO. holiday. 
feig, a. rotten; cowardly. 
Feigbohne, /. lupine, 
feige, a. rotten; cowardly. 

Feigenbaum, TO. fig tree. 
fell, a. for sale; mercenary. 
Feile,/. file; polish. 
feilen, v.t. file; polish. 
Feilicht, n. filings. 
feilschen, v.i. bargain. 
Feilsel, n., Feilspane, TO. pi., Feilstaub, TO. 


fein, a. fine. adv. finely. 
feinbrennen, v.t. refine (metals). 
Feinbrenner, TO. refiner. 
Feind, TO. enemy, foe. 
feindlich, a. hostile. 
Feindschaft, /. hostility, enmity. 
Feine, /. fineness. 
Feineisen, n. refined iron. 
feinen, v.t. refine. 
feinfaserig, a. fine-fibered. 
Feinfeuer, n. refinery. 
Feingehalt, TO. fineness (of metals). 
Feingehaltsstempel, TO. hall mark. 
feingepulvert, p.a. finely powdered. 
Feinheit, /. fineness; smartness. 
Feinheitsgrad, TO. (degree of) fineness. 
Feinkies, TO. fine ore, fines. 
feinkornig, a. fine-grained, 
feinkryst allinisch, a. finely crystalline. 

feinlochig, a. fine-holed, fine-pored. 

feinmachen, v.t. refine. 

feinmaschig, a. fine-meshed. 

Feinofen, TO. refining furnace. 

feinporig, a. finely porous. 

Feinprobe, /. delicate test. 

Feinprocess, m. refining process. 

Feinschlacke, /. refinery slag. 

Feinschmecker, m. epicure. 

Feinschrot, n. & m. fine groats; (Brewing) 

finely crushed malt. 
Feinsilber, n. fine silver, refined silver. 
feinverteilt, p.a. finely divided. 
feinzellig, a. fine-celled, finely cellular, 
feinzerteilt, p.a. finely divided. 
Feinzeug, n. (Paper) pulp, stuff. 
Feinzeugholljinder, TO. (Paper) beater, beating 


Feinzinn, n. grain tin. 
Feinzucker, TO. refined sugar. 
feist, a. fat; plump. 

Felbei, TO. & /. shag (the cloth or its nap). 
Feld, n. field; land, ground; pane, panel, 


Feidarbeiter, TO. farm laborer, field hand. 
Feldbau, TO. agriculture, farming. 
Feldbrand, TO. (Ceram.) clamp burning. 
Felddienst, TO. active (military) service. 
Feldfrucht, /. farm product. 
Feldgerat, n. agricultural implements; field 


feldgrau, a. greenish gray. 
Feldklee, m. white clover; rabbit-foot clover. 
Feldkiimmel, TO. wild caraway; wild thyme. 
Feldmessen, n. land surveying. 
Feldofen, TO. (Ceram.) clamp kiln. 
Feldrauch, m., Feldraute, /. fumitory (Fu- 


Feldspat, TO. feldspar. 
feldspatartig, a. feldspathic. 
Feldspatgestein, n. feldspathic rock, 
feldspathaltig, feldspatisch, a. feldspathic. 
Feldstecher, m. field glass. 
Feldstein, m. compact feldspar; boulder; land- 

Feldwirtschaft, /. agriculture. 
Feldziegel, TO. clamp brick (brick burnt in a 


Feldzug, m. campaign. 
Feige, /. fallow; felly, felloe. 
Fell, n. skin, hide, pelt. 
Felleisen, n. knapsack; valise; mail bag. 
Fellleim, m. hide glue. 
Pellschmitzer, m. dyer of skins. 
Feilspane, hide parings. 
Felpel, TO. & /. = Felbei. 
Feis, TO. rock. 
Felsalaun, TO. rock alum. 
Felsarten, rocks, 
Felsen, TO. rock," 

Felsenader I 

Felsenader, /. dike. 

Felsengebirge, n. Rocky Mountains. 

felsenhart, a. hard as rock, rocky. 

Felsglimmer, m. mica. 

felsig, a. rocky, rocklike. 

Felsol, n. petroleum. 

Fenchel, m. fennel. 

Fenchelholz, n. sassafras wood. 

Fenchelol, n. fennel oil. 

Fenster, n. window. 

Fensterglas, n. window glass. 

Fensterscheibe, /. window pane. 

Ferien, holidays, vacation. 

Ferkel, n. young pig. 

fermentieren, v.i. ferment. 

Fermentwirkung, /. fermentation. 

fern, a. far, distant. 

Fernambukholz, n. Brazil wood. 

Ferae, /. distance, remoteness. 

ferner, a. farther, further. adv. further, be- 

Fernewirkung, /. action at a distance. 

Fernglas, n. telescope; spyglass. 

fernhalten, v.t. & i. keep away. 

Fernrohr, n. = Fernglas. 

Fernschreiber, m. telegraph. 

Fernsicht, /. perspective; vista. 

Fernsprecher, m. telephone. 

Fernzeichnung, /. perspective drawing. 

Ferri-. ferric, ferri-. 

Ferribromid, n. ferric bromide. 

Ferrichlorid, n. ferric chloride. 

Ferrichlorwasserstoff, Ferrichlorwasserstoff- 
saure, /. ferrichloric acid. 

Ferricyan, n. ferricyanogen. 

Ferricyaneisen, n. ferrous ferricyanide (Turn- 
bull's blue). 

Ferricyanid, n. ferric cyanide; ferricyanide. 

Ferricyankalium, n. potassium ferricyanide. 

Ferricyannatrium, n. sodium ferricyanide. 

Ferricyansilber, n. silver ferricyanide. 

Ferricyanverbindung, /. ferricyanide. 

Ferricyanwasserstoff, m., Ferricyanwasserstoff- 
saure, /. ferricyanic acid. 

Ferridcyankalium, n. potassium ferricyanide. 

Ferrieisencyaniir, n. = Ferriferrocyanid. 

Feniferrocyanid, n. ferric ferrocyanide (Prus- 
sian blue). 

Ferriferrojodid, n. ferrosoferric iodide. 

Ferriferrooxyd, n. ferrosoferric oxide. 

Ferrihydroxyd, n. ferric hydroxide. 

Ferriion, n. ferric ion. 

Ferrijodid, n. ferric iodide. 

Ferrinitrat, n. ferric nitrate. 

Ferrloxyd, n. ferric oxide. 

Ferriphosphat, n. ferric phosphate. 

Ferrirhodanid, n. ferric thiocyanate (or sulfo- 

Ferrisalz, n. ferric salt. 

Ferrisulfat, n. ferric sulfate. 


Ferrisulfid, n. ferric sulfide. 
Ferrizyan, n. ferricyanogen. 
Ferrizyan-. See Ferricyan-. 
Ferro-. ferrous, ferro-, ferroso-. 
Ferrobromid, n. ferrous bromide. 
Ferrochlorid, n. ferrous chloride. 
Ferrochrom, n. ferrochrome, ferrochromium. 
Ferrocyan, n. ferrocyanogen. 
Ferrocyaneisen, n. ferric ferrocyanide (Prussian 


Ferrocyanid, n. ferrous cyanide; ferrocyanide. 
Ferrocyankalium, n. potassium ferrocyanide. 
Ferrocyankupfer, n. cupric ferrocyanide. 
Ferrocyannatrium, n. sodium ferrocyanide. 
FerrocyansUber, n. silver ferrocyanide. 
Ferrocyanverbindung, /. ferrocyanide. 
Ferrocyanwasserstoff, m., Ferrocyanwasser- 

stoffsaure, /. ferrocyanic acid. 
Ferrocyanzink, n. zinc ferrocyanide. 
Ferroferricyanid, n. ferrous ferricyanide. 
Ferroferrioxyd, n. ferrosoferric oxide (FesC^). 
Ferrohydroxyd, n. ferrous hydroxide. 
Ferroion, n. ferrous ion. 
Ferrojodid, n. ferrous iodide. 
Ferrokaliumsiilfat, n. ferrous potassium sulfate. 
Ferrokarbonat, n. ferrous carbonate. 
Ferromangan, n. ferromanganese. 
Ferronitrat, n. ferrous nitrate. 
Ferrooxyd, n. ferrous oxide. 
Ferrophosphat, n. ferrous phosphate. 
Ferrosalz, n. ferrous salt. 
Ferrosulfat, n. ferrous sulfate. 
Ferrosulfid, n. ferrous sulfide. 
Ferrozyan, n. ferrocyanogen. 
Ferrozyan-. See Ferrocyan-. 
Ferse, /. heel. 
fertig, a. ready; done, finished; ready-made; 

skilful; insolvent. 

fertigen, v.t. make ready; make; do. 
Fertigkeit, /. readiness; skill, dexterity. 
Fertigmachen, n. finishing. 
Fertigmacher, m. finisher. 
Ferulasaure, /. ferulic acid. 
Fessel, /. fetters; pastern. 
fesseln, v.t. fetter; captivate, 
fest, a. solid; firm, compact, strong; fast, fixed, 

tight; steady. adv. firmly, closely, strongly. 
Fest, n. feast, festival, holiday. 
Feste, /. compact rock; fortress. 
festhalten, v.t. hold fast, retain; fix. v.i. hold, 

adhere, cling. festhaltend, p.a. tenacious, 


festigen, v.t. make firm, consolidate. 
Festigkeit, /. solidity, etc. (see fest); (of 

metals) tenacity; (Mech.) strength. 
festkleben, v.t. & i. stick fast. 
Fesiland, n. continent, mainland. 
festlegen, v.t. fix; place; bed; moor (a boat). 
Festlegung, /. fixation, etc. (see festlegen). 
festlich, a. festive, solemn. 

festmachen 8 

festmachen, v.t. make fast, fasten; settle. 
festsetzen, v.t. establish, settle, fix. 
feststehen, v.i. stand fast, be fixed. festete- 

hend, p.a. stationary; stable; established, 

settled, fixed. 

feststellen, v.t. establish, ascertain, determine. 
Festungsachat, TO. fortification agate. 
festweich, a. semi-solid. 
fett, a. fatty, oily; fat; rich, fertile, profitable. 

fettes Puddeln, (Iron) pig boiling. 
Fett, n. fat, grease, 
fettarm, a. poor in fat. 
fettaromatisch, a. aliphatic-aromatic. 
Fettdriise, /. sebaceous gland. 
Fette, /. fatness, greasiness. 
fett en, v.t. oil, grease, lubricate; stuff (leather); 


Fettfleck, TO. grease spot. 
fettgar, a. (Leather) oil-tanned. 
fettgebunden, p.a. united to an aliphatic com- 
pound or radical. 
Fettgehalt, TO. fat content. 
Fettgewebe, n. adipose tissue. 
Fettglanz, TO. greasy luster. 
fetthaltig, a. containing fat, fatty. 
Fettharz, n. oleoresin. 
Fettheit, /. fatness, .etc. (see fett). 
fettig, a. fatty, fat, greasy. 
Fettkalk, TO. fat lime. 
Fettkohle, /. fat coal, coal rich in volatile 

Fettkorper, m. fatty compound, fat; aliphatic 

compound; fatty or greasy matter. 
Fettkugelchen, n. fat globule. 
fettloslich, a. soluble in fat. 
Fettnoppe, /. grease spot (in fabrics). 
Fettpuddeln, n. (Iron) pig boiling. 
Fettquarz, TO. greasy (lustered) quartz. 
Fettreihe, /. fatty series, aliphatic series. 
Fettreservemittel, n. fat resist, wax resist. 
fettsauer, a. sebacic. 
Fettsaure, /. fatty acid; (old name for) sebacic 


Fettschmiere, /. (Leather) fat liquor. 
Fettschweiss, TO. yolk (of wool) ; fatty sweat. 
Fettseife, /. soap from fats; (Soap) lard soap. 
Fettsein, n. ropiness (of wine). 
fettspaltend, p.a. fat-cleaving, lipolytic. 
Fettspaltung, /. cleavage of fat, lipolysis. 
Fettstein, TO. eleolite. 
Fettstift, TO. wax pencil, wax crayon. 
Fettton, TO. fuller's earth. 
Fettung, /. oiling, etc. (see fetten). 
Fettverbindung, /. fatty compound, aliphatic 


Fettwachs, n. adipocere. 
Fettwolle, /. wool in the yolk, grease wool. 
Fetzen, TO. shred, tatter, scrap; trifle. 
feucht, o. moist; humid, damp; (of malt) slack. 
Feuchte, /. moistness, dampness. 

ff., f.f., fff. 

feuchten, v.t. moisten, dampen, wet. 

Feuchter, m. moistener, damper, wetter. 

Feuchtigkeit, /. moisture; moistness, dampness, 
humidity; humor; phlegm. 

Feuchtigkeitsgehalt, m. moisture content. 

Feuchtigkeitsmesser, m. hygrometer. 

Feuchtigkeitszeiger, m. hygroscope. 

Feuer, n. fire. 

feuerbestandig, c. resistant to fire or heat; 
fireproof; refractory. 

Feuerbestattung, /. cremation. 

Feuerbriicke, /. fire bridge. 

feuerfest, a. fireproof; refractory. feuerf ester 
Ton, fireclay. feuerfester Ziegel, firebrick. 

Feuerf iihrung, /. firing. 

feuergefahrlfch, a. liable to take fire, inflam- 

Feuergradmesser, m. pyrometer. 

Feuerhaken, m. fire hook, poker. 

feuerig, a. = feurig. 

Feuerkitt, m. fireproof cement. 

Feuerkriicke, /. furnace rake, rabble. 

Feuerkunst, /. pyrotechnics. 

Feuerleitung, /. priming, train. 

feuerlos, a. fireless, lusterless. 

Feuerloschmittel, n. fire-extinguishing sub- 

Feuerluft, /. furnace gas; (Scheele's name for) 

Feuermesser, TO. pyrometer. 

Feuermessung, /. pyrometry. 

feuern, v.t. fire, heat, burn. 

Feuerporzellan, n. refractory porcelain. 

Feuerpunkt, m. (Optics) focus; (Mining) 

Feuerraum, m. fireplace, fire box, furnace, 

Feuerregen, m. rain of fire, fiery rain. 

Feuerrohr, n. fire tube, flue; firearm. 

Feuerrohrkessel, m. fire-tube boiler, tubular 

Feuersaft, m. (Iron) slag bath. 

Feuerschwaden, m. firedamp. 

Feuerschwamm, TO. tinder, punk. 

feuersicher, a. fireproof. 

Feuerstein, TO. flint. 

Feuerton, TO. fireclay. 

Feuerung, /. firing, fire, heating; fuel; furnace; 
fireplace, hearth. 

Feuerungsanlage, /. furnace, hearth, fireplace. 

Feuerversicherung, /. fire insurance. 

Feuerwerk, n. firework, fireworks. 

Feuerwerkerei, /. pyrotechnics. 

Feuerzeug, n. tinder box. 

Feuerzug, TO. flue, fire tube; train of explosives. 

feurig, o. fiery; igneous; burning, hot, ardent, 
spirited; (of wine) generous; (of colors) 
br ght, loud. feuriger Schwaden, firedamp. 

ff., f.f., fff., abbrev. (sehr fein) very fine; (und 
folgende) and following, el seq. 




F.f., abbrev. (Fortsetzung folgt) to be con- 

Fibel, /. primer. 

fibres, a. fibrous. 

ficellieren, v.t. wire (bottles). 

Fichte, /. pine (Pinus species) ; (loosely) fir. 

Fichtenharz, n. pine resin, common resin, rosin. 

Fichtenholz, n. pine wood; fir wood. 

Fichtennadel, /. pine needle, pine leaf. 

Fichtenpech, n. = Fichtenharz. 

Fichtenspan, m. pine shaving, chip, or splint. 

Fichtenwolle, /. pine wool, fir wool. 

Fichtenzucker, m. pinite. 

fidel, a. merry, jolly. 

Fieber, n. fever. aussetzendes Fieber, inter- 
mittent fever. 

fieberartig, a. feverish, febrile. 

Fieberarznei, /. febrifuge, antipyretic. 

fieberfest, a. immune to fever. 

Fieberklee, m. buck bean (Menyanthes). 

Fieberkraut, n. feverfew. 

Fiebermittel, n. febrifuge, antipyretic. 

fiebern, v.i. have fever; rave. 

Fieberpulver, n. fever powder, ague powder 
(antimonial powder). 

Fieberrinde, /. cinchona bark. 

Fiedel, /. fiddle. 

Fieder, /. leaflet. 

ftel, pret. of fallen. 

Figurendruck, TO. (Calico) topical printing. 

Figurendruckartikel, TO. (Calico) topical style. 

figurieren, v.t. figure. 

figiirlich, a. figurative. 

Filial-, branch; as, Filialanstalt, branch estab- 

Filiasaure, /. filicic acid. 

Filicinsaure, /. filicinic acid. 

Filigran, n. filigree. 

Filixsaure, /. filicic acid. 

Filtergestell, n. filter stand. 

Filterkegel, m. filter cone. 

Filtermasse, /. (Brewing) pulp, filter mass. 

Filterplatte, /. filter plate. 

Filterschoner, TO. filter cone. 

Filterstativ, n. filter stand. 

Filtertrager, m. filter holder, filter ring. 

Filtertuch, m. filtering cloth. 

Filterturm, m, filter tower, filtering tower. 

Filterwager, TO. filter weigher, weighing tube. 

Filtrat, n. nitrate. 

filtrationsfahig, a. capable of filtration. 

Filtrierapparat, m. filtering apparatus. 

filtrierbar, a. filterable. 

Filtrierbeutel, m. filtering bag, percolator. 

filtrieren, v.t. filter, strain. 

Filtrierer, m. filterer, strainer. 

Filtrierflache, /. filtering surface or area. 

Filtrierflasche, /. filtering flask. 

Filtriergestell, n. filter stand. 

Filtrierkonus, m. filter cone. 

Filtrierkorb, m. filtering basket. 

Filtrierpapier, n. filter paper. 

Filtrierplatte, /. filter plate. 

Filtrierpumpe, /. filter pump. 

Filtrierring, TO. filter ring. 

Filtrierrohr, n., -rohre, /. filter tube, filtering 


Filtriersack, TO. filtering bag, bag filter. 
Filtrierschale, /. filtering dish (with perforated 


Filtriersieb, n. filtering sieve. 
Filtrierstativ, n. filter stand. 
Filtrierstutzen, m. filtering jar (a cylindrical 

jar with lip). 

Filtriertrichter, TO. filtering funnel. 
Filtriertuch, TO. filtering cloth; percolator. 
Filtrierung, /. filtering, filtration. 
Filtrum, n. filter. 
Filz, TO. felt; tomentum; felt hat; miser; 

(Metal.) slime ore. 
Filzbarkeit, /. felting property. 
filzen, v.t. felt. 

filzfahig, a. capable of felting. 
Filzfahigkeit, /. felting property. 
Filzfalte, /. (Paper) crease in the felt. 
filzig, a. of felt, feltlike, tomentous; stingy. 
Filztuch, n. felted cloth, felt; blanket. 
filzwollen, a. of or like felted wool. 
Fimmel, TO. female hemp. 
finden, v.t. find; discover. v.r. understand; 

be found, exist. 

Findling, TO. foundling; (Geol.) erratic block, 
fing, pret. of fangen. 
Fingerfutter, n. finger stall. 
Finger hut, TO. thimble; foxglove, digitalis. 
Fingerhutkraut, TO. foxglove, digitalis. 
Fingerling, TO. finger stall. 
Fingerprobe, /. rule of thumb. 
Fingerstein, m. belemnite. 
Fingerzeig, TO. pointing with the finger; hint, 

fingieren, v.t. simulate, invent. fingiert, p.a. 

fictitious, imaginary. 
Fink, Finke, TO. finch. 
Finne, /. pimple, pustule; stud, knot, 
finster, a. dark; obscure; gloomy. 
Finsternis, /. darkness; obscurity; gloom; 

(Astron.) eclipse. 
Finte, /. feint; fib. 
Firma, /. firm. 
firn, a. of last year. 
Firn, TO. glacier snow, n6v6, firn, 
Firnblau, n. glacier blue, 
Firnis, TO. varnish. 
Firnispapier, n. glazed paper, 
firnissen, v.t. varnish. 
First, w, ridge, roof. 
Fisch, TO. fish. 

Fisrhaugenstein, m. apophyllite. 
Fischbein, n. whalebone. 




Fischblase, /. fish bladder; sounds, isinglass. 

fischen, v.L & i. fish. 

Fischer ei, /. fishing; fishery. 

fischig, a. fishy. 

Fischkorner, Indian berries (Cocculus in- 

Fischleim, TO. fish glue, isinglass, (Pharm.) 

Fischleimgummi, n. sarcocolla. 

Fischol, n. fish oil; ichthyol. 

Fischschwanz, TO. fish tail. 

Fischspeck, TO. fish blubber. 

Fischtran, TO. fish oil, train oil. 

Fisetholz, Fistelholz, n. young fustic (Cotinus 

Fistel, /. fistula; falsetto. 

Fistelkassie, /. purging cassia, cassia fistula. 

fistulos, a. fistular, fistulous. 

Fittich, Fittig, m. wing, pinion. 

fix, a. fixed; smart. fixe Luft, fixed air (old 
name for carbon dioxidd). 

Fixage, /. fixing. 

Fixbleiche, /. bleaching with chloride of lime. 

Fixfarberei, /. tipping (of plush), dyeing by 

Fixierbad, n. fixing bath. 

fixieren, v.t. fix; harden; mordant (silk); 
stare at. 

Fixierfliissigkeit, /. fixing liquid or liquor. 

Fixiermittel, n. fixing agent, fixative; hardening 

Fixiernatron, n. sodium thiosulfate. 

Fixiersalz, n. fixing salt (specif., sodium thio- 
sulfate, "hypo"). 

Fixierung, /. fixing, fixation; hardening. 

Fixierungsmittel, n. = Fixiermittel. 

Fixpunkt, TO. fixed point. 

Fixstern, m. fixed star. 

fl., abbrev. (flussig) liquid. 

FI., abbrev. (Fliissigkeit) liquid. 

flach, a. flat; level, plain; shallow. 

Flache, /. surface, face; flatness; flat, plain, 
plane; sheet. 

Flachenanziehung, /. surface attraction, ad- 

Flacheninhalt, TO. area. 

Flachenmass, n. surface measure, square 

Flachenraum, TO. area. 

Flachenwinkel, TO. plane angle. 
Flachenzahl, /. number of faces; square num- 

flachgewunden, p.a. planispiral. 
Flachheit, /. flatness, etc. (see flach). 
-flachig. -faced, -hedral. 
Flachs, TO. flax, 
flachsartig, a. flaxen. 
Flachschnitt, m. horizontal section. 
flachsen, a. flaxen, of flax. 
Flachssamen, m. flaxseed, linseed. 

Flachsstein, m. amianthus. 

Flachzange, /. tongs with flat jaws, pliers. 

flackerig, a. flaring, flickering. 

flackern, v.t. flare, flicker. 

Flacon, n. small bottle. 

Flader, /. curl, speckle, streak; flaw. 

fladerig, a. curled, etc. (see Flader). 

Flagge, /. flag, colors. 

flamisch, a. Flemish. 

Flammchen, n. flamelet, small flame. 

Flammdruck, m. chine printing. 

Flamme, /. flame; light. 

flammen, v.t. flame; singe; sear; water, cloud 

(fabrics, etc.). v.i. flame; burn, glow. 
Flammenbogen, TO. flaming arc; electric arc. 
Flammenflache, /. flame surface. 
Flammenofen, TO. =Flammofen. 
Flammenopal, TO, fire opal, 
flammfarbig, a. flame-colored; rainbow-colored, 
flammicht, a. (of fabrics) watered; (of wood) 

veined, grained. 
flammieren, v.t. = flammen, v.t. 
flammig, a. flamelike, flaming; (of fabrics, etc.) 

Flammkohle, /. coal that burns with flames 

(rich in volatile combustible matter). 
Flammofen, TO. flame furnace, reverberatory 


Flammpunkt, TO. flash point. 
Flammpunktprufer, TO. flash-point tester. 
Flammrohr, n., Flammrohre, /. fire tube, flue. 
Flammrohrkessel, TO. fire-tube boiler. 
Flanell, TO. flannel. 
Flansch, Flantsch, TO., Flansche, Flantsche, /. 


Flaschchen, n. small bottle or flask. 
Flasche /. bo .tie; flask; jar; (Founding} cast- 
ing box, flask; (Mech.) block. 
Flaschenabteilung, /. (Brewing) bottlery. 
Flaschenbier, n. bottled beer. 
Flaschengestell, n. bottle rack, flask rack. 
Flaschenglas, n. bottle glass. 
flaschengriin, a. bottle-green. 
Flaschenkappe, /. bottle cap. 
Flaschenkurbis, m. bottle gourd; calabash. 
Flaschenzug, m. set of pulleys, block and tackle, 
Flaser, /. = Flader. 
flatterhaft, flatterig, a. fickle, flighty, 
flat tern, v.i. flutter, flicker, wave; be flighty. 
Flatterruss, m. lampblack. 
Flattierfeuer, n. choked fire. 
flau, a. faint, weak; dull, slack, 
flauen, v.t. buddle. 
Flaum, TO. down, nap, fluff. 
flaumig, a. downy, fluffy, pubescent. 
Flaus, Flausch, TO. pilot cloth, or a coat made 

of it. 

Flause, /. fib; evasion; humbug. 
Flechse, /. tendon, sinew. 
Flechte, /. lichen; plait, twist; skin eruption. 




flechten, v.t. plait, twist, braid, interweave. 
Flechtenrot, n. orcein. 
Flechtensaure, /. fumaric acid (old name). 
Flechtenstakermehl, n. lichenin, moss 


Flechtenstoffe, lichen substances. 
Fleck, m. spot; speck, stain, blot, flaw, patch; 

pi. measles. 
Flecken, m. spot, speck, stain, flaw, taint; 

small town. 
flecken, v.t. spot, stain, speckle, mottle; patch. 

p.i. spot, stain, blot. 
Flecken wasser, n. =Fleckwasser. 
Fleckfieber, n. typhus. 
fleckig, o. spotted, speckled, stained, flawy; 

Fleckschierling, m. poison hemlock (Conium 


Fleckseife, /. scouring soap. 
Fleckstein, m. scouring stone. 
Fleckstorchschnabelwurzel, /. (Pharm.) gera- 
nium cranesbill. 
Fleckwasser, n. scouring water, scouring drops 

(any liquid used for removing spots). 
Fledermaus, /. bat. 

Fledermausbrenner, m. batswing burrier. 
Flegel, m. flail; boor, 
flegelhaft, a. boorish, insolent. 
flehen, v.i. make entreaty. 
Fleisch, n. flesh, meat; (of fruit) pulp. 
Fleisch-. flesh, fleshy, meat, muscle, sarco-, 


Fleischbriihe, /. meat broth, bouillon. 
fleischen, v.t. flesh. 
Fleischer, m. butcher. 
Fleischertalg, m. unmelted tallow. 
fleischfarbig, a. flesh-colored. 
fleischfressend, p.a. carnivorous. 
Fleischgift, n. meat toxin, ptomaine. 
fleischig, a. fleshy, fleshlike, pulpy. 
Fleischkohle, /. animal charcoal. 
Fleischkonserve, /. preserved meat. 
Fleischleim, m., Fleischleimgummi, n. sarco- 


Fleischmilchsaure, /. sarcolactic acid. 
Fleischsaft, m. meat juice, extract of meat. 
Fleischwaren, meats, esp. dried meats. 
Fleischzucker, m. inosite. 
Fleiss, m. diligence, industry, purpose, 
fleissig, a. diligent, industrious. 
fletschen, v.t. gnash. 
flicht, pr. 3 sing, of flechten. 
flicken, v.t. patch, mend. 
Flieder, m. elder; (spanischer) lilac. 
Fliege, /. fly; sight (of a gun). 
fliegen, v.i. fly. 
Fliegenholz, n. quassia wood. 
Fliegenkobalt, m. = Fliegenstein. 
Fliegenschwamm, m. fly agaric, fly amamta 

(Amanita muscaria). 

Fliegenstein, m. fly stone (native cobalt arsen- 

fliehen, v.t. & i. flee. 

Fliehkraft, /. centrifugal force. 

Fliese, /. flag, floor tile, wall tile, paving brick. 

Fliess, n. fleece. 

fliessen, v.i. flow; run; blot; (of colors) run, 
bleed. fliessend, p.a. flowing, running; 
fluid, liquid; fluent. fliessende Hitze, melt- 
ing heat. fliessende Bindung, floating link- 

Fliessfeder, /. fountain pen. 

Fliessglatte, /. wet litharge. 

Fliessofen, m. pyrites kiln. 

Fliesspapier, n. blotting paper, absorbent paper. 

Flimmer, m. glitter; tinsel, spangle, mica. 

Flimmer-. ciliated, vibrating. 

flimmern, v.i. glitter, glisten, sparkle, scintillate. 

flink, a. agile, quick, alert. 

Flinte, /. gun, musket. 

Flintenlauf, m. gun barrel. 

Flintenschrot, n. gun shot, small shot. 

Flintstein, m. flintstone, flint. 

Flinz, m. siderite. 

Flitterv m. spangle, shining platelet; tinsel. 

Flittererz, n. ore in glittering laminae. 

Flitterglas, n. pounded glass for frosting. 

Flittergold, n. Dutch metal, tombac (a kind of 

flittern, v.i. glitter, glisten, sparkle. 

Flittersand, m. micaceous sand. 

flocht, pret. of flechten. 

Flocke, /. flake, flock. 

flocken, v.i. flake, form flakes or flocks. 

flockenartig, a. flakelike, flocculent. 

Flockenerz, n. mimetite. 

Flockenpapier, n. flock paper. 

Flockensalpeter, m. efflorescent saltpeter. 

flockig, a. flocculent, flocky, flaky. 

flockig-kasig, a. curdy. 

Flockseide, /. floss silk, silk waste. 

Flockwolle, /. short wool, flock wool 

flog, pret. of fliegen. 

floh, pret. of fliehen. 

Floh, m. flea. 

Flohfarbe, /. puce color. 

Flohkraut, n. fleabane. 

Flor, m. bloom, blooming; gauze; nap, pile. 

Florentiner Flasche. Florentine receiver (for 
essential oils). 

floss, pret. of fliessen. 

Floss, n. (Metal.) pig; raft, float. blumiges 

Floss, white pig with granular fracture. 
Flosse, /. fin; float. 
Flosseisen, n. white pig iron. 

flossen, v.t. float; infuse. 

Flossofen, m. flowing furnace. 

Flote, /. flute. 

flott, a. afloat; gay, flush. 

Flotte, /. dye liquor, dye bath; fleet, navy. 




Flottenfliissigkeit, /. dye liquor. 

Flottengefass, n. (Dyeing) color reservoir. 

Plot tens land, TO. (Dyeing) height of the liquor. 

Flottseide, /. untwisted silk. 

Flottstahl, TO. ingot steel, run steel. 

Flotz, n. layer, stratum, seam. 

Flotzerz, n. ore in beds. 

Flotzkalk, TO. bedded limestone. 

Floz, n. - Flotz. 

Fluch, m. curse. 

fluchen, v.L curse, swear. 

Flucht, /. flight; line, row; play, swing. 

Fluchtebene, /. vanishing plane. 

Fluchtholz, n. rule, level. 

fliichtig, o. volatile; fugitive; fleeting, fragile, 
fleet, fickle, hasty. fliichtiges Laugensalz, 
ammonium carbonate. fliichtiges Ol, vola- 
tile oil, essential oil. fluchtige Salbe, am- 
monia liniment, volatile liniment. 

Fliichtigkeit, /. volatility; fleetness, etc. (see 

Fluchtpunkt, TO. vanishing point. 

fluchtrecht, a. flush. 

Plug, TO. flight, flying; flock; swarm. 

Flugasche, /. light (or flying) ashes. 

Flugbahn, /. line of flight, trajectory. 

Fliigel, m. wing; flap, lobe, vane, branch; case- 
ment (of a window) ; blade (of a screw pro- 
peller) ; grand piano. 

fliigelfdrmig, a. wingshaped. 

Flugelgeblase, n. fan blower. 

Fliigelkiihler, TO. fan cooler. 

Fliigelmutter, /. (Mech.) thumb nut. 

fliigeln, v.t. wing. gefliigelt, p.a. winged. 

Fliigelrad, n. screw wheel, worm wheel; screw 
propelter; (Brewing) flighter. 

Fliigelschraube, /. wing screw, wing nut. 

fliigge, a. fledged. 

Fluglinie, /. = Flugbahn. 

Flugmehl, n. mill dust. 

flugs, adv. quickly, instantly. 

Flugsand, m. quicksand. 

Flugstaub, TO. flue dust; (Metal.) smoke, fume; 
chimney soot; flying dust. 

Flugstaubkammer, /. condensing chamber. 

Flugwesen, n. aviation. 

fluktuieren, v.L fluctuate. 

fiuktuos, a. fluctuating. 

Plunder, m. flounder. 

Fluor, n. fluorine. 

Fluor-, of or combined with fluorine, fluoro-, 
fluo-, fluoride of (see instances following). 

Fluorammonium, n. ammonium fluoride. 

Fluorantimon, . antimony fluoride. 

Fluorarsen, n. arsenic fluoride. 

Pluorbaryum, n. barium fluoride. 

Fluorbenzol, n. fluorobenzene, fluobenzene. 

Fluorbor, n. boron fluoride. 

Fluorbrom, n. bromine fluoride. 

Fluorchrom, n. chromium fluoride. 

Fluoreisen, n. iron fluoride. 

Fluorescenz, Fluoreszenz, /. fluorescence. 

fluoreszieren, v.i. fluoresce. fluoreszierend, 
p.a. fluorescent. 

Fluorid, n. fluoride (esp. an -ic fluoride as con- 
trasted with Fluoriir). 

Fluorjod, n. iodine fluoride. 

Fluorkalium, n. potassium fluoride. 

Fluorkalzium, n. calcium fluoride. 

Fluorkohlenstoff, m. carbon fluoride. 

Fluorlithium, n. lithium fluoride. 

Fluormetall, n. metallic fluoride. 

Fluornatrium, n. sodium fluoride. 

Fluorphosphor, m. phosphorus fluoride. 

Fluorsalz, n. fluoride. 

Fluorschwefel, m. sulfur fluoride. 

Fluorselen, n. selenium fluoride. 

Fluorsilber, n. silver fluoride. 

Fluorsilizium, n. silicon fluoride. 

Fluorsiliziumverbindung, /. fluosilicate. 

Fluortellur, n. tellurium fluoride. 

Fluortitan, n. titanium fluoride. 

Fluortoluol, n. fluorotoluene, fluotoluene. 

Fluoriir, n. (-ous) fluoride. Cf. Chlorur. 

Fluorverbindung, /. fluorine compound. 

Fluor wasserstoff, TO. hydrogen fluoride; hydro- 
fluoric acid. 

fluorwasserstoffsauer, a. of or combined with 
hydrofluoric acid, fluoride or hydrofluoride 

Fluorwasserstoffsaure, /. hydrofluoric acid. 

Fluorzink, TO. & n. zinc fluoride. 

Fluorzinn, n. tin fluoride. 

Flur, /. field; floor; vestibule. 

Fluss, m. flux; fluor spar; enamel; (Gems) 
paste; fusion; flow, flowing; (Soap) figging; 
river, stream; discharge; catarrh. 

Flussbett, n. river bed. 

Flusseisen, n. ingot iron; ingot metal (including 
ingot iron and ingot steel). 

Flusserde, /. earthy fluorite. 

Flussgold, n. river gold. 

Flussharz, n. anime, gum anime. 

fliissig, a. liquid; fluid. fliissig machen, 
liquefy. fliissig werdend, liquescent. fliis- 
siges Chlorzink, (Pharm.) solution of zinc 
chloride (and so for similar names). fliissiger 
Extrakt, fluidextract, fluid extract. 

Fliissigkeit, /. liquid; fluidity; fluid; liquor, 
(Physioi:) humor. 

Fliissigkeitsmass, n. liquid measure. 

Fliissigkeitsmenge, /. amount of liquid, 

Fliissigkeitsreibung, /. fluid friction. 

Fliissigkeitssaule, /. column of liquid. 

Fliissigkeitsspiegel, TO. surface of a liquid. 

Fliissigmachen, n., Fliissigmachung, /. lique- 

flusskieselsauer, a. of or combined with fluo- 
silicic acid, fluosilicate of. 

Flusskieselsaure, /. fluosilicic acid. 




Flussmittel, n. fluxing material, flux; antirheu- 

Flussofen, m. flowing furnace. 

Flusspferd, n, hippopotamus. 

Flusspulver, n. flux powder, powdered flux. 

Flusssand, m. river sand. 

flusssauer, a. = fluorwasserstoffsauer. 

Flusssaure, /. hydrofluoric acid. 

Flussschmiedeeisen, n. ingot iron (as distin- 
guished from ingot steel). 

Flussspat, m. fluor spar, fluorite. 

Flussspaterde, /. earthy fluorite. 

Flussspatsaure, /. hydrofluoric acid. 

Flussstahl, m. ingot steel. 

Flussstein, m. compact fluorite. 

Flusswasser, n. river water. 

Flusswasserstoffsaure, /. hydrofluoric acid. 

fliistern, v.t. & i. whisper. 

Flut, Fluth, /. flood; (high) tide. 

focht, pret. of fechten. 

Fohre, /. fir. 

Folge, /. sequence, series, set; future; conse- 
quence, result; conclusion; compliance. 

folgen, v.t. follow. 

folgendermassen, folgenderweise, adv. as 

folgenschwer, a. portentous, important. 

Folgepunkte, (Magnetism} consequent 
points (or poles). 

folgerecht, a. consequent; conclusive; logical. 

folgern, v.t. conclude, infer. 

Folgerung, /. conclusion, inference, induction. 

Folgewirkung, /. resultant, consequence. 

folglich, adv. consequently. 

folgsam, a. obedient. 

Folie, /. foil. 

foliieren, v.t. cover with foil, silver; page (a 

Follikel, m. follicle. 

Folter, /. rack, torture. 

Fond, m. foundation, base, basis; capital, 
funds; (Dyeing) ground, bottom. 

Fonziermaschine, /. (Paper) staining machine. 

forcieren, v.t. force; overtax. 

Forcierkrankheit, /. strain disease (of 

Forderkohle, /. rough coal, coal directly from 
the mine. 

forderlich, a. serviceable; speedy. 

fordern, v.t. demand, ask, require; summon; 

fordern, v.t. further, forward, raise, draw out, 

Forderquantum, n. (Mining) output. 

Forderung, /. demand, etc. (see fordern). 

Forderung, /. furthering, etc. (see fordern) . 

Forderungsmittel, n. (Pharm.) adjuvant. 

Forelle, /. trout. 

Form, /. form; shape, cut, size; mold; tuyere; 
(Soap) frame. 

Formanderung, /. change of form; deformation, 

Formart, /. form species. 

Format, n. size (of a book). 

formbar, a. plastic, capable of being shaped. 

Formbarkeit, /. plasticity. 

Formel, /. formula. 

Formelbild, n. (structural) formula. 

formen, v.t. form, shape, fashion, mold, cast; 
(Soap) frame. 

Formerde, /. molding clay, modeling clay. 

Formerei, Formerei, /. molding, forming; 
molding house. 

Formgebung, /. fashioning, shaping. 

Formiat, n. formate. 

-formig. -shaped, -formed, -form, -oid. 

Formkorper, m. molded body. 

formlich, a. formal; plain; downright. 

Formling, m. molded article. 

Formsand, m. molding sand. 

Formstein, m. (Lead) pipe stone. 

formulieren, v.t. formulate. 

Formylsaure, /. formic acid. 

forsch, a. vigorous; dashing. 

forschen, v.i. investigate, search. 

Forscher, m. investigator; inquirer; spy. 

Forschung, /. investigation, research; inquiry. 

Forschungsgebiet, n. domain of research. 

Forschungsgeist, m. spirit of research or inquiry. 

Forst, m. forest. 

Forster, m. forester. 

Forstkunde, /. forestry. 

Forstmann, m. forester. 

fort, adv. on, along, forth, away, off. 

fortan, adv. henceforth. 

fortbestehen, v.i. continue. 

Fortbewegung, /. locomotion, progression. 

Fortdauer, /. permanence, duration. 

fortdiffundieren, v.t. diffuse away. 

fortfahren, v.i. set off, depart; go on, continue. 

fortfliessen, v.i. flow or run off or away.- 

fortfuhren, v.t. carry away, convey; continue, 

fortkommen, v.i. get away; get on, progress. 

Fortkommen, n. escape; getting on, success. 

fortlassen, v.t. let go; leave out, omit. 

fortlaufend, p.a. continuous, continual, succes- 

fortpflanzen, v.t. propagate, transmit, communi- 

Fortpflanzung, /. propagation, transmission, 

Fortpflanzungsgeschwindigkeit, /. velocity of 
propagation (or of transmission). 

Fortsatz, m. continuation; (Med.) process. 

fortschaffen, v.t. take away, remove, get rid of, 

fortschreitend, p.a. progressive; onward. 

Fortschritt, m. advance, advancement, progress. 

fortsetzen, v.t. continue, carry on; set away. 




Fortsetzung, /. continuation; prosecution, pur- 

fortwahrend, p.a. continual, continuous, per- 
manent, constant. 

forzieren, v.t, force; overtax. 

fossilienhaltig, a. fossiliferous. 

Fournier, n. veneer. 

fournieren, v.t. veneer, inlay. 

Fracht, /. freight; cargo, load, shipment. 

Frachtbrief, m. way bill, bill of lading. 

frachtfrei, a. freight-free, carriage paid. 

Frachtgeld, n. freight; cartage. 

Frachtgut, n. freight. 

Frage, /. question; demand. 

fragen, v.t. & i. ask. es fragt sich, it is a 

Fragezeichen, n. interrogation point. 

fraglich, a. questionable, doubtful; in question, 

fraktionieren, v.t. fractionate. fraktionierte 
Destination, fractional distillation. 

Fraktionierkolben, m. fractionating flask. 

Fraktionierrohr, n., -rohre, /. fractionating 

Fraktionskolben, m. fractionating flask. 

Fraktionsrohr, n., -rohre, /. fractionating tube. 

Frankreich, n. France. 

Franse, /. fringe. 

Franzband, m. calf binding; calf-bound book. 

Franzbranntwein, m. brandy, cognac. 

Franzgold, n. French leaf gold (pale, due to 
silver alloy). 

Franzose, m. Frenchman; monkey wrench. 

Franzosenharz, n. guaiacum. 

Franzosenholz, n. guaiacum, lignum vita?. 

franzosisch, a. French. franzosische Beeren, 
Avignon berries. 

Franztopas, m. smoky topaz. 

frass, pret. of fressen. 

Frass, TO. food, feed. 

Fratze, /. grimace; whim. 

Fratzenmaler, TO. caricaturist. 

Frau, /. woman; wife; lady; Mrs. 

Frauenarzt, m. gynecologist. 

Frauendistel, /. Scotch thistle. 

Fraueneis, n. (Min.) selenite. 

Frauenglas, n. (Min.) selenite. russisches 
Frauenglas, muscovite. 

Frauenhaar, n. (Bot.) maiden-hair. 

frauenhaft, a. womanlike, womanly. 

Frauenheilkunde, /. gynecology. 

Frauenmilch, /. human milk. 

Frauenspat, TO. (Min.) selenite. 

Frauenspiegel, TO. Venus's looking-glass. 

Frauenzimmer.n. female, woman jlwoman's room. 

Fraulein, n. young lady, single lady, Miss. 

frech, a. bold, brazen. 

frei, a. free; uncombined; liberal; bold; open; 
postpaid, prepaid. frei werden, be set free, 
be disengaged. 

-frei. free (from), -less, an-; as, wasserfrei, free 
from water, anhydrous. 

Freibrief, TO. license, charter, patent, permit. 

Freicouvert, n. stamped envelope. 

freidrehen, v.t. (Ceram.) throw. 

freien, v.t. marry. v.i. make love. 

Freier, TO. wooer, suitor. 

Freifrau, /. baroness. 

freigebig, a. generous; prodigal. 

Freigeist, TO. freethinker. 

freihalten, v.t. pay for (someone). 

Freiheit, /. freedom; degree of freedom; lib- 
erty; franchise. 

Freiheitsgrad, m. degree of freedom. 

Freiherr, m. baron. 

freilich, adv. of course; to be sure. 

freimachen, v.t. set free, liberate, disengage; 

Freimarke, /. postage stamp. 

Freimaurer, TO. freemason. 

Freimut, TO. frankness, sincerity. 

freisprechen, v.t. acquit; dispense. 

Freistaat, TO. republic. 

Freiwerden, n. liberation, disengagement. 

freiwerdend, p.a. (being) set free; nascent. 

freiwillig, a. spontaneous; voluntary; free. 

Freiwilliger, Freiwillige, TO. volunteer. 

fremd, a. foreign; strange; exotic; belonging 
to others. 

fremdartig, a. heterogeneous; odd. 

Fremde, m. & /. stranger; foreigner; visitor; 
(/.) foreign country. 

Fremdkorper, TO. foreign substance; foreign 

Frequenz, /. frequency; crowd; attendance; 

fressen, v.t. corrode; eat. fressend, p.a. cor- 

Fressen, n. food. 

fressgierig, a. greedy, voracious. 

Fresszelle, /. phagocyte. 

Freude, /. joy, comfort, enjoyment. 

Freudenfeuer, n. bonfire. 

freudig, a. joyful, glad, hearty. 

freuen, v.t. make glad, rejoice. v.r. be glad, 

Freund, TO. friend; relation. 

freundlich, a. friendly; kind, cheerful, pleasant. 

Freundschaft, /. friendship; acquaintance; 
favor; friends, kindred. 

Frevel, TO. misdeed, crime. 

Friede, /. peace. 

friedfertig, a. peaceable. 

Friedhof, TO. cemetery. 

friedlich, a. peaceful, peaceable. 

frieren, v.i. freeze, congeal; feel cold. gefroren 

p.a. frozen, congealed. 
| Frieren, n. freezing; shivering; ague. 
j Frierpunkt, TO. freezing-point. 
I Friktionsmesser, TO. tribometer. 




frisch, a. fresh; green (hide); vigorous, gay. 

adv. freshly; cheerily. 
Frischarbeit, /. fining process, fining. 
Frischblei, n. refined lead. 
Frischeisen, n. refined iron. 
frischen, v.t. fine, refine; revive (litharge); 

reduce (lead). 
Frischer, TO. finer, refiner. 
Frischerei, /. finery, refinery. 
Frischereiroheisen, n. forge pig. 
Frischesse, /. refining furnace, refinery. 
Frischfeuer, TO. refining fire, refinery. 
frischgefallt, p.a. freshly precipitated, 
frischgebrannt, p.a. freshly burned. 
Frischlech, TO. crude matt. 
Frischling, w. (Metal.) scoria; young boar. 
Frischofen, TO. refining furnace, refinery. 
Frischprozess, TO. (Metal.) fining (or refining) 


Frischschlacken, refinery cinders. 
Frischstahl, TO. steel made in a refinery, German 

steel, natural steel. 

Frischstiick, n. (Copper) liquation cake. 
Frischung, /. fining, etc. (see frischen). 
Frischwirkung, /. (Metal.) fining, refining. 
frisst, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of fressen. 
Frist, /. time, space of time, respite. 
fristen, v.t. prolong, delay. 
Fritte, /. frit. 
fritten, v.t. frit, sinter. 

Frittenporzellan, n. soft porcelain, frit porcelain. 
Frittofen,' TO. frit kiln; (Gloss) calcar. 
Frittung, /. fritting, sintering, 
froh, a. glad, joyful, cheerful, happy. 
frohlich, a. joyful, glad, merry. 
Frohsinn, TO. cheerfulness. 
fromm, a. gentle; pious; brave, 
frommen, v.i. avail. 
fronen, v.i. be a slave, indulge. 
Fronleichnamsfest, n. Corpus-Christi day. 
fror, pret. of frieren. 

Frosch, TO. frog; (Mach.) cam, arm, etc. 
Froscharten, batrachians. 
Froschlaichpflaster, n. (Pharm.) lead plaster. 
Froschloffel, TO. water plantain (Alisma). 
Frost, TO. frost, cold; chill. 
Frostbeule, /. chilblain. 
frosteln, v.i. feel chilly. 
Frostmischung, /. freezing mixture. 
Frostpunkt, TO. freezing point. 
Frostschnitt, TO. frozen section. 
frottieren, v.t. rub; brush. 
Frucht, /. fruit; grain; crop; fetus, embryo; 

profit, produce, product. 
Fruchtabtreibungsmittel, n. abortefacient. 
Fruchtather, TO. fruit essence, specif., amyl 


fruchtbar, a. fruitful, fertile, plenteous, 
fruchten, v.i. have effect, be of use. 
Frucht gelee, n. jam. 

Fruchthalter, TO. uterus. 

Fruchtknoten, TO. (Bot.) ovary. 

Fruchtsaure, /. fruit acid. 

Fruchtwasser, n. amniotic fluid. 

Fruchtwechsel, TO. rotation of crops. 

Fruchtzucker, TO. fruit sugar, levulose. 

frug, pret. of fragen. 

friih, a. early; premature. adv. early, soon. 

Friihe, /. earliness, early morning. 

friiher, a. earlier, former. adv. formerly. 

Friihling, TO. spring. 

fruhreif, a. early-ripe; precocious. 

Friihstiick, n. breakfast.' 

friihzeitig, a. early; premature; precocious. 

Fuchs, TO. fox; trestle, jack; flue; sorrel horse; 
freshman; fluke; (Metal.) piece of iron that 
cannot be melted. 

fuchsig, a. foxy (yellowish or reddish brown). 

fuchsrot, a. foxy, reddish brown. 

Fuchtel, /. blade, sword, rod. 

Fuder, n. cartload; large wine measure. 

Fug, TO. right, authority. 

Fuge, /. joint; slit; groove; suture. 

fugen, fiigen, v.t. join, unite; add. 

fuglich, a. reasonably; well, easily. 

f iigsam, a.' tractable, pliant. 

Fiigung, /. joining; jointing; resignation; 

f iihlbar, a. sensible, palpable, perceptible. 

fiihlen, v.t., i. & r. feel. 

Fiihlen, n. feeling, sensation, perception. 

Fuhlung, /. feeling, sensation; touch, contact. 

fuhr, pret. of fahren. 

Fuhre, /. carrying, carriage, cart, load. 

fiihren, v.t. lead, guide; carry, convey; bear, 
wear; construct; carry on; run (a machine) ; 

Fuhrmann, TO. carter, driver, carrier. 

Fiihrung, /. leading, etc. (see fiihren); con- 
duct; guide. 

Fiihrungsstange, /. guide rod. 

Fuhrwerk, n. vehicle. 

Full-, filling, bottling, feed, stuffing. 

Fullapparat, TO. filling apparatus, bottling ap- 

Fiille, /. filling; fulness, abundance; (of colors) 
body, depth. 

fiillen, v.t. fill, fill up; pour, put (in); load 
(paper, etc.); plump Qeather); stuff. 
v.r. fill. 

Fiillen, n. filling, etc. (see ftillen); foal; colt; 

Fuller, TO. filler; loader. 

Fullhaus, n. filling house, filling room; (Soap) 
frame room. 

Fiillhorn, n. cornucopia. 

Fullloffel, TO. filling ladle. 

Fiillmasse, /. (Sugar) massecuite. 

Fullmaterial, Fullmittel, n. filling material, fill- 
ing, stuffing, filler; loading material. 




F ullrohr, n., PiillrShre, /. filling tube, feed pipe, 

Fiillsel, n. stuffing. 

Fiillstoff, m. = Fullmaterial. 

Fiillstrich, m. filling mark, " full " mark. 

Ftilltrichter, m. filling funnel, funnel, hopper. 

Fullung, /. filling, stuffing, packing; panel. 

fulminieren, v.i. fulminate. 

fum., dbbrev. of fumaroid. 

Fumarsaure, /. fumaric acid. 

Fundament, n. foundation, base, basis; (Metal., 
etc.) bottom plate, soleplate. 

fiindig, a. ore-bearing. 

Fundort,m.,Fundstatte,/. locality (where some- 
thing is discovered), habitat. 

fiinf, a. five. 

fiinfatomig, a. pentatomic. 

Funfeck, n. pentagon. 

funfeckig, a. pentagonal. 

fiinffach, a. fivefold, quintuple, penta-. 
fiinffach-Chlorphosphor, phosphorus penta- 
chloride. funffach-Schwefelantimon, anti- 
mony pentasulfide. 

fiinfgliedrig, a. five-membered. 

FUnfring, m. five-membered ring. 

fiinfseitig, a. five-sided, pentahedral. 

fiinfte, a. fifth. 

fiinfwertig, a. pentavalent, quinquivalent. 

funfzig, funfzig, a. fifty. 

fungieren, v.i. function, act; officiate. 

Funke, /. Funken, m., spark; sparkle. 

funkcln, v.i. sparkle, scintillate; glitter. 

Funkenbildung, /. sparkling. 

Funkengeber, m. sparking device, spark coil. 

Funkenholz, n. touchwood. 

Funkensammler, m. spark condenser. 

Funkenspektrum, n. spark spectrum. 

Funkenspiel, n. play of sparks. 

Funkenspriihen, n. emission of sparks, scintil- 

fur, prep. for. fur sich, per se; was fur ein, 
what kind of. 

Furbitte, /. intercession. 

Furche, /. furrow; groove, channel; wrinkle. 

furchen, v.t. furrow; crease. 

Furchenspatel, /. grooved spatula. 

Furcht, /. fear, fright; horror. 

furchtbar, a. fearful, terrible. 

f iirchten, v.t. & r. fear, be afraid. 

furchtsam, a. timid. 

Furchung, /. furrowing; segmentation. 

Furnier, n. veneer. 

furnieren, v.t. veneer, inlay. 

Fiirsorge, /. care, solicitude. 

Fiirsprache, /. intercession. 

Fiirst, m. prince. 

fiirstenmassig, a. princely. 

Fiirstentum, n. principality 

f iirstlich, a. princely. 

Furt, /. ford. 

furwahr, adv. in truth, indeed. 

Fiirwort, n. pronoun. 

Fusel, m. fusel oil; bad spirits, bad liquor. 

Fuselgeruch, m. odor of fusel oil. 

fuselhaltig, a. containing fusel oil. 

fuselig, a. containing fusel oil; intoxicated. 

Fuselol, n. fusel oil. 

Fusionspunkt, m. fusing point, melting point. 

Fuss, m. foot (in various senses) ; base; estab- 
lishment; standard; footing. 

Fuss-, foot, pedal, ped-; low, bottom, base, 

Fussbeuge, /. instep. 

Fussblatt, n. May apple (Podophyllum pelta- 
tum); sole (of the foot). 

Fussboden, m. floor, flooring; ground. 

Fussbodenplatte, /. floor tile. 

Fussbodenziegel, m. paving tile, paving brick. 

Fussbrett, n. pedal. 

fussfallig, a. prostrate. 

Fussganger, m. pedestrian. 

Fussgelenk, n. ankle joint. 

Fussgestell, n. pedestal. 

Fussglatte, /. black, impure litharge. 

Fussmehl, n. the lowest grade of flour. 

Fussnote, /. footnote. 

Fusspfund, n. foot pound. 

Fusspunkt, m. (Math.) foot; (Astron.) nadir. 

Fussteppich, m. carpet, rug. 

Fusswurzel, /. tarsus. 

Fusszehe, /. toe. 

Fusszylinder, m. cylinder with a base. 

Fustage, /. barrels, casks; package. 

Fustik, n. fustic. 

Futter, n. food, feed, fodder, forage; lining, 
casing, case, coating, covering; chuck (of a 

Futteral, n. case, casing, bo?. 

Futterbohne, /. horse bean. 

Futtererbse, /. field pea (Pisum arvense). 

Futtergerste, /. winter barley. 

Futtergetreide, n. grain for feeding., forage plants, fodder 

Futtergras, n. green fodder. 

Futterklee, m. red clover. 

Futterkorn, n. grain for feeding. 

Futterkrauter, = Futtergewachse. 

Futtermittel, n. = Futterstoff . 

f iit tern, futtern, v.t. feed; line, case, coat. 

Futterrube, /. common turnip (Brassica 

Futterstoff, m. feeding stuff; lining. 

Futterstroh, n. forage straw, feeding straw. 

Fattening, /. feeding; feed, food, fodder, for- 
age; lining, casing, sheathing. 

Futterwicke, /. common vetch (Vicia saliva). 

Futterwurzel, /. forage root. 

gab, pret. of geben, 

Gabanholz, n. camwood. 

Gabe, /. gift; dose; alms. 

Gabel, /. fork; crotch; tendril; shafts (of a 

gabelartig, gabelfdrmig, a. forked, furcate, 


GabeUdammer, /. forked clamp. 
Gabelteilung, /. forking, bifurcation. 
gackeln, gackern, v.i. cackle. 
Gadolinerde, /. gadolinia, gadolinium oxide, 
gaff en, v.i. gape; crack. 
Gagat, m., Gagatkohle, /. jet. 
gahnen, v.i. yawn. 
Gahr-. See Gar-. 
gahren, v.i. = garenu 
Gais, /. = Geiss. 
Galangawurzel, /. galangal. 
Galgant, m. galangal. 
Galgen, m. gallows. 

Galgenholz, n. rotten wood, touchwood. 
Galizenstein, Galitzenstein, m. white vitriol 

(zinc sulfate); (blauer) blue vitriol. 
galizisch, a. Galician. 
Gallapfel, m. (nut) gall, gallnut. 
Gallapfelausguss, m. infusion of nutgalls. 
Gallapfelsaure, Gallapfelgerbsaure, /. gallotan- 

nic acid (ordinary tannic acid). 
Gallat, n. gallate. 
Galle, /. gall, bile; gall, protuberance, (Min.) 

nodule; flaw; (Glass) gall, sandiver. 
Galleiche, /. gaU oak. 
gallen, gallen, v.t. gall, treat with gallnuts; 

remove the gall from. 
gallenabfuhrend, p.a. cholagog. 
gallenartig, a. biliary. 
Gallenbehalter, m. gall bladder. 
Gallenbitter, n. picromel. 
Gallenblase, /. gall bladder. 
Gallenblasenstein, TO. = Gallenstein. 
GaUenbraun, n. bilirubin. 
Gallendarm, TO. duodenum. 
Gallenfarbstoff, TO. bile pigment, biliary pig- 

Gallenfett, n. cholesterol. 
Gallenfettsaure, /. bile acid. 
Gallenfistel, /. biliary fistula. 
Gallengang, m. bile duct. 
Gallengelb, n. bilirubin. 

Gallengrtin, n. biliverdin. 

Gallensaure, /. bile acid. 

Gallenseife, /. gall soap, ox-gall soap. 

Gallenstein, m. gallstone, biliary calculus. 

Gallensteinfett, n. cholesterol. 

Gallenstoff, TO. bile substance (or constituent) ; 
(formerly) bilin. 

Gallensiiss, n. picromel. 

Gallentalg, TO. cholesterol. 

gallentreibend, p.a. cholagogic. 

Gallenzucker, TO. picromel. 

Gallert, n. jelly; gelatin; glue. 

gallertahnlich, gallertartig, a. jellylike, gelati- 
nous; colloidal. 

Gallerte, /. = Gallert. 

gallertig, a. jellylike, gelatinous. 

Gallertmoos, n. Iceland moss; carrageen. 

Gallertsaure, /. pectic acid. 

Gallertsubstanz, /. colloid substance, colloid. 

Galletseide, /. silk waste. 

Galli-. gallic (relating to trivalent gallium). 

Gallichiorid, n. gallic chloride. 

gallieren, v.t. gall, treat with gallnut 

gallig, a. biliary, bilious; bitter like gall. 

Gallihydroxyd, n. gallic hydroxide. 

Gallipotharz, n. galipot. 

Gallisalz, n. gaUic salt. 

gallisieren, v.t. (Wine) gallize. 

Gallitzenstein, m. = Galizenstein. 

Gallseife, /. = Gallenseife. 

Gallus, TO. nutgalls, gallnuts. 

Gallusgerbsaure, /. gallotannic acid, tannic 
acid (proper), tannin. 

gallussauer, a. of or combined with gallic acid, 
gallate of. 

Gallussaure, /. gallic acid. 

Gallussauregarung, /. gallic fermentation. 

Galmei, TO. calamine (hydrous zinc silicate, also 
zinc carbonate). 

gait, pret. of geltent 

galvanisch, a. galvanic. 

galvanisieren, v.t. galvanize. 

Galvanisieren, n., Galvanisierung, /. galvani- 

Galvanismus, m. galvanism. 

Galvanoplastik, /. galvanoplastics. 

Galvanostegie, /, electroplating, electrodeposi- 




Gamander, m. germander (Teucrium). 

Gamasche, /. gaiters, spats. 

Gambe, /. (Ceram.) jamb. 

Gang, m. motion, action, working state; course, 
path, passage; (Mining) seam, vein, gallery; 
(Mech.) gear, thread; (Med.) duct, canal; 
going, gait, pace, walk; round, shift. 

Gangart, /. gangue, matrix; gait. 

gangbar, a. pervious; passable; current; mark- 
etable; in regular demand; (Pharm.) offi- 

Gangerz, n. vein ore. 

Ganggestein, n. (Mining) gangue. 

Ganghohe, /. pitch (of a screw). 

Gangmasse, /. (Mining) gangue. 

Gangstein, TO. (Mining) gangue. 

Gans, /. goose; (Metal.) pig; (Salt) lump of 
salt; (Mining) hard rock. 

Ganseblume, /. daisy. 

(iiinsef iisschen, n.pL quotation marks. 

Gansehaut, /. gooseflesh, creeps. 

Ganseleberpastete, /. pate de foie gras. 

Ganserich, Ganser, m. gander. 

Ganslein, n. gosling. 

Ganter, m. support (for casks). 

ganz, a. whole; all, full, perfect. adv. wholly, 

entirely, all, quite, very. 
, Ganz, /. (Metal.) pig. 

Ganze, Ganzes, n. whole; whole number. 

Ganzform, /. pig mold, pig bed. 

Ganzhollander, TO. (Paper) beater, beating 

Ganzholz, n. unhewn timber, round timber. 

ganzlich, a. whole, full. adv. wholly, abso- 

Ganzmahlen, n. (Paper) beating. 

Ganzstoff, TO. = Ganzzeug. 

Ganzstoffhollander, TO. = Ganzhollander. 

ganzzahlig, a. integral. 

Ganzzeug, n. (Paper) whole stuff, stuff, pulp. 

Ganzzeugkasten, TO. (Paper) stuff chest. 

gar, a. done; purified; (Metal.) refined; 
(Leather) tanned, also dressed. adv. fully, 
quite, very, at all, even. 

Gar-, finishing; dressing; (Metal.) refining, 

Gar-, fermenting, fermentation. 

Gararbeit, /. refining. 

Garaus, TO. finishing stroke, ruin. 

Garbe, /. sheaf; (Iron) fagot, pile; caraway; 
yarrow (Achillea). 

Garbottich, m. fermenting vat or tub, fer- 

Garbrand, m. (Ceram.) finishing burn. 

garbrennen, v.t. (Ceram.) fire to maturity. 
Garbutte, /. = Garbottich. 
Garchemie, /. = Garungschemie. 
Gardauer, /. duration of fermentation. 
Garderobe, /. wardrobe; dressing room. 
Gardine, /. curtain. 

Gare, /. (Leather) dressed state, dressing, hides 
dressed at one time, tawing paste; (Metal.) 
refined state. 
Gare, /. fermentation; yeast; (Wine) bouquet. '- 

Gareisen, n. refined iron; trial rod (for testing 
melted copper). 

garen, v.L ferment. gegoren, p.a. fermented. 

Garerz, n. roasted ore. 

Garfass, n. fermenting cask, union. 

garfrischen, v.t. refine thoroly. 

Garfuhrung, /. method of fermentation. 

Gargang, m. (Metal.) good working order; thoro 

Gargekratz, n. refinery slag. 

Garherd, TO. refining hearth. 

Garkammer, /., Garkeller, m. fermenting room. 

Garkolbchen, n. ( Urinalysis) fermentation 

Garkraft, /. fermenting power. 

Garkratze, /. refinery slag. 

Garkiiche, /. cook shop, eating house. 

Garkupfer, n. refined copper. 

Garleder, n. dressed leather. 

garmachen, v.t. refine (metals); dress (leather). 

Garmittel, n. ferment. 

Garn, n. yarn; thread, twine; net. 

Garneele, /. shrimp; prawn. 

garnieren, v.t. trim, garnish. 

Garnitur, /. trimming, fitting, mounting, gar- 

Garofen, TO. refining furnace. 

Garprobe, /. refining assay. 

Garschaum, m. (Iron) kish. 

Garscheibe, /. (Copper) disk of refined copper. 

Garschlacke, /. refining slag, rich slag. 

Garspan, TO. (Copper) coating of metal on the 
trial rod. 

garstig, a. dirty, ugly, bad, mean. 

Garstoff, TO. ferment. 

Garstuck, n. lump of purified salt. 

Garten, TO. garden. 

Gartenbau, TO., Gartenbaukunst, /. horticulture. 

Gartendistel, /. artichoke. 

Gartenkunst, /. horticulture. 

Gartner, TO. gardener. 

Gartnerei, /. gardening, horticulture. 

gartiichtig, a. (of yeast) vital. 

Garung, /. fermentation. Garung erregend, 
Garung erzeugend, fermentative. Garung 
hemmend, Garung verhindernd, antiferment- 

Garungsalkohol, TO. ethyl alcohol. 

Garungschemie, /. fermentation chemistry, 

garungserregend, p.a. fermentative, zymogenic. 

Garungserreger, TO. ferment. 

garungsfahig, a. fermentable. 

Garungsfahigkeit, /. fermentability. 

Garungskraft, /. fermentative power. 

Garungslehre, /. zymology. 




Garungsmesser, m. zymometer. 
Garungsmittel, n. ferment. 
Garungspilz, m. fermentation fungus, 
garungswidrig, a. antizymotic, antifermenta- 


Garvermogen, n. fermenting capacity. 
Garwage, /. (Sail) brine gage. 
Gasableitungsrohr, n. gas delivery tube, 
gasahnlich, a. resembling gas, gaseous. 
Gasanalyse, /. gas analysis, 
gasanalytisch, a. gas-analysis, gas-analytical. 
Gasart, /. kind of gas. 
gasartig, a. gasiform, gaseous. 
Gasbehaltcr, m. gas holder, gasometer. 
Gasbeleuchtung, /. gas lighting, illumination 

with gas. 

Gasbereitung, /. gas making. 
gasbildend, p.a. gas-forming. 
Gasbildner, m. gas former, gas producer. 
Gasbildung, /. formation of gas, gasification. 
Gasblase, /. gas bubble. 
Gasbleiche, /. gas bleaching. 
Gasbrenner, m. gas burner, 
gasdicht, a. gas-tight. 
Gasdichte, /. gaseous density. 
Gasdruck, m. gas pressure, gaseous pressure. 
Gaseinsteller, m. gas regulator. 
gasen, v.t. gas. 
Gasentbindungsflasche,/. gas-generating bottle 

or flask, gas generator. 
Gasentbindungsrohr, n. gas delivery tube. 
Gasen t wick (e) lung, /. evolution of gas. 
Gasentwickler, m. gas generator. 
Gaserzeuger, m. gas generator, gas producer. 
Gaserzeugung, /. production of gas, gasification. 
gasf., abbrev. (gasformig) gaseous. 
Gasfabrik, /. gas works.' 
gasformig, a. gaseous, gasiform. 
Gasgeblase, n. gas blast; gas blast apparatus. 
Gasgemenge, Gasgemisch, n. gaseous mixture, 

gas mixture, mixture of gases. 
Gasgesetz, n. gas law. 
Gasgleichung, /. gas equation. 
Gasgliihlicht, n. incandescent gas light. 
Gashalter, Gashalter, m. = Gasbehalter. 
gashaltig, a. containing gas. 
gasieren, v.t. gas. 
Gaskalk, m. gas lime. 
Gaskette, /. (Elec.) gas cell. 
Gaskocher, m. gas burner (on which a vessel 

may be set), gas hot plate, gas cooker. 
Gaskohle, /. gas coal; gas-retort carbon. 
Gaskraf tmaschine, /. gas engine. 
Gasleitung, /. gas conduction; gas conduit; flue. 
Gasleitungsrbhre, /. gas-conducting tube, gas 

tube; gas pipe. 
Gaslicht, n. gaslight. 
Gasmesser, TO. gas meter. 
Gasmessrohr, n., -rohre,/. = Gasmessungsrohr. 
Gasmessung, /. measurement of gases, or of gas. 

Gasmessungsrohr, n., -rohre, /. gas-measuring 

tube; eudiometer. 
Gasofen, TO. gas furnace; gas-fired kiln; gas 


Gasol, n. gas oil. 
gasos, a. gaseous. 
Gaspfeife, /. gas pipe. 
Gaspressung, /. gas pressure. 
Gasprobe, /. gas test; gas testing. 
Gasprufer, n. gas tester. 
Gasquelle, /. gas well. 
Gasraum, m. gas volume, volume of gas. 
Gasrohr, n., Gasrohre, /. gas tube; gas pipe. 
Gassack, m. gas bag. 
Gassammler, TO. gas collector, gas tank. 
Gasschlauch, m. gas tubing, gas tube. 
Gasse, /. street, lane, alley; (Founding) chan- 

Gasstrahl, TO. gas jet. 

Gasstrom, TO. current of gas, stream of gas. 
Cast, TO. guest; visitor, stranger, customer; 

star (actor). 
Cast, /. yeast. 
Gasteer, TO. gas tar. 
Gasteilung, /. device (as a T-tube) for dividing 

a gas supply. 

Gasterei, /. feast, feasting, banquet. 
gastfrei, gastfreundlich, hospitable. 
Gastgeber, TO. host. 
Gasthaus, n., Gasthof, TO. inn, hotel. 
Gastmehl, n. banquet, feast. 
Gastrockner, TO. gas drier. 
Gastrolie, /. star r61e, star part. 
Gastwirt, TO. innkeeper, landlord. 
Gastwirtschaft, /. innkeeping; inn. 
Gasuhr, /. gas meter. 
gasvolumetrisch, a. gasometric. 
Gaswanne, /. gas trough, pneumatic trough. 
Gaswaschaufsatz, TO. gas-washing attachment, 

washing tube. 

Gaswascher, m. gas washer. 
Gaswaschflasche, /. gas-washing bottle. 
Gaswaschturm, m. gas-washing tower, gas 


Gaswasser, n. gas liquor. 
Gaswechsel, TO. gas exchange. 
Gaszahler, m. gas meter. 
Gasziinder, TO. gas lighter. 
Gaszustand, TO. gaseous condition. 
Gatte, TO. husband. 

Gatter, n. grate, grating, lattice, railing, 
gattern, v.t. refine (tin), 
gat tier en, v.t. mix; sort, classify. 
Gattierung, /. mixing; mixture of ores; 

Gattin, /. wife. 
Gattung, /. genus; kind, sort; family, race; 


Gattungsname, TO. generic name. 
Gau, TO. district, county. 




Gauchheil, . scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis ar- 
vensis); self-heal (Prunella vulgaris). 

gaufrieren, v.t. goffer, emboss. 

gaukelhaft, a. juggling, deceptive. 

gaukeln, v.i. juggle; flit about. 

Gaul, w. nag, jade. 

Gaumen, TO. palate. 

Gauner, TO. swindler, cheat. 

gautschen, v.t. (Paper) couch. 

Gayerde, /. native saltpeter earth, saltpeter 

Gaze, /. gauze; canvas. 

ge-. A prefix used in forming the past parti- 
ciple of most verbs, in forming collective 
nouns (as Gerat, apparatus, tools), and in 
various other ways. 

Geachtete, m. outlaw. 

Geader, n. veins, veined structure; system of 
blood vessels. 

geb., abbrev. (gebunden) bound; (geboren) 

Geback, n. baking, batch; baker's wares, 

Gebalk, n., Gebalke, /. timber work. 

gebar, pret. of gebaren. 

Gebar de, /. gesture; demeanor; mien. 

gebaren, v.t. bear, bring forth. geboren, p.a. 
born, native, nee. 

Gebaren, n. childbirth, parturition. 

Gebar mutter, /. uterus, womb. 

Gebaude, n. building, structure; mine; system. 

Gebein, n. skeleton, bones; pi. remains. 

geben, v.t. give; yield; show, express, sell; 
give, abate, relent, prove; (of cloth) stretch. 
es giebt, there is, there are; nichts geben, 
to care nothing. 

Geber, m. giver, donor; (Teleg., etc.) transmit- 
ter, sender. 

Gebet, n. prayer. ins Gebet nehmen, question 

gebeten, p.p. of bitten. 

gebiert, pr. 3 sing, of gebaren. 

Gebiet, n. territory, region, district, depart- 
ment, domain, sphere. 

gebieten, v.t. order, command. v.i. rule. 

gebieterisch, a. imperative, imperious. 

Gebilde, Gebild, n. structure, organization, 
system; form; image; diaper; (Geol.) for- 

Gebinde, n. bundle; skein, hank; barrel, cask; 
range (of tiles) ; truss. 

Gebirg, n. (Mining) gangue. 

Gebirge, n. mountains, mountain system, high- 
lands; (Mining) gangue. 

Gebirgsart, /. kind of stone or rock. 

Gebirgsbildung, Gebirgsformation, /. moun- 
tainous formation; rock formation. 

Gebirgskunde, Gebirgslehre, /. orology; geog- 

Gebiss, n. set of teeth; bit. 

gebissen, p.p. of beissen. 

Geblase, n. blast; bellows, blower, blast appar- 

Geblaselampe, /. blast lamp. 

Geblasemaschine, /. blast engine, blower. 

Geblasemesser, TO. blast meter. 

Geblaseofen, TO. blast furnace. 

Geblaserohre, /. blast pipe, twyer. 

Geblasewind, m. blast. 

geblattert, a. foliated; foliate. 

geblieben, p.p. of bleiben. 

Gebliit, n. blood (entire blood in the body); 
blood, race. 

gebogen, p.p. of biegen. 

geboren, p.p. of gebaren. 

geborgen, p.p. of bergen. 

geborsten, p.p. of bersten. 

Gebot, n. bidding, bid; command, command- 

geboten, p.p. of bieten. 

gebracht, p.p. of bringen. 

gebrannt, p.p. of brennen. 

Gebrau, n. brewing, brew, gyle. 

Gebrauch, TO. use; custom; fashion. 

gebrauchen, v.t. use, employ, make use of. 
gebraucht, p.a. used; second-hand; worn-out. 

gebrauchlich, a. usual, customary, ordinary. 

Gebrauchsanweisung, /. directions for use. 

gebrauchsfahig, a. usable, serviceable. 

Gebrauchsgegenstand, TO. commodity. 

gebraucht, p.p. of brauchen and gebrauchen. 

Gebraude, /. = Gebrau. 

gebrech, a. brittle, soft. 

gebrechen, v.i. be lacking. 

Gebrechen, n. want, defect, infirmity. 

gebrechlich, a. frail, infirm, crippled. 

gebrochen, p.p. of brechen. 

Gebruder, brothers. 

Gebrull, n. roaring. 

Gebrumm, n. humming, murmuring. 

Gebtihr, /. due, duty, charge, fee; decency. 

Gebund, Gebunde, n. bunch, bundle, skein. 

gebunden, p.p. of binden. 

Geburt, /. birth; labor; offspring; descent, 
race; origin. 

gebiirtig, a. native, born. 

Geburtshilfe, /. obstetrics, midwifery. 

geburtshilflich, a. obstetric. 

Geburtskunde, Geburtslehre, /. obstetrics. 

Geburtsnot, /. labor. 

Geburtstag, m. birthday. 

Gebiisch, n. bushes, thicket. 

Geek, TO. dandy, fop. 

gedacht, p.p. of denken. 

Gedachtnis, n. remembrance, memory, me- 

Gedachtnismiinze, /. commemorative medal. 

Gedanke, TO. thought; opinion. 

Gedarm, n. intestines, entrails. 

Gedeck, n. covering; cover (at table). 

gedeckelt * 



gedeckelt, p.a. See deckeln. 

gedeihen, v.i. thrive, grow; proceed; (of slaking 

lime) swell. 

gedenken, v.i. think, be mindful. 
Gedenken, n. memory, 
gecleucht, p.p. of diinken. 
Gcdicht, n. poem. 
gediegen, o. (Min.) native; pure, unmixed; 

genuine, superior. 
Gediegenheit, /. native state; purity; intrinsic 


gedieh, pret. of gedeihen. 
gediehen, p.p. of gedeihen. 
Gedrange, n. thronging, crowd; dilemma, 
gedroschen, p.p. of dreschen. 
gedrungen, p.p. of dringen. 
Geduld, /. patience; endurance. . . 

gedurft, p.p. of dtirfen. 
geeignet, p.a. See eignen. 
gef., abbrev. (gefunden) found. 
Gefahr, /. danger; risk, 
gefahrden, v.t. endanger, 
gefiihrlich, a. dangerous. 
Gefahrte, m. companion, associate. 
Gefall, Gefalle, n. fall; gradient; income; taxes, 
gefallen, v.i. please. 
gefallen, p.p. of fallen and gefallen. 
Gefallen, n. pleasure; favor, 
gefallig, o. pleasing, agreeable, obliging, 
gefalligst, adv. please, pray, 
gefiillt, p.p. of fallen. 
Gefangene, m. & f. prisoner. 
Gefangnis, n. prison; confinement. 
Gefass, n. vessel, receptacle; bloodvessel; (of 

a sword) hilt. 
Gefass-. (Med.) vascular. 
Gefassbarometer, n. cistern barometer. 
Gefassbau, m. vascular structure. 
Gefasseinmundung, /. anastomosis. 
Gefasshaut, /. vascular membrane, 
gefassig, a. vascular. 
Gefasskunde, /. ceramic art. 
Gefassofen, m. closed furnace. 
Gefecht, n. fighting, fight. 
Gefieder, n. feathering, plumage. 
Geflecht, n. plaited or woven work, network; 


geflissentlich, a. wilful, intentional, 
geflochten, p.p. of flechten. 
geflogen, p.p. of fliegen. 
geflohen, p.p. of fliehen. 
geflossen, p.p. of fliessen. 
Geflugel, n. fowls, poultry. 
gefochten, p.p. of fechten. 
Gefolge, n. train, attendants, 
gefrassig, a. voracious. 
Gefrierapparat, m. freezing (or freezing-point) 


gefrierbar, a. congealable, freezable. 
gcfrieren, v.i. freeze, congeal. 

Gefrierpunkt, m. freezing point. 

Gefrierpunktserniedrigung, /. freezing-point 

Gefriersalz, n. freezing salt, specif., ammonium 

gefroren, p.p. of frieren and gefrieren. 

Gefrorene, n. something frozen, ice cream, ice. 

Gefuge, n. structure; texture; bed, stratum. 

gefugig, a. pliable, pliant. 

Gefiihl, n. feeling; touch, sensation, sensitive- 

gefunden, p.p. of finden. 

gegangen, p.p. of gehen. 

gegebenenfalls, adv. in an emergency, if neces- 

gegen, prep, toward, against, about, compared 
with, opposite. 

Gegen-. counter-, contra-, anti-. 

Gegenarznei, /. antidote. 

Gegenbild, n. counterpart, antitype. 

Gegend, /. region, quarter. 

Gegendruck, m. counter-pressure, back pres- 
sure, resistance. 

Gegenfarbung, /. contrast staining. 

Gegenfussler, antipodes. 

Gegengewicht, n. counter-weight, counterpoise. 

Gegengift, n. antidote. 

Gegenkraft, /. opposing force, counter-force. 

Gegenmittel, n. antidote, remedy. 

Gegenreizmittel, n. counter-irritant. 

Gegensatz, m. opposition, opposite, contrast, 

Gegenschein, n. reflection; counterglow; 
(Astron.) opposition. 

Gegenseite, /. opposite side; (of a coin) reverse. 

gegenseitig, a. mutual, reciprocal, common; 
(rarely) opposite. 

Gegensonne, /. mock sun, parhelion. 

Gegenstand, TO. object; matter, subject. 

Gegenstandsglas, n. object glass. 

Gegenstrahl, m. reflected ray, reflection. 

Gegenstrom, TO. counter-current, inverse cur- 

Gegenstiick, n. counterpart, match. 

Gegenteil, n. contrary, opposite, converse. 

gegeniiber, prep, over against, opposite. 
adv. opposite. 

gegeniiberliegend, p.a. opposite. 

Gegen wart, /. presence; present. 

gegenwartig, a. present. adv. at present. 

Gegenwelle, /. countershaft. 

gegenwirkend, p.a. counteracting, reacting. 
gegenwirkendes Mittel, counteracting sub- 
stance, reagent. 

Gegenwirkung, /. counteraction, reaction. 

gegessen, p.p. of essen. 

geglichen, p.p. of gleichen. 

geglitten, p.p. of gleiten. 

geglommen, p.p. of glimmen. 

Gegner, m. opponent, enemy. 




gegolten, p.p. of gelten. 

gegorcn, p.p. of garen. 

gegossen, p.p. of giessen. 

gegriffen, p.p. of greifen. 

gehaben, v.r. behave, fare. 

Gehalt, TO. contents, content; capacity, extent, 

yield, standard (of coins), strength; salary, 

pay; value. 

Gehange, n. slope; hanging, pendant. 
Gehause, n. case, box, shell. 
geheftet, p.a. See heften. 
Gehege, n. enclosure, fence. 
geheim, a. secret, private, hidden. geheime 

Tinte, sympathetic ink, invisible ink. 
Geheimmittel, n. secret remedy, patent medi- 
cine, nostrum. 

Geheimnis, /. secret, secrecy. 
Geheimrat, TO. privy councillor. 
Geheiss, n. command, bidding. 
gehen, v.i. go; walk, travel, pass; fare. wie 

geht es? how is it? how are you?--es geht 

um, it is a question of. 
Geheul, n. howling. 
Gehilfe, TO. helper, assistant. 
Gehirn, n. brain. kleines Gehirn, cerebellum. 
Gehirn-. cerebral. 
Gehirnfett, n. cerebrin. 
gehoben, p.p. of heben. 
geholfen, p.p. of helfen. 
Geholz, n. wood, copse. 
Gehor, n. hearing; ear. 
Gehor-. auditory, acoustic, 
gehorchen, v.i. obey. 
gehoren, v.i. belong. v.r. be becoming, be 

gehorig, a. belonging; requisite; due, proper, 


Gehorlehre, /. acoustics. 
gehorsam, a. obedient. 
Gehorsam, TO., Gehorsamkeit, /. obedience. 
Gehre, Gehrung, /. bevel, miter. 
Gehiilfe, TO. = Gehilfe. 
Geier, TO. vulture. 
Geige, /. violin. 

Geigenharz, n. rosin, colophony. 
geil, a. luxuriant; rich; proud (flesh); lewd. 
Geiss, /. (she) goat; doe. 
Geissblatt, n. honeysuckle (Lonicera). 
Geissbock, TO. he-goat. 

Geissel, /. flagellum, cilium; whip, scourge. 
Geissfuss, TO. (Bot.) goatsfoot; (Tech.) any of 

various tools. 

Geisslersches Rohr. Geissler tube. 
Geissraute, /. goat's-rue (Galega officinalis). 
Geist, TO. spirit; mind; ghost, 
geistig, a. spirituous, alcoholic; (of wine, etc.) 

strong, generous; volatile; spiritual; mental. 
geistlich, a. spiritual; clerical. 
Geistliche, TO. clergyman, priest. 
Geiz, TO. avarice, stinginess. 

geizen, v.i. be covetous, be stingy. 

gekannt, p.p. of kennen. 

geklommen, p.p. of klimmen and klemmen. 

geklungen, p.p. of klingen. 

gekniffen, p.p. of kneifen. 

Geknister, n. decrepitation; crunching. 

gekonnt, p.p. of konnen. 

gekoren, p.p. of kuren. 

gekornt, p.a. See kornen. 

Gekratz, n. waste, refuse, dross, slag. 

gekrischen, p.p. of kreischen. 

gekrochen, p.p. of kriechen. 

Gekros-. mesenteric. 

Gekrose, n. mesentery; giblets. 

gel., abbrev. (gelost) dissolved. 

Gelachter, n. laughing, roar of laughter. 

geladen, p.p. of laden. 

Gelager, n. deposits, dregs, bottoms. 

Gelander, n. railing, balustrade. 

gelang, pret. of gelingen. 

gelangen, v.i. arrive. 

Gelass, m. room, space. 

Gelatine, /. gelatin. 

gelatinieren, gelatinisieren, v.i. & i. gelatinize. 

gelatines, a. gelatinous. 

gelaufig, a. fluent, ready; familiar. 

gelaunt, a. disposed. 

Gelaut, Gelaute, n. ringing; chimes. 

gelb, a. yeUow. gelbes Blutkraut, goldenseal 

(Hydraslis canadensis). gelbes Blutlaugen- 

salz, potassium ferrocyanide. gelbe Erde, 

yellow ocher. gelbe Quecksilbersalbe, /. 

(Pharm.) ointment of mercuric nitrate. 

gelbe Rube, carrot. 
Gelb, n. yellow. 

Gelbbeeren, Avignon berries. 
Gelbbeizen, n. (Metal.) yellowing. 
Gelbbleierz, n. wulfenite. 
gelbbraun, a. yellowish brown. 
gelbbrennen, v.t. (Metal.) dip, pickle. 
Gelbe, n. yellow (of an egg), yolk. 
Gelbeisenerz, n., Gelbeisenstein, m. yellow 

clay ironstone; (okriges) yellow ocher; co^ 


Gelbeisenkies, TO. pyrite. 
Gelberde, /. yellow ocher. 
Gelbgiesserei, /. brass foundry, 
gelbgrun, a. yellowish green. 
Gelbheit, /. yellowness. 
Gelbholz, n. fustic. 
Gelbildung, /. gel formation. 
Gelbkraut, n. yellowweed, dyer's weed (Reseda 


Gelbkupfer, n. brass. 
Gelbkupfererz, n. chalcopyrite. 
gelblich, a. yellowish. 
gelbrot, a. yellowish red. 
gelbstichig, a. yellow-tinged, yellowish. 
Gelbsucht, /. jaundice. 
Gelbwurzel, /. turmeric. 




Geld, n. money. 

Geldmiinze, /. coin. 

Geldschrank, m. safe. 

Geldstrafe, /. fine. 

Geldstiick, n. piece of money, coin. 

Geldverschreibung, /. promissory note. 

Gelee, n. jelly. 

gelegen, p.p. of liegen. 

Gelegenheit, /. occasion, opportunity; conve- 
nience; locality. 

gelegentlich, a. occasional, accidental, incidental. 

gelehrig, a. teachable, docile. 

Gelehrsamkeit, /. learning. 

Gelehrte, Gelehrter, m. learned man, scholar, 

Geleise, n. track. 

geleiten, v.t. accompany, conduct. 

Gelenk, n. joint; link; hinge. 

Gelenk-. articular. 

Gelenkbasalt, m. flexible basalt. 

GelenkflUssigkeit, /. synovia! fluid. 

gelenkig, a. flexible, pliable; supple; nimble. 

Gelenkquarz, m. flexible sandstone, itacohimite. 

Gelenksaft, m., Gelenkschmiere, /. synovia. 

Gelenkschwamm, m. white swelling. 

Gelenksteifheit, /. ankylosis. 

Gelenkwasser, n. synovia. 

Gelichter, n. gang, set, lot. 

geliehen, p.p. of leihen. 

gelind, a. gentle; soft, mild. 

gelingen, v.i. succeed. gelungen, p.a. success- 
ful; excellent. 

gelitten, p.p. of leiden. 

gellen, v.t. yell. 

geloben, v.t. promise, pledge. 

gelogen, p.p. of liigen. 

geloschen, geloscht, p.p. of loschen. 

Gelsemien, n. gelsemium. 

Gelsemiensaure, Gelsemiensaure, /. gelsemic 

gelt, a. (of cows) dry. 

Gelte, /. pail, tub. 

gelten, v.i. be worth; have weight; be current, 
be valid; pass, be considered; apply; concern. 

Geltung, /. value,, validity, currency, impor- 

gelungen, p.p. of gelingen. 

Geliist, n. desire, longing. 

Gemach, n. chamber, room; closet. 

gemachlich, a. slow, gentle, easy. 

Gemahl, TO. consort, husband. 

gemahnen, v.t. remind. 

Gemalde, n. picture, painting, drawing. 

Gemaldefirnis, TO. painter's varnish. 

gemass, prep, according to, conformably to. 
a. conformable, agreeable. 

gemein, a. common; general, ordinary, vulgar. 

Gemeinde, /. community; congregation. 

Gemeinheit, /. commonness, meanness. 

gemeinsam, a. common; mutual, joint. 

Gemeinschaft; /. community; partnership; so- 
ciety; intercourse. 

gemeinschaftlich, a. common, mutual. 
Gemenganteil, TO. constituent of a mixture. 
Gemenge, n. mixture; (Glass) frit. 
Gemengstoff, TO. = Gemenganteil. 
gemieden, p.p. of meiden. 
Gemisch, n. mixture, mixing. 
Gemme, /. gem; cameo, 
gemocht, p.p. of mogen. 
gemolken, p.p. of melken. 
Gemse, Gems, /. chamois (goat) . 
Gemsleder, n. chamois leather, chamois. 
Gemiill, Gemiilm, n. rubbish. 
Gemiise, n. vegetables. 
Gemiisepflanzen, culinary plants, 
gemusst, p.p. of miissen. 
Gem tit, n. mind; heart, feeling. 
gemiitlich, a. good-hearted, genial, pleasant. 
gen, prep, towards, 
genannt, p.p. of nennen. 
genas, pret. of genesen. 
genau, a. accurate, exact; true, close, tight; 


Genauigkeit, /. accuracy, etc. (see genau). 
genehm, a. agreeable; acceptable. 
geneigt, p.a. See neigen. 
Generalnenner, m. common denominator. 
Generatorgas, n. generator gas, producer gas. 
generisch, a. generic. 

genesen, v.i. recover, convalesce; be delivered. 
genetisch, a. genetic. 
Genever, TO. Geneva, Holland gin. 
Genf, n. Geneva, 
genial, a. gifted, of genius. 
Genick, n. back of the neck. 
Genie, n. genius. 
Geniecorps, n. engineer corps. 
genieren, v.t. incommode, trouble, 
geniessbar, a. edible; palatable. 
geniessen, v.t. enjoy; take, taste (food or drink). 
genommen, p.p. of nehmen. 
genoss, pret. of geniessen. 
Genoss, Genosse, m. companion, associate, 

partner, accomplice; (pi.) company, 
genossen, p.p. of geniessen. 
Genossenschaft, /. fellowship, partnership, 

company, association. 
Genre, n. kind, sort; (Calico) style. 
genug, adv. enough. 
geniigen, v.i. be enough, suffice. 
geniigsam, a. easily pleased, temperate. 
Genugtuung, /. satisfaction. 
Genuss, TO. enjoyment, pleasure; taking (food 

or drink) ; benefit. 
Genussmensch, m. epicure. 
Genussmittel, n. any substance used to heighten 

the enjoyment of food (including condiments, 

wines, etc.). 
genusssiichtig, a. pleasure-seeking. 




Genusszweck, TO. table purposes, food purposes. 

geologisch, a. geological. 

Georgine, /. dahlia. 

Gepack, n. baggage, luggage. 

gepfiffen, p.p. of pfeifen. 

gepflogen, p.p. of pflegen. 

Geprage, n. impression, stamp, coinage; char- 

gepriesen, p.p. of preisen. 

gequollen, p.p. of quellen. 

gerade, a. straight; direct; even; upright. 
adv. straightly, directly, exactly, plainly. 

Gerade, /. straight line. 

geradezu, adv. straight on; immediately; ab- 

geradlinig, a. rectilinear. 

geradsichtig, a. direct-vision. 

geradwandig, a. straight-walled, with straight 

Geraniumsaure, /. geranic acid. 

gerannt, p.p. of rennen. 

Gerat, n., Gerate, apparatus; implements, 
tools; utensils; plant; furniture, chattels. 

Gerateglas, n. apparatus glass. 

geraten, p.p. of geraten and raten. 

geraten, v.i. come, fall, light, get; turn out, 
prosper. p.a. prosperous, successful. 

Geratschaften, apparatus, implements. 

geraum, a. ample, long. 

geraiimig, a. roomy, ample, large. 

Gerausch, n. noise; murmur, clatter. 

gerauschlos, a. noiseless. 

Gerbauszug, m. tanning extract. 

Gerbebriihe, Gerbefliissigkeit, /. tan liquor, 
tanner's liquor, ooze. 

Gerbemittel, n. tanning material, tan. 

gerben, v.t. tan; hull (grain); polish (metal); 
tilt (steel). samisch gerben, chamois; weiss 
gerben, taw. 

Gerber, m. tanner, currier. 

Gerberei, /. tanning; tannery. 

Gerberfett, n. (Leather) degras, stuff. 

Gerberhof, m. tan yard. 

Gerberkalk, m. slaked lime; gas lime. 

Gerberstrauch, m. tanner's sumac (Rhus cori- 
aria); ink plant (Coriaria). 

Gerberwolle, /. skin wool. 

Gerbevermogen, n. tanning power. 

Gerbeversuch, m. tanning experiment or trial. 

Gerbextrakt, m. & n. tanning extract. 

Gerbleint, m. (Paper) size made from gelatin 
and sulfite liquor. 

Gerbmaterial, n. tanning material. 

gerbsauer, a. of or combined with tannic acid, 
tannate of. 

Gerbsaure, /. tannic acid. 

Gerbstahl, m. tilted steel, shear steel; polishing 
steel, burnisher. 

Gerbstoff, m. tanning principle, tanning mat- 
ter, tan; specif., tannic acid, tannin. 

Gerbstoffauszug, m. tanning extract. 

Gerbstoffbestimmung, /. determination of tan- 
ning matter. 

Gerbung, /. tanning (or tannage), etc. (see 

gerecht, a. right, just, legitimate; fit, skilled. 

Gerede, /. talk, talking. 

Gereibe, n. rubbing. 

gereichen, v.i. turn out, redound. 

gereuen, v.t. repent, regret. 

Gericht, n. court; judgment; jurisdiction; dish. 

gerichtlich, a. judicial, forensic, legal. 

Gerichtsamt, n. court, tribunal. 

Gerichtsamtmann, m. judge. 

Gerichtsbarkeit, /. jurisdiction. 

Gerichtshof, TO. court, tribunal. 

Gerichtsrat, TO. judge, counsellor. 

gerieben, p.p. of reiben. 

gering, a. small, slight; deficient, limited, infe- 
rior, low, base. 

geringer, a. inferior, less. 

geringfiigig, a. petty, trifling. 

geringhaltig, a. below standard; worthless. 

geringschatzig, a. depreciatory, disrespectful. 

geringste, a. least, slightest. 

gerinnbar, a. coagulable. 

Gerinne, n. running, flowing, channel; gutter. 

gerinnen, v.i. coagulate, curd. 

Gerinnsel, n. coagulum, curds. 

Gerinnung, /. coagujation; coagulum. 

Gerinnungsmasse, /. coagulum. 

Gerippe, n. skeleton. 

gerippt, p.a. See rippen. 

gerissen, p.p. of reissen. 

geritten, p.p. of reiten. 

Germaniumfluorwasserstoffsaure, /. fluoger- 
manic acid. 

Germaniumoxyd, n. germanium oxide, specif., 
germanic oxide. 

Germaniumoxydul, n. germanous oxide. 

Germaniumsaure, /. germanic acid. 

Germaniumsulfid, n. germanium sulfide, specif., 
germanic sulfide. 

Germaniumsulfur, n. germanous sulfide. 

Germaniumwasserstoff, TO. germanium hydride. 

Germer, TO. white hellebore (Veratrum). 

gern, gerne, adv. gladly, with pleasure. ich 
mochte gern, I should like. 

gerochen, p.p. of riechen. 

geronnen, p.p. of rinnen and gerinnen. 

Gerste, /. barley. 

Gerstengraupen, pearl barley 

Gerstenkorn, n. barleycorn. 

Gerstenmalz, n. barley malt. 

Gerstenschleim, TO. barley water. 

Gerstenzucker, TO. barley sugar. 

Gerte, /. whip, switch. 

Geruch, m. smell, odor, scent, savor. 

geruchlos, a. odorless; savorless; unable to smell 

Geriicht, n. report, rumor. 




Geriimpel, n. lumber, trash. 

gerungen, p.p. of ringen. 

Geriist, n. frame, framework; scaffold; crate. 

ges., abbrev. (gesattigt) saturated; (gesetzlich) 
by law. 

Ges., abbrev. (Gesellschaft) society, company. 

gesamt, a. total, entire, whole. 

Gesamtharte, /. total hardness. 

Gesamtlosliches, n. total soluble matter. 

Gesamtmenge, /. total quantity. 

Gesamtriickstand, m. total residue. 

Gesamtsaure, /. total acid. 

Gesamtschwefel, TO. total sulfur. 

Gesamtstickstoff, TO. total nitrogen. 

Gesamtverhalten, n. general behavior. 

Gesamtvolum, n. total volume. 

Gesamtwert, m. total value. 

gesandt, p.p. of senden. 

Gesandte, m. messenger; ambassador. 

Gesang, TO. singing; song; canto. 

Gesass, n. seat; floor. 

gesattigt, p.p'. of sattigen. 

Geschabsel, n. scrapings. 

Geschaft, n. business; affair; trade; house; 

geschaftig, a. busy; fussy. 

geschaftlich, a. business; business-like; profes- 

geschah, prct. of geschehen. 

geschehen, v.i. happen, occur, be done. 

gescheit, a. sensible, clever. 

Geschenk, n. present, gift. 

Geschichte, /. history; tale; thing. 

geschichtlich, a. historical. 

Geschick, n. skill; order; fate, destiny. 

Geschicklichkeit, /. skill, cleverness, art. 

Geschiebe, n. rubble, boulder, detritus; shov- 

geschieden, p.p. of scheiden. 

geschieht, pr. 3 sing, of geschehen. 

geschienen, p.p. of scheinen. 

Geschirr, n. vessel; vessels, ware; utensils, 
tools, apparatus, gear; plant, mill; (Leather) 

Geschlecht, n. sex; genus; kind, race, family, 
stock, generation; gender. 

geschlechtlich, a. sexual; generic. 

Geschlechtsart, /. generic character, genus. 

Geschlechtsdriise, /. genital gland (ovary, 

Geschlechtspflanze, /. phanerogam. 

Geschlechtsreife, /. puberty. 

geschlechtsreizend, p.a. aphrodisiac. 

geschlichen, p.p. of schleichen. 

geschliffen, p.p. of schleifen. 

geschlissen, p.p. of schleissen. 

geschloffen, p.p. of schliefen. 

geschlossen, p.p. of schliessen. 

geschlungen, p.p. of schlingen. 

Geschmack, m. taste; flavor; liking. 

geschmacklos, a. tasteless; insipid. 

geschmeidig, a. pliable, flexible, supple; (of 
metals) soft, ductile, malleable; versatile. 

geschmissen, p.p. of schmeissen. 

geschmolzen, p.p. of schmelzen. 

geschnitten, p.p. of schneiden. 

geschoben, p.p. of schieben. 

gescholten, p.p. of schelten. 

Geschopf, n. creature. 

geschoren, p.p. of scheren. 

Geschoss, n. projectile, missile; story, floor 

geschossen, p.p. of schiessen. 

geschosstreibend, p.a. ballistic. 

Geschrei, n. cry, outcry; rumor; disrepute. 

geschrieben, p.p. of schreiben. 

geschrieen, p.p. of schreien. 

geschritten, p.p. of schreiten. 

geschroben, p.p. of schrauben. 

geschunden, p.p. of schinden. 

Geschiitz, n. gun, cannon; ordnance, artillery. 

Geschiitzrohr, n. cannon bore; gun barrel; 
gun, cannon. 

Geschwader, n. squadron. 

Geschwatz, n. talk, gossip. 

geschweigen, v.t. not to mention. 

geschwiegen, p.p. of schweigen and geschweigen. 

geschwind, a. fast, quick, immediate. 

Geschwindigkeit, /. velocity, speed; quickness, 

Geschwindigkeitsmesser, m. speed indicator. 

Geschwister, pi. brother (s) and sister (s). 

Geschwisterkind, n. first cousin. 

geschwollen, p.p. of schwellen. 

geschwommen, p.p. of schwimmen. 

geschworen, p.p. of schwaren and schworen. 

Geschworene, TO. juryman. 

Geschwulst, /. swelling; tumor. 

geschwunden, p.p. of schwinden. 

geschwungen, p.p. of schwingen. 

Geschwiir, n. ulcer, abscess. 

Gesell, Geselle, m. mate, comrade; journeyman. 

gesellen, v.t. & r. join. 

gesellig, a. social, sociable. 

Gesellschaft, /. society; company, partnership; 
club; community; party. 

gesessen, p.p. of sitzen. 

Gesetz, n. law; rule; precept. 

Gesetzentwurf, TO. (legislative) bill. 

gesetzgebend, p.a. legislative. 

gesetzlich, a. lawful, legal. adv. lawfully, 
legally. gesetzlich geschutzt, patented. 

gesetzmassig, a. conformable to (natural) law, 
regular; lawful. 

Gesetzmassigkeit, /. conformity to law', regu- 
larity; lawfulness. 

gesetzt, p.a. See setzen. 

Gesetz vorschlag, m. bill; motion. 

ges. gesch., abbrev. (gesetzlich geschutzt) pro- 
tected by law, patented. 

Gesicht, n. sight; face, countenance, look; vision. 




Gesichts-. visual; facial. 

Gesichtsachse, /. visual axis. 

Gesichtsfeld, n. field of vision, field of view. 

Gesichtslinie, /. visual line; facial line. 

Gesichtspunkt, TO. visual point, point of sight; 


Gesichtsstrahl, m. visual ray. 
Gesichtswinkel, m. visual angle, optic angle; 

facial angle. 

Gesims, n. molding, cornice; shelf. 
Gesinde, n. servants. 
Gesinnung, /. mind, disposition, opinion, 
gesinnungslos, a. characterless, unprincipled, 
gesittet, a. mannered, bred; polite; civilized; 


gesoffen, p.p. of saufen. 
gesogen, p.p. of saugen. 
gesonnen, p.p. of sinnen. 
gesotten, p.p. of sieden. 
Gespenst, n. specter, ghost, 
gespieen, p.p. of speien. 
Gespiele, m. playmate. 
Gespinst, n. spun yarn, spun goods, (textile) 


gesplissen, p.p. of spleissen. 
gesponnen, p.p. of spinnen. 
Gesprach, n. talk, conversation. 
gesprochen, p.p. of sprechen. 
gesprossen, p.p. of spriessen. 
gesprungen, p.p. of springen. 
Gestade, n. shore, coast. 

Gestalt, /. form; shape, figure; aspect; manner, 
gestalten, v.t. form, shape. 
gestaltlos, a. amorphous, formless. 
Gestaltung, /. configuration, formation, form, 


gestanden, p.p. of stehen and gestehen. 
Gestandnis, n. confession, acknowledgment. 
Gestange, n. poles or rods (collectively). 
Gestank, TO. stench, evil smell. 
gestatten, v.t. permit, consent to. 
Geste, /. gesture. 
gestehen, v.i. coagulate, congeal, clot. v.t. 

confess, admit. 
Gestein, n. rock; stone. 

Gesteinkunde, /. petrology; mineralogy; geog- 

Gesteinsrest, m. (Ceram.) rock residues. 
Gestell, n. frame, stand, support; scaffold, 
gestern, adv. yesterday. 
gestiegen, p.p. of steigen. 
Gestirn, n. star; constellation. 
gestirnt, a. starred, starry; browed. 
gestoben, p.p. of stieben. 

Gestober, n. shower; snowstorm; dust storm. 
gestochen, p.p. of stechen. 
gestohlen, p.p. of stehlen. 
gestorben, p.p. of sterben. 
Gestrauch, n. bushes, shrubbery. 
gestrichen, p.p. of streichen. 

gestrig, a. of yesterday. 

gestritten, p.p. of streiten. 

Gestriipp, n. thicket, underbrush. 

Gestiibbe, Gestiibe, m. (Metal.) brasque. 

gestunken, p.p. of stinken. 

Gesuch, n. request, demand; want ad. 

Gesuchtheit, /. affectation. 

gesund, a. sound, healthy, wholesome. 

Gesundbrunnen, m. mineral spring; spa. 

gesunden, v.i. recover. 

Gesundheit, /. health, soundness, salubrity. 

gesundheitlich, a. sanitary, hygienic. 

Gesundheitsamt, n. board of health. 

Gesundheitswesen, n. sanitary affairs. 

gesungen, p.p. of singen. 

gesunken, p.p. of sinken. 

Getafel, n. wainscoting; inlaying. 

getan, p.p. of tun. 

gethan, p.p. of thun. . See tun. 

Getrank, n. beverage, drink, liquor. 

getrauen, v.t. dare, venture. 

Getreide, n. grain; cereals; crops. 

Getreideart, /. kind of grain; (pi.) cereals. 

Getreidebranntwein, TO. whisky from grain. 

Getreidekorn, n. grain. 

Getreidepriifer, TO. grain tester. 

Getreidestein, TO. = Bierstein. 

getreu, a. faithful, true. 

Getriebe, n. driving, working, driving gear. 

getrieben, p.p. of treiben. 

getroffen, p.p. of treffen and triefen. 

getrogen, p.p. of trtigen. 

getrost, a. confident, courageous. 

getrunken, p.p. of trinken. 

Getummel, n. bustle, tumult. 

Geviert, Gevierte, n. square. 

gew., abbrev. (gewohnlich) ordinary, common. 

Gew., abbrev. (Gewicht) weight, gravity. 

Gewachs, n. plant; growth; growing; vintage. 

gewachsen, p.a. See wachsen. 

Gewachshaus, n. greenhouse, conservatory. 

Gewachskunde, Gewachslehre, /. botany. 

Gewachsreich, n. vegetable kingdom. 

gewahr, a. aware. 

Gewahr, /. surety, security. 

gewahren, v.t. perceive. 

gewahren, v.t. give, furnish, grant. 

Gewahrsam, TO. custody, prison. 

Gewalt, /. power, force, violence. 

gewaltig, a. powerful, forcible; huge, vast. 

gewaltsam, a. violent. 

Gewand, n. garment, clothing. 

gewandt, p.p. of wenden. 

gewann, pret. of gewinnen. 

gewartig, a. expectant. 

Gewasch, n. twaddle, nonsense. 

Gewasser, n. waters; (pi.) streams, running 


Gewebe, n. tissue; texture; textile fabric; web. 
Gewebedraht, m. gauze wire. 




Gewebefarbstoff, m. histohematin. 

Gewebelehre, Gewebslehre, /. histology. 

Gewehr, n. arms, gun, rifle. 

Gewehrpulver, n. rifle powder. 

Geweih, n. horns, antlers. 

gewellt, a. wavy, undulated, corrugated. 

Gewerb, Gewerbe, n. trade, occupation; indus- 

Gewerbeausstellung, /. industrial exposition. 

Gewerbesalz, n. common salt fit only for in- 
dustrial use. 

Gewerbeschule, /. technical school, industrial 

Gewerbkunde, /. technology. 

gewerbkundlich, a. technological. 

gewerblich, gewerbtatig, a. industrial. 

Gewerk, n. trade; factory; work. 

gewesen, p.p. of sein. 

gewichen, p.p. of weichen. 

Gewicht, n. weight; gravity. 

gewichtig, a. heavy; weighty. 

Gewichtsabgang, m. deficiency in weight; loss 
of weight. 

Gewichtsabnahme, / decrease in weight. 

Gewichtsanalyse, /. gravimetric analysis. 

gewichtsanalytisch, a. gravimetric. 

Gewichtsbestimmung, /. determination of 

Gewichtseinheit, /. unit of weight. 

Gewichtsmenge, /. amount by weight, 

Gewichtsprozent, n. per cent by weight. 

Gewichtssatz, m. set of weights. 

XJewichtsstiick, n. weight. 

Gewichtsteil, m. part by weight. 

Gewichtsverhaltnis, n. proportion by weight. 

Gewichtsverlust, m. loss in weight. 

Gewichtszunahme, /. increase in weight. 

Gewichtszusammensetzung, /. composition by 

gewiesen, p.p. of weisen. 

gewillt, a. willing, inclined. 

Gewinde, n. winding, coil; skein; thread (of a 

Gewinn, m. yield; winning, gain, profit. 

gewinnbar, a. obtainable. 

gewinnen, v.t. obtain, get; extract, produce 
(metals, etc.) ; win, gain, acquire. 

Gewinnung, /. obtaining, etc. (see gewinnen); 

gewiss, a. sure, certain, fixed. adv. certainly, 

Gewissen, n. conscience. 

gewissenhaft, a. conscientious. 

gewissermassen, adv. in a certain degree, as 
it were. 

Gewissheit, /. certainty; proof. 

Gewitter, n. storm. 

gewoben, p.p. of weben. 

gewogen, p.p. of wagen and wiegen. 

gewohnen, v.l. accustom, habituate; domesti- 

Gewohnheit, /. custom, usage, habit, fashion. 
gewohnlich, a. usual, customary; common, 

ordinary; trivial. 

Gewohnung,/. habituation, etc. (see gewohnen). 
Gewolbe, n. vault, arch; crown (of a furnace); 

store, storehouse. 
gewonne, pret. subj. of gewinnen. 
gewonnen, p.p. of gewinnen. 
geworben, p.p. of werben. 
geworden, p.p. of werden. 
geworfen, p.p. of werfen. 
Gewiihl, n. crowd; turmoil. 
gewunden, p.p. of winden. 
Gewiirm, n. worms, creeping things, vermin. 
Gewurz, n. spice, spices, aromatics. 
gewurzartig, a. spicy, aromatic. 
Gewiirzessig, m. aromatic vinegar. 
gewiirzhaft, a. spicy, aromatic. 
Gewiirzhandel, m. spice trade, grocers' trade. 
Gewurznelke, /. clove. 

Gewiirzpulver, n. (Pharm.) aromatic powder. 
gewiirzt, p.a. See wiirzen. 
Gewiirzwaren, spices, groceries. 
Gewiirzwein, m. spiced wine. 
gewusst, p.p. of wissen. 
Gezelt, n. pavilion, tent; sensorium. 
Gezeug, n. utensils, tools, implements. . . 

geziehen, p.p. of zeihen. 
geziemen, v.i. & r. become, befit, 
gezogen, p.p. of ziehen. 
gezweiteilt, p.a. bipartite. 
gezwungen, p.p. of zwingen. 
Ggw., abbrev. (Gegenwart) presence. 
Gicht, /. top, moifth, throat (of a furnace or 

crucible) ; charge (for a furnace) ; (Med.) gout. 
gichtartig, a. gouty, arthritic. 
gichtbriichig, a. paralytic. 
Gichtgas, n. gas from the top of a blast furnace, 

blast-furnace gas. 

Gichtrose, /. peony; rhododendron. 
Gichtung, /. charging (of a furnace). 
gichtwidrig, a. antiarthritic. 
Giebel, m. gable. 
Gier, /. avidity, eagerness. 
Giessbecken-. arytenoid. 
giessen, v.t. pour; cast, found, mold. 
Giesser, TO. founder, caster, molder; melter, 

smelter; pourer; a vessel for pouring, as a 

water jug or pot. 
Giesserei, /. foundry, casting house; founding, 


giessfahig, a. capable of being poured or cast. 
Giessform, /. (casting) mold. 
Giesshaus, n., Giesshiitte, /. foundry, casting 


Giesskanne, /. sprinkling can. 
Giesskunst, /. founding. 
Giessmutter, /. matrix, mold. 




Giessofen, TO. founding, furnace. 

Giesssand, m. molding sand. 

Giesstopf, TO. a pot or jar with a lip, for pouring. 

Gift, TC. poison; venom, virus; malice. 

giftabtreibend, p.a. antitoxic, antidotal. 

Giftarznei, /. antidote; 

giftfest, a. immune to poison. 

giftfrei, a. free from poison, non-poisonous. 

Gifthiitte, /. arsenic works. 

giftig, a. poisonous; virulent; malicious. 

Giftjasmin, m. Carolina jasmine (Gelsemium 

Giftkies, TO. arsenopyrite. 
Giftkunde, Giftlehre, /. toxicology. 
Giftlattichsaft, TO. (Pharm.) lactucarium. 
giftlos, a. non-poisonous. 
Giftmehl, n. crude powdered arsenic trioxide'. 
Giftmittel, n. antidote. 
Giftpulver, n. = Giftmehl. 
Giftstein, m. white arsenic. 
Giftstoff, TO. poisonous matter, poison. 
Giftwende, /. swallowwort (Cynanchum vince- 


giftwidrig, a. antitoxic. 
Giftwirkung, /. poisonous action or effect. 
Giftwurzel, /. contrayerva; = Giftwende. 
Gilbe, /. yellow or yellowish color; yellow sub- 
stance; yellow ocher; dyer's weed (Reseda 


Gilbwurzel, /. turmeric. 
Gilde, /. guild, company, 
gilt, pr. 3 sing, of gelten. 
giltig, c. =gultig. 
G impel, TO. bullfinch; dunce, 
ging, pret. of gehen. 
Ginster, TO. (Bot.) broom (Genista). 
Gipfel, TO. top, summit; climax. 
Gips, TO. gypsum; plaster of Paris. 
Gipsabdruck, Gipsabguss, m. plaster cast 
Gipsarbeiter, m. plasterer. 
gipsartig, a. gypseous. 
Gipsbrei, TO. paste of plaster (Paris). 
Gipsbrennerei, /. calcination of gypsum; 

plaster Mln. 
gipsen, v.t. plaster. 
Gipser, TO. plasterer. 

Gipserde, /., Gipsguhr, TO. earthy gypsum. 
Gipsguss, TO. plaster casting, plaster cast. 
gipshaltig, a. gypsiferous. 
Gipskalk, TO. plaster lime. 
Gipsmehl, n. powdered gypsum; powdered 


Gipsmergel, TO. gypseous marl. 
Gipsmortel, TO. plaster, stucco. 
Gipsofen, m. plaster kiln. 
Gipsspat, TO. sparry gypsum, selenite. 
Gipsstein, TO. gypseous stone, plaster stone; 

hard deposit of calcium sulfate. 
Gipsteer, m. mixture of plaster Paris and tar. 
gischen, v.i. foam, froth; ferment. 

Gitter, n. grating, lattice, Qatticed) screen. 

gitterartig, gitterformig, a. lattice-like, latticed, 

glacieren, v.t. gloss, glaze; freeze. 

glandern, v.t. calender. 

Glanz, TO. luster; glitter, polish, gloss; glance 
(in names of minerals) ; brightness, brilliancy; 
(of diamonds, etc.) water. 

Glanz-. shiny, glossy, polished, glazed, glazing. 

Glanzblende, /. alabandite. 

Glanzbraunstein, TO. hausmannite. 

Glanze, /. polishing material; glaze, size. 

Glanzeffekt, m. gloss, luster, 

Glanzeisenerz, n., Glanzeisenstein, m., specu- 
lar iron ore (hematite). 

glanzen, v.i. shine, glisten, glitter. v.t. gloss, 
glaze, polish, luster. glanzend, p.a. shining, 
lustrous, glossy, polished, glittering. 

Glanzerz, n. argentite. 

glanzfein, a. brilliant. 

Glanzfirnis, TO. glazing varnish. 

Glanzgold, n. (Ceram.) brilliant gold. 

Glanzkarton, TO. glazed (paste) board. 

Glanzkobalt, TO. glance cobalt, cobaltite; smal- 

Glanzkohle, /. anthracite; carbon with metallic 

Glanzlcder, n. patent leather, enameled 

Glanzleinwand, /. glazed linen. 

glanzlos, a. lusterless, dull, dim. 

Glanzmanganerz, n. (Min.) manganite. 

Glanzmessing, n. polished brass. 

Glanzmetall, n. speculum metal. 

Glanzpapier, n. glazed paper. 

Glanzruss, m. a lustrous form of soot. 

glanzschleifen, v.t. polish, burnish. 

Glanzsilber, n. silver glance, argentite. 

Glanzstarke, /. gloss starch. 

Glas, n. glass. 

Glasabfall, TO. cullet. 

Glasachat, TO. obsidian. 

glasahnlich, glasartig, a. glasslike, glassy, vitre- 

Glasbildung, /. formation of glass, vitrification. 

Glasbirne, /. glass bulb or globe. 

Glasblase, /. bubble in glass. 

Glasblasen, n. glassblowing. 

Glasblaser, TO. glassblower. 

Glasblaserei, /. glassblowing. 

Glasblaserohre, /. blowpipe, blow tube (for 

Glasbrennen, n. annealing of glass. 

Glaschen, n. little glass, small glass vessel or 

Glaselektricitat,/. vitreous (positive) electricity. 

Glaser, TO. glazier. 

glasern, a. glass, of glass; glassy, vitreous. 

Glaserz, . argentine. 

Glasfabrik, /. glassworks, glass factory. 




Glasfaden, m, glass thread; threadlike defect 
in glass. 

Glasfeuchtigkeit, /. vitreous humor. 

Glasflasche, /. glass bottle, glass flask. 

Glasfluss, m. glass flux; paste (for imitation of 

Glasfliissigkeit, /. vitreous humor. 

Glasgalle, /. glass gall, sandiver. 

Glasgerate, n. pi. glass apparatus. 

Glasgespinst, n. spun glass, glass cloth. 

Glasglanz, m. vitreous luster; pounded glass, 

glasglanzeiid, p.a. of vitreous luster, glassy. 

Glasglocke, /. glass bell, bell glass, bell jar. 

glasgriin, o. bottle-green. 

Glashafen, m. glass pot. 

Glashahn, m. glass cock. 

glashart, o. hard as glass, brittle. 

Glasharte, /. glass hardness (highest temper of 
steel); chilling (of steel) * v 

Glasharten, n. tempering of glass. 

glashell, a. clear as glass. 

Glashiitte, /. glass factory, glass house. 

glasicht, a. = glasig. 

glasieren, v.t. glaze; varnish. 

glasig, a. glassy, vitreous. 

Glaskalk, m. glass gall. 

Glaskitt, m. glass cement; putty. 

Glaskolben, m. glass flask. 

Glaskopf, TO. (roter, eigentlicher) hematite (fi- 
brous or renif orm) ; (brauner, gelber) limon- 
ite; (schwarzer) psilomelane; a kind of brick. 

Glaskorper, m. vitreous humor. 

Glaskraut, n. wall pellitory (Parietaria offici- 
nalis); glasswort (Salicornia hebacea). 

Glaslava, /. volcanic glass, specif., obsidian; 

Glasmacherseife, /. glassmaker's soap (man- 
ganese dioxide.) 

Glasmalz, n. brittle malt. 

Glasopal, TO. hyalite. 

Glaspech, n. hard pitch, stone pitch. 

Glasporzellan, n. vitreous porcelain. 

Glasquarz, TO. hyaline quartz, transparent 

Glasrohr, n., Glasrohre, /. glass tube. 

Glassalz, n. glass gall. 

Glassatz, TO. glass composition, batch. 

Glasschaum, m. glass gall, sandiver. 

Glasscheibe, /. pane of glass. 

Glasscherben, cullet. 

Glasschlacke, /. glass gall. 

Glasschmelz, TO. enamel. 

Glasschneider, TO. glass cutter. 

Glasschorl, TO. axinite. 

Glasseife, /. glass soap (manganese dioxide). 

Glasstab, TO. glass rod. 

Glasstein, m. axinite; paste (for imitating gems). 

Glasstopfen, n. glass stopper. 

Glastiegel, m. glass crucible, glass pot. 

Glastrane, /. glass tear, Prince Rupert's drop. 

Glastrichter, m. glass funnel. 

Glasur, /. glaze, glazing; varnish; frosting, 

icing; enamel; gloss (of leather). 
Glasurblau, n. zaffer. 
Glasurerz, n. alquifou. 
Glaswaren, glassware. 
Glaswolle, /. glass wool, spun glass. 
glatt, a. smooth; plain, flat; glossy, polished, 


Glatt brand, TO. (Ceram.) glost burn, glaze burn. 
glattbrennen, v.t. subject to the glost burn. 
Glattbrennen, n. (Ceram.) firing on the glaze. 
Glattbrennofen, TO. (Ceram.) glaze kiln. ' 
Glatte, /. smoothness, polish; litharge. 
glatten, v.t. smooth; polish, burnish, plane, 

planish; glaze (paper, gunpowder); calender 


Glattfarberei, /. plain dyeing. 
Glattfrischen, n. reduction of litharge. 
Glattofen, TO. (Ceram.) glost kiln, finishing kiln. 
Glattscherbe, /. potsherd. 
Glattwasser, n. (Brewing) last run of wort. 
Glatze, /. baldness; baldhead. 
Glaube, m. belief, faith, credit. 
glauben, v.t. believe; think. 
Glaubersalz, ??. [Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate). 
Glaubige, TO. & /. believer. 
Glaubiger, TO. creditor. 
Glaucherz, n. poor ore. 
glazieren, v.t. glaze. 
gleich, a. equal, like, alike, similar. adv. 

equally, like; directly. 

gleichartig, a. of the same kind, homogeneous. 
gleichbedeutend, p.a. equivalent, synonymous. 
gleichbleibend, p.a. constant. 
gleichdeutig, a. synonymous, equivalent. 
gleichen, v.i. be equal; be like. v.t. make like 

or alike, equalize, smooth, level; liken. 
gleichfalls, adv. likewise, also. 
gleichfarbig, a. of the same color, isochromatic. 
gleichformig, a. uniform, even, monotonous. 
gleichgestaltet, p.a. isomorphous. 
Gleichgewicht, n. equilibrium; balance. 
Gleichgewichtslehre, /. statics. 
Gleichgewichtsstorung, /. displacement of equi- 
Gleichgewichtszustand, TO. state or condition 

of equilibrium. 
gleichgross, a. equal. 
gleichgultig, a. indifferent. 
GleichgiiltigkeU, /. indifference. 
Gleichheit, /. equality; sameness; likeness. 
gleichionig, a. of like ion (or ions), having a 

common ion. 

gleichlaufend, p.a. parallel. 
gleichmassig, a. proportionate, symmetrical, 

uniform, similar. 
Gleichmut, m. equanimity. 
gleichnamig, a. of the same name or kind, like. 




Gleichnis, n. simile; parable. 
gleichsam, adv. so to say; almost. 
gleichschenkelig, a. isosceles, 
gleichseitig, a. equilateral; (of fabrics) double- 
Gleichstrom, m. (Elec.) continuous current, 

direct current. 

gieichteilig, a. homogeneous. 
Gleichung, /. equation; equalization. 
gleichverhaitend, p.a. of similar properties or 

glcichviel, adv. just as much, equally, all the 


gleichweit, a. of uniform width; equidistant. 
gleichwertig, a. equivalent. 
Gleichwertigkeit, /. equivalence, equivalency. 
gleichwinklig, a. equiangular. 
gleichwohl, conj. yet, however. 
gleichzeitig, a. simultaneous, contemporary, 

synchronous, isochronous. 
Gleis, n. track. 

Gleitbahn, /. slide, slide way, shoot 
gleiten, v.i. glide, slide, slip. 
Gleitflache, /. gliding plane. 
Gletscher, m. glacier. 
glich, pret. of gleichen. 
Glied, n. member; (Math.) term; limb, joint; 

link (of a chain) ; degree. 
-gliederig, a. -membered; -limbed. 
Gliederung, /. organization; jointing. 
Gliedwasser, n. synovial fluid. 
glimtnen, v.i. glimmer, glow feebly. 
Glimmer, m. mica. 
glimmerhaltig, a. micaceous. 
Glimmerplatte, /. mica plate. 
Glimmersand, m. micaceous sand. . 
Glimmerschiefer, m. micaceous schist, mica 


Glimmerton, m. micaceous clay, 
glimpflich, a. moderate, gentle, 
glitt, pret. of gleiten. 
glitzern, v.i. glisten, glitter. 
Glockchen, n. little bell or bell jar. 
Glocke, /. bell; bell jar, bell glass; (of an air 

pump) receiver. 
Glockenerz, n. bell metal. 
glockenform, glockenformig, a. bell-shaped. 
Glockengiesser, m. bell founder. 
Glockengut, Glockenmetall, n. bell metal. 
Glockentrichter, TO. bell funnel (as on a thistle 


Glockenverfahren, n. bell process, bell method. 
Glockner, m. bell ringer, sexton. 
glonun, pret. of glimmen. 
glotzen, v.i. stare. 
Gloverturm, TO. Glover tower. 
Glucinerde, /. glucina (beryUia). 
Gliick, n. happiness, good luck, fortune, success, 
glucken, v.i. cluck; gurgle. 
gliicken, v.i. succeed, prosper. 

gliicklich, a. fortunate, lucky, happy. 

Gluhasche, /. glowing ashes, embers. 

Gliihbirne, /. incandescent bulb. 

Gliihe, /. glowing, glow; (Iron) chafery. 

Gluheisen, n. glowing iron, red-hot iron. 

gliihen, v.i. glow. v.t. cause to glow, glow, ig- 
nite; calcine; anneal; mull (wine). gliihend, 
p.a. glowing, incandescent. 

Gliihfaden, m. incandescent filament. 

Gliihfarbe, /. glowing-red color. 

Gliihhitze, /. glowing heat. 

Gliihkorper, TO. incandescent body; specif., in- 
candescent mantle. 

Gliihiampe, /. incandescent lamp. 

Gluhlicht, n. incandescent light. 

Gliihlichtbrenner, TO. incandescent burner. 

Giuhlichtkdrper, Gliihlichtstrumpf, TO. incandes- 
cent mantle. 

Gluhofen, TO. glowing furnace, annealing fur- 
nace; (Ceram.) hardening-on kiln. 

Gliihriickstand, TO. residue on ignition. 

Gluhsand, TO. refractory sand. 

Gliihschalchen, n. ignition capsule. 

Gluhschale, /. cupel. 

Gluhschiffchen, n. combustion boat. 

Gluhspan, TO. iron scale. 

Gliihstrumpf, TO. incandescent mantle. 

Gluhung,/. glowing, etc. (see gltthen). 

Gliihverlust, TO. loss on ignition. 

Gluhwachs, n. gilder's wax. 

Glukonsaure, /. gluconic acid. 

Glukosid, n. glucoside. 

Glukosurie, /. glucosuria, glycosuria. 

Glut, /. glow, incandescence; (Ceram.) glow 
heat; (fig.) fire. 

Glutaminsaure, /. glutamic acid. 

Glutarsaure, /. glutaric acid. 

Glutasche, /. embers. 

glutinos, a. glutinous. 

Glutmesser, TO. pyrometer. 

glutrot, a. glowing red. 

Glycerinsaure, /. glyceric acid. 

Glycin, n. glycine; glucina (beryllia). 

Glycium, n. beryllium, glucinum. 

Glycosid, n. glucoside. 

Glykocholsaure, /. glycocholic acid. 

Glykolsaure, /. glycolic acid. 

Glykolschwefelsaure, /. glycolsulfuric acid. 

Glykolursaure, /. glycoluric acid. 

glykolytisch, a. glycolytic. 

Glykose, /. glucose. 

Glykosid, n. glucoside. 

Glykosurie, /. glucosuria, glycosuria. 

Glykuronsaure, /. glucuronic acid. 

Glyoxalsaure, /. glyoxalic acid. 

Glyoxylsaure, /. glyoxylic (glyoxalic) acid. 

Glyzerin, n. glycerol, glycerin. 

G.m.b.H., abbrev. (Gesellschaft mit beschrank- 
ter Haftpflicht) limited company. 

Gnade, /. grace, mercy, pardon, favor. 




Gnadengeld, n. pension, annuity. 

Gnadenjahr, n. year of grace. 

Gnadenkraut, n. hedge hyssop (Gratiold). 

Gnadenstoss, TO. finishing blow. 

gnadig, a. gracious, merciful, favorable. 

Gneis, TO. gneiss; seborrhea. 

Gneist, TO. (Leather) scud, scurf. 

Goapulver, n. Goa powder. 

goldartig, a. goldlike, golden. 

Goldberyll, TO. chrysoberyl. 

Goldblatt, n. gold leaf, gold foil. 

Goldchlorid, n. gold chloride, specif., auric 


Goldchloriir, n. aurous chloride. 
Goldchlorwasserstoff, m., Goldchlorwasser- 

stoffsaure, /. chlorauric acid. 
Goldcyanttr, n. aurous cyanide. 
Golderde, /. auriferous earth. 
Golderz, n. gold ore. 

Goldgewicht, n, gold weight; troy weight 
Goldglatte, /. (a kind of) litharge. 
Goldglimmer, m. yellow mica. 
goldhaltig, a. auriferous. 
Goldhydroxyd, n. gold hydroxide, specif., auric 


Goldjodid, n. gold iodide, specif., auric iodide. 
Goldjodiir, n. aurous iodide. 
Goldkafer, TO. gold beetle. 

Goldkaliumbromur, n. potassium aurobromide. 
Goldkaliumcyaniir, n. potassium aurocyanide. 
Goldkies, m. auriferous pyrites; auriferous 

sand or gravel. 
Goldklee, TO. yellow trefoil. 
Goldkonig, m. regulus of gold. 
Goldkupfer, n. Mannheim gold (a form of 


Goldlegierung, /. gold alloy. 
Goldleim, TO. gold size. 
Goldmacherkunst, /. alchemy. 
Goldocher, Goldocker, w. finest yellow ocher. 
Goldoxyd, n. gold oxide, specif., auric oxide. 
Goldoxydul, n. aurous oxide. 
Goldoxydulverbindung, /. aurous compound. 
Goldoxydverbindung, /. auric compound. 
Goldpapier, n. gilt paper, gold paper. 
goldplattiert, p.a. gold-plated. 
Goldprobe, /. gold assay, gold test. 
Goldpurpur, TO. purple of Cassius. 
Goldquarz, TO. auriferous quartz. 
Goldregen, TO. laburnum. 
Goldrubinglas, n. ruby glass in which gold is 

used as a colorant. 
Goldrute, /. goldenrod. 
goldsauer, a. of or combined with auric acid, 

aurate of. 

Goldsaure, /. auric acid. 
Goldschale, /. gold dish, gold cup; cupel. 
Goldschaum, m. imitation gold, Dutch metal. 
Goldscheider, TO. gold refiner, gold parter. 
Goldscheidewasser, n. aqua regia. 

Goldscheidung, /. gold parting, gold refining. 

Goldschlag, TO. gold leaf, gold foil. 

Goldschlager, TO. goldbeater. 

Goldschlagerhaut, /. goldbeater's skin. 

Goldschmied, TO. goldsmith. 

Goldschnitt, TO. gilt edge. 

Goldschwefel, TO. antimony pentasulfide. 

Goldsilber, n. electrum. 

Goldsulfiir, n. aurous sulfide. 

Goldthioschwefelsaure, /. aurothiosulfuric acid." 

Goldtropfen, (Pharm.) ethereal tincture of 
ferric chloride. 

Goldverbindung, /. gold compound. 

Goldzyaniir, n. aurous cyanide. 

Golf, TO. gulf. 

golte, pret. subj. of gelten. 

Gondel, /. gondola. 

gonnen, v.t. wish; grant. 

Conner, m. well-wisher, patron. 

gor, pret. of garen. 

goss, pret. of giessen. 

Gosse, /. gutter. 

Gott, TO. God, god. 

Gotterbaum, TO. tree of heaven (Ailanthus 
glandulosus) . 

Gotterfabel, Gotterlehre, /. mythology. 

Gotterspeise, /. ambrosia. 

Gottertrank, TO. nectar. 

Gottesacker, TO. churchyard, cemetery. 

Gottesdienst, TO. divine service. 

Gottesgelehrtheit, Gotteslehre, j. theology. 

Gottesleugnung, /. atheism. 

Gottin, /. goddess. 

gottselig, a. godly, pious. 

Gotze, TO. idol, false god. 

Grab, n. grave, tomb. 

graben, v.t. dig; engrave, cut. 

Graben, n. ditch, drain, trench. 

Graber, TO. digger. 

Grablegung, /. burying, interment. 

Grabmal, n. (sepulchral) monument. 

Grabscheit, n. spade, shovel. 

Grabschrift, /. epitaph. 

Grabstichel, TO. graver, graving tool, chisel. 

Grad, TO. degree; grade, rank; stage. 

Gradabteilung, /. graduation, scale. 

Gradbogen, /. graduated arc. 

Gradeinteilung, /. graduation, scale. 

gradieren, v.t. graduate; test with a hydrom- 

Gradierhaus, n. (Salt) graduation house. 

Gradierung, /. graduation, etc. (see gradieren). 

Gradierwage, /. brine gage. 

Gradierwerk, n. graduation apparatus or works 
(for concentrating a solution by exposing a 
large surface to the air). 

-gradig, a. having (certain) degrees. 

Gradmesser, m. graduator. 

Gradteilung, /. graduation, scale. 

graduieren, v.t. graduate. 




Graduierung, /. graduation. 

Graf, m. count; (in England) earl. 

Grafit, n. graphite. 

Gram, TO. sorrow, affliction. 

gram, a. averse, angry. 

gramen, v.r. grieve, worry. 

gramlich, a. surly, sullen, peevish. 

Gramm, n, gram. 

Grammenflasche, /. pycnometer. 

Gran, n. & m. grain. 

Granadilholz, n. granadilla wood. 

Granalien, pi. granulated metal. 

Granat, TO. garnet; (in combination) pome- 

Granatapfel, TO. pomegranate. 

Granatbaum, m. pomegranate tree. 

Granatdodekaeder, n. rhombic dodecahedron. 

Granate, /. grenade, shell; garnet; pome- 

Granatillholz, n. granadilla wood. 

Granatiilol, n. physic-nut oil. 

Granatillsamen, n. physic nut. 

Granatoeder, n. = Granatdodekaeder. 

Granatrinde, /. pomegranate bark. 

granatrot, o. garnet-red, garnet. 

Granatwurzelrinde, /. pomegranate root 

Grand, m. coarse sand or fine gravel; (Brew- 
ing) underback. 

granieren, v.t. granulate, grain. 

granitartig, a. granite-like, granitic. 

graniten, granitisch, a. granitic. 

Granitfels, Granitfelsen, TO. granitic rock. 

granitformig, a. granitiform. 

Granne, /. awn, beard. 

granulieren, v.t. granulate. 

Granulierung, /. granulation. 

granules, a. granular. 

Granze, /. = Grenze. 

Grapen, TO. (iron) mixing pot, pot. 

graphisch, a. graphic. 

graphitartig, graphitahnlich, a. graphite-like, 

graphitieren, v.t. blacklead. 

graphitisch, a. graphitic. 

Graphitsaure, /. graphitic acid. 

Graphitspitze, /. (of an arc lamp) carbon. 

Graphitstift, TO. lead pencil; pencil lead. 

Gras, n. grass. 

grasen, v.i. graze. 

Graser, grasses, (Rot.) Poacese. 

grasfressend, p.a. graminivorous, herbiverous. 

grasig, a. grassy, grassgrown. 

Grasleinen, n. grass cloth. 

Grasol, n. grass oil, specif., citronella oil. 

grassieren, v.i. rage, spread. 

griisslich, a. horrible, frightful. 

Graswurzel, /. couch grass (Agropyron repens) ; 
(Pharm.) triticum; grass root. 

Grat, m. edge, ridge, bur; groin (of a roof). 

Grate, /. fishbone; edge, ridge, spine. 

grau, a. gray. graue Quecksilbersalbe, /. 
mercurial ointment. 

Graubraunstein, TO. (Min.) manganite. 

Graubraunsteinerz, n. pyrolusite. 

Graueisenerz, n. marcasite. 

grauen, v.i. grow gray; dawn; be in dread. 

grauenhaft, a. horrible. 

Graugolderz, n. nagyagite. 

Graugultigerz, n. tetrahedrite. 

Graukalk, TO. gray lime (inferior in quality) ; 
gray chalk. 

Graukobalterz, n. gray cobalt ore, jaipurite. 

Graukupfererz, n. chalcocite; tennantite. 

graulich, graulich, a. grayish. 

Graumanganerz, n. gray manganese ore, man- 
ganite; (lichtes) polianite. 

Graumontsamen, m. pumpkin seed. 

Graupe, /. peeled grain, esp. of barley; knot 
(in cotton); (Min.) grain. pi. Graupen, 
pearl barley; groats. 

graupeln, v.i. sleet. 

Graupenerz, n. granular ore. 

Graupenkobalt, m. smaltite. 

Graupenschleim, TO. barley water. 

Graupenschiirl, m. aphrizite. 

graupig, a. granular. 

Graus, TO. small fragments, smalls; horror; 

grausam, a. horrible, inhuman, cruel. 

grausen, v.t. shudder. 

grausig, a. gruesome, horrible. 

Grauspiessglanz, m., Grauspiessglanzerz, n., 
gray antimony ore, stibnite. 

Grauwacke, /. (Petrog.) graywacke. 

gravieren, v.t. engrave; aggravate. 

gravimetrisch, a. gravimetric. 

Grazie, /. grace, charm. 

greif bar, a. graspable, tangible. 

greifen, v.t. & i. grasp, seize, grip, catch. 
v.i. mat, felt, cake. 

Greifzirkel, TO. calipers. 

greis, a. gray with age, old. 

Greisen-. senile. 

grell, a. bright, dazzling, glaring; shrill. 
grelles Roheisen, white pig iron. 

Grenadillholz, n. granadilla wood. 

Grejnz-. limit (in Org. Chem. designating satu- 
rated aliphatic compounds, i.e., the methane, 
or paraffin, series and derivatives); limiting, 
terminal, marginal. 

Grenzalkohol, TO. limit alcohol, paraffin alco- 
hol, saturated alcohol. 

Grenze, /. limit, boundary, bound, end; limi- 

Grenzenlinie, /. boundary line. 

grenzenlos, a. unlimited, infinite. 

Grenzfall, TO. limiting case. 

Grenzflache, /. boundary surface, surface of 




Grenzgesetz, n. limit law (one which natural 

phenomena approximate but never actually 

Grenzkohlenwasserstoff, m. any hydrocarbon 

of the methane series, paraffin, alkane, limit 


Grcnzkurve, /. limiting curve, limit curve. 
Grenzscheide, /. boundary. 
Grenzverbindung, /. terminal compound, end 

compound, end member; saturated aliphatic 

compound (see Grenz-). 
Grenzwert, m. limiting value, limit. 
Grenzwinkel, TO. critical angle. 
Greuel, TO. horror, detestation. 
greulich, a. abominable, detestable. 
Greze, Grezseide, /. raw silk. 
Grieben, cracklings. 
griechisch, a. Greek. 
Gries, TO. = Griess. 
grieselig, griesig, a. gritty, gravelly. 
Griess, TO. grit, gravel, coarse sand; grits, 

groats; small coal; (Med.) gravel. 
Griessmittel, n. remedy for gravel. 
Griessstein, TO. urinary calculus, gravel; jade. 
griff, pret. of greifen. 

Griff, TO. grip, grasp; handle, knob; touch, feel. 
Griffel, TO. style, stylus; slate pencil, pencil; 

(Bot.) style. 

griffelformig, a. styloid, styliform. 
Griffstopfen, TO. stopper with thumb piece. 
Grille, /. cricket; whim, crotchet. 
Grimasse, /. grimace. 
Grimm, TO. rage, fury. 
Grimmdarm, TO. (Med.) colon. 
grimmen, v.i. gripe. 
Grind, m. scab, scurf, crust. 
grinsen, v.i. grin; (of colors) stare; (of metals) 

begin to melt. 
grob, a. coarse; thick, heavy, rough; large, 

gross; ill-bred, rude. 
grobfadig, a. coarse-threaded. 
grobfaserig, a. coarse-fibered. 
grobgepulvert, p.a. coarsely powdered. 
Grobgewicht, n. gross weight. 
Grobkorn, n. coarse grain, large grain. 
grobkornig, a. coarse-grained, large-grained, 

coarsely granular. 

grobkrystallinisch, a. coarsely crystalline. 
groblich, a. rather coarse. adv. coarsely, 


Grobmortel, TO. coarse mortar, concrete. 
Grobschmied, TO. blacksmith. 
Grobschrot, n. & TO. coarse groats; (Brewing) 

coarsely ground malt. 
Groll, TO. grudge, malice. 
Gronland, n. Greenland. 
gross, a. great; large, tall; capital Getter). 
grossartig, a. grand, sublime. 
Grossbetrieb, m. operation on a large scale; 

wholesale trade. 

grossblatterig, a. coarsely foliated or laminated ; 


grossbritannisch, a. British. 
Grosse, /. quantity; magnitude; amount, bulk, 

size, largeness, greatness. 
Grossenlehre, /. mathematics; geometry. 
Grossenordnung, /. order of magnitude, 
grossfaserig, a. large-fibered, coarse-fibered. 
Grossfeuer, n. (Ceram.) full fire. 
Grossfiirst, TO. grand duke. 
Grossgewerbe, n. manufacture on a large scale. 
Grosshandel, TO. wholesale business. 
Grosshandler, TO. wholesaler, 
grossherzig, a. magnanimous. 
Grossherzog, TO. grand duke. 
Grosshirn, n. cerebrum. 
Grossindustrie, /. = Grossgewerbe. 
grossjahrig, a. of age. 
grossmiitig, a. magnanimous, generous. 
Grossmutter, /. grandmother. 
grosstenteils, adv. for the most part. 
Grossvater, TO. grandfather. 
Grotte, /. grotto, 
grub, pret. of graben. 
Griibchen, n. little hole or opening; dimple; 

(Biol.) lacuna. 
Grube, /. mine; quarry; hole, cavity; pit; 


griibeln, v.i. ponder, brood. 
Grubenbau, TO. mine digging, underground 


Grubenbetrieb, m. mining. 
Grubenbrand, TO. mine fire. 
Grubengas, n. marsh gas, methane; fire damp 

(explosive mixture of methane and air). 
Grubengut, n. (Mining) minerals. 
Grubenklein, n. (Mining) rubbish, slack. 
Grubenlampe, /. miner's lamp. 
Grubensand, m. pit sand, dug sand. 
Grubenverkohlung, /. pit burning (of charcoal). 
Grubenwetter, n. mine damp, specif., fire damp, 
griin, a. green. griine Erde = Grunerde. 
Grim, n. green. 
Griinbleierz, n. green lead ore, green pyromor- 

phite (or green mimetite). 
Grand, TO. ground (in various senses) ; grounds, 

sediment; bottom; foundation, base, basis. 
Grand-, ground, bottom, foundation, funda- 
mental, primary, elementary; (before adjs. t 

grand-) thoroly, radically. 
Grundbesitz, TO. landed property, real estate. 
Grundbestandteil, m. elementary constituent, 


Grundeinhcit, /. fundamental unit, 
gr iinden, v.t. ground, found, establish; groove. 
Grander, TO. founder, establisher, promoter. 
grundfalsch, a. radically false. 
Grundfarbe, /. primary color; ground color, 

priming color; (Dyeing) bottom color. 
Grundfeuchtigkeit, /. soil moisture. 




Grundfirnis, TO. priming varnish. 
Grundflache, /. basal surface, base; area. 
Grundfliissigkeit,/. (Colloids) suspending liquid. 
Grundform, /. primary or fundamental form, 


Grundgebirge, n. primitive rock. 
Grundgesetz, n. fundamental law. 
Grundierbad, n. bottoming bath. 
grundieren, v.t. ground, prime; (Gilding) size; 

(Paper) stain; (Dyeing) bottom; (Calico) 


Grundkapital, n. stock. 

Grundkorper, m. fundamental or parent sub- 

Grundkraft, /. primary force, primitive force. 
Grundlage, /. foundation, groundwork, base; 

basis, principle; matrix; basement; (Old 

Chem.) radical base. 

griindlich, a. fundamental; profound; thoro. 
Grundlinie, /. ground line, base line, basis. 
Grundmasse, /. groundmoss, ground mass; 

(Anat.) stroma. 
Grundmortel, m. concrete. 
Grundproblem, n. fundamental problem. 
Grundregel, /. principle, axiom. 
Grundriss, TO. ground plan; sketch, outline. 
Grundsatz, m. principle, axiom, 
grundsatzlich, a. fundamental, based on prin- 
Grundschicht, /. primary layer, fundamental 

layer; ground course. 
Grundstein, TO. foundation stone, cornerstone; 

lower (mill) stone. 
Grundstock, TO. matrix. 

Grundstoff, TO. element; raw material; base. 
Grundstrich, TO. first coat, priming; down 

Grundsubstanz, /. element; (Anat.) ground 


Grundteilchen, n. smallest particle, atom. 
Griindung, /. foundation; first coat, priming. 
Grundversuch, m. fundamental experiment. 
Grundwasser, n. ground water. 
Grundzahl, /. unit; base number, base; car- 

dinal number. 
Griine, Griinen, n. green. 
Griineisenerz, Griineisenstein, TO. green iron 

ore, dufrenite. 
Gviinerde, /. green earth (glauconite, also cel- 


Griinfeuer, n. green fire. 
griingelb, a. greenish yellow. 
Grunkalk, TO. gas lime. 
griinlich, a. greenish. 
Griinmalz, n. green malt. 
Grunol, n. green oil (anthracene oil). 
Griinspan, TO. verdigris. 
Griinspat, m. a variety of diopside. 
Griinstar, m. glaucoma. 
Griinstein, TO. (Geol.) greenstone. 

Grtinsucht, /. chlorosis. 

grunzen, v.i. grunt. 

Gruppe, /. group; cluster, set. 

gruppenweise, adv. in groups. 

gruppieren, v.t. group. 

Grus, TO. & n. small fragments, smalls; specif., 
small coal, slack; fine gravel. 

gruselig, a. shuddering; awful. 

Gruss, TO. greeting, salutation. 

griissen, v.t. greet, salute. 

Grutz-. of or like grits, pulpy, (Med.) sebaceous, 

Griitzbrei, TO. porridge, mush. 

Gf iitze, /. grits, groats. 

Griitzschleim, m. gruel. 

G-Saure, /. G-acid (2-naphthol-6,8-disulfonic 

Guajak, TO. guaiacum. 

Guajakharz, n. guaiacum resin, guaiacum. 

Guajakholz, n. guaiacum wood. 

Guajakinsaure, /. guaiacinic acid. 

Guajakol, n. guaiacol. 

Guajaksaure, /. guaiacic acid. 

gucken, v.i. look, peep. 

Guckloch, n. peep hole. 

Guhr, /. = Gur. 

Gulden, TO. gulden, florin. 

Gtille, /. liquid manure (esp. a kind formed by 
the decomposition of animal refuse). 

giiltig, a. valid, binding, good, current; (Min- 
ing) specif., auriferous. 

Gultigkeit, /. validity, binding force, availabil- 

Gum mi, n. gum; (India) rubber. 

Guntmi arabicum. gum arabic. 

Gummiart, /. variety of gum, gum; 

gummiartig, a. gumlike, gummous, gummy. 

Gummiband, n. rubber band; elastic. 

Gummibaum, TO. gum tree; rubber tree. 

Gummi elasticum. rubber. 

gummieren, v.t. gum; (Gilding) size. 

Gummifahne, /. rubber flag (for precipitates). 

Gumminchte, /. balsam fir. 

Gummiflasche, /. rubber bottle. 

gummig, gummicht, a. gummy, gummous. 

Gummigut, Gummigutt, n. gamboge. 

gummihaltig, a. containing gum, gummy. 

Gummiharz, n. gum resin. 

Gummilack, TO. gum lac, lac. 

Gummipfropf, TO. rubber stopper. 

Gummirohr, n. rubber tube. 

Gummisaure, /. gummic acid (arabic acid). 

Gummischlauch, TO. rubber tube, rubber tubing. 

Gummischleim, TO. mucilage (made from gum), 
(Pharm.) mucilage of acacia. 

Gummisirup, m. (Pharm.) sirup of acacia. 

Gummistein, TO. hyalite. 

Gummistempel, TO. rubber stamp. 

GummistofT, TO. rubber cloth. 

Gummistopfen, TO. rubber stopper. 




Gummitragant, TO. gum tragacanth. 
Gummiverbindung, /. rubber connection. 
Gummiwaren, rubber goods, 
gummbs, a. gummous, gummy. 
Gundelrebe, /., Gundermann, m. ground ivy 

(Glecoma hederacea). 
Gunst, /. favor, kindness. 
giinstig, a. favorable; kind, propitious. 
Gar,' /. guhr (pulverulent mineral deposit); 

specif., kieselguhr. 

Gurdynamit, TO. & n. guhr dynamite. 
Gurgel, /. throat, gullet. 
Gurgelader, /. jugular vein. 
Gurgelmittcl, n. gargle. 
gurgeln, v.t. & i. gargle; gurgle. 
Gurke, /. cucumber. 
Gurkenkraut, n. borage. 
Gurt, TO. girdle, belt, girth. 
Gurtel, m. girdle, belt, sash. 
gtirten, v.t. gird, girdle. 
Guss, TO. casting, founding; cast iron; gate (of 

a mold); gutter; jet (of liquid); pour (of 

rain); font (of type) ; (Brewing) mash liquor, 

mash water. 

Gussblase, /. flaw in a casting. 
Gussblei, n. cast lead. 
Gusseisen, n. cast iron; pig iron. 
gusseisern, a. cast-iron. 
Gussflasche, /. molding flask. 
Gussform, /. (casting) mold; (Soap) frame. 
Gusskasten, m. casting box, molding box. 
Gussmessing, n. cast brass. 
Gussmetall, n. cast metal. 

Gussmortel, TO. concrete, cement. 

Gusspfanne, /. (Metal) ladle. 

Gussschlicker, TO. (Ceram.) casting slip. 

Gussspane, cast-iron chips or borings. 

Gussstahl, m. cast steel. 

Gussstein, TO. sink; drain. 

Gussstuck, n. cast, casting. 

Guss war en, castings, foundry goods. 

gut, a. good. adv. well. 

Gut, n. good; (valuable or useful) material, 
possession, property, goods, ware; (in com- 
bination) goods or material to be treated; 
as, Farbgut, goods to be dyed; pi. Giiter, 
goods, wares, commodities. 

Gutachten, n. expert opinion, judgment; deci- 
sion, verdict. 

gutartig, a. good-natured; mild. 

Giite, /. goodness, worth, quality. 

Giiter, See Gut. 

Giiterzug, TO. freight train, goods train. 

Gutgewicht, n. fair weight; allowance. 

Guthaben, n. balance, credit. 

giitig, a. good, kind, gracious. 

giitlich, a. friendly, amicable. 

gutmiitig, a. good-natured, kind. 

Gutschmecker, m. gastronomist, epicure. 

Gutschrift, /. credit. 

Gutti, n. gamboge. 

gutwillig, a. willing, obliging; voluntary. 

gutziehend, p.a. well-drawing, with a good draft. 

Gymnasium, n. (German) gymnasium, a classi- 
cal school preparing for the universities. 

Gyps, Gyps-. See Gips, Gips-. 

h., abbrev. (hochschmelzend) high-melting; 

(heiss) hot; (hoch) high, great; (heilig) holy, 

H., abbrev. (Harte) hardness; (Hohe) altitude; 

(Haben) credit; (Hoheit) Highness. 
Haar, n, hair. 
Haar-. capillary. 
Haaralaun, m. capillary alum. 
haarartig, a. hairlike, capillary. 
Haarbaig, TO. hair follicle. 
Haarbeize, /. depilatory. 
Haarerz, n. capillary ore. 
haarfaserig, a. filamentous. 
haarformig, a. capillary, hair-shaped. 
Haargefass, n. capillary vessel. 
haarig, a. hairy; pilose. 
Haarkies, m. capillary pyrites, millerite. 
Haarkupfer, n. capillary copper, 
haarlos, a. hairless, bald; (of fabrics) napless. 
Haarnadel, /. hairpin. 
Haarriss, m. (hair) crack, craze, 
haarrissig, a. crazed. haarrissig werden, craze. 
Haarrohr, -rohrchen, n., -rohre, /. capillary 


Haarrohrenanziehung, /. capillary attraction. 
Haarsackchen, n. hair follicle. 
Haarsalz, n. hair salt (fibrous form of aluno- 

gen, halotrichite or epsomite). 
Haarschwefel, m. capillary sulfur. 
Haarschweif, TO. coma (of a comet). 
Haarsilber, n. capillary silver. 
Haarvertilgungsmittel, n. depilatory. 
Haarvitriol, TO. capillary epsomite. 
Habe, /. property. 
haben, v.t. have. 

Haben, n. (Com.) credit; creditor. 
Habgier, /. covetousness. 
Habicht, TO. hawk. 

Habichtskraut, n. hawkweed (Hieracium). 
Habitus, m. habit. 
Habsucht, /. avidity. % 
Hacke, /. hoe; mattock; pick. 
hacken, v.t. hack, chop; mince. 
Hacken, m. heel. 
Hader, m. rag. 

haderig, hadrig, a. (of iron) short. 
Hadernlade, /. rag chest. 
Hafen, TO. pot; harbor, port. 
Hafer, TO. oats. 

Haformehl. n. oatmeal. 

Haferschleim, TO. oat gruel. 

Hafnererz, n. potter's ore (fine galena). 

-haft, partaking of the nature of, -ish, -ous, 

-ose, -ly, -ful; as, schmerzhaft, painful, 


Haft, /. custody, arrest. 
haftbar, a. liable, responsible, 
haften, v.i. adhere, cling, stick; be liable. 
Hag, TO. hedge; pile (of tiles); bush; grove; 


Hagebuche, /. hornbeam. 
Hagedorn, m. hawthorn. 
Hagel, m. hail; small shot. 
hageln, v.i. hail. 
hager, a. haggard, thin. 
Haher, w. jay. 
Hahn, TO. cock, stopcock; tap, faucet; cock, 


Hahnenfuss, TO. (lit.) cock's foot; (Ceram.) cock- 
spur; (Bot.) crowfoot, ranunculus. 
Hahnstopfen, n. cock stopper. 
Hai, Haifisch, TO. shark. 
Haifischtran, TO. shark-liver oil. 
Hain, TO. grove, wood. 
Hakchen, n. little hook, clasp. 
Hakelgarn, n. crochet thread, 
hakeln, v.t. crochet; hook. 
Haken, TO. hook; clasp, catch; (Puddling) 


hakenformig, a. hooked, unciform. 
Hakenprobe, /. (Sugar) hook test. 
hakig, a. hooked; hackly (fracture). 
halb, a. & adv. half. 
Halb-. half, semi-, hemi-, sub-. 
Halbalaun, TO. impure alum. 
Halbaldehyd, TO. & n. semialdehyde. 
Halbart, /. subspecies. 
Halbbleiche, /. half bleach; cream color. 
Halbchlorschwefel, TO. sulfur subchloride 

(monochloride) . 

halbcylindrisch, a. semicylindrical. 
Halbdunkel, n. twilight. 
halbdurchlassig, a. semipermeable. 
Halbdurchmesser, TO. semidiameter, radius. 
halbdurchsichtig, a. semitransparent. 
Halbedelstein, TO. semiprecious stone. 
halbeirund, a. semioval. 
halber, halben, prep, in behalf of, on account of. 





Halbfabrikat, n. intermediate product, semi- 

Halbflachner, m. hemihedron. 

Halbflugler, Hemiptera. 

halbflussig, a. semiliquid, semifluid. 

Ha I hf run /.band, m. half -calf binding; volume 
bound in half calf. 

Halbgut, n. (Metal.) tin containing much lead. 

Halbharz, n. crude resin. 

Halbheit, /. imperfection; indecision. 

Halbhollander, w. (Paper) washing engine. 

halbieren, v.t. halve; bisect. 

Halbinsel, /. peninsula. 

halbjahrlich, a. semiannual. 

Halbkolloid, n. semicolloid. 

Halbkreis, m. semicircle. 

halbkreisformig, a. semicircular. 

Halbkugel, /. hemisphere. 

halbkugelig, a. hemispherical. 

Halblederband, m. half-leather binding (or a 
volume so bound). 

Halbmahlen, n. breaking in. 

Halbmattglasur, /. (Ceram.) semi-mat glaze. 

Halbmesser, m. radius. 

Halbmetall, n. semimetal. 

halbmonatlich, a. semimonthly. 

Halbnitril, n. seminitrile. 

halbnormal, a. half-normal, seminormal. 

Halbopal, m. semiopal. 

Halbporzellan, n. semiporcelain. 

halbracemisch, a. semiracemic. 

Halbschattenapparat, m. half-shade (or half- 
shadow) apparatus. 

Halbstoff, TO. (Paper) half stuff. 

Halbstoffhollander, TO. breaker. 

halbtief, a. of half the depth, shallow. 

halbtrocken, a. half-dry, semi-dry. 

halbweich, a. half-soft, partly soft. 

Halbzeug, n. half stuff. 

Halbzinn, n.= Halbgut. 

Halde, /. heap (of refuse), dump. 

Haldenschlacke, /. discarded slag. 

half, pret. of helfen. 

Haifa, /. esparto. 

Halfte, /. half. 

Halfter, TO. halter. 

Hall, TO. sound, peal; resonance. 

Halle,/, hall; porch. 

hallen, v.i. sound, resound. 

Halm, TO. blade, stalk; straw. 

Halmfriichte, cereals. 

Halochemie, /. chemistry of salts. 

Halogen-, halogen, halo- (as in Halogenben- 
zoesaure, Halogenpyridin, etc.), halide of (as 
in Halogensilber, silver halide). 

Halogenalkyl, n. alkyl halide. 

Halogenid, n. halide. 

Halogenkohlenstoff, TO. carbon halide. 

Halogenmetall, n. metallic halide. 

Halogenquecksilber, n. mercury halide. 

Halogenschwefel, TO. sulfur halide. 

Halogensilber, n. silver halide. 

halogensubstituiert, p.a. halogen-substituted 
or, better, halo- (as, halogensubstituierte 
Chinone, haloquinones) . 

Halogenverbindung, /. halogen compound. 

Halogenwasserstoff, m. hydrogen halide. 

HalogenwasserstofFsaure, /. halogen hydracid, 
hydrohalic acid (general name for hydro- 
chloric, hydrobromic, etc., acids). 

Haloid, Haloidsalz, n. halide. 

Hals, TO. neck; throat; stem (of a thermom- 
eter, etc.). 

Hals-. (Anat). cervical. 

Halsband, n. neck ribbon; necklace; collar. 

Halsbein, n. collar bone. 

Halsbinde, /. necktie, cravat. 

Halsbraune, /. throat affection (applied to va- 
rious diseases, as diphtheria, croup, etc.). 

Halsmandel, /. tonsil. 

Halsrohre, /. trachea. 

halsstarrig, a. stiffnecked, stubborn. 

Halt, TO. hold, holding; halt, stop; firmness; yield. 

halt, pr. 3 sing, of halten. 

haltbar, a. stable; strong, durable; fast, per- 
manent (colors). 

Haltbarkeit, /. stability, etc. (see haltbar); 
keeping quality. 

halten, v.t. hold; keep; deliver (an address); 
take (a newspaper). v.r. hold on, remain; 
keep, last. v.i. hold, keep, last; stop. 

Halter, TO. holder; support; handle; hold; keeper. 

Halter, TO. holder; reservoir. 

Halterarm, TO. supporting arm, support. 

Haltezeit, /. halt, pause. 

haltig, a. rich (ore); (as a suffix) containing, 
holding, yielding, bearing, -ferous, as zinn- 
haltig, containing tin, stanniferous. 

haltlos, a. unstable, unsteady, infirm, loose; 
(of paper) tender. 

Haltung, /. attitude, bearing, state; harmony; 

Ham-, hem-, ha?m-. 

Hamatin, n. hematin. 

Hamatit, m. hematite. 

hamisch, a. malicious. 

Hammatsch. (Brewing) sodium bicarbonate. 

Hammel, TO. wether; mutton. 

Hammelfett, n. mutton fat. 

Hammelfleisch, n. mutton. 

Hammeltalg, TO. mutton tallow. 

hammerbar, a. malleable. 

Hammerbarkeit, /. malleability. 

Hammereisen, n. wrought iron. 

hammergar, a. (Copper) tough-pitch, tough. 

hammern, v.t. hammer, forge. 

Hammerschlag, TO. hammer scale. 

Handarbeit, /. hand work; manual labor; 

Handausgabe, /. pocket edition. 




Handbuch, n. manual, handbook, compendium. 

Handel, m. commerce, trade; business, affair; 

handeln, v.L act; trade. handeln um, treat, be 
about. es handelt sich um, the question is 
as to. . . 

Handels-. commercial. 

Handelsamt, n. board of trade. 

Handelsartikel, m. article of commerce, com- 

Handelsbetrieb, m. traffic. 

Handelschemiker, m. commercial chemist, 
(commercial) analytical chemist. 

Handelsgewicht, n. commercial weight. 

Handelsleute, pi. tradespeople, tradesmen. 

Handelsmann, m. tradesman. 

Handelssilber, n. commercial silver (containing 

Handelssorte, /. commercial form or variety. 

Handelsverein, TO. commercial association, 
commercial union. 

Handelszeichen, n. trademark. 

Handelszink, n. commercial zinc, spelter. 

Handgebrauch, m. daily use. 

Handgelenk, n. wrist, wrist joint. 

handgreiflich, a. obvious, palpable, downright. 

Handgriff, m. handle; grasp; knack. 

Handhabe, /. handle. 

handhaben, v.L handle; manipulate. 

Handhabung, /. handling; manipulation. 

handheiss, a. of the temperature of the hand, 

Handier, m. dealer, retailer. 

handlich, a. handy, manageable. 

Handlichkeit, /. handiness. 

Handlung, /. trade, commerce; (commercial) 
establishment; action; plot. 

Handschrift, /. handwriting. 

Handschuh, m. glove. 

Handstrich, m. (Ceram.) hand molding. 

Handstiick, n. specimen (of ore or the like, of a 
size conveniently held in the hand), hand 

Handtuch, n. towel. 

Handverkauf, TO. retail. 

Handwage, /. hand balance. 

Hand war me, /. heat (or warmth) of the hand. 

Handwerk, n. handicraft, trade; guild. 

Handwerker, TO. mechanic, artisan, workman. 

handwerksmassig, a. workmanlike; mechanical. 

Handwerkszeug, n. tools, instruments. 

Handworterbuch, n. abridged dictionary. 

Hanf, m. hemp. 

hanfartig, a. hemplike, hempen. 

Hiinfling, TO. linnet. 

Hanfol, n. hemp (seed) oil. 

Hanfsamen, n. hempseed. 

Hanfseil, n. hemp rope, hemp cord. 

Hang, TO. slope, declivity; inclination, propen- 
sity, bent. 

Range, /. place where things are hung to dry, 
drying house, loft; (Dyeing) ager. 

Hangebrucke, /. suspension bridge. 

Hangematte, /. hammock. 

hangen, hangen, v.i. hang; cling, adhere; (in a 
furnace) scaffold. hangend, hiingend, p.a. 
hanging, suspended, pendent. 

hangen, v.t. hang, suspend; attach. 

Hangenbleiben, n. (in a furnace) scaffolding. 

Hansel, m. (Brewing) return wort. 

hanseln, v.t. play tricks on, chaff. 

Hantel, /. dumb-bell. 

hantieren, v.t. work, handle, manipulate; man- 
age. P.I. be busy, be occupied. 

Hantierung, /. manipulation, etc. (see han- 
tieren); occupation. 

Harfe, /. harp. 

Haring, TO. = Hering. 

Harke, /. rake. 

barken, v.t. rake. 

Harm, TO. sorrow, grief; harm. 

barmen, v.r. grieve, worry. 

Harn, TO. urine. 

Harnabsatz, m. urinary sediment. 

Harnanalyse, /. urine analysis, urinalysis. 

Harnbenzoesaure, /. hippuric acid. 

Harnblase, /. (urinary) bladder. 

harnen, v.i. urinate. 

Harnfarbstoff, TO. urinary pigment. 

Harnkolloid, n. urinary colloid. 

Harnkraut, n. yellowweed (Reseda luteola). 

Harnlehre, /. urinology. 

Harnleiter, TO. ureter, catheter. 

Harnmesser, TO. urinometer. 

Harnrohre, /. urethra. 

Harnruhr, /. diabetes. 

Harnsalz, n. microcosmic salt; (any) salt found 
in urine. 

Harnsand, TO. (urinary) gravel. 

harnsauer, a. of or combined with uric acid, 
urate of. 

Harnsaure, /. uric acid. 

Harnstein, TO. urinary calculus. 

Harnstoff, TO. urea. 

harntreibend, p.a. diuretic. 

Harnuntersuchung, /. investigation of urine, 

Harnwage, /. urinometer. 

Harnzucker, TO. sugar in urine. 

barren, v.i. wait, stay. 

hart, a. hard; hardy; (Mining) refractory. 
adv. hardly, hard. 

Hartblei, n. hard lead (applied to crude lead 
hardened by antimony and other impurities, 
and to an alloy of lead and antimony). 

Hartborst, m., Hartborste, /. (Steel) crack 
formed during hardening. 

Harte, /. hardness; hardiness. 

Hartebestimmung, /. determination of hard- 




Hartegrad, m. degree of hardness; temper (of 

bar ten, v.t. harden; tamper. 

Harteriss, m. = Hartborst. 

Harteskala, /. scale of hardness. 

Hartfliigler, Coleoptera. 

hartgelotet, p.p. of hartloten. 

Hartglas, n. hard glass. 

Hartgummi, n. hard rubber. 

Hartguss, m. chill casting; chilled casting. 

Hartharz, n. hard resin, solid resin. 

Hartheu, n. St.-John's-wort. 

hartleibig, a. costive. 

Hartlot, n. hard solder. 

hartloten, v.t. hard-solder, braze. 

hartnackig, a. stiff-necked, stubborn. 

Hartporzellan, n. hard porcelain. 

Hartriegel, m. privet (Ligustrum vulgare) ; cor- 
nel; dogwood. 

Hartstahl, m. hard steel. 

Hartsteingut, n. (Ceram.) hard white ware, 
feldspathic ware. 

Hartung, /. hardening; tempering. 

Hartungskohle, /. hardening carbon. 

Hartwaren, hardware. 

Harz, n. resin; rosin. 

harzartig, a. resinlike, resinous, rosiny. 

Harzbaum, m. pitch tree (applied to various 

Harzcerat, n. (Pharm.) rosin cerate. 

Harzelektricitat, /. resinous (negative) electric- 

harzen, v.i. be resinous or sticky; gather resin. 
v.t. resin; extract resin from. 

Harzessenz, /. resin essence. 

Harzfichte, /. pitch pine. 

Harzfirnis, m. resin varnish. 

Harzfleck, m. (Paper) resin (or rosin) spot. 

Harzgas, n. resin gas. 

harzgebend, p.a. yielding resin, resiniferous. 

Harzglanz, m. resinous luster. 

harzig, a. resinous, resiny. 

Harzkarbollosung, /. (Paper) solution of rosin 
in carbolic acid. 

Harzkitt, m. resinous cement. 

Harzkohle, /. bituminous coal. 

Harzlack, TO. resin lake; resin varnish. 

Harzleim, m. (Paper) rosin size. 

Harzol, n. rosin oil. 

Harzsalbe, /. (Pharm.) rosin cerate. 

Harzsaure, /. resin acid, resinic acid. 

Harzseife, /. resin soap; rosin soap. 

Harzspiritus, TO. rosin spirit. 

Harztanne, /. pitch fir. 

Harzteer, TO. resinous tar. 

haschen, v.t. & i. catch, seize. 

haschieren, v.t. hatch. 

Haschish, n. hashish. 

Hase, TO. hare; coward. 

Hasel, /. hazel; dace. 

Haselnuss, /. hazelnut. 
Haselwurz, /. asarum, asarabacca. 
Hasenklee, TO. rabbit-foot clover, hare's-foot 


Hasenkohl, TO. wood sorrel. 
Hasenscharte, /. harelip. 
Hasenschwanz, TO. hare's-tail grass. 
Haspe, Hrispe, /. hasp, staple. 
Haspel, TO. reel; windlass. 
haspeln, v.t. reel, wind. 
Hass, m. hate, hatred. 
hassen, v.t. hate. 
hasslich, a. ugly; bad, vicious. 
Hast, /. haste, hurry. 
hastig, a. hasty. 
hat, pr. 3 sing, of haben. 
hatscheln, v.t. fondle, pet. 
hatte, pret. of haben. 
Hau, w. cut, cutting, hewing. 
Haube, /. hood, cap; (Metal., etc.) dome; crest 

(of a bird). 
Haubenlerche, /. crested lark; (Ceram.) cone 


Hauch, TO. breath, breathing; tinge. 
hauchen, v.t. & i. breathe. 
Haue, /. hoe; mattock; pick. 
hauen, v.t. hew, chop; cut; strike (with a 

stick or the like). 

Hauer, TO. hewer, cutter; pickman. 
Haufe, Haufen, TO. heap; pile; great amount 

or number, mass; (Brewing) couch, piece, 

floor, batch. 

haufen, v.t. heap; pile; amass. v.r. increase. 
Haufenfiihren, n. (Brewing) couching, flooring. 
Haufenverkohlung, /. charcoal burning in long 

rectangular piles. 
haufig, a. frequent; abundant. adv. frequently, 

often; abundantly. 
Haupt, n. head; chief. 
Haupt-. principal, chief, main; cephalic. 
Hauptachse, /. principal axis. 
Hauptanteil, TO. chief or principal constituent; 

main or principal portion. 
Hauptbestandteil, TO. chief constituent. 
Hauptbindune, /. principal union or bond, link- 
age of the first order. 
Hauptbrennpunkt, TO. principal focus. 
Hauptbrennweite, /. principal focal distance 

(or length). 

Hauptfarbe, /. primary color; principal color. 
Hauptform, /. chief or principal form; master 


Hauptgarung, /. principal fermentation. . 
Hauptgesetz, n. fundamental law. 
Hauptkette, /. principal chain. 
Hauptklasse, /. principal or chief class. 
Hauptmann, TO. captain; chieftain. 
Hauptnenner, TO. common denominator. 
Haupt 61 bad, n. (Dyeing) white steeping. 
Hauptpflaster, n, (Pharm.) opium plaster. 




Hauptpostamt, n. general post-office. 
Hauptredakteur, m. chief editor. 
Hauptregister, n. general index. 
Hatiptrohr, n. main tube or pipe, main. 
Hauptsache, /. chief matter, main point. in 

der Hauptsache, mainly, chiefly. 
hauptsachlich, a. chief, main, principal. adv. 

chiefly, principally, especially. 
Hauptsatz, m. fundamental principle or law; 

(Math), axiom. 

Hauptschliissel, m. master key. 
Hauptserie, /. principal series. 
Hauptsicherung, /. (Elec.) main fuse, main 


Hauptspule, Hauptspirale, /. primary coil. 
Hauptstadt, /. metropolis, capital. 
Hauptstrom, m. (Elec.) primary current. 
Haupttypus, m. principal type. 
Hauptwiirze, /. (Brewing) first wort. 
Hauptzahl, /. cardinal number. 
Haus, n. house; home; family. 
Hausarznei, /. domestic remedy. 
Hausbesitzer, m. house owner, landlord, 
hausen, v.L reside; keep house; behave badly. 
Hausen, m. sturgeon. 
Hausenblase, /. isinglass. 
Hausflur, /. & m. entrance hall. 
Hausgerat, n. household furniture. 
Haushalter, m. housekeeper, steward; econo- 

hausieren, v.L hawk, peddle. 
Hauslauch, Hauslauf, m. houseleek. 
hauslich, a. domestic. 
Hausmittel, n. household remedy. 
Hausschuh, m. slipper. 
Hausschwamm, m. dry rot. 
Hausseife, /. common curd soap. 
Haustein, m. ashlar. 
Hauswanze, /. bedbug. 
Hauswurz, /. houseleek. 
Haut, /. skin; hide; membrane; film. durch- 

sichtige Haut, cornea. harte Haut, sclerotic 


Haut-. cutaneous, membranous. 
Hautbraune, /. croup. 

Hautchen, n., thin skin, film, pellicle, membrane. 
hauten, v.L skin. v.r. cast the skin. 
hautig, a. cutaneous, membranous; skinny. 
Hautlehre, /. dermatology. 
Hautleim, m. glue (or size) from hides. 
Hautpulver, n. hide powder, 
hautreinigend, p.a. cosmetic. 
Hautsubstanz, /. hide substance. 
Hauttalg, m. sebaceous matter. 
Hautung, /. skinning; shedding of the skin, 

Hebamme, /. midwife. 
hebartztlich, a. obstetric. 
Hebe-, lifting, raising, hoisting. 
Hebearm, m. lever. 

Hebedaumen, m. cam. 

Hebeeisen, n. crowbar. 

Hebel, m. lever. 

Hebelkraft, /. leverage. 

Hebelwage, /. lever scale, beam scale. 

heben, v.t. lift, raise, elevate; further; remove; 

(Math.) reduce. v.r. rise; go; cancel. 
Hebepumpe, /. lift pump, lifting pump. 
Hebepunkl, m. fulcrum. 

Heber, m. siphon; lifter; lever; (Anat.) levator. 
Heberbarometer, m. siphon barometer. 
Heberpumpe, /. siphon pump. 
Hebevorrichtung, /. lifting apparatus; lever. 
Hebewerk, Hebezeug, n. lifting apparatus, 

hoisting device, gin, whim, screw jack, etc. 
hecheln, v.t. comb, hatchel, heckle; criticize. 
Hecht, TO. pike (fish). 
Hecke, /. hedge; hatch, brood. 
Hede, /. tow. 
Hederich, m. hedge mustard, specif., Sisym- 

brium officinale. 

Heer, n., Heerschar, /. host, army. 
Heerstrasse, /. highway; military road. 
Hefe, /. yeast; (Brewing) barm; lees, dregs, 


Hefeapparat, m. (Brewing) yeast propagator. 
Hefebier, n. rest beer. 
Hefeernte, /. crop of yeast. 
Hefegabe, /. (Brewing) quantity of yeast for a 

Hefegeben, n. (Brewing) adding yeast to the 

wort, pitching. 
Hefenahrung, /. yeast food. 
Hefenart, /. variety of yeast. 
Hefenpfianze, /. yeast plant. 
Hefenpulver, n. baking powder. 
Hefepilz, Hefenpilz, TO. yeast fungus; yeast 


Heferasse, /. race, breed or type of yeast. 
Hefereinzucht, /. pure yeast culture. 
Hefetrieb, TO. (Brewing) yeasty head. 
Hefewanne, /. yeast trough. 
Hefezelle, /. yeast cell, 
hefig, a. yeasty, yeastlike; dreggy. 
Hefnerkerze, /. Hefner candle. 
Heft, n. part, number (of a book or periodical) ; 

copybook; handle; hilt. 
heften, v.t. fasten, hook, pin; stitch, sew. 

geheftet, p.a. (of printed matter) stitched 

but not bound (or only in paper). 
heftig, a. violent; severe; earnest. 
Heftigkeit, /. violence; intensity; ardor. 
Heftpflaster, n. adhesive plaster. 
heftweise, adv. in parts or numbers, serially. 
hegen, 'v.t. enclose; foster, cherish. 
Hehl, 7i. secrecy. 
hehr, a. sublime, grand. 
Heide,/. heath; heather. 
Heide, m. heathen, pagan. 
Heidelbeere, /. whortleberry; bilberry. 




Heidetorf, m. peat. 

heikel, a. critical; delicate. 

heil, a. whole, sound. heil werden, heal. 

Heil, n. welfare, safety. 

Heilanstalt, /. hospital, sanatorium. 

Heilbrunnen, TO. mineral spring or well. 

Hcilbutt, m. halibut. 

heilen, v.t. heal, cure. 

heilig, a. holy; solemn, sacred. 

Heiligenharz, n. guaiacum (resin). 

Heiligenholz, n. holy wood (a variety of lignum 


Heilkraft, /. curative power, 
heilkraftig, a. curative, healing, therapeutic. 
Heilkraut. n. officinal plant, medicinal herb. 
Hcilkunde, HeUkunst,/. medicine, therapeutics, 

" healing art." 

Heilmittel, n. remedy, medicament. 
Heilmittellehre, /. pharmacology, pharmacy. 
Heilpflaster, n. healing plaster. englisches 

Heilpflaster, court-plaster. 
Heilquell, m., Heilquelle, /. mineral spring or 


heilsam, a. wholesome. 
Heilstoff, m. curative, remedy. 
Heilstofflehre, /. pharmacology, pharmacy. 
Heilwasser, n. curative water, mineral water. 
Heilwert, m. therapeutic value. 
Heilwissenschaft, /. medical science. 
Heim, n. home, dwelling. 
Heimat, /. native place or country; habitat, 
hcimisch, a. native, domestic, indigenous. 
heimlich, a. secret; private. 
heimsuchen, v.t. afflict; haunt. 
heimtuckisch, a. malicious. 
Heimweh, n. homesickness. 
Heirat, /. marriage, wedding, match. 
heiraten, v.t. & i. marry, wed. 
heischen, v.t. demand, require. 
heiser, a. hoarse, husky, 
heiss, a. hot; ardent. 

heissbliitig, a. warm-blooded; hot-blooded. 
heissbrtichig, a. hot-short. 
heissen, v.t. call; bid, order. v.i. be called; 

mean, be. es heisst, it says, they say. 
heissgar, a. kishy. 

heissgradig, a. (of ores) difficultly fusible. 
Heissluft-. hot-air. 

Heisswassertrichter, m. hot-water funnel, 
-heit. A suffix attached to adjectives to form 

abstract nouns (as TrockenAeiJ, dryness), and 

to nouns to form collectives (as Mensch- 

heit, mankind) ; -hood, -ness, -dom. 
heiter, a. clear, serene; cheerful, merry. 
Heiz-. heating, calorific. 
Heizapparat, m. heating apparatus. 
Heize, /. (Steel) charge of pig. 
Heizeffekt, m. heating effect, 
hcizen, v.t. & L heat. 
Heizer, m. fireman, stoker. 

Heizflache, /. heating surface. 
Heizgas, n. gas for heating, fuel gas. 
Heizkraft, /. heating power, calorific power. 
Heizkranz, TO. ring burner. 
Heizmantel, TO. heating jacket. 
Heizmaterial, Heizmittel, n. fuel. 
Heizoberflache, /. heating surface. 
Heizrohr. n., Heizrohre, /. heating tube; fire 


Heizschlange, /. heating coil. 
Heizstoff, TO. fuel. 
Heizung, /. heating, firing; fuel. 
Heizverlust, TO. loss of heat. 
Heizvorrichtung, /. heating appliance. 
Heizwert, TO. heating value, calorific power. 
Heizwirkung, /. heating effect. 
Heizzweck, TO. heating purpose (s). 
Held, TO. hero. 

helfen, r.i. help, assist; be of use, avail. 
Heifer, m. helper, assistant. 
hell, a. bright, brilliant; light, pale; clear, 

transparent, limpid; loud, shrill. 
hellbraun, a. light brown. 
Helle, /. brightness, luminosity; clearness, 

Heller, TO. farthing. 
hellfarbig, a. light-colored. 
hellgelb, a. light yellow, bright yellow, 
hellgrau, a. light gray. 
hellgrun, a. light green. 
Helligkeit, /. = Helle. 
hellrot, a. light red. 

Helltran, TO. a clear, light yellow cod oil. 
hellweiss, a. clear white, bright white. 
Helm, TO. helmet; helm; (of a still) head. 
Helmschnabel, TO. (of a still) beak, nose. 
Hemd, n. shirt; chemise; (of a blast furnace) 


Hemellithsaure, /. hemellitic acid. 
Hemieder, n. hemihedron, hemihedral form or 


Hemiedrie, /. hemihedrism. 
hemiedrisch, a. hemihedral. 
Hemimellithsaure, /. hemimellitic acid. 
hemitrop, a. (Cryst.) hemitrope, twinned. 
hemmen, v.t. stop, check, arrest; brake; clojj. 
Hemmnis, n. obstruction, check. 
Hemmung, /. stopping; check, arrest; escape- 

Hengst, TO. stallion; jack; (Brewing) old piece. 
Henkel, m. handle, lug, ear. 
Henne, /. hen. 
hepatisch, a. hepatic. 
heptacarbocyclisch, a. heptacarbocyclic. 
Heptanaphten, n. heptanaphthene. 
Heptinsaure, /. heptinic acid. 
her, adv. here, hither; since, ago. von je her, 


herab, adv. down, downwards. 
herabdriicken, v.t. press down, depress. 




herabfliessen, v.i. flow down, run down. 

herablassen, v.t. let down, lower. v.r. conde- 

herabmindern, v.t. diminish, lessen. 

herabsetzen, v.t. degrade; disparage; reduce. 

Herabsetzung, /. lowering; degradation; un- 

Heraldik, /. heraldry. 

heran, adv. on, near, up. 

heranbilden, v.t. bring up, educate. 

heranwachsen, v.i. grow up. 

herauf, adv. up, up here. 

heraus, adv. out, out here. 

herausbekommen, v.t. get back; get out, elicit, 

herausbringen, vJ,. get out, turn out, draw out; 

herausfordern, v.t. challenge; provoke. 

Herausgabe, /. editing, edition, editorship; 
publication; issue; giving up. 

herausgeben, v.t. edit; publish, issue; give out 
or up; give back (change). 

Herausgeber, m. editor; publisher. 

herausgreifen, v.t. single out, choose at random. 

herauskommen, v.i. come out, get out, be 
edited, be published, result, amount. 

herauslosen, v.t. dissolve out. 

herausnehmbar, a. removable. 

herausnehmen, v.t. take out; choose. 

herausragen, v.i. project. 

herausschlagen, v.t. beat out; strike (sparks); 
make (money). 

herausstellen, v.r. turn out, prove. 

heraustreten, v.i. protrude; emerge; step out. 

herb, herbe, a. harsh, sharp, tart, rough, raw. 

herbei, adv. here, hither, near. 

herbeifiihren, v.t. bring; bring about, cause. 

herbeischaffen, v.t. bring up, collect, procure, 

Herberge, /. inn; shelter. 

Herbst, TO. autumn. 

Herbstrose, /. hollyhock. 

Herbstzeitlose, /. meadow saffron. 

Herd, TO. hearth; center, focus, seat. 

Horde, /. herd, flock, drove; crowd. 

Herdfrischarbeit, /. (Iron) refinery process. 

Herdfrischeisen, n. iron treated by the refinery 

Herdfrischen, n. (Lead) reduction of litharge; 

(Iron) refining in hearths, refinery process. 
Herdfrischprozess, m. (Iron) refinery process. 
Herdfrischschlacke, /. refinery cinder (or slag). 
Herdfrischstahl, TO. fined steel. 
Herdguss, TO. open sand casting. 
Herdraum, TO. heating chamber. 
Herdsohle, /. hearth bottom, hearth bed, sole. 
herein, adv. in; come in. 

herf iihren, v.t. lead on, refresh (yeast) ; usher in. 
Hergang, m. affair, circumstances. 
hergeben, v.t. deliver, yield. 

hergebracht, p.a. established, conventional. 

herhalten, v.t. hold out; suffer, pay. 

Hering, TO. herring. 

Heringstran, m. herring oil. 

Herkommen, n. origin, descent; usage, custom. 

Herkunft, /. origin; arrival. 

herleiten, v.t. derive; deduce; conduct. 

Hermelin, n. ermine. 

hermetisch, a. hermetic. 

hernach, adv. afterwards, hereafter. 

Herr, TO. master, lord; gentleman; Mr. 

herrichten, v.t. prepare, arrange, adjust; season 

herrlich, a. magnificent, grand, excellent. 

Herrlichkeit, /. grandeur, splendor, excellence. 

herrschen, v.i. rule, reign; prevail. 

herruhren, v.i. proceed, be due (to). 

hersagen, v.t. recite, repeat. 

Herst., abbrev. (Herstellung) production. 

herstellen, v.t. produce, prepare, make, manu- 
facture; restore. 

Hersteller, TO. producer, maker, manufacturer. 

Herstellung, /. production, preparation, manu- 
facture; restoration, recovery. 

Herstellungsmittel, n. restorative. 

heriiber, adv. over (here). 

herum, adv. round, about. 

herunter, adv. down (here); low. 

herunterkommen, v.i. come down; decay. 

herunterlassen, v.t. let down, lower; (Brewing) 
strike out (wort). 

heruntersetzen, v.t. reduce; undervalue. 

hervor, adv. forth, forward, out. 

hervorbringen, v.t. produce, cause; bring forth. 

hervorgehen, v.i. arise, result; go forth. 

hervorheben, v.t. make prominent, emphasize; 

hervorragen, v.i. project; stand out, be promi- 
nent. hervorragend, p.a. projecting; out- 
standing, signal, prominent. 

hervorrufen, v.t. call forth, bring about, pro- 
duce; develop (a photographic image). 

hervorstehend, p. a. prominent, projecting, 
standing out. 

hervortun, v.r. distinguish oneself. 

Herz, n. heart. 

Here-, heart, cardiac. 

Herzbeutel, TO. pericardium. 

Herzbraune, /. angina pectoris. 

herzen, v.t. embrace, hug, caress. 

Herzens-. cardiac; of the heart; darling; in- 

Herzfell, n. pericardium. 

herzfdrmig, a. heart-shaped, cordate. 

Herzgekrose, n. mesocardium. 

Herzgespann, n. motherwort (Leonurus car- 

herzhaft, a. hearty; brave; strong (taste). 

Herzhaut, /. (aussere) pericardium; (innere) 




herzig, a. hearty, dear, lovely. 

Herzkammer, /. ventricle. 

Herzklappe, /. cardiac valve. 

herzlich, a. heartfelt, hearty; loving. adv. 
heartily; extremely. 

Herzog, m. duke. 

herzu, adv. here, hither, near. 

Herzvorhof, TO., Herzvorkammer, /. auricle. 

Herzwasser, n. pericardial fluid. 

hessisch, a. Hessian. 

heteroatomig, a. heteratomic. 

heterocyclisch, a. heterocyclic. 

heterogen, a. heterogeneous. 

Heterogenitat, /. heterogeneity. 

heterolog, a. heterologous. 

Heteroringbildung, /. formation of a ring (or 
rings) composed of atoms of different kinds. 

heterozyklisch, a. heterocyclic. 

hetzen, v.t. hunt; set on. 

Heu, n. hay. 

Heuchelei, /. hypocrisy. 

heucheln, v.i. feign, pretend, dissemble. 

heuer, adv. this year, this season. 

heuern, v.t. hire. 

heulen, v.i. howl, yell, roar. 

Heupferd, n. grasshopper. 

Heuschrecke, /. locust. 

Heuschreckenbaum, TO. locust tree. 

heute, adv. to-day. heute abend, this evening; 
heute nacht, to-night. 

heutig, a. of to-day; modern. 

Hexaeder, n. hexahedron. 

Hexanaphten, n. hexanaphthene (cyclohexane) . 

Hexavanadinsaure, /. hexavanadic acid. 

Hexe, /. witch; hag. 

Hexenkraut, n. mandragora, mandrake; en- 
chanter's nightshade (Circsea). 

Hexenkunst, /. witchcraft. 

Hexenmehl, . lycopodium, witch meal. 

Hexenmeister, TO. sorcerer, wizard. . 

Hexenschuss, m. lumbago. 

Hexinsaure, /. hexinic acid. 

hieb, pret. of hauen. 

Hieb, TO. stroke, cut, slash. 

Melt, pret. of halten. 

hier, adv. here. 

hieran, adv. hereon, hereat, at this, on this. 

hierauf, adv. hereupon, upon this. 

hieraus, adv. from this, hence. 

hierher, adv. hither, here, now. 

hierhin, adv. hither, this way. 

hiermit, adv. herewith, with it. 

hiernach, adv. hereafter, according to this. 

Hiersein, n. presence. 

hieriiber, adv. over here, regarding this, on this 

hierum, adv. hereabout, concerning this. 

hierzu, adv. hereto, to this, moreover. 

hiesig, a. of this place, in this place. 

hiess, pret. of heissen. 

Hilfe,/. help; relief; remedy. 

hilflos, a. helpless. 

hilfreich, a. helpful. 

Hilfs-. assistant, auxiliary, accessory. 

Hilfsarbeiter, m. assistant, helper. 

Hilfsbeize, /. (Dyeing) assistant. 

Hilfsdiinger, m. auxiliary fertilizer. 

Hilfsgeld, n. subsidy. 

Hilfsmittel, n. help, aid, expedient; (Med.) 


Hilfsquelle, /. resource, expedient. 
Hilfsteilung, /. auxiliary graduation. 
Hilfsvorrichtung, /. auxiliary contrivance or 


Himbeere, /. raspberry. 
Himmel, TO. sky; heaven; climate. 
himmelblau, a. sky-blue, azure. 
Himmelbrot, n. manna. 
Himmelsgegend, /. quarter of the heavens, 

point of the compass. 
Himmelsgerste, /., Himmelskorn, n. naked 


Himmelskorper, TO. celestial body. 
Himmelskunde, /. astronomy. 
Himmelsluft, /. ether. 
Himmelsmehl, n. earthy gypsum. 
Himmelsschliissel, TO. primrose. 
Himmelsstrich, TO. zone, climate. 
himmlisch, a. celestial, heavenly. 
bin, adv. there, thither, away, out, along, gone. 

hin und her, hither and thither. bin und 

wieder, now and again. 
hinab, adv. down there, down. 
hinauf, adv. up. 
hinaus, adv. out; beyond. 
hinausschieben, v.t. push out, expel. 
hinauswaschen, v.t. wash out. 
Hinblick, TO. look, view, regard. 
hinbringen, v.t. carry; pass (time). 
Hindernis, n. hindrance, obstacle. 
hindurch, adv. thru, thruout. 
hinein, adv. in, inside. 
hineindringen, v.i. penetrate. 
hinfahren, v.i. go, drive (away or along); pass 

away, depart. 

hinfaliig, a. decaying, perishable, weak. 
hinfort, adv. henceforth. 
hing, pret. of hangen. 
hingeben, v.t. give up. 
hingegen, adv. on the contrary. 
hingehen, v.i. go, pass. hin- und hergehen, 

(Meek.) reciprocate. 
hinhalten, v.t. hold out, hold off. 
hinken, v.i. limp, be lame; be imperfect.' 
hinliinglich, a. sufficient, adequate. 
hinreichen, v.i. suffice, do. hinreichend, p.a. 


hinreissen, v.t. tear away, carry away, 
hinrichten, v.t. turn, direct; execute; spoil. 
hinschreiben, v.t. write, write down. 




Hinsicht, /. respect, regard, view. 

hinsichtlich, adv. with regard to. 

hintan, adv. behind, after. 

hinten, adv. behind. 

hinter, prep, behind. adv. behind, back. 

Hinter-. hind, posterior, back. 

Hinterbliebene, m. & f. survivor. 

hinterbringen, v.t. give information of. 

Hinterdarm, m. rectum. , 

hintereinander, adv. one after another, in suc- 
cession; (Elec.) in series. 

Hintereinanderschaltung, /. (Elec.) connection 
in series. 

hintergehen, v.t. deceive. 

Hintergrund, m. background. 

Hinterhalt, m. reserve; ambush. 

Hinterhaupt, n. occiput (back part of head). 

Hinter haupts-. occipital. 

hinterher, adv. behind, after, afterward. 

Hinterkopf, m. occiput. 

hinterlassen, v.t. leave behind, leave. 

hinterlegen, v.t. deposit, 'consign. 

Hinterleib, m. hind quarters; back, dorsum. 

Hinterlist, /. cunning, deceit. 

hinterst, a. hindmost, last. 

Hintritt, m. decease. 

hinuber, adv. over, across, beyond. 

hinunter, adv. down (there). 

hinweg, adv. off, away. 

Hinweg, m. way there. 

Hinweis, m. hint; reference. 

hinwerfen, v.t. throw, throw down; jot down; 
drop (remarks). 

hinzu, adv. besides, to it. 

hinzufiigen, v.t. add, subjoin. 

hinzukommen, v.i. come to, come toward, be 
added. hinzukommend, p.a. additional, ad- 

Hinzu tritt, m. approach; appearance; acces- 

hippursauer, a. of or combined with hippuric 
acid, hippurate of. 

Hippursaure, /. hippuric acid. 

Him, n. brain. 

Him-, cerebral. 

Hirnfett, n. cerebrin. 

Hirnholz, n. wood cut across the grain. 

Hirnschadel, m., Hirnschale, /. skull, cranium. 

Hirsch. TO. stag, deer. 

Hirschdorn, m. buckthorn (Rhamnus cathar- 

Hirschhorn, n. hartshorn. 

Hirschhorngeist, TO. spirits of hartshorn (aqua 
ammonise) . 

Hirschhornsalz, n. salt of hartshorn (commer- 
cial ammonium carbonate). 

Hirschhornschwarz, n. hartshorn black (fine 

Hirschhornspiritus, TO. = Hirschhorngeist. 

Hirschkalb, n. fawn. 

Hirschkuh, /. hind. 

Hirschleder, n. buckskin. 

Hirse, /. millet. 

Hirsefieber, n. miliaria. 

Hirseneisenstein, m., Hirscnerz, n. oolitic 


Hirt, Hirte, TO. shepherd, herdsman. 
Hirtentasche, /., Hirtentaschlein, n. shepherd's 

purse (Bursa bursa-pastoris) . 
Histochemie, /. histochemistry (chemistry of 

the tissues). 

Hitze, /. heat; hotness; ardor, passion. 
hitzebestandig, a. stable on heating; (of colors) 

fast to ironing or hot-pressing. 
Hitzeeinwirkung, /. action or influence of heat. 
Hitzegrad, TO. degree of heat. 
Hitzegradmesser, m. pyrometer. 
Hitzegradmessung, /. pyrometry. 
Hitzemesser, m. pyrometer. 
Hitzemessung, /. pyrometry. 
hitzeh, v.t. heat. 
hitzig, a. hot; heating; inflammatory; acute; 


HL, abbrev. (Halbleder) half-leather. 
hob, pret. of heben. 
Hobel, TO. plane. 
hobeln, v.t. plane; smooth. 
Hobelspane, shavings. 
hoch, a. high; tall; deep; great, sublime. 
hochblau, a. light blue, azure. 
Hochdruck, TO. high pressure; relief printing. 
Hochebene, /. tableland. 
Hochemafl, n. embossed enamel. 
hochfarbig, a. high-colored. 
hochgeehrt, p.a. highly honored. hochgeehrter 

Herr, dear Sir. 

hochgespannt, p.a. at high tension, highly su- 
perheated, etc. (see spannen). 
Hochglanz, m. high polish or luster, brilliancy. 
hochgradig, a. in high degree, intense. 
hochgriin, a. bright green. 
hochherzig, a. noble-minded, high-spirited. 
Hochkante, /. edge (of a brick or the like). 
hochkantig, a. & adv. on edge, edgewise. 
hochmolekular, a. of high molecular weight. 
Hochmut, TO. haughtiness, pride. 
Hochofen, TO. blast furnace. 
Hochofenbetrieb, TO. blast-furnace operation. 
Hochofenschlacke, /. blast-furnace slag. 
hochprozentig, a. high-percent, high-percentage. 
hochrot, a. bright red. 
hochrund, a. convex. 
Hochscharlach, TO. cochineal scarlet. 
hochschmelzend, p.a. high-melting. 
Hochschule, /. a German higher school (college, 

institution, etc.; not high school). 
hochselig, a. late, deceased. 
hochsensibel, a. highly sensible (or sensitive). 
hochsiedend, p.a. high-boiling. 
Hochspannung, /. high tension. 




hiichst, a. highest; maximum; utmost. adv, 
most highly, extremely. 

hochstens, adv. at most, at best. 

Hochstfalle, m. maximum case. 

hochtrabend, p.a. pompous, bombastic. 

hochvergarend, p.a. (of yeast) high-attenuating. 

Hochwald, m. forest. 

Hochzeit, /. wedding. 

Hocker, m. hump, bump, protuberance; huck- 

hockerig, a. knotty, knobby, rough; hunch- 

Mode, /., Hoden, TO. testicle. 

Hodensack, TO. scrotum. 

Hof, TO. areola; halo; court; yard; farm; 

Hoffart, /. pride, insolence. 

hoffen, v.t. & i. hope for, hope. 

hoffentlich, adv. it is to be hoped, as I hope. 

Hoffnung, /. hope. 

hoflich, a. civil, courteous. 

Hone, /. height, altitude; head (of water); 
amount; summit. in der Hohe, on bigg- 
in die Hohe, up. 

Hoheit, /. highness; greatness. 

hdher, a. higher; superior. 

hoherwertig, a. of higher valence, polyvalent. 

hohl, a. hollow; concave. 

Hohle, /. cave, cavern ; hole, cavity. 

hohlen, v.t. hollow, excavate. 

hohlerhaben, a. concavo-convex. 

hohlgeschliffen, p.a. hollow-ground, concave. 

Hohlglas, n. hollow glassware (bottles, tum- 
blers, etc.) ; concave glass. 

Hohlhand, /. palm (of the hand). 

Hohllinse, /. concave lens. 

Hohlmass, n. dry measure. 

Hohlprisma, n. hollow prism. 

Hohlraum, m. hollow space, empty space. 

hohlrund, a. concave. 

Hohlschicht, /. air space. 

Hohlspat, TO. chiastolite. 

Hohlspiegel, TO. concave mirror. 

Hohlung, /. cavity, excavation. 

Hohlwelle, /. hollow shaft. 

Hohlziegel, m. hollow brick (or tile). 

Hohn, TO. scorn, sarcasm, mockery. 

hold, a. kind, friendly, lovely, charming. 

Holder, TO. = Holunder. 

holen, v.t. fetch, go for, get. 

hollandern, v.t. beat in a hoUander. 

Hollander* eiss, n. Dutch white. 

hollandisch, a. Dutch. hollandisches Geschirr, 
(Paper) hollander. hollandisches Ol, hoi- 
landische Fliissigkeit, ethylene chloride. 

Holle, /. hell. 

Hollenol, n. curcas oil (from Jatropha curcas)-, 
castor oil; worst grade of olive oil. 

Hollenstein, TO. lapis infernalis, lunar caustic 
'(silver nitrate). 

Holoeder, n. holohedral form or crystal. 
Holoedrie, /. holohedrism. 
holoedrisch, a. holohedral. 
holperig, holprig, a. uneven, rough. 
Holunder, TO. elder. spanischer (or tiirkischer ) 

Holunder, lilac. 
Holunderbeere, /. elderberry. 
Holz, n. wood; timber; forest; thicket. 
holzahnlich, a. wood-like, ligneous. 
Holzalkohol, TO. wood alcohol. 
Holzapfel, TO. crab apple. 
holzartig, a. woody, ligneous. 
Holzasbest, m. ligneous asbestos. 
Holzasche, /. wood ashes. 
Holzather, TO. methyl ether. essigsaurer 

Holzather, methyl acetate. 
Holzbeize, /. mordant for staining wood. 
Holzbranntwein, TO. wood spirit. 
Holzbiichse, /. wooden box or case. 
Holzchen, n. splinter, splint; match. 
holzern, a. wooden; ligneous. 
Holzessig, TO., Holzessigsaure, /. wood vinegar, 

pyroligneous acid. 

holzessigsauer, a. of or combined with pyro- 
ligneous acid, pyrolignite of. holzessig- 

saures Eisen, iron liquor. 
Holzfaser, /. wood fiber, ligneous fiber; wood 

pulp; = Holzfaserstoff. 
Holzfaserstoff, TO. lignin; cellulose; lignocellu- 


Holzfuss, TO. wooden base r or foot. 
Holzgeist, TO. wood spirit, wood alcohol. 
Holzgestell, n. wooden stand, wooden frame. 
Holzgriff, TO. wooden handle. 
Holzgummi, n. wood gum. 
holzicht, holzig, a. woody, ligneous. 
Holzkalk, w. pyrolignite of lime. 
Holzkasten, TO. wooden box, case or vat. 
Holzkirche, /. wild cherry. 
Holzkistchen, n. wooden box. 
Holzklotz, TO. wooden block, wood block. 
Holzkohle, /. charcoal (from wood). 
Holzkohlenklein, n. charcoal dust 
Holzkohlenofen, TO. charcoal oven. 
Holzkugel, /. wooden ball. 
Holzkupfer, Holzkupfererz, n. wood copper 

(fibrous olivenite). 
Holzlack, TO. stick-lac. 
Holzmelasse, /. wood molasses. 
Holzol, n. wood oil (any of various oils found 

in certain woods, also an oil obtained by 

destructive distillation). 
Holzopal, m. wood opal. 
Holzpappe, /. (Paper) board made from- wood 


Holzrot, n. redwood extract. 
holzsauer, a. = holzessigsauer. 
Holzsaure, /. pyroligneous acid. 
Holzschleifer, TO. (Paper) wood-pulp grinder. 
Holzschliff, TO. mechanical wood pulp. 




Holzschnitt, m. wood engraving, woodcut. 

Holzspan, TO. wood shaving, chip or boring. 

Holzspiritus, m. wood spirit, wood alcohol. 

Holzstoff, TO. wood pulp; cellulose (from wood). 

Holztafel, /. board. 

Holzteer, m. wood tar. 

Holztrankung, /. wood pickling. 

Holzverkohlung, /. carbonization of wood, char- 
coal burning. 

Holzzellstoff, TO. lignocellulose. 

Holzzeug, n. wood pulp. 

Holzzinn, Holzzinnerz, n. wood tin (fibrous 

Holzzucker, m. wood sugar, xylose. 

Homobrenzcatechin, n. homopyrocatechol. 

homochrom, a. of uniform color, homochrom- 
ous; (Dyeing) monogenetic. 

homogen, a. homogeneous. 

Homogenitat, Homogeneitat, /. homogeneity. 

Homokaffeesaure, /. homocaffeic acid. 

Homokamphersaure, /. homocamphoric acid. 

homolog, a. homologous. 

Homologie, /. homology. 

Homophtalsaure, /. homophthalic acid. . 

Honig, m. honey. 

honigartig, a. honey-like, melleous. 

Honigessig, m. oxymel. 

honigfarbig, a. honey-colored. 

honiggelb, a. honey-yellow. 

Honigharnruhr, /. diabetes mellitus. 

Honigkuchen, TO. gingerbread. 

Honigsaft, TO. nectar. 

Honigscheibe, /. honeycomb. 

Honigseim, TO. liquid honey. 

Honigstein, m. honeystone, mellite. 

Honigsteinsaure, /. mellitic acid. 

Honigtrank, TO. mead. 

Honigwasser, n. hydromel. 

Hopfen, TO. hop, hops. 

hopfen, v.t. hop, add hops to. 

Hopfenbaum, TO. hop tree (Ptelea trifoliata). 

Hopfenbitter, n., -bittersaure, /., -bitterstoff, 
TO. lupulin. 

Hopfenharz, n. hop resin. 

Hopfenmehl, n. lupulin, hop dust 

Hopfenmehltau, TO. hop blight. 

Hopfenol, n. hop oil. 

Hopfenstaub, TO. hop dust, lupulin. 

Hopfenstopfen, n. (Brewing) dry hopping. 

Hopfentreber, pi. spent hops. 

Hopfen trieb, TO. (Brewing) frothy head, first 
stage of fermentation. 

hopsen, v.i. hop, jump. 

horbar, a. audible. 

horchen, v.i. listen, hearken; eavesdrop. 

horen, v.t. & i. hear. 

Horizont, TO; horizon. 

Hornblei, Hornbleierz, n. phosgenite. 

hornern, a. of horn, horny. 

Hornerv. TO. auditory nerve. 

Hornerz, n. horn silver (cerargyrite). 

Horngewebe, n. horny tissue. 

Hornhaut, /. cornea; horny layer of the skin. 

hornig, a. hornlike, homy, callous. 

Hornisse, Hornis, /. hornet. 

Hornkobalt, n. asbolite. 

Hornmohn, TO. horn poppy (Glaucium glau- 

Hornquecksilber, n. horn quicksilver (native 
mercurous chloride). 

Hornschicht, /. homy layer, specif., epidermis. 

Hornsilber, n. horn silver (cerargyrite). 

Hornstein, TO. hornstone (variety of quartz). 

Hornstoff, m. keratin. 

Horrohr, n. ear trumpet; stethoscope. 

Hdrsaal, TO. lecture room, auditorium. 

Hose, /. trousers, breeches. 

Hosenband, n. garter. 

Hosenrohr, n. siphon pipe (of a hot-blast oven). 

Hosentrager, TO. suspenders, braces. 

hub, pret. of heben. 

Hub, TO. lift, lifting; (Mack.) stroke. 

Hiibel, TO. hillock, mound. 

hiibsch, a. pretty, handsome. 

Huf, TO. hoof. 

Hufeisen, n. horseshoe. 

Huflattich, Huflattig, TO. coltsfoot. 

Hufnagel, horseshoe nail; hobnail. 

Hufschlag, TO. hoof beat; horseshoeing. 

Hufschmied, TO. horseshoer, farrier. 

Hiiftbein, n. hip bone. 

Hufte, /. hip; haunch. 

Hiiftloch, n. obturator foramen. 

Huftnerv, TO. sciatic nerve. 

Hugel, TO. hill, hillock; knob, nodule. 

Huhn, n. hen; fowl. 

Hiihnchen, n. chicken, pullet. 

Hiihnerauge, n. corn. 

Hiihnereiweiss, n. white of egg. 

hiihnereiweissartig, a. like white of egg, albu- 

Huld, /. grace; kindness, favor. 

huldigcn, v.i. pay homage, devote oneself. 

Hiilfe, etc. See Hilfe, etc. 

Hiille, /. cover, covering, case, casing, wrapper, 
envelope, sheath. 

hiillen, v.t. cover, wrap. 

Hiillrohr, n. encasing tube, jacket. 

Hiilse, /. hull, husk, pod, shell, case; socket, 

Hiilsenbaum, m. locust tree. 

Hulsenfrucht, /. legume. 

hiilsenfruchtartig, a. leguminous. 

Hiilsengewachs, n. leguminous plant. 

Hiilsenpflanze, /. leguminous plant. 

Hummel, /. bumblebee. 

Hummer, TO. lobster. 

humpeln, v.i. hobble. 

Humpen, TO. bumper, tankard. 

Hund, m. dog; hound. 




Hundekot, TO. canine feces, album graecum. 

hundert, a. hundred. 

Hundertel, n. hundredth. 

hundertgradig, a. centigrade. 

hundertteilig, a. centesimal, centigrade. 

Hundezahnspat, TO. dogtooth spar (variety of 

Hundskamille, /. dog's camomile, mayweed 
(Anthemis cotula). 

Hundszunge, /. hound's tongue (Cynoglossum) . 

Hiine, m. giant. 

Hungerkorn, n. ergot. 

Hungersnot, /. famine. 

Hungerstein, TO. salt-pan scale (sulfates of cal- 
cium and sodium, etc.). 

hungrig, a. hungry. 

hiipfen, v.i. hop, jump. 

Hiirde, /. hurdle; pen. 

hurtig, a. quick, nimble, speedy. 

husten, v.i. cough. 

Hustenmittel, n. cough remedy. 

Hut, TO. hat; cap, cover, lid, top; loaf (of 
sugar); scum (of wine). 

Hut, /.guard; pasture. 

hiiten, v.L watch, guard, keep. v.r. take care. 

Hutfilz, TO. hatter's felt. 

Hutpilz, TO. pileate fungus, agaricaceous fungus, 

Hiitte, /. (metallurgical or glass) works, mill, 
smelting house, foundry; hut, cabin, cottage, 

Hiittenafter, TO. residue or refuse from a foun- 
dry or the like. 

Hiittenarbeit, /. smelting, founding; foundry 
work (distinguished from blast-lamp work, 
in glass). 

Hiittenglas, n. (Glass) pot metal. 

Hiittenherr, TO. owner of a smeltery or the like. 

Huttenkatzc. /. lead colic. 

Hiittenkunde, /. metallurgy. 

Hiittenkundiger, in. metallurgist. 

Hiittenmann, TO. metallurgist. 

huttenmannisch, a. metallurgical. 

Huttennichts, n. nihilum album, white tutty 
(impure zinc oxide). 

Hiittenprobierkunst, /. metallurgical assaying. 

Hiittenprodukt, n. metallurgical product. 

Hiittenprozess, TO. metallurgical process. 

Huttenpriifer, m. metallurgical assayer. 

Hiittenrauch, TO. smelter smoke; white arsenic. 

Huttenreise, /. (Metal.) campaign. 

Hiittentrichter, m. conical funnel (the common 

Huttenwerk, n. smelting worts, foundry, mill, 
plant, works (where smelting, founding, roll- 
ing, etc., are carried on). 

Hiittenwesen, n. smelting, metallurgy. 

Hiittenzinn, n. (Metal.) grain tin. 

Hutzucker, m. loaf sugar. 

Hyacinthgranat, TO. essonite. 

Hyane, /. hyena. 

Hydantoinsaure, /. hydantoic acid. 

Hydrat, n. hydrate. 

Hydratation, /. hydration. 

hydrathaltig, a. hydrated. 

hydratisch, o. hydrated. 

hydratisieren, v.t. hydrate. v.r. become hy- 

Hydratropasaure, /. hydratropic acid. 

Hydraulik, /. hydraulics. 

hydraulisch, a. hydraulic. 

Hydrazobenzol, n. hydrazobenzene. 

Hydrazoverbindung, /. hydrazo compound. 

Hydrid, n. hydride, esp. a higher hydride, as 
contrasted with Hydrtir. 

hydrieren, v.t. hydrogenize, hydrogenate. 

Hydrierung, /. hydrogenation. 

hydroaromatisch, a. hydroaromatic. 

Hydrobromsaure, /. hydrobromic acid. 

Hydrochinon, n. hydroquinone. 

Hydrochinoxalin, n. hydroquinoxaline. 

Hydrochlorsaure, /. hydrochloric acid. 

Hydrocumaron, n. hydrocoumarone, hydrocu- 

Hydrocumarsaure, /. hydrocoumaric (or -cu- 
maric) acid. 

Hydrocyansaure, /. hydrocyanic acid. 

Hydrojodsaure, /. hydriodic acid. 

Hydrokaffeesaure, /. hydrocaffeic acid. 

Hydrokette, /. (Elec.) hydrocell, hydroelement. 

Hydrolyse, /. hydrolysis. 

hydrolysieren, v.t. hydrolyze. 

Hydroperoxyd, n. hydrogen peroxide. 

Hydrophtalsaure, /. hydrophthalic acid. 

hydroschweflig, a. hydrosulfurous. 

Hydrothionsaure, /. hydrosulfuric acid, hydro- 
gen sulfide. 

Hydroverbindung, /. hydro compound (com- 
pound formed by the addition of 

Hydroxyd, n. hydroxide. 

Hydroxydul, n. (-ous) hydroxide. 

hydroxylhaltig, a. containing hydroxyl. 

Hydrozimmtsaure, /. hydrocinnamic acid. 

Hydriir, n. hydride, specif., a lower hydride as 
contrasted with Hydrid. 

hygrometrisch, a. hygrometric. 

hygroskopisch, a. hygroscopic. 

Hygroskopizitat, /. hygroscopicity. 

Hyperbel, /. hyperbola. 

Hyperchlorat, n. perchlorate. 

Hyperglukamie, /. hyperglycemia. 

Hyperjodat, n. periodate. 

Hyperoxyd, n. hyperoxide (peroxide). 

Hypogaasaure, /. hypogeic acid. 

Hypothek, /. mortgage, security. 

Hypothese, /. hypothesis. 

hypothetisch, a. hypothetical. 

i., abbrev. (in) in; (5m) in the; (ist) is. 

latrochemie, /. iatrochemistry. 

latrochemiker, m. iatrochemist. 

ich, pron. I. 

-icht. a suffix used with verb roots to form 
collective nouns (as Feilicft/, filings, from 
feilen) and with nouns to form adjectives of 
quality, as olicht, oily. In the latter sense 
the ending -ig is more common. See -ig, and 
adjectives ending in -ig. 

Ichthyolseife, /. ichthyol Soap. 

i.D., abbrev. (im Dampf) in the form of vapor. 

-id. -ide. (There is American authority for 
chlortd, amid, etc., but these spellings are not 
used by the American or London chemical 
societies. In any case the translation should 
be uniform, not -ide for some compounds and 
-id for others.) 

Idee, /. idea, notion, conception. 

identisch, a. identical. 

Idozuckersaure, /. idosaccharic acid. 

-ieren. -ate, -ize, etc. (the infinitive ending of 
a large number of verbs, mostly of non- 
German origin, the meaning of which can 
often be easily guessed). 

-ig. an adjective suffix denoting quality or 
relation; -y, -ous, -ed, -ful; as, Qlig, oily; 
flttchtt'0, volatile, flying; zweiseitip, two- 

Igel, m. hedgehog. 

-igen. a termination of causative verbs 
formed from adjectives and nouns; as, 
reinigen (make pure) from rein; endigen 
(make an end of) from Ende. 

ihnen, pron. to them. 

Ihnen, pron. to you. 

ihr, pron. you; to her; her; their. 

Ihr, pron. your. 

ihrer, pron. of her; of them; hers; theirs. 

Ihrer, pron. of you. 

ihrerseits, adv. for its, her, or their part; in turn; 

ihrige, pron. hers; theirs. 

Ihrige, pron. yours. 

i.J., abbrev. (im Jahre) in the year. 

Ikositetraeder, n. icositetrahedron. 

-U. (Org. Chem.) -il; as, anil, carbostyriJ, etc. 
Nitril (translated nitrile) is an exception. 

illuminieren, v.t. illuminate. 

illustrieren, v.t. illustrate. 

Iltis, m. polecat, fitchet (Putorius). 

im, abbrev. (in dem) in the. 

imaginar, a. imaginary. 

imbibieren, v.t. imbibe. 

Imbiss, m. light meal, lunch. 

Imido-. imido-, imino- (should be translated 
imido- only when the compound is of imide 
nature, otherwise imino-). 

Imidoather, m. imido ester. 

Imidosulfonsaure, /. imidosulfonic acid (disul- 
famic acid). 

Imidothioather, m. imido thio ester. 

Immedialschwarz, n. immedial black. 

immer, adv. always, ever. 

immerfort, adv. always, constantly. 

immergrun, a. evergreen. 

Immergrun, n. periwinkle (Vincd). 

immerhin, adv. still, after all. 

Immerschon, n. everlasting, immortelle. 

imnterwahrend, p.a. everlasting, perpetual. 

immcrzu, adv. always; go on! 

immunisieren, v.t. immunize. 

Immunisierung, /. immunization. 

Immunitat, /. immunity. 

Immunkorpcr, m. immune body. 

Impf-. inoculation, vaccination. 

impfbar, a. inoculable. 

impfen, v.t. inoculate; vaccinate; (of plants) 

Impffliissigkcit, /. inoculation lymph, vaccine 

Impfstift, m. inoculating pencil. 

Impfstoff, m. inoculation serum, vaccine. 

Impfung, /. inoculation, vaccination. 

imponieren, v.i. impose, impress. 

impragnieren, v.t. impregnate. 

Impragnierung, /. impregnation. 

imstande, a. able. 

in, prep, in, at; into, to. 

-in. a suffix used to form a feminine; as, Wir- 
tin, hostess, landlady. 

-in. (as a chemical ending) -ine when the com- 
pound is a base, -in when it is not. Names 
of compounds of alcoholic nature are prefer- 
ably translated so as to end in -ol; as, 
Resorcin, resorcinol. (Some American chem- 
ists translate this ending invariably .-in.) 

Inaktivitat, /. inactivity. 





Inbegriff, m. total, sum, inclusion; summary. 

Inbrunst, /. ardor, fervor. 

indent, conj. while, when; since, because. 

indessen, indes, adv. meanwhile; however. 

indianisch, a. of India, Indian. 

Indien, n. India. 

Indig, TO. indigo. 

indigen, a. indigenous. 

Indigoblau, n. indigo blue. 

Indigoblauschwefelsaure, /. indigosulfuric acid, 

sulfindigotic acid (indigosulfonic or indigodi- 

sulfonic acid). 

Indigofarbstoff, w. indigo blue, indigotin. 
Indigokiipe, /. indigo vat, blue vat (solution of 

indigo white). 

Indigoleim, TO. indigo gelatin, indigo gluten. 
Indigorot, n. indigo red (indirubin). 
Indigosaure, /. indigotic acid. 
Indigoschwefelsaure, /. = Indigoblauschwefel- 

Indigostoff, m. indigo blue, indigotin. 
Indigosulfosaure, /. indigosulfonic acid. 
Indigoweiss, n. indigo white. 
Indigstein, TO. indicolite (blue tourmaline). 
Indigweiss, n. indigo white. 
Indikan, n. indican. 
indisch, a. Indian. indische Feige, prickly 

pear. indischer Flachs, jute. 
Indischgelb, n. Indian yellow. 
Indischhanftinktur, /. tincture of Indian hemp. 
Individuum, n. (pi. Individuen). individual. 
Indizes, indices, 
indizieren, v.t. indicate. 

Indoxylschwefelsaure, /. indoxylsulfuric acid. 
Induktionsrolle, Induktionsspule, /. induction 


Induktionsstrom, m. induction current. 
Induktionsvermogen, n. inductive capacity. 
indurieren, v.t. indurate, harden. 
Industriezweig, TO. branch of industry, 
induzieren, v.t. induce. 

ineinander, adv. into each other, into one another. 
infizieren, v.t. infect, 
infokund, a. sterile. 

Infundierapparat, m. infusion apparatus. 
Infundierbiichse, /. infusion vessel, digester. 
infundieren, v.t. infuse. 

Infusorienerde, /. infusorial earth (kieselguhr). 
Ingenieur, TO. engineer. 
Ingrediens, n., Ingredienz, /. ingredient. 
Ingrimm, TO. inward rage. 
Inguss, m. ingot; ingot mold. 
Ingwer, TO. ginger. 
Ingwergras, n. ginger grass. 
Ingwerol, n. ginger oil. 
Inhaber, m. holder, owner. 
inhalieren, v.t. inhale. 
Inhalt, m. content, contents; (of a surface) 

area; (of a body) volume; (of a vessel) 


Inhaltsubersicht, /. table of contents; 

Inhaltsverzeichnis, n. table of contents. 

inhomogen, a. inhomogeneous. 

Inhomogenitat, /. inhomogeneity. 

Initialsprengstoff, TO. priming. 

initiieren, v.t. initiate; (Explosives') explode. 

injizieren, v.t. inject. 

inkrustieren, v.t. incrust. v.i. become in- 

Inlander, TO. inlander; native. 

inlandisch, a. native, indigenous; internal, 
domestic; inland. 

inmitten, adv. in the midst. 

inne, adv. in. 

innehaben, v.t. hold, occupy, keep. 

innehalten, v.t. confine; observe, keep. v.i. 
stop, pause. 

innen, adv. within, in, at home. 

Innen-. internal, interior, inside, inner. 

Innendruck, TO. internal pressure. 

Innenflache, /. inner surface. 

Innenhaut, /. inner or internal membrane or 

Innenleitung, /. inner circuit. 

Innenmass, n. inside measure. 

Innenraum, TO. interior space, interior. 

inner, a. internal; interior, inward, inner; 

inner halb, adv. & prep., within. 

innerlich, a. inward, internal, interior; pro- 
found, sincere. 

innewohnend, p.a. inherent. 

innig, a. intimate; cordial, earnest, sincere. 

inokulieren, v.t. inoculate. 

Inosinsaure, /. inosic acid. 

in praxi. in practice. 

Insass, Insasse, TO. inhabitant; inmate. 

insbesondere, adr. especially. 

Inschrift, /. inscription. 

Insektenkunde, Insektenlehre, /. ento- 

Insel, /. island. 

insofern, conj. so far as, inasmuch as. 

instabil, a. unstable. 

instandig, a. earnest, urgent. 

instruieren, v.t. instruct. 

integrieren, v.t. integrate. integrierend, p.a. 
integrating, integrant. 

Intensitat, /. intensity. 

Interesse, /. interest. 

Interferenzbild, n. interference figure. 

intermediar, a. intermediary, intermediate. 

intermittierend, p.a. intermittent. 

interpolieren, v.t. interpolate. 

intim, a. intimate. 

Inventar, n. inventory. 

invertieren, v.t. invert. 

Invertzucker, TO. invert sugar. 

in warts, adv. inwards. - 




inwendig, a. inward, interior, internal. 

inwiefern? adv. in what respect? 

inwohnend, p.a. inherent. 

inzwischen, adv. meantime. 

lod, etc. SeeJod, etc. 

lonenbeweglichkeit, /. ionic mobility. 

lonengeschwindigkeit, /. ionic velocity. 

lonengleichung, /. ionic equation. 

lonenreaktion, /. ionic reaction. 

lonenreibung, /. ionic friction. 

loncnspaltung, /. ionic cleavage, ionization. 

lonenwanderung, /. ionic migration. 

lonenzustand, m. ionic state. 

lonisationswarme, /. heat of ionization. 

ionisch, a. ionic. 

ionisierbar, a. ionizable. 

ionisieren, v.t. ionize. 

Ipser Tiegel. graphite crucible. 

irden, a. earthen. irdenes Geschirr, earthen- 

Irdenware, /. earthenware. 

irdisch, a. terrestrial; earthly; perishable. 

-iren. = -ieren. 

irgend, adv. any, at all, some. 

irgendwo, adv. anywhere, somewhere. 

iridisieren, v.t. & i. = irisieren. 

Irisblende, /. iris diaphragm. 

irisieren, v.t. irisate, iridize. v.i. iridesce. 

Irisierung, /., Irisieren, n. iridescence. 

irlandisch, a. Irish. 

Iron, n. irone. 

irre, a. & adv. astray, wrong. 

Irre, /. wandering; labyrinth. m. & f. 

irrefiihrend, p.a. misleading. 

irren, v.i. err, be wrong; be insane or delirious. 
v.r. be mistaken. v.t. mislead; .puzzle; 

Irrenanstalt, /. lunatic asylum. 

Irrenarzt, TO. alienist. 

Irresein, n. insanity. 

Irrfahrt, /. wandering, vagary. 

Irrgang, Irrgarten, m. labyrinth. 

irrig, a. erroneous, false. 

Irrlehre, /. fa'se teaching, heresy. 

Irrlicht, n. will-o'-the-wisp. 

Irrsinn, m. insanity; delirium. 

Irrtum, TO. error; mistake, fault. 

irrtumlich, a. erroneous. adv. erroneously. 

irrtiimlicherweise, adv. erroneously. 

isabellen, isabellenfarbig, a. cream-colored, 
light buff. 

Isathionsaure, /. isethionic acid. 

Isatropasaure, /. isatropic acid. 

-isch. an adjective suffix equivalent to -ish (as 
weibisch, womanish) and also used to form 
adjectives from proper names and foreign 
words (as Schiff'scfce Basen, Schiff bases; 
chemise^, chemical). 

islandisch, a. Iceland, Icelandic. 

Isobutf crsaure, /. isobutyric acid. 

Isochinolin, n. isoquinoline. 

Isocrotonsaure, /. isocrotonic acid. 

Isocumarin, n. isocoumarin, isocumarin. 

Isocyansaure, /. isocyanic acid. 

Isocyanursaure, /. isocyanuric acid. 

isocyclisch, a. isocyclic. 

isoelektrisch, a. isoelectric. 

Isoferulasaure, /. isoferulic acid. 

isohydrisch, a. isohydric. 

Isokamphersaure, /. isocamphoric acid. 

Isolation,/, isolation; (Elec.) insulation. 

Isolationsstoff, TO. insulating material. 

Isolator, TO. (Elec.) insulator. 

isolieren, v.t. isolate; (Elec.) insulate. 

isolog, a. isologous. 

isomer, a. isomeric. 

Isomerie, /. isomerism. 

Isomeriefall, TO. case of isomerism. 

Isomeriemoglichkeit, /. possibility of isomerism. 

isomerisch, a. isomeric. 

isomorph, a. isomorphous. 

Isomorphie, /., Isomorphisms, TO. isomorph- 

Isop, m. hyssop. 

I sophtalsaure, /. isophthalic acid. 

Isopikrinsaure, /. isopicric acid. 

Isopol, n. hyssop oil. 

Isopurpurinsaure, /. isopurpuric acid. 

isosmotisch, a. isosmotic. 

Isotonie, /. isotonicity. 

isotonisch, a. isotonic. 

Isoxylol, n. isoxylene. 

Isoxylsaure, /. isoxylic acid. 

Isozimmtsaure, /. isocinnamic acid. 

isst, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of essen. 

ist, pr. 3 sing, of sein. 

it. -ite. (When it seems desirable to retain 
the exact spelling of a German name ending 
in -it, quotation marks should be used; as, 
thermite or " thermit." Names of alcohols 
ending in -it are preferably translated so as to 
end in -ol; as, mannitol.) 

Itaconsaure, /. itaconic acid. 

Italien, n. Italy. 

italienisch, a. Italian. 

i.V., abbrev. (im Vakuum) in a vacuum. 

i.W., abbrev. (innere Weite) inside diameter 

J., abbrev. of Jahresbericht der Chemie; (with- Javelle'sche Lauge. Javelle water. 

out period) symbol for iodine, I. 

ja, adv. yes; indeed; certainly, by all means. 

Jacht, /. yacht. 

Jacke, /. jacket. 

Jagarazucker, m. jaggery. 

Jagd, /. chase, hunt, hunting; huntsmen; 
game; hubbub. 

Jagdpulver, n. sporting powder. 

jagen, vJ,. hunt, chase; drive. v.i. hunt; 

Jager, m. hunter, sportsman; chasseur. 

jah, a. steep, abrupt; hasty, sudden. 

jahlings, adv. headlong; abruptly. 

Jahr, n. year. 

Jahrbuch, n. yearbook, annual; almanac; annal. 

Jahresbericht, m. annual report. 

Jahresfrist, /. space of a year. 

Jahresschrift, /. annual publication. 

Jahrestag, m. anniversary; birthday. 

Jahreswechsel, m. new year. 

Jahreszeit, /. season. 

Jahrg., abbrev. of Jahrgang. 

Jahrgang, m. year's course, year's set, year; 

Jahrhundert, n. century. 

jahrlich, a. yearly, annual. 

Jahrtausend, n. millennium, a thousand years. 

Jahrzehnt, n. decade. 

Jahrzorn, m. violent passion. 

Jakobskraut, n. groundsel (Senecio). 

Jalape, Jalappe, /. jalap. 

Jalapenharz, n. jalap resin, jalapin. 

Jalapinsaure, /. jalapic acid. 

Jammer, m. lamentation; misery, woe; pity. 

jammerlich, a. woeful, miserable, piteous. 

jammern, v.i. lament. v.t. move to pity. 

Janusgriin, n. Janus green. 

japanieren, v.t. japan, 
japanisch, a. Japanese, Japan. 

Jasmin, m. jasmine, jessamine. gemeiner Jas- 
min, wilder Jasmin, syringa. 

Jasminbliitenol, n. jasmine-flower oil. 

Jaspachat, m. jasper agate, jasper. 

Jaspis, m. jasper. 

Jaspisgut, n. jasper ware. 

Jaspopal, m. jasper opal, 
jaten, v.t. weed. 

Jauche, /. dung water, liquid manure; (Med.) 

jauchzen, v.i. shout, exult. 

jawohl, adv. yes, indeed; quite so. 

je, adv. always, ever; every; apiece. je nach, 
according to. je . . . je, the . . . the. 

jedenfalls, adv. in any. case, by all means. 

jeder, pron. every, each, any; everyone, every- 
body, each. 

jedesmal, adv. every time, always. 

jedoch, adv. however, yet. 

jeglicher, pron. every, any, everything. 

jemals, adv. ever, at any time. 

jemand, pron. somebody, someone, anybody, 

jener, pron. that, the other; that one, that 
person, the former. 

jenseit, prep, beyond, on the other side of. 

Jesuitenrinde, /. Jesuit bark (cinchona bark) . 

jetzig, a. present. 

jetzt, adv. now, at present. 

jeweilig, a. for the time being. 

Joch, n. yoke. 

Jochbaum, m. hornbeam. 

Jod, n. iodine. 

Jod-. iodine, iodide of, iodo-. 

Jodallyl, n. allyl iodide. 

Jodammonium, n. ammonium iodide. 

Jodantimon, n. antimony iodide. 

Jodarsen, n. arsenic iodide. 

Jodat, n. iodate. 

Jodathyl, n. ethyl iodide, iodoethane. 

Jodazid, n. iodine azide. 

Jodbaryum, n. barium iodide. 

Jodbenzol, n. iodobenzene (CeHsI or, in general, 
any iodine derivative of benzene. Cf. Jodo- 

Jodblei, n. lead iodide. 

Jodbromid, n. iodine bromide. 

Jodcadmium, n. cadmium iodide. 

Jodcalcium, n. calcium iodide. 

Jodchinolin, n. iodoquinoline. 

Jodchlor, n. iodine chloride. 

Jodchlorid, n. iodine chloride, esp. iodine tri- 

Jodchloriir, n. iodine monochloride. 

Jodcyan, n. cyanogen iodide. 

Joddampf, m. iodine vapor. 

Jodeisen, n. iron iodide. 

Jodgehalt, m. iodine content. 

Jodgold, n. gold iodide. 

Jodgriin, n. iodine green. 

iodhaltig, a. containing iodine, iodiferous. 





Jodhydrat, n. hydriodide. 

Jodid, n. iodide (esp. an -ic iodide, as con- 
trasted with Jodttr). 

Jodidchlorid, n. iodochloride. 

jodieren, v.t. iodize, iodate. 

Jodijodat, u. iodine iodate. 

jodimetrisch, a. iodimetric. 

Jodismus, m. iodism. 

Jodit, TO. iodite (iodyrite, Agl). 

Jodkadmium, n. cadmium iodide. 

Jodkalium, Jodkali, n. potassium iodide. 

Jodkalzium, n. calcium iodide. 

Jodkupfer, n. copper iodide. 

Jodlosung, /. iodine solution. 

Jodmagnesium, n. magnesium iodide. 

Jodmetall, n. metallic iodide. 

Jodmethyl, n. methyl iodide, iodomethane. 

Jodmittel, n. iodiferous remedy. 

Jodnatrium, n. sodium iodide. 

Jodo-. iodoxy-. 

Jodobenzoesaure, /. iodoxybenzoic acid. 

Jodobenzol, n. iodoxybenzene (CeHsIOz). 

Jodoform, n. iodoform. 

Jodo!, n. iodol. 

Jodometrie, /. iodometry. 

jodometrisch, a. iodometric. 

Jodonaphtalin, . iodoxynaphthalene. 

Jodonium, n. iodonium. 

Jodoso-. iodoso-. 

Jodosobenzol, n. iodosobenzene (CeHsIO). 

Jodoxy-. iodohydroxy-. 

Jodoxynaphtochinon, n. iodohydroxynaphtho- 
quinone, CioH 4 O 2 (OH)I. 

Jodphosphonium, n. phosphonium iodide. 

Jod phosphor, ?H. phosphorus iodide. 

Jodphtalsaure, /. iodophthalic acid. 

Jodprobe, /. iodine test. 

Jodquecksilber, n. mercury (esp. mercuric) 

Jodradium, n. radium iodide. 

Jodsalbe, /. iodine ointment. 

jodsauer, a. of or combined with iodic acid, 
iodate of. 

Jodsaure, /. iodic acid. 

Jodschwefel, TO. sulfur iodide. 

Jodsilber, n. silver iodide. 

Jodsilizium, n. silicon iodide. 

Jodstarke, /. starch iodide, iodized starch. 

Jodstickstoff, TO. nitrogen iodide. 

Jodtinktur, /. tincture of iodine. 

Jodtoluol, n. iodotoluene. 

Jodiir, n. (-ous) iodide. Cf. Chloriir. 

Jodverbindung, /. iodine compound. 

Jodwasserstoff, m. hydrogen iodide; hydriodic 

Jodwassersloffather, TO. ethyl iodide. 

Jodwasserstoffsaure, /. hydriodic acid. 

Jodwismut, m. & n. bismuth iodide. 

Jodyrit, TO. iodyrite. 

Jodzahl, /. iodine number. 

Jodzimmtsaure, /. iodocinnamic acid. 

Jodzink, n. zinc iodide. 

Jodzinn, n. tin iodide. 

Jodzinnober, m. red mercuric iodide. 

Johannisbeere, /. currant. 

Johannisbrot, n. St.-John's-bread (carob bean). 

Johanniskraut, n. St.-John's-wort. 

Johanniswurzel, /. male fern, (Pharm.) aspid- 

johlen, jolen, v.i. howl, hoot, roar. 

Jon, n. ion (for compounds see Ion-). 

Jonium, n. ionium. 

Jonon, n. ionone. 

Jubel, TO. jubilation. 

Jubelband, m. jubilee volume. 

Jubelfeier, /., Jubelfest, n. jubilee. 

Jucht, Juchten, Juchtenleder, n. Russia leather. 

jucken, v.t. & i. itch. v.r. scratch, rub. 

Jucken, n. itching, pruritus. 

Jude, m. Jew. 

Jtiden, refinery scraps. 

Judendornbeere, /. jujube, zizyphus. 

Judenharz, n. = Judenpech. 

Judenkirsche, /. alkekengi (Physalis). 

Judenpech, n. Jew's pitch (asphalt). 

Judenpilz, Judenschwanun, m. a species of 

jiidisch, a. Jewish. 

Jugend, /. youth; adolescence. 

jugendlich, a. youthful, juvenile. 

Juli, TO. July. 

jung, a. young; fresh, early; new (wine or 
beer); overpoled (copper). 

Jungbier, n. new beer. 

Junge, TO. boy, lad, youth; apprentice; young 
(of animals), cub, etc. 

Jiinger, TO. disciple, follower, votary. 

Jungfer, /. virgin, maid; chambermaid. 

Jungfer-, Jungfern-. virgin; native. 

Jungfernglas, n. selenite (transparent gypsum). 

Jungfernmetall, n. native metal. 

Jungfernol, n. virgin oil. 

Jungfernschwefel, TO. virgin sulfur, native sul- 

Jungfernzeugung, /. parthenogenesis. 

Jungfrau, /. virgin, maid. 

Junggesell, TO. bachelor. 

Jiingling, TO. young man, youth. 

jiingst, a. youngest, last, latest. adv. lately, 

Juni, TO. June. 

Junker, TO. young nobleman; squire. 

justieren, v.t. adjust; justify (type). 

Justiertisch, m. adjusting table. 

Justiz, /. justice. 

Justizwtesen, n. the law, legal affairs. 

Juwel, n. jewel. 

Juwelier, TO. jeweler. 

Juwelierarbeiten, jewelry. 

Jux, TO. filth; spree, lark. 


k., abbrev. (kalt) cold; (kaiserlich) imperial; 
(kdniglich) royal; (as symbol, no period) 

K., abbrev. (elektrische Dissociationskon- 
stante) electric dissociation constant; (kaiser- 
lich) imperial; (koniglich) royal. 

Kabel, n. cable. 

Kabeljau, TO. cod, codfish. 

Kabeljaulebertran, Kabliaulebertran, m. cod- 
liver oil. 

Kachel, /. (Dutch) tile. 

Kaddig, Kaddich, TO. cade (Juniperus oxyce- 

Kaddigol, n. oil of cade. 

Kadeol, Kadinol, Kadiol, n. oil of cade. 

Kadmium, n. cadmium. 

kadmiumhaltig, a. containing cadmium, cad- 

Kadmiumjodid, n. cadmium iodide. 

Kafer, m. beetle, coleopter. 

kaferartig, a. coleopterous. 

Kaffee, m. coffee. 

Kaffeebaum, m. coffee tree. 

Kaffeebohne, /. coffee bean. 

Kaffeegerbsaure, /. caffetannic acid. 

Kaffeekanne, /. coffee pot. 

Kaffeeklatsch, m. coffee party. 

Kaffeeol, n. coffee oil. 

Kaffeesatz, TO. coffee grounds. 

Kaffeesaure, /. caffeic acid. 

Kaffein, n. caffeine. 

Kafig, m. cage, birdcage. 

kahl, a. bald; bare; barren; (of fabrics) nap- 
less; mere, poor. 

Kahm, TO. mold (on wine, etc.). 

kahmen, v.i. mold. 

Kahmhaut, /. pellicle of mold. 

kahmig, a. moldy, stale, (of wine) ropy. 

Kahn, m. boat. 

kahnformig, a. boat-shaped, scaphoid. 

Kai, w. quay. 

Kainkawurzel, /. cahinca root. 

Kaiser, TO. emperor. 

Kaiser-, imperial; Csesarean. 

Kaiserblau, n. smalt. 

Kaisergelb, n. mineral yellow. 

Kaisergriin, n. imperial green (Paris green). 

kaiserlich, a. imperial. 

Kaiserreich, n. empire. 

Kaiser rot, n. colcothar; imperial red (a dye). 

Kaiserwurz, /. masterwort (specif., Imperatoria 

Kajaputol, Kajeputol, n. cajuput oil. 

Kajiite, /. cabin. 

Kakadu, m. cockatoo. 

Kakao, TO. cacao; cocoa. 

Kakaobaum, TO. cacao, cacao tree. 

Kakaobohne, /. cacao bean, cocoa bean. 

Kakaobutter, /. cacao butter, cocoa butter. 

Kakaomasse, /. cocoa paste. 

Kakaopulver, n. cocoa powder. 

Kakodyl, n. cacodyl. 

Kal., abbrev. (Kalorie) large or kilogram calorie, 

Kalabarbohne, /. Calabar bean. 

Kalamin, m. calamine. 

Kalander, m. calender 

kalandern, v.t. calender. 

Kalb, n. calf. 

Kalberlab, n., Kalbermagen, TO. rennet. 

Kalbfell, n. calfskin. 

Kalbfleisch, n. veal. 

Kalbleder, n. calf (leather). 

kalcinieren, v.t. calcine. 

Kalcinierung, /. calcination. 

Kalcit, TO. calcite. 

Kalcium, n. calcium. 

Kaldaune, /. tripe; (pi.) guts. 

Kalender, m. calendar; almanac. 

kalfatern, v.t. calk. 

Kali, n. (caustic) potash, potassium hydroxide; 
potash (K2O; equivalent in old names of 
salts to potassium; as, chlorsaures Kali, 
chlorate of potash, potassium chlorate) ; 
saltwort (Salsola kali). 

Kalialaun, n. potash alum (common alum). 

Kaliapparat, m. potash apparatus. 

Kaliblau, n. Prussian blue. 

kalibrieren, v.t. calibrate; groove (a roll). 

Kalidiinger, TO. potash manure (or fertilizer). 

Kalidiingesalz, n. potassium salt for fertilizing. 

Kalieisencyaniir, n. potassium ferrocyanide. 

Kaliform, /. potash mold. 

Kaliglas, n. potash glass. 

kalihaltig, a. containing potash. 

Kalihydrat, n. potassium hydroxide. 

Kalikalk, TO. potash lime. 

Kalikodruck, m. calico printing. 





Kalikugel. /. potash bulb. 

Kalilauge, /. potash lye, caustic potash solution. 

Kalimetall, n. (metallic) potassium. 

Kalisalpeter, m. saltpeter, potassium nitrate. 

Kalisalz, n. potash salt, potassium salt. 

Kalisalzlager, n. bed or deposit of potash salts. 

Kalischwefelleber, /. (Pharm.) sulfurated po- 
tassa, liver of sulfur. 

Kaliseife, /. potash soap. 

Kalium, n. potassium. 

Kaliumalaun, TO. potassium alum (ordinary 

Kaliumbrechweinstein, TO. antimonyl potas- 
sium tartrate. 

Kalium bromatum. (Pharm.) potassium bro- 

Kalium chloratum. (Pharm.) potassium chlo- 

Kalium chloricum. (Pharm.) potassium chlorate. 

Kaliumeisencyanid, n. potassium ferricyanide. 

Kaliumeisencyaniir, n. potassium ferrocyanide. 

Kaliumferrisulfat, n. ferric potassium sulfate. 

Kaliumgoldbromiir, n. potassium aurobromide. 

Kaliumgoldcyanid, n. potassium auricyanide, 
potassium cyanaurate. 

Kaliumgoldcyaniir, n. potassium aurocyanide. 

Kaliumhalogen, n. potassium halide. 

Kaliumhydrat, n. potassium hydroxide. 

Kaliumhydrid, n. potassium hydride (KH). 

Kaliumhydrur, n. potassium subhydride (K2H 
or K4H 2 ). 

Kaliumiridichlorid, n. potassium iridichloride, 
potassium chloriridate. 

Kaliumjodat, n. potassium iodate. 

Kalium jodatum. (Pharm.) potassium iodide. 

Kaliumjodid, n. potassium iodide. 

Kaliumkobaltnitrit, n. potassium cobaltinitrite. 

Kaliumkohlenoxyd, n. potassium carboxide, 
potassium hexacarbonyl. 

Kalium nitricum. (Pharm.) potassium nitrate. 

Kalium nitrosum. (Pharm.) potassium nitrite. 

Kaliumoxydhydrat. n. potassium hydroxide. 

Kaliumplatinchlorid, n. potassium platinichlo- 
ride (potassium chloroplatinate). 

Kaliumplatincyaniir, n. potassium platinocyan- 

Kaliumplatinochlorid, n. potassium platino- 
chloride (potassium chloroplatinite). 

Kaliumrhodanat, -rhodanid, n. potassium thio- 
cyanate (or sulfocyanate). 

Kaliumsalz, n. potassium salt. 

Kaliumverbindung, /. potassium compound. 

Kaliumwasserstoff, TO. potassium hydride. 

Kaliumzyanid, n. potassium cyanide. 

Kaliverbindung, /. potash compound. 

Kalk, TO. lim (equivalent, in old names of 
salts, to calcium; as, phosphorsaurer Kalk, 
phosphate of lime, calcium phosphate) ; lime- 
stone; (Old Chem.) calx. geloschter Kalk, 
slaked lime. gebrannter Kalk, quicklime. 

Kalkanstrich, m. whitewash. 

kalkarm, a. deficient in lime. 

kalkartig, a. calcareous, limy. 

Kalkascher, TO. (Soap) lixiviated ashes, soap 
waste; (Leather) lime pit. 

Kalkback, m. (Sugar) lime back. 

Kalkbeuche, /. (Bleaching) lime boil. 

Kalkbewurf, m. coat of plaster, plastering. 

Kalkblau, n. blue verditer. 

Kalkboden, m. lime soil, calcareous soil. 

Kalkborat, n. calcium borate. 

Kalkbrei, TO. lime paste, lime cream. 

Kalkbrennen, n. lime burning. 

Kalkbrennerei, /. lime kiln. 

Kalkbruch, TO. limestone quarry. 

Kalkbruhe, /. milk of lime; whitewash. 

Kalke, /. (Leather) lime. 

kalkecht, a. fast to lime. 

Kalkeisenstein, TO. ferruginous limestone. 

kalken, kalken, v.t. lime. 

Kalkerde, /. lime, calcium oxide. 

Kalkf allun'g, /. precipitation of lime. 

kalkfrei, a. free from lime 

Kalkglas, n. lime glass. 

Kalkgranat, m. lime garnet (grossularite). 

Kalkguss, TO. thin lime mortar, grout. 

kalkhaltig, a. containing lime, calcareous. 

Kalkhutte, /. lime kiln. 

Kalkhydrat, n. hydrate of lime (calcium hydrox- 

kalkig, a. limy, calcareous. 

Kalklicht, n. lime light, calcium light. 

Kalkloschen, n. lime slaking. 

Kalklosung, /. solution of lime (calcium hydrox- 

Kalkmehl, n. lime powder (air-slaked lime). 

Kalkmesser, TO. calcimeter (for determination 
of carbon dioxide in limestone, etc.). 

Kalkmilch, /. milk of lime. 

Kalkofen, TO. lime kiln. 

Kalksalpeter, TO. calcium nitrate. 

Kalksalz, n. lime salt, calcium salt. 

Kalksandstein, m. calcareous sandstone; 
(Ceram.) sand-lime brick. 

Kalksauerbad, n. (Bleaching) lime sour. 

Kalkschaum, TO. lime froth or scum. 

Kalkschlamm, m. lime sludge. 

Kalkschwefelleber, /. (Pharm.) sulfurated lime, 
lime hepar. 

Kalkseife, /. lime soap, calcium soap. 

Kalksinter, TO. calcareous sinter. 

Kalkspat, m. calc-spar, calcite. 

Kalkstein, m. limestone. 

Kalksteingut, n. (Ceram.) calcareous white ware. 

Kalkstickstoff, TO. (crude) calcium cyanamide, 
" lime-nitrogen." 

Kalkverbindung, /. lime compound, calcium 

Kalkwasser, n. limewater. 

Kalmie. /. mountain laurel (Kalmia fatifolia). 




Kalmus, TO. calamus. 

Kalorimetrie, /. calorimetry. 

kalorimetrisch, a. calorimetric. 

kalt, a. cold; cool. kalter Satz, (Brewing') cold- 
water extract of malt. 

kaltblasig, a. (Metal.} refractory. 

Kaltbruch, m. cold-shortness. 

kaltbriichig, a. cold-short. 

Kalte, /. cold, coldness. 

kalteempfindlich, a. sensitive to cold. 

kalteerzeugend, p.a. frigorific. 

Kalteerzeugung, /. production of cold, refrig- 

Kaltegrad, m. degree below zero. 

Kalteleistung, /. refrigerating capacity. 

Kaltemaschine, /. refrigerating machine. 

Kaltemischung, /. freezing mixture. 

kalten, v.t. chill, ice. 

Kaltetrager, m. cooling medium. 

Kalthefe, /. wild yeast. 

kalzinieren, v.t. calcine. 

Kalzit, n. calcite. 

Kalzium, n. calcium. 

Kalzium-. See Calcium-. 

kam, prct. of kommen. 

Kambaholz, n. camwood. 

kambrisch, a. Cambrian. 

Kamel, n. camel. 

Kamerad, m. comrade, fellow. 

kameradschaftlich, a. sociable. 

Kamille, /. camomile. 

Kamin, m. chimney, stack; fireplace. 

Kaminsims, m. mantelpiece. 

Kamm, m. comb; cog (of a wheel). 

kam men, v.t. comb; card; notch. 

Kammer, /. chamber; room; ventricle (of the 

Kammerchen, n. little chamber, closet. 

Kammerdiener, m. valet. 

Kammerei, /. board of finances, exchequer. 

Rammer er, m. chamberlain; treasurer. 

Kammerkristall, m. chamber crystal. 

Kammerprozess, m. chamber process. 

Kammersaure, /. chamber acid. 

Kammerschlamm, m. chamber sludge. 

Kammersohle, /. chamber floor. 

Kammertuch, n. cambric. 

Kammerwesen, n. finances. 

kammformig, a. comb-shaped. 

Kammgarn, n. worsted. 

Kammgras, n. dog's-tail. 

Kammkies, TO. cockscomb pyrites (variety of 

Kammmuschel, /. scallop. 

Kammrad, n. cog wheel. 

Kammwolle, /. carded wool. 

Kampagne, /. campaign. 

Kam pane, /. bell jar. 

Kampescheholz, n. campeachy wood (log- 

Kampf, m. combat, conflict, battle, fight. 

kampfen, v.i. battle, contend, fight. 

Kampf er, m. camphor (for compounds see Kam- 

Kampfer, m. combatant, fighter. 

Kampf hahn, m. gamecock. 

Kampfplatz, m. field of battle, arena. 

Kampher, m. camphor. 

Kampheressig, TO. camphorated vinegar. 

Kamphergeist, m. spirit of camphor. 

kampherhaltig, a. containing camphor, cam- 

kamphern, v.t. camphorate. 

Kampherol, n. camphor oil. 

Kampherphoron, n. camphorphorone. 

Kamphersaure, /. camphoric acid. 

Kampherspiritus, m. spirit of camphor. 

Kamphorsaure, /. camphoric acid. 

Kanal, m. canal; channel; conduit; sewer. 

Kanalgas, n. sewer gas. 

Kanalisationsrohr, n., -rohre, /. sewer pipe, 
water pipe, gas pipe, or electric conduit. 

Kanaljauche, /. (liquid) sewage. 

Kanalofen, TO. tunnel kiln. 

Kanalstrahl, TO. canal ray. 

Kanapee, n. couch, sofa. 

Kanarien-. canary. 

Kandelaber, m. chandelier. 

kandieren, v.t. candy. 

Kandis, Kandiszucker, m. sugar candy. 

Kaneel, Kanel, m. cinnamon. brauner Kaneel, 
Ceylon cinnamon. 

Kaneelgranat, Kaneelstein, m. cinnamon stone 

Kanellarinde, /. canella bark. 

Kaninchen, n. rabbit. 

kann, pr. 1 & S sing, of konnen. 

Kanne, /. can; jug, pot, liter. 

kannelieren, v.t. channel, flute, groove. 

Kannenzinn, n. pewter. 

kannte, pret. of kennen. 

Kanone, /. cannon, gun. 

Kanonengut, Kanonenmetall, n. gun metal. 

Kanonenpulver, n. cannon powder. 

Kante, /. edge; border, brim; lace. 

kanten, v.t. edge, border; square (stones) ; cant, 

kantenweise, adv. edgewise, on edge. 

Kanthar-. See Canthar-. 

kantig, a. edged, angular. 

Kanzel, /. pulpit. 

Kanzlei, /. chancery. 

Kanzleitinte, /. record ink. 

kaolinisieren, v.t. kaolinize. 

Kaolinisierung, /. kaolinization. 

Kaoutschuk, m. caoutchouc, rubber. 

Kap., abbrev. (Kapitel) chapter. 

Kap, TO. cape. 

Kapaun, m. capon. 

Kapazitat, /. capacity. 




Kapelle, /. cupel; sand bath; subliming dish; 
capsule; priming cap; chapel; band. 

Kapellenasche, /. bone ash. 

Kapellenform, /. cupel mold. 

Kapellengold, n. fine gold. 

Kapellenofen, TO. cupelling furnace, assay fur- 
nace; sublimation furnace. 

Kapellenprobe, /. cupel test, cupellation. 

Kapellenraub, TO. loss in cupellation. 

Kapellensilber, n. fine silver. 

Kapellentrager, TO. cupel holder. 

Kapellenzug, TO. = Kapellenraub. 

kapellieren, v.t. cupel. 

Kaper, w. captor; privateer; pirate. 

kapern, v.t. capture. 

kapillar, a. capillary. 

Kapillar, n. capillary. 

Kapillaraffinitat, /. capillary affinity. 

Kapillaranalyse, /. capillary analysis. 

Kapillarflasche, /. capillary bottle or flask. 

Kapillargefass, n. capillary vessel. 

KapHIaritat, /. capillarity. 

Kapillarkraft, /. capillary force. 

Kapillarrohr, n., -rohre, /. capillary tube. 

Kapillarspannung, /. capillary tension. 

Kapitan, m. captain. 

Kapitel, n. chapter. 

Kappe, /. cap; hood; top, dome, crown, etc. 

kappeln, v.t. top. 

kappen, v.t. top (trees) ; cut; caponize. 

Kappenflasche, /. bottle with cap. 

Kaprinsaure, etc. See Caprinsaure, etc. 

Kapriole, /. caper, trick. 

Kapsel, /. capsule; case, box; (priming) cap; 
(Founding) chill, mold; (Ceram.) sagger. 

kapselartig, kapselformig, a. capsular. 

Kapsel guss, TO. casting in chills; chilled work. 

Kapselton, m. sagger clay. 

kaputt, a. broken, lost, ruined, done for. 

Kapuze, /. cape; cowl. 

Kapuziner, TO. Capuchin. 

Kapuzinerkresse, /. Indian cress, nasturtium. 

Kapwein, TO. Cape wine. 

karaibisch, a. Caribbean. 

Karamel, TO. caramel. 

Karatgewicht, n. troy weight. 

karatieren, v.t. alloy (gold). 

-karatig, -karatig, a. -carat (as achtzehftkaralig, 
eighteen-carat) . 

Karb-. See Garb-. 

Kardamom, m. cardamom. 

Karfreitag, m. Good Friday. 

Karfunkel, TO. carbuncle. 

karg, a. stingy, close; poor (soil). 

kargen, v.i. be sparing. 

karglich, a. sparing, spare, scanty. 

karmesin, a. crimson. 

Karmin, TO. carmine. 

Karminrot, n. carmine red. 

Karminsaure, /. carminic acid. 

karmoisin, a. crimson. 

Karnallit, TO. carnallite. 

Karnaubawachs, n. carnauba wax. 

Karneol, TO. carnelian. 

Karnies, TO. cornice. 

karntisch, karntnerisch, a. Carinthian. 

Karo, n. check, checker, square. 

Karotte, /. carrot. 

Karpfen, TO. carp. 

Karre, /. wheelbarrow; cart. 

Karren, m. cart; wheelbarrow, truck. 

Klirrner, m. carter, drayman. 

Karst, TO. mattock, hoe. 

Kartauserpulver, n. Carthusian powder (kermes 

Karte, /. card; map; thicket; cart; menu; 


Kartenblatt, n. card. 
Kartenpapier, n. cardboard. 
Kartoffel, /. potato. 
Kartoffelbranntwein, TO. potato spirits. 
Kartoffelbrei, TO. mashed potatoes. 
Kartoffelmehl, n. potato flour. 
Kartoffelstarke, /. potato starch. 
Kartoffelzucker, w. potato sugar (glucose from 

potato starch). 

Karton, TO. carton, (paste) board; carton, paste- 
board box. 

kartonieren, v.t. bind in boards. 
Karwoche, /. Passion Week. 
Kaschmir, w. cashmere. 

kaschutieren, v.t. dye with catechu or cutch. 
Kiise, TO. cheese; cheese-shaped object, as a 

disk of fireclay used as a crucible stand. 
kaseartig, a. cheesy, caseous. 
Kaselab, n. rennet, 
kiisen, v.i. curd, curdle. 

Kasepappel, /. wild mallow (Malva sylvestris). 
Kaserne, /. barracks. 
Kasesaure, /. lactic acid. 
Kasestoff, m. casein. 
Kasewasser, n. whey. 
kasig, a. cheesy, caseous, curdy. 
Kaskarillenrinde, /. cascarilla bark, 
kaspisch, a. Caspian. 
Kasse, /. (money) box, chest, safe; cash; pay 

office, ticket office, etc. 
Kasseler Erde. Cassel earth. 
Kassenfuhrer, TO. cashier. 
Kasserolle, /. casserole. 
Kassette, /. sagger; casket, coffer. 
Kassia, Kassie, /. cassia. 
Kassienbliiten, cassia buds. 
Kassienrinde, /. cassia bark. 
Kassierer, TO. cashier, treasurer, ticket 


Kassiuspurpur, m. purple of Cassius. 
Kastanie, /. chestnut. 

kastanienbraun, a. chestnut brown, chestnut. 
Kastchen, n. little chest, casket; alveolus. 




Hasten, TO. chest, box, case, trunk, frame; vat, 
back, beck; crucible (of a furnace) ; (Found- 
ing) flask; (Ceram.) sagger; (Jewelry) collet. 

Kastenblau, n. pencil blue (indigo blue pro- 
duced by vat dyeing). 

Kastorol, n. castor oil. 

katalonisch, a. Catalan. 

Katalysator, m. catalyzer. 

Katalyse, Katalysis, /. catalysis. 

katalysieren, v.t. catalyse. 

katalytisch, a. catalytic. 

Kataphorese, /. cataphoresis. 

Katechinsaure, /. catechuic acid (catechin). 

Katechugerbsaure, /. catechutannic acid. 

Katechusaure, /. catechuic acid (catechin). 

Kater, TO. (male) cat, tomcat. 

Katheder, TO. lecture desk. 

Kathodendichte, /. cathode density. 

Kathodenraum, w. cathode space, space around 
the cathode. 

Kathodenstrahl, TO. cathode ray. 

kathodochemisch, a. cathodochemical. 

Kation, n. cation, kation. 

Kattun, m. calico, cotton (cloth). 

Kattundruck, TO. calico printing. 

Kattundruckerei, /. calico printing; calico 

Kattunfabrik, /. calico factory, cotton mill. 

Kattunpresse, /. calico press. 

Katzchen, n. kitten; catkin. 

Katze, /. cat; (Paper") thread in the stuff. 

Katzenauge, /. cats-eye. 

Katzenglimmer, m., Katzengold, n. cat gold 
(yellow mica). 

Katzenminze, Katzenmiinze, /. catnip. 

kaubar, a. masticable. 

kaudern, v.i. gobble; jabber. 

kauen, v.t. & i. chew, masticate. 

Kauf, m. purchase; bargain. 

Kaufblei, n. merchant lead, commercial lead. 

kaufen, v.t. buy, purchase. 

Kaufer, TO. buyer, purchaser, customer. 

Kaufgut, n. merchandise. 

Kaufhandel, m. trade, commerce. 

Kaufladen, m. store, shop. 

kauflich, a. commercial, of commerce; mer- 
chantable, purchasable. 

Kaufmann, TO. merchant, tradesman. 

kaufmannisch, a. mercantile, commercial, busi- 

Kaufzink, n. commercial zinc. 

kaum, adv. scarcely, hardly. 

Kaumittel, n. masticatory. 

Kaupfeffer, m. betel. 

kaustisch, a. caustic. 

kaustizieren, v.t. causticize. 

Kaustizierung, /. causticization. 

Kaustizitat, /. causticity. 

Kautabak, TO. chewing tobacco. 

Eautel, /. precaution. 

kauterisieren, v.t. cauterize. 

kautschen, v.t. couch. 

Kautschuk, TO. caoutchouc, rubber. 

Kautschukfirnis, TO. rubber varnish. 

Kautschukrohre, /., Kautschukrohr, TO. rubber 

Kautschukstoff, TO. rubber cloth. 

Kautschukwaren, rubber goods. 

Kauz, w. tawny owl; fellow. 

Kaverne, /. cavity. 

keck, a. bold. 

Kegel, TO. cone; pin; skittle. 

Kegel-. conical. 

Kegelflache, /. conical surface. 

Kegelflasche, /. conical flask (as an Erlenmeyer 

kegelformig, a. cone-shaped, conical, coniform. 

Kegelglas, n. conical glass; conical flask. 

kegeln, v.i. bowl. 

Kegelrad, n. bevel wheel; cone wheel. 

Kegelschnitt, TO. conic section. 

Kehlader, /. jugular vein. 

Kehldeckel, m. epiglottis. 

Kehle, /. throat, larynx; channel, flute. 

Kehlkopf, m. larynx. 

Kehlkopf-. laryngeal. 

kehren, v.t. sweep, brush; turn. v.r. & i. turn. 

Kehricht, TO. & n. sweepings, rubbish. 

Kehrsalpeter, /. saltpeter sweepings. 

Kehrsalz, n. salt sweepings. 

keifen, v.i. scold, squabble. 

Keil, TO. wedge; cuneus; key, cotter. 

keilahnlich, keilartig, a. wedge-shaped, cunei- 
form, sphenoid. 

Keilbein, n. sphenoid bone; cuneiform bone. 

keilen, v.t. wedge; key. 

keilformig, a. = keilahnlich. 

Keilpaar, n. pair of wedges, double wedge. 

Keim, TO. germ, embryo; (of crystallization) 

Keim-. embryonic, germinal, germinating. 

Keimapparat, TO. germinating apparatus. 

Keimblatt, n. cotyledon; germinal layer. 

keimblatterig, a. cotyledonous. 

keimblattlos, a. acotyledonous. 

keimen, v.i. germinate. 

keimfahig, a. capable of germinating, germin- 

Keimhaut, /. blastoderm. 

Keimkraft, /. germinating power. 

Keimling, n. germ, embryo. 

Keimstoff, TO., Keimsubstanz, /. germinal mat- 
ter, blastema. 

keimtotend, p.a. germicidal. 

Keimung, /. germination. 

Keimwirkung, /. germ action; (of crystalliza- 
tion) action of nuclei. 

Keimzelle, /. germ cell. 

kein, a. no, not a. 

keiner, pron. no one, none, neither. 




keinesfalls, adv. in no case. 

keineswegs, adv. by no means. 

keinmal, adv. not once, never. 

-kelt. a suffix used like -heit (which see); -ness, 
-hood, -dom. 

Kelch, m. cup; calyx; infundibulum. 

Kelchblatt, n. sepal. 

kelchf ormig, a. cup-shaped. 

Kelchglas, n. cup-shaped test glass. 

Eelchmensur, /. measuring cup. 

Kelle, /. ladle; scoop; trowel. 

kellen, vd. ladle. 

Keller, m. cellar. 

Kellerei, /. cellarage. 

Kellergeschoss, n. basement. 

Kellerhals, m. mezereon (Daphne mezereum). 

Kellner, m. waiter; butler. 

Keller, /. winepress. 

kennbar, a. knowable, distinguishable; remark- 

kennen, v.t. know. 

Kenner, TO. connoisseur, professional. 

Kenntnis, /. knowledge; information, notice. 

Kennwort, n. (Com.) code word. 

Kennzeichen, n. mark, sign, indication; char- 
acteristic; criterion; symptom. 

kennzeichnen, v.t. mark, denote; distinguish; 

Kennziffer, /. index (of a logarithm). 

Keramik, /. ceramics. 

keramisch, a. ceramic. 

Kerargyrit, m. cerargyrite. 

Kerbe, /. notch, nick, groove. 

Kerker, TO. jail, prison. 

Kerl, TO. fellow. 

Kern, m. nucleus; kernel, pip, stone; pith; 
core; heart; gist; (Soap) curd. 

Kern-, nuclear; pithy, choice. 

Kernfarbc, /. nuclear stain. 

kerngebunden, p.a. united to a (or the) 

Kerngehause, n. core. 

Kernguss, m. (Founding) cored work. 

Kernhefe, /. seed yeast. 

Kernholz, n. heart wood. 

kernig, a. strong, stout, solid, vigorous; (of 
liquors) full; (of leather) compact; kernelly; 

Kernigkeit, /. (Leather) fulness, body. 

Kernisomerie,/. nucleus (or nuclear) isomerism. 

Kernmehl, n. best grade of flour, firsts. 

Kernsalz, n. rock salt. 

Kernsand, m. core sand. 

Kernseife, /. curd soap, grain soap. 

Kernsynthese, /. nuclear synthesis. 

Kerntheorie, /. nucleus theory. 

kerntrocken, a. thoroly dry. 

Kernwolle, /. prime wool. 

Kerze, /. candle. 

Kerzenstarke, /. candle power. 

Kessel, TO. kettle, caldron, copper; boiler; 

basin, reservoir; kennel. 
Kesselfabrik, /. boiler factory, 
kesselformig, a. kettle-shaped. 
Kesselkohle, /. boiler coal, steam coal. 
Kesselspannung, /. boiler pressure. 
Kesselspeisewasser, n. boiler feed water. 
Kesselstein, TO. boiler scale; compass brick. 
Kesselsteinmittel, n. boiler compound. 
Ketonsaure, /. ketonic acid, keto acid. 
Ketonspaltung, /. ketonic cleavage. 
Kette,/. chain; train, series; warp (of a fabric) ; 

bondage; (Elec.) cell, element (also, circuit). 
kettenartig, a. of the nature of a chain, chainlike. 
Kettendruck, TO. warp printing. 
kettenformig, a. having the form of a chain, 


Kettenisomerie, /. chain isomerism. 
Kettenrad, n. sprocket wheel. 
keuchen, v.i. gasp, pant. 
Keuchhusten, TO. whooping cough. 
Keule, /. pestle; club; leg, joint (of meat). 
keulenformig, a. club-shaped, clavate, clavi- 


keusch, a. chaste, pure. 
kgl., abbrev. (koniglich) royal. 
kichern, v.i. giggle, snicker. 
Kiefer, TO. jawbone, jaw, maxilla. 
Kiefer, /. pine, esp. Scotch pine (Pinus sylves- 


Kiefer-. maxillary; pine. 
Kiefernharz, n. pine resin, rosin. 
Kiefernholz, n. pine (wood). 
Keifernnadel, /. pine needle. 
Kiel, TO. quill; keel. 
Kieme, /. gill, branchia. 
Kiemen-. branchial. 
Kien, TO. resinous pine. 
Kienapfel, TO. pine cone. 
Kienbaum, TO. pine tree. 
Kienharz, TO. pine resin, rosin. 
kienig, a. piny, resinous. 
Kienol, n. pine oil, oil of turpentine. 
Kienruss, TO. pine soot (form of lampblack). 
Kies, TO. pyrites; gravel. 
Kiesabbrand, TO. roasted pyrites. 
kiesartig, a. pyritic; gravelly. 
Kiesel, TO. flint. 
Kiesel-. siliceous; silicic. 
kieselartig, a. flinty, siliceous, 
Kieselerde, /. silica. 

Kieselfluorbaryum, n. barium fluosilicate. 
Kieselfluorkalium, n. potassium fluosilicate. 
Kieselfluornatrium, n. sodium fluosilicate. 
Kieselfluorverbindung, /. fluosilicate. 
Kieselfluorwasserstoff, TO., -stofisaure, /. fluo- 

silicic acid. 

Kieselflusssaure, /. fluosilicic acid. 
Kieselgalmei, TO. siliceous calamine (hydrous 

zinc silicate). 




Kieselgips, w. vulpinite (variety of anhydrite). 

Kieselglas, n. flint glass; siliceous calamine. 

Kieselgur, Kieselguhr, m. diatomaceous earth, 

kieselhaltig, a. siliceous, siliciferous. 

Kieselkalk, TO. siliceous limestone. 

Kieselkalkeisen, n. ilvaite. 

Kieselkalkspat, m. wollastonite. 

Kieselkristall, m. crystal of silica, rock crystal. 

Kieselkupfer, n. chrysocolla. 

Kieselmangan, n. rhodonite. 

Kieselmetall, n. silicon. 

Kieselsandstein, TO. siliceous sandstone. 

kieselsauer, o. of or combined with silicic acid, 
silicate of. 

Kieselsaure, /. silicic acid. 

Kieselsaureanhydrid, n. silicic anhydride, sili- 
con dioxide. 

kieselsaurehaltig, a. containing silicic acid, sili- 

Kieselsauresalz, n. silicate. 

Kieselsaureseife, /. silicated soap. 

Kieselsinter, TO. siliceous sinter. 

Kieselspat, TO. albite. 

Kieselwasserstoff, TO. hydrogen silicide. 

Kieselwasserstoffsaure, /. hydrosilicic acid. 

Kieselwolframsaure, /. silicotungstic acid. 

Kieselzinkerz, n. siliceous calamine; willemite. 

Kieselzuschlag, TO. siliceous flux. 

kieshaltig, a. pyritiferous; gravelly. 

kiesig, a. gravelly, gritty. 

Kind, n. child. 

Kinder-balsam, TO. soothing syrup. 

Kinderpech, n. meconium. 

Kinderschleim, TO., Kinderschmiere, /. vernix 

Kindeswasser, n. amniotic fluid. 
Kindheit, /. childhood, infancy. 
Kinetik, /. kinetics. 
kinetisch, a. kinetic. 
Kinn, n. chin. 

Kinnbacken, TO. jaw, jawbone. 
Kinnlade, /. jaw. 

Kinogerbsaure, /. kinotannic acid. 
Kipp-. tilting, tipping, dumping. 
Kippe, /. edge, brink, tilt. 
kippen, v.t. tilt, tip, tip over. 
Kippscher Apparat. Kipp apparatus. 
Kirche, /. church. 

Kirchhof, m. churchyard; cemetery. 
kirr, kirre, a. tame. 
Kirschbaum, TO. cherry tree. 
Kirschbranntwein, TO. cherry brandy; kirsch. 
Kirsche, /. cherry. 

Kirschgummi, Kirschharz, n. cherry gum. 
Kirschlorbeer, m. cherry laurel. 
kirschrot, a. cherry-red. 
Kirschsaft, TO. cherry juice. 

Kirschwasser, n. kirsch, kirschwasser (a liquor 
distilled from fermented cherry juice). 

Kissen, n. cushion; pillow, bolster; pad. 

Kistchen, ru small chest, box or case. 

Kiste, /. chest, box, case. 

Kistenzucker, TO. muscovado. 

Kitt, TO. cement; lute; mastic; putty. 

Kittel, TO. smock, frock, blouse. 

kitten, v.t. cement; lute, putty, glue. 

Kitzel, TO. tickling; itching; longing desire. 

kitzeln, v.t. tickle; itch. 

Kladde, /. first draft; day book. 

Kladstein, TO. place brick (brick not fully 

klaffen, v.i. gape, yawn; split. 

klaffen, v.i. bark; clamor. 

Klafter, /. cord (of wood) ; fathom. 

Klage,/. complaint, grievance; suit, accusation; 

klagen, v.i. lament; complain; sue. 

klaglich, a. lamentable, mournful, wretched. 

klamm, a. tight, close, narrow; clammy. 

Klammer,/. clamp, clasp, cramp; parenthesis; 
(eckige) bracket. 

klammern, v.t. cramp, clamp, rivet, fasten. 

klang, prct. of klingen. 

Klang, TO. sound, ring, clang; timbre. 

Klappe, /. flap, trap, lid; damper; (clack) 

valve; stop. 

klappen, v.t. clap, flap. v.i. clap, strike, clatter. 
Klappen-. valvular. 
Klapperrose, /. corn poppy. 
Klapperschlange, /. rattlesnake. 
Klapperstein, m. eaglestone (nodular clay iron- 

klapsen, v.t. clap, smack, slap. 
klar, a. clear. 

Kliir-. clearing, clarifying, fining, settling. 
Klarbassin, n. settling tank or reservoir. 
Klarbottich, TO. clearing tub, settling vat. 
Klare, /. clarifier; clear (clarified) liquid; coal- 
dust; boneash. 
klaren, v.t. clear, clarify, purify, defecate. 

v.r. clear, clear up. 

Klarfass, n. clearing cask or tub, clarifier, set- 
tler; (Brewing) cleansing cask; (Vinegar) 
fining tun. 

Klarflasche, /. decanting bottle (or flask). 
Klargefass, n. (Sugar) clarifier. 
Klarheit, /. clearness, clarity. 
Klarkasten, TO. (Paper) settler. 
Klarkessel, TO. (Sugar, etc.) clarifier. 
klarkochen, v.t. boil till clear. 
Klarmittel, n. clarifying or clearing agent, 

clarifier, fining. 
Klarpfanne, /. (Sugar) clearing pan, clarifier, 

defecating pan. 
Klarsel, n. (Sugar) filtered liquor (or sirup); 

fine liquor, clairc6. 
Klarstaub, m. boneash. 
Klarung, /. clarification, clarifying, clearing 
Klarungsmittel, n. = Klarmittel. 


Klasse, /. class. 

klassifizieren, v.t. classify. 

klastisch, a. clastic. 

Klatsch, TO. clap, pop, slap, etc.; gossip. 

klatschen, v.i. clap, pop, flap, etc.; chat, 


Klatschrose, /. corn poppy, 
klauben, v.t. pick, sort. 
Klaue, /. claw; paw; hoof; clutch, grasp. 
Klaucnfett, Klauenol, n. neat's-foot oil. 
Klause, /. cell; closet; sink. 
Klavier, n. piano. 
Elavierdraht, m. piano wire. 
Klebather, TO. collodion. 
Klebe, /. dodder. 

Klebemittel, n. adhesive, agglutinant. 
kleben, v.i. stick, adhere. v.t. stick, glue, gum, 

paste. klebend, p.a. adherent, adhesive, 

glutinative, agglutinant. 
Klebepflaster, n. adhesive plaster. 
Kleber, m. gluten; adhesive; sticker, gluer. 
Kleberbrot, n. gluten bread. 
kleberig, a. sticky, adhesive, viscid, glutinous. 
Kleberigkeit, /. viscidity, viscosity. 
Kleberleint; TO. gluten glue. 
Kleberprotein, n. gluten protein. 
Klebesioff, m. adhesive substance, cement. 
Klebkraft, /. adhesive power. 
Klebkraut, n. cleavers (Galium). 
klebrig, klebricht, a. = kleberig. 
Klebsand, m. (Ceram.) luting sand, daubing 


Klebstoff, TO. = Klebestoff . 
klecken, v.i. blot; blur; daub. 
Klecks, TO. blot, splotch. 
Klee, TO. clover, trefoil. ewiger Klee, Luzerner 

Klee, alfalfa, lucern. spanischer Klee, tur- 

kischer Klee, sainfoin. 
Kleebaum, TO. = Hopfenbaum. 
Kleesalz, n. salt of sorrel (acid potassium 

oxalate, potassium binoxalate). 
kleesauer, a. of or combined with oxalic acid, 

oxalate of. 

Kleesaure, /. oxalic acid. 
Kleeseide, /. dodder. 
Klei, TO. clay. 

Kleiabsudbad, n. (Dyeing) bran decoction. 
Kleid, n. garment, dress, clothing, garb. 
kleiden, v.t. dress, clothe; fit. 
kleidsam, a. becoming. 
Kleidung, /. clothing, dressing, costume. 
Kleie, /. bran. 

kleienartig, a. branny, furfuraceous. 
Kleienbad, n., Kleienbeize, /. bran drench, 

bran steep. 

Kleienbrot, n. bran bread. 
Kleienmehl, n. pollard. 
klein, a. small, little; short. 
Klein, n. (Mining) smalls. 
Kleinasien, n. Asia Minor. 



Kleinbetrieb, m. work on a small scale; small 

Kleinfarber, TO. clothes dyer. 

Kleinhandel, TO. retail trade. 

Kleinhek, /. smallness, minuteness. 

Kleinhirn, n. cerebellum. 

Kleinigkeit, /. trifle. 

kleinkornig, a. small-grained. 

Kleinlebewesen, n. microorganism. 

kleinlich, a. petty, paltry, mean. 

Kleinmiihle, /. pulverizing mill. 

Kleinod, n. jewel, gem, ornament. 

kleinstadtisch, a. provincial. 

Kleister, TO. paste; size (thin paste). 

kleistern, v.t. paste; size (with paste). 

kleistrig, a. pasty, sticky. 

Klemmbacken, (Alack.) jaws. 

Klemme, /. clamp; nippers, tongs; dilemma. 

klemmen, v.t. pinch, squeeze, bind. 

Klemmer, TO. pinch cock; nose glasses. 

Klemmschraube, /. binding screw, set screw. 

Klempner, TO. tinman, tinker. 

Klette, /. bur; burdick. 

Klettenwurzel, /. (Pharm.) lappa, burdock root. 

klettern, v.i. climb. 

Klima, n. climate. 

klimmen, v.t. climb. 

klimpern, v.i. jingle, tinkle, strum. 

Klinge, /. blade; sword. 

Klingel, /. (small) bell. 

klingeln, v.i. ring; tinkle, jingle. 

klingen, v.i. sound, ring, clink. 

Klingglas, n. flint glass. 

Klingstein, TO. clinkstone (phonolite). 

Klinke, /. latch; (door) handle. 

Klippe, /. cliff, rock, crag. 

klirren, v.i. clink, clatter. 

Kloake, /. cloaca, sewer. 

Kloakenwasser, n. sewage. 

Kloben, TO. pulley; vise; pincers; log. 

klomm, pret. of klimmen. 

klopfen, v.i. beat, knock, tap. , 

Klopfholz, n. mallet, beater. 

Klopfsieb, n. shaking or tapping sieve. 

Kloppel, TO. beater, knocker, clapper, etc.; (lace) 

KIoss, TO. clod; dumpling. 

Kloster, n. cloister. 

Klotz, TO. block, log, stump. 

klotzen, v.t. (Calico) slop-pad. 

Klotzschwarz, n. (Dyeing) slop-padded black. 

Kluft, /. cleft, chasm, gulf; tongs. 

kluften, v.t. cleave. 

Kliiftung, /. cleaving, segmentation. 

klug, a. clever, knowing, wise, skilful. 

Kliimpchen, n. little lump, etc. (see Klumpen). 

Klumpen. TO. lump, mass; ingot; bloom; nug- 
get; clot; clod. 

klumpfussig, a. club-footed. 

Kluppe, /. pincers, tongs; diestock. 




Kluppzange, /. forceps. 

Klystier, n. enema. 

knabbern, v.t. & i. gnaw, nibble. 

Knabe, TO. boy. 

knacken, v.i. crack; crackle, crepitate. v.t. 

Knall, m. detonation; explosion, report, crack, 

Knall-. detonating; fulminating, fulminate of. 

Knallblei, n. fulminating lead. 

knallen, v.i. detonate, fulminate; crack, pop, go 

Knallflamme, /. oxyhydrogen flame. 

Knallgas, n. detonating gas, specif., an explo- 
sive mixture of hydrogen and oxygen., n. oxyhydrogen blowpipe. 

Knallgaslicht, n. oxyhydrogen light. 

Knallglas, n. Rupert's drop; anaclastic glass. 

Knallgold, n. fulminating gold. 

Knallluft, /. detonating gas. 

Knallpulver, n. detonating powder. 

Knallpyrometer, n. explosion pyrometer. 

Knallquecksilber, n. fulminating mercury (mer- 
curic fulminate). 

Knallsatz, m. detonating composition. 

knallsauer, a. of or combined with fulminic 
acid, fulminate of. 

Knallsaure, /. fulminic acid. 

Knallsilber, n. fulminating silver. 

Knallziindmittel, n. detonating priming. 

knapp, a. close, tight, narrow; scanty; exact. 

Knappe, m. squire; miner. 

knarren, v.i. crackle, rattle, creak, squeak. 

Knast, TO. knot (in wood). 

Knauel, Knauel, TO. ball, coil (of thread, etc.); 

Knaueldriise, /. sweat gland. 

knauelformig, a. convoluted. 

Knauf, m. knob, stud; capital. 

Knebel, TO. stick; gag. 

Knecht, m. (man) servant; trestle, horse. 

kneifen, v.t. nip, squeeze, pinch, gripe. 

Kneifer, TO. nose glasses. 

Kneifzange, /. nippers. 

Kneipe, /. pincers, nippers; beer party; tavern. 

kneipen, v.t. nip, pinch, squeeze, gripe; drink 

kneten, v.L knead; (Ceram.) pug. 

Knick, TO. break (in curves, etc.); crack, flaw. 

knicken, v.t. crack; break. 

knickerig, a. stingy. 

Knickpunkt, m. (in a curve) break. 

Knie, n. knee; angle, elbow. 

knieen, v.i. kneel. 

knieformig, a. knee-shaped, geniculate. 

Kniekehle, /. popliteal space. 

Enierohr, n., Knierohre, /. elbow tube (or pipe), 
bent tube. 

Kniescheibe, /. kneepan, patella. 

Knlestiick, n. (Math.) elbow. 

kniff, prei. of kneifen. 
Kniff, TO. pinch; crease; trick, device, 
knirschen, v.i. crackle, grate, crunch, rustle. 
Knirschpulver, n. a kind of coarse gunpowder. 
Knistergold, n. Dutch metal, Dutch gold, 
knistern, v.i. crackle, crepitate; (of silk) rustle. 
Knitter, TO. crease. 
Knittergold, n. = Knistergold. 
knit tern, v.i. crackle; crumple. 
Knoblauch, TO. garlic. 
knoblauchartig, o. garlic-like, garlicky. 
Knochel, TO. knuckle; ankle; (pi.) dice. 
Knochen, TO. bone. 
Knochen-. bony, osseous, osteo-. 
knochenahnlich, a. bonelike, osseous. 
Knochenasche, /. bone ash. 
knochenbildend, p.a. bone-forming. 
Knochenbruch, TO. fracture. 
Knochendampfapparat, TO. bone steamer. 
Knochendunger, TO. bone manure. 
Knochenerde, /. bone earth (bone ash). 
Knochenfett, n. bone fat, bone grease. 
Knochenhauer, TO. butcher. 
Knochenhaut, /. periosteum. 
Knochenkohle, /. bone black. 
Knochenleim, TO. bone glue, osteocolla. 
Knochenmann, TO. skeleton; Death. 
Knochenmehl, n. bone meal, bone dust. 
Knochenol, n. bone oil, Dippel's oil. 
Knochenporzellan, n. bone porcelain, bone 


Knochensaure, /. phosphoric acid. 
Knochenschwarz, n. bone black, 
knochern, a. of bone, bony, osseous. 
Knollchen, n. nodule, little knob. 
Knolle, /. lump, knob, nodule; tuber; tubercle, 
knoll ig, a. knobby, knotty, bulbous; immense. 
Knopf, TO. button; stud, head, knob; knot. 
Knopfdeckel, TO. knobbed cover. 
Knopper, /. (nut) gall, gallnut. 
Knorpel, TO. cartilage, gristle. 
Knorpelleim, m. chondrin. 
Knorpeltang, TO. carrageen, (Pharm.) chondrus. 
knorplich, a. cartilaginous. 
Knorren, n. protuberance, excrescence, knot, 

gnarl, snag. 
Knospe, /. bud. 
knospen, v.i. bud. 
Knoten, TO. knot; node; nodule; tubercle; 

knob; plot. 

knoten, v.t. knot, tie in knots. 
Knotenwurz, /. fifwort, (Pharm.) scrophularia. 
Khoterich, TO. knotgrass (Polygonum sp.). 
knotig, a. knotty, nodular, tubercular, knobby; 


knuffen, v.t. pommel, cuff. 
knupfen, v.t. knit, tie, unite, attach. 
Knuppel, TO. billet; cudgel, club. 
knurren, v.i. snarl, growl, rumble, 
knusperig, a. crisp. 




Koagulationswarme, /. heat of coagulation. 

koagulierbar, a. coagulable. 

koagulieren, v.t. & i. coagulate. 

Koagulierungsmittel, n. coagulating agent, 

Kobalt, TO. cobalt. 

Kobaltbliite, Kobaltblume, /. cobalt bloom 

Kobaltchlorid, n. cobalt chloride, specif., co- 
baltic chloride. 

Kobaltchlorur, n. cobaltous chloride. 

Kobaltgelb, n. cobalt yellow. 

Kobaltglanz, m. cobalt glance (cobaltite). 

kobalthaltig, a. cobaltiferous. 

Kobalti-. cobaltic, cobalti-. 

Kobaltiak, n. cobaltiac, cobaltammine. 

Kobaltiaksalz, n. cobaltiac salt, cobaltammine 

Kobalticyankalium, n. potassium cobalticya- 

Kobalticyanwasserstoff, TO. cobalticyanic acid. 

Koballikaliumnitrit, n. potassium cobaltinitrite. 

Kobaltiverbindung, /. cobaltic compound. 

Kobaltkies, m. cobalt pyrites (Imnaeite). 

Kobaltmanganerz, n. asbolite. 

Kobalto-. cobaltous, cobalto-. 

Kobaltosalz, n. cobaltous salt. 

Kobaltoverbindung, /. cobaltous compound. 

Kobaltoxyd, n. cobalt oxide, specif., cobaltic 

Kobaltoxydoxydul, n. cobaltocobaltic oxide. 

Kobaltoxydul, n. cobaltous oxide. 

Kobaltoxydulverbindung, /. cobaltous com- 

Kobaltoxydverbindung, /. cobaltic compound. 

Kobaltsalz, n. cobalt salt. 

Kobaltspeise, /. cobalt speiss. 

Kobaltverbindung, /. cobalt compound. 

Kobaltvitriol, TO. cobalt vitriol (cobaltous sul- 

Kober, TO. basket. 

Kobold, m. goblin, gnome. 

Koch, m. cook. 

Kochapparat, m. cooking apparatus. 

Kochbecher, TO. beaker. 

Kochdauer, /. duration of boiling. 

kochecht, a. fast to boiling (in water). 

kochen, v.t. boil; cook. v.i. boil. 

Kochen, n. boiling, ebullition; cooking, cook- 

Kocher, TO. boiler; cooker; hot plate. 

Kocher, TO. quiver; case. 

Kochflasche, /. boiling flask. 

Kochgefass, n. boiling vessel, boiler; cooking 
vessel; (Paper, etc.) bucking keir. 

kochheiss, a. boiling hot. 

Kochhitze, /. boiling heat. 

Kochkessel, TO. boiling kettle, boiler; (Paper) 
pulp boiler, pulp digester. 

Kochklare, /. (Sugar) filtered liquor (or sirup). 

Kochkolbchen, n. small boiling flask, fractional 

distillation flask. 
Kochkolben, TO. boiling flask. 
Kochlauge, /. boiling lye. 
Kochpuddeln, n. pig boiling. 
Kochpunkt, TO. boiling point. 
Kochrohr, n., -rohre, /. boiling tube, distilling 


Kochsalz, n. common salt (sodium chloride). 
Kochwasser, n. boiling water. 
Kochzucker, TO. brown sugar; powdered sugar. 
Koder, m. bait, lure. 
Koeffizient, TO. coefficient. 
Koffer, TO. trunk, coffer, box. 
Kohasion, /. cohesion. 
Kohl, TO. cabbage. 
Kohle, /. coal; charcoal; carbon. 
Kohlelampe, /. carbon lamp, 
kohlen, v.t. char; carbonize, carburize. v.i. 


Kohlenbenzin, n. benzene, benzol. 
Kohlenbergbau, TO. coal mining. 
Kohlenbleispat, TO. cerussite. 
Kohlenbleivitriolspat, TO. lanarkite. 
Kohlenblende, /. anthracite. 
Kohlenbohrer, TO. charcoal borer. 
Kohlenbrennen, n. charcoal burning; coal burn- 

Kohlenbrennerie, /. charcoal works. 
Kohlendampf, TO. gases from burning coal. 
Kohlendioxyd, n. carbon dioxide. 
Kohlendithiolsaure, /. dithiolcarbonic acid. 
Kohlendunst, TO. vapor from coals (containing 

carbon monoxide as a poisonous ingredient). 
Kohleneisen, n. iron carbide. 
Kohleneisenstein, TO. blackband (carbonaceous 

iron carbonate). 
Kohl enf liter, n. charcoal filter; boneblack 


Kohlenfloz, n. coal seam, coal measure. 
Kohlenfutter, n. carbonaceous lining. 
Kohlengas, n. coal gas. 
Kohlengrube, /. coal mine. 
kohlenhaltig, a. carbonaceous, carboniferous. 
Kohlenhydrat, n. carbohydrate. 
Kohlenkalkspat, TO. anthraconite. 
Kohlenkalkstein, TO. carboniferous limestone. 
Kohlenkarbonit, n. kohlencarbonite (trade 

name of an explosive). 
Kohlenklein, n. small coal. 
Kohlenlicht, n. carbon light. 
Kohlenlosche, /. coal dust or slack. 
Kohlenmeiler, TO. charcoal pile. 
Kohlenmonoxyd, n. carbon monoxide. 
Kohlenolsaure, /. carbolic acid. 
Kohlenoxychlorid, n. carbon oxychloride, car- 

bonyl chloride. 

Kohlenoxyd, n. carbon monoxide. 
Kohlenoxyd-Eisen, n. iron carbonyl. 
Kohlenoxyd-Hamoglobin, n. carbohemoglobin. 




Kohlenoxydkalium, n. potassium carboxide, 
potassium hexacarbonyl. 

Kohlenoxydknallgas, n. explosive mixture of 
carbon monoxide and oxygen. 

Kohlenoxydnickel, m. & n. nickel carbonyl. 

kohlenoxydreich, a. rich in carbon monoxide. 

Kohlensandstein, TO. carboniferous sandstone. 

kohlensauer, a. of or combined with carbonic 

. acid, carbonate of. 

Kohlensaure, /. carbonic acid. 

Kohlensaureanhydrid, n. carbonic anhydride 
(carbon dioxide). 

Kohlensauregas, n. carbonic acid gas (carbon 

kohlensaurehaltig, a. containing carbonic acid, 

Kohlensauremesser, m. instrument or appara- 
tus for measuring carbon dioxide, anthra- 

Kohlensauresalz, n. carbonate. 

Kohlensaurewasser, n. carbonated water, soda 

Kohlenschiefer, m. bituminous shale; coal-bear- 
ing shale. 

Kohlenschlichte, /. (Founding) black wash. 

Kohlenschwarz, n. charcoal black. 

Kohlenspat, m. anthraconite. 

Kohlenspitze, /. carbon point. 

Kohlenstaub, m. coal dust; charcoal dust. 

Kohlenstickstoff, m. cyanogen. 

Kohlenstickstoffsaure, /. picric acid (Liebig's 

Kohlenstoff, TO. carbon. 

Kohlenstoffbindung, /. carbon linkage. 

Kohlenstoffeisen, n. iron carbide. 

Kohlenstoffentziehung, /. removal of carbon, 

Kohlenstoffgehalt, TO. carbon content. 

kohlenstoffhaltig, a. carbonaceous, carbonifer- 

Kohlenstoffkalzium, n. calcium carbide. 

Kohlenstoffkern, TO. carbon nucleus. 

Kohlenstoffkette, /. carbon chain. 

Kohlenstoffmetall, n. carbide. 

kohlenstoffreich, a. rich in carbon. 

Kohlenstoffsilicium, n. carbon silicide. 

Kohlenstoffsulfid, n. carbon disulfide. 

Kohlenstoffverbindung, /. carbon compound. 

Kohlensuboxyd, n. carbon suboxide. 

KohlensulPd, n. carbon disulfide. 

Eohlensulfidsalz, n. thiocarbonate, sulfocar- 

Kohlenteer, TO. coal tar. 

Kohlentiegel, TO. carbon crucible; charcoal cru- 
cible; crucible with carbonaceous lining. 

Kohlenwasserstoff, TO. hydrocarbon. 

KohlenwasserstofTgas, n. hydrocarbon gas. 

' (leichtes) methane; (schweres) ethylene. 

kohlenwasserstoffhaltig, a. containing hydro- 
carbons, hydrocarbonaceous. 

Kohlenwasserstoffverbindung, /. hydrocarbon. 

Kohlenziegel, TO. coal briquet. 

Kohler, TO. charcoal burner. 

Kohlerei, /. charcoal burning; charcoal 

kohlig, a. like coal, coaly, coal-bearing. 

Kohlpalme, /. cabbage palm. 

Kohlrube, /. rutabaga. 

Kohlsaat, /. colza, rapeseed. 

Kohlsaatol, n. colza oil, rape oil. 

kohlschwarz, o. coal-black. 

Kohlung, /. charring; carbonization, carburiza- 

kohobieren, v,t. cohobate, distil repeatedly. 

Koje, /. cabin, stateroom. 

Kok, TO. coke. 

Koka, /. coca. 

Kokaih, n. cocaine. 

Koke, TO. & /. coke. 

Koker, TO. sagger. 

Kokesabfall, TO. refuse coke. 

Kokesbrennen, n. coke burning, coking. 

Kokeskohle, /. coking coal. 

Kokesklein, n. small coke, coke dust. 

kokettieren, v.i. coquet. 

Kokkelskorn, n. cocculus indicus. 

Kokon, m. cocoon. 

Kokos, Kokosbaum, TO. coco, coco palm, coco- 
nut tree. 

Kokosbutter, /. coconut butter (coconut oil). 

Eokosfaser, /. coco fiber, coir (fiber from the 
husk of the coconut). 

Kokosfett, n. coconut oil. 

Kokosnuss, /. coconut. 

Kokosnussol, Kokosol, n. coconut oil. 

Kokospalme, /. coco palm. 

Kokosseife, /. coconut-oil soap. 

Kokostalg, m. coconut oil. 

Kokostalgsaure, /. cocinic acid (formerly sup- 
posed to exist in coconut oil). 

Koks, TO. & TO. pi. coke. 

Kolanuss, /. cola nut. 

Kolatorium, n. colatorium, strainer. 

Kolbchen, . little flask, etc. (see Kolben). 

Kolben, TO. flask; butt, butt end; club; pis- 
ton; soldering iron; (Metal.) bloom; (Old 
Chem.) bolthead, matrass, cucurbit; (Bot.) 
head, spike. 

Kolbenschimmel, TO. club mold (Aspergillus 

Eolbenstange, /. piston rod. 

Kolbentrager, TO. flask support, flask stand. 

kolieren, v.t. filter, percolate. 

Kolierrahmen, TO. filtering frame. 

Koliertuch, n. filtering cloth. 

Kolleg, n. (course of) lectures; college. 

Kollege, TO. colleague. 

Kollergang, TO., Kollermuhle, /. edge mfll. 

kollern, v.i. rumble; gobble; rave; roll. 

Kollodium, n. collodion. 




Kollodiumwolle, /. collodion cotton, soluble 
guncotton, pyroxylin. 

kolloid, a. colloidal, colloid. 

Kolloidchemie, /. colloid chemistry, chemistry 
of colloids. 

kolloidchemisch, a. colloidochemical. 

Kolloidstoff, TO., Kolloidsubstanz,/. colloid sub- 
stance, colloid. 

kolner, kolnisch, a. Cologne. 

Kolnerwasser, n. cologne, Cologne water. 

Kolombowurzel, /. calumba root, calumba. 

Kolonialzucker, m. muscovado; cane sugar. 

Kolonne, /. column. 

Kolophoneisenerz, m. pitticite. 

Kolophonium, n. colophony, rosin. 

Kolophonsaure, /. colophonic acid. 

Koloquinte, /. colocynth. 

kolorimetrisch, a. colorimetric. 

Kolumbowurzel, /. = Kolombowurzel. 

Komansaure, /. comanic acid. 

kombinieren, v.t. & L combine. 

Komensaure, /. comenic acid. 

komisch, a. comic, funny. 

kommen, v.i. come; happen; be, come out. 

Kommers, m. drinking party. 

Kommerz, m. commerce. 

Kommis, m. clerk. 

kommunizieren, v.i. communicate. 

Komodie, /. comedy. 

kompensieren, v.t. compensate. 

komplementar, a. complementary. 

kompliziert, p.a. complicated. 

Komposition, /. composition; (Dyeing) tin com- 
position (solution of tin in aqua regia). 

Kompott, n. compote (preserved or stewed fruit) . 

Kompressibilitat, /. compressibility. 

Kompressionswelle, /. compression wave. 

komprimieren, v.t. compress. 

Konchylien, shells, shellfish. 

Kondensationsapparat, m. condensing appara- 
tus, condenser. 

Kondensationsrohr, n., -rohre, /. condensing 
tube; adapter. 

Kondensator, m. condenser. 

kondensierbar, a. condensable. 

kondensieren, v.t. & i. condense. 

konditionieren, v.t. condition. 

Konditor, m. confectioner. 

Konfekt, n. confectionery. 

kongelieren, v.i. congeal. 

Konifere, /. conifer. 

Konig, m. regulus; king. 

Konigin, /. queen. 

Koniginmetall, n. queen's metal (a tin alloy). 

koniglich, a. kingly, regal. 

Konigreich, n. kingdom, realm. 

Konigsalbe, /. (Pharm.) rosin cerate, basilicon 

Kdnigsblau, n. king's blue (a name for cobalt 
blue and for smalt). 

Konigschinarinde, /. calisaya bark, (yellow) 

Konigsgelb, n. king's yellow (AsaSs); chrome 
yellow; massicot. 

Konigsgriin, n. Paris green. 

Konigskerze, /. (common) mullen. 

Konigskrankheit, /. king's evil, scrofula. 

Konigssaure, /. aqua regia. 

Konigswasser, n. aqua regia. 

Koniin, n. conine, coniine. 

konisch, a. conic, conical, coniform. 

konjugiert, p.a. conjugate. 

konkav, a. concave. 

Konkrement, n. concrement, concretion. 

Konkurrenz, /. competition. 

konkurrieren, v.i. compete. 

Konkurs, TO. bankruptcy, failure; assignment. 

konnen, v.t. be able, can; may. 

konnte, pret. of konnen. 

Konserve, /. conserve, preserve; (Pharm.) con- 
fection, electuary. 

konserviercn, v.t. preserve. 

Konservierung, /. preservation, conservation. 

Konservierungsfirnis, TO. preserving varnish. 

Konservierungsmittel, n. preservative. 

Konsistenz, /. consistency. 

Konsistenzmesser, m. viscosimeter. 

Konstante, /. constant. 

konstatieren, v.t. ascertain, establish, verify. 

Konstitutionsformel, /. constitutional formula. 

Konstitutionswasser, n. water of constitution. 

konstruieren, v.t. construct. 

Kontaktgift, n. contact poison. 

Kontaktsubstanz, /. contact substance, cata- 

Kontaktverfahren, n. contact process. 

Kontaktwirkung, /. contact action, catalysis. 

kontinuierlich, a. continuous. 

KontinuiUit, /. continuity. 

Kontrastfarbung, /. contrast staining. 

Kontrollversuch, TO. control test, control experi- 

Konus, m. cone. 

konventionell, a. conventional. 

konvergieren, v.i. converge. konvergierend, 
p.a. convergent. 

Konversionssalpeter, TO. converted saltpeter 
(sodium nitrate converted into potassium ni- 
trate by double decomposition with potas- 
sium chloride). 

Konverterfutter, n. converter lining. 

konz., abbrev. (konzentriert) concentrated. 

Konzentrationsverhaltnis, /. ratio of concen- 

konzentrieren, v.t. concentrate. 

Konzentrierung, /. concentration. 

konzentrisch, a. concentric. 

Kopaivabalsam, TO. copaiba balsam, copaiba. 

Kopaivaol, n. oil of copaiba. 

Kopaivasaure, /. copaivic acid. 




Kopalfirnis, m. copal varnish. 

Kopalharz, n. copal resin, copal. 

Kopf, TO. head; crown (of a hat); bowl (of a 

Kopfdecke, /. scalp. 

Kopfdriise, /. cephalic gland. 

kopfen, v.t. top; behead. 

Kopfhaut, /. scalp. 

-kopfig. -headed. 

Kopfkissen, n. pillow. 

kopflos, a. headless, acephalous; silly. 

Kopfputz, TO. headdress, coiffure. 

Kopfring, TO. (Zinc) nozzle block. 

Kopfrose, /. erysipelas. 

Kopfsalat, TO. head lettuce. 

kopfscheu, a. skittish, timid. 

Kopfschimmel, m. any mold of the genus Mucor. 

Kopfschmerz, TO. headache. 

Kopfsteuer, /. poll tax. 

Kopf iiberschrift, /. principal heading. 

Kopfwassersucht, /. hydrocephalus. 

Kopfweh, n. headache. 

kopieren, v.t. copy. 

Kopiertinte, /. copying ink. 

koppeln, v.t. couple. 

kdppeln, v.i. (Brewing) froth in after-fermenta- 

Koppelung, /. coupling. 

Koppel wirtschaft, /. rotation of crops. 

Koprolith, TO. coprolite. 

kor, pret. of ktiren. 

Koralle, /. coral. 

korallenartig, a. coral-like, coralloid. 

Korb, m. basket; hamper, crate, canister; 
(Mining) corf, cage. 

Korbflasche, /. carboy; demijohn. 

Kordit, n. cordite. 

Korinthe, /. (dried) currant. 

Korkbohrer, m. cork borer. 

Korksaure, /. suberic acid. 

Korkschwarz, n. cork black. 

Korkspund, m. cork stopper, cork. 

Korkstein, TO. cork board. 

Korkstoff, TO. suberin. 

Korkstopfen, TO. cork stopper, cork. 

Korkteppich, m. linoleum. 

Korkzieher, TO. corkscrew. 

Korn, n. grain; fineness, standard (of coins); 
corn; (of flax) boon; (Assaying) button. 

Kornalkohol, m. grain alcohol. 

Kornbildung, /. (Sugar) granulation, crystal- 

Kornbildungspunkt, TO. (Sugar) granulating 

Kornblei, n. grain lead (finely granulated lead 
for use in assaying). 

Kornbranntwein, TO. grain spirits, whisky. 

Kornbiirste, /. (Assaying) button brush. 

Kornchen, n. little grain, granule. 

Korneisen, n. iron of granular fracture. 

Kornelkirsche, /. cornelian cherry. 

korneln, v.t. granulate. 

kornen, v.t. granulate; grain; corn (gun- 
powder) . gekornt, p.a. granulated, granular. 

Korner-. granular, grained. 

Kornerasant, n. asafetida in grains. 

Kornerfrucht, /. cereal, grain. 

Kornerlack, TO. seed-lac. 

Kornerleder, ji. grained leather. 

Kornerzinn, n. grain tin, granular tin. 

kornformig, a. in the form of grains, granular. 

Kornfuselol, n. fusel oil from grain. 

Kornhaus, n. (Explosives) corning house, granu- 
lating house. 

kornig, a. granular, granulated; grainy, gritty; 
grained, showing a grain; brittle (malt). 

kornigkristallinisch, a. granular-crystalline. 

Kornkafer, TO. grain weevil. 

Kornkluft, /. assayer's tongs. 

Kornkochen, n. (Sugar) boiling to grain. 

Kornkupfer, Kornkupfer, n. granulated copper. 

Kornmutter, /. ergot. 

Kornprufer, TO. grain tester. 

Kornpuddeln, n. puddling of fine-grained iron. 

Kornpulver, n. granulated powder, powder in 

Kornsieb, n. granulating sieve; grain sieve. 

Kornstahl, TO. granulated steel. 

Kornung, /. granulation; graining; grain. 

Korn wage, /. button balance, assay balance; 
grain scales. 

Kornzange, /. assayer's tongs. 

Kornzinn, n. (Metal.) grain tin. 

Kornzucker, TO. granulated sugar. 

Korper, TO. body; , substance, compound. 
(Careful modern usage avoids the transla- 
tion " body " for chemical substances.) 

Korperbau, TO. bodily structure, build. 

Korperbeschaffenheit, /. constitution. 

Korperchen, n. corpuscle; particle. 

Korperfarbe, /. body color. 

Korperf iille, /. corpulence. 

Korpergruppe,/. group of substances (or bodies). 

Korperklasse, /. class of substances (or bodies) . 

korperlich, a. bodily, corporeal, material; cor- 
puscular; solid. 

Korperschaft, /. corporation. 

Korperstoff, TO. organic matter; matter. 

Korperteilchen, n. particle. 

Korperwarme, /. body heat. 

korr., abbrev. (korrigiert) corrected. 

Korrektivmittel, n. corrigent. 

Korrektur, /. correction; proof. 

korrigieren, v.t. correct. 

korrodierenj, v.t. & i. corrode. 

Korund, ?re. corundum. 

Kosekante, /. cosecant. 

Kosinus, ;ra. cosine. 

kosmetisch, a. cosmetic. 

Kosobluten, (Pharm.) cusso. 




Kost, /. food, fare, diet, board. 

kostbar, o. costly, expensive, precious. 

kosten, v.i. cost. 

Kosten, costs, expenses, charges. 

Kostenanschlag, TO. estimate (of cost). 

kostenfrei, a. free of charge. 

Kostganger, TO. boarder. 

Kostgcld, n. board; alimony. 

kostlich, a. costly, dainty, excellent. 

kostspielig, a. expensive. 

Kot, TO. feces, excrement; mud, dirt. 

Kot-. fecal. 

Kotabgang, TO. defecation. 

kotartig, a. fecal, feculent. 

kotausfuhrend, kotausleerend, p.a. purgative, 

Koter, TO. cur. 

Kotgeruch, TO. fecal odor. 

kotig, a. fecal, stercoraceous; dirty, filthy. 

kotonisieren, v.L degum (silk). 

Kotschleuse, /. sewer. 

Kotstein, TO. fecal concretion. 

Kovolum, Kovolumen, n. covolume. 

Kp., abbrev. (Kochpunkt) boiling point, b.p. 

Krabbe, /. crab. 

krabbecht, a. fast to crabbing. 

krabbeln, v.L tickle. v.i. itch; crawl. 

Krach, TO. crack, crash. 

krachen, v.i. crack, crash, crackle; (of silk) 

krachzen, v.i. croak; groan. 

Kraft, /. force; power; strength, vigor. 

kraft, prep, on the strength of, by virtue of. 

Krafteinheit, /. unit of force. 

Kraftgas, n. power gas. 

kraftig, a. strong, powerful, forcible, nourish- 
ing; (of hides) plump. 

Kraftleitung, /. (Elec.) power circuit. 

Kraftlinie, /. line of force. 

Krafttnehl, n. starch, amylum. 

Kraftmesser, m. dynamometer. 

Kraftsammler, m. accumulator. 

Kraftwirkung, /. effect, action (of a force) 

Kragen, TO. collar; cape; flange. 

Krahe, /. crow. 

krahen, v.i. crow. 

Krahenaugen, nux vomica. 

Krahn, TO. = Kran. 

Kralle, /. claw. 

Kram, TO. retail; store, shop; retail articles; 
stuff, lot. 

Kramer, m. retailer, storekeeper, tradesman. 

Kramergewicht, n. avoirdupois. 

Krampe, /. cramp, cramp iron. 

Krampf, TO. cramp, spasm, convulsion. 

Krampfader, /. varicose vein. 

Krampfarznei, /. antispasmodic. 

krampfhaft, a. spasmodic, convulsive 

Krampfmittel, n. antispasmodic. 

Kruinpf wurzel, /. valerian root. 

Kran, m. cock, faucet; crane. 

Kranich, TO. crane. 

krank, a. ill, sick. 

kriinkeln, v.i. be ailing, be sickly. 

kranken, v.t. hurt, grieve, afflict. 

Krankenanstalt, /. hospital. 

Krankenhaus, n. hospital. 

Krankenheilanstalt, /. sanatorium, hospital. 

krankhaft, a. diseased; morbid. 

Krankheit, /. disease; illness, sickness. 

Krankheitserreger, TO. excitant of disease. 

krankheitserzeugend, p.a. pathogenic. 

Krankheitskunde, Krankheitslehre, /. pathol- 

kranklich, a. sickly, in poor health. 

Krankung, /. vexation. 

Kranz, TO. wreath; crown; border, rim, 

Kranz-. coronary. 

Kranzcheh, n. little wreath; (social) circle. 

Krapp, TO. madder. 

Krappfarbe, /. madder dye. 

KrappfarbstofT, m. alizarin. 

Krappgelb, n. madder yellow, xanthin. 

Krapplack, TO. madder lake. 

Krapprot, n. madder red, alizarin. 

Krappwurzel, /. madder root. 

Kratzblei, n. slag lead. 

Kratzbiirste, /. stiff brush, scraper; cross person. 

Kratze, /. waste metal (dross, cuttings, sweep- 
ings, etc.) ; itch. 

kratzen, v.t. scrape, scratch; card (wool, etc.); 
(Metal.) rabble. v.i. scratch, grate. 

Kratzer, Kratzer, m. scraper, scratcher, rake, 

Kratzfrischen, n. (Metal.) refining of waste. 

kratzig, a. itchy; (Glass) fibrous. 

Kratzkupfer, n. copper from waste. 

Kratzmessing, n. brass cuttings. 

kraus, a. crisp; curly, curled; nappy. 

Krause, /. frill, ruff. 

krauseln, v.t. curl, crisp, crimp; mill (coins). 

Krauseminze, /. curled mint (Mentha crispa) 
spearmint (Mentha spicata). 

Krausen, (Brewing) head, specif., rocky 

Kraustabak, m. shag. 

Kraut, n. herb, plant; weed; top (of beets, 
etc.); cabbage. 

krautartig, a. herbaceous. 

Krauteressig, TO. aromatic vinegar. 

Krauterwein, m. medicated wine. 

Krauterzucker, TO. (Pharm.) conserve, confec- 

Krawall, TO. uproar, row. 

Krawatte, /. cravat, tie. 

Kreatin, n. creatine. 

Kreatinin, n. creatinine. 

Krebs, TO. cancer; crab; crawfish; grain, hard 
particle (in clay, etc.); knot (in ore, etc.). 




krebsartig, a. cancerous; crablike; crustaceous. 

Krebswurz, /. beechdrops (Leptamnium virgin- 

Kreide, /. chalk. 

kreideartig, a. chalky, cretaceous. 

kreidehaltig, a. containing chalk, cretaceous. 

Kreidemehl, n. powdered chalk. 

kreiden, v,t. chalk. 

Kreidepapier, n. enameled paper. 

Kreidepulver, n. chalk powder. 

Kreidestein, m. chalkstone. 

Kreidestift, TO. crayon. 

kreidig, a. chalky, cretaceous. 

Kreis, TO. circle; circuit; orbit; district. 

Kreisausschnitt, m. sector. 

Kreisbahn, /. circular path; orbit. 

Kreisbewegung, /. rotary motion, rotation. 

Kreisbogen, TO. arc of a circle; circular arch. 

kreischen, v.i. shriek, scream, (of fat) sizzle, 
(of bending tin) cry. 

Kreisel, TO. top. 

Kreiselrad, n. turbine. 

kreisen, v.i. circle, revolve, circulate. 

Kreisflache, /. circular area. 

kreisformig, a. circular; round. 

Kreisgang, m. revolution. 

Kreislauf, TO. cycle; circulation (of liquid or 
gas); circular course, circuit. 

kreislaufend, p.a. circulatory. 

Kreislinie, /. circular line, circumference. 

Kreisprozess, m. cyclic process, cycle. 

Kreispumpe, /. circulating pump. 

kreisrund, a. circular. 

Kreisschicht,/. circular layer, (of a tree) annual 

kreissen, v.i. labor (in childbirth). 

Kreisumfang, m. circumference, periphery. 

Krempe, /. brim (of a hat). 

krempeln, v.t. card. 

Kremserweiss, n. Kremnitz white. 

Kreosol, n. creosol. 

Kreosot, n. creosote. 

krepitieren, v.i. crepitate, crackle. 

Krepp, TO. crepe. 

Kresol, n. cresol. 

Kresorcin, n. cresorcinol. 

Kresotinsaure, /. cresotic acid, crosotinic acid. 

Kresse, /. cress. 

Kresyl, n. cresyl. 

Kresylsaure, /. cresylic acid (cresol). 

Kreuz, n. cross; loins; rump. 

Kreuzbeeren, =Kreuzdornbeeren. 

Kreuzbein, n. sacrum. 

Kreuzblume, /. milkwort (Polygala). 

Kreuzdorn, m. buckthorn (Rhamnus). 

Kreuzdornbeeren, buckthorn berries, Per- 
sian berries. 

kreuzen, v.t. cross. 

kreuzformig, a. cross-shaped, cruciform. 

Kreuzhahn, TO. four-way cock. 

Kreuzkraut, n. groundsel (Senecio). 

Kreuzkiimmel, m. cumin. 

Kreuzschmerz, m. lumbago. 

Kreuzstein, m. cross-stone (chiastolite, hanno- 
tome, staurolite). 

kribbeln, v.t. tickle, irritate. 

kriebeln, v.t. = kribbeln. 

kriechen, v.i. creep, crawl. 

Krieg, m. war. 

kriegen, v.t. seize, get. v.i. make war. 

krimpen, v.t. shrink (cloth). 

Krimpfahigkeit, /. property of shrinking; (of 
wool) felting property. 

Kringel, TO. cracknel. 

Krippe, /. crib, manger. 

krisch, pret. of kreischen. 

krispeln, v.t. pebble (leather). 

krist., abbrev. of kristallisiert, kristallinisch. 

Krist., abbrev. of Kristall(e), Kristallisation. 

Kristall, TO. crystal. 

Kristallachse, /. crystal axis, crystallographic 

Kristallanschuss, TO. crop of crystals. 

kristallartig, a. crystal-like, crystalline. 

Kristallausscheidung, /. separation of crystals. 

Kristallbau, TO. crystal structure. 

Kristallbenzol, n. benzene of crystallization. 

Kristallbildung, /. formation of crystals, crystal- 
lization, (Sugar) granulation. 

Kristallbildungspunkt, TO. (Sugar) granulating 

Kristallchen, n. little crystal. 

Kristallchloroform, n. chloroform of crystalliza- 

Kristallfabrik, /. glass works. 

Kristallfeuchtigkeit, /. crystalline humor (vitre- 
ous humor). 

Eristallflache, /. crystal face. 

Kristallglasur, /. (Ceram.) crystalline glaze. 

kristallinisch, a. crystalline. 

Kristallisationsbassin, n. crystallizing basin, 
tank, or cistern. 

kristallisationsfahig, a. crystallizable. 

Kristallisationsgefass, n. crystallizing vessel, 

Kristallisationswarme,/. heat of crystallization. 

kristallisierbar, a. crystallizable. 

Kristaliisierbehalter, TO. crystallizing recep- 
tacle, crystallizing tank. 

kristallisieren, v.t. & i. crystallize. 

Kristallisiergefass, n. crystallizing vessel, crya- 

Kristallisierschale, /. crystallizing dish. 

Kristallisierung, /. crystallization, crystallizing. 

Kristallkeim, TO. crystal nucleus, seed crystal. 

Kristallkern, TO. nucleus of crystallization. 

Kristalllehre, /. crystallography. 

Kristalllinse, /. crystalline lens. 

Kristalloberflache, /. crystal surface. 

Kristallographie, /. crystallography. 




kristallographisch, a. crystallographic. 

Kristallsaure, /. fuming sulfuric acid of high 
strength, forming a crystalline solid. 

KristaUsoda,/. soda crystals (Na 2 CO3.10H 2 O). 

Kristallstein, m. rock crystal. 

Kristallwaren, (crystal) glassware. 

Kristallwasser, n. crystal water, water of crys- 

kristallwasserfrei, a. free from water of crystal- 

kristallwasserhaltig, o. containing crystal water. 

Kristallzucker, m. refined sugar in crystals. 

Kriterium, n. criterion. 

Kritik, /. criticism. 

kritisch, a. critical. 

kritteln, v.i. carp at, criticize. 

kritzeln, v.i. scribble; scratch. 

kroch, pret. of kriechen. 

Krokonsaure, /. croconic acid. 

Krone, /. crown; corolla; corona; wreath. 

kronenartig, a. like a crown, coronal; (Anat.) 

Eronenaufsatz, TO. column (of a still). 

Kronengold, n. crown gold. 

Kronglas, n. crown glass. 

Kronzahn, TO. eyetooth. 

Kropf, m. goiter; craw, crop; bend; (Paper) 

kropfen, v.t. bend at right angles, bend. 

Kropfrohr, TO., Kropfrohre, /. bent tube, bent 

Kropfwurz, /. = Knotenwurz. 

Kropfzylinder, TO. a glass cylinder with a wider 
upper part, hydrometer jar. 

kroseln, v.t. crumble (glass); groove. 

Krote, /. toad. 

Krotonbl, n. croton oil. 

Krotonsaure, /. crotonic acid. 

Kriicke, /. crutch; rake, rabble, scraper, etc. 
(of crutch shape). 

Krug, TO. pitcher; jug, mug; jar, pot. 

Kruke, /. earthenware pot, jar or pitcher. 

kriillen, v.t. crumple. 

Krume, /. crumb, bit; black earth. 

kriimelig, a. crumbly, crumbling, crumby. 

kriimeln, v.i. crumble, crumb. v.a. crumble. 

Kriimelzucker, TO. (dextro) glucose, dextrose. 

krumm, a. crooked, curved, bent. 

Krummdarm, TO. ileum. 

krumm en, v.t. curve, bend, crook. v.r. bend; 

Krummholz, n. crooked or curved piece of wood; 
= Krummholzbaum. 

Krummholzbaum, TO., Krummholzfichte, 
Krummholzkiefer, /. knee pine (Firms mon- 
tana pumilio). 

Krumm holzdl, n. templin oil (from knee pine). 

krummlinig, a. curvilinear. 

Kriimmung, /. curvature; curve, bend, sinuos- 
ity; crookedness. 

krumpcln, v.t. crumple, pucker, crinkle. 

Krupp, TO. croup. 

Kruste, /. crust, incrustation. 

Krustentier, n. crustacean. 

kryohydratisch, a. cryohydric. 

Kryolith, TO. cryolite. 

Kryophor, n. cryophorus. 

Kryoskopie, /. cryoscopy. 

Krystall, TO. crystal (for compounds see Kris- 

Kubebe, /. cubeb. 

Kiibel, TO. vat, tub, pail. 

kubieren, v.t. cube. 

Kubik wurzel, /. cube root. 

Kubikzahl, /. cube. 

Kubikzentimeter TO. & n. cubic centimeter. 

kubisch, a. cubic, cubical. 

Kubus, m. cube. 

Kudus /. kitchen; cooking, cookery. 

Kuchen, m. cake. 

Kuchengewachs, n. kitchen herb. 

Kiichensalz, n. common salt. 

Kiichlein, n. little chicken, pullet. 

Kufe, /. vat, tun, tub. 

Kiifer, TO. cooper; butler. 

Kugel, /. bulb; ball, sphere, globe; shot. 

kugelahnlich, a. spheroidal; ball-like. 

Kugelapparat, TO. bulb apparatus (e. g., potash 

Kiigelchen, n. small bulb; globule; pellet; 
small ball. 

Kugeldiorit, m. globular diorite. 

Kugelflache, /. spherical surface. 

Kugelflasche, /. balloon flask, spherical flask. 

kugelformig, a. globular, spherical. 

kugelig, a. globular, spherical, globose. 

Kugelkiihler, TO. ball condenser, spherical con- 

Kugellinse, /. spherical lens. 

Kugelmiihle, /. ball mill. 

kugeln, v.t. & i. roll. 

Kugelrohr, n., Kugelrohre, /. bulb tube (tube 
with one or more bulbar enlargements). 

Kugelspiegel, TO. spherical mirror. 

Kugelstopfen, TO. bulb stopper, globular stopper. 

Kugeltee, TO. gunpowder tea. 

Kugelventil, n. ball valve. 

Kugelvorlage, /. spherical (or globular) re- 

Kuh, /. cow. 

kiihl, a. cool. 

Kiihlapparat, m. cooling apparatus; cooler; 
refrigerator; condenser. 

Kuhlbottich, TO. cooling tub, cooler. 

kiihlen, v.t. cool, refrigerate. 

Kiihler, TO. condenser; cooler; refrigerator. 

Kiihlergcstell, n. condenser stand, condenser 

Kiihlermantel, m. condenser jacket. 

Kuhlerretorte, /. condenser retort. 




Kuhlfass, n. cooling vessel, cooling vat, cooling 

Kiihlgefass, TO. cooling vessel, cooler; refriger- 
ator; condenser. 

Kiihlgelager, n. (Brewing) wort sediment, dregs. 

Kuhlkammer, /. cooling chamber. 

Kiihlmittel, n. refrigerant. 

Kuhlofen, m. cooling oven, annealing furnace. 

Kiihlpfanne, /. cooling pan, cooler. 

Kiihlrohr, n. cooling tube, condenser; refrig- 
erating pipe. 

Kiihlsalz, n. refrigerating salt. 

Kiihlschiff, n. (Brewing) cooling back, cooler. 

Kuhlschlange, /. worm (for distilling), cooling 

Kiihlwasser, n. cooling water; (Pharm.) lead 

Ktihl wirkung, /. cooling effect. 

Kuhmilch, /. cow's milk. 

Kuhmist, m. cow dung. 

kiihn, a. bold. 

Kuhpockengift, n. vaccine virus. 

Kukuruz, m. corn, maize. 

Kulbchen, n. (Glass) ball, piece, lump. 

Kulilawanol, n. culilawan oil. 

kulinarisch, a. culinary. 

Kulisse, /. coulisse (something that slides). 

Kultur, /. civilization; culture; cultivation. 

Kulturhefe, /. culture yeast. 

Kulturstaat, TO. civilized state (or nation). 

Kulturstufe, /. stage of civilization. 

Kulturversuch, m. cultivation experiment. 

Kuminsaure, /. cumic acid, cunjinic acid. 

Kiimmel, TO. caraway; (romischer) cumin; 
kummel (the liqueur). 

Kiimmelol, n. caraway oil; cumin oil. 

Kummcr, TO. sorrow, trouble. 

kummerlich, a. needy, scanty. 

kiimmern, v.t. trouble, concern. 

Kumol, n. cumene. 

Kumpe, /. (Dyeing) basin, vessel. 

Kumys, TO. kumiss. 

kuiid, a. known, public. 

Kunde, /. knowledge, information, science; 

Kunde, TO. customer; client. 

kundig, a. learned, expert, skilful, intelligent. 

Kiindigung, /. notice, warning. 

Kundschaft, /. notice, information, knowledge; 
custom, patronage. 

kiinftig, a. future, coming, to be. 

Kunst, /. art; profession; skill; work (of art). 

Kunst-. artificial; technical; art. 

Kunstausdruck, TO. technical term. 

Kunstbronze, /. art bronze. 

Kunstbutter, /. artificial butter, oleomargarine. 

Kunstdiinger, TO. artificial manure, fertilizer. 

Kunsteis, n. artificial ice. 

Kunstfertigkeit, /. technical skill. 

Kunstfett, n. artificial fat (or grease). 

Kunstfeuerwerkerei, /. pyrotechnics. 
Kunstfleiss, m. industry. 
Kunstgartnerei, /. horticulture; nursery. 
Kunstgewerbe, n. useful art. 
Kunstgewerbeschule, /. polytechnic school. 
Kunstglanz, TO. artificial luster. 
Kunstgriff, TO. artifice, trick, device. 
Kunsthefe, /. artificial yeast. 
Kunstheilmittel, n. artificial remedy, synthetic 


Kunstleder, n. artificial leather. 
Kunstlehre, /. technology, technics. 
Kunstler, TO. artist; artificer. 
kunstlich, a. artificial; artful, ingenious. 
Kunstmittel, n. artificial means. 
Kunstprodukt, n. artificial product. 
Kunstrichter, TO. critic. 
Kunstseide, /. artificial silk. 
Kunstsprache, /. technical language. 
Kunststein, TO. artificial stone. 
Kunststiick, n. feat, trick. 
Kunsttischler, TO. cabinet maker. 
Kunstwerk, n. work of art. 
Kunstwolle, /. shoddy. 
kunterbunt, a. party-colored; topsy-turvy. 
Kiipe, /. vat; boiler, copper, 
kupellieren, v.t. cupel, 
kiipen, v.t. vat-dye, vat. 
Kupenartikel, TO. (Calico) vat style. 
Kiipenbad, n. dye liquor. 
Kiipenfarber, TO. vat dyer. 
Kiipenfarbstoff, m. vat dye. 
Kiipenfarbung, /. vat dyeing. 
Kupfer, n. copper. 
Kupferammonium, n. cupr(o) ammonium, 

Schweitzer's reagent. 
Kupferantimonglanz, m. chalcostibite. 
Kupferasche, /. copper scale. 
Kupferblau, n. blue verditer, azurite. 
Kupferblech, n. sheet copper, copper foil. 
Kupferbleivitriol, TO. linarite. 
Kupferbliite,/. copper bloom (capillary cuprite). 
Kupferbraun, n. tile ore (earthy ferruginous 

Kupferbromid, n. copper (specif., cupric) 


Kupferbromiir, n. cuprous bromide. 
Kupferchlorid, n. copper (specif., cupric) 


Kupferchloriir, n. cuprous chloride. 
Kupfercyanid, n. copper cyanide, specif., cupric 


Kupfercyaniir, n. cuprous cyanide. 
Kupferdorn, TO. slag from liquated copper. 
Kupferdraht, TO. copper wire. 
Kupferdruck, TO. copperplate. 
Kupferelektrode, /. copper electrode, (in a vol- 
taic cell) negative electrode. 
Kupfererz, n. copper ore. 
Kupferfahlerz, n. tetrahedrite; tennantite. 




Kupferfedererz, n. = Kupferbltite. 
Kupferfeilicht, n. copper filings. 
Kupferfolie, /. copper foil. 
Kupfergarmachen, n. copper refining. 
Kupfergehalt, m. copper content. 
Kupfergeist, m. spirit of verdigris (mixture of 

acetic acid and acetone obtained by distilling 


Kupfergewinnung, /. extraction of copper. 
Kupferglanz, TO. copper glance (chalcocite). 
Kupferglas, n. chalcocite. 
Kupferglimmer, m. chalcophyllite; micaceous 

copper (copper made brittle by the presence 

of foreign oxides, formed in refining). 
Kupfergliihspan, TO. copper scale. 
Kupfergold, n. Mannheim gold (kind of brass). 
Kupfergrun, n. copper green (verditer; verdi- 
kupferhaltig, a. containing copper, cupriferous, 

Kupferhydroxyd, n. copper hydroxide, specif., 

cupric hydroxide. 

Kupferhydroxydul, n. cuprous hydroxide. 
Kupferindig, TO. indigo copper (covellite). 
Kupferjodid, n. copper (specif., cupric) iodide. 
Kupferjodiir, n. cuprous iodide. 
Kupferkies, m. copper pyrites (chalcopyrite). 

hunter Kupferkies, bornite. 
kupferkieshaltig, a. containing copper pyrites. 
Kupferkonig, TO. copper regulus. 
Kupferlasur, /. azurite. 
Kupferlegierung, /. copper alloy. 
Kupfermangan, n. cupromanganese. 
Kupfermiinze, /. copper coin, 
kupfern, v.t. treat with copper, copper. 
Kupfernickel, TO. copper-nickel (niccolite). 
Kupferocher, Kupferocker, TO. = Kupferbraun. 
Kupferoxyd, n. copper (specif., cupric) oxide. 
Kupferoxydsalz, n. cupric salt. 
Kupferoxydul, n. cuprous oxide. 
Kupferoxydulsalz, n. cuprous salt. 
Kupferoxydul verbindung, /. cuprous compound. 
Kupferoxydverbindung, /. cupric compound. 
Kupferpecherz, n. = Kupferbraun. 
Kupferplatte, /. copper plate, copperplate. 
Kupferpol, TO. (Elec.) copper pole (negative 


Kupferprobe, /. copper assay, test for copper. 
Kupferrauch, w. copper smoke, copper fumes; 

white vitriol. 

Kupferregcn, TO. = Streukupfer. 
Kupferrhodanat, -rhodanid, n. copper thiocya- 

nate, specif., cupric thiocyanate. 
Kupferrhodaniir, n. cuprous thiocyanate, 
Kupferrohr, n., Kupferrohre, /. copper tube, 

copper pipe. 

Kupferrohstein, TO, raw copper matt. 
Kupferrost, TO. copper rust, verdigris (greenish 

coating on exposed copper). 
Kupferrot, n, red copper (cuprite). 

Kupfersalz, n. copper salt. 

Kupfersammeterz, n. velvet copper ore (cyano- 

Kupferschaum, TO. (Metal.) copper scum; 

(Min.) tyrolite. 

Kupferschlange, /. copper coil. 
Kupferschwarze, /. black copper (melaconite). 
Kupfersilberglanz, TO. stromeyerite. 
Kupfersinter, TO. copper scale; copper pyrites. 
Kupfersmaragd, m. emerald copper (dioptase). 
Kupferspiritus, TO. = Kupfergeist. 
Kupferstahl, TO. copper steel. 
Kupferstechen, n. copper engraving. 
Kupferstein, TO. copper matt. blasiger Kup- 

ferstein, pimple metal. 
Kupferstich, TO. copper engraving. 
Kupfersulfat, n. copper sulfate, cupric sulfate. 
Kupfersulfid, n. copper (specif., cupric) sulfide. 
Kupfersulfiir, n. cuprous sulfide. 
Kupferverbindung, /. copper compound. 
Kupfervitriol, TO. blue vitriol, copper sulfate. 
Kupferwasser, n. copperas (Obs.); (Mining) 

copper water, cement water. 
Kupferwasserstoff, TO. copper hydride. 
Kupferziegelerz, n. = Kupferbraun. 
Kupferzyanid, n. = Kupfercyanid. 
Kupferzyanur, n. cuprous cyanide. 
kupfrig, a. copperlike, coppery. 
Kupolofen, TO. cupola furnace or kiln, cupola* 
Kuppe, /. top, summit, tip. 
Kuppel, /. cupola, dome. 
kuppeln, v.t. & i. couple; (Dyeing) develop. 
Kuppelungsbad, n. (Dyeing) developing bath. 
Kuppelungsflotte, /. (Dyeing) developing liquor. 
Kuppler, TO. coupler; (Dyeing) developer. 
Kupri-. See Cupri-. 
Kuprit, TO. cuprite. 
Kupro-. See Cupro-. 
Kur, /. cure, treatment. 
Kurbel, /. crank, winch. 
Kiirbis, TO. gourd; pumpkin. 
Kiirbisbaum, TO. gourd tree, calabash tree. 
Kiirbiskorn, n., Kiirbissamen, m. pumpkin 


kiiren, v.t. choose, elect. 
Kurkuma, /. curcuma, turmeric. 
Kurkumagelb, n. curcumin. 
Kurkumapapier, n. turmeric paper. 
Kurkumawurzel, /. turmeric. 
Kuromojiol, n. curomoji oil. 
Kurort, TO. health resort. 
Kurrentbuchstaben, italics. 
Kurs, m. exchange; circulation; course. 
Kursbuch, n. railway guide. 
Kiirschner, TO. furrier. 
kursieren, v.i. be current. 
kursiv, a. italic. 
Kursivschrift, /. italics. 
Kursus, TO. course. 
Kurswert, m, exchange value. 




Kurve, /., Kurvenbild, n. curve. 

Kurvenast, m. branch of a (or the) curve. 

Kurvenschar, /. group or system of curves. 

kurz, a. short. kurze Flotte, concentrated dye 

kurzarmig, a. short-armed, short-arm, short- 
beam (balance). 

kurzbriichig, a. short, brittle. 

Kurze, /. shortness, brevity. 

kurzhaarig, a. short-haired; (of wool) short 

kurzlich, a. late, recent. 

kurzschliessen, v.t. (Elec.) short-circuit. 

Kurzschluss, m. (Elec.) short circuit. 

kurzsichtig, a. near-sighted, short-sighted. 

kurzskalig, a. short-scale (d). 

Kurzstabchen, n. bacillus. 

Kurzwaren, small wares. 

Kurzweil, /. pastime, amusement. 

kurzwellig, a. of short wave length, short- 

Kuss, m. kiss. 

Kiiste, /. coast, shore. 

Kiister, m. sacristan, sexton. 

Kustos, m. keeper, custodian. 

Kutsche, /. coach, carriage. 

Kutscher, m. coachman, driver. 

Kutte, /. cowl. 

Kuvert, n. envelope; cover. 

Kuvette, /. bulb. 

KW-stoff, abbrev. (Kohlenwasserstoff) hydro- 

Kyaniithin, n. kyanethine (or cyanethine). 

Kyanidin, n. kyanidine (or cyanidine). 

kyanisieren, v.t. kyanize. 

Kynurensaure, /. kynurenic acid. 

1., abbrev. (loslich) soluble; (lies) read. 

Laab, n. = Lab. 

Lab, n. rennet. 

lab., abbrev. (labil) labile. 

Labdanharz, n. labdanum. 

Labdriise, /. peptic gland. 

lab en, v.t. curdle with rennet; refresh. 

Labessenz, /. rennet. 

labil, a. labile, unstable. 

Labkraut, n. galium. 

Laborant, m. chemist. 

Laborationstaxe, /. tax on chemists. 

Laboratorium, n. laboratory. 

l.iborieren, v.i. practise chemistry; labor. 

Labpulver, n. rennet powder. 

Labradorstein, TO. Labrador stone, labradorite. 

Lache, /. laugh, laughter. 

lacheln, v.i. smile. 

lachen, v.i. laugh. 

lacherlich, a. laughable, ludicrous. 

Lachgas, n. laughing gas. 

Lachs, m. salmon. 

lachsfarbig, a. salmon-colored. 

Lack, w. lac; lake; lacquer, japan; varnish. 

Lackbildner, TO. lake former. 

Lackfarbe, /. lake; lac dye. 

lackfarbig, a. laky, laked. 

Lackfirnis, m. lac varnish, lacquer; lake varnish. 

lackieren, v.t. lacquer, japan. 

Lacklack, m. lac lake. 

Lackleder, n. japanned leather, patent leather. 

Lackmus, TO. litmus. 

Lackmusflechte, /. litmus lichen, archil. 

Lackmuspapier, n. litmus paper. 

Lacmus, m. litmus. 

Lactonsaure, /. lactonic acid, lactone acid (a 
compound which is both an acid and a lac- 
tone); lactonic acid, d-galactonic acid. 

Ladangummi, n. labdanum. 

Lade, /. chest, box, case; (Founding) flask. 

laden, v.t. load, charge; summon, invite; (Elec.) 

Laden, m. store, shop; shutter. 

Ladendiener, m. salesman, shopman. 

Ladenfenster, n. store window, shop window. 

Ladenpreis, TO. retail price. 

Ladentisch, TO. counter. 

Ladcraum, TO. exploding chamber. 

Ladung, /. charge; load; cargo; charging, 

Ladungssinn, TO. (Elec.) nature of a charge, sign. 

Laffe, TO. fop. 

lag, pret. of liegen. 

Lage, /. layer, stratum, bed; coat, coating; 
- state, position, situation, attitude; quire (of 
paper); (Textiles) lap. 

Lagel, n. barrel, keg. 

Lager, n. bed, layer, stratum; store, stock; 
storehouse; camp; bed, couch; lair; stand 
(for casks); (Mech.) bearing, bush. 

Lagerbock, TO. (Mack.) pedestal. 

Lagerbuchse, -biichse,/. (Mach.) bush, bushing. 

lagerecht, a. fast to storing. 

Lagerfass, n. storage vat or cask. 

Lagerkeller, TO. storage cellar. 

Lagermetall, n. bush metal, bearing metal. 

lagern, v.i. lie stored; lie down; camp. v.t. 
store; lay down, deposit. 

Lagerprozess, TO. storage process. 

Lagerraum, TO. store room, warehouse room. 

lagerreif, a. aged. 

Lagerstatte, /.- deposit, bed. 

Lagerung, /. arrangement; stratification, bed- 
ding; grain (of a stone); storage; lying 
down; encampment. 

lageweise, adv. in layers, in strata. 

lahm, a. lame. 

lahmen, v.t. paralyze, cripple, lame. 

Lahmung, /. lameness, paralysis. 

Lahn, TO. flattened wire; tinsel. 

Laib, TO. loaf. 

Laich, TO. spawn. 

Laie, TO. layman. 

Lake, /. brine, pickle. 

Laken, n. sheet; cloth. 

Lakmus, TO. litmus. 

Lakritze, /., Lakritz, Lakriz, m. licorice. 

Lakritzensaft, TO. extract of licorice. 

Laktat, n. lactate. 

Lakton, n. lactone. 

lallen, v.i. stammer, babble. 

Lambertsnuss, /. filbert. 

laminieren, v.t. laminate; (Spinning) draw. 

Lamm, n. lamb. 

Lammerwolle, /. lamb's wool. 

Lampe, /. lamp. 





Lampenarbeit, /. (Glass) blast-lamp work, as 
distinguished from foundry work. 

Lampendocht, m. lamp wick. 

Lampenfieber, n. stage fright. 

Lampenruss, m., Lampenschwarz, n. lamp- 

Land, n. land; country. 

Land-, land, country, rural, agricultural, pro- 

Landbau, TO. agriculture. 

Landenge, /. isthmus. 

Landes-. state, national, of a country; native, 
home; land. 

Landesfarben, national colors. 

Landgut, n. estate. 

Landhaus, n. country house. 

Landkarte, /. map. 

Landkrankheit, /. endemic disease. 

landkundig, a. notorious. 

landlaufig, a. customary, current. 

Landleben, n. country life. 

landlich, a. rural; rustic. 

Landmann, m. farmer, countryman, rustic. 

Landmesser, TO. surveyor. 

Landpartie, /. picnic, outing. 

Landpolizei, /. rural police. 

Landschaft, /. province, state; landscape. 

Landsee, TO. lake. 

Landseuche, /. epidemic. 

Landsitz, TO. country seat. 

Landsmann, TO. countryman. 

Landstadt, /. inland town, country town. 

Landstrasse, /. highway. 

Landstrich, TO. district; climate. 

Landsturm, TO. general levy, levy in mass. 

Landtag, TO. diet, legislature. 

Landvogt, TO. governor. 

Landwehr, /. first home reserve, militia. 

Landwirt, TO. farmer. 

Landwirtschaft, /. agriculture. 

landwirtschaftlich, a. agricultural. 

lang, a. long; tall; (of wine, etc.) ropy. 
lange Flotte, dilute dye liquor. 

lange, adv. long; far. 

Lange, /. length; longitude; tallness. 

Langebruch, TO. longitudinal fracture. 

langeifdrmig, a. of extended oval shape. 

langen, v.i. suffice; reach. v.t. seize, take. 

Langenausdehnung, /. linear expansion. 

Langenbruch, TO. longitudinal fracture. 

Langendurchschnitt, TO. longitudinal section. 

Langengrad, TO. degree of longitude. 

Langenmass, n. linear measure. 

langgestielt, p.a. long-handled. 

langgestreckt, p.a. extended, elongated. 

langhaarig, a. long-haired; flossy (silk); long- 
staple (wool). 

langhalsig, a. long-necked. 

langlich, a. oblong. 

langlichrund, a. elliptical, oval. 

Langmut, /. patience, forbearance. 

langrund, a. oval. 

langs, prep, along. 

Langs-, longitudinal. 

langsam, a. slow. 

Langsambinder, TO. slow-setting cement. 

Langschliff, TO. long-fibered mechanical pulp. 

Langsdurchschnitt, TO. longitudinal section. 

Langsebene, /. longitudinal plane. 

Langsein, n. (of wine) ropiness. 

Langsstreifen, TO. longitudinal stripe or stria. 

langst, a. longest. adv. long ago. 

Langstabchen, n. bacillus. 

langstapelig, a. long-staple. 

langstens, adv. at the longest. 

Langweile, /. ennui, boredom, tedium. 

langweilen, v.t. tire, bore. 

langwellig, a. of long wave length, long-wave. 

langwierig, a. protracted, wearisome. 

Lanthan, n. lanthanum. 

Lanze, /. lance. 

Lappchen, n. lobe; flap, rag. 

Lappen, TO. flap; rag; lobe. 

lappig, a. lobed, lobate; flabby, flaccid. 

Larche, /., Larchenbaum, m. larch. 

Larchenharz, n. larch resin, Venetian turpen- 

Larchenpilz, Larchenschwamm, TO. purging 
agaric (Polyporus offitinalis). 

Larm, Larmen, TO. noise, alarm. 

Larve, /. larva; mask. 

las, pret. of lesen. 

lasieren, v.t. glaze. 

lassen, v.t. let, leave, yield, allow, have (some- 
thing done). v.i. desist; look, suit. gelas- 
sen, p.a. patient, calm. 

lassig, a. negligent, lazy. 

lasst, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of lassen. 

Last, /. load, burden, weight. 

lasten, v.i. weigh. 

Laster, n. vice; crime. 

lastern, v.t. slander, abuse. 

lastig, a. burdensome, irksome. 

Lasur, /. azure; azurite; glazing. 

Lasur, TO. lapis lazuli. 

Lasurfarbe, /. azure; glazing color. 

Lasurit, m. azurite; lapis lazuli. 

Lasurspat, TO. lazulite. 

Lasurstein, m. lapis lazuli. 

lateinisch, a. Latin; roman (letters). 

Latenz, /. latency. 

Laterne, /. lantern; lamp. 

Latsche, Latschenkiefer, /. knee pine (Pinus 
montana pumilio). 

Latschenol, n. templin oil. 

Latte, /. lath. 

Lattich, TO. lettuce. 

Latwerge, /. (Pharm.) electuary, confection, 

Latz, w. bib, flap, stomacher. 

lau, a. tepid, lukewarm; mild. 

Laub 1 

Laub, n. foliage, leaves. 

Laube, /. arbor, bower; hall. 

Laubholz, n. leaved trees, deciduous trees. 

Lauch, TO. leek. 

lauchartig, a. like or of the nature of leeks. 

lauchgriin, a. leek-green. 

Lauer, m. (Distilling) low wine. 

lauern, v.i. lurk, watch. 

Lauf, m. course, path, run, race, current; (gun) 

Laufbahn, /. race course; career; (Meek.) run, 

Laufbursche, m. errand boy. 

laufen, v.i. run; go, move, turn; leak. lauf- 
end, p. a. running, current; consecutive 
(numbers). laufendes Bad, (Dyeing) stand- 
ing bath. 

Laufer, m. runner; muller; rammer; slider. 

Laufermuhle, /. edge mill. 

Laufglasur, /. (Ceram.) flow glaze. 

Laufkrahn, TO. traveling crane. 

Laufpass, TO. dismissal. 

Laufpfanne, /. (Sugar) cooler. 

Lauge, /. lye; (in many technical phrases) 
liquor; (Bleaching) buck. 

laugen, v.t. lye, steep in lye; buck; lixiviate. 

laugenartig, a. of the nature of, or resembling, 
lye, alkaline, (Old Chem.) lixivial. 

Laugenbad, n. lye bath, lye, liquor. 

laugenecht, a. fast to (caustic) lye. 

Laugenfliissigkeit, /. liquor. 

laugenhaft, a. like lye, alkaline. 

Laugenmesser, TO. alkalimeter. 

Laugensalz, n. (Old Chem.) alkaline salt, lixivial 
salt. fliichtiges Laugensalz, sal volatile 
(commercial ammonium carbonate). min- 
eralisches Laugensalz, sodium carbonate. Laugensalz, potassium car- 

laugensalzig, a. (Old Chem.) alkaline, lixivial. 

Laugenwasser, n. lye. 

Laugerei, /. lixiviation. 

laugig, a. = laugenartig. 

Laune, /. humor, temper. 

launig, a. humorous. 

launisch, a. moody, freakish. 

Laurinfett, n. laurin. 

Laurinsaure, /. lauric acid. 

Laus, /. louse; (Tech.) a fault of some kind, as 
a knot in wool or a light spot on a dyed 

lauschen, v.i. listen. 

lauschig, a. cosy. 

Lausekorner, stavesacre seed; cocculus 
indicus; sabadilla seed. 

laut, a. loud; public. prep, according to. 

Laut, m. sound; tone. 

lautbar, a. audible; public; notorious, 

Laute, /. lute; (Dyeing) crutch. 

tauten, v.i. sound; run, read, 

5 Lebensweise 

lauten, v.t. & i. ring. 

lauter, a. pure; clear, genuine, unalloyed; mere. 

Lauter, TO. = Lauer. 

Lauter-. purifying, refining, clarifying. 

Lauterbatterie, /. (Brewing) underlet. 

Lauterbeize, /. (in turkey red dyeing) white 

Lauterboden, m. (Brewing) false bottom, 


Lauterbottich, m. (Brewing) straining vat, clari- 
fying tub. 

Lauterflasche, /. washing bottle (for gases). 
Lautermaische,/. (Brewing) liquid part of mash. 
lautern, v.t. purify, refine, clear, clarify, rectify, 


Lauterofen, TO. refining furnace (or kiln). 
Lauterpfanne, /. (Sugar) defecator. 
Lautertuch, n. filtering cloth. 
Lauterung, /. purification, etc. (see lautern). 
Lauterungsmittel, n. purifying agent. 
lauwarm, a. lukewarm. 
Lavendel, m. lavender. 
Lavo-. levo-, laevo-. 
lavogyr, a. levorotatory. 
Lavulinsaure, /. levulinic acid. 
Lavulose, /. levulose. 
La wine, /. avalanche. 
Laxanz, /. laxative. 
laxieren, v.t. purge. laxierend, p.a. purging, 


Laxiermittel, n. laxative, purgative. 
Laxiersalz, n. laxative salt. englisches Laxier- 

salz, Epsom salt. 
Lazarett, n. hospital. 
Leben, n. life. 

leben, v.i. live. lebender Kalk, quicklime. 
lebendig, a. living, live. lebendiger Kalk, 


Lebensbaum, TO. arbor-vitae. 
Lebensdauer, /. life period; life, lifetime. 
lebensfahig, a. capable of living; (Med.) viable. 
Lebensfahigkeit, /. capacity for living, vitality; 


Lebensholz, n. lignum-vitae. 
Lebenskraft, /. vital force; vitality. 
Lebenslehre, /. biology. 

Lebensluft, /. (Old Chem.) vital air (oxygen). 
Lebensluftmesser, m. eudiometer. 
Lebensmittel, provisions, victuals. 
Lebensordnung, /. regimen, diet. 
Lebensprozess, TO. vital process. 
Lebenssaft, TO. vital fluid; (Bot.) latex. 
Lebensstrafe, /. capital punishment. 
Lebensunterhalt, TO. living, subsistence. 
Lebensverrichtung, /. vital function. 
Lebensversicherung, /. life insurance. 
Lebensvorgang, m. vital process. 
Lebenswandel, TO. life, conduct. 
Lebenswasser, n. aqua-vitae (spirits). 
Lebensweise, /. mode of life. 




Leber, /. liver; hepar. 

Leber-. hepatic. 

Leberblume, /., Leberbliimchen, n. hepatica 


Lebereisenerz, n. pyrrhotite. 
Lebererz, n. hepatic ore, esp. hepatic cinnabar 

(liver-brown cinnabar). 
Leberkies, m. pyrrhotite. 
Leberklette, /. agrimony (Agrimonia eupa- 


Lcberkraut, n. liverwort, hepatica. 
Leberopal, m. menilite (brown opaque opal). 
Leberstarke, /. glycogen. 
Leberstein, m. hepatite (fetid variety of barite) ; 

biliary calculus, gallstone. 
Lebertran, m. codliver oil. 
Lebewesen, n. living being, organism. 
Lebewohl, n. farewell. 
lebhaft, a. lively, brisk, active; vivacious; 

bright, vivid, gay (colors). 
leblos, a. lifeless, inanimate. 
Lecanorsaure, /. lecahoric acid. 
Lech, TO. (Metal.') regulus, matt, metal. 
lechzen, v.i. thirst. 
Leek, m. & n. leak. 
lecken, v.i. leak. 
lecken, v.L & i. lick. 
lecker, a. dainty, nice. 
Leckerei, /. dainty, sweetmeat; daintiness. 
Leder, n. leather. 

Lederabfall, m. leather waste, leather cuttings. 
Lederband, m. leather binding. 
Lederetui, n. leather case. 
ledergelb, a. buff. 
Ledergummi, n. Lederharz. 
Lederhandel, m. leather trade. 
Lederharz, n. (India) rubber. 
Lederhaut, n. true skin, corium. 
Lederleim, m. glue from leather waste. 
ledern, a. of leather, leathern. 
Lederpappe, /. leather board. 
Lederschmiere, /. (Leather) degras, dubbing. 
Lederzucker, m. marshmallow paste; (brauner) 

licorice paste. 

ledig, a. exempt; devoid; unmarried. 
lediglich, adv. only, solely, merely, entirely, 
leer, a. empty; blank; void; vacant. 
Leerdarm, m. jejunum. 
Leere, /. vacuum; emptiness; vacancy; gage, 


leeren, v.t. empty, evacuate. 
Leerfass, n. (Paper) emptying vat. 
Lefze, /. lip. 
legen, v.t. lay; put, place, plant. v.r. lie down; 

abate; devote oneself. 
legieren, v.t. alloy. 
Legierung, /. alloy; alloying. 
Leguminose, /. legume; pea meal. 
Lehen, n. fief, fee. 
Lehm, m. loam. 

Lehmguss, m. loam casting. 

lehmig, a. loamy. 

Lehmkalk, m. argillocalcite (argillaceous lime- 

Lehmkitt, m. loam lute. 

Lehmmergel, m. loamy marl. 

Lehmstein, m. unburnt brick, adobe. 

Lehne, /. slope; support; back (of a chair); 

lehnen, v.i. lean. 

Lehrbuch, n. text-book. 

Lehre,/. teaching, instruction, doctrine, science, 
-ology, lesson; apprenticeship; pattern; 
gage; balance; centering. 

lehren, v.t. teach, instruct. gelehrt, p.a. 

Lehrer, TO. teacher. 

Lehrfach, n. teaching; branch of study. 

Lehrkursus, m. course of study. 

Lehrling, TO. apprentice. 

Lehrmittel, n. instruction material, means of 

lehrreich, a. instructive. 

Lehrstelle, /. teaching position. 

Leib, TO. body; belly; waist. 

Leibesfrucht, /. fetus. 

Leichdorn, TO. corn (callosity). 

Leiche, /. corpse, cadaver; funeral. 

Leichenalkaloid, n. putrefactive alkaloid, pto- 

Leichenbeschauer, TO. coroner. 

Leichenbestatter, TO. undertaker. 

Leichenbase, /. putrefactive base, ptomaine. 

Leichenfett, n. adipocere. 

Leichentuch, n. pall, shroud. 

Leichenwachs, n. adipocere. 

Leichnam, TO. corpse, cadaver. 

leicht, a. light; easy; slight. adv. easily, read- 
ily, lightly, slightly. 

leichtbeweglich, a. (of liquids) mobile. 

leichtentzundlich, a. easily inflammable. 

leichtfliichtig, a. readily volatile. 

leichtfliissig, a. easily fusible; easily liquefiable; 

Leichtfrucht, /. light grain (as oats, emmer). 

leichtglaubig, a. credulous. 

Leichtigkeit, /. lightness; facility, ease. 

leichtlebig, a. lighthearted. 

eichtloslich, a. easily soluble. 

Leichtmetall, n. light metal (of sp. gr. less than 
5; sometimes applied specifically to the alkali 
and alkaline-earth metals). 

Leichtol, n. light oil. 

eichtsinnig, a. frivolous. 

Leid, n. sorrow, pain; wrong, harm; mourning. 

eiden, v.t. suffer; undergo. v.L suffer. 

Leiden, n. suffering, distress; ailment, malady. 

L.eidenschaft, /. passion. 

eider, adv. unfortunately; alas. 

eidig, a. fatal; evil; tiresome. 




leidlich, a. tolerable, passable, fair. 

Leidwesen, n. sorrow, regret. 

Leier, /. lyre. 

leiern, v.i. play the lyre; harp, drawl. 

leihen, v.t. lend; borrow. 

Leim, m. glue; size. farbloser Lcim, weisser 

Leim, gelatin. pflanzlicher Leim, gluten. 
leimartig, a. gluey, glutinous, gelatinous. 
leimen, v.t. glue; size. leimend, p.a. adhesive, 

agglutinative. ganz leimen (Paper) hard- 

Leimfarbe, /. distemper; (Paper) size color. 
Leimfass, n. (Paper) size tank, glue tank. 
Leimfestigkeit, /. (Paper) resistance (impervi- 

ousness) due to sizing. 

leimgebend, p.a. yielding glue, gelatigenous. 
Leimglanz, m. (Leather) size. 
Leimgut, n. material for making glue, glue 


leimig, a. gluey, glutinous. 
Leimleder, n. leather scraps for making glue. 
Leimlosung, /. glue solution. 
Leimniederschlag, m. (Soap) = Leimsiedernie- 


Leimprober, TO. glue tester. 
Leimseife, /. filled soap (in which the glycerin 

and lye are allowed to remain). 
Leimsieder, m. glue boiler. 
Leimsiederniederschlag, m. the solution of soap 

in salt lye which forms as an under layer in 

making curd soap. 
Leimstoff, m. gluten. 
Leimsubstanz, /. gelatigenous substance. 
Leimsuss, n. glycine, glycocoll. 
Leimung, /. gluing; sizing. 
Leimwasser, n. glue water; size. 
Leimzucker, TO. glycine, glycocoll. 
-lein. little, small, -let, -kin. 
Lein, TO. flax; linseed. 
Leine, /. line, cord. 
Leineri, n. linen, 
leinen, a. linen. 
Leinfirnis, TO. linseed varnish (thickened linseed 


Leinkraut, n. toadflax. 
Leinkuchen, TO. linseed cake, oil cake. 
Leinmehl, m. linseed meal. 
Leinol, n. linseed oil. 
Leinolfirnis, m. linseed oil varnish. 
Leinolsaure, /. linoleic acid. 
Leinoltrockenprozess, TO. drying of linseed oil. 
Leinpflanze, /. flax. 
Leinsamen. TO. flaxseed, linseed. 
Leinsamenmehl, n. flaxseed meal, linseed meal. 
Leinsamenol, linseed oil. 
Lein wand, /. linen; (painter's) canvas. 
Leinwandband, TO. cloth binding. 
leise, a. low, soft; slight. adv. low, softly. 
Leiste, /. ledge, border; list, selvage; groin. 
Leisten, TO. last. 

leisten, v.t. do, perform, accomplish, render, pay 

Leistung, /. work, performance, service; (me- 
chanical) power; doing, rendering. 

Leistungsfah'gkeit, /. serviceability, power 
ability; (Meek.) efficiency. 

leiten, v.t. conduct; lead; guide; govern; pre- 
side over. 

Lciter, TO. conductor; leader, guide, director, 

Leiter, /. ladder. 

Leitfaden, m. clue; guide, manual. 

leitfahig, a. conducting, conductive. 

Leitfahigkeit, /. conductivity. 

Leitlinie, /. directrix. 

Leitrohr, TO., Leitrohre, /. = Leitungsrohr. 

Leitsatz, TO. rule, guiding principle. 

Leitstern, TO. polestar; guiding star. 

Leitung, /. conduction, conducting, transmis- 
sion (of electricity); (electric) circuit; (elec- 
tric) wire, cable, lead; leading, direction; 
conduit; guide. 

Leitungsdraht, TO. conducting wire. 

Leitungsfahigkeit, /. conductivity. 

Leitungskraft, /. conducting power. 

Leitungsrohr, m., Leitungsrohre, /. conducting 
tube or pipe; (for gases) delivery tube; con- 
duit pipe, conduit. 

Leitungsvermogen, n. = Leitvermogen. 

Leitungswasser, n. tap water. 

Lei tungs wider stand, TO. (Elec.) resistance. 

Leitvermogen, n. conducting power, (Elec.) 
conductance; conductivity. 

Lekanorsaure, /. lecanoric acid. 

Lektion, /. lesson. 

Lemnische Erde. Lemnian earth. 

Lemongrasol, n. lemon-grass oil. 

Lende, /. loin; haunch. 

Lenden-. lumbar. 

lenken, v.t. guide, direct, drive, steer. 

Lenz, TO. spring. 

Lerche, /. lark; larch. 

lernen, v.t. learn. kennen lernen, become ac- 
quainted with. 

Lesart, /. reading. 

Lese, /. vintage; gathering. 

Lesebuch, n. reader. 

lesen, v.t. read; gather; cull. v.i. read; lec- 

leserlich, a. legible. 

Lesestein, TO. bog iron ore (form of limonite); 

letal, a. lethal, fatal. 

Letten, TO. potter's clay. 

Letterngut, Letternmetall, n. type metal. 

lettig, a. clayish, clayey. 

letzte, a. last; latest; lowest. 

letztgenannt, p.a. last-named, latter. 

Leuchamie, /. leukemia. 

Leucht-. illuminating, lighting, luminous. 

Leuchtbrenner, TO. illuminating burner. 




Leuchte, /. light; lamp. 

leuchten, v.i. give light, shine. leuchtend, p.a. 
luminous, bright, shining. 

Leuchtfarbe, /. luminous paint. 

Leuchtgas, n. illuminating gas. 

Leuchthulle, /. luminous envelope, (of the sun) 

Leuchtkafer, m. firefly. 

Leuchtkraft, /. illuminating power, luminosity. 

Leuchtkraftbestimmung, Leuchtkraftmessung, 
/. photometry. 

Leuchtmittel, n. illuminant. 

Leuchtol, n. illuminating oil. 

Leuchtpetroleum, n. kerosene. 

Leuchtstein, m. phosphorescent stone. 

Leuclitstoff, TO. luminous substance. 

Leuchtwert, m. illuminating value. 

Leuchtwurm, m. glowworm. 

leugnen, v.t. deny; retract. 

Leuk-, Leuko-. leuc-, leuco-. 

Leukophan, m. leucophane. 

Leukoverbindung, /. leuco compound. 

Leute, pi. people; persons, men, the world, 
hands, servants. 

leutselig, a. humane, affable, popular, kind. 

levantisch, a. Levantine. 

levigieren, v.t. levigate. 

Levkoje, /. stock, gillyflower. 

Leydner Flasche. Leyden jar. 

Lezithin, n. lecithin. 

Ifd., abbrev. Oaufend) running, current, consec- 

Lg., abbrev. (Ligroin) ligroin. 

Libelle, /. level. 

-lich. A suffix forming adjectives from nouns 
(-ly, -ful, -ous), from verb roots (-able, -ible) 
and from adjectives (-ly, -ish) ; as, schadlich, 
harmful, moglich, possible, siisslich, sweetish. 

licht, a. light, pale; bright, luminous; clear; 
(of widths) in the clear, interior. 

Licht, n. light; candle. 

Lichtart, /. kind of light. 

Lichtather, TO. luminiferous ether. 

Lichtbild, n. photograph. 

lichtblau, a. light blue. 

Lichtbogen, TO. luminous arc, (electric) arc. 

lichtbrechend, p.a. refracting, refractive. 

Lichtbrechung, /. refraction of light, optical 

Lichtbrechungsvermogen, n. (optical) refrac- 
tive power, refractivity. 

Lichtdruck, TO. photomechanical printing; pho- 
tographic printing. 

lichtecht, a. fast to light. 

Lichteffekt, TO. luminous effect. 

lichtelektrisch, a. photoelectric. 

lichtempfindlich, a. sensitive to light, optically 

lichten, v.t. clear, thin; weigh (anchor). 

Lichtentwickelung, /. evolution of light. 

Lichterfabrik, /. candle factory. 

lichterloh, a. blazing. adv. ablaze. 

Lichterscheinung, /. luminous phenomenon. 

lichterzeugend, p.a. producing light, photo- 

lichtfarben, lichtfarbig, a. light-colored. 

Lichtfarbendruck, TO. photomechanical color 

Lichtform, /. candle mold. 

Lichtfortpflanzung, /. transmission of light. 

lichtgebend, p.a. giving light, luminous. 

lichtgelb, a. light yellow. 

Lichtgiessen, n. candle molding. 

lichtgriin, a. light green. 

Lichtkegel, m. cone of light, luminous cone. 

Lichtkreis, m. circle of light, halo. 

Lichtlchre, /. optics. 

Lichtleitung, /. (Elec.) lighting circuit. 

Lichtmesser, TO. photometer. 

Lichtmesskunst, Lichtmessung, /. photometry. 

Lichtpause, /. photographic tracing. 

Lichtpunkt, TO. luminous point, bright spot. 

Lichtquelle, /. light source, source of light. 

lichtschluckend, p.a. light-absorbing, (optically) 

Lichtstrahl, TO. light ray, ray of light, luminous 

Lichttalg, w. candle tallow. 

Lichtung, /. clearing, glade. 

lichtvoll, a. luminous, lucid. 

Lichtwelle, /. light wave. 

Lichtwirkung, /. action of light; luminous 

Lid, n. lid, esp. of the eye. 

lieb, a. dear, beloved; agreeable. 

Liebchen, n. sweetheart, darling. 

Liebe, /. love; favor. 

lieben, v.t. love; like. 

liebenswiirdig, a. lovable, amiable. 

Liebenswiirdigkeit, /. amiability, kindness. 

lieber, adv. rather, sooner, better. 

Liebhaber, TO. lover; amateur; buyer. 

Liebig'scher Kiihler. Liebig condenser. 

liebkosen, v.t. fondle, caress. 

lieblich, a. lovely, sweet, charming. 

Liebling, TO. darling, pet. 

Liebstockel, TO. lovage (Levisticum). 

Lied, n. song. 

liederlich, a. careless, disorderly, dissolute. 

lief, pret. of laufen. 

Lieferant, TO. purveyor, contractor. 

liefern, v.t. yield, produce; furnish, supply, 

Lieferung, /. supply; providing; delivery; (of 
books, etc.) issue, number, part. 

liegen, v.i. lie; be (situated); matter, signify. 
liegend, p.a. extended, horizontal. liegende 
Schrift, italics. gelegen, p.a. situated; con- 
venient; important. 

lieh, pret. of leihen. 




liess, pret. of lassen. 

liest, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of lesen. 

Likor, m. liqueur. 

Lila, Lilak, TO. lilac. 

Lilie, /. lily. 

Limettol, n. lime oil. 

Limonc, /. citron; (susse) lime; (saure, eigent- 
liche) lemon. 

Limongras, n. lemon grass. 

Limongrasbl, n. lemon-grass oil. 

Linaloeol, n. linaloa oil. 

lind, linde, a. soft, mild; (of silk) scoured. 

Linde, /. linden. 

Lindenholz, n. linden wood, basswood. 

lindern, v.t. alleviate, soften, relieve. lindernd, 
p.a. soothing, palliative. 

Linderungsmittel, n. palliative, lenitive. 

Lineal, n. straight edge, rule. 

-ling. A suffix used to denote a person or thing 
described, or connected with the idea con- 
veyed, by the original word (as, Abkomm- 
ling, derivative, descendant; Jungling, 

Linie, /. line. 

Hnienf ormig, a. linear. 

Linienpaar, n. pair of lines. 

Linienspektrum, n. line spectrum. 

linieren, liniieren, v.t. rule. 

link, a. left; wrong. 

linkisch, a. awkward, clumsy. 

links, adv. to the left, on the left, left. 

links-, to the left, levo-. 

linksdrehend, p.a. levorotatory. 

Linksdrehung, /. levorotation, left-handed po- 

Linksmilchsaure, /. levolactic acid. 

Linkspolarisation, /. = Linksdrehung. 

Linkssaure, /. levo acid. 

Linksschraube, /. left-handed screw. 

Linksweinsaure, /. levotartaric acid. 

Linolensaure, /. linolenic acid. 

Linolsaure, /. linoleic acid. 

Linse, /. lens; lentil; bob (of a pendulum). 

Linsen-. lenticular. 

linsenahnlich, linsenartig, a. lenticular, lens- 

Linsenerz, n. oolitic limonite. 

linsenformig, a. lens-shaped, lenticular. 

Linsenglas, n. lens. 


Lippen-. labial. 

liqueszieren, v.i. liquefy, melt. 

liquidieren, v.t. liquidate, settle. 

lischt, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of loschen. 

lispeln, v.t. & i. lisp; whisper. 

List, /. cunning, art, wile. 

Liste, /. list, register, catalog. 

Listenpreis, m. list price, catalog price. 

Hstig, a. artful, cunning, wily. 

Literkolben, m. liter flask. 

Lithargyrum, n. litharge. 

Lithion, n. lithia. 

Lithionglimmer, m. lithia mica. 

litt, pret. of leiden. 

Litze, /. braid, lace, cord, string. 

11., abbrev. (leicht loslich) readily soluble. 

Lob, n. praise; fame. 

loben, v.t. praise. 

Lobrede, /. eulogy. 

Loch, n. hole; eye; pore; (billiard) pocket; 


lochen, v.t. perforate, punch. 
locherig, a. full of holes, perforated, porous. 
Lochweite, /. width of hole or aperture. 
Locke, /. lock, curl. 

locken, v.t. decoy, entice, induce; curl. 
locker, a. loose; incompact, spongy; dissolute, 
locker n, v.t. loosen, make loose. v.r. slacken, 


Lode, /., Loden, n. coarse cloth. 
lodern, v.i. blaze, flame. 
Loffel, m. spoon; ladle. 
LoffeFkraut, n. scurvy grass (Cochlearia officin- 


Loffelstiel, m. spoon handle, 
log, pret. of liigen. 
loh, a. blazing, burning. 
Lohbeize, /. tan liquor; tanning. 
Lohbruhe, /. (Leather) bark liquor, ooze. 
Lohe,/. tanbark; tan liquor, ooze; flame, blaze. 
Loheiche, /. tanbark oak. 
lohen, v.t. tan, steep in tan liquor. 
lohen, v.i. blaze, flame. 
Lohfarbe, /. tan color, 
lohfarbig, a. tan-colored, tan, tawny. 
Lohfass, n. tan vat. 
lohgar, a. (bark) tanned. 
Lohgerber, TO. (bark) tanner. 
Lohgerberei, /. tanning, bark tanning; tannery. 
Lohgrube, /. tan pit. 
Lohmesser, m. barkometer. 
Lohn, w. reward; wages, pay. 
lohnen, v.t. pay, recompense, reward. v.i. pay. 
Lohnfarber, TO. job dyer. 
Lohnung, Lb'hnung, /. pay, payment. 
Lohprobe, /. (Leather) bark test. 
Lohpriifer, Lohprober, m. barkometer. 
Lohpulver, n. tan powder. 
Lohrinde, /. tan bark. 
Lokal, n. locality, place; tavern. 
Lokalfarbe, /. natural color. 
Lorbeer, TO. laurel, bay. 
Lorbeerblatt, n. laurel leaf, bay leaf 
Lorbeerol, n. laurel oil, bay oil. 
Lorbeerrose, /. oleander. 
Los, n. lot; share; fate; prize, 
los, a. loose, free. adv. on, up. 
-los. destitute of, -less. 
losbar, a. soluble; dissoluble, resolvable. 
Losbarkeit, /. solubility; dissolubility. 




losch, prel. of lOschen. 

Loscharbeit, /. (Metal.) charcoal process. 

Losche, /. charcoal dust, charcoal bed; coal 
dust, slack, or culm; clinker; quenching tub 
or trough. 

loschcn, v.t. extinguish, quench; slake (lime); 
blot; cancel; discharge. v.i. be extinguished, 
go out; blot. 

Loschkalk, TO. quicklime. 

Loschkohle, /. quenched charcoal. 

Loschpapier, n. blotting paper. 

Loschung, /. extinguishing, etc. (see loschen). 

Loschwasser, n. quenching water, tempering 

losdriicken, v.t. push off; fire off. 

lose, a. loose. 

Losegeld, n. ransom. 

Losemittel, n. solvent. 

losen, v.t. dissolve; solve; loosen, untie, re- 
deem; fire off (a gun); make (money). 
v.r. dissolve; get loose. losend, p.a. dissolv- 
ing, solvent; expectorant; purgative. 

Losevermogen, n. dissolving power. 

Losewirkung, /. dissolving action, solvent effect. 

losgehen, v.i. become loose, come off, go off. 

loskaufen, v.t. buy off; ransom. 

losl., abbrev. of loslich. 

Losl., abbrev. of Loslichkeit. 

loslich, a. soluble. 

Loslichkeit, /. solubility. 

Loslichkeitsprodukt, n. solubility product. 

loslosen, v.t. set free, liberate, separate, detach, 

losloten, v.t. unsolder. 

losplatzen, v.i. explode; burst out. 

Loss, m. loess. 

Idssagen, v.t. renounce. 

losschlagen, v.t. sell; beat off. 

lossprechen, v.t. release; acquit. 

lostrennen, v.t. separate; tear apart; unstitch. 

Losung, /. casting of lots; excrement; watch- 

Losung, /. solution; discharge (of a gun); 

Losungsdruck, m. solution pressure. 

Losungsfahigkeit, /. dissolving capacity. 

Losungsmittel, n. solvent. 

Losungsvermogen, n. dissolving power. 

Losungswarme, /. heat of solution. 

Losungswasser, n. solvent water. 

Lot, n. solder; plummet, plumb, a weight (now 
ten grams). 

Lotapparat, m. soldering apparatus. 

lotbar, a. solderable. 

Lote, /. solder, soldering. 

loten, v.t. plumb. v.i. sound. 

loten, v.t. solder. 

Loten, n. soldering. 

Loth, lothen, etc. = Lot, loten, etc. 

lotig, a. fine (silver or gold). 

Lotigkeit, /. fineness. 

Ldtkolben, m. soldering bit. 

Lotmittel, n. solder. 

lotrecht, a. perpendicular, vertical. 

Lotrohr, n. blowpipe., /. blowpipe analysis. 

Lotrohre, /. blowpipe. 

Lotrohrflamme, /. blowpipe flame. 

Lotrohrprobe, /. blowpipe test. 

Lotrohrversuch, m. blowpipe experiment or test. 

Lotse, m. pilot. 

Lotterbube, m. idler, vagabond. 

Lotung, /. soldering; agglutination; adhesion. 

Loupe, /. magnifying glass. 

Lowe, m. lion. 

Lowenmaul, n. toadflax; snapdragon. 

Lowenzahn, m. dandelion. 

Lsg., abbrev. (Losung) solution. 

Lsgg., abbrev. (Losungen) solutions. 

Luchs, m. lynx. 

Liicke, /. gap, void, space, deficiency. 

liickenhaft, a. having gaps, defective, inter- 

luckig, a. (Metal.) porous, honeycombed. 

liickig, a. = luckenhaft; = luckig. 

lud, prct. of laden. 

Luder, n. carrion. 

Luft, /. air; atmosphere. 

Luftabschluss, m. exclusion of air. 

luftartig, a. gaseous, aeriform. 

Luftbad, n. air bath. 

Luftbehalter, m. air holder, air chamber; lungs. 

luftbestandig, a. stable in air, not affected by 
the air. 

Luftblase, /. air bubble; air bladder. 

luftdicht, a. air-tight. adv. hermetically. 

Luftdichtigkeit, /. atmospheric density. 

Luftdruck, TO. atmospheric pressure; air pres- 
sure, pneumatic pressure. 

Luftdruck-. pneumatic. 

luftecht, a. fast to air (atmospheric influences). 

Lufteintritt, TO. entrance of air. 

luftempfindlich, a. sensitive to air. 

liiften, v.t. air; aerate- ventilate; weather; 

Liifter, TO. ventilator. 

Lufterscheinung, /. atmospheric phenomenon. 

Lufterscheinungslehre, /. meteorology. 

Luftfahrt, /. aeronautics, ballooning; balloon 

Luftfeuchtigkeit, /. atmospheric moisture. 

luftformig, a. gaseous, aeriform. 

Luftgas, n. air gas. 

Luftgiitemesser, TO. eudiometer. 

Luftgiitemessung, /. eudiometry. 

Lufthahn, TO. air cock. 

lufthaltig, a. containing air. 

luftig, a. light, voluminous; aerial, airy, windy, 

Luftion, n. atmospheric ion. 




Luftkreis, m. atmosphere. 

Luftlack, m. air-proof varnish. 

luftleer, a. exhausted (of air), void. luftleerer 

Raum, vacuum. 

Luftleere, /. vacuum; exhaustion (of air). 
Luftleeremesser, TO. vacuometer, vacuum gage. 
Luftmalz, n. air-dried malt. 
Luftmesser, TO. aerometer. 
Luftmortel, TO. air mortar, lime mortar (require- 

ing air to harden it). 

Luftnitrit, n. nitrite made electrically from at- 
mospheric nitrogen. 
Luftpriifer, m. air tester. 
Luftpumpe, /. air pump, pneumatic pump. 
Luftraum, TO. air space; atmosphere. 
Luftrohre, /. air tube, air pipe; windpipe, 


Luftrohren-. tracheal; bronchial. 
Luftsauerstoff, TO. atmospheric oxygen. 
Luftsaugapparat, Luftsauger, m. aspirator. 
Luftsaule, /. air column. 
Luftsaure, /. carbonic acid. 
Luftschiff, n. airship. 
LuftschifFer, TO. aeronaut. 
Luftschopfen, n. respiration. 
Luftspiegelung, /. mirage. 
Luftstickstoff, TO. atmospheric nitrogen. 
Luftstrom, TO., Luftstromung, /. air current. 
lufttrocken, a. air-dry, air-dried. 
Luftuberschuss, m. excess of air. 
Liiftung, /. airing, etc. (see luften). 
Luftverdrangung, /. displacement of air. 
Luftverdiinnung, /. rarefaction of air; vacuum. 
Luftwage, /. aerometer. 
Luftweg, TO. airway, air passage. 
Luftwirkung, /. action of the air, atmospheric 


Luftziegel, TO. air-dried brick. 
Luftzug, TO. draft, current (of air) ; air duct. 
Luftziindcr, TO. pyrophorus (substance inflaming 

spontaneously in air). 

Luftzutritt, m. access of air, admission of air. 
Luge, /. lie, falsehood. 
lugen, v.i. look out. 
liigen, v.i. lie (speak falsely); deceive; be 

Liigner, TO. liar. 
lullen, v.t. luU. 

Lumineszenz, /. luminescence. 
Liimmel, TO. lubber, boor. 
Lump, m. ragamuffin; rascal. 

Lumpen, TO. rag; titler (coarse sugar loaf). 
Lumpenbrei, TO. (Paper) first stuff, (first) pulp 

from rags. 

Lumpenbutte, /. (Paper) rag tub. 
Lumpengesindel, n. rabble, riffraff. 
Lumpenpapier, n. rag paper. 
Lumpensammler, m. rag picker, ragman. 
Lumpenwolle, /. shoddy. 
Lumpenzucker, m. titlers (sugar in coarse 


Lumperei, /. trumpery, trash. 
Lunge, /. lung, lungs. 
Lungen-. pulmonary. 
Lungenentziindung, /. pneumonia. 
Lungenkraut, n. lungwort. 
Lungensucht, /. (pulmonary) consumption, 
lungern, lunkern, v.t. (Iron) pipe. 
Lunker, n. (Iron) pipe (in ingots). 
Lunte, /. slow match. 
Lupe, /. magnifying glass. 
Luppe, /. (Metal) bloom, loop. 
Luppenfrischhiitte, /. bloomery. 
Luppenstahl, TO. bloom steel, steel in blooms. 
Lupulinsaure, /. lupulic acid, lupulinic acid. 
Lust,/, pleasure, joy, mirth; desire, inclination; 


Lustbarkeit, /. festivity, amusement. 
Liister, TO. luster. 

liistern, a. desirous; lustful, wanton. 
Lustfahrt, /. excursion. 
Lustfeuer, n. bonfire. 
Lustgas, n. laughing gas (nitrous oxide). 
Lusthaus, n. summer house, 
lustig, o. merry, jolly; funny. 
lustrieren, v.t. luster. 
Lustseuche, /. syphilis. 
Lustspiel, n. comedy, 
lustwandeln, v.i. walk, promenade. 
Luteokobaltchlorid, n. luteocobaltic chloride. 
Lutidinsaure, /. lutidinic acid. 
lutieren, v.t. lute. 
lutschen, v.i. suck. 
Lutter, TO. (Distilling) low wine. 
Lutterprober, m. low-wine tester. 
Luxus, m. luxury. 
Luxus-. fancy. 

Luzerne, /., Luzernerklee, m. lucern, alfalfa, 
lydischer Stein. Lydian stone (touchstone). 
Lymphdriise, /. lymphatic gland. 
Lymphe, /. lymph. 
Lymphgefass, n. lymphatic vessel. 


m., abbrev. (mit) with; (mein, meine, meines) 

my, of my. 
M., abbrev. (Masse) mass; (Monat) month; 

(Mittelsorte) medium grade; Monatshefte 

fur Chemie. 
Maal, n. mole, mark. 
Maass, Maass-. See Mass, Mass-. 
Maat, m. mate (of a boat). 
macerieren, v.t. macerate. 
Mache, /. making, make, workmanship. 
machen, v.t. make; do; cause. v.r. make one- 
self; procure, get. v.i. deal, trade. 
Macherei, /. making; make. 
Macht, /. might, power, force, 
machtig, a. mighty, powerful, strong, huge, big, 

thick; in command (of something). 
Machtigkeit, /. mightiness, etc. (see machtig); 

(Tech.) thickness, size, power, etc. 
Machwerk, n. poor work; hack work. 
M acis, /. mace. 

Macisol, n. mace oil, oil of mace. 
Madchen, n. girl; maid. 
Made, /. maggot, mite. 
Magd, /. maid, servant (girl). 
Magdalarot, n. Magdala red. 
Magen, m. stomach; maw. 
Magen-. gastric, gastro-. 
Magenarznei, /. stomachic. 
Magenbrei, m. chyme. 
Magendarm-. gastro-intestinal. 
Magendriise, /. gastric gland, peptic gland. 
Magenentziindung, /. gastritis. 
Magenfliissigkeit, /. gastric fluid, gastric 


Mageninhalt, m. stomach contents. 
M agenmittel, n. stomachic. 
Magenpfortner, TO. pylorus. 
Magensaft, m. gastric juice. 
Magenschlund, m. esophagus. 
Magenschwache, /. dyspepsia. 
magenstarkend, p.a. stomachic. 
Magenstarkungsmittel, n. stomachic. 
Magenstein, m. gastric concretion. 
mager, a. lean; slender, thin, meager. magerer 

Kalk, lime that does not slake easily. mag- 

eres Ol, mineral oil (as distinguished from a 

fatty oH). 
Magermilch, /. skim milk. 

magern, v.t. & i. make or grow lean or poor; 

specif. (Ceram.), diminish the plasticity of, 

Magerungsmittel, n. (Ceram.) a substance used 

to diminish plasticity. 
Magnesiaglimmer, m. magnesium mica (bio- 

magnesiahaltig, a. containing magnesia, mag- 


Magnesitspat, m. magnesite. 
Magnesiumjodid, n. magnesium iodide. 
Magnesiumlicht, n. magnesium light. 
Magnesiumpulver, n. magnesium powder. 
Magnesiumsalz, n. magnesium salt. 
Magneteisen, Magneteisenerz, n., Magnet- 

eisenstein, m. magnetic iron ore (magnetite). 
magnetisch, a. magnetic. 
magnetisieren, v.t. magnetize. 
Magnetisierung, /. magnetizing, magnetization. 
Magnetismus, m. magnetism. 
Magnetkies, m. magnetic pyrites (pyrrhotite) . 
Magsamen, TO. poppy seed. 
M ahagoni, n. mahogany. 
mahen, v.t. mow. 
Mahl, n. meal; banquet; mole. 
mahlen, v.t. grind, mill. 
Mahlfeinheit, /. fineness of grinding. 
Mahlgut, n. material to be ground or milled. 
Mahlkorn, n. grist. 
M ahlzahn, TO. molar. 
M ahlzeit, /. meal, repast. 
Mahne, /. mane, 
mahnen, v.t. remind, urge; dun. 
Mai, TO. May. 
Maibaum, TO. birch. 
Maiblume, /. lily-of-the-valley. 
Maifisch, m. shad. 
Mais, w. maize, (Indian) corn. 
Maisbranntwein, TO. corn whisky, whisky from 


Maisch, TO. = Maische. 
Maischapparat, m. mashing apparatus, mash 


Maischbottich, m. mash tub, mashing tun. 
Maische, /. mash; grape juice. weingare 

Maische (Distilling) mash. zweite Maische, 

maischen, v.t. mash. 





Maischgitter, n. (Brewing) stirrer, rake. 

Maischgut, n. (Brewing) mash goods, mash. 

Maischkessel, m. mash copper. 

Maischpfanne, /. mash copper. 

Maischprozess, m. mashing process. 

Maischung, /. mashing; mash. 

Maischventil, /. (Brewing) grains valve, trap. 

Maischwasser, n. mash liquor. 

Maischwiirze, /. mash wort, grain wash. 

Maiskolben, TO. corncob. 

Maiskrankheit, /. pellagra. 

Maismehl, n. Indian meal, corn meal. 

Maismehlkleber, w. zein. 

Maispistiile, n.pL cornsilk, (Pharm.) zea. 

Maisspiritus, m. spirits from maize, corn spirit. 

Maisstarke, /. maize starch, cornstarch. 

Majoran, m. marjoram. 

majorenn, a. of age. 

Makel, m. spot, blemish, flaw. 

makeln, v.i. criticize; act as broker. 

Makler, Makler, m. broker, jobber; faultfinder. 

Makrele, /. mackerel. 

Makrone, /. macaroon. 

mal, adv. times, time; once, just. 

Mai, n. time; mark, spot, mole; sign, token; 

(Biol.) stigma. 
mal., abbrev. of maleinoid. 
Malachitgriin, n. malachite green. 
Maiachitkiesel, m. chrysocolla. 
malaiisch, a. Malay, Malayan. 
Malakkanuss, /. Malacca nut, marking nut. 
maiaxieren, v.t. malax, malaxate. 
Maleinsaure, /. maleic acid, 
malen, v.t. paint; depict. 
Maler, m. painter. 
Malerei, /. painting. 
Malerfarbe, /. painter's color. 
Malernrnis, m. painter's varnish, 
malerisch, a. picturesque. 
Malerkolik, Malerkrankheit, /. painter's colic, 


Malonsaure, /. malonic acid. 
Maive, Malwe, /. mallow. 
Malz, n. malt. 

Malzaufguss, m. infusion of malt, wort. 
Malzauszug, TO. malt extract; wort. 
Malzdarre, /. malt kiln. 
Malzeiweiss, n. diastase. 
malzen, malzen, v.L malt. 
Malzer, Malzer, m. maltster, maltman. 
Malzerei, /. malt house. 
Malzessig, m. malt vinegar. 
Malzfabrik, /. malting, malt house. 
Malzgerste, /. malting barley. 
Malzhaufen, n. couching. 
Malzprobe, /. malt test, malt testing. 
Malzschrot, n. crushed malt, malt grist. 
Malztreber, pi. spent malt, brewer's grains, 

spent grains. 
Malzung, /. malting. 

Malzungsschwand, m. loss in malting, malting 

Malzzucker, m. malt sugar, maltose. 

man, pron. one, a person, somebody, they, 
people, we, you. 

manch, pr on. many a. 

mancher, pron. many a one, many a thing, 
many a. 

mancherlei, a. many, various. 

manchmal, adv. often, sometimes. 

Mandarine, /. mandarin orange, mandarin 
(Citrus nobilis). 

Mandarin enschalenol, n. oil of mandarin peel. 

Mandel, /. almond; tonsil; fifteen; shock. 

mandelartig, a. almond-like, amygdaline. 

Mandelbliite, /. almond blossom. 

Mandeldruse, /. tonsil. 

Mandelentzundung, /. tonsillitis. 

mandelfdrmig, a. almond-shaped, amygdaloid. 

Mandelmilch, /. almond milk, (Pharm.) emul- 
sion of almond. 

Mandelol, n. almond oil. 

Mandelsaure, /. mandelic acid. 

Mandelstein, m. amygdaloid; tonsillar con- 

Mandelstarox, m. amygdaloid storax. 

Mangan, n. manganese. 

Manganalaun, m. manganese alum. 

Manganbister, m. manganese bister, manganese 

Manganblende, /. alabandite. 

Manganbraun, n. manganese brown. 

Manganchlorid, n. manganese chloride, specif., 
manganic chloride. 

Manganchlorur, n. manganous chloride. 

Mangandioxyd, n. manganese dioxide. 

Manganeisen, n. ferromanganese. 

Manganeisenstein, m. triplite. 

Manganerz, n. manganese ore. graues Man- 
ganerz, manganite; pyrolusite. schwarzes 
Manganerz, hausmannite. 

manganhaltig, a. containing manganese, man- 

Manganhydroxyd, n. manganic hydroxide. 

Manganhydroxydul, n. manganous hydroxide. 

Manganhyperoxyd, n. manganese peroxid - 

Mangani-. manganic. 

Manganichlorid, n. manganic chloride. 

manganig, a. manganous. 

manganigsauer, a. of or combined with manga- 
nous acid, manganite of. 

Manganigsaure, /. manganous acid. 

Manganihydroxyd, n. manganic hydroxide. 

Mahganisalz, n. manganic salt. 

Manganisulfat, n. manganic sulfate. 

Manganiverbindung, /. manganic compound. 

Mangankarbid, n. manganese carbide. 

Mangankiesel, TO. rhodonite. 

Manganlegierung, /. manganese alloy. 




Mangano-. manganous, mangano-. 

Manganoferrum, n. ferromanganese. 

Manganohydroxyd, n. manganous hydroxide. 

Manganoion, n. manganous ion. 

Manganokarbonat, n. manganous carbonate. 

Manganosalz, n. manganous salt. 

Manganosulfat, n. manganous sulfate. 

Manganoxyd, n. manganese oxide, specif., man- 
ganic oxide. rotes Manganoxyd, mangano- 
manganic oxide. 

Manganoxydhydrat, n. manganic hydroxide. 

Manganoxydsalz, n. manganic salt. 

Manganoxydul, n. manganous oxide. 

Manganoxyduloxyd, n. mangano - manganic 

Manganoxydulsalz, n. manganous salt. 

Manganoxydulverbindung, /. manganous com- 

Manganoxydverbindung, /. manganic com- 

Manganpecherz, n. triplite. 

mangansauer, a. of or combined with manganic 
acid, manganate of. 

Mangansaure, /. manganic acid. 

Mangansaureanhydrid, n. manganic anhydride, 
manganese trioxide. 

Manganschaum, m. bog manganese; wad. 

Manganschlamm, TO. Weldon mud (regenerated 
slime in the Weldon process). 

Manganspat, m. rhodochrosite. 

Manganstahl, m. manganese steel. 

Mangansulfat, n. manganese sulfate. 

Mangansulfiir, n. manganous sulfide. 

Mangansuperoxyd, n. manganese peroxide (di- 

Manganvitriol, TO. manganese vitriol (manga- 
nese sulfate). 

Mangel, TO. lack, want, deficiency; fault, de- 
fect; distress, want. 

mangelhaft, a. deficient, defective, imperfect. 

mangeln, v.i. be wanting. v.t. mangle. 

Manie, /. mania. 

Manier, /. manner. 

manipulieren, v.t. & i. manipulate. 

Mann, m. man; husband. 

Mannazucker, m. manna sugar, mannite. 

Mannchen, n. little man, mannikin; male. 

Mannesreife, /. puberty. 

mannigfach, mannigfaltig, a. manifold, various, 

Mannigfaltigkeit, /. manifoldness, variety, mul- 

mannlich, a. male; masculine; manly. 

Mannloch, n. manhole. 

Mannozuckersaure, /. mannosaccharic acid. 

Mannschaft, /. men, forces, crew. 

Manschette, /. cuff; (Tech.) flap, collar. 

Mantel, m. mantle; casing, jacket, case, shell. 

Mantelsack, m. valise. 

Manufaktur, /. manufacture; manufactory. 

Mappe, /. portfolio; case (for paper, etc.). 

Marantastarke, /. arrowroot. 

Marchen, n. (fairy) tale, story. 

marchenhaft, a. fabulous, legendary, fictitious. 

Marder, TO. marten. 

Mare, /. news, report, story, tradition. 

margarinsauer, a. of or combined with margaric 

acid, margarate of. 
Margarinsaure, /. margaric acid. 
Marienbad, n. water bath. 
Marienglas, n. selenite; mica. 
Marienkafer, TO. ladybird. 
Marine, /. navy. 
Marineleim, TO. marine glue, 
marinieren, v.t. marinate, pickle. 
Mark, n. marrow; pith; pulp; medulla. 
Mark, /. mark (23.8 cents) ; boundary. 
Mark-, medullary. 
Markasit, m. marcasite. 
Markasitglanz, TO. tetradymite. 
Marke, /. mark; stamp; brand. 
Marketender, TO. sutler. 
Markette, /. virgin wax in cake form. 
Markflussigkeit, /. spinal fluid. 
markieren, r.t. mark. 
Markise, /. awning, marquee. 
Markstrahl, TO. medullary ray. 
Marksubstanz, /. medullary substance. 
Markt, TO. market, mart, fair. 
markten, v.i. market; bargain. 
marktgangig, a. market, current. 
marktreif, a. ready for market, marketable. 
Marktzettel, TO. market report. 
Marmor, m. marble, 
marmorieren, v.t. marble, vein, mottle. 
Marmorkiesel, TO. a kind of hornstone. 
Marmorpapier, n. marbled paper. 
marode, a. tired, exhausted. 
Marokko, n. Morocco. 
Maroquin, TO. morocco. 
Marsch, /. marsh. 
Marsch, m. march. 

Marschboden, TO. marsh land, marshy soil. 
Marshische Probe. Marsh test, Marsh's test, 
martern, v.t. torment, torture. 
Martinofen, TO. Martin furnace. 
Martinstahl, m. Martin steel (open-hearth steel). 
Martiusgelb, TO. Martius yellow. 
Masche, /. mesh, stitch; compartment. 
Maschenweite, /. width of mesh. 
maschig, a. meshed, netted, reticulated. 
Maschine, /. machine; engine. 
Maschinelehre, /. engineering. 
maschinell, a. mechanical. 
Maschinenbauer, TO. machine (or engine) 

builder, machinist, millwright. 
maschinenmassig, a. machinelike, mechanical. 
Maschinenwerk, n. machinery. 
Maser, /. speckle, spot, mark; (pi.) measles, 
maserig, a. speckled, streaked, grained. 




Maserpapier, n. speckled (or grained) paper. 

Maske, /. mask. 

mass, pret. of messen. 

Mass, n. measure. 

Massanalyse, /. volumetric analysis. 

massanalytisch, a. volumetric. 

Masse, /. mass; bulk; stock; assets; (Found- 
ing) dry sand; (Ceram.) paste; (Paper) pulp. 

Masseinheit, /. unit of measure. 

Massel, /. (Metal.) pig; slab, bloom. 

Massenbewegung, /. mass motion. 

Massengesteine, unstratified rocks. 

Massenguss, m. dry-sand casting. 

Massenmoment, n. moment of inertia. 

Massenwirkung, /. mass action. 

Massenwirkungsgesetz, n. law of mass action. 

Masseschlamm, m. (Ceram.) body slip. 

Masseschlicker, m. (Ceram.) body paste. 

Massflasche, /. measuring flask. 

Massfliissigkeit, /. standard solution. 

Massformel, /. (Pharm., standard formula. 

Massgabe, /. measure, proportion. 

massgebend, p.a. determinative, decisive, au- 

Massgefass, n. measuring vessel; graduate. 

Massholder, m. (field) maple. 

massig, a. moderate; temperate. 

-massig. An adjective suffix signifying " in 
the manner of "; as, verhaltnismossiy, pro- 

massigen, v.t. moderate, temper. gemassigt, 
p.a. temperate, moderate. 

Massig keit, /. moderation; temperance. 

Massigung, /. moderation. 

massiv, a. massive; unalloyed; clumsy. 

Massnahme, /. mode of action; precaution. 

Massregel, /. measure, step, expedient. 

Massrohre, /. measuring tube, graduated tube, 

Massstab, m. scale; rule, measure. 

Masssystem, n. system of measurement. 

Massteil, TO. part by measure. 

Mast, /. feeding, fattening; mast, nuts. 

Mastdarm, m. rectum. 

Mastdarm-. rectal, recto-. 

masten, v.t. feed, fatten. 

Mastix, m., Mastixharz, n. (gum) mastic. 

Mastixfirnis, m. mastic varnish. 

Mastixkitt, TO. mastic (cement). 

Materialien, materials, material. 

Materialpriifungsamt, n. bureau for testing 
materials (often not translated). 

Materie, /. matter. 

Matratze, /. mattress. 

tnatrisieren, v.t. damp (paper). 

Matfize, /. matrix. 

Matrose, TO. sailor, mariner. 

Matsch, m. pulp, mash; slush, mire. 

matt, a. dull, dead, mat; (of glass) ground; 
faint, feeble, weak, dull. 

Matt, n. dullness, deadness of surface. 

Matte, /. mat; meadow. 

Mattfarbe, /. deadening color. 

mattgeschliffen, p.a. ground, frosted. 

Mattglanz, TO. dull finish. 

Mattglasur, /. (Ceram.) mat glaze. 

Mattgold, n. dead gold, mat gold. 

Mattheit,/. dullness, etc. (see matt). 

mattieren, v.t. deaden, dull, tarnish. 

mattrot, a. dull red. 

mattschleifen, v.t. grind, frost (glass). 

mattweiss, a. dull white. 

Mauer, /. wall. 

Mauerkalk, TO. mortar. 

mauern, v.t. build of masonry; wall in or up. 

Mauerpfeffer, TO. stonecrop (Sedum acre). 

Mauersalpeter, TO. wall saltpeter (calcium ni- 

Mauerstein, TO. (building) stone; (building) 

Mauer werk, n. walling; masonry. 

Mauerziegel, TO. (building) brick. 

Mauken, n. (Ceram.) fermenting, aging. 

Maul, n. mouth; jaws. 

Maulbeere, /. mulberry. 

maulen, v.i. pout, sulk. 

Maulesel, TO. mule. 

maulfaul, a. taciturn. 

Maulheld, TO. braggart. 

Maulkorb, TO. muzzle. 

Maulsperre, /. lockjaw. 

Maulwurf, TO. mole. 

Maurer, TO. mason, bricklayer. 

maurisch, a. Moorish. 

Maus, /. mouse. 

Mausedreck, TO. mouse dung. 

Mausegift, n. ratsbane, (white) arsenic. 

Mauser, /. moulting. 

mausern, v.r. moult. 

mausfahl, mausfarben, mausgrau, a. mouse- 
colored, mouse-gray. 

maximal, a. maximum, maximal. 

Maximalwertigkeit, /. maximum valence. 

mazerieren, v.t. macerate. 

m.E., abbrev. (meines Erachtens) in my opinion. 

Mechanik, /. mechanics; mechanism. 

Mechaniker, m. mechanician. 

mechanisch, a. mechanical, mechanic. adv. 

meckern, v.i. bleat. 

Meconsaure, /. meconic acid. 

Medaille, /. medal. 

Medien, media, mediums. 

Medizin, /. medicine. 

Medizinalrinde, /. officinal bark. 

Mediziner, m. medical man or student. 

mediziniert, p.a. medicated. 

medizinisch, a. medicinal; medical. 

Meer, n. sea, ocean. 

Meerbusen, m. bay, gulf. 




Meerenge, /. strait, channel. 

Meeresboden, m. sea bottom. 

Meeresflache, /. sea level; surface of the sea. 

Meeresgrund, TO. sea bottom. 

Meeresoberflache, /. sea level; surface of the 

Meerfarbe, /. sea green. 

Meerkohl, m. sea kale. 

Meerrettich, Meerrettig, m. horseradish. 

Meersalz, n. sea salt. 

Meerschaum, m. meerschaum; sea foam. 

Meerschwein, n. porpoise. 

M eerschweinchen, n. guinea pig. 

Meerschweintran, m. porpoise oil. 

Meerwasser, n, sea water. 

meerwasserecht, a. fast to sea water. 

Meerzwiebel, /. squill. 

Megerkraut, n. yellow bedstraw(GaZturre verurri). 

Mehl, n. meal; flour; dust, powder. 

mehlartig, a. like meal or flour, farinaceous. 

Mehlbeere, /. haw. 

Mehlbeutel, TO. bolter, sifter. 

Mehlfriichte, cereals. 

Mehlgips, TO. (Min.) earthy gypsum. 

mehlig, a. mealy, floury, farinaceous. 

Mehlkleister, TO. flour paste. 

Mehlkorper, m. endosperm (of grains). 

Mehlkreide, /. (Min.) earthy calcite. 

M ehlpulver, n. meal powder. 

Mehltau, TO. mildew. 

Mehlzucker, TO. brown sugar; powdered sugar. 

mehr, a. & adv. more. . 

mehr-. poly-, multi-, many-. 

mehratomig, a. polyatomic. 

mehrbasisch, a. polybasic. 

Mehrdeutigkeit, /. ambiguity. 

Mehrdrehung, /. multirotation. 

mehren, v.t. increase, multiply. 

mehrere, a. several. 

mehrfach, mehrfaltig, a. manifold, multiple, 

mehrfarbig, a. polychromatic; pleochroic. 

Mehrfarbigkeit, /. polychromatism; pleochro- 
ism; (Art) polychromy. 

mehrflammig, a. having more than one flame. 

mehrgliedrig, a. having several, or more, mem- 

M ehrheit, /. majority; plural. 

mehrkernig, a. polynuclear, having more than 
one nucleus. 

mehrmals, adv. several times, repeatedly. 

Mehrphasenstrotn, TO. (Elec.) polyphase cur- 

mehrstiindig, a. lasting for hours, of several 
hours' duration. 

mehrwertig, a. multi valent, polyvalent. 

Mehrzahl, /. majority; plural. 

mehrzellig, a. multicellular. 

meiden, v.t. avoid, shun. 

Meierei, /. farm, dairy farm. 

Meile, /. mile. 

Meiler, TO. circular pile (esp. that used in char- 
coal burning), mound, stack; (Brick) clamp. 

Meiler kohle, /. charcoal. 

Meilerverfahren, n. pile charring. 

mein, pron. my, mine. 

Meineid, TO. perjury. 

mein en, v.t. & t. think; mean. 

meinethalben, meinetwegen, adv. for my sake; 
for my part. 

Meinung, /. opinion, idea; meaning, intention. 

Meiran, TO. marjoram. 

Meise, /. titmouse. 

Meissel, TO. chisel; (Med.) pledget. 

meisselformig, a. chisel-shaped. 

meist, a. most. adv. mostly. 

meistens, meistenteils, adv. for the most part, 

Meister, TO. master. 

meisterhaft, a. masterly. 

Meister stuck, n. masterpiece; master stroke. 

Meisterwurz, -wurzel, /. masterwort. 

Mekoninsaure, /. meconinic acid. 

Mekonsaure, /. meconic acid. 

Melange, /. mixture. 

ntelangieren, v.t. mix. 

Melasse, /. molasses. 

meiden, v.t. announce, inform, mention. 
v.r. present oneself, apply. 

melieren, v.t. mix; mottle. 

Melierfasern, (Paper) mottling fibers. 

Melierpapier, n. mottled paper. 

Melilote, /., Melilotenklee, TO. melilot. 

Melilotsaure, /. melilotic acid. 

Melis, Meliszucker, TO., titlers (coarse loaf 

Melisse, /., Melissenkraut, n. balm, balm mint. 

Melissinsaure, /. melissic acid. 

melken, v.t. mUk. 

Mellithsaure, /. mellitic acid. 

Melone, /. melon. 

Meltau, TO. mildew. 

Memme, /. coward. 

Meng-. mixing. 

Menge,/. quantity, amount; multitude, crowd; 
abundance, plenty. 

Mengeeinheit, /. unit of quantity. 

mengen, v.t. mix; blend. 

Mengenbestimmung,/. quantitative determina- 

Mengenverhaltnis, n. quantitative relation, 
proportion, composition. 

Menggestein, n. conglomerate. 

Mengkapsel, /. mixing capsule. 

Mengspatel, TO. mixing spatula. 

Mengungsverhaltnis, n. proportion of ingredi- 

Mennig, TO., Mennige, /. minium, red lead. 

Mensch, TO. man, human being. 

Menschen-. human. 




Menschenalter, n. generation. 

Menschenfeind, TO. misanthrope. 

Menschenfreund, m. philanthropist. 

Menschenkorper, m. human body. 

Menschenlehre,/. anthropology; human teach- 

Menschenpocken, smallpox. 

menschlich, a. human; humane. 

Mensur, /. measure, measuring vessel; duel. 

Mensurglas.n. measuring glass, graduated glass. 

mephitisch, a. mephitic. 

mercerisieren, v.t. mercerize. 

Mercur, Mercur-. See Merkur, Merkur-. 

Mergel, TO. marl. 

M ergelart, /. (kind or variety of) marl. 

mergelartig, a. marly. 

mergelig, a. marly. 

M ergelkalk, TO. marly limestone. 

mergeln, v.t. marl. 

merkbar, a. perceptible, noticeable. 

merken, v.t. mark, notice, perceive. 

merklich, a. perceptible, appreciable. 

Merkmal, n. characteristic, mark, sign, indica- 

Merkur, TO. mercury. 

Merkurhornerz, n. (Min.) horn quicksilver, 

Merkuri-. mercuric, mercuri-. 

Merkurialien, pi. (Pharm.) mercurials. 

Merkuriammoniumchlorid, n. mercuriammo- 
nium chloride. 

Merkurichlorid, n. mercuric chloride. 

merkurieren, v.t. mercurize, combine with mer- 
cury. ' 

Merkurierung, /. mercurization. 

Merkurijodid, n. mercuric iodide. 

Merkurinitrat, n. mercuric nitrate. 

Merkurioxyd, n. mercuric oxide. 

Merkurisalz, n. mercuric salt. 

Merkurisulfat, n. mercuric sulfate. 

Merkurisulfid, n. mercuric sulfide. 

Merkuriverbindung, /. mercuric compound. 

Merkuro-. mercurous. 

Merkurochlorid, n. mercurous chloride. 

Merkuronitrat, n. mercurous nitrate. 

Merkurooxyd, n. mercurous oxide. 

Merkurosalz, n. mercurous salt. 

Merkurosulfid, n. mercurous sulfide. 

Merkuroverbindung, /. mercurous compound. 

merkwurdig, a. noteworthy, remarkable. 

merkwurdigerweise, adv. strange to say. 

Merochinen, n. meroquinene. 

Merotropie, /. merotropism, merotropy. 

Mesoweinsaure, f, mesotartaric acid. 

Mesoxalsaure, /. mesoxalic acid. 

Mess-, measuring. 

Messapparat, m. measuring apparatus. 

Messband, n. tape measure. 

messbar, a. measurable. 

Messbereich, m. measuring range. 

, /. mass; fair, market. 

messen, v.t. measure; survey; contain. ge- 
messen, p.a. measured, etc.; strict; formal. 

Messer, TO. measurer, meter. 

Messer, n. knife; cutter. 

Messflasche, /. measuring bottle (or flask). 

Messgefass, n. measuring vessel, measure. 

Messgerate, measuring apparatus. 

Messing, n. brass. 

Messingblech, n. sheet brass, brass plate. 

Messingbliite, /. aurichalci te. 

Messingdraht, TO. brass wire. 

messingen, a. of brass, brass. 

Messinggiesser, m. brass founder. 

Messingnetz, n. brass netting, brass gauze. 

Messingschlaglot, n. brass solder. 

Messingspane, brass shavings, brass 

Messkeil, TO. measuring wedge (inside caliper 
for tubing). 

Messkolbchen, n. little measuring flask. 

Messkolben, TO. measuring flask. 

Messmittel, n. means of measuring, measuring 

Messpipette, /. pipette with a graduated scale, 
scale pipette. Cf. Vollpipette. 

Messreihe, /. series of measurements. 

Messrohr, TO. measuring tube; specif., burette. 

Messserie, /. series of measurements. 

Messung, /. measuring, measurement, mensura- 

Messverfahren, n. method or process of meas- 

Messzylinder, TO. measuring cylinder. 

Met, TO. mead. 

Metaantimonsaure, /. metantimonic acid. 

metaarsenig, a. metarsenious. 

Metaarsensaure, /. metarsenic acid. 

Metableisaure, /. metaplumbic acid. 

Metabolie, /. metabolism. 

metabolisch, a. metabolic. 

Metaborsaure, /. metabolic acid. 

Metaeisenoxyd, n. metaferric oxide. 

Metaferrihydrat, n. metaferric hydroxide. 

Metakohlensaure, /. metacarbonic acid (ordi- 
nary carbonic acid, HzCOa). 

MetaU, n. metal. 

Metall-. metallic, metal. 

Metallader, /. metallic vein, metalliferous vein. 

metallahnlich, metallartig, a. metallic, metal- 

Metallamid, n. metallic amide. 

Metallazid, n. metallic azide. 

Metallbeschreibung, /. metallography. 

Metallblatt, n. (thin) sheet of metal. 

Metallcarbid, n. metallic carbide. 

Metallchlorid, n. metallic chloride. 

Metallchlorwasserstoffsaure, /. compound of a 
metal and hydrochloric acid, metallic hydro- 




Metalldampf, metallic vapor. 

Metallfarbe, /. metallic color; bronze color. 

Metallfarbung, /. coloring of metal (specif., 

me tallochr ome) . 
Metallgekratz, n. waste metal. 
Metallgemisch, n. metallic mixture, alloy. 
Metallgewinnung, /. extraction of metals, met- 

Metallglanz, m. metallic luster. 
metallglanzend, p.a. having metallic luster. 
Metallglas, n. enamel. 
Metallgold, n. Dutch gold, Dutch foil. 
Metallguss, m. metal founding, metal casting, 
metallhaltig, a. containing metal, metalliferous. 
Metallhiitte, /. smeltery (for metals other than 


Metallhydroxyd, n. metallic hydroxide. 
metallisch, a. metallic, 
metallisieren, v.t. metallize. 
Metallitat, /. metallic nature. 
Metallkalk, m. metallic calx (oxide). 
Metallkarbonyl, n. compound of a metal with 


Metallkonig, TO. metallic regulus or button. 
Metallkorn, n. metal grain; pi. granulated 


Metalllegierung, /. metallic alloy. 
Metalllosung, /. metallic solution. 
Metallmutter, /. matrix (of ores). 
metallorganisch, a. organometallic, metallo- 


Metalloxyd, n. metallic oxide. 
M etalloxydhydrat, n. metallic hydroxide. 
Metallprobe, /. test for metal, assay. 
Metallsalz, n. metallic salt. 
Metallschwamm, TO. metallic sponge. 
Metallsilbcr, n. imitation silver foil. 
Metallspane, metal shavings, turnings or 


Mctallspektrum, n. spectrum of a metal. 
Metallspiegel, m. metallic mirror. 
Metallsulfid, n. metallic sulfide. 
Metallteil, m. metal part, metallic part. 
Metalltuch, n. wire cloth. 
Metalliiberzug, TO. metallic coating, plating, 

M etallurg, m. metallurgist. 

metallurgisch, a. metallurgic, metallurgical. 

Metallverarbeitung, /. metal working. 

Metallversetzung, /. alloying, alloy. 

Metallwaren, metal wares, hardware. 

metamer, a. metameric. 

Metamerie, /. metamerism, metamery. 

Metanilgelb, n. metanil yellow, metaniline yel- 

mctantimonig, a. metantimonious. 

Metantimonsaure, /. metantimonic acid. 

melaphosphorig, a. metaphosphorous. 

metaphosphorsauer, a. of or combined with 
metaphosphoric acid, metaphosphate of. 

M etaphosphorsaure, /. metaphosphoric acid. 

Metasaure, /. meta acid. 

metastabil, a. metastable. 

Metastellung, /. meta position. 

Metavanadinsaurc, /. metavanadic acid. 

Metaverbindung, / meta compound. 

M etawolframsaure, /. metatungstic acid. 

Metazinnsaure, /. metastannic acid. 

M etazirkonsaure, /. metazirconic acid. 

Metazuckersaure, /. metasaccharic acid. 

Meteoreisen, n. meteoric iron. 

Meteorstaub, TO. meteoric dust. 

Meteorstein, TO. meteoric stone, aerolite. 

Methacrylsaure, /. methacrylic acid. 

Methan, n. methane. 

Mcthode, /. method. 

methodisch, a. methodical. 

M ethylarsonsaure, /. methylarsonic acid. 

Me thy lather, TO. methyl ether. 

M ethylchlorur, n. methyl chloride. 

M ethylengruppe, /. methylene group. 

Methylenjodid, n. methylene iodide. 

Methylgallusathersaure, /. O-methylgallic acid, 
methyl ether of gallic acid. 

Methylgriin, n. methyl green. 

M ethyl hydrur, n. methyl hydride, methane. 

methylieren, v.t. methylate. 

Methyljodid, n. methyl iodide, iodomethane. 

Methylwasserstoff, TO. methane. 

Methylzinnsaure, /. methylstannic acid. 

Metze, /. peck. 

metzeln, v.t. massacre, butcher. 

Metzger, TO. butcher. 

meucheln, v.t. assassinate. 

meuchlerisch, adv. insidiously, treacherously. 

Meuterei, /. mutiny, sedition. 

m.G., abbrev. (mit Goldschnitt) with gilt edges. 

miauen, v.i. mew. 

mich, pron. me, myself. 

mied, pret. of meiden. 

Miene, /. mien, look, air, feature. 

mieten, v.t. hire, rent, lease. 

Mieter, TO. tenant; lodger. 

Mikrobrenner, TO. micro burner. 

M ikrochemie, /. microchemistry. 

Mikroklin, n. microcline. 

mikrokosmisch, a. microcosmic. 

mikroskopieren, v.t. examine with the micro- 

mikroskopisch, a. microscopic, microscopical. 
Milbe, /. mite. 

Milch,/, milk; milt (of fashes). 
milchabtreibend, p.a. antigalactic. 

Vlilchachat, TO. milk-white agate. 
Milchader, /. lacteal vessel. 
milchartig, a. milky, lacteal. 
Milchbestandteil, TO. constituent of milk. 
Milchfalschung, /. adulteration of milk. 
M ilchfett, n. milk fat. 

Milchglas, n. milk glass; breast glass. 




Milchgrad, TO. milk degree (degree on the galac- 


Milchgute, /. quality of milk. 
Milchharnen, n., Milchharnfluss, m. chyluria. 
milchig, a. milky, lacteal. 
Milchkanal, m. lactiferous duct. 
Milchkugelchen, n. milk globule, fat globule in 


Milchlab, n. rennet. 

Milchmesser, m. galactometer; lactometer. 
Milchporzellan, n. milk glass, glass porcelain. 
Milchprober, Milchprufer, m. milk tester 

(specif., lactometer). 
Milchprufung, /. milk testing. 
Milchrahm, m. cream. 
Milchsaft, TO. milky juice; (Bot.) latex; 

(Physiol.) chyle. 
milchsaftig, a. chylous. 
milchsauer, a. of or combined with lactic acid, 

lactate of. 

Milchsaure, /. lactic acid. 
Milchsauregarung, /. lactic fermentation. 
Milchstrasse, /. Milky Way. 
Milchuntersuchung, /. examination of milk, 

milk analysis. 

milchvermehrend, p.a. galactagog. 
milchvertreibend, p.a. antigalactic. 
Milchwage, /. lactometer. 
Milchwein, m. kumiss. 
Milchwirtschaft, /. dairy. 
Milchwurz, /. milkwort. 
Milchzucker, m. milk sugar, lactose. 
Milchzuckersaure, /. saccholactic acid (mucic 


mild, milde, a. mild, soft, gentle; kind, chari- 
mildern, v.t. temper, mitigate, soften; correct 

Milderungsmittel, n. mitigant, demulcent; 

Militar-. military. 
Milz, /. spleen. 
Milz-. splenic. 
Mil/brand, m. anthrax. 
Milzdruse, /. spleen. 
Mimosengummi, n. gum arabic, esp. a fine 


minder.a. less, smaller, inferior, minor. adv. less. 
Minderheit, /. minority. 
minderjahrig, a. under age, minor. 
mindern, v.t. & i. diminish, lessen, decrease. 
minder wertig, a. of lower valence; of inferior 


mindestens, adv. at least, at the least. 
Minengas, n. mine gas. 
Minenpulver, n. blasting powder. 
Mineralbestandteil, m. mineral (inorganic) con- 
Mineralchemie, /, mineral chemistry, inorganic 


Mineral far be, /. mineral color; mineral dye. 

Mineralfett, n. mineral fat or grease, specif., 
vaseline or petroleum jelly. 

Mineralfettwachs, n. - Mineraltalg. 

Mineralgerbung, /. mineral tannage. 

Mineralien, minerals. 

Mineralienkunde, /. mineralogy. 

mineralisch, a. mineral. 

Mineralkermes, m. kermes mineral. 

Mineralmohr, m. ethiops mineral (essentially 
amorphous HgS). 

Mineralog, TO. mineralogist. 

mineralogisch, a. mineralogical. 

Mineralol, n. mineral oil; specif., petroleum. 

Mineralpech, n. mineral pitch, asphalt. 

Mineralreich, n. mineral kingdom. 

Mineralsaure, /. mineral acid. 

Mineralschwarz, n. mineral black (ground 
graphite or graphitic slate). 

Mineraltalg, TO. mineral tallow (hatchettite or 

Mineraltrennung, /. separation of minerals. 

Mineralturpeth, m. turpeth mineral (basic mer- 
curic sulfate). 

Mineralwachs, n. mineral wax, ozocerite. 

Mineralwasser, n. mineral water. 

Minimalbetrag, TO. lowest amount; lowest rate. 

Ministerium, n. ministry; administration. 

Minuszeichen, n. minus sign. 

Minze, /. mint. 

mir, pron. to me, me. 

Mirbanessenz, /. essence of mirbane (nitroben- 

Mirbanol, n. oil of mirbane (nitrobenzene). 

Mirrhe, /. myrrh. 

Mirte, /. myrtle. 

Misch-. mixed; mixing. 

mischbar, a. miscible, mixable. 

Mischbarkeit, /. miscibility. 

mischen, v.t. & r. mix; mingle, blend; adul- 
terate; alloy (metals); (Metal.) fettle; (Old 
Chem.) combine. 

Mischer, TO. mixer; mixing vessel; (Dyeing) 
color mixer. 

Mischfarbe, /. mixed color, combination color. 

Mischflasche, /. mixing bottle. 

Mischgas, n. mixed gas. 

Mischgefass, n. mixing vessel. 

Mischglas, n. mixing glass. 

Mischhefe, /. composite yeast. 

Mischinfektion, /. mixed infection. 

Mischkristall, TO. mixed crystal. 

Mischling, TO. hybrid, crossbreed. 

Mischmaschine, /. mixing machine. 

Mischmetall, n. mixed metal, alloy. 

Mischmiihle, /. mixing mill, incorporating 

Mischrohr, n. mixing tube. 

Mischung, /. mixture; mixing; composition; 
blend; (Old Chem.) combination, compound. 




Mischungsgewicht, n. (Old Chem.) combining 


Mischungskohle, /. (Soda) mixing coal. 
Mischungsliicke, /. miscibility gap. 
Mischungsrechnung, /. (Math.) alligation. 
Mischungsregel, /. rule or law of mixtures. 
Mischungsverhiiltnis, /. mixing proportion. 
Mischungswarme, /. heat of mixing, heat of 


M ischventil, n. mixing valve. 
Mischwalzwerk, n. (set of) mixing rollers. 
Mischzylinder, TO. mixing cylinder. 
Mispel, /. medlar. 
Miss-, mis-, dis-, mal-, de-, ill-, 
missachten, v.t. disregard; disdain. 
Missbildung, /. malformation; deformity. 
missbilligen, v.t. disapprove of, oppose. 
Missbrauch, TO. misuse, abuse, 
missen, v.t. miss; dispense with. 
Misserfolg, w. failure. 
^Missernte, /. crop failure. 
Missetat, /. misdeed, crime. 
missfallen, P.I. be displeasing, 
missfarbig, o. discolored; inharmonious in color. 
Missfarbung, /. discoloration. 
Missgeschick, n. misfortune; mishap. 
Missgriff, TO. mistake, blunder. 
misshandeln, v.t. maltreat. 
misslang, prct. of misslingen. 
misslich, d. doubtful, embarrassing, precarious, 
misslingen, v.i. fail, miscarry. 
misslungen, p.p. of misslingen. 
missmulig, a. ill-humored, 
missraten, v.i. = misslingen. 
misst, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of messen. 
misstrauen, v.i. distrust, mistrust. 
Miss verbal tnis, n. disproportion, asymmetry; 

disparity; inadequacy. 
missverstehen, v.t. misunderstand. 
Misswachs, m. crop failure. 
Mist, TO. manure, dung. 
Mistbeet, n. hotbed. 
Mistbeize, /. (Leather) dung bate. 
Mistel, /. mistletoe. 
misten, v.t. manure, dung. 
Mistjauche, /. liquid manure, dung water. 
mit, prep, with; by, in, at. adv. together, 

jointly, also. 

Mit-. fellow, joint, co-, com-, sym-. 
Mitarbeiter, m. fellow worker, collaborator, 

contributor, assistant. 
mitbegreifen, v.t. include. 
Mitbewerber, TO. competitor. 
Mitburger, TO. fellow citizen. 
mitfiihren, v.t. carry along, take along. 
Mitgefiihl, n. sympathy. 
mitgerissen, p.p. of mitreissen. 
Mitgift, /. dowry. 
Mitglied, n. member; fellow. ' 
mithin, conj. therefore; of course. 

Mitleid, Mitleiden, n. compassion, pity. 

mitmachen, v.t. join in, take part in, conform to. 

mitnehmen, v.t. take along, take, share; weaken, 
exhaust, wear; maltreat, criticize. 

mitreissen, v.t. carry over (in distillation, etc.); 
carry down (in precipitation) ; carry, pull or 
drag along. 

Mitschuldige, TO. accessory, accomplice. 

mitschwingen, v.i. covibrate. 

Mittag, m. midday, noon. 

Mittagsesseh, n. noon meal, dinner. 

Mittagskreis, TO., Mittagslinie, /. meridian. 

Mitte, /. middle, midst, center; mean. 

mitteilen, v.t. communicate, impart, give. 

Mitteilung, /. communication, etc. (see mit- 

Mittel, n. middle; medium; means, agent; 
(Pharm.) remedy; (Math.) mean; (Mining) 
mass; average; mediation. 

Mittel-. middle, central, mean, median, medi- 
um, intermediate, meso-. 

mittelalterlich, a. medieval. 

mittelbar, a. indirect, mediate. 

Mittelbauchgegend, /. mesogastric region. 

Mitteleck, n., Mittelecke, /. (Cryst.) lateral 

Mittelfarbe, /. intermediate color; secondary 

Mittelfell, n. mediastinum. 

Mittelfleisch, n. perineum. 

Mittelfuss, TO. metatarsus. . 

Mittelglied, n. intermediate member (of a se- 
ries); (Anat.) middle phalanx. 

mittelgross, a. medium-sized. 

Mittelgrosse, /. medium size. 

Mittelhand, /. metacarpus. 

Mittellage, /. middle position. 

mittellang, a. of medium length. 

Mittellauge, /. weak lye. 

Mittellinie, /. median line; axis; equator. 

mittellos, a. without means. 

mittelmassig, a. middling, mediocre, average. 

Mittelmeer, n. Mediterranean Sea. 

Mittelol, n. middle oil. 

Mittelpunkt, m. center, central point. 

mittels, prep, by means of. 

Mittelsalz, n. neutral salt. 

mittelschwer, a. medium heavy; half-weighted. 

mittelst, prep, by means of. 

Mittelstand, m. middle class. 

mittelstandig, o. occupying a middle position, 

Mittelstrasse, /. middle course. 

Mittelwert, TO. mean value. 

Mittelzahl, /. mean. 

Mittelzeug, n. (Paper) middle stuff, second 

mitten, adv. in the middle, in the midst. 

Mitternacht, /. midnight. 

mittler, o. middle, mean, average, middling. 




mittlerweile, adv. meanwhile. 

mitunter, adv. occasionally. 

Mitwelt, /. present age, contemporaries. 

mitwirken, P.I. cooperate, take part, assist. 

Mitwirkung, /. cooperation, assistance. 

Mk., abbrev. (Mark, Marken) mark, marks. 

mkr., abbrev. (mikroskopisch) microscopic (al). 

Mobel, n. piece of furniture. 

mobil, a. mobile; quick, active. 

tnoblieren, v.t. furnish, fit up. 

Mock, Mockstahl, m. German steel (made by 
direct refining, of cast iron). 

Mode, /. fashion, mode. 

Mode-, fancy, fashionable. 

Model, m. modulus; mold. 

Modell, n. model; (Founding) pattern. 

modellieren, v.t. model, mold. 

Modellierholz, n. (wooden) modeling tool. 

Modellierton, m. modeling clay. 

Modellierwachs, n. modeling wax. 

modeln, v.t. model, mold. 

Moder, m. mold; putridity, decay. 

moderhaft, a. moldy, musty, moldering, 

modern, v.i. molder, decay. 

modern, a. modern; fashionable. 

modifizieren, v.t. modify. 

Modul, m. modulus. 

mogen, v.i. be able, may; like, choose. 

moglich, a. possible; potential; feasible. 

Moglichkeit, /. possibility; practicability. 

moglichst, adv. (as much) as possible. 

Mohn, m. poppy. 

Mohnol, n. poppy-seed oil. 

Mohnsaft, m. poppy juice, opium. 

Mohnsaure, /. meconic acid. 

Mohnstoff, m. narcotine. 

Mohr, m. (Old Chem.) black, ethiops; watered 
fabric, moire; watered effect, moire; Moor; 
negro. mineralischer Mohr, ethiops min- 

Mohre, /. carrot. 

Mohrrube, /. carrot. 

Mohrsches Salz. Mohr's salt (ammonium fer- 
rous sulfate). 

moirieren, v.t. water, cloud (fabrics). 

Mol, n. mole, mol. 

Mol-. molar. 

Molch, m. salamander. 

Molekiil, Molekel, n. molecule. 

Molekularanziehung, /. molecular attraction. 

Molekularbewegung, /. molecular motion or 

Molekulardruck, m. molecular pressure. 

Molekularformel, /. molecular formula. 

Molekulargewicht, n. molecular weight. 

Molekulargewichtsbestimmung, /. molecular 
weight determination. 

Molekulargrosse, /. molecular magnitude; 
molecular weight. 

Molekularwarme, /. molecular heat. 

Molekularwirkung, /. molecular action (or ef- 

Molekularzustand, m. molecular state or condi- 
tion, molecularity. 

Molckiilverbindung, /. molecular compound. 

Mol.-Gew., abbrev. (Molekulargewicht) molec- 
ular weight. 

Molgewicht, n. molar weight, gram-molecular 
weight; inexactly, molecular weight. 

Molgrosse, /. molar magnitude. 

molk, pret. of melken. 

Molke, /., Molken, whey. 

Molkenwesen, n., Molkenw irtschaft, Molkerei, 
/. dairy. 

molkig, a. wheyey. 

mollern, v.t. (Metal.) mix (the ores and fluxes 
for the charge). 

Mollerung, /. (Metal.) mixture (of ores and 
fluxes), charge. 

mollig, a. cosy, snug; soft; (of leather) plump. 

Mol.-Refr., abbrev. of Molekularrefraktion. 

Molverhaltnis, n. molar ratio. 

Molvolum, n. molar volume. 

Molybdan, n. molybdenum. 

Molybdanblau, n. molybdenum blue. 

Molybdanbleispat, m. wulfenite (PbIvIoO 4 ). 

Molybdanglanz, Molybdankies, m. molybde- 

Molybdanocher, m. molybdic ocher, molybdite. 

molybdansauer, a. of or combined with molyb- 
dic acid, molybdate of. 

Molybdansaure, /. molybdic acid. 

Molybdanstahl, m. molybdenum steel. 

Molzustand, m. molecular condition. 

momentan, a. momentary. 

Momentbild, n. instantaneous photograph. 

Momcntklemmc, /. instantaneous clamp. 

Mon., abbrev. (Monographic) monograph. 

monalkyliert, p.a. having one alkyl group in- 
troduced, monalkylated. 

Monat, TO. month. 

Monatsfluss, TO. menses, menstruation. 

Monatsheft, n. monthly part or number. 

Monch, m. monk. 

Monchskappe, /. monkshood, aconite. 

Mond, TO. moon. 

mondformig, a. crescent-shaped, lunate. 

Mondgas, n. Mond gas (named from its inven- 

Mondmilch, /. agaric mineral. 

Mondstein, m. moonstone. 

Monocarbonsaure, /. monocarboxylic acid. 

monocyclisch, a. monocyclic. 

Monographic, /. monograph. 

monoheteroatomig, a. monoheteratomic. 

monohydratisch, a. monohydric. 

monoklin, monoklinisch, a. monoclinic. 

Monosulfosaure, /. monosulfonic acid. 
Montag, TO. Monday. 




Montage, /. mounting, setting up, erection. 

Montan-. mountain; mining. 

M ontanindustrie, /. mining industry. 

M ontanwachs, n. ozocerite. 

montieren, v.t. mount; set up, erect (a machine). 

Moos, n. moss. 

Moosachat, m. moss agate. 

moosartig, a. mosslike, mossy. 

Moospulver, n. lycopodium powder. 

Moosstarke, /. lichen starch, lichenin. 

Morast, m. morass, bog. 

Morasterz, n. bog ore. 

Mord, m. murder. 

mordanzieren, v.t. mordant. 

Morder, m. murderer. 

Morgen, m. morning; East, Orient; acre. 

morgen, adv. tomorrow. 

Morgenbrot, n. breakfast. 

morgend, a. of tomorrow. 

Morgenland, n. East, Orient. 

morgenlandisch, a. oriental. 

Moringagerbsaure, /. moringatannic acid. 

Morphium, n. morphine. 

morsch, a. rotten, decayed; tender (fabrics). 

Morselle, /. lozenge. 

Morser, TO. mortar (the vessel and the cannon). 

Morserkeule, /. pestle. 

Mortel, TO. mortar (the material). 

Mortelwasche, /. thin mortar, grout. 

mosaisch, a. mosaic. 

Moschee, /. mosque. 

Moschus, m. musk. 

Moschuswurzel, /. musk root (specif., the root 

of Ferula sumbul). 
Moskovade, /. muscovado. 
Most, TO. must. 
Mostmesser, m. must gage. 
Mostrich, TO. mustard. 
Mostwage, /. must hydrometer. 
Motte, /. moth. 
Motze, /. (Glass) marver. 
moussieren, v.i. effervesce, sparkle, fizz. 
Miicke, /. gnat, midge. 
mucken, v.i. sulk; mutter. 
Muckerei, /. bigotry, hypocrisy. 
miide, a. tired, weary, fatigued. 
Miidigkeit, /. fatigue, weariness. 
Muff, TO., Muffe,/. muff; (Tech.) sleeve, socket 


Muffel, /. muffle. 
Muffelfarbe, /. muffle color. 
Muffelofen, TO. muffle furnace. 
Muffenrohr, n. socket pipe, 
muffig, miiffig, a. musty, moldy. 
Miine, /. pains, trouble. 
miihen, v.r. trouble, take pains. 
Miihle, /. mill. 
Muhlenstaub, TO. mill dust. 
Muhlstein, TO. millstone. 
Muhsal, n. difficulty, trouble. 

miihsam, a. troublesome, toilsome, hard, 
Mulde, /. trough; basin, bowl; (Metal.) pig 

mold, pig. 

Muldenblei, n. pig lead. 
Mull, n. dust, dry mold. 
Miiller, TO. miller. 
Mulm, w. ore dust, earthy ore. 
mulmig, a. dusty; earthy. 
multiplizieren, v.t. multiply. 
Mumie, /. mummy. 
Mumme, /. mum (a strong beer). 
Mund, TO. mouth; opening, muzzle, vent, etc. 
Mundart, /. dialect; idiom, 
munden, v.i. taste well, 
miinden, v.i. discharge, empty, open. 
Mundhohle, /. oral cavity, 
miindig, a. of age. 
Mundklemtne, /. lockjaw. 
Mundleim, TO. mouth glue (to be moistened 

with the mouth). 
miindlich, a. oral, verbal. 
Mundstiick, n. mouthpiece. 
Miindung, /. mouth; aperture, orifice, etc.; 

terminus (of a railway). 
Mundwasser, n. gargle, mouth wash, 
munkeln, v.i. whisper. 
Miinster, n. minster. 
munter, a. live, lively, cheerful, vigorous. 
Miinzanstalt, /. mint. 
Miinzbeschickung, /. alloyage. 
Miinze, /. coin; money; medal; mint (for 

coining); mint (the herb), 
miinzcn, v.t. mint, coin. 
Miinzgehalt, TO. fineness (of coins). 
Miinzkenner, n. numismatist. 
Miinzwesen, n. coinage, minting. 
Miinzzusatz, TO. alloy (in coins). 
miirbe, a. mellow, tender, soft; brittle, friable; 

(Metal.) short. 

Miirbigkeit, /. mellowness, etc. (see mvirbe) . 
murmeln, v.i. murmur. 
Murmeltier, n. marmot. 
murren, v.i. murmur, grumble. 
miirrisch, a. peevish, surly. 
Mus, n. pulp; jam, marmalade, (fruit) sauce, 
musartig. a. pulpy, thick. 
Muschel, /. (mussel) shell; mussel; external ear. 
Muschelgold, n. ormolu. 
muschelig, a. conchoidal; shelly. 
Muschelkalk, m. shell lime; shell limestone. 
Muschelmarmor, m. shell marble, lumachel. 
Musiker, m. musician. 
Musiv-. mosaic. 

Musivarbeit, /. mosaic work, mosaic. 
Musivgold, n. mosaic gold. 
Muskatbalsam, TO. nutmeg butter. 
Muskatbirne, /. musk pear. 
Muskatblute, /. mace. 
Muskatbliitol, n. oil of mace, mace oil. 
Muskatbutter, /. nutmeg butter. 




Muskate, /. nutmeg. 

Muskateller, m. muscatel. 

Muskatenbliite, /. mace. 

Muskatnuss, /. nutmeg. 

Mnskatnussol, n. nutmeg oil. 

Muskel, m. muscle. 

Muskel-. muscular, myo-. 

Moskeleiweiss, n. myosin. 

Muskelfaser, /. muscular fiber. 

Muskelgewebe, n. muscular tissue. 

Muskelstoff, m. sarcosine. 

Muskelzucker, m. inosite. 

muss, pr. 1 & 3 sing, of mlissen. 

Muss, n. = Mus; necessity. 

Musse, /. leisure. 

Musselin, m. muslin. 

miissen, v.i. must, be obliged, ought. 

mussieren, v.i. effervesce. 

miissig, a. idle. 

musste, pret. of miissen. 

Muster, n. pattern; simple, specimen; stand- 
ard; example. 

Muster flasche, /. sample bottle. 

musterhaft, a. standard, typical; exemplary. 

Musterkarte, /. pattern card. 

mustermassig, a. standard, typical. 

mustern, v.t. figure (fabrics); emboss (paper); 
muster; (Dyeing) bring to shade. gemustert, 
p.a. figured, fancy. 

Mustersammlung, /. specimen collection. 

Musterzeichnung, /. design. 

Mut, m. courage, spirit; humor; mood; anger. 

mutmassen, v.t. guess, conjecture, 
mutmasslich, a. supposed, conjectural. 
Mutter, /. mother; matrix; uterus; nut, 

female screw. 

Mutter-, mother, maternal, uterine. 
Muttererde, /. garden mold; native soil. 
Mutterfass, n. (Vinegar) mother vat. 
Mutterform, /. (Ceram.) master mold; (Biol ) 

parent form. 

Muttergestein, n. gangue, matrix. 
Muttergummi, n. galbanum. 
Mutterharz, n. galbanum. 
Mutterkorn, n. ergot. 
Mutterkuchen, m. placenta. 
Mutterkiimmel, m. cumin. 
Mutterlauge, /. mother liquor. 
Mutterleib, m. womb, uterus. 
Mutterpech, n. (Med.) meconium. 
Mutterschliissel, m. nut wrench. 
Mutter stoff, m., Muttersubstanz, /. mother 

substance, parent substance. 
Mutterzelle, /. mother cell, parent cell, 
mutwillig, a. wanton, mischievous. 
Miitze, /. cap. 

miitzenfdrmig, a. cap-shaped. 
Myrikawachs, n. myrtle wax. 
Myristicinsaure, /. myristicic acid. 
Myristinsaure, /. myristic acid. 
Myronsaure, /. myronic acid. 
Myrrhe, /. myrrh. 
Myrrhenharz, n. myrrh. 
Myrte, /. myrtle. 


n., abbrev. normal; (ndrdlich) northern; (netto) 

N., abbrev. (nachmittags) afternoon, p.m.; 
(nachts) at night; (Nord, Norden) north. 

Nabe, /. (Mach.) nave, boss. 

Nabel, m. navel; (Bo*.) hilum. 

Nabel-. umbilical. 

Nabelkraut, n. navelwort. 

nach, prep, to, toward, after, according to, 
(smell, taste) of. adv. behind, after. 

Nach-. (with nouns) after, post-, subsequent, 
secondary, second, counter-; (with verbs) 
after, again, re-, post-. 

nachahmen, v.t. & i. imitate, counterfeit, adul- 
terate. nachgeahntt, p.a. imitation counter- 
feit, fictitious. 

Nachbar, m. neighbor. 

Nachbarschicht, /. neighboring layer or stratum. 

Nachbehandlung, /. after-treatment. 

nachbeizen, v.t. (Dyeing) sadden. 

nachbessern, v.t. improve upon, touch up, re- 
touch, repair. 

Nachbild, n. after-image; copy, imitation. 

nachbilden, v.t. copy, reproduce, imitate, 

nachchromieren, v.t. (Dyeing) afterchrome, 

nachdem, adv. afterward, hereafter. conj. 
after, according as. 

nachdenken, v.i. meditate, reflect. 

Nachdruck, m. energy, emphasis; pirated edi- 
tion, piracy. 

nachdunkeln, v.t. (Dyeing) fill up, sadden. 

Nacheifer, m. emulation. 

nacheinander, adv. one after another, succes- 

Nachen, m. boat. 

nachfarben, v.t. dye again, counterstain. 

nachfixieren, v.t. afternx. 

nachfolgen, v.i. follow, succeed. nachfolgend, 
p.a. following, subsequent; continuous, con- 

nachforschen, v.i. search, make search, investi- 

Nachforschung, /. research, investigation, 
search, scrutiny. 

Nachfrage, /. inquiry; (Com.) demand. 

nachfullen, v.t. fill up, replenish, add to. 

nachgaren, v.i. undergo after-fermentation. 

Nachgarfass, n. (Brewing) cleansing cask. 

Nachgarung, /. after-fermentation, secondary 

nachgeahmt, p.a. See nachahmen. 

nachgeben, v.i. give way, yield. 

Nachgeburt, /. afterbirth. 

nachgemacht, p.a. See nachmachen. 

nachgerben, v.t. re-tan. 

Nachgeschmack, m. aftertaste. 

nachgiessen, v.t. pour again, refill. 

Nachguss, TO. second pouring, refilling; (Brew- 
ing) after-mash, second wort, also sparging 
water and sparging. 

nachher, adv. afterward, hereafter, later. 

nachherig, a. subsequent. 

nachholen, v.t. recover, make up. 

Nachhut, /. rear, rear guard. 

nachkochen, v.t. continue boiling, boil again. 

Nachkomme, TO. descendant, successor. 

nachkommen, v.i. follow, overtake, comply with, 

nachkupfern, v.t. after-treat with copper or a 
copper compound. 

Nachlass, TO. estate, assets, legacy; reduction; 

nachlassen, v.i. temper, anneal (glass or metals) ; 
slacken, relax; abate, deduct; leave behind, 
leave. v.i. slacken, subside. 

nachlassig, a. negligent, remiss. 

Nachlauf, TO. second runnings. 

nachleuchten, v.i. shine afterward, phosphoresce. 

Nachleuchten, n. afterglow, phosphorescence. 

nachmachen, v.t. imitate, counterfeit. nach- 
gemacht, p.a. imitation, counterfeit, artificial. 

Nachmaische, /. after-mash. 

nachmalig, a. subsequent. 

Nachmittag, TO. afternoon. 

Nachmiihlenol, n. inferior olive oil from the 

Nachnahme, /. reimbursement. unter Nach- 
nahme, C.O.D. 

nachnuancieren, i-.t. shade (colors). 

Nachoxydation, /. after-oxidation. 

Nachpresse, /. re-pressing machine; (Paper) 
press rolls. 

nachpressen, v.t. re-press. 

nachputzen, r.t. repolish, finish off. 





Nachrede, /. epilog; report, rumor. 

Nachricht, /. news; information, notice. 

Nachruf, m. obituary address, notice, or the 
like; posthumous fame; calling after. 

nachsalzen, v.t. resalt. 

nachschlagen, v.t. look up, refer to. 

Nachschliissel, m. master key. 

Nachschrift, /. postscript. 

nachsehen, v.i. look, search, see (to). v.t. look 
after, look over; overlook, excuse. 

nachsetzen, v.t. add; put after; postpone. 

Nachsicht, /. inspection; forbearance, indul- 

nachst, adv. & prep. next. 

nachste, a. next, nearest. 

Nachstechbier, n. feed beer. 

nachstechen, v.t. (Brewing) top up. 

nachstehend, p.a. following, below. 

nachstellbar, a. regulable. 

nachstellen, v.t. regulate. 

nachstens, adv. next time, shortly. 

Nacht, /. night. 

Nachtblau, n. night blue. 

Nachteil, m. disadvantage, detriment, damage. 

Nachtigall, /. nightingale. 

Nachtisch, m. dessert. 

Nachtkerze, /. night light; evening primrose 

Nachtmahl, n. supper. 

Nachtrag, m. supplement, addendum. 

nachtragen, v.t. add, append; harbor (a grudge 
toward someone). 

nachtraglich, a. supplementary, additional; 
subsequent, later. 

Nachtripper, m. gleet. 

Nachtschatten, m. nightshade. 

Nachweichen, ., Nachweiche, /. (Brewing) 

Nachweis, m. detection; proof; information. 

nachweisbar , a. detectable; demonstrable; 

nachweisen, v.t. detect; prove, demonstrate, 
establish; identify; point out, refer to. 

nachweislich, a. = nachweisbar. 

Nachweisung, /. detection; proof, demonstra- 
tion; identification; information; reference. 

Nachwelt, /. posterity. 

Nachwirkung, /. after-effect, secondary effect. 

Nachwttrze, /. second wort. 

Nacken, m. neck, nape. 

Nacken-. cervical. 

nackt, a. naked, bare; plain. 

Nadel, /. needle; pin. 

nadelartig, a. needle-like, acicular. 

Nadelchen, n. little needle (or pin). . 

Nadeleisenerz, n. needle iron ore (gothite in 
acicular crystals). 

Nadelerz, n. needle ore (aikinite in acicular 

naclolformig, a. needle-shaped, acicular. 

Nadelholz, n. conifers (collectively), esp. pines 
and firs. 

Nadelstein, m. needlestone (natrolite). 

Nadelzeolith, m. needle zeolite (natrolite). 

Nadelzinnerz, n. acicular cassiterite. 

Nafta, /. naphtha. 

Naftalin, n. naphthalene. 

Nagel, m. nail. 

Nagelein, n. little nail; tack; clove; pink. 

nageln, v.t. nail. 

nagen, v.t. & i. gnaw. 

Nager, m., Nagetier, n. rodent. 

nahe, a. near, adjacent; imminent. adv. near, 

Nahe, /.nearness, closeness; vicinity; presence. 

nahen, v.i. approach. 

nahen, v.L sew. 

naher, a. nearer, closer. 

nahern, v.t. bring near. v.r. draw near. 

nahestehend, p.a. closely related or connected; 
standing near. 

nahezu, adv. almost, well-nigh. 

nahm, pret. of nehmen. 

Nahnadel, /. sewing needle. 

Nahr-. nutritive, alimentary. 

Nahrboden, m. nutritive substratum, nutrient 

nahren, v.t. feed; nourish; support. 

Nahrflussigkeit, /. nutrient (or nutritive) liquid 
or fluid. 

Nahrgeschaft, n. nutrition. 

nahrhaft, a. nutritive, nourishing, nutritious; 
productive; lucrative. 

Nahrkraft, /. nutritive power. 

Nahrlosung, /. nutrient (or nutritive) solution. 

Nahrmittel, n. food. 

Nahrsaft, m. nutrient juice; specif., chyle. 

Nahrsalz, n. nutrient salt (salt required for 
proper nutrition). 

Nahrstoff, m. nutritive substance, nutrient; nu- 
tritive material, foodstuff, food. 

Nahrstoffgehalt, m. nutrient content, food con- 

Nahrsubstrat, n. nutritive substratum. 

Nahrung, /. nourishment, nutriment, food; 
subsistence; (Leather) tawing paste. 

Nahrungsbrei, m. chyme. 

Nahrungsfliissigkeit, /. nutritive liquid; chyle. 

Nahrungsmittel, n. food. 

Nahrungsmittelkunde, /. (science of) nutrition. 

Nahrungsrohr, n. alimentary canal. 

Nahrungssaft, m. nutrient juice; specif., (Med.) 
chyle, (Bot.) sap. 

Nahrungsstoff, m. nutritive substance, nourish- 
ment, food. 

Nahrungsteilchen, n. nutritive element. 

Nahrungswert, m. nutritive value. 

Naht, /. seam, suture. 

namentlich, adv. by name, namely, espec- 




namhaft, a. named; famous, well known; con- 

namlich, a. identical. adv. namely, that is. 
nannte, pret. of nennen. 
Nanziger Saure. lactic acid. 
Napf, m. bowl, basin, pan. 
Napfchenkobalt, m. flaky metallic arsenic. 
napfformig, a. bowl-shaped. 
Napht-. naphth-. 
Naphta, /. naphtha; petroleum. 
Naphtacen, n. naphthacene. 
Naphtaldehyd, n. naphthaldehyde. 
Naphtalin, n. naphthalene. 
Naphtalingelb, n. naphthalene yellow. 
Naphtalinsaure, /. naphthalenic acid (2-hy- 

droxy- 1,4-naphthoquinone). 
Naphtalinsulfosaure, /. naphthalenesulfonic 


Naphtalsaure, /. naphthalic acid, CioH 6 (CO2H) 2 . 
Naphtanthrachinon, n. naphthanthraquinone. 
Naphtazarin, n. naphthazarin. 
Naphtazin, n. naphthazine. 
Naphten, n. naphthene. 
Naphtidin, n. naphthidine. 
Naphtionsaure, /. naphthionic acid. 
Naphto-. naphtho-. 
Naphtochinon, n. naphthoquinone. 
Naphtocumarin, n. naphthocoumarin (or -cu- 


Naphtoesaure, /. naphthoic acid. 
Naphtol, n. naphthol. 
Naphtolblau, n. naphthol blue. 
Naphtolgelb, n. naphthol yellow. 
naphtolieren, v.t. naphtholize, naphtholate. 
Naphtolschwarz, n. naphthol black. 
Naphtoyl, n. naphthoyl. 

Naphtsultam, n. naphthosultam, naphsultam. 
Naphtsulton, n. naphthosultone, naphsultone. 
Naphtyl, n. naphthyl. 
Naphtylamin, n. naphthylamine. 
Naphtylblau, n. naphthyl blue. 
Naphtyridin, n. naphthyridine. 
Narbe, /. scar; seam; (of leather and paper) 

narben, v.t. grain Geather, paper, etc.). .i. 


Narben, m. (Leather, etc.) grain. 
Narbenleder, n. grain leather. 
Narbenseite, /. grain side. 
narbig, a. scarred, scarry; grained (leather). 
Narde, /. spikenard, nard. 
narkotisch, a. narcotic. narkotische Mittel, 


narkotisieren, v.t. narcotize. 
Narr, m. fool. 

narrisch, a. foolish; crazy; odd; merry, funny. 
Narzisse, /. narcissus, 
naschen, v.t. & i. eat, nibble (dainties). 
nascierend, p.a. nascent. 
Nase, /. nose; beak, spout, cam, tappet, etc. 

naseln, v.t. nasalize. 

Nasen-. nasal, naso-. 

Nasenloch, n. nostril. 

naseweis, a. saucy, pert. 

Nashorn, n. rhinoceros. 

nass, a. wet; moist, humid, damp. nasser 

Weg, wet way, wet process. 
Nassbleiche, /. wet bleach. 
Nasse, /. wetness, moisture. 
nassen, v.t. wet, moisten. 
Nassprobe, /. wet test. 

Nassprobe, /. moisture test or determination. 
Nassverfahren, n. wet process. 
naszierend, p.a. nascent. 
Natrium, n. sodium. 
Natriumalaun, m. sodium alum. 
Natriumamid, n. sodium amide, sodamide. 
Natriumben/oat, n. sodium benzoate. 
Natriumbrechweinstein, m. antimonyl sodium 


Natrium bromatum. (Pharm.) sodium bromide. 
Natriumbromid, n. sodium bromide. 
Natrium chloratum. (Pharm.) sodium chloride. 
Natrium chloricum. (Pharm.) sodium chlorate. 
Natriumchlorid, n. sodium chloride. 
Natriumgoldchlorid, n. sodium chloraurate. 
Natriumhydrat, n. sodium hydroxide. 
Natriumhydroxyd, n. sodium hydroxide. 
Natriumhyperjodat, n. sodium periodate. 
Natrium jodatum. (Pharm.) sodium iodide. 
Natriumjodid, n. sodium iodide. 
Natriumkarbonat, n. sodium carbonate. 
Natriumnitrat, n. sodium nitrate. 
Natriumoxyd, n. sodium oxide. 
Natriumoxydhydrat, n. sodium hydroxide. 
Natriumphosphat, n. sodium phosphate. 
Natriumplatinchlorid, n. sodium chloroplati- 


Natriumsulfat, n. sodium sulfate. 
Natriumsulfhydrat, n. sodium hydrosulfide. 
Natriumverbindung, /. sodium compound. 
Natrium wasserstoff, m. sodium hydride. 
Natriumzyanamid, n. sodium cyanamide. 
Natron, n. (caustic) soda, sodium hydroxide; 

soda (Na 2 O, cf. Kali). 
Natronalaun, m. soda alum. 
Natronatzlauge, /. caustic soda solution. 
Natroncellulose, /. (Paper) soda pulp. 
Natronglas, n. soda glass. 
natronhaltig, a. containing soda. 
Natronhydrat, n. sodium hydroxide. 
Natronhyperoxyd, n. sodium peroxide. 
Natronkalk, m. soda lime. 
Natronlauge, /. soda lye, solution of caustic 

soda. . 

Natronmetall, n. (metallic) sodium. 
Natronpastille, /. (Pharm.) troche of sodium 


Natronsalpeter, m. soda saltpeter, Chile salt- 
peter (NaNO,). 




Natronsalz, n. soda salt, sodium salt. 

Natronseife, /. soda soap. 

Natronstoff, m. (Paper) soda pulp. 

Natronwasserglas, n. soda-water glass, sodium 

Natronweinstein, m. sodium tartrate. 

Natter, /. adder, viper. 

Natter wurz, /. bistort; cuckoopint. 

Natur, /. nature. 

Naturerscheinung, /. natural phenomenon. 

Naturerzeugnis, /. natural product. 

naturfarbig, a. of natural color, (of leather) fair. 

Naturforscher, m. investigator of nature, scien- 
tific investigator, (formerly) natural philos- 
opher; naturalist. 

Naturgas, n. natural gas. 

naturgemass, a. according to nature, natural. 

Naturgesetz, n. law of nature, natural law. 

Naturhiirte, /. natural hardness. 

Naturlehre, /. natural science, natural philos- 

natiirlich, a. natural; native. 

Naturprodukt, n. natural product. 

Naturreich, n. domain or kingdom of nature. 

Naturwissenschaft, /. natural science. 

Nd., abbrev. (Niederschlag) precipitate. 

Ndd., abbrev. (Niederschlage) precipitates. 

Neapelgelb, n. Naples yellow. 

Neapelrot, n. Naples red. 

Nebel, m. mist, fog. 

Nebelapparat, m. atomizer. 

Nebelfleck, m. nebula. 

nebelig, a. misty, foggy. 

neben, prep, beside, by, near. 

Neben-. by-, side-, secondary, accessory, sub- 
ordinate, adjoining. 

Nebenachse, /. secondary axis. 

Nebenbestandteil, m. secondary ingredient. 

Nebenbeweis, m. accessory proof, additional 

Nebenbindung, /. secondary union or bond, 
linkage of the second order. 

Nebenbuhler, m. competitor, rival. 

Nebeneinanderstellung, /. juxtaposition; com- 

Nebenfarbe, /. secondary or tertiary color. 

Nebenflache, /. secondary face. 

Nebenfluss, m. tributary. 

Nebengang, m. by-way; (Mining) lateral vein. 

Nebengeschmack, m. after-taste, tang. 

nebenher, adv. besides, by the way. 

Nebenkette, /. side chain, subordinate chain. 

Nebenlinie, /. secondary line; branch line. 

Ncbenmensch, TO. fellow man. 

Nebenniere, /. suprarenal capsule. 

Nebennieren-. suprarenal. 

Nebenprodukt, n. by-product. 

Nebenrohr, n. side tube (or pipe), branch tube 
(or pipe). 

Nebenrolle, /. subordinate r61e. 

Nebensache, /. secondary matter. 

Nebenschliessung, /., Nebenschluss, m. (Elec.) 

Nebenserie, /. subordinate series. 

Nebcnspirale, /. secondary coil. 

Nebenteil, m. accessory part. 

Nebentitel, m. subtitle. 

Nebentypus, TO. secondary type. 

Neben winkel, n. adjacent angle. 

Nebenwirkung, /. secondary effect. 

Nebenwort, n. adverb. 

nebst, prep, besides, including. 

necken, v.t. tease, chaff. 

Neffe, w. nephew. 

Neger, TO. negro. 

nehmen, v.t. take. 

Neid, m. envy; grudge. 

Neige, /. inclination, slope; dregs, sediment; 
decline, wane. 

neigen, v.t. incline, bend. v.r. incline, bend, 
lean, slope, dip, decline, bow. geneigt, p.a. 
inclined, etc.; disposed, favorable. 

Neigung, /. inclination; slope, pitch, dip; ten- 

Neigungsebene, /. inclined plane. 

nein, inter j. no. 

Nekrolog, TO. obituary. 

Nelke, /. pink (the flower) ; clove. 

Nelkenol, n. clove oil, (oil of cloves). 

Nelkenpfeffer, TO. allspice, pimento. 

Nelkenpfefferwasser, n. (Pharm.) pimento 

Nelkensaure, /. eugenol. 

Nelkenstein, TO. iolite. 

Nelkenzimt, m. clove cinnamon, clove cassia. 

nennen, v.t. name, call, term. 

nennenswert, a. worth mentioning, noteworthy. 

Nenner, TO. denominator. 

Nennwort, n. noun. 

Neodym, n. neodymium. 

Neroliol, n. neroli (oil of orange flowers). 

Nerv, m. nerve;, sinew; fiber; vein (of a leaf). 

Nerven-. nerve, neuro-. 

Nervenkunde, /. neurology. 

Nervenstoff, TO. nerve substance, neural sub- 

nervig, a. nervous; nerved; sinewy; vigorous, 

Nerz, TO. mink. 

Nessel, /. nettle. 

nett, a. neat; pleasant, kind; (Sugar) pure 

netto, adv. net. 

Nettogewicht, n. net weight. 

Netz, n. net, netting; gauze; network, plexus; 
omentum; (of a telescope) reticle. 

Netzbad, n. (Dyeing) wetting-out bath. 

Netzbeize, /. (in turkey red dyeing) oil mor- 

netzen, v.t. wet, moisten, steep, soak. 




Netzfass, n. steeping cask or tub. 

Net/flotte, /. (Dyeing) wetting-out liquor 

netzformig, a. net-shaped, reticular. 

Netzhaut, /. retina. 

Nelzhaut-. retinal. 

Netzstander, TO. (Paper) steeping tub. 

neu, a. new. adv. newly, lately, 

Neublau, n. new blue. 

neuer dings, adv. newly, recently; again. 

Neuerung, /. innovation. 

neugebildet, p.a. newly formed. 

Neugelb, n. new yellow. 

Neugewiirz, n. allspice, pimento. 

Neugier, Neugierde, /. curiosity. 

Neugold, n. Mannheim gold. 

Neuheit, /. novelty, newness. 

Neuigkeit, /. news; novelty. 

Neujahr, n. New Year. 

neulich, adv. lately, of late. a. late, recent. 

Neuling, m. novice. 

neon, a. nine. 

neunflachig, a. nine-sided (or -faced). 

neunte, a. ninth. 

neunwertig, a. nonavalent. 

neunzehn, a. nineteen. 

neunzig, a. ninety. 

Neurot, n. new red. 

Neusilber, n. German silver. 

Neutralisationswarme, /. heat of neutralization. 

neulralisieren, v.t. neutralize. 

Neutralisierung, /. neutralization. 

Neutralitat, /. neutrality. 

Neutralsalz, n. neutral salt. 

Neuwieder Griin. Neuwied green (Paris green). 

n.F., abbrev. (neue Folge) new series. 

nicht, adv. not. mit nichten, not at all. 

Nicht-. non-, not, in-, un-. 

nichtdissoziiert, p.a. undissociated, nondissoci- 


Nichte, /. niece. 

Nichtelektrolyt, n. nonelectrolyte. 
nichtexistenzTahig, a. incapable of existence. 
nichtfliichtig, a. nonvolatile. 
nichtgasfdrmig, a. nongaseous. 
Nichtgerbstoff, m. non-tannin, non-tan. 
nichtig, a. null, void; futile, idle. 
Nichtion, n. non-ion. 
nichtleitend, p.a. nonconducting. 
Nichtleiter, m. nonconductor. 
Nichtmetall, n. nonmetal. 
nichtmetallisch, a. nonmetallic. 
Nichtmischbarkeit, /. immiscibility. 
nichts, n. nothing, none. weisses Nichts, nihil 

album (sublimed zinc oxide). 
nichtschmelzbar, a. nonfusible, infusible. 
nichtsdestoweniger, adv. nevertheless, 
nichtssagend, p.a. meaningless, 
nichts wiir dig, a. worthless; base. 
nichtumwandelbar, a. inconvertible. 
Nichtumwandelbarkeit, /. inconvertibility. 

Nichtvergriinen, n. ungreenable black. 

nichtwasserig, a. nonaqueous. 

Nichtzucker, m. nonsugar. 

Nickelantimonglanz, m. ullmannite. 

Nickelarsenikkies, m. gersdorffite (NiAsS). 

Nickel bltite, /. nickel bloom (annabergite). 

Nickelchlorur, n. nickel (ous) chloride. 

Nickelcyaniir, n. nickelous cyanide. 

Nickelerz, n. nickel ore. 

Nickelglanz, m. nickel glance (gersdorffite). 

nickelhaltig, a. containing nickel, nickeliferous. 

Nickelkies, TO. millerite. 

Nickel kohlenoxyd, n. nickel carbonyl. 

Nickellegierung, /. nickel alloy. 

Nickelmiinze, /. nickel coin. 

Nickelocher, TO. nickel ocher (annabergite). 

Nickeloxyd, n. nickel (ous) oxide. 

Nickelsalz, n. nickel salt. 

Nickelspeise, /. nickel speiss. 

Nickelspiessglanzerz, n. ullmannite. 

Nickelstahl, m. nickel steel. 

Nickelstein, TO. (Metal.) nickel matt. 

Nickelsulfur, n. nickelous sulfide. 

Nickeluberzug, TO. nickelplating. 

Nickelvitriol, TO. nickel sulfate. 

nicken, v.i. nod. 

nie, adv. never. 

nieder, a. low, lower, inferior, secondary. adv. 
low, down. 

nieder blasen, v.t. blow out (a furnace). 

Niederdruck, TO. low pressure. 

niederdriicken, v.t. press down; depress. 

niederfallen, v.i. fall down, precipitate, settle. 

Niedergang, TO. going down, descent. 

niedergeschlagen, p.p. of niederschlagen. 

Niederlage, /. warehouse; defeat. 

niederreissen, v.t. carry down, drag down; tear 
down, destroy. 

Niederschlag, TO. precipitate, precipitation; 
deposit, sediment. 

niederschlagbar, a. precipitable. 

niederschlagen, v.t. precipitate; beat down, 
quell, refute, depress. v.r. precipitate. 
niederschlagend, p.a. precipitant; sedative; 

Niederschlaggefass, n. precipitating vessel. 

Niederschlagmittel, n. precipitant. 

Niederschlagsarbeit, /. precipitation process; 
specif., (Metal.) iron reduction process (lib- 
eration of metals by means of iron). 

Niederschlagung, /. precipitation, etc. (see 
niederschlagen) . 

niederschmelzen, v.t. melt down. 

niedertrachtig, a. base, mean. 

Niederung, /. low ground, flats. 

niedervoltig, a. low-voltage. 

niedlich, a. neat, nice, pretty. 

niedrig, a. low. 

menials, adv. never. 

niemand, pron. nobody, no one. 




Niere, /. kidney. 

Nieren-. renal, nephro-. 

Nierenentziindung, /. nephritis. 

nierenformig, a. kidney-shaped, reniform. 

Nierenhaut, /. renal capsule. 

Nierenstein, m kidney stone (either spherulite, 
nephrite, or renal calculus). 

Niesemittel, n. sternutatory. 

niesen, v.i. sneeze. 

Nieswurz, Nieswurzel, /. hellebore. 

Niet, n., Niete, /. rivet. 

Nietnagel, TO. rivet; hangnail. 

Nikotin, n. nicotine. 

Nikotinsaure, /. nicotinic (or nicotic) acid. 

Nilblau, n. Nile blue. 

nimmer, adv. never. 

nimmersatt, a. insatiable. 

nimmt, pr. 3 sing, of nehmen. 

Niob, n. niobium (columbium). 

Niobsaure, /. niobic (columbic) acid. 

Niobwasserstoff, m. niobium (columbium) hy- 

nippen, v.i. sip. 

nirgend, nirgends, adv. nowhere. 

-nis. A noun suffix denoting quality, act, place 
or concrete effect; -ness, -tion, etc.; as, 
Kenntnis, knowledge, Ergebm's, result, Ge- 
fangnis, prison. 

nisten, v.i. nest. 

Nitrat, n. nitrate. 

Nitration, n. nitrate ion. 

nitrieren, v.t. nitrate; nitrify. 

Nitrierung, /. nitration; nitrification. 

Nitrit, n. nitrite. 

Nitrobenzol, n. nitrobenzene. 

Nitrochinon, n. nitroquinone. 

Nitrococussaure, /. nitrococcic acid. 

Nitroderivat, n. nitro derivative. 

Nitrofettkorper, TO. aliphatic nitro compound. 

Nitrofettsaure, /. nitro fatty acid. 

Nitrogruppe, /. nitro group. 

Nitrohalogenbenzole, halonitrobenzenes. 

Nitrokohlenstoff, m. tetranitromethane. 

Nitrokorper, m. nitro substance, nitro com- 

Nitrokupfer, n. nitrocopper. 

Nitrolsaure, /. nitrolic acid. 

Nitroschwefelsaure, /. nitrosulfuric acid. 

Nitrose, /., nitrose Saure. (Sulfuric Acid) a 
solution of nitrosylsulfuric acid in sulfuric 
acid, formed in the lead-chamber process. 

nitrosieren, v.t. treat with nitrous acid, intro- 
duce the nitroso group into. 

Nitrosisulfosaure, /. nitrosisulfonic acid. 

Nitrosobenzol, n. nitrosobenzene. 

Nitrosogruppe, /. nitroso group. 

N it rosokobaltwasser stuff saure, /. cobaltinitrous 

Nitrososulfosaure, /. nitrososulfonic acid. 

Nitrostarke, /. nitrostarch. 

Nitrosulfonsaure, /. nitrosulfonic acid (nitro- 
sylsulfuric acid). 

Nitrosylschwefelsaure, /. nitrosylsulfuric acid. 
Nitrotoluol, n. nitrotoluene. 
Nitroverbindung, /. nitro compound. 
Nitroxylgruppe, /. nitroxyl group (nitro group). 
Nitroxylol, n. nitroxylene. 
Niveau, n. level. 

Niveaurohre, /. level tube, leveling tube. 
noch, adv. still, yet, more, else, however. 
Nomenklatur, /. nomenclature. 
Nonius, w. (pi. Nonien) vernier. 
Noniuseinteilung, /. vernier scale. 
Nonne, /. nun. 

nonocarbozyklisch, a. nonacarbocycjic. 
Noppe, /. nap; burl. 
Noppenbeize, /. burl dye. 
Nord, Norden, m. north. 
nordlich, a. northerly, northern, arctic. 
Nordost, TO. northeast; northeaster. 
normal, a. normal; standard. 

Normalbedingungen, normal conditions. 

Normaldruck, TO. normal pressure. 
Normal-Eichungs-Kommission, /. a govern- 
ment bureau corresponding to the Bureau 
of Standards. 

Normalessig, TO. standard vinegar, proof vine- 

Normalflussigkeit, /. = Normallosung. 

Normalitat, /. normality. 

Normallosung, /. normal solution; standard 

Normalsaure, /. normal acid; standard acid. 

Normalstarke, /. normal strength; standard 

Normalweingeist, TO. proof spirit. 

Normalzustand, m. normal or standard state or 

Normensand, TO. (Cement) standard sand. 

Not, /. need; necessity, want; labor, travail. 

Notbehelf, m. makeshift. 

notdiirftig, a. scanty, needy. 

Notfall, TO. emergency, exigency. 

notgar, a. (Leather) undertanned. 

notgedrungen, p.a. compulsory. adv. neces- 

notiercn, v.t. note. 

notig, a. necessary, needful. 

notigen, v.t. necessitate, force, urge. 

Notiz, /. notice, note. 

Notizbuch, n. note book. 

notleidend, p.a. in distress, needy. 

Notmittel, n. expedient, shift. 

Notwehr, /. self-defense. 

notwendig, a. necessary. 

Notwendigkeit, /. necessity. 

Nr., Nro., abbrev. (Numero) number. 

N-Substanz, /. nitrogenous substance. 

Nu, TO. moment, trice. 

Nuance, /. shade, tint. 




nuancieren, v.t. shade, shade off; modulate. 

n uc h tern, a. empty, fasting; sober, temperate, 
cool; flat, insipid. 

Nucleinsaure, /. nucleic acid. 

Nudeln, noodles; vermicelli; macaroni. 

Null, /. zero, nought, cipher. 

Nulllage, /. zero position. 

Nullpunkt, m. zero point. 

nullwertig, a. avalent, nonvalent. 

numerisch, a. numerical. 

Nummer, /. number. 

nummerieren, v.t. number. 

nun, adv. now; well, why; so. 

nunmehr, a. at present, by this time; hence- 
forth; since then. 

nunmehrig, a. present. 

nur, adv. only, but, scarcely. 

Nuss, /. nut; specif., walnut. 

nussbraun, a. nut-brown. 

Nussol, n. oil; specif., walnut oil. 

Niister, /. nostrils. 

Nut, Nute, /. groove, rabbet. 

Nutsche, /. suction filter. 

Nutzanwendung, /. practical application. 

Nutzarbeit, /. useful work. 

nutzbar, a. useful; available. 

nutze, niitze, a. useful, of use. 

Nutzeffekt, m. useful effect, efficiency, effect, 

nutzen, v.t. use. v.i. be of use. 

Nutzen, m. use, utility, advantage, profit. 

Nutzleistung, /. useful work, useful effect. 

nutzlich, a. useful, profitable, advantageous, 

Nutzwirkung, /. useful effect, efficiency. 

o., abbrev. (oder) or; (oben) above. 

O., abbrev. (Ost) east. 

Oase, /. oasis. 

ob, conj. whether, if; altho. prep, on account 

Obacht, /. heed, attention. 

Obdach, n. shelter. 

oben, adv. above; overhead, on top; before. 

obendrein, adv. over and above. 

obenhin, adv. superficially, slightly. 

Ober-. upper, chief, high, supreme, head, top, 
epi-, super-, supra-. 

Oberbauch-. epigastric. 

obere, a. upper; high, higher, superior, chief. 

Oberflache, /. surface; area. 

Oberflachenhartung, /. (Metal.) case-hardening. 

Oberflachenspannung, /. surface tension. 

Oberflachenwirkung, /. surface action or 

oberflachlich, a. superficial. 

obergarig, a. top-fermenting. 

Obergarung, /. top fermentation. 

Oberhaut, /. epidermis. 

Oberhefe, /. top yeast. 

Oberrinde, /. outer bark. 

Oberschicht, /. upper layer, upper stratum. 

oberst, a. uppermost, highest. 

Obcrst, m. colonel. 

Obertasse, /. cup. 

Oberteig, m. (Brewing) upperdough. 

Oberteil, m. upper part, top part. 

obgleich, con/, altho. 

Obhut, /. protection, care. 

obig, a. above, foregoing. 

Objekttisch, m. (Micros.) stage, stand. 

Objekttrager, m. (Micros.) slide, mount, also 
stage, stand. 

Oblate, /. wafer. 

obliegen, v.L be incumbent (on), attend (to). 

Obliegenheit, /. obligation, duty. 

Obmann, m. head man (chairman, superinten- 
dent, etc.). 

obschon, conj. altho. 

obsiegen, v.i. be victorious. 

Obst, n. fruit. 

Obstbranntwein, m. fruit brandy, fruit spirit. 

Obstessig, TO. fruit vinegar. 

Obstmost, TO. fruit juice. 

Obstmns, n. fruit sauce, fruit butter, jam, 

Obstwein, TO. fruit wine, cider, perry, etc. 

Obstzucker, TO. fruit sugar (levulose). 

obwalten, v.i. exist; prevail, predominate. 

obwohl, c.onj. altho. 

ocherig, a. ocherous, ochery. 

Ochs, Ochse, TO. ox. 

Ochsenfleisch, n. beef. 

Ochsengalle, /. ox gall. 

Ochsenklauenfett, n. neat's-foot oil. 

Ochsenleder, n. neat's leather. 

Ocker, TO. ocher. 

ockerartig, a. like ocher, ocherous. 

ockerig, a. ocherous, ochery. 

Oct.. SeeOk1>. 

ode, a. waste, deserted. 

odem, n. edema. 

oder, con/, or. 

Odermennig, TO. agrimony. 

o. drgl., abbrev. (oder dergleichen) or the like. 

Oel, Oel-. See 6l, <3l-. 

Ofchen, n. little furnace, oven or stove. 

Of en, m. furnace; oven; kiln; stove. 

Ofenbruch, TO. (Zinc) tatty. 

Ofenkachel, /. stove tile. 

Ofensau, /. (Metal.) furnace sow. 

ofcntrocken, a. kiln-dried; oven-dried. 

Ofentiir, Ofentiire, /. door (esp. the fire door) 
of a furnace, oven, kiln or stove; (Ceram.) 

Ofenziegel, m. fire brick; stove tile. 

offen, a. open; clear, clever, frank. 

offenbar, a. manifest, obvious, plain. 

offenbaren, v.t. disclose, reveal. 

offenkundig, a. well known, notorious; evident. 

offentlich, a. public; open. 

Offerte, /. offer, proffer. 

offiziell, officiell, a. official. 

Offizier, TO. officer. 

Offizin, /. dispensary, apothecary's shop. 

offizinell, a. officinal. 

offnen, v.t. open. offnend, p.a. (Med.) aperi- 

Offnung, /. opening; aperture, orifice, mouth; 
dissection; evacuation. 

Offnungsmittel, n. (Med.) aperient. 

oft, adv. often. 





Oheim, m. uncle. 

ohne, prep, without. conj. but that. 

ohnedem, ohnedies, adv. apart from that, 

ohngefahr, adv. approximately. a. approxi- 

ohnmachtig, a. weak, faint, unconscious. 

Qhr, n. ear. 

Ohr-. aural, auricular. 

Ohr, n. (Tech.) ear, handle, eye, catch; bog 
iron ore. 

Ohrenblaser, m. talebearer. 

Ohrenschmalz, n. ear wax, cerumen. 

Ohrenstein, m., Ohrensteinchen, n. otolith. 

Ohrfinger, m. little finger. 

ohrformig, a. auriform. 

Ohrspeicheldruse, /. parotid gland. 

Ohrtrompete, /. Eustachian tube. 

Ohrwachs, n. ear wax, cerumen. 

Ohrwasser, n. endolymph. 

Ohrzehe, /. little toe. 

Oker, TO. ocher. 

okerig, a. ocherous, ochery. 

okonomisch, a. economic, economical; agricul- 

Oktaeder, n. octahedron. 

oktaedrisch, a. octahedral. 

Okto-. octa- (preferred), octo-. 

oktocarbocyclisch, a. octacarbocyclic. 

Oktonaphten, n. octanaphthene. 

-d. (1) hi names of alcohols or phenols (i.e., 
when the ending signifies hydroxyl), -ol. 
(2) in names of a few hydrocarbons, -ene; 
as, Benzol, benzene (but the commercial 
product is called benzol or benzole). (3) in 
the case of other compounds, -ole; as, PyrroZ, 

Ol, n. oil. 

Olabscheider, m. oil separator; (Brewing) oil 

Olanstrich, TO. painting in oil; coat of oil. 

olartig, a. = olig. 

Olbad, n. oil bath; (in turkey red dyeing) green 

Olbaum, TO. olive tree. falscher Olbaum, ole- 

Olbaumgummi, Olbaumharz, n. elemi. 

Olbeere, /. olive. 

Olbeize, /. oil mordant; (in turkey red dyeing) 

olbildend, p.a. oil-forming, olefiant. olbild- 
endes Gas, olefiant gas (ethylene). 

Oldrass, TO. oil dregs, oil foots. 

Oldruck, TO. oleography; oleograph. 

Olefin, n. olefin, olefine. 

Olefinalkohol, m. olefinic alcohol, olefin alcohol. 

Olefinhaloid, n. olefin halide. 

olefinisch, a. olefinic. 

Olefinketon, n. olefinic ketone, olefin ketone. 

Oleinsaure, /. oleic acid. 

olen, v.t. oil. 

Oleokreosot, n. (Pharm.) creosote oleate. 

Oleum, n. fuming sulfuric acid; (in Latin 

Pharm. names) oil. 
Olfabrik, /. oil factory. 
Olfarbe, /. oil color, 
olgar, a. chamois. 
Olgas, n. oil gas. 
Olgelager, n. oil dregs, oil foots, 
olhaltig, a. containing oil, oleiferous. 
Olhandel, TO. oil trade. 
Olharz, n. oleoresin. 
Olhefen, oil dregs, oil lees. 
olig, olicht, a. oily, oleaginous. 
Oligkeit, /. oiliness. 
Oligoklas, m. oligoclase. 
Olivenol, n. olive oil. 
OIkuchen, m. oil cake. 
Olkugel, TO. oil globule, oil drop. 
Olleder, n. chamois. 
Olmesser, m. eleometer, oleometer. 
Olmilch, /. oil emulsion. 
Olnussbaum, TO. butternut tree. 
Olprufer, TO. oil tester. 
Olruckstand, TO. oil residue. 
Olsatz, TO. oil sediment, oil foots, 
olsauer, a. of or combined with oleic acid, 

oleate of. 

Olsaure, /. oleic acid. 
Olschlagen, n. oil pressing. 
Olseife, /. oil soap, soap made from oil. 
Olsodaseife, /. Castile soap. 
Olstoff, TO. olein. 
Olsiiss, n. glycerol, glycerin. 
Oltrester, oil marc (residue left after 

expressing oil from olives, etc.). 
Oltuch, n. oilcloth. 
Olung, /. oiling. 

Ol wage, /. oil hydrometer, eleometer. 
Olzucker, TO. (Pharm.') elaeosaccharum. 
-on. (as a chemical ending denoting the ketonic 

group) -one. 

Onanthather, TO. oenanthic (or enanthic) ether. 
Onanthsaure, /. oenanthic (or enanthic) acid. 
Onanthylsaure, /. cenanthylic (or enanthylic) 


Onkel, TO. uncle. 
Oolith, m. oolite. 
opak, a. opaque, 
opalartig, a. opal-like, opaline. 
opalisieren, v.i. opalesce. opalisierend, p.a. 

Oper, /. opera. 
Operment, n. orpiment. 
Opfer, n. offering, sacrifice, victim. 
Opiansaure, /. opianic acid, 
opt.-akt., abbrev. (optisch-aktiv) optically ac- 

optisch, a. optic, optical. 
Orangenblute, /. orange blossom. 




Orangenschale, /. orange peel. 

Orden, TO. order. 

ordentlich, a. ordinary; regular; orderly; 
exact; steady; downright. 

or dinar, a. ordinary, regular; common, inferior. 

ordnen, v.t. order, arrange, regulate, settle. 

Ordnung, /. order; arrangement; class. 

ordnungsmassig, a. orderly, methodical. adv. 
duly, well. 

ordnungswidrig, a. irregular, disorderly. 

organisch, a. organic. 

organisieren, v.t. organize. 

Organismus, m. organism. 

Organometall, n. organometallic compound. 

Orgel, /. organ. 

orientieren, v.t. orient. 

Orientierung, /. orientation. 

Orkan, m. hurricane. 

Ornat, TO. official costume. 

Orseille, /. archil. 

Orsellinsaure, /. orsellinic acid. 

Orsellsaure, /. orsellio (diorsellinic, lecanoric) 

Ort, TO. place; locus; region, locality. 

Orthoameisensaure, /. orthoformic acid. 

Orthoantimonsaure, /. orthoantimonic acid. 

Orthoarsensaure, /. orthoarsenic acid. 

Orthoborsaure, /. orthoboric acid. 

Orthochinon, n. orthoquinone, o-quinone. 

Orthokieselsaure, /. orthosilicic acid. 

Orthoklas, m. orthoclase. 

Orthokohlensaure, /. orthocarbonic acid. 

Orthophosphorsaure, /. orthophosphoric acid. 

Orthosalpetersaure, /. orthonitric acid. 

orthosalpetrig, a. orthonitrous. 

Orthosaure, /. ortho acid. 

Orthostellung, /. ortho position. 

Orthoverbindung, /. ortho compound. 

Ortisomerie, /. position isomerism. 

ortlich, a. local; topical. 

Orts-. local. 

Ortschaft, /. place, village. 

Ortsisomerie, /. place isomerism, position isom- 

Ose, /. (Tech.) ear, lug, eye, hook, loop. 

Osenblatt, n. (Tech.) tongue, lip, flange. 

Osmiumchlorwasserstoffsaure, /. acid contain- 
ing osmium, chlorine and hydrogen (either 
HsOsCle or H 2 OsClc). 

Osmiumsaure, /. osmic acid. 

Osmiumverbindung, /. osmium compound. 

Osmose, /. osmosis, osmose. 

osmosieren, v.t. osmose, osmosize. 

osmotisch, a. osmotic. 

Ost, TO. east. 

Ostern, n. Easter. 

Osterreich, n. Austria. 

osterreichisch, a. Austrian. 

Ostindien, n. (East) India. 

ostindisch, a. East Indian. 

ostlich, a. eastern, oriental, easterly. 

Ostreich, n. Austria. 

Ostsee, /. Baltic (Sea). 

Otter, /. adder; otter. 

Oxalather, TO. oxalic ether (ethyl oxalate). 

Oxalessigester, m. oxalacetic ester. 

Oxalkyl-. hydroxyalkyl-. 

oxalsauer, a. of or combined with oxalic acid, 
oxalate of. 

Oxalsaure, /. oxalic acid. 

Oxalursaure, /. oxaluric acid. 

Oxathyl-. hydroxyethyl-. 

Oxhoft, n. hogshead. 

Oxo-. oxy-, oxo-. (A form devised to denote the 
substitution of O for Hz in organic compounds 
and to distinguish from Oxy- denoting OH 
substitution; thus, oxopropane, CHsCOCHs 
or CH 3 CH 2 CHO. In English this may be 
translated oxy-, hydroxyl being indicated by 
hydroxy-. If the group is ketonic, as in the 
first case above, the form keto- is more 

Oxy-. oxy-, hydroxy-. (In organic names this 
indicates, in the great majority of cases, the 
hydroxyl group and should then be trans- 
lated hydroxy- to conform to the best usage 
in English; e. g., Oxyapfelsaure, hydroxy- 
malic acid. If the group is known to be ke- 
tonic, the translation keto- is preferable.) 

Oxyammoniak, n. oxyammonia (hydroxyl- 

Oxybiazol, n. oxybiazole. 

Oxybiazolin, n. oxybiazoline. 

Oxycarbonsaure, /. hydroxycarboxylic acid. 

Oxychinolin, n. hydroxyquinoline. 

Oxychinon, n. hydroxyquinone. 

Oxyd, n. oxide (specif., a higher or -ic oxide, 
as contrasted with Oxydul). 

oxydable, a. oxidizable. 

oxydartig, a. of the nature of, or like an oxide. 

Oxydase, /. oxidase. 

Oxydationsartikel, TO. (Calico) oxidation style. 

oxydationsfahig, a. capable of oxidation. 

Oxydationsflamme, /. oxidizing flame. 

Oxydationsmittel, n. oxidizing agent. 

Oxydationsstufe, /. stage or degree of oxidation. 

Oxydationsvorgang, TO. oxidation process. 

Oxydbeschlag, TO. coating of oxide. 

Oxydchlbrid, . oxychloride, 

oxydhaltig, a. containing oxide or oxides, 

Oxydhaut, /., Oxydhautchen, n. film of oxide. 

Oxydhydrat, n. hydtated oxide (hydroxide). 

oxydierbar, a. oxidizable. 

Oxydierbarkeit, /. oxidizability. 

oxydieren, v.t. & i. oxidize. 

Oxydierung, /. oxidation. 

oxydisch, a. oxidic, oxygenic. 

Oxydoxydul, n. an oso-ic oxide such as FezOt. 

Oxydschicht, /. layer of oxide. 




Oxydul, n. (lower or -ous) oxide, (formerly) 


oxygenieren, v.l. oxygenate, oxygenize. 
Oxygenierung, /. oxygenation. 
Oxyketon, n. hydroxy ketone. 
Oxyketoncarbonsaure, /. hydroxyketocarbox- 

ylic acid. 

Oxymethyl-. hydroxymethyl-. 
Oxysalz, n. oxysalt. 
Oxysaure, /. oxyacid (either oxacid an acid 

containing oxygen or hydroxy acid). 
Oxyschwefelsaure, /. oxysulf uric acid. 

Oxytoluol, n. hydroxytoluene. 

Ozean, m. ocean. 

Ozobenzol, n. ozobenzene. 

Ozokerit, m. ozocerite. 

Ozon, n. ozone. 

ozonerzeugend, p.a. producing ozone, ozonifer- 


ozonhaltig, a. containing ozone, ozoniferous. 
Ozonisator, m. ozonizer. 
ozonisieren, v.t. ozonize. 
Ozonsauerstoff, m. ozonized oxygen, oxygen in 

the form of ozone. 

Paar, n. pair, couple; few; (Meek.) couple. 

paar, a. even; pair. 

paaren, v.t. pair, couple, match, mate. gepaart, 
p.a. paired, etc., conjugate. 

Pacht, /. lease, tenure. 

Pachter, Pachter, m. tenant. 

Pack, m. pack, bale, packet, bundle. 

packen, v.t. seize; pack. 

Packhaus, n. Packhof, TO., warehouse; custom 

Packpapier, n. wrapping paper. 

Packtuch, n. packing cloth. 

Packzeug, n. packing material, packing; pack- 
ing tools. 

PAe., abbrev. (Petroleumather) petroleum ether. 

Paket, n. packet, parcel. 

Palast, m. palace. 

Palladi-. palladic. 

Palladichlorwasserstoffsaure, /. chloropalladic 

Palladiumbromiir, n. palladious bromide. 

Palladiumchlorid, n. palladium chloride, specif., 
palladic chloride. 

Palladiumchloriir, n. palladious chloride. 

Palladiumchlorwasserstoff, m. chloropalladic 

Palladiumjodur, n. palladious iodide. 

Palladiummohr, TO. palladium black. 

Palladiumoxyd, n. palladium oxide, specif., pal- 
ladic oxide. 

Palladiumoxydul, n. palladious oxide. 

Palladiumsalz, n. palladium salt. 

Palladiumschwamm, TO. palladium sponge. 

Palladiumschwarz, n. palladium black. 

Palladiumwasserstoff, TO. palladium hydride. 

Pallado-. palladious. 

Palladochlorwasserstoffsaure, /. chloropalladi- 
ous acid. 

Palladohydroxyd, n. palladious hydroxide. 

Palme, /. palm. 

Palmfett, n. palm oil. 

Palmitinsaure, /. palmitic acid. 

Palmlilie, /. yucca. 

Palmol, n. palm oil. 

Palmstarke, /. palm starch, sago. 

Palmzucker, TO. palm sugar, jaggery. 

Panier, n. banner. 

Pankreas, n., PankreasdrUse, /. pancreas. 

pankreatisch, a. pancreatic. 

Panloffel, m. slipper. 

Panzer, TO. cuirass, armor. 

Panzerblech, n., Panzerplatte, /. armor plate. 

Paonie, /. peony. 

Papagei, m. parrot. 

Papier, n. paper. 

Papierabgange, waste paper. 

Papierbogen, TO. sheet of paper. 

Papierbrei, TO. paper pulp. 

Papierfabrik, /. paper factory, paper mill. 

Papierfabrikant, TO. paper maker. 

Papierfabrikation, /. paper making. 

Papierfilter, n. paper filter. 

Papier handel, m. paper trade; stationery. 

Papierhandlung, /. stationer's shop. 

Papierkohle, /. paper coal (variety of lignite). 

Papierleim, TO. paper size. 

Papiermasse, /. paper pulp. 

Papierpergament, n. parchment paper. 

Papierpriifung, /. paper testing. 

Papiersorte, /. sort or quality of paper. 

Papierstoff, m. paper pulp. 

Papierstreifen, TO. paper strip; paper web. 

Papierteig, TO. papier-mache'. 

Papierzeichen, n. watermark. 

Papierzeug, n. paper pulp, " stuff." 

Papillen-. papillary. 

papinianischer Topf. Papin's digester (auto- 

Papp, TO. paste; pap. 

Pappband, w. board binding; volume bound irt 

Pappbogen, w. sheet of pasteboard (or card- 

Pappdeckel, TO. pasteboard, paper board. 

Pappe, /. (paper) board, pasteboard; pap; 

Pappel, /. poplar. 

Pappelart, /. (variety of) poplar. 

pappen, v.t. & i. paste; work in pasteboard. 

Pappendeckel, TO. = Pappdeckel. 

Pappenleim, TO. pasteboard glue. 

Pappenstiel, TO. trifle. 

Papphiilse, /. pasteboard case. 

Pappmasse, /. papier-machS. 

Pappschachtel, /. pasteboard box. 

Papst, TO. pope. 





Parabansaure, /. parabanic acid. 

Farabel, /. parabola; parable. 

parabolisch, a. parabolic. 

Paraconsaure, /. paraconic acid. 

Paracyan, n. paracyanogen. 

Paradiesapfel, m. tomato. 

Paradiesfeige, /. banana. 

Paradieskorner, grains of paradise. 

Parafiinbad, n. paraffin bath. 

Paraffinkerze, /. paraffin candle. 

Paraffinol, w. paraffin oil. 

Paraffinsalbe,/. petrolatum; paraffin ointment. 

Parakamphersaure, /. paracamphoric acid. 

Parakautschuk, m. Para rubber. 

Paralyse, /. paralysis. 

paramagnetisch, a. paramagnetic. 

Paramilchsaure, /. paralactic acid (d-lactic 


Paranuss, /. Brazil nut. 
Parastellung, /. para position. 
Paraverbindung, /. para compound. 
Paraweinsaure, /. paratartaric acid (racemic 


Parenthese, /. parentheses; brackets. 
Parfiim, n. perfume. 
Parfiimerie, /. perfumery. 
Pariser, a. Paris. Pariser Blau, Paris blue; 

Pariser Griin, Paris green. 
parkesieren, v.t. (Metal.) subject to the Parkes 

Parkesieren, n. Parkes process. 

Partei, /. part; party. 

Parteiganger, m. partisan. 

parteiisch, a. partial, prejudiced. 

Parterre, w. ground floor; parterre. 

Partialdruck, m. partial pressure. 

Partie, /. parcel, lot; batch; company; party, 
picnic; game; match. 

partiell, a. partial. 

Partikel, /. particle. 

Partikelchen, n. small particle. 

Passagier, m. passenger. 

passen, v.i. fit, be fit, be suited; wait. passend, 
p.a. fit, suitable, appropriate. 

passieren, v.t. pass; (Dyeing) liquor. v.i. pass, 

Passivitat, /. passivity. 

Pastete, /. pie, pastry. 

pasteurisieren, v.t. pasteurize. 

Pastinake, /. parsnip. 

pastes, a. pasty. 

Pate, m. godfather. 

Patentamt, n. patent office. 

Patentsalz, n. ammonium antimony fluoride. 

Patentschrift, /. patent (the document), patent 

Patentschutz, m. protection by patent. 

Patenttrager, TO. patentee. 

Patrone, /. cartridge; pattern; stencil; man- 

Patronenhiilse, /., Patronenzy Under, m. car- 
tridge case. 

Patsche, /. fix, mess; slush, mud. 
patschen, v.i. splash; clap, slap. 
pattinsonieren, v.t. pattinsonize. 
patzig, a. saucy. 
Pauke, /. (kettle) drum; (Anat.) tympanum; 

Paukenfell, n. (kettle) drumskin; (Anat.) mem- 

brana tympani. 

pauschen, v.t. swell; (Metal.) refine. 
Pauscht, TO. & n. (Paper) post. 
pausen, v.t. trace, calk. 
Pavian, TO. baboon. 
Pech, n. pitch. 

Pechart, /. kind or variety of pitch 
pechartig, a. pitchy, bituminous. 
PeohMende, /. pitchblende. 
Pechdraht, TO. pitched thread, shoemaker's 

Pecheisenerz, n. pitchy iron ore (applied to 

pitticite, triplite, and a compact variety of 


Pecherde, /. bituminous earth. 
Pecherz, n. = Pechblende; = Pecheisenerz. 
pechfinster, a. pitch-dark. 
Pechgeschmack, n. pitchy taste. 
Pechglanz, TO. pitchy luster. 
Pechgranat, TO. colophonite (a variety of andra- 

dite of pitchy appearance). 
pechig, a. pitchy. 
Pechkiefer, /. pitch pine. 
Pechkohle, /. pitch coal. 
Pechol, n. tar oil, oil of tar. 
pechschwarz, a. pitch-black. 
Pechstein, TO. pitchstone. 
Pechuran, n. pitchblende. 
Pedell, TO. beadle, janitor. 
Pegel, TO. water gage. 
peilen, v.t. sound, take bearings of. 
Pein, /. pain, trouble, torture. 
peinigen, v.t. torment, trouble. 
peinlich, d. painful; precise, painstaking; penal. 
Peitsche, /. whip. 
peitschen, v.t. whip, beat, lash. 
peitschenformig, a. whip-shaped, flagelliform. 
Pektinsaure, /. pectic acid. 
Pektinstoff, TO. pectin substance, pectin. 
Pektinzucker, TO. arabinose. 
Pelargonsaure, /. pelargonic acid. 
Pelle, /. peel, skin, husk. 
Pelz, TO. pelt; fur. 
pelzig, a. furry; cottony. 
Pendel, n. pendulum. 
penetrieren, v.t. penetrate. 
Pension, /. pension; board; boarding house; 

boarding school. 

pentacarbocyclisch, a. pentacarbocyclic. 
Pentadecansaure, /. pentadecoic acid. 
Pentathionsaure, /. pentathionic acid. 




Pentinsaure, /. pentinic acid. 

Pentosurie, /. pentosuria. 

Pepsindriise, /. peptic gland. 

pepsinhaltig, a. containing pepsin. 

peptisch, a. peptic. 

peptonisieren, v,t. peptonize. 

Peraciditat, /. superacidity. 

Perborsaure, /. perboric acid. 

Perbromsaure, /. perbromic acid. 

Perchlorsaure, /. perchloric acid. 

Perchromsaure, /. perchromic acid. 

perennierend, p.a. perennial. 

perforieren, v.t. perforate. 

Pergament, n. parchment. 

pergamentieren, v.t. parchmentize. 

Pergamentpapier, n. parchment paper. 

perhydrieren, v.t. perhydrogenize. 

Periklas, TO. periclase, periclasite. 

periodisch, a. periodic, periodical. 

Periodizitat, /. periodicity. 

Perjodat, n. periodate. 

Perjodsaure, /. periodic acid. 

Perkohlensaure, /. percarbonic acid. 

Perkussionszundhutchen, n. percussion cap. 

perlartig, a. pearly, nacreous; beadlike. 

Perlasche, /. pearlash. 

Perle,/. pearl; bead. 

perlen, v.t. form bubbles, sparkle; form drops; 
glisten like pearls. 

perlenartig, a. = perlartig. 

Perlenglanz, Perlglanz, TO. pearly (or nacreous) 

Perlglimmer, m. (Min.) margarite. 

Perlgraupen, pearl barley. 

perlig, a. pearly. 

Perlmoos, n. pearl moss, carrageen. 

Perlmutter, /. mother-of-pearl. 

perlmutterartig, a. like mother-of-pearl, perla- 
ceous. , 

Perlmutterblech, w. crystallized tinplate, moire 

Perlmutterglanz, TO. mother-of-pearl luster, na- 
creous luster. 

perlmutterglanzend, p.a. having a mother-of- 
pearl luster, pearly. 

Perhnutterpapier, n. nacreous paper. 

Perlrohr, n., -rohre, /. bead tube (tube filled 
with glass beads). 

Perlsalz, n. microcosmic salt. 

Perlsamen, TO. seed pearl. 

Perlspat, TO. pearl spar (pearly dolomite). 

Perlstein, TO. perlite; adularia. 

Perlweiss, n. pearl white. 

Permanentweiss, . permanent white. 

permeabel, a. permeable. 

permutieren, v.t. (Math.) permute. 

Perowskit, n. perovskite. 

Perpendikel, n. perpendicular; pendulum. 

Persaure, /. peracid. 

Perschwefelsaure, /. persulf uric acid. 

persisch, a. Persian. 

personlich, a. personal. 

Persulfocyansaure, /. perthiocyanic acid, per- 

sulfocyanic acid. 
Persulfomolybdansaure, /. persulfomolybdic 

acid, thiopermolybdic acid, 
peruanisch, a. Peru, Peruvian. 
Perurinde, /. Peruvian bark. 
Pestilenzkraut, n. = Geissraute. 
Petersilie, /. parsley. 
Petri'sches Schalchen, Petri-Schale, /. Petri 

Petrolather, Petroleumather, m. petroleum 


Petroleumbenzin, n. petroleum benzine. 
Petroleumprufer, TO. petroleum tester. 
Petrolsaure, /. petrolic acid. 
Petschaft, n. seal, signet. 
Petsche, /. drying room; drying frame. 
Pf., abbrev. (Pfund) pound. 
Pfad, TO. path. 
Pfaff, w. rivet stamp; nut driver; (Brewing) 

Pfaffe, TO. priest. 
Pfaffenhiitchen, n. wahoo (Evonymus atropur- 


Pfahl, TO. stake, pile, stick, pole, post. 
pfahlen, v.t. pale; prop; empale. 
Pfahlwurzel, /. taproot. 
Pfalz, /. Palatinate. 
Pfand, n. pledge, security, forfeit. 
pfanden, v.t. seize, take as a pledge. 
Pfandgut, n. mortgage. 
Pfandleiher, TO. pawnbroker. 
Pfannchen, n. little pan. 
Pfanne,/. pan; copper, boiler; pantile; (Mach.) 

bearing, bush; (Anat.) socket, acetabulum. 
Pfannenstein, TO. pan scale; boiler scale. 
Pfannenwerk, n. salt works. 
Pfannenziegel, TO. pantile. 
Pfanner, TO. salt manufacturer. 
Pfarrer, TO. parson. 
Pfau, TO. peacock. 
Pfeffer, TO. pepper. 
Pfefferkraut, n. savory (Satureia hortensis); 

peppergrass (Lepidium); stonecrop (Sedum). 
Pfefferkuchen, TO. gingerbread. 
Pfefferminze, /. peppermint. 
Pfefferminzol, n. peppermint oil. 
Pfeffermiinze, /. = Pfefferminze. 
Pfefferstein, TO. peperine. 
Pfeife, /. pipe; whistle; fife. 
pfeifen, v.t. & i. pipe, whistle. 
Pfeifenerde, /. pipe clay. 
Pfeifenrohr, TO. pipestem. 
Pfeifenton, TO. pipe clay. 
Pfeil, TO. arrow; dart. 
Pfeiler, TO. pillar. 

pfeilformig, a. arrow-shaped, sagittate. 
Pfeilgift, n. arrow poison. 




Pfeilwurz, Pfeflwurzel, /. arrowroot. 

Pfeilzeichen, n. arrow. 

Pfennig, m. penny, pfennig ( T J W mark, about 
% cent or ^ English penny). 

Pferd, n. horse. 

Pferdeharnsaure, /. hippuric acid. 

Pferdekraft, /. horsepower. 

Pferdemilch, /. mare's milk. 

Pferdeminze, /. horsemint. 

Pferdestarke, /. horsepower. 

-pferdig. (so many) horsepower. 

Pfg., abbrev. pfennig, pfennigs. 

pfiff, pret. of pfeifen. 

Pfiff, m. whistle; trick, knack. 

pfiffig, a. sly, crafty. 

Pfingsten, n. Whitsuntide. 

Pfingstrose, /. peony. 

Pfirsich, m., Pfirsche, /. peach. 

Pfirsichblute, /. peach blossom. 

Pfirsichbranntwein, m. peach brandy. 

Pfirsiche, /. peach. 

Pfirsichholz, n. peaeliwood. 

Pfirsichkern, TO. peach kernel. 

pflag, pret. of pflegen. 

Pflanze, /. plant. 

Pflanzen-. plant, vegetable. 

pflanzen, v.L plant. 

Pflanzenalkali, n. vegetable alkali (old name 
for potash, also for plant alkaloids). 

Pflanzenalkaloid, n. plant alkaloid, vegetable 

pflanzenartig, a. plan tl ike; vegetable. 

Pflanzenbase, /. vegetable base, (plant) alka- 

Pflanzenbeschreibung, /. description of plants, 

Pflanzenchemie,/. plant chemistry, phytochem- 

Pflanzeneiweiss, n. vegetable albumin (or al- 
bumen) ; vegetable protein. 

Pflanzenerde, /. vegetable mold, humus. 

Pflanzenfarbe, /. vegetable color. 

Pflanzenfaser, /. vegetable fiber, plant fiber. 

Pflanzenfaserstoff, TO., Pflanzenfibrin, n. vege- 
table fibrin (gluten; cellulose). 

Pflanzenfett, n. vegetable fat. 

Pflanzenforscher, TO. botanist. 

pflanzenfressend, p.a. herbivorous. 

Pflanzengriin, n. chlorophyl. 

Pflanzenkasein, n. vegetable casein, legumin. 

Pflanzenkohle, /. charcoal. 

Pflanzenkunde, /. botany. 

Pflanzenlaugensalz, n. (Old CTtero.) potash. 

Pflanzenlehre, /. botany. 

Pflanzenleim, TO. vegetable glue, gliadin; gluten. 

Pflanzenol, n. vegetable oil. 

Pflanzensaft, TO. vegetable juice, plant juice, 

Pflanzensaure, /. vegetable acid. 

Pflanzenschleim, m. mucilage. 

Pflanzenstoff, m. vegetable matter. 

Pflanzentalg, TO. vegetable tallow. 

Pflanzenwachstum, TO. & n. plant growth, vege- 

Pflanzcnzelle, /. plant cell, vegetable cell. 

Pflanzenzellenstoff, m. cellulose. 

pflanzlich, a. plant, vegetable. 

Pflaster, n. plaster; pavement, paving. ' 

pflastern, v.t. plaster; pave. 

Pflasterstein, TO. paving stone. 

Pflasterziegel, TO. paving brick, paving tfle. 

pflatschen, v.t. (Calico) pad. 

Pflatschfarbe, /. (Calico) padding liquor. 

Pflaume, /. plum; prune. 

Pflege, /. care; nursing, rearing, education, 

Pflegekind, n. foster child. 

pflegen, v.L be accustomed, be wont; indulge. 
v.t. attend to, care for, tend, cultivate, nurse. 

Pflicht, /. duty; obligation. 

Pflichtbruch, TO. perjury. 

pflichtschuldig, a. in duty bound; obligatory. 

Pflock, TO. peg, pin, plug. 

pflog, pret. of pflegen. 

pfliicken, v.t. pluck, pick, gather. 

Pflug, TO. plow. 

pfliigen, v.t. plow. 

Pflugschar, /. plowshare; (Anal.) vomer. 

Pfortader, /. portal vein. 

Pforte, /. gate, door, entrance. 

Pfortner, TO. porter, doorkeeper; (Anat.) py- 

Pfosten, TO., Pfoste, /. post. 

Pfote, /. paw. 

Pfriem, Pfriemen, TO., Pfrieme, /. punch, awl. 

Pfriemenkraut, n. = Besenginster. 

Pfropf, Propfen, TO. stopper, plug, wad, cork; 
graft; (Med.) thrombus. 

pfropfen, v.t. stopper, cork; cram; graft. 

Pfropfenzieher, TO. corkscrew. 

Pfuhl, TO. pool, slough. 

Pfiihl, TO. & n. pillow, bolster. 

pfui, inter j. fie! shame! 

Pfund, n. pound. 

Pfundleder, n. sole leather. 

pfuschen, v.i. bungle; meddle. 

Pfiitze, /. puddle, wallow. 

phagedanisches Wasser. (Pharm.) yellow mer- 
curial lotion. 

Phanomen, n. phenomena. 

Phantasie, /. imagination, fancy. 

phantasieren, v.i. imagine, muse; be delirious, 

Phantast, TO. dreamer, visionary. 

Pharmazeut, TO. pharmaceutist, pharmacist. 

Pharmazeutik, /. pharmaceutics. 

pharmazeutisch, a. pharmaceutical. 

Pharmazie, /. pharmacy. 

Pharmakopoe, /. pharmacopeia. 

Phasengesetz, n. phase rule. 




Phasenlehre, /. doctrine of phases. 

Phasenregel, /. phase rule. 

Phasenzahl, /. number of phases. 

Phasotropie, /. phasotropism, phasotropy. 

Phenol-, phenol, phenol-, phenolic; (in com- 
bination with the name of a metal) pheno- 
late (or phenoxide) of, as Phenolaluminium, 
aluminium phenolate, aluminium phenoxide. 

Phenolcarbonsaure, /. phenolcarboxylic acid. 

Phenolkalium, n. potassium phenolate (or phen- 

Phenolkalzium, n. calcium phenolate (or phen- 

Phenolnatrium, n. sodium phenolate (or phen- 

Phenolquecksilber, n. mercury phenolate (or 

Phenolsaure, /. phenol acid. 

Phenolschwefelsaure, '/. phenolsulfuric acid 
(general term, ROSOsH, where R is an aro- 
matic radical), specif., phenylsulfuric acid. 

Phenolsulfosaure, /. phenolsulf onic acid. 

Phenolwismut, m. & n. bismuth phenolate (or 

Phenylarsenchloriir, n. phenylarsenious chlor- 

Phenylborchlorid, n. phenylboron chloride. 

Phenylenblau, n. phenylene blue. 

Phenylessigsaure, /. phenylacetic acid. 

Phenylfettsaure, /. phenylated fatty acid. 

phenylieren, v.t. phenylate. 

Phenyljodidchlorid, n. phenyl iodochloride. 

Phenylmilchsaure, /. phenyllactic acid. 

Phenylsaure, /. phenylic acid (phenol). 

Phenylschwefelsaure, /. phenylsulfuric acid. 

Phenylsenfol, n. phenyl mustard oil. 

Phenylsiliciumchlorid, n. phenylsilicon chloride. 

Phenylwasserstoff, m. phenyl hydride, benzene. 

Ph.g., abbrev. (Pharmakopoe germanica) German 

Philosoph, m. philosopher. 

Philosophenwolle, /. philosopher's wool (sub- 
limed zinc oxide). 

philosophisch, a. philosophical. 

Phlegma, n. phlegm. 

phlogistisch, a. phlogistic. 

Phlorchinyl, n. phlcroquinyl. 

Phdnicin, n. phenicin. 

Phosgen, n. phosgene, carbonyl chloride. 

Phosphat, n. phosphate. 

phosphatisch, a. phosphatic. 

phosphenylig, a. phosphenylous. 

Phosphenylsaure, /. phosphenylic acid. 

Phosphinigsaure, /. phosphinous acid. 

Phosphinsaure, /. phosphinic acid. 

Phosphor, m. phosphorus. 

Phosphor-, phosphorus, phospho-, phosphide 

phosphorartig, a. like phosphorus, phos- 

Phosphorather, TO. phosphoric ether (ester of 
phosphoric acid, specif., ethyl phosphate). 

Phosphorbasis, /. phosphorus base. 

Phosphorbestimmung, /. determination of phos- 

Phosphor blei, n. lead phosphide; (Min.) pyro- 

Phosphorbromid, n. phosphorus bromida, 
specif., phosphorus pentabromide. 

Phosphorbromiir, n. phosphorus tribromide. 

Phosphorcalcium, n. calcium phosphide. 

Phosphorchlorid, n. phosphorus chloride, 
specif., phosphoric chloride (phosphorus 

Phosphor chloriir,. phosphorous chloride (phos- 
phorus trichloride). 

Phosphoreisen, n. iron phosphide. 

phosphoreszieren, v.i. phosphoresce. phos- 
phoreszierend, p.a. phosphorescent. 

Phosphorfleischsaure, /. phosphocarnic acid. 

Phosphorgehalt, m. phosphorus content. 

Phosphorgruppe, /. phosphorus group. 

phosphorhaltig, a. containing phosphorus, phos- 
phatic, phosphorated. 

phosphorig, a. phosphorous. 

phosphorigsauer, a. of or combined with phos- 
phorous acid, phosphite of. 

Phosphorigsaureanhydrid, n. phosphorous an- 
hydride (phosphorus trioxide). 

phosphorisch, a. phosphoric. 

phosphorisieren, v.L phosphorize, phosphorate. 

Phosphorjodid, n. phosphorus iodide, specif., 
phosphorus triiodide. 

Phosphorjodiir, n. phosphorus diiodide (Pzlt). 

Phosphorkalzium, n. calcium phosphide. 

Phosphorkupfer, n. copper phosphide; (Min.) 

Phosphorkupfererz, n. libethenite. 

Phosphorloffel, m. phosphorus spoon (deflagrat- 
ing spoon). 

Phosphormetall, n. (metallic) phosphide. 

Phosphormolybdansaure, /. phosphomolybdic 

Phosphornatrium, n. sodium phosphide. 

Phosphorol, n. (Pharm.) phosphorated oil. 

Phosphoroxyd, n. (any) phosphorus oxide. 

Phosphorproteid, n. phosphoprotein. 

Phosphorsalz, n. microcosmic salt (HNaNH 4 - 

phosphorsauer, a. of or combined with phos- 
phoric acid, phosphate of. 

Phosphorsaure, /. phosphoric acid. 

Phosphorsaureanhydrid, n. phosphoric anhy- 
dride (phosphorus pentoxide). 

Phosphorstahl, m. phosphorus steel. 

Phosphorsulfid, n. (any) phosphorus sulfide. 

Phosphorverbindung, /. phosphorus com- 

Phosphorvergiftung, /. phosphorus poison- 




Phosphorwasserstoff, m. hydrogen phosphide, 
phosphorus hydride (gasformiger, PH ; ; 
fliissiger, P 2 H 4 ; fester, PiKz). 

Phosphorwasserstoffgas, n. phosphoretted hy- 
drogen gas (phosphine, PHs). 

Phosphorweinsaure,/. phosphovinic acid (O&s.). 

Phosphorwolframsaure, /. phosphotungstic 

Phosphorzink, n. zinc phosphide. 

Phosphorziindholzchen, n. phosphorus match. 

Photochemie, /. photochemistry. 

photochemisch, a. photochemical. 

photoelektrisch, a. photo-electric. 

Photogramm, n. photograph. 

Photograph, m. photographer. 

Photographic, /. photography; photograph. 

photographieren, v.t. photograph. 

photographisch, a. photographic. 

photometrisch, a. photometric. 

Photosphare, /. photosphere. 

Phototropie, /. phototropism, phototropy. 

Phtal-. phthal-, phthalo-, phthalic. 

Phtalaminsaure, /. phthalamic acid. 

Phtalazin, n. phthalazine. 

Phtalein, n. phthalein. 

Phtalid, n. phthalide. 

Phtalmonopersaure, /. monoperpht halic acid. 

Phtalonsaure, /. phthalonic acid. 

Phtalsaure, /. phthalic acid. 

Physik, /. physics; (Dyeing) tin composition 
(solution of tin in aqua regia). 

physikalisch, a. physical. 

Physikbad, n. (Dyeing) tin composition. 

Physiker, m. physicist. 

Physiksalz, n. (Dyeing) red spirit. 

Physiolog, m. physiologist. 

physisch, a. physical. 

Phy tochemie, /. phytochemistry. 

phytochemisch, a. phytochemical. 

Pianino, n. upright piano. 

Pichapparat, m. (Brewing) pitching machine. 

pichen, v.t. pitch. 

Picke, /. pickax, pick. 

Pickel, m. pimple. 

picken, v.i. peck, pick. 

Picolinsaure, /. picolinic acid. 

piepen, piepsen, v.i. peep, cheep; whine. 

Pietat, /. piety, reverence. 

Piezoelektrizitat, /. piezoelectricity. 

pigmentfrei, a. free from pigment, non-pig- 

pigmenthaltig, a. containing pigment, pig- 

pigmentieren, v.t. pigment. v.i. become pig- 

Pik, m. peak; pique; (at cards) spades. 

pikant, a. piquant, pungent.' 

Piknometer, n. pycnometer. 

Pikraminsaure, /. picramic acid. 

Pikrinsaure, /. picric acid. 

Pikro-. picro-. 

Pikryl, n. picryl. 

Pilee, /., Pileezucker, m. crushed sugar. 

Pilger, m. pilgrim. 

Pille,/. pill. 

Pilz, m. fungus; mushroom. 

pilzahnlich, a. like a mushroom or fungus, fun- 

pilzformig, a. fungiform. 

pilzig, a. fungous, fungoid. 

Pilzkunde, /. mycology. 

Pilzsamen, m. spawn (of fungi), mycelium. 

pilztotend, p. a. fungicidal. 

Pimarsaure, /. pimaric acid. 

Pimelinsaure, /. pimelic acid. 

Piment, n. pimento, allspice. 

Pimentdl, n. pimento oil, allspice oil. 

Pimpernuss, /. bladder nut. 

Pimpinelle, /. burnet saxifrage (Pimpinella 

Pinakon, n. pinacol, (less correctly) pinacone. 

Pinakonbildung, /. pinacol formation. 

Pincette, /. = Pinzette. 

Pinie, /. pine (esp. Pinus pinea). 

Pinit, n. pinitol, (less correctly) pinite. 

pinken, v.t. treat with pink salt. 

Pinksalz, n. pink salt (ammonium stannic chlo- 
ride; less commonly, potassium sodium tar- 

Pinne,/. (Tech.) pin, peg, (of a hammer) peen; 
quill feather. 

Pinsaure, /. pinic acid. 

Pinsel, m. (painter's) brush, pencil. 

pinseln, v.t. pencil, paint. 

Pinselschimmel, m. any species of Penicillium. 

Pinusharz, n. pine resin. 

Pinzette, /. forceps, tweezers, nippers. 

Piperinsaure, /. piperic acid. 

Pipettengestell, n. pipette stand. 

pipettieren, v.t. transfer or measure with a 
pipette, pipette. 

Pistazie,/. pistachio (nut). 

PistUl, n. pestle; (Bot.) pistil. 

placken, v.t. flatten; ram; pester. 

Plackerei, /. drudgery. 

Plage, /. trouble, bother, plague, drudgery. 

plagen, v.t. plague, trouble, bother, worry. 

Plagioklas, m. plagioclase. 

Plakat, n. placard, poster. 

Plakatfarbe, /. lithographic color. 

Plan, m. plane, plain; plan; (Painting) ground. 

planieren, v.t. plane, planish, smooth, level; 
size (paper). 

Planiermasse, /. (Paper) size. 

Planierwasser, n. glue water, size. 

plankonkav, a. plano-concave. 

plankonvex, a. plano-convex. 

planschen, v.i. splash. 

Planspiegel, m. plane mirror. 

plansymmetrisch, a. planisymmetric(al). 




Plantage, /. plantation. 

plappern, v.L babble, prattle. 

Plasmolyse, /. plasmolysis. 

plasmolytisch, a. plasmolytic. 

plastisch, a. plastic. 

Plastizitat, /. plasticity. 

Platane, /. plane, plane tree. 

Platin, n. platinum. 

Platinasbest, m. platinized asbestos. 

Platinblase, /. platinum still. 

Platinblech, n. platinum foil. 

Platinchlorid, n. platinum chloride, specif., 

platinic chloride. 

Platinchloriir, n. platinous chloride. 
Platinchlorwasserstoff, m., -stoffsaure, /. chlo- 

roplatinic acid. 
Platincyaniir, n. platinous cyanide; cyanopla- 

tinite, platinocyanide. 
Platincyanurwasserstoff.TO., -stoffsaure,/. cyan- 

oplatinous acid, platinocyanic acid. 
Platindraht, m. platinum wire. 
Platinerz, n. platinum ore. 
Platinfolie, /. platinum foil, 
platinhaltig, a. containing platinum, platinifer- 


Platini-. platinic, platini-. 
Platinichlorid, n. platinic chloride. 
Platinichlorwasserstoff, m., -stoffsaure, /. chlo- 

roplatinic acid, 
platinieren, v.t. platinize. 
Platinisalz, n. platinic salt. 
.Platiniverbindung, /. platinic compound. 
Platinloffel, m. platinum spoon. 
Platinmetall, n. platinum metal, metal of the 

platinum group. 
Platinmohr, TO. platinum black. 
Platino-. platinous, platino-. 
Platinochlorid, n. platinous chloride. 
Platinochlorwasserstoff, m., -stoffsaure, /. 

chloroplatinous acid. 
Platinocyanwasserstoff, TO., -stoffsaure,/. cyan- 

oplatinous acid, platinocyanic acid. 
Platinoverbindung, /. platinous compound. 
Platinoxyd, n. platinum oxide, specif., platinic 


Platinoxydul, n. platinous oxide. 
Platinoxydulverbindung, /. platinous com- 

Platinoxydverbindung, /. platinic compound. 
Platinozyan-. See Platinocyan-. 
Platinsalmiak, TO. ammonium chloroplatinate. 
Platinsaure, /. platinic acid. 
Platinschale, /. platinum dish. 
Platinschiffchen, n. platinum boat. 
Platinschwamm, TO. platinum sponge. 
Platinschwarz, n. platinum black. 
Platinspatel, TO. platinum spatula. 
Platinspitze, /. platinum point. 
Platintiegel, TO. platinum crucible. 
Platinverbindung, /. platinum compound. 

Platinzyan-. See Platincyan-. 

platt, a. flat; plain; level; low. 

Plattchen, n. platelet, lamella. 

Platte, /. plate; sheet, slab; lamina; planchet; 

leaf (of a table) ; flagstone; bald head. 
Platte, /. flatiron. 
platt en, v.t. flatten; iron; flag. 
plattenformig, a. platelike, lamellar, lamelli- 


Plattenkautschuk, n. sheet rubber. 
Plattenkultur, /. plate culture. 
Plattenkupfer, n. sheet copper. 
Plattenturm, TO. plate column, plate tower. 
plattieren, v.t. plate. 
Plattierung, /. plating, plate. 
Plattine,/. (Tech.) plate; (Metal.) mill bar. 
Platz, w. place; room, spot, seat, square, etc. 
Platzchen, n. little cake, lozenge, troche, tablet. 
platzen, v.L burst; crack. 
plaudern, v.L chatter, gossip. 
Pleochroismus, TO. pleochroism. 
Pleuelstange, /. connecting rod. 
Plinse, Plinze, /. pancake, omelet. 
Plombe, /. filling, plug (for teeth), 
plotzlich, a. sudden. 
Plumbi-. plumbic, plumbi-. 
Plumbisalz, n. plumbic salt. 
Plumbo-. plumbous, plumbo-. 
Plumbosalz, n. plumbous salt, 
plump, a. bulky, clumsy, gross. 
Plunder, TO. rubbish, trumpery. 
pliindern, v.t. plunder, pillage. 
Plunscher, TO. plunger. 
pneumatisch, a. pneumatic. 
Pobel, TO. rabble, mob. 
pochen, v.L beat, knock, stamp; brag; trust. 

v.t. stamp -(ore). 
Pochmehl, n. pulverized ore. 
Pochmiihle, /. stamp mill. 
Pochstempelreihe, /. stamp battery. 
Pochwerk, n. stamp mill. 
Pocke, /. pock; (pi.) smallpox. 
Pockenlymphe, /. vaccine lymph. 
Pockholz, Pockenholz, n. lignum-vitae, guaia- 

cum wood, pockwood. 
Poesie, /. poetry; poem. 
Pokal, TO. goblet, cup. 
Pokel, TO. pickle (the liquid). 
Pokelfass, n. pickling tub or vat. 
Pokelfleisch, n. pickled meat, salt meat. 
pokeln, v.t. pickle. 
Pol, TO. pole. 

Polarisationsebene, /. plajie of polarization. 
Polarisationsprisma, n. polarizer. 
Polarisationsstrom, TO. polarization current. 
polarisierbar, a. polarizable. 
polarisieren, v.t. polarize. 
Polarisierung, /. polarization. 
Polaritat, /. polarity. 
Poleck, n., Polecke, /. (Cryst.) summit. 




Polei, m. pennyroyal. 

Poleiol, n. pennyroyal oil. 

Polemik, /. polemic, controversy; polemics. 

polen, v.t. (Metal.) pole. 

Polen, n. (Metal.) poling; Poland. 

Police, /. (insurance) policy. 

Polier-. polishing, burnishing. 

polieren, v.t. polish, burnish. 

Polierpapier, n. polishing paper, sandpaper. 

Polierpulver, n. polishing powder. 

Polierrot, n. polishing red, colcothar, crocus, 

Politur, /. polish; polishing. 

Polizei, /. police; police station. 

Polizeidiener, m. policeman. 

Polster, n. bolster, cushion. 

Poltergeist, TO. hobgoblin; noisy fellow. 

poltern, v.i. raise a racket; scold. 

Polwechsel, TO. change or reversal of poles. 

Polychromsaure, /. polychromic acid. 

Polyeder, n. polyhedron. 

polygonisch, a. polygonal. 

polyhedrisch, a. polyhedral. 

polyheteroatomig, a. polyheteratomic. 

Polyhyperjodat, n. polyperiodate. 

Polykieselsaure, /. polysilicic acid. 

polymer, a. polymeric. 

Polymeric, /. polymerism. 

polymerisieren, v.t. & i. polymerize. 

Polymolybdansaure, /. polymolybdic acid. 

polymorph, a. polymorphous, polymorphic. 

Polymorphic, /. polymorphism, polymorphy. 

Polythionsaure, /. polythionic acid. 

Pomeranze, /. orange, esp. bitter orange. 

Pomeranzenbliitenol, n. orange-flower oil, ne- 

Pomeranzenliqueur, TO. curagao. 

Pomeranzenschalenol, n. orange-peel oil, orange 

Pompejanisch, a. Pompeian. 

Pompelmuse, /. shaddock, grape fruit. 

Popanz, TO. bugbear. 

Porcellan, n. = Porzellan. 

poros, a. porous. 

Porositat, /. porosity. 

Porphyr, m. porphyry. 

porphyrartig, a. porphyritic. 

Porphyrfelsen, m., Porphyrgestein, n. porphy- 
ritic rock. 

Porsch, Porst, m. marsh tea (Ledum 

Portier, TO. porter, doorkeeper. 

Portlandkalk, TO. Portland (lime) stone. 

Porto, n. postage. 

portofrei, a. post-free, postpaid. 

Portugalol, Portugallool, n. Portugal (or portu- 
gallo) oil, orange-peel oil. 

Portugalwasser, n. laurel water. 

Porzellan, n. porcelain, china. 

Porzellanbrei, TO. porcelain slip. 

Porzellanerde, /. porcelain clay, china clay, 

Porzellangriff, TO. porcelain handle. 

Porzellan jaspis, TO. porcelain jasper (variety of 
porcelanite) . 

Porzellanmasse, /. porcelain body. 

Porzellanmortel, TO. pozzuolana mortar. 

Porzellanschiffchen, n. porcelain boat. 

Porzellanspat, TO. scapolite. 

Porzellantiegel, TO. porcelain crucible. 

Porzellanton, TO. porcelain clay, kaolin. 

Porzellantonumschlag, TO. (Pharm.) cataplasm 
of kaolin. 

Posaune, /. trombone. 

Pose, /. quill; pose. 

Posse, /. antic, fun, burlesque. 

Possen, TO. prank, trick. 

possierlich, a. funny, droll. 

Post, /. post, mail; news. 

Postament, n. stand, base, pedestal. 

Postamt, n., Postanstalt, /. post-office. 

Posten, TO. post, place; item; sum; lot, parcel; 
(Metal.) batch. 

postfrei, a. post-free, postpaid. 

Postkarte, /. postcard, postal card; post map. 

postlagernd, p.a. general delivery. 

Postverein, TO. postal union. 

Postzeichen, n. postmark. 

Potasche, /. = Pottasche. 

Potentialsprung, TO. (Elec.) difference of po- 

potentieU, a. potential. 

potentiieren, v.t. render potent, potentize. 

Potenz, /. power. 

potenzieren, v.t. (Math.) raise to a higher power. 

Potenzreihe, /. (Math.) exponential series. 

Pottasche, /. potash (potassium carbonate) . 

pottecht, a. (Dyeing) fast to potting. 

Pottfisch, TO. sperm whale. 

Pottfischol, n. sperm oil. 

poussieren, v.t. push, promote; court. 

Pozzolanerde, /. pozzuolana. 

Prachtausgabe, /. edition de luxe. 

Pracht, /. pomp, splendor, magnificence, dis- 

prachtig, prachtvoll, a. splendid, magnificent, 

Praci-. See Prazi-. 

pradisponieren, v.t. predispose. 

Praexistenz, /. preexistence. 

Prageanstalt, /. mint. 

pragen, v.t. stamp, coin, imprint. 

Pragung, /. coining, stamping; coinage. 

prahlen, v,i. boast; (of colors) be loud. 

Praktikant, m. laboratory worker, laboratory 
student; practitioner. 

Praktiker, TO. practician, experienced person, 

praktisch, a. practical. 

praktizieren, v.t. practise. 




prall, a. stout; tight. 

prallen, v.i. bounce, bound; be reflected. 

Prall kraft, /. resiliency. 

Prallwinkel, m. angle of reflection. 

Pramie, /. premium, prize. 

prangen, v.i. make a show, be resplendent, shine. 

Pranke, /. clutch. 

Praparat, n. preparation. 

Praparatenglas, n. preparation glass. 

Praparatenrohrchen, n. preparation tube, speci- 
men tube. 

Praparier-. preparing. 

praparieren, v.t. prepare; (Med.) dissect. 
praparieretes Papier, (Photog.) sensitized 

Prapariersalz, n. preparing salt (sodium stan- 

Prasenstein, Prasem, TO. prase (green variety of 

prasentieren, v.t. present. 

Praseodym, n. praseodymium. 

Praseokobaltsalz, n. praseocobaltic salt. 

prasejrvieren, v.t. preserve. 

Praservierung, /. preservation, preserving. 

Praservierungsmittel, n. preservative. 

prasseln, v.i. crackle, rustle. 

prassen, v.i. revel, carouse. 

Praxis, /. practice. 

Prazipitat, n. & m. precipitate. 

Prazipitation, /. precipitation. 

Prazipitationswarme, /. heat of precipitation. 

prazipitieren, v.t. precipitate. 

Prazipitiergefass, n. precipitating vessel. 

Prazipitiermittel, n. precipitant. 

priizis, a. precise. 

prazisieren, v.t. render precise, define. 

Prazision, /. precision. 

Prazisionswage, /. balance of precision, preci- 
sion balance. 

predigen, v.i. preach. 

Predigt, /. sermon; preaching. 

Preis, TO. price; value; rate; prize; praise. 

preisen, v.t. praise, commend. 

preisgeben, v.t. give over, give up, expose. 

Preisselbeere, /. mountain cranberry. 

prellen, v.t. toss; make to rebound; cheat. 

Prellstein, TO. curbstone. 

Press-, pressed, compressed, expressed, pressing, 
press; glazed. 

Pressbeutel, TO. pressing bag, press bag, filter 
bag (for presses). 

Presse, /. press; gloss. 

pressen, v.t. press; squeeze, pinch, cram. 

Pressfilter, n. pressure filter, press filter. 

Pressglanz, m. gloss from pressing. 

Pressglas, n. pressed glass. 

Presshefe, /. pressed yeast, compressed yeast. 

Presskohle, /. pressed charcoal; pressed coal. 

Pressling, m. something pressed, pressed ar- 
ticle; (pl. t Sugar) expressed beet pulp. 

Pressluft, /. compressed air. 

Pressmiihle, /. pressing mill. 

Pressol, n. fixed oil. 

Pressriickstand, m. expressed residue. 

Presssack, TO. = Pressbeutel. 

Presssaft, TO. expressed juice, press juice. 

Pressspan, m. glazed cardboard 

Presstalg, TO. pressed tallow. 

Presstorf, TO. pressed peat. ' 

Presstuch, n. filter cloth (for presses). 

Pressung, /. pressure, pressing, compression. 

Pressverfahren, n. pressing process. 

Presswalze, /. press roll. 

Pressziegel, TO. pressed brick. 

Presszucker, m. compressed sugar. 

Preussen, n. Prussia. 

preussisch, a. Prussian. 

Preussischblau, n. Prussian blue. 

prickeln, v.t. prickle, prick. prickelnd, p.a. 
sharp, pungent. 

pries, pret. of preisen. 

Priester, TO. priest, minister. 

Prima-. of first, prime or best quality. 

primar, a. primary. 

Primarkreis, TO. primary circuit. 

Primasoda, /. refined soda. 

Primaware, /. prime or superior article or goods. 

Primel, /. primrose. 

Princip, n. principle. 

Prinz, TO. prince. 

Prinzip, n. principle. 

Prioritat, /. priority. 

Prise, /. prize; pinch. 

Prisma, n. prism. 

prismaahnlich, prismaartig, a. prism-like, pris- 

prismaformig, a. prism-shaped, prismatic. 

prismatisch, a. prismatic. 

Prismenflache, /. prismatic face. 

prismenformig, a. prism-shaped, prismatic. 

Prismenglas, n. prism glass. 

Prismenkante, /. prismatic edge. 

Prismenspektrum, n. prismatic spectrum. 

Pritsche, /. bat; (Alum) washing floor; (Dye- 
ing) stillage (to support goods while drying). 

Privatdozent, TO. a licensed university lecturer 
receiving fees but no salary. 

pro, prep, pro, per. 

probat, a. proved, tried. 

Probe,/, test; assay; sample, specimen; proof; 
trial; probation; rehearsal. 

Probeabdruck, TO. proof, proof print. 

Probebogen, TO. proof sheet, proof. 

Probeessig, TO. proof vinegar. 

Probefarbung, /. test dyeing. 

Probeflaschchen, n. sampling bottle. 

Probeflussigkeit, /. test liquid, test liquor. 

Probegewicht, n. test weight, standard weight. 

Probegold, n. standard gold. 

Probegut, n. sample. 




probehaltig, a. proof, standard. 

Probekorn, n. assay button. 

Probeloffel, m. assay spoon. 

Probemachen, n. testing, assaying. 

Probemass, n. standard measure. 

probemassig, a. according to sample. 

Probemunze, /. proof coin. 

Probemuster, n. sample for testing. 

Probenadel, /. touch needle. 

Probenehmen, n. sampling. 

Probenglas, n. specimen glass, specimen tube. 

Probenstecher, m. = Probestecher. 

Probepapier, n. test paper. 

Prober, m. tester. 

Proberohr, -rohrchen, n., -rohre, /. test tube; 
(Mack.) trial pipe. 

Probesaure, /. test acid, standard acid. 

Probescherbe, /., Probescherben, TO. cupel; 
(Ceram.) trial piece. 

Probesilber, n. standard silver. 

Probespiritus, TO. proof spirit. 

Probestecher, TO. sampler (inserted into the ma- 
terial to be sampled); (for liquids) thief 
tube; (Sugar) proof stick. 

Probestein, TO. touchstone; sample stone. 

Probestiick, n. specimen, sample; test piece. 

Probetiegel, TO. assay crucible (see Tiite) ; cupel. 

Probewage, /. assay balance. 

Probeweingeist, m. proof spirit. 

Probeziehen, n. sampling. 

Probezieher, m. sampler. 

Probezinn, n. standard tin. 

Probezylinder, TO. trial jar; test tube. 

Probier-. testing, test; assaying, assay. 

Probierblei, n. test lead, assay lead. 

probieren, v.t. test; assay; try; prove. 

Probierer, TO. tester, assayer, analyst. 

Probiergerate,, -geratschaften, as- 
saying apparatus. 

Probiergewicht, n. assay weight. 

Probierglas, n. test tube. 

Probierglatte, /. test litharge. 

Probiergold, n. standard gold. 

Probierhahn, TO. try cock, gage cock. 

Probierkluft, /. assayer's tongs. 

Probierkorn, n. assay button. 

Probierkunst, /. assaying. 

Prdbierlaboratorium, n. assay laboratory. 

Probierloffel, m. assay spoon. 

Probiermetall, n. test metal. 

Probiernadel, /. touch needle. 

Probierofen, TO. assay furnace. 

Probierpapier, n. test paper. 

Probierrohre, /. test tube. 

Probierrohrengestell, n. test-tube rack. 

Probierscherben, TO. = Probescherben. 

Probierstein, TO. touchstone. 

Probiertiegel, TO. = Probetiegel. 

Probiertute, -tiite, -tutte, /. assay crucible. 
See Tiite. 

Probierwage, /. assay balance. 

Probierzange, /. assayer's tongs. 

Procent, n. percent. 

Prod., abbrev. (Produkt) product. 

Produzent, TO. producer, grower. 

produzieren, v.t. produce. 

Professorat, n. professorship. 

professorhaft, professorisch, a. professorial. 

Professorschaft, Professur, /. professorship. 

projizieren, v.t. project. 

promovieren, v.t. & i. graduate. 

Propiolsaure, /. propiolic acid. 

Propionsaure, /. propionic acid. 

prosit, inter] '. your health! 

Proteinkorper, Proteinstoff, TO. protein sub- 
stance, protein. 

Proteinurie, /. albuminuria. 

Protokatechusaure, /. protocatechuic acid. 

Protokoll, n. minutes, record; protocol. 

Protoxyd, n. protoxide. 

Proviant, TO. provisions, victuals. 

Provision, /. provision; commission. 

Provisor, TO. pharmacist's assistant, dispenser. 

provisorisch, a. provisional. 

Proz., abbrev. of Prozent. 

Prozent, n. percent. 

Prozentgehalt, TO. percent content, percentage. 

prozentig, prozentisch, a. percent, percentage. 

Prozentsatz, TO. percentage. 

Prozentteilung, /. percentage scale. 

Prozess, TO. process. 

prozessieren, v.i. litigate. 

prude, a. prudish, prim. 

priifen, v.t. test; assay; try; prove; taste 
(wine, etc.); examine. 

Prufer, m. tester, assayer, examiner. 

Prufstein, m. touchstone. 

Priifung, /. test, testing, assay, trial, examina- 
tion, proof. 

Prufungsschein, TO. certificate (that a thing has 
been tested). 

Priigel, TO. cudgel, club; blow; drubbing, 

Prunellensalz, Prunellsalz, n. sal prunellc 
(fused potassium nitrate). 

Prunk, m. pomp, state, show. 

PS, P.S., abbrev. (Pferdestarke) horsepower.H.P. 

Pseudoharnstoff, TO. pseudourea. 

Pseudokatalysator, m. pseudocatalyzer. 

Pseudokatalyse, /. pseudocatalysis. 

pseudokatalytisch, a. pseudocatalytic. 

Pseudolosung, /. pseudo solution. 

Pseudomerie, /. pseudomerism. 

pseudomorph, a. pseudomorphous. 

Pseudomorphose, /. pseudomorphosis; pseudo- 

Pseudosaure, /. pseudo acid. 

publizieren, v.t. publish. 

Puddelarbeiter, TO. puddler. 

Puddelbett, n. = Puddelsohle. 




Puddeleisen, n. puddled iron. 

Puddelluppe, /. puddle-ball. 

puddeln, v.t. puddle. 

Puddelofen, m. puddling furnace. 

Puddelprozess, TO. puddling process. 

Puddelgchlacke, /. puddling slag. 

Puddelsohle, /. puddling-furnace bed. 

Puddelspitze, /. puddler's paddle. 

Puddelstab, TO. puddle-bar. 

Puddelstahl, m. puddled steel. 

Puddelverfahren, n. puddling process, puddling. 

Puddelwalze, /. puddle roll. 

Puddelwerk, n. puddling works. 

Pudel, m. poodle; blunder, miss. 

Puder, TO. powder. 

pudern, v.t. powder. 

Puderzucker, m. powdered sugar. 

Puff, TO. blow, thump; puff. 

puffen, v.i. pop. v.t. thump, beat. 

Puts, TO. pulse. 

Pulsader, /. artery. 

Pulsglas, n., Pulshamm6r, m. cryophorus. 

Pulsschlag, TO. pulse beat, pulsation. 

Pult, n. desk. 

Pultfeuerung, /. firing on stepped grate bars. 

Pultofen, TO. (Metal.) back-flame hearth. 

Pulver, n. powder. 

pulverartig, a. powdery. 

Pulverfabrik, /. powder factory. 

Pulverflasche, /. powder bottle (wide-mouthed 


pulverfdrmig, a. in the form of powder, powdery. 
Pulverglas, n. Pulverflasche. 
pulverig, a. powdery, pulverulent. 
pulverisierbar, a. pulverable. 
pulverisieren, v.t. powder, pulverize. 
Pulverisierung, /. pulverization. 
Pulverkorn, n. grain of powder. 
Pulvermorser, TO. powder mortar. 
Pulvermiihle, /. powder mill. 
pulvern, v.t. powder, pulverize. 
Pulversatz, TO. powder composition. 
Pulverzucker, m. powdered sugar. 
Pumpe, /. pump. 
Punkt, m. point; dot; period. 
punktieren, v.t. point; dot; punctuate. 
piinktlich, a. punctual; exact. 
Punktstrich, TO. semicolon. 
Punktum, n. period. 
Punsch, TO. punch. 
Punzen, TO. punch. 
Pupille, /. pupil. 

Puppe, /. pupa; cocoon; doll; puppet. 
Purganz, /. purgative. 

purgieren, v.t. & i. purge; boil off (silk) with soap. 
Purgierharz, n. scammony. 
Purgierkasie, -kassia, /. purging cassia. 
Purgierlein, n. purging flax. 
Purgiermittel, n. purgative. 
Purgiernuss, /. purging nut, physic nut. 

Purgiersalz, n. purgative salt, 
purifizieren, v.t. purify. 
Purinbascn, purine bases. 
Purpur, m. purple. 
Purpureokobaltverbindung, /. purpureocobaltic 


purpurfarbig, a. purple-colored, purple. 
Purpurholz, n. violet wood. 
Purpurkarmin, TO. purple carmine, murexide. 
Purpurmuschel, /. purple shell. 
purpurrot, a. purple-red, crimson. 
Purpursaure, /. purpuric acid. 
Purpurschwefelsaure, /. sulfopurpuric acid. 
Purzelbaum, TO. somersault. 
purzeln, v.i. tumble. 
Pustel, /. pustule, pimple. 
pusten, v.i. breathe, pant. 
Puter, TO. turkey. 

Putz, TO. plaster, plastering; dress, ornament. 
Putzbaumwolle, /. cotton waste (for cleaning). 
putzen, v.t. clean, cleanse, scour, polish, trim, 

dress; plaster. 
Putzerei, /. dressing. 
putzig, a. funny, droll. 
Putzlage, /. coat of plaster. 
Putzmacherei, /. millinery. 
Putzmaschine, /. cleaning machine. powder,polishing powder. 
Putzschicht, /. = Putzlage. 
Putztisch, TO. dressing table; (Ceram.) cleaning 

Putztuch, n. cloth for cleaning or polishing, 

sponge cloth. 

Putzwasser, n. dilute acid for scouring. 
Puzzolane, Puzzolanerde, /. pozzuolana. 
Puzzuolanerde, /. pozzuolana. 
pyramidenformig, a. pyramidal. 
Pyramidenwiirfel, tetrahexahedron. 
Pyritabbrande, pyrites cinders. 
pyritisch, a. pyritic. 

Pyritofen, TO. pyrites oven, pyrites burner. 
Pyroantimonsaure, /. pyroantimonic acid. 
Pyroarsensaure, /. pyroarsenic acid. 
Pyroelektrizitat, /. pyroelectricity. 
Pyrogallussaure, /. pyrogallic acid (pyrogallol). 
pyrogen, a. pyrogenic. 
Pyrokatechin, n. pyrocatechol. 
pyrometrisch, a. pyrometric. 
Pyrophor, n. pyrophorus. 
pyrophorisch, a. pyrophoric. 
pyrophosphorsauer, a. of or combined with 

pyrophosphoric acid, pyrophosphate of. 
Pyrophosphorsaure, /. pyrophosphoric acid. 
Pyrosaure, /. pyro acid. 
Pyroschleimsaure, /. pyromucic acid. 
Pyroschwefelsaure, /. pyrosulfuric acid (disul- 

furic acid). 

pyroschweflig, a. pyrosulfurous. 
Pyroweinsaure, /. pyrotartaric acid. 
Pyrrol, n. pyrrole. 

q., abbrev. (quadrat) square (esp. in qcm, square 

centimeter, etc.). 

qcm., abbrev. square centimeter (s), sq. cm. 
qdm., abbrev. square decimeter(s), sq. dm. 
quabblen, v.i. shake, quiver; be flabby. 
quacken, v.i. quack; croak. 
Quacksalbcr, in. quack, charlatan. 
Quader, Quaderstein, m. ashlar; freestone. 
Quadrat, n. square, 
quadrat isch, a. square; quadratic; (Cryst.) 


Quadratmeter, m. square meter. 
Quadratpyramide, /. square pyramid. 
Quadratwurzel, /. square root. 
Quadratzahl, /. square number, square. 
Quadratzentimeter, m. square centimeter. 
quadrieren, v.t. square. 
Qual, /. torment, agony, pang, 
qualen, v.t. torment, worry, afflict. 
Qualitat, /. quality. 
Qualle, /. jeUyfish. 
Qualm, m. dense smoke, vapor, 
quantenhaft, a. pertaining to quanta or the 

quantum theory. 

Quantenhypothese, /. quantum hypothesis. 
Quantentheorie, /. quantum theory. 
Quantitat, /. quantity. 
Quantum, n. quantum; quantity, portion, 


Quark, m. curd, curds; trash. 
Quart, Quarte, /. quarter, fourth, 
quartar, a. quaternary. 
Quartier, n. quarter, quarters. 
Quarz, m. quartz. 
quarzahnlich, quarzartig, a. quartzose, quartz- 


Quarzfaden, m. quartz thread. 
Quarzfels, m. quartz rock, quartzite. 
Quarzglas, n. quartz glass, 
quarzig, a. quartzy, quartzose. 
Quarzit, m. quartzite. 
Quarzsinter, m. siliceous sinter. 
Quarzziegel, m. quartz brick, Dinas brick. 
quasielastisch, a. quasi elastic. 
Quassiaholz, Quassienholz, n. quassia wood, 


Quast, TO., Quaste, /. tassel, tuft; brush. 
quaternar, a. quaternary. 

Quatsch, m. squash; nonsense. 

Quebrachit, n. quebrachitol, quebrachite. 

Quecke, /. couch grass. 

Quecksilber, n. mercury, quicksilver. 

Quecksilberbogen, TO. mercury arc. 

Quecksilberbranderz, n. idrialite. 

Quecksilberbromid, n. mercury bromide, 
specif., mercuric bromide. 

Quecksilberchlorid, n. mercury chloride, specif., 
mercuric chloride. 

Quecksilberchloriir, n. mercurous chloride. 

Quecksilbercyanid, n. mercuric cyanide. 

Quecksilberdampf, TO. mercury vapor. 

Quecksilbererz, n. mercury ore. 

Quecksilberfaden, TO. mercury thread. 

Quecksilberfahlerz, n. tetrahedrite containing 

QuecksUberhalogen, n. mercury halide. 

quecksilberhaltig, o. containing mercury, mer- 

Quecksilberhorncrz, n. horn quicksilver (na- 
tive calomel). 

Quecksilberjodid, n. mercury iodide, specif., 
mercuric iodide. 

Quecksilberjodiir, n. mercurous iodide. 

Quecksilberlebererz, n. hepatic cinnabar. 

Quecksilberlegierung, /. mercury alloy, amal- 

Quecksilberlicht, n. mercury light. 

Quecksilbermittel, n. mercurial. 

Quecksilbermohr, TO. ethiops mineral (black 
mercuric sulfide). 

Quecksilberoxyd, n. mercuric oxide. 

Quecksilberoxydsalz, n. mercuric salt. 

Quecksilberoxydul, n. mercurous oxide. 

Quecksilberoxydulsalz, n. mercurous salt. 

Quecksilberpflaster, n. (Pharm.) mercurial 

Quecksilberpille, /. blue pill. 

Quecksilberprazipitat, n. (Pharm.') (mercury) 
precipitate (rotes, red precipitate; gelbes, 
yellow precipitate). 

Quecksilberrhodanid, n. mercury thiocyanate, 
specif., mercuric thiocyanate. 

Quecksilberrhodaniir, n. mercurous thiocyan- 

Quecksilbersalbe, /. mercurial ointment. 

Quecksilbersaule, /. column of mercury. 





Quecksilberspat, m. horn quicksilver. 
Quecksilberspiegel, TO. mercury mirror. 
Quecksilbersublimat, n. corrosive sublimate. 
Quecksilbersulfid, n. mercury sulfide, specif., 

mercuric sulfide. 

Quecksilbersulfur, n. mercurous sulfide. 
Quecksilberverbindung, /. mercury compound. 
Quecksilberverfahren, n. mercury process. 
Quecksilbervitriol. TO. mercuric sulfate. 
Quecksilberwanne, /. mercury trough. 
Quecksilberzyanid, n. mercuric cyanide. 
Quell, m. = Quelle. 
quellbar, a. capable of swelling. 
Quellbottich, TO. steeping vat, steeping tub. 
Quelle, /., source; spring, well. 
quellen, v.i. swell, spring, well. v.t. soak, steep. 
Quellgas, n. gas from springs. 
quellreif, a. sufficiently steeped. 
Quellreife, /. sufficient steeping. 
Quellsalz, n. spring salt, well salt. 
Quellstock, TO. steep tanK, steeping cistern. 
Quellung, /. swelling, tumefaction; welling; 

Quellungswarme, /. heat of swelling, heat of 


Quellwasser, n. spring water. 
Quendel, TO. wild thyme. 
quer, a. cross, transverse, diagonal, oblique. 
Querachse, /. transverse axis. 
Quercit, n. quercitol, quercite. 
Querdurchmesser, TO. transverse diameter. 
Querdurchschnitt, TO. = Querschnitt. 
Quere, /. cross direction, transverse direction; 


querfeldein, adv. cross country. 
querlaufend, p.a. transversal, transverse. 
Querpronl, n. cross section. 
Querriss, TO. transverse crack, cross crack; 

cross section; (Min.) fracture. 

querschleifen, v.t. grind (wood) across the 


Querschnitt, m. cross section, transverse sec- 
tion, crosscut; cross-sectional area. 
Querschwingung, /. transverse vibration. 
Querzitronrinde, /. quercitron bark. 
Querzusammenziehung, /. lateral contraction. 
Quetsche, /. squeezer, wringer, presser, crusher. 
quetschen, v.t. pinch, squeeze; crush, mash; 

bruise, contuse. 
Quetscher, m. pincher, etc. (see quetschen); 

(Dyeing) squeezer. 
Quetschhahn, TO. pinchcock. 
Quetschmiihle, /. bruising mill, crushing 


Quetschung, /. pinching, etc. (see quetschen). 
Quick-, amalgamating. 
Quickarbeit, /. amalgamation. 
Quickbeutel, m. amalgamating skin. 
Quickbrei, TO. amalgam. 
quicken, v.t. amalgamate. 
Quickerz, n. mercury ore. 
Quickmetall, n. amalgamated metal. 
Quickmiihle, /. amalgamating mill. 
Quickwasser, n. (Plating) quickening liquid 

(solution of a mercuric salt). 
quieken, v.i. squeak, squeal. 
Quillajasaure, /. quillaic acid, 
quillt, pr. S sing, of quellen. 
Quirl, TO. twirling device, twirl, whirl; (Bot.) 

whorl; fidgety person, 
quirlen, v.t. twirl; stir with a whirling motion. 

v.i. twirl, turn. 
quitt, a. even, quits, rid. 
Quitte, /. quince. 

Quittenkern, Quittensamen, TO. quince seed, 
quittieren, v.t. quit, leave; receipt. 
Quittung, /. receipt, 
quoll, pret. of quellen. 

R., dbbrev. (Referat) abstract, review; R6au- 
mur; ring (cyclic). 

Rabatt, m. deduction, discount; rebate. 

Rabe, TO. raven. 

rabenschwarz, a. jet black. 

Rabenstein, m. gallows. 

rac., abbrev. of racemisch. 

racemisch, a. racemic. 

racemisieren, v.t. racemize. 

Racemkorper, m. racemic substance (or com- 

Rache, /. revenge, vengeance. 

Rachen, TO. throat; mouth; (Med.) pharynx, 

Rachen-. pharyngeal. 

rachen, v.t. revenge, avenge. 

Rad, n. wheel. 

Radachse, /. axle or shaft of a wheel. 

Radbewegung, /. rotary motion, rotation. 

Raddrehung, /. rotation; torsion. 

radebr echen, v.t. murder (a language) . 

Radelerz, n. wheel ore (bournonite). 

Kiidelsf iihrer, TO. ringleader. 

radern, v.t. sift, screen; furnish with wheels. 

Radertierchen, n. rotifer. 

Raderwerk, n. wheel work, gearing; sifting ap- 

Radfahrer, TO. wheelman, cyclist. 

radformig, a. wheel-shaped, rotate. 

radieren, v.t. etch; erase. 

Radierfirnis, m. etching varnish. 

Radiergrund, m. etching ground. 

Radiergummi, TO. (rubber) eraser. 

Radierkunst, /. (art of) etching. 

Radiermesser, n. erasing knife. 

Radierung, /. etching; erasure. 

Radieschen, n. radish. 

radiieren, v.i. radiate. 

Radikalessig, TO. radial vinegar (old name for 
acetic acid, esp. glacial acetic acid). 

Radioaktivitat, /. radioactivity. 

Radiotellur, n. radiotellurium. 

Radiothor, n. radiothorium. 

Radiumjodid, n. radium iodide. 

Radiumsalz, n. radium salt. 

Radiumstrahlen, radium rays. 

radizieren, v.t. (Math.) extract the root of. 

Radkranz, m, (wheel) rim, tire. 

Radlinie, /. cycloid. 

Radreif, m. tire; rim. 

Radschuh, m. brake. 

Radspeiche, /. spoke. 

Radwelle, /. axle; wheel and axle. 

raffen, v.t. snatch up, snatch away. 

Raffinade, /. refined sugar. 

Raffination, /. refining. 

Raffinationsertrag, Raffinationswert, m. (Sugar) 


Raffinatkupfer, n. refined copper. 
Raffinatsilber, n. refined silver. , * 

Raffinerie, /. refinery; finesse. 
Raffineur, TO. refiner, 
raffinieren, v.t. refine. 

Raffinierofen, m. refining furnace, refinery. 
ragen, v.i. project, tower. 
Rahm, TO. cream; crust (forming on the top of 

something); frame; soot. 
rahmahnlich, rahmartig, a. creamlike, creamy. 
Rahmen, TO. frame, framing; compass, bounds. 
rahmen, v.t. skim, take the cream from; frame. 

v.i. form a cream. 
Rahmerz, n. a foamy variety of wad. 
rahmfarbig, a. cream-colored. 
rahmig, a. sooty; creamy. 
Rahmkase, TO. cream cheese. 
Rahmmesser, TO. creamometer. 
Rain, m. ridge, headland. 
Rainfarn, m. tansy. 
Rainfarnol, n. tansy oil. 
Rainweide, /. privet. 
Rakete, /. rocket; firecracker. 
Ramiefaser, /. ramie fiber. 
ramifizieren, v.t. & r. ramify. 
Ramifizierung, /. ramification, 
rammen, v.t. ram, beat down. 
Rammvorrichtung, /. ramming apparatus. 
Rampe, /. ramp; platform; footlights. 
Ramsch, TO. lot, bulk. 
Rand, TO. edge; border, rim, margin^ brim; 


Rand-, marginal. 
Randal, TO. row, disturbance. 
randeln, randern, v.t. edge, border, rim; mill. 
Randerscheibe, /. edge cutter. 
Randgarung, /. (Brewing) rim fermentation. 
rang, prct, of ringen. 





Rang, m. rank; quality; row, tier. 

Range, /. tomboy, romp. m. urchin. 

Rank, m. intrigue, wile. 

Ranke, /. tendril, runner. 

ranken, v.i. (of plants) creep, climb. 

rann, pret. of rinnen. 

rannte, pret. of rennen. 

Ranzel, n., Ranzen, m. wallet, knapsack, satchel. 

ranzig, a. rancid. 

Ranzigkeit, /. rancidity, rancidness. 

Rapp, m., Rappe, /. rape, grape pomace. 

Rappe, m. black horse. 

Rappel, ~m, rage, madness; staggers. 

Raps, TO. rape. 

Rapso'l, n. rape oil, rapeseed oil. 

Rapssaat, /. rapeseed, colza. 

rasch, o. quick, brisk, swift, prompt. 

rascheln, v.i. rustle. 

Rasen, TO. turf, sod, lawn. 

rasen, v.i. rave, rage. 

Rasenbleiche, /. grass pleaching, sun bleaching. 

Raseneisenerz, n., Raseneisenstein, m., Rasen- 

v erz, n. bog iron ore. 

rasieren, v.t. shave; raze. 

Rasiermesser, n. razor. 

Rasierseife, /. shaving soap. 

Raspel, /. rasp. 

Rasse, /. race, breed, (of yeast) type. 

rasseln, v.i. rattle, clatter. 

Rast, /. rest; (of a furnace) boshes. 

rasten, v.i. rest; halt. 

Rastgarung, /. (Brewing) slow and incomplete 

rastlos, a. restless. 
rat, pr. 3 sing, of raten. 
Rat, TO. counsel, advice; means; council, 

board; councillor. 

Ratanhiawurzel, /. rhatany root, rhatany. 
Rate, Rata,/. rate; instalment. 
raten, v.t. & i. advise, counsel; guess, solve. 

geraten, p.a. advisable. 
Rathaus, n. town hall. 
rationell, a. rational. 

ratlich, a. advisable, expedient, wholesome, 
ratios, a. helpless, perplexed. 
Ratmann, TO. councilman. 
ratsam, a. advisable. 
Ratschlag, m. advice, counsel. 
ratschlagen, v.i. consult, deliberate. 
Ratschluss, TO. resolution, decree. 
Ratsel, n. riddle, puzzle, 
ratselhaft, a. enigmatical, mysterious. 
Ratte, /. rat. 

Rattengift, n. rat poison, specif., white arsenic. 
Rattenschwanz, TO. rat-tail file, 
ratten, v.t. screen, sieve, riddle. 
Raub, TO. robbery, plunder; booty, prey. 
Rauber, TO. robber; pirate. 
Rauch, TO. smoke; fume; vapor. 
Rauchachat, m. smoky agate. 

rauchartig, a. smoky. 

rauchen, v.i. fume; smoke; reek. v.t. smoke. 
rauchend, p.a. fuming? smoking. 

Raucher, TO fumigator. 

Raucheressenz, /. aromatic essence. 

Raucheressig, m. aromatic vinegar. 

raucherig, a. smoky; dingy. 

rauchern, v.t. fumigate; smoke; perfume. 

Raucherpulver, n. fumigating powder. 

Raucherung, /. fumigation; smoking (of meat); 
incense burning. 

Raucherwerk, n. perfume, perfumes; incense. 

Rauchfang, TO. chimney, flue. 

Kauchfleisch, n. smoked meat. 

Rauchgas, n. smoke gas, flue gas, chimney gas. 

rauchig, a. smoky; fumy. 

Rauchkalk, m. magnesian limestone. 

rauchlos, a. smokeless. 

Rauchquarz, TO. smoky quartz. 

rauchschwach, a. giving little smoke, " smoke- 

Rauchtabak, m. smoking tobacco. 

Rauchtopas, TO. smoky topaz, smoky quartz. 

Rauchverzehrung, /. smoke consumption. 

Rauchwaren, furs, peltry. 

raudig, a. scabbed, scabby, mangy. 

Raufe, /. hackle; rack. 

raufen, v.t. pull, pluck. v.r. & i. scuffle. 

rauh, a. rough (specif ., unglazed) ; raw; coarse, 
rude; hoarse. 

Rauhartikel, m. (Calico) raised style. 

Raum, TO. space; volume; room, scope; hold 
(of a ship); opportunity, occasion. 

Raumanalyse, /. volumetric analysis (of gases). 

Raumbestimmung, /. determination of volume. 

Raumbild, n. space diagram. 

Raumchemie, /. stereochemistry. 

raumchemisch, a. stereochemical. 

Raumeinheit, /. unit of space or volume. 

raumen, v.t. clear away, remove; clear; evacu- 
ate, leave. 

Raumgebild(e), n. space diagram. 

Raumgehalt, TO. content by volume, spatial con- 

Raumgeometrie, /. solid geometry. 

Raumgitter, n. (Cryst.) space lattice, " raum- 

Rauminhalt, TO. volume, content, capacity. 

Raumisomerie, /. spatial isomerism, stereoisom- 

raumlich, a. relating to or occupying space, 

Raumlichkeit, /. quality of occupying space, 
extension; specific volume; spatiality, space; 
room, part (of a house). 

Raummass, n. measure of capacity. 

Raumteil, TO. part by volume, volume. 

Raumveranderung, /. change in volume. 

Raumverhaltnis, /. volume relation, proportion 
by volume. 




raunen, v.t. & i. whisper. 

Raupe, /. caterpillar; worm; whim, fancy. 

Rausch, m. drunkenness, intoxication; rushing, 

rush, roar; (Mining) pounded ore. 
rauschen, v.i. rush, gurgle, murmur, rustle, 

whistle, roar. 
Rauschgelb, n. orpiment. 
Rauschgold, n. Dutch gold, tinsel. 
Rauschrot, n. realgar. 
Rauschsilber, n. imitation silver foil. 
rauspern, v.r. clear one's throat. 
Raute, /. rue; rhombus, diamond. 
Rautenflach, n., Rautenflachner, m. rhombo- 


Rautenflache, /. rhombus, 
rautenformig, a. rhombic, diamond-shaped. 
Rautenol, n. oil of rue. 
Rautenspat, TO. rhomb spar (dolomite). 
razem-. See racem-. 
Reagens, n. reagent. 
Reagensglas. n. test tube. 
Reagenspapier, n. test paper. 
Reagensrohre, /. test tube. 
Reagenzien, Reagentien, reagents. 
Reagenzienflasche, /. reagent bottle. 
reagieren, v.i. react. reagierend, p.a. reactive. 
Reagierglas, n. test tube. 
Reagierglasbiirste, /. test-tube brush. 
Reagierglasgestell, n. test-tube stand. 
Reagierglashalter, TO. test-tube holder. 
Reagierkelch, TO. test glass, test cup. 
Reagierzylinder, m. test tube. 
Reaktionsbahn, /. path of a reaction. 
reaktionsfahig, a. capable of reacting, reactive. 
Reaktionsfahigkeit, /. capability of reacting, 


Reaktionsgemisch, n. reaction mixture. 
Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit, /. reaction velocity. 
Reaktionsgleichung, /. equation (of a reaction). 
reaktionslos, a. reactionless. 
Reaktionslosigkeit, /. reactionlessness, absence 

of reaction, nonreaction. 

Reaktionsmasse, /. reaction mass, mass result- 
ing from a reaction. 
Reaktionsmittel, n. reagent. 
Reaktionsstufe, /. step or stage of a reaction. 
Reaktionsverlauf, TO. course of a reaction. 
realisieren, v.t. realize. 
Realschule, /. industrial school, scientific school 

(for teaching science, modern languages, etc.). 
Rebe, /. vine. 
Rebenruss, m., Rebenschwarz, m. vine black, 

Frankfort black. 

Rebensaft, m. juice of the grape, wine. 
Rebhuhn, n. partridge. 
Reblaus, /. vine louse, phylloxera. 
Recept, etc. = Rezept, etc. 
Rechen, TO. rake; rack. 
Rechenknecht, TO. ready reckoner. 
Rechenkunst, /. arithmetic. 

Rechenpfennig, m. counter, marker. 

Rechenschaft, /. account. Rechenschaft ge- 
ben, give account, answer. 

Rechenstift, TO. slate pencil. 

Rechentafel, /. reckoning table; multiplication 
'table; slate; blackboard; counting board. 

rechnen, v.t. & i. calculate, reckon, count, com- 
pute, estimate. 

rechnerisch, adv. mathematically. 

Rechnung, /. calculation, etc. (see rechnen); 
arithmetic; calculus; account; bill. 

Rechnungsfiihrer, TO. bookkeeper, accountant. 

rechnungsmassig, a. in accordance with calcu- 

Rechnungstafel, /. reckoning table. 

recht, a. right; true, genuine, legitimate, own; 
fitting, agreeable. adv. right, rightly, very. 

Recht, n. right; justice; law. 

Recht-. right, ortho-, rect-, legal. 

Rechte, /. right (side, hand, party). 

Rechteck, n. rectangle. 

rechteckig, a. rectangular. 

rechten, c.i. litigate; dispute; remonstrate, 

Rechtfertigung, /. justification. 

rechtglaubig, a. orthodox. 

rechthaberisch, a. dogmatical. 

rechtlich, a. just, honest, legal, judicial. 

rechtlos, a. illegal; lawless. 

rechtmassig, a. legal, rightful. 

rechts, adv. to the right, on the right, dextro- 

Rechts-. dextro-; of the law, legal. 

Rechtsanwalt, TO. attorney, solicitor. 

Rechtsbeistand, TO. (legal) counsel. 

rechtsbestandig, a. valid, legal. 

rechtschaffen, a. just, honest, upright. 

Rechtschreibung, /. orthography, spelling. 

rechtsdrehend, p.a. dextrorotatory. 

Rechtsdrehung, /. dextrorotation, right-handed 

Rechtsgelehrte, TO. lawyer; jurist. 

Rechtshandel, TO. law case, lawsuit. 

rechtskraftig, a. valid, legal. 

Rechtsmilchsaure, /. dextrolactic acid. 

Rechtsmittel, n. legal remedy. 

Rechtspolarisation, /. = Rechtsdrehung. 

Rechtssaure, /. dextro acid. 

Rechtsschraube, /. right-handed screw. 

Rechtsweinsaure, /. dextrotartaric acid. 

rechtwinklig, a. right-angled, rectangular. 

Recipient, TO. = Rezipient. 

reciprok, a. reciprocal. 

Reck, n., Recke, /. rack, stretcher, horizontal 
pole or bar. 

recken, v.t. stretch, extend, rack; (Metal.) 
shingle, tilt. 

Reckwalzen, Reckwerk, n. (Metal.) fin- 
ishing rolls. 

Redakteur, TO. editor. 

Redaktion, /. editing, editorship, editorial staff, 
editorial office. 




Rede, /. speech, language, talk, discourse; 
rumor; account. 

reden, v.t. & i, speak, talk, discourse. 

Redensart, /. phrase, expression, term. 

redigieren, v.t. edit. 

rcdlich, a. upright, honest, fair. 

Redner, m. orator, speaker. 

Rednerbiihne, /. (public) platform. 

redselig, a. talkative. 

reducierbar, a. reducible. 

reducieren, v.t. reduce. 

reduktionsfahig, a. capable of reduction. 

Reduktionsflamme, /. reducing flame. 

Reduktionskraft, /. reducing power. 

Reduktionsmittel, n. reducing agent. 

Reduktionsofen, m. reduction furnace. 

Reduktionsrohre, /. reduction tube. 

reduzierbar, a. reducible. 

reduzieren, v.t. reduce. 

Reduziersalz, n. reducing salt. 

reell, a. real, sound, honest. 

Referat, n. abstract; review; report. 

Referent, m. reporter. 

referieren, v.t. & i. report. 

reflektieren, v.t. reflect. v.i. reflect, consider. 

Reflexionsebene, /. plane of reflection. 

Reflexionsgoniometer, n. reflecting goniometer. 

Reflexionswinkel, m. angle of reflection. 

refraktar, a. refractory. 

Refraktionswinkel, m. angle of refraction. 

refrigerieren, v.t. refrigerate. v.i. freeze. 

rege, a. moving, movable, quick, active, 

Regel, /. rule; principle, standard; (Med.) 

regelbar, a. regulable. 

regellos, a. anomalous, irregular. 

regelmassig, a. regular; ordinary. adv. regu- 

regeln, v.t. regulate, order, arrange. 

regen, v.t. move, rouse. v.r. stir, be active. 

Regen, m. rain. 

Regenbogen, m. rainbow. 

regenbogenfarbig, a. rainbow-colored, irides- 

Regenbogenhaut, /. iris. 

regenerieren, v.t. regenerate. 

Regenfang, m. cistern. 

Regenguss, m. downpour of rain. 

regenlos, a. rainless. 

Regenmass, n., Regenmesser, m. rain gage. 

Regenmenge, /. amount of rain. 

Regenschirm, m. umbrella. 

Regenwasser, n. rain water. 

Regen wurm, m. earthworm. 

Regenzeit, /. rainy season. 

regieren, v.i. rule, reign. v.t. rule, govern, regu- 
late, manage. 

Regierung,/. government, administration; rule; 

Regieverschluss, m. bond. unter Regiever- 
schluss, in bond, bonded. 

Register, n. index; (table of) contents; register; 

registrieren, v.t. register, record. 

Regler, m. regulator. 

Reglisse, /. licorice (juice or drops); marsh- 
mallow paste. 

regnen, v.i. rain. 

regnerisch, a. rainy. 

regsam, a. active, quick, agile. 

regulieren, v.t. regulate. 

Regulierhahn, m. regulating cock. 

regulinisch, a. reguline. 

Regung, /. motion, moving; emotion. 

Reh, n. roe. 

Rehbraun, n. = Sammetbraun; fawn color. 

rehfarbig, a. fawn-colored. 

Rehleder, n. doeskin. 

Rehposten, buckshot. 

reibecht, a. fast to rubbing. 

reiben, v.t. rub; grind, triturate (colors, etc.); 
rasp, grate; scour; chafe. 

Reibepulver, n. abrasive powder. 

Reiber, m. rubber, brayer, pestle; grater. 

Reibkeule, /. pestle. 

Reibschale, /. mortar. 

Reibstein, m. grinding stone. 

Reibung, /. friction; rubbing, etc. (see reiben); 
rub, difficulty. 

Reibungselektrizitat, /. frictional electricity. 

Reibungsprobe, /. friction test. 

Reibungswarme, /. frictional heat. 

Reibungswiderstand, m. frictional resistance. 

Reibungsziffer, /. coefficient of friction. 

Reibziindholzchen, n. friction match. 

reich, a. rich; abundant. 

Reich, n. empire; kingdom. 

-reich. rich (in), abounding (in). 

reichen, v.t. reach, pass, give. v.i. reach, ex- 
tend, suffice, last. 

reichhaltig, a. plentiful, abundant. 

reichlich, a. abundant, copious, rich, full. 

Reichs-. imperial, of the empire. 

Reichsadler, m. imperial eagle. 

Reichsanstalt, /. Imperial Institute. 

Reichsanzeiger, m. imperial gazette. 

Reichsarmee, /. imperial army. 

Reichschaum, m. (Metal.) the zinc crust, rich 
in silver, etc., formed in the Parkes process. 

Reichschmelzen, n. smelting of precious metals. 

Reichsgesundheitsamt, n. Imperial Board of 

Reichskanzler, m. Imperial Chancellor. 

Reichsland, n. imperial territory, specif., (pi.) 

Reichsmark, /. imperial mark (23.8 cents). 

Reichsstadt, /. free imperial city. 

Reichsverfassung, /. constitution of the empire. 

Reichtum, m. wealth, richness, abundance. 




Reichweite, /. range. 

reif, o. ripe. 

Keif, m. hoarfrost. 

Reif, Reif en, m. ring, hoop; tire; collar. 

Reife,/. ripeness; maturity; (of beer, etc.) age; 

reifen, v.t. & i. ripen, mature. 

Reigen, m. dance. 

Reihe, /. series; row, succession; range; suite, 
train; rank, file; turn. 

reihen, v.t. arrange in a series or row; string 
(beads); baste. 

Reihenfolge, /. sequence, order, succession. 

Reihenschaltung, /. (Elec.) connection in series. 

Reiher, ra. heron. 

Reim, m. rhyme. 

rein, a. pure; clean, clear, tidy; sheer. 'adv. 
purely, clean, absolutely. 

Reindarstellung, /. preparation in a pure condi- 
tion, purification. 

Reinertrag, m. clear profit, net profit. 

Reingewicht, n. weight. 

Reinheit, /. purity, pureness, etc. (see rein) . 

reinigen, v.t. purify; refine (metals, etc.); rec- 
tify (spirits); clean, cleanse, scour (silk), 

Reinigung, /. purification, etc. (see reinigen); 

Reinigungsapparat, m. purifying apparatus, 

Reinigungsbehalter, m. filtering basin or tank. 

Reinigungsmasse, /. purifying mass. 

Reinigungsmittel, n. purifying agent, purifier; 
cleansing agent, detergent; purgative. 

Reinkultivierung, Reinkultur, Reinzucht, /. 
(Boot.) pure culture, pure cultivation. 

Reis, m. rice. 

Reis, n. twig, sprig; shoot, scion. 

Reisbranntwein, m. rice spirit. 

Reise, /. journey, trip, travel, voyage. 

reisen, v.L travel, go, set out, leave. 

Reisig, Reisicht, n. brushwood, twigs, prunings. 

Reisige, m. horseman, trooper. 

Reiskorper, m. (Med.) rice body. 

Reismehl, n. rice flour. 

Reispapier, n. rice paper. 

Reissaus, n. flight. 

Reissblei, n. graphite. 

Reissbleitiegel, m. graphite crucible. 

Reisschleim, m. rice water. 

reissen, v.t. tear, pull, drag, split; trace, draw; 
bruise, crush (malt); rough-grind (glass). 
v.i. burst, split, crack, break; tear along. 
v.r. oneself, tear one's clothes; scramble (for). 
reissend, p.a. tearing, etc. (see reissen); 
rapacious; rapid. 

Reissfestigkeit, /. resistance to tearing or break- 
ing, tenacity, tensile strength. 

Reisskohle, /. charcoal crayon. 

Reisskorn, n. (Leather) artificial grain. 

Reisstarke, /. rice starch. 

Reit-. riding. 

reiten, v.t. & i. ride (horseback). 

Reiter, m. rider; horseman. 

Reiz, m. irritation; irritant; stimulus; charm, 
attraction, grace. 

reizbar, a. irritable, sensitive. 

reizen, v.t. irritate, stimulate, excite; charm, 
attract, allure. 

Reizgift, n. irritant poison. 

reizlos, a. nonirritant, nonstimulating ; unat- 
tractive, insipid. 

Reizlosigkeit, /. nonirritance, etc. (see reizlos). 

Reizmittel, n. irritant, stimulant, incitement, 

Reizung, /. irritation, etc. (see reizen). 

Reizwirkung, /. irritating effect; stimulating 

rekapitulieren, v.t. recapitulate. 

Reklame, /. advertisement; puffery. 

reklamieren, v.t. claim, reclaim. 

Rektifikationsapparat, m. rectifying apparatus, 

Rektifikationskolonne, /. rectifying column. 

rektifizieren, v.t. rectify. 

Rektifizierung, /. rectification. 

relaxieren, v.t. & i. relax. 

remittieren, v.t. & i. remit. 

Rendement, TO. yield, rendement. 

Rendita, /. extent of weighting (fabrics). 

Rennarbeit, /. (Iron) direct process. 

Rennbahn, /. race course. 

Renneisen, n. malleable iron extracted by the 
direct process. 

rennen, v.i. run; race. v.t. run; (Metal.) ex- 
tract (malleable iron) directly from the ore. 

Rennherd, m., Rennfeuer, n. bloomery hearth 
(where malleable iron is extracted by the 
direct process). 

Rennschlacke, /. (Iron) direct-process slag. 

Rennstahl, TO. steel made directly from the ore, 
natural steel. 

Renntier, n. reindeer. 

Renommee, n. renown. 

renommieren, v.i. boast, brag. renommiert, 
p.a. renowned, well known. 

renommistisch, a. bragging, boastful. 

rentabel, a. profitable. 

Rentabilitat, /. profitableness. 

Rente, /. rent, revenue, income. 

Rentier, m. man of independent means. 

rentieren, v.i. & r. be profitable, pay. 

Reparatur, /. repair. 

reparieren, v.t. repair. 

repassieren, v.t. boil off (silk) a second time. 

repetieren, v.t. & i. repeat. 

Reprasentant, m. representative. 

reproduzierbar, a. reproducible. 

reproduzieren, v.t. reproduce. 

Reps, TO. rape. 




requirieren, v.t. request; requisition. 

Reseda, /. mignonette. gelbe Reseda, dyer's 

Reservage, Reserve, /. (Calico) resist, reserve. 

Reservageartikel, TO. (Calico) resist style. 

Reservagedruck, m. resist printing, resist style. 

Reservemittel, n. reserve, resist. 

Reservemuster, n. reference pattern. 

reservieren, v.t. reserve; (Calico) subject to 
the action of a reserve or resist. 

Reservierungsmittel, n. (Calico) resist, reserve. 

resorbieren, v.t. resorb, reabsorb. 

Resorcin, Resorzin, n. resorcinol, resorcin. 

Respirationsnahrungsmittel, n. respiratory food. 

Rest, m. residue; remainder, rest, remains, 

Rest-, residual. 

restieren, v.i. remain, be left. 

Reststrahl, TO. residual ray. 

Reststrom, TO. residual current. 

Restvalenz, /. residual valence. 

Resultat, n. result. 

resultieren, v.i. result. resultierend, p.a. re- 
sulting, resultant. 

Retorte, /. retort. 

Retortenbauch, TO. belly or bulb of a retort. 

Retortengestell, n. retort stand. 

Retortenhals, TO. neck of a retort. 

Retortenhalter, TO. retort holder, retort stand.- 

Retortenhaus, n. retort house. 

Retortenkohle, /. retort carbon. 

Retortenmiindung, /. mouth of a retort. 

Retortenofen, TO. retort furnace. 

Retortenverkokung, /. retort coking. 

Retortenvorstoss, TO. adapter; (Zinc) con- 
denser (of clay or iron). 

retouchieren, v.t. retouch. 

retten, v.t. save, rescue. 

Rettich, Rettig, TO. black radish. 

Rettungsmittel, n. remedy, resource. 

Reuc, /. repentance. 

reuen, v.t. repent of, regret. 

Reugeld, n. forfeit. 

reuig, reumiitig, a. repentant. 

Reusse, TO. Russian. 

reverberieren, v.t. reverberate. 

Reverberierofen, m. reverberatory furnace, re- 

Reverenz, /. reverence, bow. 

reversibel, a. reversible. 

Rezension, /. review, criticism. 

Rezept, n. recipe, prescription. 

Rezeptur, /. dispensing (of medicines) ; receiv- 

Rezipient, TO. receiver; (of persons) recipient. 

reziprok, a. reciprocal. 

Rhabarber, TO. rhubarb. 

Rhabarbergelb, n., Rhabarbersaure, /. chryso- 
phanic acid. 

rheinisch, rheinlandisch, a. Rhenish. 

Rheinwein, TO. Rhine wine, Rhenish wine. 

Rhodan, n. thiocyanogen, sulfocyanogen. 

Rhodan-. thiocyanogen (or sulfocyanogen), 
thiocyanate of, thiocyano-. 

Rhodanaluminium, n. aluminium thiocyanate. 

Rhodanammonium, n. ammonium thiocyanate. 

Rhodanat, n. thiocyanate, sulf ocyanate. ^ 

Rhodanbaryum, n. barium thiocyanate. 

Rhodaneisen, n. iron thiocyanate, esp. ferric 

Rhodaneisenrot, n. ferric thiocyanate. 

Rhodanid, n. thiocyanate, sulfocyanate (esp. 
an -ic salt; cf. Rhodanur). 

Rhodanion, n. thiocyanogen ion, CNS'. 

Rhodankalium, n. potassium thiocyanate. 

Rhodankalzium, n. calcium thiocyanate. 

Rhodankupfer, n. cupric thiocyanate. 

Rhodanlosung, /. thiocyanate solution. 

Rhodan me tall, n. (metallic) thiocyanate. 

Rhodanmethyl, n. methyl thiocyanate. 

Rhodannickel, TO. nickel thiocyanate. 

Rhodantonerde, /. aluminium thiocyanate. 

Rhodanur, n. (-ous) thiocyanate, (-ous) sulfo- 

Rhodanverbindung, /. thiocyanogen compound. 

Rhodanwasserstoff, TO. hydrogen thiocyanate, 
thiocyanic acid. 

Rhodanwasserstoffsaure, /. thiocyanic acid, 
sulfocyanic acid. 

Rhodanzinn, Khodanzinnoxyd, n. stannic thio- 

Rhodanzinnoxydul, n. st ami ous thiocyanate. 

Rhodinasaure, /. rhodinic acid. 

Rhodiumchlorwasserstoffsaure, /. acid contain- 
ing rhodium, chlorine and hydrogen (H^RhCb 
and HsRhCle). 

Rhombendodekaeder, n. rhombic dodecahedron. 

rhombenfo'rmig, a. rhomb-shaped, rhombic. 

rhombisch, a. rhombic. 

Rhomboeder, n. rhombohedron. 

rhomboedrisch, a. rhombohedral. 

rhomboidisch, a. rhomboid, rhomboidal. 

Richtblei, n. plumb line, plummet. 

richten, v.t. direct, turn; arrange, adjust, set, 
straighten; dress; raise, erect; judge. v.r. 
turn, rise, conform. 

Richter, TO. judge; justice. 

richtig, a. right, correct, just, fair, true. 

Richtmass, n. standard, gage. 

Richtplatte, /. adjusting plate, adjusting table. 

Richtscheit, n. rule straight-edge. 

Richtschnur, /. chalk line; plumb line. 

Richtung, /. direction, bearing. 

Richtungsanderung, /. change of direction. 

Ricinolsaure, /. ricinoleic acid. 

Ricinus, TO. castor-oil plant. 

Ricinusol, n. castor oil. 

Ricinusolsaure, /. ricinoleic acid. 

Ricinussamen, TO. castor bean. 

rieb, pret. of reiben, 




Riech-. smelling, scented, odoriferous; olfac- 

Riechbein, n. ethmoid. 

riechen, v.i. & t. smell. riechen nach, smell of. 
riechend, p.a. smelling, redolent, strong. 

Riechessig, m. aromatic vinegar. 

Riechmittel, n. scent. 

Riechnerv, m. olfactory nerve. 

Riechsalz, n. smelling salts. 

Riechstoff, m. odoriferous substance, perfume. 

Riechwasser, n. scented water. 

Ried, n. reed; moor. 

rief, pret. of rufen. 

Riefe, /. groove, channel. 

Riegel, m. rail, bar, bolt. 

Riemen, m. strap, thong, band, belt; oar. 

Ries, n. ream. 

Riese, m. giant. 

Rieselfeld, n. field irrigated with sewage. 

Rieseljauche, /. sewage (as a fertilizer). 

rieseln, v.i. ripple, gush, trickle. 

Riesen-. gigantic, colossal. 

Riesenschlange, /. python, boa constrictor, 

riet, pret. of raten. 

Riff, n. reef, ridge. 

riffeln, v.t. ripple (flax); channel, groove. 

RUle, /. furrow, groove. 

Rind, n. neat, animal of the ox kind; (pi.) 

Rinde, /. rind; bark, cortex; crust. 

Rindcn-. cortical, bark. 

Rindengewebe, n. cortical tissue. 

Rindenschicht, /. cortical layer. 

Rinder-. beef, cattle, bovine. 

Rinderbraten, m. roast beef. 

Rinderfett, n. beef suet, beef fat. 

Rindertalg, m. beef tallow. 

Rindfleisch, n. beef. 

Rindfleischbriihe, /. beef broth, beef tea. 

Rindsgalle, /. ox gall. 

Rindsklauenfett, n. neat's-foot oil. 

Rindsleder, n. neat's leather. 

Rindstalg, m. beef tallow, beef fat. 

Rindvieh, n. cattle. 

Ring, m. ring; link; coil; collar, band, hoop. 

Ring-. (Org. Chem.) cyclic, ring. 

Ringalkohol, m. cyclic alcohol. 

Ringamin, n. cycl c amine 

Ringbildung, /. ring formation. 

Ringelblume, /. marigold (Calendula). 

ringelig, a. ringlike, annular. 

ringeln, v.t. ring; curl; girdle (trees). v.r. curl. 

ringen, v.i. struggle, wrestle. v.t. wring; ring; 

ringformig, a. cyclic; ring-shaped, annular. 

Ringketon, TO. cyclic ketone. 

Ringofen, m. (Ceram.) annular kiln, Hofmann 

rings, adv. around. 

Ringschicht, /. annular layer. 

Ringspannung, /. ring tension. 

ringsum, adi\ around, all around. 

ringungesattigt, p.a. cyclically unsaturated, 
containing an unsaturated ring. 

Ringverbindung, /. cyclic compound, ring com- 

Rinne, /. channel, groove, furrow, gutter. 

rinnen, P.I. run, flow; leak. 

Rinnstein, m. sink; gutter; gutter stone. 


rippen, v.t. rib. gerippt, p.a. ribbed, fluted, 
corded, laid (paper). 

Rippen-. ribbed; costal. 

Rippenfell, TO., Rippenhaut, /. (costal) pleura. 

Rippentrichter, m. ribbed funnel. 

Risigallum, n. realgar. 

Rispe, / panicle. 

riss, pret. of reissen. 

Riss, m. fissure, crack, flaw; rent, tear, gap; 
draft, sketch, design. 

rissig, a. fissured, cracked, flawy, torn. 

ritt, pret. of reiten. 

Hitter, >m. knight. 

ritterlich, a. chivalrous, knightly, valiant. 

Rittersporn, m. larkspur. 

Rittmeister, m. cavalry captain. 

Ritz, m. Ritze, /. rift, slit, fissure, crack, chink, 

ritzen, v.t. slit, crack, scratch. 

Rizin-. See- Ricin-. 

Rk., abbrev. (Reaktion) reaction. 

Rkk., abbrev. (Reaktionen) reactions. 

Robbe, /. seal. 

Robbentran, m. seal oil. 

roch, pret. of riechen. 

Roche, m. ray (fish). 

Rochellesalz, n. Rochelle salt, potassium 
sodium tartrate. 

rocheln, v.i. rattle. 

Rochen, m. = Roche. 

Rock, m.coat; gown, robe; skirt, petticoat; frock. 

Rockschoss, m. coat tail. 

roden, v.t. root out, grub, clear. 

Rogen, m. roe, spawn. 

Rogenstein, m. oolite. 

rogensteinartig, a. oolitic. 

Roggen, m. rye. 

Roggenbrot, TO. rye bread. 

Roggenmehl, TO. rye flour. 

Roggenmutter, /. ergot. 

roh, a. raw, crude; rough, coarse; gross. 

Roharbeit, /. (Metal.) ore smelting. 

Rohbenzol, TO. crude benzene, benzol (or ben- 
zole) . 

Roheisen, n. crude iron, pig iron. 

Rohertrag, m. gross returns. 

Roherz, TO. raw ore. 

Rohfaserbestimmung, /. determination of 
crude fiber. 




Rohfrischen, n. (Metal.) first refining. 

Rohfrischperiode, /. (Iron) boiling stage, 

Rohfrucht, /. (Brewing) unmalted grain. 

Rohmaterial, n. raw material. 

Rohmetall, n. crude metal. 

Rohnaphta, /. crude naphtha; crude petroleum. 

Rohofcn, TO. ore furnace. 

Rohol, n. crude oil. 

Rohr, n. tube; pipe; reed, cane; flue; barrel 
(of a gun). 

Rohrchen, n. little tube or pipe; tubule; cane; 
reed (in an organ). 

Rohre, /. tube; pipe; nozzle, spout; conduit; 
shaft, tunnel. 

rohrenartig, a. tubular; fistular. 

rohrenformig, a. = rShrenartig. 

Rohrenkassie, /. purging cassia. 

Rohrenklemme, /. tube clamp. 

Rohrenlot, n. pipe solder. 

Rohrenmanna, /. flake manna. 

Rohrennudeln, -macaroni. 

Rohrenofen, TO. tube furnace (for heating tubes 
liable to explosion). 

Rohrentrager, TO. tube (or pipe) support. 

Rohrenwerk, n. tubing; piping. 

rohrformig, a. tubular. 

rohrig, a. tubular; fistular. 

Rohrmiihle, /. tube mill. 

Rohrschlange, /. coil (of pipe), worm, spiral 

Rohrstock, m. cane. 

Rohrweite, /. bore of a tube or pipe. 

Rohrwerk, n. tubing. 

Rohrzange, /. pipe wrench. 

Rohrzucker, TO. cane sugar. 

Rohrzuckersaft, TO. cane juice. 

Rohrzuckerverbindung,/. cane-sugar compound, 

Rohschlacke, /. raw slag, ore slag. 

Rohschmelzen, n. ore smelting. 

Rohschwefe), TO. crude sulfur. 

Rohseide, /. raw silk. 

Rohsoda, /. crude soda, (in the Leblanc proc- 
ess) black ash. 

Rohspiritus, TO. raw spirit, crude spirit. 

Rohstahl, m. raw steel; natural steel. 

Rohstein, TO. (Copper) coarse metal. 

Rohstoff, TO. raw material, crude substance. 

Rohwolle, /. raw wool. 

Rohzucker, TO. raw sugar, unrefined sugar. 

Rolle, /. roll; roller; caster; pulley; calender; 

rollen, v.t. roll; calender. 

Rollenzug, TO. block and tackle. 

Rollflasche, /. a bottle of narrow-necked cylin- 
drical form. 

Rollstein, TO. bowlder. 

Rollwagen, TO. truck. 

Roman, TO. novel, romance. 

romisch, a. Roman. romische Bertram- 
wurzel =Bertramwurzel. romische Kamille, 
Roman camomile (Anthemis nobilis). 
romischer Kiimmul, cumin. romische 
Minze, spearmint. 

ronne, pret. subj. of rinnen. 

Rontgenstrahlen, Rontgen rays. 

rosch, a. brittle; coarse; hard baked or roasted. 

roschen, v.t. age or cure; dig (a trench or tun- 

Roscherz, Roschgewachs, n. brittle silver ore, 

Rose, /. rose; rosette; erysipelas. 

Rosenessenz, /. attar of roses. 

rosenfarbig, a. rose-colored, rosy. 

Rosenhonig, TO. (Pharm.) honey of rose. 

Rosenkohl, TO. Brussels sprouts. 

Rosenkonserve, /. (Pharm.) confection of 

Rosenkranz, TO. rosary; rose garland. 

Rosenkupfer, n. rose copper. 

Rosenlack, TO. rose lake. 

Rosenlorbeer, TO. oleander; mountain rose 

Rosenol, . rose oil, attar of roses. 

Rosenquarz, m. rose quartz. 

rosenrot, a. rose-red. 

Rosenspat, TO. rhodochrosite. 

Rosenstock, TO. rosebush. 

Roseokobaltsalz, n. roseocobaltic salt. 

rosettenartig, a. like a rosette. 

rosettieren, v.i. make rosette copper. 

rosieren, v.t. dye pink, or rose. 

Rosiersalz, n. (Dyeing) rose salt, tin composi- 
tion (solution of tin in aqua regia). 

Rosine, /. raisin. 

Rosmarin, TO. rosemary. 

Rosmarinol, TO. rosemary oil. 

Rosolsaure, /. rosolic acid. 

Ross, n. horse, steed. 

Rosshuf, TO. coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara). 

Rosskastanie, /. horse-chestnut. 

Rossschwefel, TO. horse brimstone (impure 
grayish sulfur). 

Rost, w. rust; roasting charge; grate, gridiron. 

Rostabgang, TO. loss of weight on roasting. 

Rb'starbeit, /. roasting process, roasting. 

Rostbrand, TO. rust, mildew, smut. 

Roste, /. roasting place; roasting charge; 
(Flax) rettery or retting. 

rosten, v.i. rust. 

rosten, v.t. roast, torrefy; ret, steep (flax or 
hemp); broil, grill; toast. 

Rostfarbe, /. rust color. 

Rostflache, /. grate surface. 

Rostfleck, TO. rust spot, iron spot. 

Rb'stgas, n. gas from roasting. 

Rostgelb y w. a buff pigment (hydrous iron ox- 

Rostgummi, n. dextrin. 




Rostgut, n. material to be roasted; roasted 

rostig, a. rusty. 

Rostkufe, /. retting vat. 

Rostmalz, n. roasted malt, black malt. 

Rostofen. m. roasting furnace, roasting kiln, 
calciner, roaster. 

Rostposten, m. roasting charge 

Rostprobe, /. calcination assay or test. 

Rostprodukt, n. product of roasting, torrefac- 
tion product. 

Rostprozess, m. roasting process, calcination 

Rostruckstand, TO. residue from roasting. 

Rostscherben, m. roasting dish, scorifier. 

Rostschlacke, /. slag from roasting. 

Rostschmelzen, n. (Meta .) roasting and smelt- 

Rostschutz, TO. protection against rust, rust 

Rostschutzmittel, n. anti-rust agent. 

Roststaub, TO dust of roasted ore. 

Rostung, /. roasting, etc. (see rosten). 

Rostverfahren, n. roasting process. 

Rostvorrichtung, /. roasting apparatus or con- 

rot, a. red. roter Prazipitat, red precipitate 
(red mercuric oxide). 

Rot, n. red; rouge. 

Rotationsachse, /. axis of rotation. 

Rotationsbewegung, /. rotational motion, ro- 
tary motion. 

Rotbeize, /. (Dyeing) red mordant, red liquor. 

Rotbleierz, n., Rotbleispat, m. red lead ore 

rotbraun, a. red-brown. 

Rotbraunsteinerz, n. rhodonite. 

Rotbruch, TO. red-shortness. 

rotbriichig, a. red-short. 

Rotbuche, /. red beech. 

Rote, /. redness, red; madder; blush. 

Roteisenerz, n. red iron ore (hematite). 

Roteisenocker, TO. red iron ocher (earthy hema- 

Roteisenstein, TO. = Roteisenerz. 

Rotel, TO. ruddle, red ocher. 

Roteln, German measles. 

rtiten, v.t. redden. rotend, p.a. rubefacient. 

Rotfeuer, n. red fire. 

rotgar, a. tanned (to a russet color). 

rotgelb, a. reddish yellow, orange. 

Rotgerber, m. tanner. 

Rotgiesser, m. brazier. 

Rotgiesserei, /. braziery. 

rotgliihend, p.a. glowing red, red-hot. 

Rotgliihhitze, Rotglut, /. red heat. 

Rotgiiltig, Rotgultigerz, n. red silver ore (dun- 
kles, pyrargyrite; lichtes, proustite). 

Rotguss, m. red brass; braziery. 

roth, Rothe, etc. See rot, Rote, etc. 

Rotholz, n. redwood. 

rotieren, vi. rotate. rotierend, p.a. rotating, 


Rotkohl, TO. red cabbage. 
Rotkohle, /. red charcoal. 
Rotkupfer, Rotkupfererz, n. red copper, red 

copper ore (cuprite). 
Rotlauf, w. erysipelas. 
rotlich, a. reddish. 
Rotliegendes, n. (Geol ) a system of sandstones, 

shales and conglomerates of the lower Per- 
mian of Germany. 
rotmachend, p.a rubefacient. 
Kot nickel kies, TO niccolite, kupfernickel. 
Rotol, n. red oil. 

Rotsilber, Rotsilbererz, . = Rotgiiltig. 
Rotspat, TO. rhodonite. 
Rotspiessglanz, TO., Rotspiessglanzerz, n. ker- 


Rotstein, TO. red ocher, ruddle. 
Rottanne, /. red fir. 

Rotte, /. retting (of flax) ; troop, band, set, gang. 
rotten, v.t. ret (flax). 
Rotwein, TO. red wine. 
Rotwelsch, n. jargon, gibberish. 
Rotwiid, n. red deer; venison. 
Rotzinkerz, n. red zinc ore (zjicite). 
R-P., abbrev. (Reichs-Patent) imperial patent. 
R-Saure, /. R-acid (2-naphthol-3, 6-disulfonir 

Rube, /. turnip; rape; (ro e) beet; (gelbe) 


Riibenasche, /. beet ashes (usually; see Rube). 
Rubenbrei TO. beet (root) pulp. 
Rubenbreiapparat, TO. (Sugar) root pulper. 
Riibenessig, TO. beet vinegar, beetroot vinegar. 
rubenformig, a. turnip-shaped, napifonn 
Rubenmelasse, /. beet molasses, beetroot mo- 

Rubenpottasche, / potash from beet molasses. 
Riibenrohzucker, m. raw beet-sugar. 
Riibensaft, TO. beet (root) juice. 
Rubensamen, TO. turnip, rape, beet or carrot 


Rubenschnitzel, TO. beet chip, beet slice. 
Riibensirup, TO. beet sirup, beetroot sirup. 
Rubenspiritus, TO. beet spirit (from beet mo- 

Rubenstecher, TO. beet sampler. 
Rubenzucker, TO beet sugar, beetroot sugar. 
Riibenzuckerfabrik, /. beet- sugar lactory. 
Rubidiumalaun, TO rubidium alum. 
Rubidiumchlorid, n. rubidium chloride. 
Rubidiumplatinchlorid, n. rubidium chlordpla- 


Rubin, TO. ruby. 

Rubinbalas, TO. balas ruby (ruby spinel). 
Rubinblende, /. pyrargyrite. 
rubinfarbig, ruby-colored, ruby. 
Rubing'as, n. ruby glass. 




Rubingranat, m. rock ruby (variety of garnet). 

rubinrot, a. ruby-red, ruby. 

Rubinschwefel, m. ruby sulfur (realgar). 

Rubinspinell, m. ruby spinel. 

Rubol, n. rape oil, rapeseed oil. 

Riibolkuchen, m. rapeseed cake. 

Rubrik, /. heading; column. 

Riibsamen, m. = Rubensamen. 

Riibsen, m. rape seed. 

ruchbar, a. notorious; known. 

ruchlos, a. scentless; vicious, wicked. 

Ruck, TO. jerk, jolt, tug. 

ruck, adv. back, backward, behind. 

Ruck-, back, retro-, re-, counter-. 

ruckbilden, v.t. form again, re-form. 

Riickblick, TO. retrospect. 

riicken, v.t. move suddenly, push, pull. v.L 
move, stir, proceed. 

Riicken, TO. back; ridge; rear. 

Riicken-. back, dorsal. 

Riickenlehne, /. back (of a chair). 

Riickenmark, n. spinal cord. 

Riickenweh, n. lumbago. 

Riickenwirbel, TO. dorsal vertebra. 

Riickerinnerung, /. reminiscence. 

Riickfahrt, /. return. 

Riickfall, TO. relapse; reversion. 

Ruckflusskuhler, m. reflux condenser, return 

Riickgang, TO. return, retrogression; decline; 
(Mach.) back stroke. 

riickgangig, a. retrograde, retrogressive; of no 
effect, null. 

Riickgrat, TO. vertebral column, spine. 

Riickgrats-. vertebral, spinal. 

Riickhalt, m. support, stay; reserve. 

riickhaltlos, a. unreserved. 

Riickkehr, Ruckkunft, /. return. 

riicklaufend, riicklaufig, a. recurrent; retro- 

riicklings, adv. backward; from behind. 

Riickschlag, TO. striking back; back stroke, 
rebound, recoil, return; reaction. 

Riickschlaghemmung, /. prevention of, or de- 
vice to prevent, " striking back." 

Riickschlagventil, n. check valve. 

Riickschluss, TO. inference, conclusion. 

Riickschritt, TO. backward motion, recession, 
retrogression; relapse. 

Riicksicht, /. regard, respect, attention, consid- 
eration; motive. 

Riicksprache, /. consultation, conference. 

Riickstand, TO. residue, residuum; (often pi.) 
refuse, leavings, remains; (pi.) arrears. 

rtickstandig, a. residual; in arrears, overdue, 

Riickstoss, TO. back stroke, recoil. 

Riickstrahler, m. reflector. 

Riickstrahlung, /. reflection. 

riickwarts, adv. backward, back. 

ruckweise, adv. by jerks; intermittently. 

Riickwirkung, /. reaction; retroaction. 

Kiickzug, TO. retreat; return. 

Rude, TO. dog, hound, he-fox, he-wolf. 

Rudel, n. flock, herd; stirring pole. 

Ruder, n. oar; rudder, helm. 

rudern, v.t. & i. row, paddle. 

Ruf, TO. call; calling; report; reputation. 

rufen, v.L & i. call. 

Rufigallussaure, /. rufigallic acid. 

riigen, v.t. reprove, blame. 

Ruhbiitte, /. (Brewing) storage vat, stock 

Rune, /. rest; repose, quiet, peace. 

Ruhelage, /. position of rest. 

ruhen, v.i. rest, repose, sleep. ruhend, p.a. 
resting, etc.; latent; stagnant; (Elec.) static. 

Ruhepulver, n. sedative powder. 

Ruhewinkel, TO. angle of repose. 

ruhig, a. at rest, quiet, still, calm. 

Ruhm, TO. fame, reputation, glory, praise. 

riihnten, v.t. commend, praise, extol. v.r. boast, 
pride oneself. 

Ruhr, /. dysentery. 

Riihrapparat, TO. stirring apparatus, stirrer, agi- 
tator, (Ceram.) blunger. 

Riihrei, n. scrambled eggs. 

Riihreisen, n. poker, iron stirrer. 

riihren, v.t. stir; agitate, beat; play (an instru- 
ment); strike; move, touch (one's feelings). 

Riihrer, TO. stirrer, etc. (see riihren). 

Ruhrfass, n. churn; (Metal.) dolly tub. 

Riihrhaken, TO. stirring implement, rake, rabble. 

Riihrholz, n. wooden stirrer, stirring stick, pad- 

riihrig, a. stirring, busy, active, nimble. 

Riihrkriicke, /. stirring crutch, rake. 

Ruhrmittel, n. remedy for dysentery. 

Ruhrrinde, /. Simarouba bark. 

Riihrscheit, n. paddle, rake, stirrer; spatula. 

RUhrspatel, TO. stirring spatula. 

Riihrstab, m. stirring rod, stirring pole, paddle, 

Riihrung,/. stirring, etc. (see riihren); emotion, 

Riihrwerk, n. = Ruhrapparat. 

Ruhrwurzel, /. tormentil root; ipecac; calumba. 

Ruinenmarmor, TO. ruin marble. 

Rujaholz, n. Venetian sumac wood, young 

Rumather, TO. rum ether (ethyl butyrate or 
formate) . 

Rumbrennerei, /. rum distillery. 

Rumessenz, /. rum essence (ethyl butyrate or 

Runtmel, TO. row, uproar; lumber, rubbish; 

rurtioren, v.i. make a noise, bustle. 

Rumpelkammer, /. lumber room. 

rumpeln, v.i. rumble, rattle. 




Rumpf, m. body (of an engine, etc.); trunk, 
torso; hull (of a ship). 

Rumsprit, m. double rum. 

rund, a. round. 

runderhaben, a. convex. 

Rundfeile, /. round file. 

Rundflasche, /. round flask, Florence flask. 

rundhohl, a. concave. 

Rundkolben, m. round-bottomed flask. 

Rundreise, /. round trip; circuit. 

Rundschreiben, n. circular. 

rundweg, adv. plainly. 

Runkel, /., Runkelrube, /. beet, beetroot. 

Runkelriibenzucker, m. beet sugar, beetroot 

Runzel, /. wrinkle; fold, rumple. 

runzelig, runzlig, a. wrinkled, puckered, shriv- 

Riipel, m. boor, lout. 

rupfen, v.t. pluck, pick. 

ruppig, a. shabby. 

Ruprechtskraut, n. herb Robert (Geranium 

Rusaol, n. ginger-grass oil. 

Russ, TO. soot; lampblack; (Agric.) rust. 

russartig, o. sootlike, fuliginous. 

Russbraun, n. bister. 

Russbrennerei, /. manufacture of lampblack. 

Riissel, m. nose, snout, nozzle; proboscis. 

Russfarbe, /. bister. 

russig, a. sooty, fuliginous. 

russisch, a. Russian. russisches Glas, Mus- 
covy glass, mica. 

Russkobalt, m. asbolite. 

Russschwarz, n. lampblack. 

riisten, v.t. prepare, equip, furnish. 

Raster, /. elm. 

Rusterrinde, /. elm bark. 

rustig, a. vigorous, robust. 

Rustung, /. preparation, equipment, armament; 
scaffolding; (Elec.) armature. 

Rustzeug, n. set of tools; crane; scaffolding. 

Rute, /. rod, wand; yard, rod (measures); 
(Med.~) penis. 

Rutheniumoxyd, n. (any) ruthenium oxide, 
esp. the sesquioxide. 

Rutheniumoxydul, n. ruthenium monoxide. 

Rutheniumverbindung, /. ruthenium com- 

rutschen, v.i. slide, slip. 

Rutschpulver, n. talc powder. 

rutteln, v.t. shake, jolt. 

s. f abbrev. (siehe) see; (symmetrisch) sym- sageartig, a. saw-like, serrated. 

S., abbrev. (Seite) page; (Saure) acid; (Sankt) 

Saint, St. 

s.a. (siehe auch) see also. 
Saal, m. hall, assembly room. 
Saat, /. seed; sowing; young crops. 
Sabel, m. saber, sword. 
Sabinerbaum, m. savin, 
saccharoidisch, a. sacenaroid, saccharoidal. 
Sache, /. affair, matter, subject, thing, cause, 


sachgemass, a. appropriate, pertinent. 
Sachkenntnis, /. expert knowledge; experience. 
sachkundig, a. experienced, expert. 
Sachlage, /. state of affairs. 
sachlich, a. real, objective, material. 
Sachregister, n. subject index. 
Sachsen, n. Saxony. 
sachsisch, a. Saxon. sachsisches Blau, Saxony 

blue, Saxon blue. 
sacht, sachte, a. soft, gentle, light, easy; (of 

silk) scoured. 

sachverstandig, a. = sachkundig. 
Sachverstandiger, m., expert, authority. 
Sachwalter, m. lawyer, attorney. 
Sachworterbuch, n. encyclopedia. 
Sack, m. bag, sack; pocket, pouch; sac. 
Sackband, n. bag string, sack tie. 
Sackel, TO. purse; little bag. 
Sackfilter, n. bag filter, sack filter. 
Sackleinwand, /., Sackleinen, n. sackcloth, 

sacking, bagging. 
Sadebaum, m. savin. 
Sadebaumol, n. savin oil. 
saen, v.t. sow. 

Saffian, TO. morocco (leather). 
Safflor, TO. safflower. 
Safran, TO. saffron, 
safranhaltig, a. containing saffron. 
Saft, m. juice; sap; lymph; fluid, liquor, sirup, 


Saftgriin, n. sap green, 
saftig, a. juicy, succulent; sappy. 
Saftzelle, /. lymph cell. 
Sagapengummi, n. sagapenum. 
Sage, /. saying; rumor; tradition, legend. 
Sage, /. saw. 

Sagemehl, n. sawdust. 

sagen, v.t. say, tell, speak. 

sagen, v.t, saw. 

sagenhaft, o. legendary, traditionary. 

Sagespane, sawdust. 

Sagezahn, m. saw tooth; (pi.) indentations. 

Sagradarinde, /. cascara sagrada. 

sah, prct. of sehen. 

Sahlband, n. selvage; wall (of a lode). 

Sahne, /. cream. 

sahnen, v.t. skim (milk). 

Sahnenkase, m. cream cheese. 

Saiger-. See Seiger-. 

saigern, v.t. = seigern. 

Sake,/, catgut; string (of an instrument); cord. 

Saitendraht, m. music wire. 

sakular, a. secular, of long duration. 

Salat, m. salad; lettuce. 

Salatmachen, n. (Brewing) doughing in and 
keeping the mash very cold. 

Salatol, n. salad oil, olive oil. 

Salbaderei, /. twaddle, quackery. 

Salbe, /. salve, ointment. 

Salbei, /. sage. 

Salbeiol, n. sage oil, oil of sage. 

sal ben, v.t. salve; anoint. 

Salbengrundlage, /. ointment base. 

Salbenspatel, m. salve spatula, slice. 

salbig, a. salvy, unctuous. 

Saldo, TO. balance (of an account). 

Salicoylsaure, /. salicylic acid. 

Salicyl-. salicyl; salicylic. 

salicyliert, p.a. salicylated. 

salicylsauer, a. of or combined with salicylic 
acid, salicylate of. 

Salicylsaure, /. salicylic acid. 

Salicylursaure, /. salicyluric acid. 

Saline, /. salt works, saltern. 

salinisch, a. saline. 

salivieren, v.t. salivate. 

Salizyl-, etc. = Salicyl-, etc. 

Salm, m. salmon; psalm. 

Salmiak, m. sal ammoniac (ammonium chic- 

Salmiakgeist, m. aqueous ammonia. 

Salmiaksalz, n. sal volatile (ammonium carbo- 
nate); sal ammoniac. 





Salomonssiegel, n. Solomon's seal. 

Salpeter, m. saltpeter, niter. 

Salpeterather, TO. nitric ether (ethyl nitrate). 

Salpeterbildung, /. nitrification. 

Salpeterdampf, Salpeterdunst, m. nitrous 

Salpetererde, /. nitrous earth. 

salpeteressigsauer, a. nitrate and acetate of. 

Salpeter gas, n. nitrous oxide; nitric oxide. 

Salpetergeist, TO. spirit of niter (old name for 
nitric acid). versiisster Salpetergeist, sweet 
spirit of niter, spirit of nitrous ether (essen- 
tially ethyl nitrite). 

salpeterhaltig, a. containing saltpeter, nitrous. 
salpeterhaltiger Hollenstein, (Pharm.) mit- 
igated silver nitrate. 

Salpeterluft, /. nitrogen (old name). 

Salpetermilchsaure, /. O-nitrolactic acid. 

Salpeterplantage, /. saltpeter plantation. 

salpetersalzsauer, a. nitromuriate of. 

Salpetersalzsaure, /. nitrohydrochloric acid, 
nitromuriatic acid, aqua regia. 

salpetersauer, o. of or combined with nitric 
acid, nitrate of. 

Salpetersaure, /. nitric acid. 

Salpetersaureanhydrid, n. nitric anhydride, ni- 
trogen pentoxide. 

Salpetersaureather, TO. nitric ether (ethyl ni- 

Salpeterschwefelsaure, /. nitrosylsulfuric acid. 

Salpetersiederei, /. saltpeter works. 

Salpeterstoff, m. nitrogen. 

salpetrig, a. nitrous. salpetrige Saure, nitrous 
acid. salpetrige Schwefelsaure, nitrosylsul- 
furic acid. 

salpetrigsauer, a. of or combined with nitrous 
acid, nitrite of. 

Salpetrigsaure, /. nitrous acid. 

Salpetrigsaureanhydrid, n. nitrous anhydride. 

Salpetrigsiiureather, m. nitrous ether (ethyl 

Salve, /. volley; salute. 

Salz, n. salt. schwefelsaures Salz, sulfate; 
palmitinsaures Salz, palmitate; etc. 

Salzader, /. salt vein. 

salzartig, a. salt-like, saline. 

Salzather, TO. muriatic ether (old name for ethyl 

Salzbase, /. salifiable base (old term). 

Salzbergwerk, n. salt mine. 

salzbildend, p. a. salt-forming. 

Salzbilder, Salzbildner, TO. salt former, halogen. 

Salzbildung, /. salt formation, salification. 

salzbildungsfahig, a. salifiable. 

Salzblumen, efflorescence of salt. 

Salzbriihe, /. brine, pickle. 

salzen, v.t. salt. 

Salzfleisch, n. salt meat. 

Salzfluss, TO. saline flux; salt rheum, eczema. 

Salzgarten, m. salt garden. 

Salzgehalt, TO. salt content. 
Salzgeist, TO. (Old Chem.) spirit of salt (hydro- 
chloric acid). leichter Salzgeist, light spirit 
of salt (ethyl chloride). schwerer Salzgeist, 
versusster Salzgeist, heavy spirit of salt, 
sweet spirit of salt. Libavius' rauchender 
Salzgeist, fuming liquor of Libavius (stannic 

Salzgemisch, n. salt mixture, mixture of salts. 

Salzglasur, /. salt glaze. 

Salzgrube, /. salt pit, salt mine. 

salzhaltig, a. containing salt, salt-bearing, salif- 

salzig, a. salty, saline, briny. 

Salzigkeit, /. saltiness, salineness, salinity. 

Salzkorn, n. grain of salt. 

Salzkraut, n. saltwort. 

Salzkuchen, m. salt cake. 

Salzlauge, /. = Salzbriihe. 

Salzlosung, /. salt solution; brine. 

Salzmesser, TO. salimeter. 

Salzniederschlag, TO. deposit of salt, saline 

Salzpaar, n. pair of salts. 

Salzpfanne, /. salt pan, brine pan. 

Salzpfannenstein, TO. (Salt) pan scale. 

Salzquelle, /. salt spring, saline spring. 

salzsauer, a. of or combined with hydrochloric 
acid, chloride of (metals, etc.), hydrochloride 
of (aniline and similar bases). 

Salzsaure, /. hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid. 

Salzsauregas, n. hydrochloric-acid gas. 

Salzsiedepfanne, /. salt pan. 

Salzsiederei, /. salt making; salt works. 

Salzsole, Salzsoole, /. brine, salt water; salt 

Salzwage, /. brine gage, salimeter. 

Salzwasser, n. salt water, brine. 

Salzwirkung, /. effect (or action) of salt. 

-sam. An adjective suffix attached to nouns, 
adjectives and verb roots; -some, -ble, -ive, 
etc.; as heilsaTO, wholesome, biegsam, flexible. 

Same, Samen, TO. seed; semen. 

Sam en-, seed; seminal, spermatic. 

Samendruse, /. testicle. 

Samenfaden, TO. spermatozoon. 

Samenfliissigkeit, /. seminal fluid. 

samenfiihrend, p.a. seminiferous. 

Samenhefe, /. seed yeast. 

Samenkeim, TO. germ, embryo. 

Samenkern, TO. seed kernel; (Bot.) endosperm; 
(Physiol.) spermatic nucleus. 

Samenlappen, TO. seed lobe, cotyledon. 

Samenol, n. seed oil. 

Samensaft, m. seminal fluid. 

Samenstaub, TO. pollen. 

Samentierchen, n. spermatozoon. 

Samenzelle, /. seminal cell, spermatozoon. 

Samenzucker, TO. quercite. 

samisch, a. Samian. 




samisch, siimischgar, a. oil-tanned, chamois. 

Samischgerben, n. chamoising. 

Samischleder, n. chamois leather, chamois. 

Sammel-. collecting. 

Sammelbottich, m. (Brewing) collecting vat, 
starting tub. 

Sammelgefass, n. collecting vessel, receiver, 

Sammelglas, n. preparation tube, specimen 
tube; converging lens. 

Sammellinse, /. converging lens. 

sammeln, v.t. collect, gather, assemble, accumu- 

Sammelraum, m. receiver, receptacle. 

Sammelsirup, m. sirup from spilt sugar. 

Sammet, m. velvet. 

Sammetblende, /. limonite. 

Sammetbraun, n. velvet brown (an iron pig- 

sammeten, a. velvet, velvety. 

Sammeterz, n. azurite of velvety texture. 

Sammetschwarz, n. ivory black. 

Sammler, m. accumulator, storage battery; 
gatherer, collector. 

Sammlung, /. collection, gathering, assembly. 

Sammlungsglas, n. specimen glass, display glass. 

samt, prep, together with. 

Samt, m. velvet. 

samtartig, a. velvet-like, velvety. 

samtlich, a. all together, all. adv. jointly, 

Sandarak, Sandarach, m. realgar; sandarac. 

Sandarakgummi, Sandarakharz, n. sandarac 
resin, sandarac. 

Sandbad, n. sand bath. 

Sandbadschale, /. sand-bath dish. 

Sandbiichsenbaum, m. sand-box tree (Hura 

Sandel, m., Sandelholz, n. sandalwood. 

Sandelholzol, Sandelol, n. sandalwood oil, 
santal oil. 

Sandform, /. (Founding) sand mold. 

Sandgries, m. coarse sand. 

Sandguss, m. sand casting. 

sandig, a. sandy, arenaceous. 

Sandmergel, m. sandy marl. 

Sandpapier, n. sandpaper. 

Sandschiefer, m. schistous sandstone. 

Sandstein, m. sandstone. 

sandte, pret. of senden. 

Sanduhr, /. sandglass. 

Sandzucker, m. raw ground sugar. 

sanft, a. soft, mild, gentle, smooth. 

Sanfte, /. sedan chair. 

sanftmutig, a. tender-hearted, mild, gentle. 

sang, pret. of singen. 

Sang, m. song. 

Sanger, m. singer, songster. 

Sanikel, m. sanicle. 

Sanitat, /. health, hygiene, sanity. 

San! tats-, sanitary, hygienic, health. 

Sanitatskollegium, n. board of health. 

Sanitatspflege, /. sanitation. 

Sanitatswesen, n. sanitary affairs. 

sank, pret. of sinken. 

sann, pret. of sinnen. 

Santel, SanteU. = Sandel, Sandel-. 

Santoninsaure, /. santoninic acid. 

Santonsaure, /. santonic acid. 

Saphir, m. sapphire. 

Saphirspat, m. cyanite. 

Sardelle, /. anchovy; sardine. 

Sarg, m. coffin. 

sass, pret. of sitzen. 

Satinage, /. glazing, finish. 

satinieren, v.t. satin, glaze. 

satt, a. satisfied; satiated; (of colors) saturated, 
deep, full. 

Satte, /. bowl, dish. 

Sattel, ra. saddle; bridge. 

Sattelfass, n. (Brewing) rider cask. 

sattelformig, a. saddle-shaped. 

sattigen, v.t. saturate; satisfy; satiate, sate. 

Sattigung,/. saturation; satisfaction; satiety. 

sattigungsfahig, a. capable of saturation. 

Sattigungsgrad, m. degree of saturation. 

Sattigungskapazitat, /. saturation capacity. 

Sattigungspunkt, m. saturation point. 

sattsam, a. sufficient. adv. sufficiently. 

Saturationsgefass, n. saturation vessel, satur- 

Saturationsscheidung, /. (Sugar) purification 
by carbonation (separation of impurities with 
the lime when the juice is saturated with 
carbon dioxide). 

Saturationsschlamm, m. (Sugar) sediment from 

Saturei, /. savory. 

saturieren, v.t. saturate; (Sugar) carbonate. 

Saturnrot, n. Saturn red, minium. 

Satz, m. deposit, sediment, settlings; composi- 
tion; set (of weights, beakers, etc.); charge, 
batch; proposition, principle; leap, jump; 
young (of fish), fry; price, rate; pool, stake; 
sentence; (Brewing) yeast, sediment. 

Satzbrauen, n. brewing with cold malt extract. 

Satzkriicke, /. (Brewing) yeast rouser. 

Satzschale, /. settling dish. 

Sau, /. sow (also Metal); drying kiln; blot. 

sauber, a. clean; neat; pretty. 

saubern, v.t. clean, cleanse. 

Sauciere, /. sauce boat, gravy boat. 

sauer, a. acid; sour, tart; troublesome, hard. 

Sauerbad, n. (Bleaching) sour bath, sour. 

Sauerbruhe, /. (Tech.) sour liquor, acid liquor. 

Sauerhonig, m. oxymel. 

Sauerklee, m. clover sorrel, wood sorrel. 

Sauer kleesalz, n. salt of sorrel (acid potassium 
oxalate) . 

Sauerkleesaure, /. oxalic acid. 




sauerlich, a. sourish, acidulous. 

Sauerlichkeit, /. (slight) acidity. 

Sauerling, TO. acidulous mineral water, spark- 
ling mineral water. 

sauermachend, p.a. acidifying. 

sauern, v.t. acidify; sour; leaven (bread). 
v.i. sour. 

Sauerstoff, TO. oxygen. 

sauerstoffarm, a. poor in oxygen. 

Sauerstoffather, m. acetaldehyde. 

Sauerstoffentwickelung, /. evolution of 

Sauerstofffanger, TO. a substance that absorbs 
oxygen, as barium oxide. 

sauerstofffrei, a. free from oxygen. 

Sauerstoffgas, n. oxygen gas. 

Sauerstoffgehalt, m. oxygen content. 

sauerstoffhaltig, a. containing oxygen. 

Sauerstoffpol, TO. oxygen pole, anode. 

sauerstoffreich, a. rich in oxygen. 

Sauerstoffsalz, n. oxysalt, salt of an oxacid. 

Sauerstoffsaure, /. oxacid, oxygen acid. 

Sauerstoffstrom, TO. current of oxygen. 

Sauerstofftrager, -iibertrager, TO. oxygen car- 

Sauerstoffverbindung, /. oxygen compound. 

Sauerteig, TO. leaven. 

sauertopfisch, a. peevish, cross. 

Sauerung, /. acidification; souring; leavening. 

sauerungsfahig, a. acidifiable; capable of sour- 

Sauerwasser, n. sour water, sour (any of vari- 
ous dilute acid solutions used in the arts); 
acidulous (sparkling) water. 

Sauerwerden, n. souring; (of liquors) acetifica- 

saufen, v.i. drink; booze, tipple. 

sauft, pr. 3 sing, of saufen. 

Saug-, Sauge-. suction, sucking. 

Saugapparat, TO. suction apparatus, aspirator. 

saugen, v.t. & i. suck; suck up, absorb. 

Saugen, n. sucking, suction. 

saugen, v.t. suckle. 

Sauger, TO. sucker; aspirator. 

Saugetier, n. mammal. 

Saugfahigkeit, /. absorptive capacity, absorp- 

Saugfestigkeit, /. resistance to suction, suction 

Saugfilter, n. suction filter. 

Saugflasche, /. suction bottle. 

Saugglas, n. suction bottle; breast pump. 

Saughahn, TO. suction cock. 

Saugheber, TO. siphon. 

Saughohe, /. suction head. 

Saugleitung, /. suction pipe (or piping). 

Saugling, TO. suckling, infant. 

Saugmcsser, TO. vacuometer. 

Saugpipette, /. suction pipette. 

Saugpumpe, /. suction pump. 

Saugrohr, n., Saugriihre, /. suction tube or 
pipe, sucking pipe. 

Saugventil, n. suction valve. 

Saulchen, n. little column, etc. (see Saule). 

Saule,/. column, pillar; (Cryst.) prism; (Elec.) 

Saulen-. columnar; (Cryst.) prismatic. 

Saulenachse, /. prismatic axis. 

siiulenartig, saulenformig, o. columnar; pris- 

Saum, TO. seam, hem, edge, fringe, selvage; 
(Tin Plate) list. 

saumen, v.i. hem, edge, border; square (planks). 
v.i. tarry, stay. 

saumig, a. tardy, dilatory. 

Saumpfanne, /., Saumtopf, TO. (Tin Plate) list 

Saure, /. acid; sourness, acidity. 

Saureamid, n. acid amide. 

Saureanhydrid, n. acid anhydride. 

Saurebad, n. acid bath. 

Saureballon, m. acid carboy. 

Saurebeize, /. (Leather) sour. 

saurebildend, p.a. acid-forming. 

Saurebildner, m. acid former* acidifier. 

Saurebromid, n. acid bromide. 

Saurechlorid, n. acid chloride. 

saureecht, a. fast to acid. 

Saureester, n. ester of an acid, ester. 

saurefest, a. acid-proof. 

Saurefluorid, n. acid fluoride. 

saurefrei, o. free from acid, nonacid. 

Sauregehalt, TO. acid content, acidity. 

Sauregelb, n. acid yellow. 

Sauregrad, TO. (degree of) acidity. 

Sauregriin, n. acid green. 

Saurehaloid, n. acid halide. 

saurehaltig, a. containing acid, acidiferous. 

Sauremesser, m. acidimeter. 

Sauremesskunst, /. acidimetry. 

Saureradikal, n. acid radical. 

Saurespaltung, /. acid cleavage. 

Saurestander, m. acid cistern. 

Sauretrog, m. acid trough. 

saurewiderstehend, p.a. resistant (or fast) to 

saurewidrig, a. antacid. 

Saurezahl, /. acid number. 

Saurezufuhr, /. addition of acid. 

sauseln, v.i. rustle; lisp; hum. 

sausen, v.i. rush, whiz, whistle, hum. 

Sea-. See Ska-. 

Schabe,/. awn, chaff (of flax or hemp) ; scab, itch. 

schaben, v.t. scrape; shave, grate, rub. 

Schaber, TO. scraper, etc. (see schaben). 

schabig, a. shabby; mean. 

Schablone, /. model, pattern, template; mold, 
form; stencil. 

schablonenartig, schablonenmassig, a. accord- 
ing to pattern, mechanical. 




Schabsel, n. scrapings, parings, shavings. 

Schach, n. chess; check. 

Schachbrett, n. chessboard, checkerboard. 

schachern, v.i. haggle. 

Schacht, ra. shaft; pit; gorge. 

Schachtel, /. box, case. 

Schachtelhalm, m., Schachtelkraut, n. horsetaU 


Schach tof en, m. shaft furnace; shaft kiln. 
schade, a. unfortunate, a pity. 
Schade, m. damage, injury, loss. 
Schadel, m. skull, cranium. 
Schadel-. cranial. 

schaden, v.i. do injury, damage, hurt. 
Schaden, m. Schade. 
Schadenersatz, m. compensation, damages. 
schadenfroh, a. malicious. 
schadhaft, o. damaged, defective, spoiled. 
schadigen, v.t. harm, injure. 
schadlich, o. noxious, injurious, dangerous, 

schadlos, a. harmless; compensated. schadlos 

halten, compensate, indemnify. 
Schaf, n. sheep; ewe. 
Schafbein, n. bone ash; sheep bone; sheep's 


Schaf bock, m. ram. 
Schafdarmsaite, /. catgut. 
Schafer, m. shepherd. 
Schaffell, n sheepskin. 
schaffen, v.t make, produce, create, do; get, 

provide; take, bring. v i. work, be busy. 
Schaffleisch, n. mutton. 
Schaffner, m. manager, conductor, guard. 
Schaffnerin, /. housekeeper, stewardess, man- 

Schafgaibe, /. yarrow, milfoil. 

Schaf haut, /. sheepskin; amnion. 

Schafhautchen, n. amnion. 

Schafkase, TO. cheese from ewe's milk. 

Schafleder n. sheepskin (leather), sheep. 

Schafmilch, /. ewe's milk. 

Schafott, n. scaffold. 

Schafschmiere, /. sheep dip. 

Schafschweiss, m. suint, yolk. 

Schaft, m. shaft, shank, stock, handle, stalk, 

-schaft. A noun suffix used to form abstract 
and collective nouns, cognate with the Eng- 
lish -ship; as, Freundschaft, friendship. 

Schafwasser, n. amniotic fluid. 

Schaf wolle, /. sheep's wool. 

Schagrin, n. shagreen. 

Schaker, m. ester, wag. 

schal, a. stale, flat, insipid. 

Sehalchen, n. little dish or cup, capsule. 

Schale, /. dish, basin, bowl; pan, scale (of a 
balance); shell; husk, skin, peel, rind, bark; 
cover (of a book); (Founding) chill. 

schalen, v.t. shell, husk, peel, pare, bark. 

Schalenblende, /. fibrous sphalerite. 

Schalenguss, m. chill casting. 

Schalengussform, /. chill. 

schalenhart, a. chilled. 

Schalenlederhaut, /. chorion. 

Schalentrager, m dish support, tripod. 

Schalk, TO. wag, rogue. 

Schall, TO. sound; ring, peal; resonance. 

Schall-. sound, acoustic. 

schallen, v.i. sound, resound, ring. 

Schallgeschwindigkeit, /. velocity of sound. 

Schallwelle, /. sound wave. 

schalt, pret. of schelten. 

Schalt-. inserted, intercalary; (Elec.) switch. 

Schaltbrett, n. switchboard. 

schalten, v.t. insert; (Elec.) connect. v.i. rule, 

have one's way. 
Schal ter, TO. wicket, window; ruler, manager; 

(Elec.^ switch. 
Schaltjahr, n. leap year. 
Schaltung, /. disposal; (Elec.) connection. 
Schalung, /. shelling, etc. (see schalen); exco- 
riation, desquamation. 

Scham, /. shame; modesty, chastity; pudenda. 
Scham-. pudic. 
Schambein, n. pubis. 
schamen, v.r. be ashamed. 
Schamgang, m. vagina. 
schamhaft, a. bashful; modest. 
Schamotte, /. (Ceram.) chamotte, grog. 
Schamottetiegel, TO. fireclay crucible. 
Schamotteziegel, TO. firebrick. 
Schamrote, /. blush, blushing. 
Schande, /. shame, dishonor, disgrace. 
schanden, v.t. disgrace, dishonor, violate. 
schandlich, a. disgraceful, shameful, infamous. 
Schankbier, Schankbier, n. schenk beer, draft 


Schanze, /. trench, intrenchment; chance. 
Schar, /. troop, band, host, crowd, herd, flock; 

(plow) share. 
Scharbock, TO. scurvy, 
scharbockheilend, p.a. antiscorbutic. 
Scharbockmittel, n. antiscorbutic. 
scharen, v.r. flock together, assemble. 
scharf, a. sharp; acrid, pungent, corrosive; 


Scharfe, /. sharpness, etc. (see scharf) ; edge, 
scharfen, v.t. sharpen. 

Scharffeuer, n. (Ceram.) hard fire, sharp fire, 
scharfsauer, a. strongly acid, very spur, 
scharfschmeckend, p.a. of a sharp taste, acrid, 

pungent, tart. 

Scharfsinn, m. acuteness, acumen, 
scharfwinklig, a. acute-angled. 
Scharlach, TO. scarlet; scarlet fever; scarlet 


scharlachen, scharlachfarben, a. scarlet. 
scharlachrot, a. scarlet, bright red. 
Scharlachwurm, TO. cochineal insect. 




Scharnier, n. hinge, joint. 

Scharpe,/. scarf, sash; (Med.) sling. 

Scharpie, /. charpie, lint. 

Scharre, /. rake, raker, scraper. 

scharren, v.t. scrape, scratch. 

Scharrwerk, n. scraping mechanism, scraper. 

Scharte, /. notch, nick, fissure; sawwort.' 

schartig, a. notchy, nicked, jagged. 

Schatten, m. shade, shadow. 

schattieren, v.t. shade. 

Schattierung, /. shading; shade, tint. 

Schatz, TO. treasure; stock; wealth. 

Schatzamt, n. (public) treasury. 

schatzbar, a. capable of valuation or estima- 
tion; valuable, esteemed. 

schatzen, v.t. assess, tax. 

schatzen, v.t. value; appraise, appreciate, es- 

Schatzkammer, /. treasury; storehouse. 

Schau, /. view, review; show. 

Schauarzt, m. coroner. 

Schaubild, n. diagram; (picture for) exhibit. 

Schauder, m. shudder; dread. 

schauderhaft, schauderig, o. dreadful, horrible. 

schaudern, v.t. cause to shudder. v.L shudder. 

schauen, v.t. look at, behold, examine. v.i. look, 

Schauer, m shudder, thrill, fit; shower; spec- 
tator; inspector; shed. 

Schaufel, /. shovel, scoop; paddle. 

Schaufenster, n. show window. 

Schauglas, n. display glass, specimen glass, 
sample glass. 

schaukeln, v.t. & i. swing, rock. 

Schauloch, n. peephole. 

schaulustig, a. curious. 

Schaum, m. foam, froth; scum; lather; (.Brew- 
ing) head. 

schaumartig, a. foamy, frothy. 

Schaumbestandigkeit,/. foam-holding capacity. 

Schaumblase, /. bubble. 

schaumen, v.L froth, foam; (of wine, etc.) 
sparkle, fizz; (of soap) lather. v.t. skim, 

Schaumerde, /. aphrite (variety of calcite). 

Schaumerz, n. (soft or foamy) wad. 

Schaumgips, m. foliated gypsum. 

Schaumgold, n. Dutch metal, imitation gold. 

Schaumhaube, /. (Brewing) head. 

schaumig, schaumig, a. foamy, frothy. 

Schaumkalk, n. aragonite. 

Schaumloffel, m. skimming spoon, skimmer. 

Schaumschwarze, /. finely powdered animal 

Schaumseife, /. lathering soap. 

Schaumspat, m. analcite. 

Schaumstand, m. (Brewing) head. 

Schaumton, TO. fuller's earth. 

Schaumwein, m. sparkling wine. 

Schauplatz, TO. scene, stage, theater. 

Schauspiel, n. spectacle, sight; play, drama, 
scheckig, a. dappled, spotted, mottled. 
scheel, adv. asquint, askance, awry. 
Scheelbleierz, n., Scheel bleispat, TO. scheeletite. 
Scheelerz, n. scheelite. 
Scheele'sches Griin. Scheele's green. 
Scheele'sches Suss, glycerol, glycerin. 
Scheere, /. = Schere. 
Scheffel, TO. bushel. 

Scheibchen, n. little disk, little slice. 

Scheibe, /. disk; slice; cake (of wax, etc.); 
pane (of glass); (honey) comb; pulley, wheel, 
target, dial, etc. 

scheibenformig, a. disk-shaped, discoid. 

Scheibenglas, n. window glass. 

Scheibenkupfer, n. rose copper, rosette copper. 

Scheibe nreissen, n. (Metal.) conversion into 
disks or rosettes. 

Scheibenwachs, 'n. cake wax. 

scheidbar, a. separable; ahalyzable. 

Scheide, /. sheath; vagina; boundary, border. 

Scheide-. separating, parting. 

Scheidebiirette, /. separating burette. 

Scheideerz, n. picked ore. 

Scheidefliissigkek, /. separating (or parting) 

Scheidegold, n. gold purified by parting. 

Scheidegut, n. material to be separated. 

Scheidekapelle, /. cupel. 

Scheidekolben, TO. separating flask; (Old 
Chem.) alembic. 

Scheidekunst, /. (analytical) chemistry. 

Scheidekunstler, TO. (analytical) chemist. 

Scheidemunze, /. billon ; small coin. 

scheiden, v.t. separate; part; analyze, decom- 
pose; pick, sort (ore); divide, sever, divorce. 
v.r. separate; (of milk) turn; divide. 
v.i. separate, part, depart. 

Scheiden-. (Physiol.) vaginal. 

Scheidenschleim, m. vaginal mucus. 

Scheideofen, TO. parting furnace, almond fur- 

Scheidepfanne, /. (Sugar) defecating pan, clari- 

Scheideschlamm, TO. (Sugar) defecation slime. 

Scheidesieb, n. separating sieve. 

Scheidesilber, n. parting silver. 

Scheidetrichter, TO. separating funnel, separa- 
tory funnel. 

Scheidevorrichtung, /. separating (or parting) 

Scheidewand, /. partition wall, partition, mid- 
feather, septum, diaphragm. 

Scheidewasser, n. nitric acid (for parting); 
aqua regia. 

Scheideweg, TO. forked way, crossroads. 

Scheidung, /. separation, etc. (see scheiden). 

Schein, TO. appearance; luster, light, shine; 
(of oils, etc.) bloom; document, paper, bill, 




Schein-. apparent, mock, false, pseudo. 
scheinbar, a. apparent, seeming, plausible. 
, scheinen, v.i. shine; appear, seem. 
Scheinfarbe, /. accidental color. 
Scheinfuss, m. pseudopodium. 
Scheingrund, m. apparent reason, fallacy, 
scheinheilig, a. sanctimonious. 
Scheit, n. log, billet, block. 
Scheitel, m. vertex, summit, crown, top. 
Scheit el-, vertical; (Ana*.) parietal. 
Scheitellinie, /. vertical line. 
scheiteln, v.t. part (hair). 
Scheitelpunkt, TO. vertex; zenith, 
scheitelrecht, a. vertical. 
Scheiterhaufen, m. funeral pile; stake. 
scheitern, v.i. suffer wreck, be wrecked. 
Schellack, m. shellac. 
Schelle, /. bell; handcuff. 
schellen, v.t. ring. 
Schellfisch, m. cod; haddock. 
Schelm, m. scoundrel, rogue. 
schelten, v.t. scold, reprimand. 
Schema, n. model, pattern; blank, form; 

schedule; scheme. 
schematisch, a. schematic. 
Schemel, m. stool. 
Schemen, m. shadow, phantom. 
Schenk, m. liquor retailer; cupbearer. 
Schenkbier, n. draft beer, schenk beer (con- 
trasted with Lagerbier) . 
Schenke, /. public house, tavern. 
Schenkel, TO. leg; shank; thigh; side, side piece. 
Schenkel-. femoral, crural. 
Schenkelbein, n. thigh bone, femur, 
schenken, v.t. pour out; give, present; retail 

(liquors); suckle. 
Scheibe, /., Scherben, TO. potsherd, shard; 

fragment, piece; crock, pot (esp. flowerpot); 

cupel; scorifier; (Ceram.) body. 
Scherbenkobalt, m. native arsenic. 
Schere, /. scissors, shears; notch, nick; shafts; 

scheren, v.t. shear, clip, cut; plague, vex. 

v.r. go, be off; care. 
Scherenstahl, m. shear steel. 
Schererei, /. trouble, bother. 
Scherflein, n. mite. 
Scherz, TO. joke, jest, fun, sport, 
scherzen, v.i. joke, jest. 
scheu, a. shy, timorous. 
scheuchen, v.t. scare, frighten, 
scheuen, v.t. shun, avoid, dread, grudge. v.i. 


Scheuer, /. barn, granary. 
scheuern, v.t. scour, wash; rub, chafe. 
Scheune, /. = Scheuer. 
Scheusal, n. monster, fright, 
scheusslich, a. horrid, horrible, hideous. 
Schicht, /. layer, stratum, bed, course; charge 

(of a furnace); batch; shift, turn (of work). 

Schichtboden, TO. (Metal.) mixing place. 

schichten, v.t. arrange in layers or beds, stratify; 
pile, stack; charge. 

Schichtengruppe, /. (Geol) group of strata, 

Schichtenkohle, /. foliated coal. 

schichtenweise, a. & adv. in layers or strata, 

Schichtgesteine, stratified rocks. 

Schichtung, /. stratification; arranging in 
layers; piling; charging. 

Schichtwasser, n. ground water. 

Schick, TO. skill; tact; order. 

schicken, v.t. send; cause to happen. v.r. hap- 
pen; suit, fit; conform, apcommodate one- 
self; prepare. geschickt, p.a. sent, etc.; 
skilled, qualified, clever; suitable, fit. 

schicklich, a. becoming, proper, fit. 

Schicksal, n. fate, destiny. 

Schickung, /. dispensation. 

Schieb-. sliding, slide. 

schieben, v.t. shove, push, slide, slip. 

Schieber, m. slide, slider, slide bar, slide 
valve, carriage; shovel; pusher, shover; 

Schieberventil, n. slide valve. 

Schiebung, /. shoving, etc. (see schieben); 

schied, pret. of scheiden. 

Schiedsanalyse, /. umpire analysis. 

Schiedsmann, Schiedsrichter, m. umpire, ar- 
biter, referee. 

Schiedsspruch, TO. award. 

schief, a. inclined, oblique; skew, crooked. 
adv. obliquely; askew, awry, amiss. 

Schiefe, /. inclination, slope; obliqueness; 

Schief er, TO. slate; schist; shale; flaw (in iron). 

schieferblau, a. slate-blue. 

Schieferfarbe, /. slate color. 

schieferig, a. slaty, slate-like; schistous, schis- 
tose; scaly, flaky, foliated, foliaceous. 

schiefern, v.i. scale off, exfoliate. 

Schieferplatte, /. slab or plate of slate. 

Schieferspat, TO. slate spar (lamellar variety of 

Schieferstein, n. slate. 

Schiefertalk, TO. talc slate, indurated talc. 

Schieferton, TO. slate clay, shale. 

Schieferung, /. scaling off, exfoliation. 

Schieferweiss, n. a fine, flaky variety of white 

Schief heit, /. = Schiefe. 

schiefwinklig, a. oblique-angled. 

schielen, v.i. squint; leer. 

schien, pret. of scheinen. 

Schienbein, n. shin bone, tibia. 

Schiene, /. rail; slat, strip, bar; rim, tire (of a 
wheel); (Med.) splint. 

Schienenweg, m, railway; tramway. 




Schienenweite, /. railway gage. 
schier, a. sheer, pure. adv. simply; nearly. 
Schierling, TO. hemlock (the herb). 
Schierlingsaft, m. hemlock juice, juice of co- 


Schierlingskraut, n. hemlock (the herb). 
Schierlingstanne, /. hemlock spruce, hemlock, 
schiert, pr. 3 sing, of scheren. 
Sclnessbaumwolle, /. guncotton. 
schiessen, v.t. & i. shoot; dart, emit, dash; 

(of dyes) flush on. 
Schiessofen, m. an oven for heating tubes which 

may explode, bomb oven, tube furnace, 

Carius oven. 

Schiesspulver, n. gunpowder. 
Schiessrohr, n., -rohre, /. a sealed tube in which 

substances are heated under pressure, bomb 


Schiessstoff, m. powder (for shooting). 
Schiesswolle, /. guncotton. 
Schiesswollpulver, n. guncotton powder. 
Schiff, n. ship; shuttle; nave, 
schiffbar, a. navigable. 
Schiffbruch, TO. shipwreck. 
Schiffchen, n. boat; little ship; shuttle; (Bo*.) 


schiffen, v.t. & i. navigate, sail. 
Schiffer, TO. shipmaster, captain, skipper. 
Schifffahrt, /. navigation. 
Schiffsbediirfnisse, naval stores. 
Schiffsleim, m. marine glue. 
Schiffspech, n. common black pitch. 
Schild, m. shield; escutcheon. 
Schild, n. label; sign, signboard; badge; 

(turtle) shell. 
Schildchen, n. little shield, little label, etc. (see 


Schilddriise,/. thyroid gland. 
Schilddrusen-. thyroid. 
Schilddriisenessenz, /., -extrakt, n. (Pharm.) 

thyroid solution. 

schildern, v.t. depict, portray, draw. 
schildformig, a. shield-shaped, scutiform; 

(Anat.) thyroid. 

Schildknorpel, m. thyroid cartilage. 
Schildkraut, n. skullcap (Scutellaria) . 
Schildkrote, /. turtle, tortoise. 
Schildlaus, /. cochineal insect. 
Schildpatt, n. tortoise shell. 
Schildwache, /. sentinel. 
Schilf, n. reed. 

schilfern, v.i. scale off, exfoliate. 
Schiller, m. play of colors, (Min.) schiller. 
Schillerfarbe, /. changeable color, 
schillerfarbig, a. showing a play of colors, 


Schillerglanz, m. iridescent luster, 
schillern, v.i. exhibit a play of colors, iridesce, 

opalesce. schillernd, p.a. iridescent, opal- 
escent, chatoyant. 

Schillerquarz, m. (Min.) cat's-eye. 
Schillerseide, /. shot silk, changeable silk. 
Schillerspat, TO. schiller spar (altered enstatite) ; 


Schillerstein, m. schiller spar. 
Schillerwein, TO. wine from red and white 

grapes mixed. 

schilt, pr. S sing, of schelten. 
Schimmel, m. mold; mildew; gray or white 


schimmelig, a. moldy, musty. 
schimmeln, v.i. mold. 
Schimmelpilz, m. mold fungus, mold. 
Schimmer, TO. glimmer, shimmer, glitter. 
schimmern, v.i. glisten, glitter, gleam, shine. 
Schimpf, TO. abuse, insult; disgrace. 
schimpfen, v.i. call names, scold. 
Schindel,/. shingle; (Mf.) splint, 
schinden, v.t. skin, flay. 
Schinken, m., Schinkenfleisch, n. ham. 
Schippe, /. shovel, scoop. 
schipperig, a. (Dyeing) mixtury, not solid. 
Schirbel, TO. (Metal.) bloom; piece of a bloom, 

Schirm, m. screen; shelter; shade; umbrella; 

visor (of a cap) ; (Bot.) umbel. 
schirmen, v.t. screen; shelter. 
Schirmpflanze, /. umbelliferous plant, 
schlabbern, v.t. slobber; overflow; gossip. 
Schlabberrohr, n. overflow pipe or tube. 
Schlabberventil, n. check valve. 
Schlacht,/. battle, 
schlachten, v.t. kill, slaughter. 
Schlacke, /. slag; cinder, scoria, dross; (in 

coal) clinker. 

schlackenartig, a. slaggy, scoriaceous. 
Schlackenauge, n. = Schlackenloch. 
Schlackenbildung, /. formation of slag, scorifi- 


Schlackeneisen, n. cinder iron. 
Schlackenform, /. cinder block. 
Schlackenfrischen, n. = Schlackenpuddeln. 
Schlackengang, m. slag duct, cinder fall. 
Schlackenherd, TO. slag hearth, slag furnace. 
Schlackenlava, /. scoriaceous lava. 
Schlackenloch, n. cinder notch, slag hole, cinder 


Schlackenofen, m. slag furnace. 
Schlackenpuddeln, n. pig boiling. 
Schlackenrosten, n. roasting of slag. 
Schlacke nscher be, /., -scherben, TO. scorifier. 
Schlackenspiess, TO. cinder iron, slag iron. 
Schlackenspur,/. = Schlackenloch. 
Schlackenstaub, m. coal dust. 
Schlackenstein, TO. building stone made from 

slag, slag brick. 

Schlackenwolle, /. slag wool, mineral wool. 
Schlackenzacken, m. cinder plate, front plate. 
Schlackenzinn, n. tin extracted from slag, pril- 





schlackig, a. slaggy, drossy, scoriaceous. 

Schlaf, m. sleep; temple (of the head). 

Schlafarznei, /. soporific, narcotic. 

schlaf befordernd, p.a. soporific. 

Schlafe,/. temple (of the head). 

schlaf en, v.i. sleep; lie dormant. 

Schliifen-. (Ana/.) temporal. 

schlaff, a. slack, loose, flabby, flaccid, soft. 

Schlafmittel, n. soporific, narcotic. 

Schlafmohn, TO. opium poppy. 

schlaft, pr. 3 sing, of schlafen. 

Schlaftrank, m. sleeping draft. 

Schlafzimmer, n. bedroom. 

Schlag, TO. stroke, blow, percussion, knock, 
shock, kick, beat; apoplexy; coinage, stamp, 
sort; cutting (of wood or in the woods) ; field; 
song (of birds). 

Schlagader, /. artery. 

Schlagarbeit, /. work resulting from a blow or 

Schlagel, TO. = Schlegel. 

Schlagelot, n. hard solder. 

Schlagempfindlichkeit, /. sensitiveness to per- 

schlagen, v.t. strike, beat, hit, knock; cut 
(wood); churn (butter); press (oil); drive 
(nails, etc.); put (into barrels); etc., etc. 
v.i. strike, beat, knock, kick; warble; belong, 
concern. schlagend, p.a. striking, impres- 
sive. schlagende Wetter, fire damp. 

Schlager, TO. beater, etc. (see schlagen) ; fighter; 
batter; rapier. 

Schlagerei, /. fighting, scuffle. 

Schlaggold, n. leaf gold. 

Schlaglot, n. hard solder. 

Schlagprobe, /. percussion test. 

Schlagsaat, /. hempseed. 

Schlagsahne, /. whipped cream. 

schlagt, pr. 3 sing, of schlagen. ( 

Schlagwasser, n. bilge water. 

Schlagweite, /. striking distance (of an electric 
spark) , spark distance. 

Schlagwerk, n. striking apparatus, specif., ram- 

Schlagwetter, fire damp. 

schlagwettersicher, a. proof against fire damp. 

schlagwetterziindfahig, a. ignitable by fire 

Schlagziinder, m. percussion fuse. 

Schlamm, TO. mud, sludge, slime; slurry; silt; 
(Ceram.) slip. 

Schlamm-. elutriating, washing, elutriated, 

Schlammanalyse, /. analysis by elutriation. 

Schlammapparat, TO. elutriating apparatus. 

schlammen, v.t. elutriate, wash (powdered sub- 
stances); levigate; (Mining) buddle. 

Schlammfass, n. washing tub or tank (for pre- 
cipitates, etc.); (Mining) dolly tub. 

Schlammflasche, /. elutriating flask. 

Schlammgefass, n. elutriating vessel or reser- 

Schlammglas, n. elutriating glass. 

schlammig, a. muddy, sludgy, slimy, oozy. 

Schlamm kreide, /. prepared chalk; whiting. 

Schlammpfannchen, n. (Salt) scum pan. 

Schlammschlich, Schlammschlich, m. washed 
ore slime. 

Schlammtrichter, TO. elutriating funnel. 

Schlammung, /. elutriating, etc. (see schlam- 

Schlammvorrichtung, /. elutriating apparatus, 
washing apparatus. 

Schlammzylinder, TO. elutriating cylinder. 

schlang, pret. of schlingen. 

Schlange,/. snake, serpent; (Tech.) worm, coil; 
(water) hose. 

schlangeln, v.r. wind, meander. schlangelnd, 
p.a. sinuous, winding, serpentine. 

Schlangenholz, n. snakewood. 

Schlangenkiihler, TO. spiral (or coil) condenser. 

Schlangenrohr, n., Schlangenrohre, /. worm, 
spiral pipe (or tube), coil. 

Schlangenstein, m. ophite; serpentine. 

Schlangenwurzel, /. snakeroot. 

schlank, a. slender, slim. 

Schlappe,/. defeat, reverse; slipper. 

Schlappermilch,/. curdled milk. 

Schlapphut, m. slouch hat. 

Schlaraffe, m. sluggard. 

schlau, a. sly, cunning, sharp. 

Schlauch, TO. tube, tubing, pipe (of flexible ma- 
terial), hose; skin (for holding something); 
drunkard; glutton. 

schlauchen, v.t. (Brewing) hose, transfer (beer) 
or fill (casks) by means of hose or pipes. 

Schlauchstiick, n. tubing attachment (part to 
which tubing may be attached). 

schlecht, a. bad, ill, poor. adv. badly, ill. 

schlechterdings, adv. utterly, absolutely. 

schlechthin, adv. merely, plainly. 

schlechtweg, adv. = schlechthin. 

schlecken, schleckern, v.t. lick, lap. v.i. be 

Schlegel, TO. mallet, beater, (wooden) hammer; 


schleichen, v.i. slink, sneak; creep. schleich- 
endes Gift, slow poison. 

Schleichgut, n. smuggled goods, contraband. 

Schleichhandel, TO. smuggling, illicit trade. 

Schleicr, m. veil; lawn (the fabric); haze, 
slight cloudiness. 

Schleife,/. sledge; loop, knot; cravat. 

schleifen, v.t. grind, sharpen, polish; cut (gems) ; 
drag, trail. v.i. slip, slide. 

Schleifmaterial, n. abrasive. 

Schleifmittel, n. abrasive. 

Schleifpulver, TO. grinding powder, polishing 




Schleifrad, n. grinding wheel, polishing wheel. 

Schleifsel, n., Schleifstaub, m. grindings. 

Schleifstein, TO. grinding stone, grindstone, 

Schleifstoff, TO. (Paper) ground pulp. 

Schleifung,/. grinding, etc. (see schleifen). 

Schleim, m. slime; mucilage; mucus. 

schleimartig, a. slimy, glutinous; mucoid. 

schleimbildend, p.a. slime-forming; (Physiol.) 

Schleimdruse, /. mucous gland. 

Schleimharz, n. gum resin. 

Schleimhaut , /. mucous membrane. 

schleimig, a. slimy, mucilaginous; mucous. 
schleimige Garung, mucous, or viscous, 

Schleimpilz, TO. slime fungus, slime mold (Myxo- 

schleimsauer, o. of or combined with mucic 
acid, mucate of. 

Schleimsaure, /. mucic acid. 

Schleim stoff, TO. mucin. 

Schleimtier, n. mollusk. 

Schleimzellulose, /. mucocellulose. 

Schleimzucker, m. levulose._ 

Schleisse, /. splint, splinter. 

schleissen, v.t. slit; split; strip. 

Schlemm-. = Schlamm-. 

schlemmen, v.i. eat greedily; carouse. 

schlemmen, v.t. = schlammen. 

Schlempe, /. residual liquid from distillation of 
alcoholic liquors, vinasse, slops, spent wash. 

Schlempekohle, Schlempeasche, /. crude pot- 
ash from beet vinasse, salin. 

schlendern, v.i. saunter, stroll, loiter. 

schtenkern, v.t. swing, sling, fling. 

Schleppe, /. train, trail; (Paper) felt board; 
(Founding) truck. 

schleppen, v.t. & i. drag, trail; tow. 

Schleppmiihle, /. drag mill, drag-stone mill. 

schlesisch, a. Silesian. 

Schleuder,/. centrifuge; sling. 

Schleudermaschine, /. centrifugal machine, 
centrifugal (specif., hydro-extractor); cata- 

schleudern, v.t. centrifuge, hydro-extract; sling, 
fling, hurl. v.i. swing, roll; cut prices. 

schleunig, a. speedy, hasty, quick, immediate. 
adv. speedily, etc. 

Schleuse,/. sluice; sewer. 

Schleusengas, n. sewer gas. 

schlich, pret. of schleichen. 

Schlich, m. byway; trick; (Metal.) slimes, 

Schlicharbeit, /. smelting of slimes. 

schlicht, a. smooth, even, sleek; (of files) fine; 
(of fabrics) plain; simple, homely. 

Schlichte,/. dressing; size (for fabrics) ; (Found- 
ing) black wash; (Plastering) skim coat, 
white coat. 

schlichtecht, a. fast to sizing. 

schlichten, v.t. smooth, plane, dress; sleek 
(leather, etc.); planish (metals); size (fab- 
rics) ; adjust, settle. 

Schlichtol, n. sizing oil. 

Schlichtwalze, /. finishing roll. 

Schlick, m. slime, mud; (Metal.) schlich (ore 

Schlicker, m. (Ceramics) slip, slop; (Metal.) 

schlief, pret. of schlafen. 

schliefen, v.i. slip, creep. 

Schlieren, streaks (in glass and igneous 
rocks), schlieren. 

Schliesse, /. pin, peg, catch, anchor. 

schliessen, v.t. close; shut, lock; bind; em- 
brace; contract; conclude. v.i. close. 
geschlossene Kette, closed chain; (Meek.) 
endless chain. 

schliesslich, a. final, ultimate. adv. finally. 

schliff, pret. of schleifen. 

Schliff, TO. grinding, sharpening; smoothness, 
polish; grindings; cut (of a gem). 

Schliffstopfen, m. ground-in stopper. 

schlimm, o. bad; sad, severe, sore, ill. adv. 
badly, ill. 

Schling-. winding, twisting, (of plants) climb- 
ing; pertaining to swallowing or deglutition. 

Schlinge,/. loop, noose, sling; trap, snare. 

Schlingel, m. rascal, rogue. 

schlingen, v.t. wind, twine, twist; swallow, 

Schlippe'sches Salz. Schlippe's salt. 

schliss, pret. of schleissen. 

Schlitten, TO. sledge, sled, sleigh ; truck; sliding 

Schlittschuh, m. skate. 

Schlitz, TO. slit, slot, fissure, cleft. 

Schlitzbrenner, TO. batswing burner. 

schlitzcn, v.t. slit, slot, slash, split, cleave, rip. 

schloff, pret. of schliefen. 

schloss, pret. of schliessen. 

Schloss, n. lock; snap, clasp; castle, palace. 

Schlosse, /. hailstone. 

Schlosser, TO. locksmith. 

Schlot, TO., Schlotte, /. flue, smokestack; soil 

Schlotter, m. (Salt) sediment from boiling. 

schlottern, v.i. dangle, flap, hang loose, shake, 

Schlucht, /. ravine, gorge. 

schluchzen, v.i. sob; hiccup. 

schlucken, v.t. & i. swallow, gulp. 

schlug, pret. of schlagen. 

Schlummer, TO. slumber. 

Schlund, TO. throat, pharynx; gulf, chasm. 

Schlund-. pharyngeal. 

Schlundkopf, TO. upper pharynx. 

schlupfen, schliipfen, v.i. slip, slide. 

Schlupfloch, n. loophole. 




schliipfrig, a. slippery; lascivious. schlupfrig 

machen, lubricate. 

Schlupfwinkel, m. lurking place, haunt. 
schliirfen, v.t. sip, lap; (of pumps) suck air. 
Schluss, m. closing; close; conclusion. 
Schliissel, m. key; screw driver or wrench; 

(Elec.) key, switch. 
Schliisselbein, n. collar bone, clavicle. 
Schliisselbiume, /. primrose. 
Schliisselbund, n. & m. bunch of keys. 
Schlussfolge, Schlussfolgerung, /. conclusion, 


Schlussstein, m. keystone. 
Schlutte, /. alkekengi. 
schm., abbrev. (schmelzend) melting; (schmilzt) 


Schmach, /. disgrace; offense. 
schmachten, v.i. pine, yearn. 
schmachtig, a. slim, slight. 
Schmack, m. sumac. 

schmacken, v.t. treat \, ith sumac, sumac. 
schmackhaft, a. palatable, savory. 
schmackieren, v.t. treat with sumac, sumac, 
schmahen, v.t. & i. slander, inveigh. 
schmahlich, a. disgraceful, scandalous; vile, 
schmal, a. narrow; slender; scanty, 
schmalen, v.i. scold, 
schmalern, v.t. narrow, reduce, abridge. 
Schmalseite, /. narrow side, edge. 
Schmalte, /. smalt. 
Schmalz, n. lard; melted fat. 
schmalzartig, a. lardaceous, lardy. 
Schmalzbutter, /. melted butter. 
schmalzen, schmalzen, v.t. grease, lard. 
Schmalzol, n. lard oil; oleo oil. 
Schmand, Schmant, m. slime, sludge; cream. 
Schmarotzer, m. parasite. 
schmarotzerisch, a. parasitic. 
'Schmatz, m. smack, kiss. 
Schmauch, m. smoke. 
schmauchen, v.t. & i. smoke. 
Schmaus, m. feast, banquet. 
schmecken, v.t. & i. taste. 
Schmeer, m. = Schmer. 

schmeichelhaft, a. flattering, complimentary. 
schmeicheln, v.i. flatter; coax, 
schmeissen, v.t. throw, fling, dash; deposit 

(insect eggs). 
Schmelz, TO. enamel, glaze; fusion, melting, 

Schmelzarbeit, /. smelting, smelting process; 

enameling, enameled work. 
Schmelzarbeiter, m. smelter; founder; enameler. 
schmelzbar, a. fusible, meltable. 
Schmelzbarkeit, /. fusibility. 
Schmelzblau, n. smalt. 
Schmelzbutter, /. melted butter. 
Schmelze, /. melting, fusion; smelting; smelt- 
ery; fused mass, melt; (Glass) batch; (Soda) 

ball; (Spinning) mill oil. 

schmelzen, v.t. melt, fuse; smelt; (teilweise) 
frit. v.i. melt, fuse; smelt; deliquesce. 
geschmolzen, p. a. melted, fused, molten; 

Schmelzen, n. melting, fusion; smelting. 

Schmelzer, m. melter; founder; smelter. 

Schmelzerei, /. smeltery; foundry. 

Schmelzerz, n. smelting ore. 

Schmelzfarbe, /. enamel color, vitrifiable pig- 
ment, majolica color. 

Schmelzfeuer, n. (Iron) refinery. 

Schmelzfluss, m. fused mass, melt. 

Schmelzglas, n. fusible glass; enamel. 

Schmelzglasur, /. enamel. 

Schmelzgut, n. material suitable for smelting, 
material to be smelted. 

Schmelzhafen, m. smelting pot. 

Schmelzherd, m. smelting hearth; smelting 
furnace; '(Soda) front hearth of a black-ash 

Schmelzhitze, /. melting heat. 

Schmelzhiitte, /. smelting house or works, 
smeltery; foundry. 

Schmelzkessel, TO. melting kettle or vessel; 
(Soda) caustic pan. 

Schmelzkunst, /. (art of) enameling; smelting. 

Schmelzkurve, /. melting-point curve, fusion 

Schmelzlinie, /. line of fusion, fusion curve. 

Schmelzmalerei, /. enamel painting. 

Schmelzmittel, n. flux. 

Schmelzofen, TO. melting furnace; smelting 

Schmelzperle, /. blowpipe bead; enamel bead, 

Schmelzpost, /. smelting charge, post. 

Schmelzprozess, m. melting or smelting process. 

Schmelzpunkt, TO. melting point, fusing point. 

Schmelzpunktbestimmung, /. melting point 

Schmelzraum, TO. (Metal.) hearth. 

Schmelzstahl, TO. German steel, natural steel. 

Schmelztemperatur, /. fusing temperature. 

Schmelztiegel, m. crucible, melting pot. 

Schmelztiegeldeckel, TO. crucible cover? 
(Metal.) tile. 

Schmelztiegelhalter, TO. crucible holder, crucible 

Schmelztiegelzange, /. crucible tongs. 

Schmelztropfchen, n. blowpipe bead. 

Schmelzung, /. = Schmelzen. 

Schmelzwarme, /. heat of fusion. 

Schmelzwerk, n. smeltery; foundry; enameled 

schmelzwiirdig, a. suitable for smelting, work- 

Schmelzzeit, /. time of melting or fusion; 
(Glass) journey. 

Schmelzzeug, n. smelting tools. 

Schmelzzone, /. zone of fusion. 




Schmer, m. & n. fat, grease; suet. 
Schmergel, m. emery. 
Schmerz, m. pain; grief, sorrow. 
schmerzhaft, a. painful; distressing. 
schmerzlos, a. painless. 
Schmerzlosigkeit, /. painlessness. 
Schmetterling, m. butterfly; lint. 
Schmetterlingsbliitler, m. papilionaceous plant, 

fabaceous plant (such as the bean, pea, etc.; 

not so wide a term as "leguminous plant"). 
schmettern, v.t. dash, smash. v.i. clang, ring, 

crash, blare. 
Schmidt, m. = Schmied. 
Schmied, TO. smith; blacksmith. 
schmiedbar, a. malleable, forgeable. 
Schmiedbarkeit, /. malleability. 
Schmiede, /. forge, smithy. 
Schmiedearbeit, /. forging, smithing. 
Schmiedeeisen, n. wrought iron; malleable 


schmiedeeisern, a. wrought-iron. 
Schmiedefeuer, n. smith's hearth, forge. 
Schmiedeherd, TO. forge; forge hearth. 
Schmiedeisen, n. = Schmiedeeisen. 
schmiedeisern, a. wrought-iron. 
schmieden, v.t. forge, smith; devise, concoct. 

geschmiedetes Eisen, wrought iron. 
schmiegen, v.t. bend; bevel, 
schmiegsam, a. flexible, pliant. 
Schmierbuchse,/. grease cup, oil cup, lubricator. 
Schmiere,/. grease (for smearing or lubricating), 

smear; (for animals) dip. 
schmieren, v.t. grease, smear, anoint; lubricate, 

oil; spread (butter); butter (bread); scrawl; 


Schmierfett, n. = Schmiere. 
Schmierfleck, m. grease spot. 
schmierig, a. greasy, smeary, oily; glutinous, 

viscous; dirty. 

Schmierkase, TO. cottage cheese, smearcase. 
Schmierleder, n. leather dressed with oil. 
Schmiermasse, /. (Mack.) lubricating paste. 
Schmiermittel, Schmiermaterial, n. lubricant; 

ointment, salve, liniment. 
Schmierol, n. lubricating oil. 
Schmierseife, /. soft soap. 
Schmierung, /. greasing, etc. (see schmieren). 
Schmierwolle, /. greasy wool. 
schmilzt, pr. 2 & 3 sing, of schmelzen. 
Schminke, /. (face) paint. 
Schminkmittel, n. cosmetic. 
Schminkrot, n. rouge. 
Schminkweiss, n. flake white, pearl white 

(basic nitrate or oxy chloride of bismuth). 
Schmirgel, TO. emery. 
Schmirgelleinen, n. emery cloth. 
schmirgeln, v.t. rub with emery, emery. 
Schmirgelpapier, n. emery paper. 
Schmirgelpulver, n. emery powder. 
Schmirgelscheibe, /. emery wheel. 

schmiss, pret. of schmeissen. 

schmollen, v.i. pout, sulk. 

schmolz, pret. of schmelzen. 

schmoren, v.t. & i. stew. 

schmuck, a. neat, trim, pretty. 

Schmuck, TO. ornament; jewelry; finery. 

schmiicken, v.t. adorn, decorate, dress. 

Schmuckstein, TO. gem, gem stone. 

schmuggeln, v.t. & i. smuggle. 

schmunzeln, v.i. smirk, smile. 

Schmutz, TO. dirt, filth, smut. 

schmutzig, a. dirty, soiled, filthy, smutty. 

Schmutzwolle, /. wool in the yolk. 

Schnabel, m. beak, bill; nozzle, nose. 

schnabelformig, a. beak-shaped. 

Schnalle, /. buckle, clasp. 

schnallen, vt. buckle. 

schnalzen, v.i. smack, cluck, snap. 

schnappen, v.i. snap; gasp. 

Schnaps, TO. spirits; dram. 

schnarchen, v.t. snore. 

schnattern, v.i. cackle; chatter. 

schnauben, v.i. & t. snort, puff, blow. 

schnaufen, v.i. wheeze, puff. 

Schnauze, /. snout, mouth; (Tech.) nose, 

nozzle, spout. 
Schnecke, /. snail, slug; worm (of a still); 

endless screw; volute; spiral stairway; 

(Ana/.) cochlea. 

schneckenformig, a. spiral, helical. 
Schneckengang, m. auger; spiral walk; snail's 


Schneckengewinde, n. helix. 
Schneckenklee, TO. snail clover (Medicago sp.). 
Schnee, TO. snow. 
Schneeflocke, /. snowflake. 
Schneegips, TO. snowy (foliated) gypsum. 
Schneeglockchen, n. snowdrop. 
Schneegrenze, /. snow line. 
Schneewehe, /. snowdrift. 
Schneeweiss, n. snow white (zinc white). 
Schneide, /. knife edge; edge; keenness. 
Schneidemaschine, /. cutting machine. 
schneiden, v.t. cut; saw; prune; adulterate; 

gripe. v.i. cut, carve. 
Schneider, TO. cutter; tailor, 
schneidig, a. sharp; keen, plucky. 
schneien, v.i. snow, 
schnell, a. fast, rapid, quick, sudden. adv. 

quickly, rapidly. 

Schnellbinder, TO. quick-setting cement. 
Schnellbleiche, /. quick bleaching, chemical 

schnellen, v.i. spring, snap. v.t. let fly, fling; 


Schnellessig, TO. quick vinegar. 
Schnellessigbereitung, /. quick vinegar process, 
schnellfliissig, a. easily fusible. 
Schnellgarung, /. quick (or accelerated) fermen- 




Schnelligkeit, /. rapidity, quickness, speed, 


Schnellkraft, /. elasticity. 
schnellkraftig, a. elastic. 
Schnelllot, Schnellot, n. soft solder; fusible 


Schnellphotographie, /. instantaneous photog- 
raphy or photograph. 
Schnellprobe, /. rapid test. 
Schnellroste, /. quick retting, chemical retting. 
Schnellschrift,/. shorthand, stenography. 
schnelltrocknend, p.a. quick-drying, siccative. 
Schnellzug, m. fast train, express train. 
Schnellziinder, TO. quick match. 
Schnepfe,/. snipe; woodcock. 
Schneppe, /. spout, snout, nozzle, lip. 
schneuzen, v.t. blow (the nose) ; snuff (a candle) . 
schnippisch, a. pert, saucy. 
schnitt, pret. of schneiden. 
Schnitt, m. cut; cutting, incision; section; slice; 

edge (of a book) - r (surgical) operation; crop. 
Schnittbrenner, m. slit burner, batswing burner. 
Schnitte, /. cut, slice; sulfur match (for casks); 

chop; steak. 

Schnitter, TO. reaper, mower, corn cutter. 
Schnittflache, /. surface of a cut or section, 

sectional plane, section. 
Schnittholz, n. sawed timber. 
Schnittlauch, TO. chive. 

Schnittlinie, /. line of section or intersection. 
Schnittpunkt, m. point of intersection. 
Schnittwaren, draper's goods, dry goods. 
Schnitz, TO. cut, slice, chip, cutlet. 
Schnitzel, n. slice, chip, clipping, snipping, 

shred, scrap; cutlet. 
Schnitzelmaschine, /. slicing machine, slicer (as 

for sugar beets), shredding machine. 
schnitzeln, schnitzen, v.t. & i. cut, carve, chip, 


Schnitzer, TO. cutter, carver; blunder. 
Hchnode, a. base, contemptible; contemptuous. 
Schnorkel, m. scroll, flourish. 
schnuffeln, v.i. sniff ; snuffle; pry. 
Schnupfen, TO. cold, catarrh. 
Schnupftabak, m. snuff. 
schnuppern, v.i. snuffle, sniff. 
Schnur, /. string, cord, line, twine, tape, band. 
schniiren, v.t. tie up, string, lace, strap, constrict. 
Schniirkolben, TO. a flask with neck constricted 

at the top. 

Schnurrbar t, m. mustache. 
Schnurre, /. rattle; joke, story. 
schnurren, .t. buzz, hum, whir, whiz, purr; fib. 
schnurrig, o. funny, droll. 
schob, pret. of schieben. 
schobern, v.t. pile, stack. 
Schock, n. sixty. 
Schofel, m. trash, refuse. 
Schokolade, /. chocolate. 
Schokoladentafel, /. cake of chocolate. 

Scholle, /. clod; soil; flounder. 

Schollkraut, n. celandine. 

schon, adv. already; yet, since, ever, now, duly; 
indeed, surely, no doubt, to be sure; merely, 
alone; even. 

schon, a. beautiful, handsome, fine, lovely. 

Schone, /. fining, isinglass; fair one. 

schonen, v.t. & i. spare, save, protect, care for. 

schonen, v.t. fine, clarify, clear; gloss; brighten 
(colors); beautify. 

Schonfarber, TO. garment dyer, dyer in fine 

Schonf arberei, /. garment dyeing. 

Schb'ngriin, n. Paris green. 

Schonheit,/. beauty; fineness. 

Schonheitsmittel, n. cosmetic. 

Schbnheitswasser, n. beauty wash, liquid cos- 

schonungslos, a. unsparing, pitiless. 

Schbnungsmittel, n. fining agent, fining; (for 
colors) brightening agent. 

Schopf, TO. tuft; (head of) hair; (tree) top. 

Schopf biitte, /. (Paper) pulp vat, stuff vat. 

schopfen, v.t. draw (liquids, air, containers); 
scoop, dip, bale, ladle. 

Schopf er, TO. drawer (of water, etc.), dipper, 
scoop, ladle, bucket; creator, maker, author, 

Schopfgefass, n. scoop, dipper, ladle, bucket. 

Schopf herd, TO. casting crucible (of a furnace). 

Schopf kelle, /., Schopfloffel, TO. scoop, ladle. 

Schbpfrad, n. bucket wheel. 

Schopfrahmen, m. (Paper) deckle. 

Schopfung, /. creation. 

Schops, TO. wether; mutton; simpleton. 

Schopsenfleisch, n. mutton. 

Schopsentalg, TO. mutton tallow, (Pharm.) pre- 
pared suet. 

schor, pret. of scheren. 

Schorf, TO. scurf; scab. 

Schorl, TO. schorl. 

Schor lit, TO. pycnite (variety of topaz). 

Schornstein, TO. chimney, stack, flue. 

schoss, pret. of schiessen. 

Schoss.w.lap; womb; (coat) tails; shoot, sprig. 

Schossgerinne, n. channel, trough. 

Schossling, m. shoot, sprout, sucker. 

Schote, /. pod, shell, husk. 

Schotendorn, m. acacia; black locust. 

Schotengewachse, n. leguminous plants. 

Schotenpfeffer, m. red pepper, capsicum. 

Schotenpflanze, /. leguminous plant. 

Schotter, m. broken stone, macadam. 

schottisch, a. Scotch. 

schraffieren, v.t. (in drawings, etc.) shade, 
hatch, line. 

schrag, a. oblique, sloping, slanting, inclined, 

Schrage, /. slant, slope, bevel. 

schrak, pret. of schrecken. 




Schramme,/. scratch, slash; scar, cicatrix. 

schrammen, v.t. scratch, score, slash, scar. 

Schrank, m. cabinet, case, press, cupboard, 
closet, safe. 

Schranke,/. bar, barrier; bound, limit. in die 
Schranken treten, enter the lists. 

schranken, v.t. put across, cross. 

schrankweise, adv. crosswise. 

Schraper, m., Schrape, /. scraper; tracer. 

Schraube,/. screw. 

schrauben, v.t. screw; banter, mock. 

Schraubcnbohrer, m. screw tap; screw auger; 
twist drill. 

Schraubendreher, m. screw driver; wrench. 

Schraubenfeder, /. helical spring. 

schraubenformig, a. screw-shaped, spiral, hel- 

Schraubenlinie, /. helical line. 

Schraubenmutter, /. nut, female screw. 
Schraubenpresse, /. screw press, fly press. 
Schraubenquetschhahn, m. screw pinchcock. 

Schraubenschliissel, m. screw wrench, nut 


Schraubenstock, m. vise. 
Schraubenzieher, m. screw driver. 
Schraubstock, m. vise. 
Schraubzwinge, /. screw clamp. 
Schreck, m. fright, terror. 
schrecken, v.t. chill; frighten. v.i. be afraid. 
Schrecken, m. fright, terror, horror. 
schrecklich, a. frightful, terrible, awful. 
Schrei, m. cry, shriek, shout; bloom, cake (of 


Schreibart, /. mode of writing; style; spelling. 
schreiben, v.t. & i. write; (of instruments) 


Schreibfeder, /. (writing) pen. 
Schreibkies, m. marcasite. 
Schreibmaschine, /. typewriter. 
Schro ibmalerialien, /. writing materials, sta- 

Schreibpapier, n. writing paper. 
Schreibtinte, /. writing ink. 
Schreibweise, /. manner of writing. 
schreien, v.i. cry, shout, scream, shriek, bray. 

schreiend, p. a. (of colors) loud. 
Schreien, n. crying, etc. (see schreien) ; (of tin) 


Schrein, m. case, cabinet, chest, casket, press, 
schreiten, v.i. step, stride; proceed. 
schrie, pret. of schreien. 
schrieb, pret. of schreiben. 
Schrift, /. writing; characters; type; paper, 


Schriftabsatz, m. paragraph. 
Schrifterz, n. sylvanite. 
Schriftfuhrer, m. secretary. 
Schriftgiesser, m. type founder. 
Schriftgiessermetall, n. type metal. 
Schriftgold, n. sylvanite. 

Schriftgranit, m. graphic granite. 
Schriftguss, m. type founding. 
Schriftjaspis, m. jasper opal, 
schriftlich, a. written, in writing. 
Schriftmalerei, /. lettering. 
Schriftmetall, n. type metal. 
Schnftmutter,/. type mold, matrix. 
Schriftsetzer, m. typesetter, compositor. 
Schriftstein, m. graphic granite. 
Schrif Isteller, m. writer, author. 
Schrifttellur, n. graphic tellurium (sylvanite). 
Schriftzeichen, n. character, letter. 
Schriftzeug, n. type metal. 
Schrif tzug, m. (written) character; flourish. 
schritt, pret. of schreiten. 
Schritt, m. step; stride; pace, 
schrittweise, adv. step by step, 
schrob, pret. of schrauben. 
schroff, a. rough, harsh; steep, abrupt; gruff, 
schropfen, v.t. cup; scarify. 
Schrot, n. _& m. cut, piece, block, clipping; 
small shot; gpoats; selvage; due weight (of 
a coin); plumb bob; (Brewing) grist. 
schroten, v.t. cut in pieces, chip, clip; bruise, 

rough-grind; shoot (casks); gobble (food). 
Schrotcr, m. handler of barrels; woodcutter; 

stag beetle. 

Schrotfabrik, /. shot factory. 
Schrotling, m. piece, cutting; (Minting) blank, 


Schrotmehl, n. coarse meal. 
Schrotmetall, n. shot metal. 
Schrotmiihle, /. grist mill, bruising mill; malt 


schrubben, v.t. scrub, scour. 
Schrubber, m. scrubber. 

schriien, v.t. give the biscuit baking to (porce- 

Schrulle, /. whim, crotchet, 
schrumpfen, v.t. & i. shrink, contract, shrivel. 

schrumpfend, p. a. astringent. 
Schrumpfmass, n. (amount of) shrinkage, 


Schrumpfung, /. shrinking, contraction, shriv- 

Schub, TO. shove, push; thrust; throw; (Bak- 
ing) batch. 

Schubfach, n. drawer. 
Schubfenster, n. sash window, sash. 
Schubkurbel,/. (Mach.) crank. 
Schublade, /. drawer. 
Schublehre, Schubleere, /. sliding gage, slide 

schubweise, adv. by shoves, by thrusts; in 

batches; gradually. 
schiichtern, a. shy, coy, timid. 
schuf, pret. of schaffen. 
schuften, v.i. drudge, toil. 
Schuh, TO. shoe. 
Schuhriemen, m. shoestring, shoe lace. 




Schuhschwarze, Schuhwichse, /. shoe blacking. 

Schuld, /. debt; fault, blame; guilt; crime. 

Schuldbuch, n. ledger, account book. 

schulden, v.t. owe. 

schuldig, a. guilty, at fault; indebted, owing; 

Schuldigkeit, /. duty, obligation, debt. 

Schuldner, m. debtor. 

Schule, /. school. 

Schiller, m. scholar, pupil. 

Schulter, /. shoulder. 

schund, pret. of schinden. 

Schund, m, refuse, offal, rubbish. 

Schiippchen, n. little scale, flake. 

Schuppe, /. scale. 

Schiippe, /. shovel, scoop. 

schuppen, v.t. & r. scale, scale off, desquamate. 

Schuppen, m. carriage house, shed. 

schiippenartig, a. scaly, squamous. 

Schuppenglatte, /. flake litharge. 

Schuppenstein, m. lepicolite. 

schuppig, a. scaly, flaky, squamous. 

Schuppigkeit, /. scaliness. 

Schur,/. shearing; fleece; annoyance. 

Schurbel, m. = Schirbel. 

Schiireisen, n. poker, fire hook, fire iron. 

schuren, v.t. stir, poke, stoke (fire). 

schiirfen, v.t. scratch, scrape; open (a mine). 
v.i. prospect. 

Schiirhaken, TO. = Schiireisen. 

schurkisch, a. rascally. 

Schurloch, n. stoke hole, fire hole. 

Schurz, m., Schiirze, /. apron. 

schiirzen, v.t. tie; tuck up, gird up. 

Schuss, m. shot; blast; charge; shoot, shoot- 
ing, weft (of fabrics).; (Baking) batch. 

Schussel, /. dish. 

Schiisselzinn, n. pewter. 

Schuster, m. shoemaker; cobbler. 

Schusterpech, n. shoemaker's wax. 

Schutt, TO. rubbish, refuse. 

schiitteln, v.t. shake, agitate, churn. 

Schiittelwerk, n. shaking mechanism or ap- 

Schiittelzylinder, TO. shaking cylinder (stop- 
pered cylinder). 

schtitten, v.t. pour, shed; (Mining, etc.) yield. 

Schiittloch, n. feed hole. 

Schiittung, /. pouring, etc. (see schutten) ; bot- 
toming (for roads) ; (Brewing) extract-yield- 
ing materials. 

Schutz, m. protection, defense, shelter, screen. 

Schutz-. protecting, protective, guard, preserv- 

Schutzbeize, /. (Calico) resist, reserve. 

Schutzbeizendruck, TO. resist style. 

Schutzbrille, /. protecting spectacles, goggles. 

Schutzdecke, /. protective cover or coating. 

schiitzen, v.t. protect, guard, defend, shelter. 

Schutzengel, m. guardian angel. 

Schiitzenschaf t, /. rifle club. 

Schulzhiille, /. protective covering. 

Schutzimpfung, /. protective inoculation, vac- 

Schutzkappe, /. protecting cap 

Schutzkolloid, n. protective colloid. 

Schutzkraft, /. protective power. 

Schiitzling, m. protege, charge. 

schutzlos, a. unprotected. 

Schutzmann, TO. policeman. 

Schutzmantel, m. protecting jacket (or case) . 

Schutzmarke, /. trademark. 

Schutzmaske, /. protecting mask, face guard. 

Schutzmasse, /. (Calico) resist. 

Schutzmittel, n. preservative; preventive, pro- 
phylactic; (Calico) resist. 

Schutzpapp, m. = Schutzbeize. 

Schutzpockengift, n. vaccine virus. 

Schutzring, TO. guard ring. 

Schutzschicht, /. protective layer. 

Schutzstoff, TO. protective material. 

Schutztrichter, TO. protecting funnel (see Ablauf- 

Schutzvorrichtung, /. protecting device, pro- 
tective contrivance. 

Schutzwirkung, /. protective effect. 

Schutzzoll, TO. protective duty. 

schwach. a. weak; feeble, faint, low, dim, thin, 

Schwache, /. weakness, etc. (see schwach). 

schwachen, v.t. weaken; enfeeble, impair; ten- 
der (fibers); seduce. 

schwachsauerlich, a. weakly acid. 

schwachsiedend, p.a. gently boiling, simmering. 

Schwachung,/. weakening,etc. (see schwachen). 

Schwachungsmittel, n. depressant. 

Schwaden, TO. suffocating vapor or exhalation, 
damp; specif., choke damp; swath. feu- 
riger Schwaden, fire damp. 

Schwadenfang, m. hood; ventilator. 

Schwager, TO. brother-in-law. 

Schwalbe, /. swallow. 

Schwalbenwurz, /. swallowwort; (Pharm.) 

Schwall, TO. swell, flood, throng. 

schwamm, pret. of schwimmen. 

Schwamm, TO. sponge; mushroom; fungus; 
tinder; (Zinc) tutty; mass, lot. 

sch wammartig, a. sponge-like, spongy; fungous. 

Schwammfilter, n. sponge filter. 

Schwammgift, n. mushroom poison, muscarine. 

Schwammholz, n. spongy wood, decayed wood. 

schwammig, a. spongy, porous; (of paper) 

Schwammkupfer, n. spongy copper, copper 

Schwammstoff, TO. fungin. 

Schwan, TO. swan. 

schwand, pret. of schwinden. 

Schwand, TO. shrinkage, etc. (see schwinden). 




schwang, pret. of schwingen. 

Schwang, m. swing; vogue. 

schwanger, a. pregnant. 

schwangern, v.t. impregnate. 

Schwangerschaft, /. pregnancy. 

Schwangerung, /. impregnation. 

so h wank, a. flexible; slender; wavering. 

schwanken, v.i. fluctuate, oscillate; vary; 
shake, rock, reel; hesitate, waver. schwan- 
kend, p.a. unsettled, unsteady, uncertain. 

Schwankung, /. fluctuation, etc. (see schwan- 

Schwa nz, m. tail; train. 

Schwanzer, m. truant, shirk. 

Schwanzhahn, m. stopcock with an outlet thru 
the end of the key. 

Schwanzstern, m. comet. 

schwaren, v.i. fester, suppurate. 

Schwarm, m. swarm, crowd, throng; (Bact.) 

schwarmen, v.i. swarm; wander; revel; day- 
dream; rave. 

Sch warmer, m. rover; reveler; visionary; en- 
thusiast; (Zool.) sphinx; firecracker, serpent. 

Schwarte, /. rind, skin, crust, covering, scalp. 

schwarz, a. black; dark, swarthy. schwarz 
liegen, (of beer, etc.) be settled, be clear. 
schwarzes Wasser, (Pharm.) black mercurial 

Schwarz, n. black; blackness. 

Schwarzbeize, /. (Dyeing) black liquor, iron 

schwarzblau, a. very dark blue. 

Schwarzblech, n. black plate (untinned iron 

Schwarzblei, n. black lead (graphite). 

Schwarzbleierz, n. black lead spar (carbonifer- 
ous cerussite). 

Schwarzbraunstein, m. psilomelane. 

schwarzbriichig, a. (Metal.) black-short. 

Schwarze, /. black; blacking; printer's ink; 
blackness; swart hiness. 

schwarzen, v.t. blacken, black. 

Schwarzfarber, m. dyer in black. 

schwarzgar, a. black-tanned. 

schwarzgebrannt, p.a. (Metal.) kishy. 

vSchwarzgiilligerz, n. stephanite; polybasite. 

Schwarzkiimmel, TO. nutmeg flower (Nigella 

Schwarzkupfer, n. black copper, coarse 

Schwarzkupfererz, m. melaconite. 

schwarzlich, a. blackish. 

Schwarzmanganerz, n. hausmannite. 

Schwarzpech, n. black pitch, common pitch. 

Schwarzpulver, n. black powder. 

Schwarzschmelz, m. black enamel. 

Schwarzseher, m. pessimist. 

Schwarzsilbererz, n. black silver (stephanite). 

Schwarzspiessglanzerz, n. bournonite. 

Schwarzvitriol, m. black vitriol (impure ferrous 

Schwarzwurz, /. (Pharm.) symphytum. 

Schwarzzinkerz, n. franklinite. 

schwatzen, v.i. babble, chatter. 

Schwebe, /. suspension; suspense; sling; sus- 

schweben, v.i. hang, hover, float, be suspended, 
be pending. schwebend, p.a. suspended, 
in suspension, hanging, floating. 

Schwebestoff, TO. suspended substance (or 

schwedisch, a. Swedish. schwedisches Griin, 
Swedish green (Scheele's green). schwed- 
isches Holzchen, n. safety match. 

schweel-. See schwel-. 

Schwefel, m. sulfur. 

Schwefel-. of sulfur, sulfur, sulfuric, sulfide of, 
thio-, sulfo-. 

Schwefelalkali, n. alkali sulfide. 

Schwefelalkohol, m. old name for carbon disul- 

Schwefelammonium, Schwefelammon, n. am- 
monium sulfide. 

Schwefelantimon, n. antimony sulfide. 

schwefelantimonsauer, a. of or combined with 
thioantimonic acid, thioantimonate of. 

Schwefelantimonsaure, /. thioantimonic acid, 
sulfantimonic acid. 

Schwefelarsen, Schwefelarsenik, n. (any) sul- 
fide of arsenic. 

schwefelarsenig, a. thioarsenious, sulfarsenious. 

Schwefelarsensaure, /. thioarsenic acid, sulfar- 
senic acid. 

Schwefelart, /. kind or variety of sulfur. 

schwefelartig, a. sulfurous, sulfureous. 

Schwefelather, m. sulfuric ether (ethyl ether). 

Schwefelbad, n. sulfur bath. 

Schwefelbaryum, n. barium sulfide. 

Schwefelbestimmung, /. sulfur determination. 

Schwefelblausaure, /. sulfocyanic acid, thio- 
cyanic acid. 

Schwefelblei, n. lead sulfide. 

Schwefelblumen, Schwefelbluten, flowers 
of sulfur. 

Schwefelbrennofen, TO. sulfur kiln. 

Schwefelbromur, n. sulfur monobromide. 

Schwefelbrot, n. loaf of sulfur. 

Schwefelcadmium, n. cadmium sulfide. 

Schwefelcalcium, n. calcium sulfide. 

Schwefelchlorid, n. sulfur chloride, specif., sul- 
fur dichloride, SOU. 

Schwefelchloriir, n. sulfur monochloride. (SzCh). 

Schwefelchrom, n. chromium sulfide. 

Schwefelcyan, n. thiocyanogen, sulf ocyanogen ; 
cyanogen sulfide. 

Schwefelcyanammonium, n. ammonium thio- 
cyanate (or sulfocyanate). 

Schwefelcyankalium, n. potassium thiocyanate 
(or sulfocyanate). 

S chwef el cyanmetall 



Schwefelcyanmetall, n. metallic thiocyanate 

(or sulfocyanate). 
Schwefelcyansaure, /. thiocyanic acid, sulfo- 

eyanic acid. 
Schwefelcyanwasserstoffsaure, /. thiocyanic 

acid, sulfocyanic acid. 
Schwefeldampf, m. sulfur vapor. 
Schwefeldioxyd, n. sulfur dioxide, 
schwefelecht, a. (Dyeing) fast to stoving, fast 

to sulf urous acid. 

Schwefeleisen, n, iron (usually ferrous) sulfide. 
Schwefelerz, n. sulfur ore. 
Schwefelfarbe, /. sulfur color. 
Schwefelfarbstoff, m. sulfur dye. 
Schwefelform, /. mold for sulfur, brimstone 


Schwefelgallium, n. gallium sulfide. 
Schwefelgehalt, m. sulfur content. 
schwefelgelb, a. sulfur-yellow. 
Schwefelgerbung, /. sulfur tannage. 
Schwefelgermanium, n germanium sulfide. 
Schwefelgold, n. gold Sulfide. 
Schwefelgrube, /. sulfur pit, sulfur mine. 
Schwefelhalogen, n. sulfur halide. 
schwefelhaltig, a. containing sulfur, sulfurous. 
Schwefelharnstoff, TO. thiourea. 
Schwefelholzchen, Schwefelholz, n. sulfur 


Schwefelhutte, /. sulfur refinery. 
schwefelig, a. = schweflig. 
Schwefelindium, n. indium sulfide. 
Schwefeljodur, n. sulfur moniodide. 
Schwefelkadmium, n. cadmium sulfide. 
Schwefelkalium, n. potassium sulfide. 
Schwefelkalzium, n. calcium sulfide. 
Schwefelkammer, /. sulfur chamber, sulfuring 

room, sulfur stove. 

Schwefelkarbolsiiure, /. sulfoearbolic acid. 
Schwefelkies, m. iron pyrites. gemeiner 

Schwefelkies, pyrite. prismatischer Schwef- 
elkies, marcasite. 
Schwefelkobalt, m. cobalt sulfide. 
Schwefelkohlensaure, /. sulfocarbonic acid (tri- 

thiocarbonic acid, H 2 CS 3 ). 
Schwefelkohlenstoff, m. carbon disulfide. 
Schwefelkolben, m. retort for distilling sulfur. 
Schwefelkuchen, m. cake of sulfur. 
Schwefelkupfer, n. copper sulfide. 
Schwefellatwerge, /. (Pharm.) confection of 


Schwefellauterofen, m. sulfur refining furnace. 
Schwefelleber, /. liver of sulfur, hepar. 
Schwefelmagnesium, n. magnesium sulfide. 
Schwefelmangan, n. manganese sulfide. 
Schwefelmetall, n. metallic sulfide. 
Schwefelmilch, /. milk of sulfur. 
Schwefelmolybdan, . molybdenum sulfide. 
schwefeln, v.L sulfurize, sulfurate, sulfur. 
Schwefelnatrium, Schwefelnatron, n. sodium 


Schwefelnickel, m. nickel sulfide. 
Schwefelniederschlag, m. precipitate of sulfur, 

precipitated sulfur. 
Schwefelofen, m. sulfur burner. 
Schwefeloxyd, n. (any) sulfur oxide. 
Schwefelphosphor, m. (any) phosphorus sulfide. 
Schwefelquecksilber, n. mercury sulfide. 
Schwefelquelle, /. sulfur spring. 
Schwefelraucherung, /. sulfur fumigation. 
Schwefelsalz, n. sulfur salt, thio salt, sulfo salt; 

schwefelsauer, a. of or combined with sulfuric 

acid, sulfate of. 

Schwefelsaure, /. sulfuric acid. 
Schwefelsaureanhydrid, n. sulfuric anhydride, 

sulfur trioxide. 
Schwefelsaurefabrikation, /. manufacture of 

sulfuric acid. 

Schwefelsaurekammer,/. sulfuric acid chamber. 
Schwefelschlacke, /. sulfur dross. 
Schwefelschwarz, n. sulfur black. 
Schwefelsilber, n. silver sulfide. 
Schwefelspiessglanz, m. stibnite. 
Schw efelstange, /. roll of sulfur. 
Schwefelstiick, n. piece of sulfur. 
Schwefelthallium, n. thallium sulfide. 
Schwefeltonerde, /. aluminium sulfide. 
Schwefelung, /. sulfurization, sulfuring. 
Schwefelverbindung, /. sulfur compound. 
Schwefelwasser, n. sulfur water. 
Schwefelwasserstoff, m. hydrogen sulfide. 
Schwefelwasserstoffrest, m. hydrogen sulfide 

residue, sulfhydryl, SH'. 
Schwefelwasserstoffsaure, /. hydrosulfuric acid 

(H 2 S). 
Schwefelweinsaure, /. sulphovinic acid (old 

name for ethylsulfuric acid). 
Schwefelwerk, n. sulfur refinery. 
Schwefelwismut, n. bismuth sulfide. 
Schwefelzink, m. & n. zinc sulfide. 
Schwefelzinkweiss, n. lithopone, zincolith (a 

pigment containing chiefly zinc sulfide). 
Schwefelzinn, n. tin sulfide. 
Schwefelzyan-. See Schwefelcyan-. 
schweflig, a. sulfurous. schweflige Saure, 

sulfurous acid, 
schwefligsauer, a. of or combined with sulfurous 

acid, sulfite of. 

Schwefligsaure, /. sulfurous acid. 
Schwefligsaureanhydrid, n. sulf urous anhydride, 

sulfur dioxide. 

Schwefligsauregas, n. sulfur dioxide. 
Schwefligsaurewasser, n. aqueous sulfurous 


Schweif, m. tail; warp (of fabrics). 
schweifen, v.L curve; chamfer; rinse; tail. 

v.i. stray, ramble. 

Schweifung, /. curve, rounding, swell. 
schweigen, v.i. be silent, hush. 
Schweigen, n. silence. 




schweigsam, a. silent; taciturn, reserved. 

Schwein, n. hog, pig, swine. 

Schweinbrot, n. = Erdbrot. 

Schweinefett, n. hog fat, lard. 

Schweinefieisch, n. pork. 

Schweineschmalz, Schweineschmer, n. lard. 

Schweinigel, m. hedgehog; filthy fellow. 

Schweinshaut, /. hogskin, pigskin. 

Schweinsleder, n. hogskin, pigskin (leather). 

Schweiss, m. sweat, perspiration. 

Schweiss-. welding, weld; sweat, sweaty, sudo- 

Schweissarbeit, /. welding. 

schweissbar, a. weldable, welding. 

schweissbefordernd, p.a. sudorific, diaphoretic. 

schweissecht, a. fast to perspiration. 

Schweisseisen, n. weld iron. 

schweissen, v.t. weld. v.i. begin to melt; (of 
liquids) leak. 

Schweissen, n. welding. 

Schweisser, m. welder. 

schweisserregend, p.a. = schweissbefordend. 

Schweissfehler, m. defect in welding. 

Schweissfliissigkeit,/. sweat. 

schweissgewaschen, p.a. (of wool) washed in 
the grease. 

Schweisshitze, /. welding heat. 

Schweissloch, n. sweat pore. 

Schweissmittel, n. sudorific, diaphoretic. 

Schweissnaht, /. weld seam. 

Schweissofen, m. v/elding furnace, reheating 

Schweissprozess, m. welding process. 

Schweisspulver, n. welding powder; diaphor- 
etic powder. 

Schweissschmiedeeisen, n. weld iron (as dis- 
tinguished from weld steel). 

Schweissstahl, m. weld steel. 

Schweissstelle, /. place where metal is welded, 

schweisstreibend, p.a. = schweissbefordernd. 

Schweissung, /. welding, weld. 

Schweisswalzen, roughing rolls. 

schweisswarm, a. welding-hot. 

Schweisswarme, /. welding heat. 

Schweisswoile, /. wool containing suint, wool 
in the yolk. 

Schweiz, /. Switzerland. 

Schweizer , m. Swiss. 

Schweizerkase, m. Swiss cheese. 

schwelchen, v.t. (Brewing) wither, air-dry. 

Schwelchmaiz, n. withered (air-dried) malt. 

schwelen, v.t. & i. burn slowly, smolder, distil 

schwelgen, v.i. carouse, revel. 

schwelken, v.t. = schwelchen. 

schwellbar, a. capable of swelling. 

Schwellbeize, /. (Leather) swelling liquor. 

Schwelle, /. sill, threshold; beam, sleeper; 
cross bar. 

schwellen, v.t. & i. swell, distend; (Leather) 


Schwellgewebe, n. (Anat.) erectile tissue. 
Schwellkorper, m. (Anat.) corpus cavernosum. 
Schwellkraft, /. (Leather) plumping power. 
Schwellmittel, n. (Leather) plumping agent. 
Schwellung, /. swelling, tumefaction. 
Schwelretorte, /. retort for coal or tar distilla- 

Schwemme, /. watering; watering place. 
schwemmen, v.t. water; wash; float; deposit, 
schwenken, v.t. swing, flourish, wave; rinse. 

v.i. wheel about. 

schwer, a. heavy; difficult, hard, severe. 
adv. heavily, difficultly, etc. schweres Wein- 
51, see Weinol. 

Schwerbleierz, n. plattnerite. 

Schwere, /. heaviness, weight; gravity; dif- 
ficulty, hardness. 

Schweremesser, m. barometer. 

Schwererde, /. heavy earth, baryta (BaO). 

schwerfallig, a. clumsy, heavy, dull, slack. 

schwerfliichtig, a. difficultly volatile, not easily 

Schwerfliichtigkeit, /. difficult volatility. 

schwerfliissig, o. difficultly fusible, refrac- 

Schwerfliissigkeit, /. difficult fusibility, refrac- 

Schwerfrucht, /. heavy grain (as wheat, rye). 

schwerhdrig, a. hard of hearing. 

Schwerkraft, /. force of gravity. 

Schwerleder, n. sole leather. 

schwerlich, adv. hardly, scarcely, difficultly. 

schwerloslich, a. difficultly soluble, slightly sol- 

Schwermetall, n. heavy metal. 

Schwermut, /. melancholy. 

Schwerol, n. heavy oil. 

Schwerpunkt, m. center of gravity. 

Schwerschwarz, n. (Dyeing) weighted black. 

Schwerspat, m. heavy spar, barite. 

Schwerstein, m. scheelite. 

Schwert, n. sword. 

Schwertantalerz, n. tantalite. 

Schwertlilie, /. iris, fleur-de-lis. 

schwerwiegend, p.a. weighty, serious. 

Schwester, /. sister. 

schwieg, pret. of schweigen. 

Schwiegermutter, /. mother-in-law. 

Schwiele, /. callosity; wale, welt. 

schwielig, a. callous, horny; waled. 

schwierig, a. hard, difficult; fastidious. 

Schwierigkeit, /. difficulty, obstacle. 

schwiert, pr. 3 sing, of schwaren. 

schwillt, pr. 8 sing, of schwellen. 

Schwimmblase, /. air bladder, sound. 

schwimmen, v.i. swim; float. 

Schwimmer, m. float; swimmer. 

Schwimmfeder, Schwimmflosse, /. fin. 




Schwimmgerste, /. (Brewing) float barley, 

Schwimmkiesel, m. floatstone. 

Sch w immkorper, m. swimming or floating body, 

Schwimmkraft, /. buoyancy. 

Schwimmmethode, /. flotation method. 

Schwimmsand, TO. quicksand. 

Schwimmstein, TO. floatstone. 

Schwindel, m. vertigo; sell, swindle; kit, lot. 

schwinden, v.i. shrink, contract; dwindle, 
waste; disappear. 

Schwinden, n. shrinking, shrinkage, etc. (see 

Schwindmass, n. amount of shrinkage, shrink- 

Schwindsucht, /. consumption, phthisis. 

Schwindung, /. = Schwinden. 

Schwindungsfahigkeit, /. tendency to shrink, 
property of shrinking. 

Schwinge,/. wing; single. 

Schwingelgras, n. fescue grass, fescue. 

schwingen, v.i. vibrate; swing, oscillate. 
v.t. swing, wave; centrifuge; winnow; 
swingle. schwingend, p.a. vibrating, vibra- 
tory, oscillating, oscillatory, swinging. 

Schwingung, /. vibration; swinging, swing, 

Schwingungsbewegung, /. vibratory (or oscil- 
latory) motion. 

Schwingungsebene, /. plane of vibration. 

Schwingungsweite, /. amplitude of vibration. 

Schwingungswelle, /. undulation, vibrational 

Schwingungszahl, /. vibration number, rate of 

Schwingungszeit, /. time of vibration. 

schwirren, v.i. whiz, whir, buzz, chirp. v.l. 
whiz, centrifuge. 

Schwitze, /. sweat, sweating. 

schwitzen, v.i. & t. sweat. 

Schwitzmittel, n. sudorific, diaphoretic. 

Schwitzpulver, n. diaphoretic powder. 

Schwitzroste, /. steam retting. 

Schwode,/. place where hides are limed; state 
of being limed. 

Schwbdebrei, TO. (Leather) lime cream. 

Schwiidefass, n. (Leather) lime vat, lime. 

Schwodegrube, /. (Leather) lime pit, lime. 

Schwodemasse, /. (Leather) lime cream. 

schwoden, v.t. lime (hides). 

schwoll, fret, of schwellen. 

schwomm, pret. of schwimmen. 

schwor, pret. of schwaren and of schwdren. 

schworen, v.t. & i. swear. 

schwiil, a. sultry, close. 

Schwulst, m. swelling, tumor. 

Schwund, TO. atrophy, withering, disappearance. 

Schwung, w. vibration, oscillation, swing; soar- 
ing, flight, activity. 

Schwungbewegung, /. vibratory motion. 

Schwungbrett, n. spring board. 

Schwunggewicht, n. pendulum. 

schwunghaft, a. swinging, soaring, lively. 

Schwungkraft, /. centrifugal force; vibrating 
power; liveliness. 

Schwungtnaschine, /. centrifugal whirler. 

Schwungrad, n. flywheel; balance wheel. 

schwur, pret. of schwaren and of schworen. 

Schwur, TO. oath. 

schwiirig, a. suppurating. 

sd., abbrev. (siedend) boiling; (siedet) boils. 

s.d. f abbrev. (siehe dies) see this, which see, q.v. 

Sd., abbrev. (Siedepunkt) boiling point. 

Sebacinsaure, /. sebacic acid. 

sechs, a. six. 

sechsatomig, a. hexatomic. 

Sechseck, n. hexagon. 

sechseckig, a. hexagonal. 

sechsfach, gechsfiiltig, a. sixfold, sextuple. 

Sechsflach, n., Sechsflachner, m. hexahedron. 

sechsflachig, a. hexahedral. 

sechsgliedrig, a. six-membered. 

sechsmonatlich, a. half-yearly, semi-annual. 

sechssaurig, a. hexacid. 

sechsseitig, a. six-sided, hexagonal. 

sechste, a. sixth. 

Sechstel, n. sixth. 

sechswertig, a. hexavalent, sexivalent. 

sechswinklig, a. six-angled, hexangular, hex- 

sechszahlig, a. sixfold. 

sechzehn, a. sixteen. 

sechzig, a. sixty. 

Sedativsalz, n. sedative salt (old name for 
boric acid). 

See,/, sea. 

See, m. lake. 

Seealgen, marine algae. 

Seebad, n. sea bath; seaside resort. 

Seeerz, TO. lake (iron) ore. 

Seegewachs, n. sea plant, marine plant, sea- 

Seehund, TO. seal. 

Seehundstran, TO. seal oil. 

Seekohl, TO. sea kale. 

seekrank, a. seasick. 

Seekrebs, TO. lobster. 

Seele, /. soul; mind; shaft (of a blast furnace); 
core (of a rope). 

Seelen-. of the soul, psychic, mental. 

Seelenforscher, m. psychologist. 

seelenfroh, a. extremely glad. 

Seelenkunde, Seelenlehre, /. psychology. 

Seelenruhe, /. tranquillity; mental rest. 

Seemoos, n. sea moss, carrageen. 

Seepflanze, /. marine plant, sea plant. 

Seesalz, n. sea salt. 

Seeschlick, m. sea ooze. 

Seetang, TO. seaweed (esp. Fucus), sea tang. 




Seetier, n. marine animal. 

Seewasser, n. sea water. 

Segel, n. sail. 

Segen, m. blessing, benediction; abundance, 

Segerkegel, m., Seger'scher Kegel. Seger 


segnen, v.t. bless; cross. 
Seh-. of sight, visual, optic. 
Sehe, /. pupil (of the eye). 
sehen, v.t. see. v.i. see, look. 
Sehen, n. seeing, sight, vision. 
Sehenswiirdigkeit, /. sight, spectacle, curiosity. 
Seher, m. seer. 
Sehlehre,/. optics. 
Sehne, /. sinew, tendon; (Metal.) fiber; (Geom.) 


Sehneisen, n. fibrous iron. 
Sehnen-. of a tendon, tendinous, 
sehnen, v.r. long, yearn. 
Sehnerv, m. optic nerve. 
sehnig, a. tendinous, sinewy; (Metal., etc.) 


sehnlich, a. longing. 
Sehnsucht, /. longing, yearning, desire. 
sehr, adv. very, very much, very well. 
Sehrohr, n. telescope. 
sei, pr.subj. of sein. 
seicht, a. shallow; low, flat. 
Seide,/. silk. 

Seidel, n. pint, half-liter; tankard (for beer). 
Seidelbast, m. mezereon (Daphne mezereum). 
seiden, a. silk, silken. 
Seidenabfall, m. silk waste, waste silk. 
seidenartig, a. silky. 
Seidenasbest, m. silky asbestos. 
Seidenbast, m. tussah silk. 
Seidenbau, m. silk culture, sericulture. 
Seidenfabrik,/. silk mill. 
Seidenfibrin, n. fibroin. 
Seidenflor, m. silk gauze. 
Seidengarn, n. silk yarn, spun silk. 
Seidenglanz, m. silky luster. 
Seidenholz, n. satinwood. 
Seidenleim, m. silk glue, sericin. 
Seidenpapier, n. tissue paper. 
Seidenraupe, /. silkworm. 
Seidenschrei, m. scroop of silk. 
Seidlitzpulver, n. Seidlitz powder, 
seiend, of sein. 
Seife, /. soap, 
seifecht, a. fast to soaping, 
seifen, v.t. soap, lather; wash, scour; (Mining) 


SeifenabfaUe, soap scraps, 
seifenartig, a. soapy, saponaceous. 
Seifenasche, /. soap ashes. 
Seifenbad, n. soap bath. 
Seifenbalsam, m. soap liniment, opodeldoc. 
Seifenbereitung, /. soap making. 

Seifenbildung, /. formation of soap, saponifica- 

Seifenblase, /. soap bubble. 

Seifenbriihe, /. soap suds. 

Seifenerde, /. fuller's earth. 

Seifenerz, n. alluvial ore. 

Seifenfabrikant, m. soap maker. 

Seifcnfabrikation, /. soap making or manufac- 

Seifenform, /. soap frame. 

Seifengold, n. placer gold. 

Seifenlauge, /. soap solution, soap suds. 

Seifenleim, m. soap glue, soap paste; (Paper) 
soap size. 

Seifenlosung, /. soap solution. 

Seifenpulver, n. soap powder. 

Seifenriegel, m. bar of soap, soap bar. 

Seifenrinde, /. soapbark. 

Seifenschabsel, n. soap scraps. 

Seifenschaum, m. lather. 

Seifenschmiere, /. (Leather) soap stuff. 

Seifensieder, m. soap boiler. 

Seifensiederasche, /. soap ashes. 

Seifenstein, m. soapstone, steatite. 

Seifentafel,/. slab of soap. 

Seifentafelchen, n. cake or tablet of soap. 

Seifenwasser, n. soap suds. 

Seifenwurzel, /. soapwort; soaproot. 

Seifenzinn, n. stream tin. 

seifig, a. soapy, saponaceous. 

seiger, a. perpendicular. 

Seigerarbeit, /. (Metal.) liquation, liquation 

Seigerblei, n. liquation lead. 

Seigerdorner, liquation dross. 

Seigerherd, m. liquation hearth. 

Seigerhiitte, /. liquation works. 

seigern, v.t. (Metal.) liquate. 

Seigerofen, m. liquation furnace. 

Seigerpfanne, /. liquation pan. 

Seigerschlacke, /. liquation slag. 

Seigerstiick, n. liquation cake. 

Seigerung, /. liquation. 

Seigerwerk, n. liquation works. 

Seignettesalz, n. Seignette salt (Rochelle salt, 
sodium potassium tartrate). 

Seihe, /. strainer, filter; (Brewing) spent malt. 

Seiheboden, m. strainer bottom, perforated 

Seihegefass, n. straining vessel, filtering vessel. 

seihen, v.t. strain, filter. 

Seihepapier, n. filter paper. 

Seihcr, m. strainer, filter. 

Seihesack, m. filtering bag. 

Seihestein, m. filtering stone. 

Seihetrichter, m. straining funnel, strainer. 

Seihetuch, n. straining cloth, filtering cloth. 

Seihgefass, etc. = Seihegefass, etc. 

Sell, n. rope, cable, cord, line. 

Seller, m. rope maker. 




Seilerwaren, cordage. 

Seim, m, glutinous liquid; strained honey. 

seimig, a. glutinous, mucilaginous. 

Bein, v.i. be. 

sein, pron. his, its. 

Sein, n. being, existence. 

seiner, pron. of him, of it, his. 

seinerseits, adv. for his part. 

seinige, pron. his, his own. 

seit, prep. & conj. since. 

seitdem, adv. since then, ever since. conj . since. 

Seite,/. side; face (of a solid) ; page (of a book) . 

Seiten-. side, lateral. 

Seitenanmerkung,/. marginal note. 

Seiteneck, n., Seitenecke, /. lateral summit. 

Seitenflache,/. lateral face; flat side, facet. 

Seitenkante,/. lateral edge. 

Seitenkette,/. side chain. 

Seitenliinge, /. length of a side, lateral length. 

Seitenrohr, n., Seitenrohre, /. side tube, branch 
tube, branch pipe. ' 

seitens, ad p. on behalf (of), on the part (of). 

Seitenstiick, n. sidepiece; counterpart. 

seither, adv. since then; till now. 

-seitig. -sided, -lateral. 

seitlich, a. side, lateral; collateral. adv. at the 
side, laterally. 

seit warts, adv. sideways; aside. 

Sekante, /. secant. 

Sekret, n. secretion; privy. 

Sekt, Sektwein, tn. dry wine. 

Sektion,/. section; (Med.) dissection. 

sekundar, a. secondary. 

Sekundarkreis, m. (Elec.) secondary circuit. 

Sekundarstrahlung, /. secondary radiation. 

Sekunde, /. second. 

selbe, a. same. 

selber, pron. self. 

selbst, pron. self, myself, himself, etc. 

Sc-lbst-. self-, automatic, spontaneous, auto-. 

Selbstachtung, /. self-respect, self-esteem. 

selbstandig, a. independent, self-dependent. 

Selbstbeherrschung, /. self-control. 

selbstbewusst, p.a. self-conscious; conceited. 

Selbstbiographie, /. autobiography. 

selbstentziindlich, a. spontaneously inflam- 

Selbstentziindung, /. spontaneous ignition. 

Selbsterhitzung, /. self -heating. 

selbsterregend, p.a. self-exciting. 

Selbsterzeugung, /. spontaneous generation, 

Selbstfarbe, /. self color, solid color. 

Selbstgarung, /. spontaneous fermentation. 

selbstgefallig, o. self-complacent. 

Selbst gefiihl, n. self -consciousness; self-confi- 

selbstgemacht, p.a. self-made; home-made. 

Selbstgift, n. autotoxin. 

Selbstherrscher, m. autocrat. 

selbstisch, a. selfish. 

Selbstkante, /. selvage, list. 

Selbstlaut, Selbstlauter, m. vowel. 

selbstlos, a. unselfish. 

Selbstlotung, /. autogenic soldering. 

Selbstmord, m. suicide. 

selbstredend, p.a. self-evident. 

Selbstreinigung, /. self-purification, autopuri- 

Selbstschrift,/. autograph. 

selbststandig, a. = selbstandig. 

selbsttatig, a. self-acting, automatic; (of flour) 

Selbstunterbrecher, m. (Elec.) automatic inter- 

Selbstverbrennung, /. spontaneous combustion. 

Selbst verdauung, /. autodigestion. 

selbstverstandlich, a. self-evident. adv. of 

selbstwirkend, p.a. self-acting, automatic. 

Selbstzersetzung,/. spontaneous decomposition. 

Selbstzeugung, /. spontaneous generation. 

Selbstziinder, m. pyrophorus; self-igniter, au- 
tomatic lighter. 

Selen, n. selenium. 

Selen-. selenium, selenic, selenide of, seleno-. 

Selenblei, n. lead selenide. 

Selenbriicke,/. selenium bridge. 

Selenchlorid, n. selenium chloride. 

Selenchloriir, n. selenium monochloride (Se2Cl2). 

Selencyanid, n. selenocyanate. 

Selencyankalium, n. potassium selenocyanate. 

Seleneisen, n. ferrous selenide (FeSe). 

Selcnhalogen, n. selenium halide. 

selenhaltig, a. containing selenium, seleniferous. 

selenig, a. selenious. selenige Saure, selenious 

selenigsauer, a. of or combined with selenious 
acid, selenite of. 

Selenkupfer, n. copper selenide. 

Selenmetall, n. metallic selenide. 

Selenoxyd, n. selenium oxide. 

selensauer, a. of or combined with selenic acid, 
selenate of. 

Selensaure, /. selenic acid. 

Selenschlamm, m. selenium mud, selenium 
slime (seleniferous deposit in sulfuric acid 

Selensilber, n. silver selenide. 

Selenwasserstoff, m. hydrogen selenide. 

Selenwasscrstoffsaure, /. hydroselenic acid. 

sclig, a. blessed; happy; late, deceased. 

Sellerie, m. & /. celery. 

selten, a. rare, scarce, unusual. adv. seldom, 

Seltenheit, /. rareness, rarity, scarcity. 

Selterswasser, n. Seltzer water, seltzer. 

seltsam, a. singular, strange, curious. 

semicyclisch, a. semicyclic. 

Semidinumlagerung,/. semidine rearrangement. 




semimer, a. semimeric. 


Semmelmehl, n. wheat flour. 

senden, v.t. & i. send. 

Sen dung, /. sending; shipment; parcel; mis- 

Senega wurzel, /. senega root. 

Senf, m. mustard. 

Senfgeist, m. (volatile) oil of mustard. 

Senfkorn, n. mustard seed. 

Senfmehl, n. ground mustard. 

Senfol, n. mustard oil. 

Senfsame, m. mustard seed. 

sengen, v.t. singe; flame; scorch, parch. 

Senkboden, m. (Brewing) false bottom, strainer. 

Senkel, m. plummet ; lace. 

senken, v.t. sink, lower. v.r. sink, subside. 

Senkgrube,/. cesspool; sump; catch basin. 

Senkkorper, m. sinker, bob. 

senkrecht, a. perpendicular, vertical. 

Senkspindcl, /. specific gravity spindle, hy- 

Senkung, /. sinking, lowering, subsiding; in- 
clination; hollow. 

Senkwage,/. = Senkspindel; plumb rule. 

Sennesblatter, senna leaves, senna. 

Sennesstrauch, m. senna (the herb). 

Sense, /. scythe. 

sensibel, a. sensitive, sensible. 

Sensibilitat, /. sensibility, sensitiveness. 

separieren, v.t. & r. separate. 

septisch, a. septic. 

Serie, /. series. 

Serienschnitt, m. serial section. 

seros, a. serous. 

Serviette, /. napkin. 

Sesam, m. sesame. 

Sesamol, n. sesame oil. 

Sessel, m. easy-chair, stool, seat. 

sesshaft, a. resident, settled; stationary; sed- 

setzen, v.t. set, put, place; plant; jig, sieve 
(ore) ; wager. v.r. settle, precipitate, be de- 
posited; sink, subside; sit down. v.i. run, 
leap, cross. gesetzt, p.a. set, etc.; settled, 
steady, serious ; supposing, assuming. 

Setzer, m. compositor; setter; tamper. 

Setzerfehler, m. compositor's error. 

Setzzapfen, m. suppository. 

Seuche, /. contagious or infectious disease, 

seufzen, v.i. sigh; groan. 

Sevenbaum, m., Sevenkraut, n. savin. 

sexuell, a. sexual. 

sezernieren, v.t. secrete. 

sezieren, v.t. dissect. 

e.g., abbrev. (sogenannt) so-called. 

8.G., abbrev. (spezifisches Gewicht) specific 

Shikimisaure,/. shikimic acid. 

sich, pron. oneself, himself, herself, itself, them- 
selves; each other, one another. 

Sichel,/. sickle; crescent. 

sicher, a. safe, secure, certain, true. 

Sicherheit,/. safety, security. 

Sicherheitslampe, /. safety lamp. 

Sicher heitsrohre,/. safety tube. 

Sicherheitssprengsioff, m. safety explosive. 

Sicherheitstrichterrohr, n. safety tube. 

Sicherheitsventil, n. safety valve. 

Sicherheitsziindholzchen, n. safety match. 

sichern, v.t. secure, ensure, guarantee. gesich- 
ert, p.o. secured; guaranteed; safe, certain. 

Sichcrung, /. securing, security; security (or 
securing) device, as an electric fuse or cut- 

Sicht, /. sight. 

sichtbar, a. visible; evident. 

sichten, v.t. sift; bolt (flour). 

sichtlich, a. visible; evident. 

sickern, v.i. trickle, ooze. 

Sickerwasser, n. ground water. 

sie, pron. she, her, it, they, them. 

Sie, pron. you. 

Sieb, n. sieve; screen, riddle, bolter, strainer. 

Siebboden, m. bottom of a sieve; perforated 

sieben, v.t. sift, sieve; riddle, screen, bolt. 

sieben, a. seven. 

siebengliedrig, a. seven-membered. 

siebente, a. seventh. 

siebenwertig, a. heptavalent, septivalent. 

siebformig, a. sieve-shaped, sievelike. 

Siebmaschine, /. sifting machine, screening 

Siebmehl, n. coarse flour; siftings. 

Siebplatte, /. sieve plate. 

Siebsatz, m. set of sieves. 

Siebschale,/. dish with perforated bottom. 

Siebsel, n. siftings. 

Siebstaub, m. siftings. 

Siebtrommel, /. revolving screen. 

Siebtuch, n. bolting cloth. 

Siebwasser, n. (Paper) back water. 

siebzehn, a. seventeen. 

siebzig, a. seventy. 

siech, a. sick, sickly, languishing. 

Siedeabfalle, scum or sediment from 

Siedeapparat, m. boiling (or boiling-point) 

Siedeblech, n. bofiing plate. 

Siedegefass, n. boiling vessel, boiler. 

Siedegrad, m. boiling point. 

Siedehaus, n. boiling house, boilery. 

Siedehitze, /. boiling heat. 

Siedekessel, m. boiling vessel, boiling pan, 

Siedekolben, m. boiling flask. 

Siedekurve, /. boiling-point curve 




Siedelauge, /. boiling lye, boiling liquor. 

sieden, v.t. & i. boil; brew (beer). 

Sieden, n. boiling, ebullition. 

Siedenlassen, n. allowing to boil. 

Siedepfanne, /. boiling pan, evaporating pan. 

Siedepunkt, TO. boiling point. 

Siedepunktbestiminung, /. boiling-point deter- 

Siedepunktserhohung, /. raising of the boiling 

Siederei, /. boilery, boiling room or house; 
(Sugar) refinery. 

Siederohr, ., Siederohre, /. boiling tube, dis- 
tilling tube. 

Siedesalz, n. common salt. 

Siedesole, /. brine. 

Siedeverzug, m. delay in boiling. 

Siedkessel, TO. = Siedekessel. 

Siedkolben, TO. boiling flask. 

Sieg, m. victory. 

Siegel, n. seal. 

Siegelerde, /. terra sigillata (Lemnian earth). 

Siegellack, TO. & n. sealing wax. 

Siegclwachs, n. soft sealing wax. 

siegen, v.i. be victorious, triumph, conquer. 

sieht, pr. 3 sing, of sehen. 

sieken, v.t. crease, seam. 

Sienaerde, /. sienna. 

Signatur,/. signature; mark, stamp. 

signieren, v.t. sign; mark, brand. 

Sikkativ, n. siccative. 

Silbe,/. syllable. 

Silber, n. silver. 

silberartig, a. silvery, argentine. 

Silberatzstein, m. lunar caustic (silver nitrate). 

Silberbad, n. silver bath. 

Silberbaum, m. silver tree, arbor Dianae. 

Silberbelegung, /. silver coating. 

Silberblech, n. silver foil, (thin) silver plate. 

Silher blonde, /. pyrargyrite; proustite. 

Silberblick, TO. brightening or fulguration of 
silver, silver " blick." 

Silberbrennen, n. silver refining. 

Silberbromid, n. silver bromide. 

Silberbromiir, n. silver subbromide. 

Silberchlorid, n. silver chloride. 

Silberchloriir, n. silver subchloride. 

Silbererz, n. silver ore. 

Silber essigsalz, n. silver acetate. 

Silberfahlerz, n. argentiferous tetrahedrite. 

silberfarben, a. silver-colored, silvery. 

Silberfluoriir, n. silver subfluoride. 

Silberfolie,/. silver foU. 

Silbergehalt, TO. silver content. 

Silbergewinnung, /. extraction of silver. 

Silberglanz, m. silvery luster; silver glance, 

silberglanzend, p.a. silvery. 

Silber glas, Silberglaserz, n. argentite. 

Silberglatte, /. litharge. 

Silberglimmer, TO. common mica, muscovite. 

Silbergold, n. argentiferous gold, electrum. 

silbergrau, a. silver-gray. 

Silbergrube, /. silver mine. 

silberhaltig, a. containing silver, argentiferous. 

Silberhornerz, n. horn silver, cerargyrite. 

Silberhutte,/. silver foundry, silver works. 

Silberjodid, n. silver iodide. 

Silberjodur, n. silver subiodide. 

Silberkupferglanz, m. stromeyerite. 

Silberlegierung,/. silver alloy. 

Silberlosung,/. silver solution. 

Silbermiinze, /. silver coin. 

silbern, a. silver. 

Silberniederschlag, m. silver precipitate. 

Silbernitrat, n. silver nitrate. 

Silberoxyd, n. silver oxide. 

Silberoxydul, n. silver suboxide. 

Silberpapier, n. silver paper, silvered paper. 

silberplattiert, p.a. silver-plated. 

Silberplattierung, /. silver plating. 

Silberprobe, /. test for silver, silver assay. 

silberreich, a. rich in silver. 

Silbersalpeter, TO. silver nitrate. 

Silbersalz, n. silver salt. 

Silberschaum, m. silver in thin leaves. 

Silberscheidung, /. separation of silver; silver 


Silberschlaglot, n. silver solder. 
Silberschwarze, /. earthy argentite. 
silberschweflig, a. argentosulfurous. 
Silberspat, TO. cerargyrite. 
Silberspiessglanz, m. antimonial silver, dys- 


Silberstahl, m. silver steel. 
Silbertiegel, TO. silver crucible. 
Silbervitriol. TO. silver sulfate. 
Silberwaren, silverware. 
Silberweiss, n. silver white, 
silberweiss, a. silver-white. 
Silicium, n. silicon. 
Silicium-. silicon, silico-, silicide of. 
Siliciumameisensaure, /. silicoformic acid. 
Siliciumathan, n. silicoethane. 
Siliciumbromid, n. silicon bromide. 
Siliciumchloroform, n. silicochloroform. 
Siliciumeisen, n. iron silicide. 
Silicium fluor id, n. silicofluoride (fluosilicate). 
Silicium fluorverbindung, /. fluosilicate. 
Siliciumfluorwasserstoff, m., -stoffsaure, /. 

fluosilicic acid. 

siliciumhaltig, a. containing silicon, siliceous. 
Siliciumjodid, n. silicon iodide. 
Siliciumkarbid, n., Siliciumkohlenstoff, TO. 

silicon carbide. 

Siliciummagnesium, n. magnesium silicide. 
Siliciummetall, n. metallic silicide. 
Siliciummethan, n. silicomethane, silicon tetra- 

Siliciumoxalsaure, /. silicooxalic acid. 




Siliciumoxyd, n. silicon dioxide. 
Siliciumoxydhydrat, n. hydrated oxide of sili- 
con (silicic acid). 
Siliciumstahl, m. silicon steel. 
Siliciumtetrahydriir, n. silicon tetrahydride. 
Silicium verbindung, /. silicon compound. 
Silicium wasserstoff, m. hydrogen silicide, silicon 

Silicon, n. silicone (the silicon analog of ketone, 

Silikat, n. silicate. 
Silikatgestein, m. silicate rock. 
Silikoameisensaure, /. silicof ormic acid. 
Silikon, n. = Silicon. 
Silizid, n. silicide. 
Silizium, n. = Silicium. 
Silo, m. silo; (Brewing) bin. 
simpel, a. simple. 
Sims, m. molding; shelf; cornice. 
simultan, a. simultaneous. 
Sinapinsaure, /. sinapic acid. 
sind, pr. 1 & 3 pi. of sein. 
singen, v.t. & i. sing, 
sinken, v.i. sink, fall, subside. 
Sinn, TO. sense; mind; inclination, feeling. 
Sinnbild, n. symbol, emblem, 
sinnen, v.i. meditate, speculate, think. gesinnt, 

p.a. minded, disposed. gesonnen sein, be 

inclined, intend. 

Sinnen-. of the senses, sensory, sensual. 
Sinnenwelt, /. external world. 
Sinnes-. of sense, sensory; of mind, mental. 
Sinneswerkzeug, n. organ of sense. 
Sinngedicht, n. epigram, 
sinngctreu, a. faithful (translation). 
sinnig, a. sensible; thoughtful; ingenious; 


sinnlich, a. sentient, sensitive, sensuous, sensual. 
sinnlos, a. senseless. 
Sinnpflanze, /. sensitive plant. 
sinnreich, a. ingenious; witty. 
Sinnspruch, m. maxim, motto, sentiment. 
sinnverwandt, p.a. synonymous. 
sinnwidrig, a. unmeaning, absurd. 
Sinter, m. iron dross, cinder; sinter. 
Sinterkohlc, /. sintering coal, non-caking coal, 
sintern, v.i. sinter; trickle, drop; form sinter; 

(Ceram.) vitrify. 
Sinterquarz, m. siliceous sinter. 
Sinterschlacke, /. clinker. 
Sinterung,/. sintering, etc. (see sintern). 
Sinterwasser, n. (Mm.) water impregnated 

with mineral matter so as to be capable of 

forming sinter. 
Sippe, Sippschaft, /. kin, kindred, set; (Biol.) 


sirupartig, a. sirupy. 
sirupdick, a. thick like sirup, sirupy. 
siruphaltig, a. containing sirup, sirupy. 
sirupos, a. sirupy. 

I Siruppfanne, /. sirup pan. 

Sitte, /. habit, custom, usage, practice; (pi.) 
manners, morals. 

Sittenlehre, /. ethics. 

sittig, a. modest; well-bred. 

sittlich, a. moral. 

sittsam, a. chaste; reserved. 

Sitz, TO. seat; (of clothes) fit. 

sitzen, v.i. sit; (of clothes) fit; be in prison. 
sitzend, p.a. sitting; sedentary; (Bot.) ses- 

Sitzung, /. sitting, session. 

Sitzungsberichte, reports of sessions, pro- 
ceedings (of a society). 

Skala,/. scale. . . 

Skalenintervall, n. scale interval, scale division. 

Skalenoeder, n. scalenohedron. 

Skalenrohr, n. scale tube (of a spectroscope). 

Skammoniaharz, Skammonienharz, Skammo- 
nium, n. scammony resin, scammony. 

skandinavisch, a. Scandinavian. 

Skapolith, m. scapolite. 

Skelett, n. skeleton. 

Skizze,/. sketch. 

Sklave, TO. slave. 

Skorbut, TO. scurvy. 

Skrofel,/. scrofula. 

Slibowitz, Sliwowitz, TO. a kind of spirit made 
from plums. 

sll., abbrev. (sehr leicht loslich) very readily 

Sm., abbrev. (Schmelzpunkt) melting point. 

S.M., abbrev. (Seine Majestat)' His (or Her) 

Smalte, /. smalt. 

Smaragd, TO. emerald. 

smaragdfarben, a. emerald. 

Smaragdgriin, n. Guignet's green. 

Smaragdmalachit, m. euchroite. 

Smaragdspat, TO. green feldspar, amazonite. 

Smirgel, w. emery. 

s.o., abbrev. (siehe oben) see above, vide supra. 

so, adv. so, thus. conj. so, then. so ein guter, 
such a good; so etwas, such a thing; so ... 
wie, as ... as; so viel, so far as; so ... 
auch, however. 

sobald, conj. as soon as. 

Societal,/, society, company, partnership. 

Sockel, m. base, pedestal. 

socken, v.i. crystallize out; (of metals) contract. 

Soda, /. soda (usually, neutral sodium carbon- 
ate; cf. Natron). kaustische Soda, caustic 

Sodaasche, /. soda ash. 

Sodafabrik, /. soda factory, alkali works. 

Sodafabrikation, /. manufacture of soda. 

sodahaltig, a. containing soda. 

Sodakristalle, soda crystals, sal soda. 

Sodakiipe, /. soda vat. 

Sodalauge, /. soda lye. 




Sodalosung, /. soda solution. 
Sodamehl, n. (Soda) sodium carbonate mono- 
hydrate in the form of powder, 
sodann, adv. then. 

Sodaofen, m. soda furnace, black-ash furnace. 
Sodariickstande, soda residues, tank 

waste (in the Leblanc process). 
Sodasalz, n. soda salt (sodium salt), specif., 

sodium carbonate. 
Sodaschmelze, /. black ash. 
Sodasee, m. soda lake. 
Sodaseife, /. soda soap. 
Sodastein, m. caustic soda. 
Sodawasser, n. soda water. 
Sodbrennen, n. heartburn. 
sodieren, v.t. treat or wash with soda, 
soeben, adv. just, just now. 
sofern, conj. so far as, inasmuch as. 
soff, pret. of saufen. 
sofort, adv. immediately. 
sofortig, a. immediate, instantaneous, 
sog, pret. of saugen. 
sog., abbrev. (sogenannt) so-called, 
sogar, adv. even. 
sogen., abbrev. of sogenannt. 
sogenannt, p.a. so-called, 
soggen, v.i. crystallize out. v.t. precipitate in 

the form of crystals, salt down. 
Soggepfanne, /. crystallizing pan. 
Soggesalz, n. common salt. 
sogleich, adv. at once. 
Sohlband, n. (Mining) matrix, gangue. 
Sohle, /. sole, bottom, bottom part, floor. 
Sohlenleder, Sohlleder, n. sole leather. 
Sohn, m. son. 

Soja, /. soy (the sauce) ; soy bean. 
Solbehalter, m. brine cistern. 
Solbohrloch, n. salt well. 
solch, solcher, pron. such, such a. solche die, 

such as. 
Sold, m. pay. 
Soldat, m. soldier. 

Sole,/, brine, salt water; salt spring. 
Soli, n. debit, 
sollen, v.i. shall; be, be destined, be supposed; 


Seller, m. platform, balcony, loft, terrace. 
Sollwert, m. theoretical value. 
Solpfanne, /. brine pan. 
Solquelle, /. brine spring, salt well. 
Solsalz, n. spring salt, well salt. 
Solvenzien, solvents. 
solvieren, v.t. dissolve. solvierend, p.a. solvent, 


Sol wage, /. brine gage, salimeter. 
somit, conj. therefore, so. 
Sommer, m. summer. 
Sommerflecken, freckles. 
Sommerweizen, m. spring wheat. 
eonach, adv. accordingly, so. 

Sonde, /. sound, probe; plummet. 

Sender-, separate, special, peculiar, exclusive. 

Sonderabdruck, m. separate impression, re- 
print, separate. 

Sonderausgabe, /. separate edition. 

sonderbar, a. strange, singular. 

sondergleichen, a. unequaled. 

sondcrlich, a. special, particular. 

Sonderling, m. queer person, odd character. 

sondcrn, v.t. separate; sever; segregate; sort 
(ore, etc.). 

sondcrn, conj. but. 

Bonders, adv. separately. 

Sonderstellung, /. separate or special position. 

Sunder ung, /. separation, etc. (see sondern) . 

Sonne, /. sun. 

Sonnen-. of the sun, sun, solar, helio-. 

Sonnenauge, n. adularia. 

Sonnenbahn, /. ecliptic. 

Sonnenblume, /. sunflower; heliotrope. 

Sonnenfinsternis, /. solar eclipse. 

Sonnonfleck, m. sun spot. 

Sonnengeflecht, n. solar plexus. 

sonnenhaft, a. sunny, radiant. 

Sonnenhitze, /. solar heat. 

Sonnenlicht, n. sunlight. 

Sonnenschirm, m. sunshade, parasol 

Sonnenspektrum, n. solar spectrum. 

Sonnenstein, m. sunstone (aventurine feld- 

Sonnenstrahl, m. solar ray, sunbeam. 

Sonnenstrahlung, /. solar radiation. 

Sonnentau, TO. sundew (Drosera). 

Sonnenuhr, /. sundial. 

Sonnenwende, /. solstice ; heliotrope. 

Sonntag, m. Sunday. 

sonst, adv. else; otherwise, besides, in other 
respects, usually, formerly. 

sonst ig, a. other, remaining; former. 

Soole,/. = Sole. 

Sorbett, n. sherbet. 

Sorbinsaure, /. sorbic acid. 

Sorge,/. care; concern, sorrow. 

sorgen, v.i. care, provide; be anxious, worry. 

Sorgfalt, /. carefulness, care. 

sorgfaltig, a. careful. adv. carefully. 

sorglich, a. anxious, solicitous. 

sorglos, a. careless, unconcerned, reckless. 

Sorte, /. sort, quality, brand. 

sortieren, v.t. sort, assort, size. 

sott, pret. of sieden. 

Soupleseide, /. souple silk. 

souplieren, v.t. souple (silk). 

soviet, a. & adv. so much. conj. as much as, 
so far as. 

sowie, adv. as, as well as, as also. 

sowohl, conj. as well. 

Sozolsaure, /. sozolic acid (o-phenolsulfonic 

Spachtel, /. spatula. 




spahen, v.l. spy. 

Spalier, n. trellis; lane (of people). 

Spalt, m. split, rent, fissure, slit, crack, cleft. 

spaltbar, a. cleavable. 

Spaltbarkeit, /. cleavability, cleavage. 

Spaltbreite, /. width of slit (of a spectroscope 
or the like). 

Spalte, /. split, etc. (see Spalt); column (of 
printed matter). 

spalten, v.t. cleave, split, slit, rend, fissure. 
v.L cleave, split, chink. 

spaltig, a. split, fissured, cracked; (Printing') 

Spaltkorper, m. cleavage substance, 9 cleavage 

Spaltmiindung, Spaltoffnung, /. (Bo*.) stoma. 

Spaltpilze, fission fungi, Schizomycetes. 

Spaltprodukt, n. = Spaltungsprodukt. 

Spaltriss, w. cleavage crack (or fissure). 

Spaltrohr, n. slit tube, collimator (of a spec- 

Spaltstiick, n. detached portion, segment, frag- 

Spaltung, /. cleaving, etc. (see spalten), cleav- 
age, scission, fission, division. 

Spaltungsflache, /. cleavage plane, cleavage 

Spaltungskristall, m. cleavage crystal. 

Spaltungsprodukt, n. cleavage product, fission 
product. . 

Spaltungsprozess, m. cleavage (fission, scission) 

Spaltungsrichtung, /. direction of cleavage, 

Spaltungsvorgang, m. = Spaltungsprozess. 

Span, m. chip, splinter, shaving, boring, shred.